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    An American Weeaboo in Paris

    "He-hewo? Is anybody there?"

    Batti Otaku walked along the hallways of the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris, France. Her heart was racing. Nothing but an echo answered back. Habitually twisting the ends of her blonde hair, the wrestler entered the room labelled WZCW Meeting Area. Several rows of wooden chairs surrounded a large black chalkboard. On it were the matches staff had created. Eve Taylor vs. Batti was at the very bottom.

    "Four times now?" Batti laughed, reading the board through tired eyes. "Not even Ramparte could go four times...what a trip. By now I know what brand of toothpaste she uses."

    She stared at the match-ups. The man that attacked her, King Mussel, wasn't scheduled to fight next round, even though they were in his hometown. She huffed, grabbing a piece of chalk, and wrote on the board:


    When she finished, the meeting room's door squeaked. She jumped. A man with a prominent hunchback met her gaze.

    "Hurry, miss! There is no time! You must find Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"

    She tilted her head. "You can't be serious..."

    For Batti to exit the room, click here:
    "Hurry! Hurry!"

    Batti sprinted passed the famous Bell-Ringer of Notre Dame and darted through the hallways. When she came to a row of doors, she could audibly hear the familiar organ music that plagued her angsty teenage years:


    "You can't be serious," she repeated.

    Batti ignored the doors fearing a certain masked maniac and kept travelling until the hallway ended. To her left, an arrow pointed to the Arena. To her right, Concessions. Batti has to get away from whatever Quasimodo was warning her about, but where would she go?

    Fils de pute! Someone is behind her!!!

    To keep her hand at the level of her eyes, click here:
    "Tough shit Two-Face, I know how to handle weird Gothic punks. I gots experience!" Batti balled a fist and kept it close to her nose. The rope went over her head, but it didn't strangle her. She used her other hand to tug the noose out of The Phantom's grasp. He stared wide-eyed.

    "Can't believe I once had a crush on you. C'est la vie." Batti kneed him in the groin, took a step back, and gave him a sweeping crescendo a la Kawaii Kick! He lied in a pool of what we are going to call red wine in case the children are reading. Satisfied, Batti went towards the Concession area knowing that would be closer to the Exit. To her dismay, the entire area was blocked off by a pile of rubble. Inspector Clouseau Was Here, graffiti along the wall read, but Batti being a millennial had no clue who that is. She went to the Arena.

    This was the true Parc des Princes Stadium: green turf of a football field met her gaze. Section upon section, row upon row spread out as far as she could see. She stood for a moment just looking at the spectacle that was the French arena. She was surprised that it was only on the road to Kingdom Come and not Kingdom Come itself.

    As the wrestler walked straight down a flight of stairs, she noticed a red rose lying on the bleachers, and beside it an unopened can of Wild Pepsi Cherry. Whatever strange world this land of France gave her, nothing prepared for the lone can of her favorite sugary beverage. Wary, she reached out...

    If she's grabbing that Pepsi, click here:
    Batti cracked open a cold one and took her time chugging the sweet diabetic ambrosia. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and deposited the soda in a trash can labelled ALUMINUM. In good spirits, the cheery-eyed blonde continued down her path towards the field.

    Her face lit up. A neon SORTIE sign caught her peripheral vision and she guessed that was some back exit fire escape deal. Batti figured that would be a good place to head, but there was just something about the football field that she couldn't shake off. Something calling her like a magnet.

    Putain. Let's see what is up with that field, shall we?
    ...are you sure?

    Seems a little strange to be so close to the end that me, your reliable narrator, would hate to see you muck that up by letting Batti screw around on a football field. I will give you another chance at choosing a different path here. If you still wish to pursue this foolish quest, then by all means click on the next spoiler tag. If you ask me, this is something Batti would do, but then again someone as airheaded as Batti is sometimes would probably not last long in the real world. But then again this is Paris, France and nothing real has ever came from this romantic land.

    Batti calmed her mind and leapt onto the field. She quietly walked across the astroturf, feeling a strange aura come over her. "What is this?" she thought, stepping over the long and treacherous field. She could hear the graceful yet urgent sounds of Hans Zimmer fill the stadium.


    "The battlefield is where She rests
    Lady Joan of royal hosts bequests..."

    Tom Hanks stood next to her, staring at the grass with his hands in his pockets.

    "Lol, what?"

    "Her bloodline flows within your veins, Miss Otaku," he stated plainly. "Joan of Arc is found here, in the Parc des Princes, but she is also part of you. You are her descendant. Go now with this in mind and you shall escape this cursed place. Don't worry about me - I'm Tom Hanks playing a brilliant professor detective type. No harm shall come to me."

    Batti shrugged, figuring that asking questions this far into the game was futile, and darted for the exit signs of the arena. Just as Robert Tom Langdon Hanks predicted, nothing icky met her along her journey again.

    ENDING 7/7

    ...end credit scene.

    Tom Hanks knelt at the center of the football field. Camera shot moved from the turf to underneath the Earth. It passed dirt after layer of dirt before stopping at a confined room. The tomb of St. Joan lied on a perfectly clean table. A rat with a chef's hat scurried along the floor, climbed up on top of the sarcophagus, and spoke directly to you.

    "I know what you're thinking," Remy said with his paws extended. "Batti and Eve Taylor fighting four times in a row is odd, right? Why not Flex or Grindhouse or Jabari - guys that aren't competing with anyone? Throw Ramparte in there, what the heck. Pro wrestling is about the shocks my friend. Yes, it is weird seeing the lovable kidlike girl fight the lovable adultlike girl once again...but that's nowhere near as weird as all the shit you just read to get here, was it?"

    Remy took his hat off, placed it at his chest in mock salute, and buggered off.


    Have Batti make a mad dash for the Exit by clicking here:
    She figured she had had enough of the French bizzaro land and sprinted for the fire escape. After all, she had spent too much time on this adventure and should definitely focus on the World Champion that she's err focused on for the past four rounds. Maybe there's something to Eve she hadn't discovered yet. Something maybe about her personality that she could use to capitalize on in their next bout and well look at that Batti has been impaled. A rapier stuck out from her ribcage, and on the end was a mustachioed gentlemen in a musketeer outfit. She politely smiled at the man, because of course this was just too easy.

    "Nice hat," she said before slumping to the ground.

    ENDING 6/7

    If she's after that rose, click here:

    As she took the rose in hand, a petal fell to the floor. An immense howl echoed throughout the place. Batti held the flower tightly and cautiously stepped further down the stairs to get a better view of her surroundings. From the opposite side of the stadium, The Devil himself stood watching her (I mean if The Devil was a furry, because dude is like a shagged lion with horns so...). Batti turned to go back from where she came, but it was blocked off by a dresser and a candleholder that was way more attractive than it had any sense in being.

    "She is the one who will break ze spell!" the candle man said joyfully.

    "You...can't be ser-"

    "THE WEST WING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!" The Beast yelled aggressively at the top of his lungs.

    With no way to escape, Batti stayed as The Beast's prisoner until she completely forgot about wrestling, Tyrone Blades, life outside Paris, etc and fell in love with the violent buffalo. I guess there are worse endings than these, but when she realizes there's no wifi in the castle she'll honeymoon in, it'll be a right pain in the ass.

    ENDING 5/7

    Batti must turn around and face her fate, click here:

    Well, alright then I guess you just want to see all the endings. Batti turned around and came face to face with The Phantom of The Opera. He lasso'd a noose over her neck and hung her from a light fixture. She weighs like 105 pounds so this wasn't all that difficult to pull off. He sang "The Point of No Return" to her while she flailed around. Thankfully she bit the big one before having to hear it in its entirety. At the pearly gates there was chocolate and a new season of Deadman Wonderland so maybe things aren't all as grim as they seem?

    ENDING 4/7

    To find a hiding place, have Batti stay in the room by clicking here:
    She noticed a closet far to her left and quickly made her way to it. Batti gave a sigh of relief when she opened it and stuffed herself inside. Quasimodo shrugged, and left the room. Moments later an anthropomorphic skunk entered.

    "Where are you, my sweet little bébé?" he cooed. "I must run my hands through ze golden sun that eez your hair. Come out, come out, wherever my bébé eez..."

    The stench was staggering. Batti clutched at her nose in fear of passing out. She couldn't stay in here much longer, could she?

    "I promise I won't bite," the smooth-talking sexual harassment case beckoned.

    To give Pepe Le Pew a kick to the fuggin' neck, click here:
    "Back off you adorable rapist!" Batti cried, flinging open the closet door.

    Poor sap didn't see the boot coming. You may want to leave ASAP or deal with PETA.
    Do the French have a PETA? Batti doesn't know, but wonders if now is a good time to leave the vicinity.

    Air is clear, so if you want Batti back in the closet, click here:

    Quasi said something was coming for Batti , so she stayed put. As she waited it all out, a man in an old officer's uniform entered. He looked down down at the murder, then at the ceiling, back to Pepe Le Pew, and then broke out in song.

    "You will know the meaning of the Law!" Javert sang in a shitty baritone.

    "But all I stole was a loaf of bread!" Batti sang back, completely horrified that she was really doing this and completely gave herself away like that.

    Javert placed Batti under arrest and she spent cold hard time in 18th Century France.

    ENDING 3/7

    No more time for stupid shite, Batti bursted out of the meeting room and ran.
    She kept along the hallway and got knocked down by an invisible wall! Batti put a hand on her head, hurt and confused.

    From the darkness, the mimes came.

    "You can't be serious," she said again, and stiffened. More and more mimes crept along the walls with cigarettes in their mouths and rifles in their hands.

    One motioned for her to stand. She did. They took her to their Mime Warlord, who through intricate interpretive dancing and French Sign Language ransomed her off to the United States where she missed her match against Eve Taylor.

    ENDING 2/7

    To wait it out, have her stay where she is by clicking here:
    Batti pinched her nose and braved the green fog that was breaching the walls of the meeting room. Pepe Le Pew flirted oncemore with her, a final plea to come out and get some sweet polecat lovin'.

    Seeing his efforts were in vain, the horny skunk left the room. Unfortunately his odor did not. Batti couldn't hold her breath any longer. She gasped and sucked in the foul gas and yes this was fatal. She suffocated on the toxic vapors.

    ENDING 1/7
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    Becoming the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion was everything Eve Taylor had ever wanted as a professional wrestler. That championship was the goal she had been striving to achieve since she started viewing the squared circle as more than a platform to re-launch her modelling career. She took the ring and the competition seriously and gave up all hope of wearing outrageous clothes for strangers with cameras. She traded the heels for the boots; the tiara for the headband. Eve Taylor, one of the best supermodels to grace God's green Earth, abandoned her quest to once again become a supermodel of the fashion world to pursue the World title. She dedicated her life towards being recognised as one of the greatest wrestlers to step foot inside a wrestling ring. This is despite never being interested in professional wrestling at all until the moment she accepted the position to become the Third Head of Cerberus back on Ascension 80 in 2014. Eve turned her back on Aubrey Sloan, the truest friend she had ever known and the person she loved deeply, to seize one opportunity at proving herself that she belonged in the business. Sloan was one of many people, both inside and outside the ring, that Eve has removed from her life to get to this position. The sacrifices she has made; the blood she has spilled; the effort she put in that has nearly killed her physically, mentally and emotionally just to be treated like a member of the locker room and eventually bust her ass to reach the status as leader by becoming the World champion... the 36th World Heavyweight champion and the 26th person in 10 years to ever hoist the title up high...

    ... and yet, winning the World title meant absolutely nothing to anyone except Eve Taylor herself. The designers and the agents that she waltzed by at the recent fashion show in Milan was merely a chance to get a couple of photos for the tabloids that would be showcased for one day as cross-promotional material. None of the major magazines published anything about Eve Taylor and her struggles to become World champion. All that was mentioned was the partnership between WZCW and the Fashion Industry because of Eve Taylor switching teams. The articles wrote off her accomplishments as a hobby rather than a career choice. And even when Eve Taylor showed up as the World champion to address the home crowd in the San Siro, the response of a hero's welcome was not the one she received. In fact, the adulation from the audience was seemingly dedicated to other fan favourites with the most notable being Tyrone Blades and Batti. Eve Taylor's opponent at Kingdom Come for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship and a man with a massive history of being a horrible person was cheered MORE than the hometown hero who finally achieved her dreams. She was the underdog story of the century and she received less applause than the guy who was formerly a cult leader who attempted to destroy the very business Eve Taylor had poured her heart and soul into.

    It boggled Eve's mind that Italia would respond to her that way. What did Eve Taylor do to Milan that caused the hurt and pain it has inflicted upon her over the years? Eve loses her family for following her dreams, is banished from the modelling world, and she receives a lukewarm reception upon her greatest victory: why? Why did Eve deserve this punishment? What has Eve Taylor done to deserve all of this? Why does the country of Italy and its people despise Eve so much that it is justified to treat her this way? Eve has reached the summit of two industries and represented her country proudly on the main stage but gets all of this as a reward?

    Well, Eve began thinking of new questions to ask. Why should she take this abuse? Why should Eve put herself through this pain? Why should she care about Milan and its people? What the hell was left for her in this stupid country, anyway? It was the place of her birth, sure, but the family who brought her into this world stopped caring and exiled her by the time Eve Taylor started hitting puberty. The industry she left her family for threw her out onto the curb and now the people she represented were beginning to turn their backs on Eve as their country's champion. So why the fuck should Eve care about Italy any more? Apart from her memories, there was nothing left for Eve Taylor. Before heading to France for the next event, Eve decided it was time to take care of the memories.

    Instead of taking to the skies to travel to Paris, Eve convinced her friends Stacey Madison and Selena Anderson to stay on the roads. Of course, Stacey was reluctant at first but once Eve mentioned she was paying for the limousine herself, she began to understand the need for Eve to delve back into the past and experience it with her. Selena was happy enough with the free booze. Eve was glad that her friends were very understanding of her needs, as long as they were travelling in style and on someone else's dime. But it wasn't something to get hung up on, especially since Selena and Stacey were the best two people in Italy currently. Plus, she wanted to show her best friends the memories she had acquired over the years before Eve removed them from her life.

    Eve's train of thought stops as the limousine arrives at a very small industrial town in the countryside of Italy. She looks outside through the darkness of night to see a familiar two-story factory loft and she smiles. Selena and Stacey were more concerned about arriving in a seemingly untrustworthy place than the significance of this place. They began to question Eve about being here but Eve waved them off, getting out of the limo and beckoning them to follow. Hesitantly, they do so and sticking to Eve like glue as they ascend the stairs, entering the loft. It takes Eve a moment to get the key inserted correctly, as it is a rusty old lock, but eventually, the door clicks and it swings open.

    Eve flicks on the light and walks in, placing the key down on the nearby table. Selena and Stacey are in awe of what is displayed. On the outside, the loft looked old and dilapidated but on the inside, it was clean and pristine as if the loft was finished construction and opened for use yesterday. In their awe, they gingerly explored the room to see a massive a wardrobe filled with expensive and memorable outfits and dresses. Make-up dressers with mirrors and lights, trophies and awards from past years and some glass cabinets containing Eve's greatest achievements. Selena and Stacey looked at each other in shock to see how much Eve had catalogued her life inside this loft. They both turned to Eve to say something but she interrupts them.

    "I take it you like the place?" Eve smirked.

    "How come you never told us about this?" Madison queried.

    "Never came up in conversation. It's pretty great, huh?"

    "There must be millions of dollars worth of stuff in here!" Selena exclaimed as she skips over to the wardrobe.

    "And that's probably just inside this wardrobe. I've got some expensive memorabilia in glass cases. All of my magazine front cover shots from Vanity Fair and Metropolitan, all with my signature and a personalised message inside. A replica of the Eurasian title and the actual Elite Openweight championship WZCW gifted me for being the longest reigning champion, both also signed. I even have my first trophy I ever won for winning a beauty pageant back when I was 15. Signed, of course. I could sell all of these items to the right people."

    "But you won't."

    Eve paused for a moment. "It'd be smart to do so right now considering I'm the World champion..." Eve looks down at the World title that adorned her shoulder before proceeding. "... but this is my entire life right here in this loft. How could I give up all this?"

    "Especially this wardrobe! I can't believe how much you've got here!"

    Eve turns around to see Selena holding one of Eve's dresses up to the mirror against her body, attempting to imagine herself in it. Eve smiles.

    "You can try it on if you want. That looks like it could fit."


    Selena scrambles to get her outfit off to put on the dress. Eve points out there is a dressing room off to the side as Selena has her pants half-way down her legs and her shirt stuck on her head with her arms helplessly lumbering in the sky. With her face covered, Selena attempts to navigate herself towards the dressing room and finds some difficulty by bumping into things. Eve shakes her head laughing. Stacey is embarrassed for her and ignores her completely.

    Selena going through the clothes prompts Eve to search through the wardrobe and have a once over to rekindle some memories. The one which stands out the most is one of her Kingdom Come outfits: the dress and accessories that made Eve Taylor looked like a wolf. It was the Cerberus outfit she wore when she faced off against Ramparte and Flex Mussel in her first Elite Openweight title defense. She pulls the wolf head off from the shelf and inspects it.

    "I remember this one. That look holds up on the replays."

    "It was probably the best thing to happen from that match, honestly. I still cannot believe Flex and Ramparte turned their backs on me over a bloody title. I supported them throughout the reign as the longest Tag Team champions in history and they turn around to do this?"

    "It's the nature of the beast, Eve."

    "I know that. It is difficult to have friends in the wrestling business. Every person who I considered a friend is no longer one. Except for the two of you, of course, but neither of you are wrestlers. We aren't competing for the same goals. That's what makes this work. We can be friends forever and never step on each others toes. It's great."

    "I was referring more towards Cerberus being a success-driven group rather than the wrestling business destroying friendships."

    "Well, yeah, I guess..." Eve goes silent for a moment. "As optimistic as I would've liked to be about Cerberus, I guess it was inevitable. But still, it was heartbreaking. That feeling of having someone turn their back on you sucks. I've done it to others and watched them fall. I've felt it happen to me and went spiralling down. I just don't want it to happen to others, especially someone so talented and innocent as Batti."

    Stacey rolls her eyes as Eve begins talking about this conversation again. Eve catches this eye motion and isn't too happy about it.

    "I will keep talking about it because I genuinely believe that Tyrone Blades is going to hurt her someday, just like he did to you."

    "How many times do I have to say it Eve? I turned my back on him for success, like you turned your back on Aubrey Sloan for success. We are the bad guys here."

    "How long before Tyrone Blades turned on you for success? He's done it many times before that I don't even need to list examples. You've been here long enough to know his history. Hell, someone as child-like as Selena back there is willing to turn on Truman Harrys for better success. If she can do it, then everyone is capable of doing it for success."

    "By that logic, Batti could easily turn on Tyrone Blades for success."

    "Yes and that's what I aim to do. But not entirely like that. I just want to somehow convince Batti that Tyrone is a toxic relationship for her and he will hurt her. I want her to get out of that relationship and done by her own terms; ended on her own volition. She needs to be the one to break up and walk away with no harm done. If Batti wants to become a champion like me, she needs to clear her head. I walked away from Mikey Stormrage. That was the first of many steps it took for me to get to this championship. Batti needs to do the same and I want her to do it before Tyrone leaves her and messes with her head. She's too good of a wrestler AND personality to have something so psychologically damaging happen to her."

    Eve steps closer to Stacey with the wolf head still in hand.

    "I say this because I care. I want to do this because I care. Even though Batti was not an official member, she is Cerberus at heart. I still hold some form of allegiance to that name because it got me to where I was today. Even though Ramparte and Flex turned their backs on me, Batti did not do anything wrong to me. I want to view Batti as a friend and not as an enemy. I don't want to go to war with Batti if I don't have to because I respect her. She will one day become World champion and I believe I could be the one who loses to her so she becomes the champion everyone wants to see. I'm not stupid: I hear the crowds cheer louder for her than they do for me. She is the World champion everyone wants to see.

    "However, until she gets rid of Tyrone Blades, she is not the World champion this company deserves. I am. And I'll be damned if I lose to her. Championship matches. Exhibition matches. Arm-wrestling matches. Anything. She does not deserve such a high distinction like defeating me, the 36th World Heavyweight champion, until she does what I know is best for her career."

    Stacey looks away before turning back to shrug at Eve.

    "You can't lead a horse to water and make it drink, Eve."

    "But I can throw the water into the face of the horse."

    Stacey looks confused. Before she can question Eve on that, Selena comes barrelling out of the dressing room, attempting to put the heels on but clearly having a hard time. Eve laughs at Selena and walks over to her, leading her to a bench to sit on. Selena sits down and Eve helps Selena put on the heel. Eve has a shocked look on her face. Selena worries.

    "What is it?"

    "The glass slipper fits. She is the one!"

    Eve grabs Selena by the hands and lifts her up, turning her towards the mirror as she laughs.

    "You have the same body figure I had when I was 19."

    "19?! I'm in my thirties!"

    "That's a compliment, Selena."

    "Yeah, you do look good in that dress. I wonder if any of these still fits me. I should probably start re-wearing some of these outfits now that there is no bloody way I'm getting back into any fashion show ever after my stunt last week."

    Eve started going through her wardrobe, flicking through all the cocktail dresses. Something that looked revealing and flirtatious, but also classy and elegant.

    "Looking for something in particular."

    "I am... hey, Stacey? From the men you've dated, what kind of bars would you visit if you were say... in Paris, and would they be fitting to have me in a dress like this?"

    "C'mon, Eve! Don't do me dirty like that. I know the best bars in any country."

    As Selena begins describing some of the bars, Stacey pipes up.

    "Why do you need to know?"

    "Something about a horse and water." Eve smirked.
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    An American Weeaboo in Paris

    Part II

    Batti snapped awake and sat up in the hotelroom bed. She took a moment to think about the weird dream she had about talking mice and musicals.

    On her right, a figure stirred from under the covers. Their hidden hand slithered along the red satin like a charmed snake, slowly and methodically creeping up her ribcage with a feverish purpose. Fingers danced at the curvature of her breast before skipping to her collarbone. She giggled. A finger jumped up like a snake and booped her on the nose. Tyrone Blades appeared from beneath the sheets, giving her a grin drenched in wickedness.

    "Morning, snorella," he joked, yawning with the grace of a hippo.

    "Morning yourself, Woody," she shot back, her eyes darting from his to the blankets.

    More stirring came from the other side of Tyrone. Through a forest of glistening black hair, Aquarius opened her eyes and yawned infectiously, stretching her slender and tawny arms out before placing them around Ty. Blades gave Batti an I-don't-know-what-I'm-supposed-to-do-about-this apologetic look, and it made her laugh some more.

    "It's Paris. Though I'd probably keep this from your friend if I were you."

    "I know a guy who's tough but sweet
    He's so fine, he can't be beat
    He's got everything that I desire
    Sets the summer sun on fire"

    Batti Otaku spirited away by making them pancakes for breakfast. The radio blared an old pop tune. Aquarius kept busy by tending to her potted plants near the windowsill while Tyrone Blades talked on the phone with Mr. Jones. The weeb wore her impractical Fairy Tail Virgo maid uniform she got from a convention a few weeks ago, twirling around childishly when it was time to flip the cakes over. By the time she was done, everyone had a stack of six.

    "You really outdid yourself woman," Tyrone said through a mouthful of syrup.

    "Hey, you deserve a little something. We beat Kagura and Eve Taylor, two of WZCW's major stars last week. Now thankfully we can all put that to bed and move on. I really need to give King Mussel a piece of my mind, and you have the World champion on your hands. Kingdom Come is approachin', amirite?"

    Tyrone wiped a bit of orange juice from the side of his lip. "Babe, we still have to deal with Kagura and Eve. Notably, YOU still have to fight Eve."

    Batti fidgeted, playing with her fork. "I don't follow."

    "You've got another match with her on Ascension. I fight Kagura on Meltdown."

    She thought it over, thinking about her dream and how it told her it would be four times in a row now. Aquarius showed more surprise than she did - signing with her hands how she felt about her close friend fighting the World Champion again.

    "Eh, it happens," Batti shrugged, "imagine if we split the roster. It would happen even more! Ha!"

    She finished her plate quicker than either Tyrone or her hippie mute colleague did. She went to the sink and rinsed it off before scrubbing it furiously.

    "Like, it's really no big deal," she repeated, finding a speck she had to work hard to get off, "I shouldn't complain as complaining would make me look like an asshole. So I'll just go out there and give it 110% and if she beats me, well now you have more incentive to beat her at Kingdom Come. But If I beat her...well I don't know I've got a sick gym bro motherfucker to deal with who could lift an army of me waiting right after. If I can defeat the champion of this company, that makes me a threat to Flex - not the other way around."

    Batti placed the dish into the dishwasher with trembling hands.

    "I don't want to do this again," she said softly. "After four weeks I just can't find it in myself to feel animosity for Eve. Neither do I feel any admiration for her. She is a fellow employee who just happens to carry the most coveted prize in our sport. I don't hate her. She seems like a nice enough person even with the questionable crew she runs with. I don't respect her because it's obvious she doesn't respect my personal life. You know this. After four or so matches, rumors in the locker room have boiled down to her saying this..."

    Batti cleared her throat and imitated Eve Taylor.

    "She shouldn't be dating Tyrone Blades. He's a bad influence. He's gonna hurt her. He's keeping her from reaching her true potential." Batti rolled her eyes. "We get it. You've done horrible things in your past, Ty. But she's being a hypocrite at this point. So what if you were a bad man? She was a bad woman only a few months ago. If she'd stop worrying about everybody's personal business then maybe she can focus a bit more on the fact that she's fighting you at Kingdom Come, not me. I swear she's put more into how you're this evil monster I should run from and absolutely nothing in the fact that her bestie is Stacey fucking Madison. Is Cat Connors too busy for girl time or..?"

    "Are you sure you don't hate her? Because it sounds like you hate her."

    Batti sighed. "I don't like her. She is that preppy girl in high school who sees the faults in others without looking at her own life. But no, I don't hate her. She's beloved by the fans and she cares about them as much as I care about my own. I'm just tired of hearing about how you're a demon. Just about every person that's ever contended with you has said these things over and over again and now they've lost all meaning. You are many things right now; a boogeyman isn't one."

    Aquarius made horn gestures at her head. Tyrone grinned. "Oh I'm definitely a boogeyman. She'll find that out sooner or a later. She's probably just as upset about fighting you again as you are fighting her. Hell, Eve probably sees you as a boogeywoman. Let's be little monsters together, eh?"

    Batti hugged Tyrone with enough force to make him stagger. He laughed.

    "Seriously though, ignoring Eve for a sec...if Flex puts his hands on you like that again I will be the devil folks still think I am. He will not be able to pick up a barbell when I'm finished with him."

    Batti stroked his face lovingly.

    "I don't need a devil when I can cause just as much Hell." She backed away and grabbed the other breakfast plates from the table to wash. "When I'm finished with him, he won't be able to pick up a towel."

    Tyrone and Aquarius watched her as she cutely bent down in her maid attire and placed the dishes into the dishwasher. She pressed a few buttons and turned back to them. She smiled with a glowing confidence.

    "So...we've got a few hours before I can put everything away. Anyone up for Round 2?"


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    An American Weeaboo in Paris

    Part III

    Batti woke up once more; waking from a dream within a dream that left her breathless. She recalled Aquarius and Tyrone Blades there, in a hotelroom that had a dishwasher for some reason. Silly chicka, she thought to herself, hotelrooms don't have dishwashers. The blonde got up from her actual hotelroom and stretched.

    Her cellphone vibrated from the nightstand. She grabbed it and unlocked the screen. Aquarius texted her and asked if she wanted to go out to see a movie. Batti checked her calendar on the phone. Smiling, she replied sure and got dressed.

    Several hours of nail-biting later

    "Can you believe that happened??!?" Batti shouted once they were in the parking lot. "With Thanos and...and...and everything??? Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick."

    Aquarius nodded wide-eyed.

    "The whole MCU just keeps on going, eh? It's kinda like the WZCW if you think about it," she stated, unlocking the car. "Like I just checked my schedule and I'm facing Eve Taylor. Not exactly a good vs. evil thing, it's more like Civil War or Batman vs. Superman. Know what I mean?"

    Aquarius nodded again, getting into the front seat.

    "But eventually everybody gets along again to tackle some greater menace out there. Though mine is King Mussel and I don't think Eve Taylor is willing to help me fight an old Cerberus friend. I don't know how close they are these days, but I'm trying to be smart about alliances lately. I can't go on being some green ditz - not when I'm dating wrestling legend Tyrone Blades and have one a title once in the business. Gotta progress or get lost in the shuffle. I don't have to tell you that, though. You know the business on the indies."

    Aquarius nodded once more, playing with the rings on her fingers. Batti started up the car and moved from the parking lot to the street.

    "Doing the same thing over and over again is madness, right?"

    The hippie signed "Yes."

    "Glad you agree. Need to change it up now and then. Keep people on their toes around here. Let's go get some bondage gear."

    Several minutes of innuendos later

    Aquarius and Batti entered the sex store with a purpose.

    "Can I help you guys?" said the pleasant millennial with the blue hair and septum piercing.

    "Ehh yeah. I am looking for some Shibari rope. Preferably in purple. Something my boyfriend may like."

    The millennial led them to a vast assortment of cuffs, gags, blindfolds, and rope. Batti thanked the employee and grabbed the longest, most durable looking Shibari she could find. As she paid for the rope, Aquarius looked through a few pieces of lingerie. The hippie had a determined look on her face.

    "Hey hon, finding something for Mr. Jones?"

    The hippie nodded and shrugged at the same time. Batti wasn't sure what that meant, but as they returned to the car it began to dawn on her.

    "So I uh had this dream we had a menage a trois..."

    Aquarius looked up from her purchase. Her face lit up, and she laughed.

    "Right? SO weird. You think Eve has dreams like that?"

    Her friend smiled, and shook her head. Batti drove them back to the hotel.

    As they entered, there was a care package from Tyrone on the table wishing her good luck against Eve Taylor. She grinned and called him immediately, asking him to come by. When she got off the phone, she seized the rope and proceeded to the bedroom.

    "Hey Aquarius...can you come here for a minute?"

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    An American Weeaboo in Paris

    Part IV

    Merci de ne pas traduire cela. Il n'y a rien mais le regret et la honte ont passé ce point. Les mots seront disjoints. Je doute que vous traduisiez cela correctement. Je sais que je ne l'ai pas fait. Imaginez, si vous voulez, nos amis spéciaux qui font des trucs de fesses. Ou, plus important encore, Tyrone Blades fait des trucs de fesses. Pour Batti. Ty est un homme ouvert, mais il y a des lignes qu'il dessinerait certainement. Bien que je pense qu'il est également important de noter que Aquarius est suspendu au plafond dans rien mais une petite corde brûle. Ne t'inquiète pas ... elle aime ça. Beaucoup. Presque au point de parler, mais elle ne le fera pas parce que le président est un cochon dans un costume humain. Elle a de fortes convictions, alors il vaut mieux qu'elle ne parle pas et qu'elle apprécie le balancement.

    "Plus papa, plus!" Batti a crié avec un visage rouge.

    Si vous avez aimé ça, alors vous allez aimer tous les trucs de fouet dont ils parlent plus tard dans cette histoire. Je veux dire, vous le feriez si je suis entré dans les détails, mais je ne le ferai pas.

    "Ouais, tu le prends chiant," marmonna Tyrone à son oreille.

    Maintenant, vous vous demandez probablement combien de temps cela va prendre un trio de lutteurs professionnels. Disons que ça a peut-être été une triple menace, mais c'était vraiment une bataille royale. Tyrone ne pouvait presque pas le faire. Presque. Mais il est une légende, voyez-vous, et il y a des raisons pour lesquelles certains hommes sont appelés légendes. Eve Taylor ne comprend peut-être pas encore tout à fait cela, mais si jamais elle décidait de revenir sur la scène des rencontres. Elle connaîtra au moins la moitié de ce qui se passe dans cette chambre.

    Vous vous demandez probablement pourquoi ils ont décidé d'écrire quatre de ces putains de choses. Eh bien, cela va sans dire maintenant, n'est-ce pas?

    Aussi, vous êtes au courant maintenant, j'en suis sûr, que c'est en français. Cette langue Flex King Mussel parle. Il se trouve juste que Batti Otaku est un peu connaisseur de la langue elle-même.

    "Oh fuck, oh fuck use your finger there!" Batti a crié en français, rendant cet anglais pour une fraction de seconde. La langue est bizarre.

    Si vous vous sentez mal à l'aise avec le contenu sexuel ici, il y a d'autres messages ici que vous pouvez lire sur les miens qui ne sont pas si à l'intérieur. Mais là encore, tous étaient un peu sexuel. Si vous avez des problèmes avec la fille sur la fille ... bien la merde. Tyrone n'y voit pas d'inconvénient et il était autrefois un désordre satanique que personne ne surveillait. Ne sois pas hypocrite maintenant.

    Le Verseau l'a pris dans le cul par les deux, mais pas en même temps. Il y a encore des normes ici et même si elle pratique l'amour libre, les gens ont toujours leurs goûts et leurs aversions.

    Aquarius est plus bustier que Batti, même si je pense que le lecteur le savait déjà. Alors, quand elle pendait du plafond, Batti jouait avec ses seins quand Ty y allait.

    C'est une mauvaise traduction.

    L'écrivain a récemment remporté un prix. C'était pour la poésie mais c'était quand même bien. Je me sentais bizarre de me vanter alors je me dis que je vais coller ici au cas où quelqu'un pourrait traduire cela même quand je l'ai couru à travers google.

    Juste à ce moment-là, Eve Taylor traîne avec Selena Anderson et Stacey Madison, probablement en train de se faire bronzer ou d'avoir d'autres trucs pour les filles blanches.

    Vous devez être vraiment bon avec les mots français si vous l'avez fait jusqu'ici. Je vous félicite. Ne dis pas aux autres mais tu es mon préféré. Je veux dire que. J'aime cette langue mais je suis toujours très novice.

    Hey parlons de la merde très vite. Peu importe ce que je pense, Eve Taylor devrait battre Batti, parce qu'elle est la championne alors que Batti a affaire à Flex. Je ne suis pas un grand fan de la réservation et je pense que j'ai rendu cela évident, cependant.

    Mais si Batti gagne, vous ne m'entendrez pas me plaindre. J'ai travaillé dur en essayant de façonner ce personnage en quelqu'un de vraiment sympathique tout en lui donnant quelques petites bizarreries comme sa vie sexuelle.

    Ce qui est important lors de l'exécution d'un personnage adulte. Les gens comptent trop sur les personnages plats et je pense que nous pourrions tous le pimenter un peu. Nous sommes tous cultivés ici.

    J'ai beaucoup parlé ici. Imaginez tout ce que vous avez lu en anglais, puis oubliez tout ce qui est écrit ici. Je voulais juste arrondir cela à quatre.

    La fin.
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