MD 150 - Blazing Tiger versus Logan McAllister (EOL)

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    RP deadline is Monday the 30th of April at 23:59 PST – NO EXTENSIONS AVAILABLE
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    Tiger limps backstage, icepack pressed to his aching shoulder as Harald Van Krigare celebrates his victory, posing for the audience as the cameras capture The Lion of the North’s every glorious moment. A single glance behind him at the top of the ramp. Next time, Lion.

    His head drops as he pushes through the curtain to Gorilla. Noone pays the red man any heed. He expected that. Why would they acknowledge a loser who hadn’t earned his spot in the tournament. Only one person approaches him, a short haired blonde. “What are you after, Sascha? Now is not the time.”

    “That, my dear Tiger is where you’re wrong. This is the perfect time.” She says, clipping a small lavalier microphone to his bright costume, as she leads him out of the crowded production area and into a slightly quieter corridor. “Walk and talk, now’s the time to show who you are at your worst.” She raises a hand and begins counting down using her fingers

    He snorts. “If you think this is my worst…” Behind the camera Schwartz gives a thumbs up. Cameras rolling. Showtime. His face rises to look directly into the iPhone lens, the ice pack tossed to the side, exploding against a wall. An excited clap from the passionate panther. “Harald Van Krigare. Tonight I was not enough. The Lion’s pride too much for my burning passion. I weren’t able to stop you from Unleashing The Kraken. But, this ain’t over. Harald, if… when I get another shot at you I ain’t going to go down that easy again. I learn from my mistakes, and I made plenty tonight that I ain’t making again, not against you or Logan. When I fought you, nobody knew my name. When I beat Logan, everyone will be chanting it.”

    “Good enough for now.” She puts away the phone, pausing only to send the footage to get edited and uploaded to the WZCW youtube. “Go take a shower. Your ride to the airport will be here in thirty minutes.”

    “I’m not going to watch the rest of the show? Ain’t that disrespectful?”

    “Has anyone here shown you respect, Tiger?” Silence is all the answer she needs. “That's what I thought. Thirty minutes on the dot. I have a schedule to keep.”

    “If he’s a teacher I doubt me being there will make him any happier.” He says pushing open the door to the locker room making a beeline to the showers. A few odd looks as he washes the sweat off his body without removing his mask but within fifteen minutes he’s wearing a comfortable t-shirt and jeans and standing next to his agent. “Where we meeting the cab?”

    Sascha holds up one finger gesturing for him to be quiet for a moment. “Ali, I’ll call you back. Got to take a Tiger to The Circus.” She smiles “Love you too. See you and Ben tomorrow.” The phone slides back into her bag. “The back entrance. Keeping the mask on?”

    “I’ll change it in the car.” He says raising his right hand, which is clasping a black towel.

    She shakes her head and leads the way.

    _____________________________________ The following morning ________________________

    A few stray beams of light break through the cheap motel curtains, Tiger awakes with a start. Nothing good comes from being asleep in the light. His head jerks around wildly. Where the hell is he? Slowly the memories come back to him. He crashed once the car delivered him to a place with a bed and not too many roaches. The adrenaline crash after his first match, followed up with a charter jet flight to Connecticut had sent him into a deep sleep before he’d even been able to remove the clothes he left the arena in. He forces himself out of bed to prepare himself for his first day of training.

    Following a small breakfast he walks the two blocks from B+B to the training facility. Sascha is waiting for him. “You’re just on time.”

    “You told me to be here for 7:30, it ain’t even quarter past yet.” Tiger says sounding slightly confused

    “Wilhelm is here. To him, that means you should be here too.” She says opening the door and gently pushing Tiger forward into the white LED lit room. “Herr Wunderbar, der Tiger ist hier.”

    A crew cut German stands in the ring, balanced on the middle rope. “I am not blind, Fraulein.” He looks at Tiger. “You look like an apprentice clown.” He steps down from the ropes, grasping them with both hands before jumping effortlessly over the top rope and landing smoothly on the padded floor with a roll.

    “You shoulda gone into freerunning not wrestling.” Tiger snarks.

    “If I were interested in the opinions of a failure I would consult Herr Stark. At least he has a modicum of intelligence.” Wunderbar responds icily. “I see you brought your suitcase. Is this everything you will be needing?”

    “Yeah. I got used to packing my life into a suitcase.” Tiger responds, a note of bitterness creeping into his voice.

    “You will keep it down here today. One of the other trainees can show you to your cot later.”
    He glares at the masked man. “Do not open that spandex covered mouth of yours until I permit you to speak. You will be living here until I consider you ready to adhere to a trainee’s schedule. You require a more intense programme to bring you up to even the bare minimum level.” Without warning Wunderbar pounces, catching Tiger under the chin with a European Uppercut, knocking him over, landong on the floor with a bump.

    “What the fuck‽” Tiger exclaims, rubbing his jaw.

    “Ordinarily I would wrestle you, it is the best way to assess and work out where someone needs assistance.” He turns his back. “However I so not see purpose in wasting my time. I have read your scouting report. I have seen your match against that Norwegian oaf…”

    “He’s Swedish.” Tiger interjects, having slowly forced himself to sit up on the hardwood floor.

    “Irrelevant, the only difference between those countries is the colour of their flag. You are pathetic. You have no business being considered among the Elite. You are guttertrash.” Wunderbar licks his teeth in anticipation. “And it so happens that guttertrash is the reward for those proven unworthy, such as yourself. Forget about Logan McAllister. Whether you win or lose against him is immaterial. Your goal is to be presentable for the Mayhem title match at Kingdom Come.” Wunderbar turns his back on the newbie who has slowly risen to his feet. “You may step into the ring with me when you think you are worthy. Until then… MICHAEL!” He yells the last word. A small Chinese wrestler hurries over from the other side of the gym. “Show him the ropes.”
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    Backstage Post MD149
    Milan, Italy

    Logan McAllister slowly walked the mostly empty parking lot of the arena. Richard had left long ago, which was good for his health right now. Logan was surprised that Brittany and his son Hayden were there,he hadn't seen them in months. Now, because of whatever bullshit happened earlier, he wouldn't be seeing them later either. Logan ran his hands through his hair, stopping and looking around.

    He knew he needed to focus. He's already in a hole after tonight. Plenty of time left,yet not enough for another let down. Studd took advantage of a prime opportunity, can't be mad at that. Next was another person with a goose egg on the board,Blazing Tiger. Logan would begin his preparations for the Tiger on the way to France.

    With that,Logan proceeded to his car and drove away from this disastrous night in the beautiful city of Milan.

    Backstage Before MD150
    Parc des Princes

    Logan walked into the locker room and immediately saw his manager, Richard Goldman already waiting inside. Logan shook his head and pushed past him throwing his stuff down and turning back to Richard.

    Logan: What do you want Richahd? Gonna bury your client with another accidental distraction loss? I'm so ovah you and your promises of stahdom! If it's meant to be,it'll be done by Logan and not due to some shady slimeball managah. We are done as soon as Kingdom Come is ovah. That's the end of our contract and I do not wish to renew.

    Logan turns his back and begins preparing for his match tonight with Blazing Tiger. Another loss and he's surely out of the running. A couple exhales and Logan calms himself, switching into his ring gear as Richard finally opens his mouth.

    Richard: I only want the best for my client Logan. Last show, that wasn't my fault, that was your family, she attacked me. She caused the distraction that led to your loss. And as far as your contract goes, if you read the fine print, I have the right to exercise another year if you are victorious at Kingdom Come. You will win this league, and I know you, you won't lose a championship match on purpose. Like it or not, you're stuck with me Logan. Now we've got a mat-

    Logan having finished getting into his gear turned and clocked Richard flush in the jaw, crumpling the poor slimey manager. Logan nonchalantly pulled him from in front of the door and walked out of the room, walking the halls til his time came.

    Logan approached the gorilla position and was stopped by Leon Kensworth.

    Leon: Logan,thoughts on the match? And where is Mr. Goldman?

    Logan: I am beyond ready. No distractions. No excuses. That masked man is gonna get suplexed right out of France as I collect my points and move one step closah to Kingdom Come. Oh and Richahd? I don't know,think he's asleep in the back somewhere.

    With that Logan walked into position as For Whom The Bell Tolls began to play...
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