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    Titus: Where the hell is he?

    The camera shows Titus Avison holding a battered chair in one hand, his EurAsian championship in the other. His face is bruised and bloody from the beatdown by Triple X. Leon Kensworth comes into shot.

    Leon: Who?

    Titus: Myles.

    Leon: His office of course.

    Avison storms up to Chuck Myles' office. He bangs on the door and Myles shouts.

    Myles: Come in and leave that chair outside.

    Titus throws the chair to the ground and enters the office, he is furious.

    Titus: How did you know I'd have a chair?

    Myles: My job is to make sure I know everything that happens on this show. What do you want?

    Titus: I want Triple X next week in a match. One on one.

    Myles: Done, though can you take the embarassment of losing twice in a row?

    This sends the champion in a rage.

    Titus: I am that sure I won't lose next week I'll put the title on the line!

    Myles: Not happening. You're defending the belt at Lethal Lottery. Ace Stevens is the number one contender. I feel after his showing tonight Triple X deserves to join him. But that's not all, you see Mark Keaton wasn't pinned at Unscripted. On top of that tonight he won in a match against your Hollow One comrade so the Remarkable one will be entering the bout.

    Titus: Another fatal fourway? Fine!

    Myles: This time it's an elimination match.

    Titus pauses as if he's been hit by a steam train. He sighs and turns around.

    Myles: I'll give you Triple X next week. You're having a gimmick match though, what do you want?

    Titus: I want to humiliate him just like he humiliated me tonight!

    Myles: So what match type?

    Titus: Do you need to ask Chuck?

    Myles: Ascension 124. Titus Avison v Triple X. Pure Rules match.

    Titus leaves the office and closes the door.

    Myles: He needs to be careful.

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