AS 127 - Wren versus Vee ADZ (EOL)

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    RP deadline is Monday the 30th of April at 23:59 PST – NO EXTENSIONS AVAILABLE
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    “You must be so happy!”

    “Oh I’m happy! You can’t even imagine.”

    Absolutely was I happy having just won my first battle in WZCW and one step closer to Elite Openweight title.

    “Do you have any remorse? Do you ever feel regret about how you got here?”

    “See, I know you’re my inner voice and all, but don’t lecture me about how I got here. I did everything I needed to get here. I stole you from yourself, and I’ll be a better version of you. I’ll be a better Wren.”

    “Like this?”

    The TV attracted my attention.

    “In our tonight’s episode, Beyond Titantron, we discuss the shocking interview of Wren’s manager, Gale with Stephen Filbert at the late night show which aired just after the last Ascension. The whole wrestling world is stunned at the words spoken by Gale. Let’s have a look.”

    “To say that the people are shocked would be an understatement of epic proportions. She has been a fan favorite for the better part of her 9 years as a wrestler. But why did she turn her back on the very fans who made her? We tried contacting several of her WZCW friends, but apparently no one knows her well enough to answer. So then we caught up with the fans. Here is what they had to say.”

    “I’m speechless. She has always been a role model to me. I’ve been training to be a wrestler just to follow in her footsteps. A pioneer in Japan, and then her manager says all that. I still can’t believe.”

    “She was an icon in Japan. And now, she has turned the very thing she wasn’t supposed to be.”

    “I have followed her career from the very beginning. A fighter she was. She didn’t let her disabilities stop her. I still can’t believe what her manager said. I think she is lying.”

    “As you can see, the fans are flabbergasted, and so are we. We tried reaching out to Wren for comments, but she doesn’t seem to be reachable. But if what her manager says is true, fans will lose a big icon.”

    “This is how you want to build your legacy?”

    “What do you want me to say? I’m not you. These are your people, not mine. I never cared about them, so I’m saying nothing wrong. I never understood why you cared so much. But to each their own. Wren is going to be in my image. We are done with the do gooder.”

    “This is not the path forward.”

    “This is the only path forward. Now excuse me. I have an interview with Leon.”


    Leon was ready with his crew backstage. The Parc des Princes was ready to host us. I kept looking on towards the ringside. It was magnificent in an open air stadium.

    “Are you ready?”

    I couldn’t hear him.


    “Yes? Yes. I’m ready.”

    “We’re recording. Fantastic!”

    “So, Gale. We were hoping to catch Wren tonight on the eve of Ascension, but she doesn’t seem to be here.”

    “She is here. Don’t worry. She is ready and focused on her next opponent Vee.”

    “I see. She must be very confident, having already pinned him last Ascension.”

    “She is. She knows what it takes to win these kinds of matches.”

    “But last time, it was Vox who was in prime position for the win. Wren stole it form under his nose taking advantage of the triple threat rules. This time she’ll have no such advantage.”

    “Oh Leon! This ain’t Wren’s first rodeo. The important thing is how Vee is feeling. He has just returned, trying to find his feet again. And now he has a loss and zero points in the Elite Openweight League. Ask him if he feels confident enough to beat Wren.”

    “Not a bad point, but Wren herself hasn’t been in that good a form. This was a win after a long time.”

    “You know what matter, Leon? That Wren pinned Vee in the middle of the ring 1, 2, 3. There’s nothing more or less. Come Ascension, Wren will do it again.”

    “Well, best of luck for that. While we are at it, the fans are restless about Wren’s interview at the Late Show. How much of what you said is true? Does Wren really not care about her fans?”

    “She doesn’t. She never has. She never will. Fans are dumb if they think Wren ever cared about them. Bowing down to them so she could remain in their good books. But she has realized it gets her nothing, especially in a place like WZCW. If the fans can’t handle it, it’s their problem.”

    “I see. One last qu…”

    “No more questions, Leon. Kingdom Come is coming, and I’m that much closer to the Elite Openweight title. I am not going to let this go.”


    “I meant Wren. She isn’t going to let this go.”


    After a long time, I feel I have a purpose. The purpose is to win the Elite Openweight title at Kingdom Come. The road goes through Vee, so be it.

    Just then my phone dings.

    Horigoshi: I can’t seem to reach Wren. I tried texting her. Can you tell her to text me?
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