AS 122 - Tony Mancini & Wren versus Randy Studd & Vox

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    Two makeshift teams will collide on Ascension in what is an interesting blend of circumstances. WZCW Mayhem Champion, Randy Studd will be forced to team with the man who will challenge him this Sunday, Vox! How will the champion and challenger work as a team when in just a few days they’ll be using everything to tear the other apart. On the other side, Tony Mancini and Wren exchange words (and looks for Wren) leading up to Mancini’s title match against Titus. The last two Eurasian Championship contenders both believe they could get the job done against Titus with a second opportunity but for now they’ll need to set aside their egos and work together. Which team will work better; Studd/Vox or Mancini/Wren?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 24th October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    The camera turns on and we see Tony laying in the grass of Central Park staring up at the sky thinking about how close he was to making history.

    Tony (to himself): And Still Eurasian Champion, Titus ****ing Avison.

    ??????: I know that look. Titus beat you too didn't he?

    Tony looks over at the voice and is slightly surprised to see Gale and Wren. Tony quickly jumps to his feet as Gale jerks her head in Wren's direction.

    Gale: She had the same look in her eyes after Gold Rush. It's a look that says that you thought you were walking out champion and now that you didn't you're not sure what to do with yourself.

    Tony: Yeah, that's pretty much it. He had to cheat to win though. Maybe I'll get another shot at him if he's still got that belt after Unscripted.

    Saying that Tony walks over to a bench and sits down as he looks over at Wren.

    Tony: Jeez, do you have to wear that mask all the time? I thought it was just part of the gimmick.

    Wren self-consciously touches the mask she always wears as Gale shifts the focus back to what's important.

    Gale: You put up a good fight but if anyone is getting another shot at Avison and his title it's Wren. She's at least pinned him twice. You got pinned twice.

    Before the arguing can get any worse Wren puts her hand on Gale's forearm and looks her in the eye. In response her friend gets up and starts walking down the path, leaving both Tony and Wren to catch up.

    Tony: I didn't ask you guys to New York to argue about who gets another shot at Avison. I asked you guys here so we could get to know each other.

    Gale: Sorry dude but neither of us are looking. We've got more important things to worry about than dating.

    Tony: That's not what I meant. In case you've forgotten this isn't the first time me and Wren have teamed up. Back at Ascension 119 we teamed up and lost to Vis Imperium. I think I know why.

    Gale rolls her eyes as Wren walks silently next to them but playing close attention.

    Tony: I'm serious. We may have been teammates in that match but we weren't a team. We each did our own thing and in the end that came back to bite us. The best teams are able to anticipate what each other is thinking.

    Wren exchanges a look with Gale which causes the later to shrug her shoulders although Tony can tell she's not to thrilled with the idea.

    Gale: That's all well and good but walking around the park isn't going to win you guys the match no matter how beautiful it looks.

    Tony: True but we can strategize while we're walking around and then after lunch at Katz's Deli we could go to this gym I know and spar for a bit.

    Wren nods in agreement as Gale still looks a little wary about the whole situation.

    Gale: The sparring is up to Wren but I'm fine with walking around and strategizing if you want.

    Tony nods and takes a deep breath of the cool fall air as Wren stares back at the few people who are giving her funny looks because of the mask.

    Gale: You'll need to play the power game. Out of everyone Wren is the smallest. If either Studd or Vox try to use their strength against her I need you to stop them until she can get away. Once she gets going no one can match her speed and with it she can do a ton of damage.

    Tony: Yeah I can do that no problem. Those guys don't have anything on me anyway.

    Tony gives them a little bicep flex to show off his muscles and they both roll their eyes as he laughs.

    Tony: Besides, both Studd and Vox have bigger things to think about and that's Studd's Mayhem Championship. They're opponents at Unscripted so I wouldn't put it past either of them to try getting one up on each other in spite of the fact they're a team.

    Next to him Wren shakes her head in disagreement Gale agrees with.

    Gale: Neither one of them got to where they are by losing and I don't see that changing now. If anything they're going to show each other what they're capable of by doing it to the two of you first.

    Tony shakes his head and takes a look at his watch.

    Tony: Maybe but I don't think so. Anyway lets do a couple more laps of the park and go grab a vite to eat before heading to the gym. That's what I'm really looking forward to.

    Out of nowhere Wren taps Tony on the arm and points to a tree about half a mile down the path. As it dawns on him that she wants to race she's off like a cat with Tony trying his best to catch her as she dodges around the other people walking on the path. Back where they started the camera focuses on Gale staring at them as the run off before fading to black.
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    WZCW offices.

    3.15pm, On a Tuesday.

    Randy Studd, international ladies man and greatest ever WZCW Mayhem champion has a very important meeting scheduled with none other than Vance Bateman. His idea will revolutionise the product and direction of this company in a manner never before imagined. Studd was a creative genius, and he was going to show the world exactly that.

    Entering the building, women stopped and stared at his majestic form as he burst through the reception area. An Adonis in Adidas. His eyes locked with the beautiful receptionist, literally fanning herself as she swooned at his immense form.

    He didn't even have to reach the desk before she stood up, expectantly waiting to greet him. Men like this didn't come in this building very often.

    "Hello" she said, nervously.

    "Hi, I'm here for my 3pm with Vance Bateman." Studd replied, his booming voice helping to assert his absolute dominance.

    "You're a little late, but it doesn't matter, he always has time for a mover and shaker like yourself. Why don't you head right up?" She was still mesmerised by his beauty.

    "I'm going to head right up now, but maybe we can get down later?" He gave a little wink and she blushed.

    In the lift, he was giddy with excitement at how well this idea was going to be taken.

    Bateman was waiting at the entrance of the lift, arms open ready to embrace the champ. He did so and was expectantly waiting to hear what the man had to say.

    "I've got two words for you, Mr. Bateman." said Randy.

    "Please, call me Vance, and please go on." Bateman replied, fully committed to this conversation.

    "Meltdown Girls"

    "Meltdown Girls?"

    "Meltdown Girls."

    "Please go on"

    "Well, we have a lot of kind of dead air time going into commercials and coming out on the show. So I thought why not have a group of cheerleaders. Eye candy for the men at home and great role models for the girls."

    Bateman paused to reflect in this incredible idea.

    "That is the best idea I have ever heard in my life. Here's what I'm going to do, the Meltdown Girls Search, hosted by none other than you. As soon as you dispatch Wren and Tony Mancini to the trash heap, I'm going to send you off to find them." Bateman enthused.

    "Mancini is going to need to go into the witness protection programme after I've finished with him. And it's open season on small birds, and I think I'm hunting for Wrens." Studd responded

    Bateman was gobsmacked.

    "You have such a funny way with words, it signifies your genius. Vox is lucky to have you on board."

    "Well I think I'll get on well With or Without him this week, and then I'll send him where the Streets Have No Name the following week"

    Bateman literally pissed himself laughing.

    "You're hilarious, the funniest person I've ever heard, now go get 'em champ" He earnestly responded.

    Studd walked out with his head held high.


    WZCW offices.

    2.45pm, On a Tuesday.

    Randy Studd, who once had a second date and current WZCW Mayhem champion has turned up to Vance Bateman's weekly clinic. His idea will achieve almost no attention. Studd was a creative genius in his own mind, but in reality his ideas were mostly copied from the 90s.

    Entering the building, Studd winked at no fewer than 40 women. All of whom ignored him. A nincompoop in Nike. His eyes locked with the burly receptionist, who was attentively reading Hello magazine.

    He rang her bell no fewer than 16 times before she eventually glanced above the magazine. She hated wrestlers.

    "What do you want?" she said, sternly.

    "Hi, I'm here for my 3pm with Vance Bateman." Studd replied, barely audibly.

    "If you mean Vance's weekly open doors, you're early. Why don't you wait upstairs, out of my sight" She was still entirely unenthused.

    "I'm going to head right up now, but maybe we can get do...?" Before he finished she was buried in her magazine and he was being pushed on by the security guard.

    In the lift, he was giddy with excitement at how well this idea was going to be taken.

    He waited outside Bateman's office for 45 minutes before the executive eventually appeared.

    "I've got two words for you, Vance." said Randy.

    "You will address me as Mr. Bateman." Bateman replied, clearly with no interest of hearing the two words.

    "Meltdown Girls"

    "Meltdown Girls?"

    "Meltdown Girls."

    "What the hell is that?"

    "Well, we have a lot of kind of dead air time going into commercials and coming out on the show. So I thought why not have a group of cheerleaders. Eye candy for the men at home and great role models for the girls."

    Bateman paused to reflect that he had employed this moron.

    "That is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life. Here's what I'm going to do, with that idea. Nothing. As soon as Wren and Tony destroy you, I'm going to make sure that you are blacklisted from entering this building on any business other than your job." Bateman seethed.

    "I actually think we might beat them." Studd responded.

    Bateman was gobsmacked.

    "You have such a ludicrous opinion of yourself. You'll lose your title to Vox next week."

    "Vox is no match for a man of my calibre."

    Bateman literally pissed himself laughing.

    "You're ridiculous, the most deluded person I've ever heard, now get out" He earnestly responded.

    Studd walked out looking at his feet.
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    The match was over, but still felt the effects of it on my neck and ribs. They hurt badly, but that didn’t upset me. A loss against an opponent like Triple X, however, did. I found a secluded spot backstage to lick my wounds, ponder over what’s next. That seclusion didn’t last long though.

    “What the **** just happened?” There wasn’t much to explain here, but knowing Allison, she wasn’t too happy. But before I could ask her to simmer down, Leon made his presence felt.

    “Hello, Wren. A word?”

    “Don’t you see she’s still hurting from the match? By the way, do you always roam around backstage with a camera queue?”

    “Can’t help it. Job, you know. Anyway, I just have a few questions for our WZCW audience watching back home.”

    “Address them to me.”

    “Okay. It was a tough match tonight, back and forth, however, Wren came up short. What does it mean for her going forward?”

    “What does it mean? She’ll keep doing what she always does. Put her head down and keep working hard. Though it’s been made increasingly difficult by the powers that be, she’s not going to stop.”

    “What do you mean by that last statement?”

    “You really want me to explain that to you?” Allison looked genuinely surprised.

    “Ms. Gale, I don’t follow.”

    “You do see what’s going on in WZCW, right? The mighty Mr Banks is flexing his arms in the form of Vis Imperium around, and here is Wren, still waiting for a fair shot at that EurAsian championship, that, for some reason, would now be defended in a tag match? What did Vis Imperium did to earn that besides being Mr. Banks personal goons? As much as I can’t stand Titus, his current situation makes me feel almost bad for him, and that is some accomplishment by our big boss.”

    “Some tangible points, but I don’t think the boss would take kindly to these words. Speaking of which, there’s already a match lined up for you which includes the team of current Mayhem champion Randy Studd and his opponent this Sunday, Vox while Wren tags with Tony. This could be an opportunity for Wren to prove she deserves another shot at the title.”

    I had enough of it. I had enough pent up in and didn’t feel like hearing anymore of this drivel. Proving myself wasn’t on my mind anymore. I signaled to Allison and told her what I wanted to say which pumped Allison up as well.

    “She has had enough of proving herself. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Everybody here should know by now what she’s made of and she’s only going to go up from here.”

    “Well said. With that I’ll take a le…”

    “I’m not done yet, Leon. We, Wren and I, have seen enough. The fact that there’s nothing concrete for Wren for this Unscripted makes me sick. As for the match against Randy Studd and Vox, we’re going to send a message to the WZCW locker room. We have had enough! We have seen what Randy Studd can do, and we have seen what Vox can do. However, a team like that seldom works together and while Tony and I have had our little differences, we are still the last two who almost won the EurAsian title and are hungry for success. We’ve worked together before against none other than Vis Imperium which taught us some valuable lessons and those lessons will be put to work.”

    Allison and I stormed off, leaving Leon bewildered. Meanwhile, Allison’s phone rang. There was a text messages on it.

    “Well, Tony wants to meet up. Could be a good thing meeting him up before the match. You two didn’t exactly work well together the last time, so it’s important you two are on the same page this time round.”

    She was right. It was important. Toni and I wanted the same thing, to be the next EurAsian champion, but for now, both of us needed one thing more, victory in the next match.
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