Unscripted: Anthony Mancini vs. Wren

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    They are the last two people to challenge Titus Avison for the WZCW Eurasian Championship. Both failed. Yet, with each loss we learn something and both these competitors feel they could defeat Titus with a second opportunity. Tony Mancini and Wren will collide at Unscripted in a match based around pride more than a personal hatred of the other. They teamed together on Ascension and secured a victory, Mancini made the challenge post-match with Wren accepting. Whoever wins this match will surely position themselves into the hunt for a possible rematch with Titus Avison while the loser will have to dream of what could have been.

    RP Deadline Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    The camera turns on and we see Tony setting down his suitcase by the front door as he's home for a few days before heading to Toronto for Unscripted. He looks around for Xaitlyn so he can tell her about his match with Wren at the pay per view but when he gets to the kitchen he sees a note on the table written in Xaitlyn's handwriting.
    Stunned Tony sits down at his table and stares at the piece of paper in his hand as his mind races back and forth from one thought to the next. After a few minutes he crumples up the note and angrily tosses it across the room. He gets up and not knowing what else to do he gets up and goes to browse the internet. Not having anything specific to do he finds himself on WZCW.com where he sees an interesting article on their homepage.
    Tony (To himself): Well this is a surprise. I didn't think a friendly match would warrent a stretcher match or a lumberjack match.

    He shrugs as he votes for the match he would like to compete in the most. Once he does that he walks back into the kitchen when his cellphone starts ringing. He checks the caller ID and answers it when he sees that it's Gino.

    Gino: Hey hey Ton' what's up? I saw your match with the masked chick and your challenge after you won. Are you and snake lady gonna train for your match by talking about her the way she likes to do?

    Tony (unhappily): Xaitlyn left to go back home. She saw us at that underground fight the other week. You know, the one that helped me against Titus? She accused me of lying to her again and never to contact her.

    Gino: You sound upset Ton' but trust me when I say that this is for the better. Ever since you kept her on as your manager your career has been going down hill. All she did was hold you back with her bullshit planning.

    Tony: You're not the first person to tell me that and I doubt you'll be the last. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. It's not like it's the first time she's done something like this.

    Tony goes to the fridge and grabs a beer before sitting back down and popping it open.

    Gino: Well since you've got nothing to do you want help me with something?

    Tony: Sure I guess, what is it you need help with?

    Gino: That's better left until I see you. I'll be there in a couple hours.

    Gino hangs up without another word leaving Tony to wonder what he got himself into.

    **2 hours later**

    Tony hears a knock on the door and stands to the side as Gino walks in. Tony takes him into the living room and sits in his Lay-Z-Boy as Gino stretches out on the couch.

    Tony: Alright Gino you're here now what do you need help with?

    Gino: It's Family business. There's a butcher that we've been having trouble with. They owe us a few months of protection money and I need your help to get it without causing a giant scene. I promise no one will get hurt.

    Tony stares at Gino for a few minutes while he argues with his conscience about whether it's a good idea to get involved with that Lifestyle again. After a few minutes of this silent arguing he make me a decision.

    Tony: I'll help you this once because you said no one will get hurt. After this I don't know.

    Gino claps his hands with smile as he jumps off the couch and walks towards the door.

    Gino: That's fine, I shouldn't need help with anything for a while after this anyway.

    Tony locks the door behind him as they leave and drive towards the city. After they hit the freeway Gino asks Tony a question.

    Gino: Hey man did you see the stipulations for your match at Unscripted? I voted for a stretcher match because there is no way that tiny woman can beat you in a match where anything goes.

    Tony: Don't sell Wren short Gino. She may be small but what she lacks in size and strength she makes up for with heart and speed. I wouldn't count her out, especially when there's pride on the line and possibly another shot at Titus if he's still Eurasian Champion.

    Gino scoffs at the thought of Wren having any chance in a stretcher match which causes Tony to shake his head. After a few minutes Tony looks over at him and asks him a question

    Tony: Why did you ask me to help you with this Gino? I haven't been involved in any Family business in a long time.

    Gino: People haven't forgotten you Ton'. We've all been watching you in WZCW and hoping you'd want to join the family again.

    Tony: I don't know Gino, I'll have to think and pray. When I got out of that life I told myself I'd stay out of it.

    Gino nods and drops the subject as Tony stares out the window. They drive the rest of the way in silence as Tony mulls over his life and what Gino just told him. They make their way into the city and Tony takes a deep breath and smiles, feeling at home for the first time in a while. They drive through the city to Giuseppe's Old World Butcher Shoppe in Little Italy. Gino parks a few blocks away and they walk the rest of the way as they talk.

    Tony: How much does Old Man Giuseppe owe anyway? You said he was a few months behind but you didn't give an amount.

    Gino: He owes the Family $4,500 in back protection money. We've been busy trying to keep our territory from the other Families and haven't had a chance to come collect.

    Tony: Holy shit Gino are you serious, $4,500?!

    Gino: The Family has been in a rough way since you left Ton'. We need you back with us.

    Not knowing what to say Tony simply nods his head as they walk into the shop. Behind the counter is a little old lady who looks up when the bell over the door rings. She smiles when she sees Tony but when she sees Gino she starts yelling in thickly accented english.

    Mama Giuseppe: You go away now! How many times do I need to tell you we are not going to pay. We do not need your protection anymore!

    She grabs a rolling pin as she comes out from behind the counter and swings it at Gino who has to jump back to avoid being hit in the head. As she goes for another swing Tony grabs the rolling pin out of her hand as he pushes Gino towards the door.

    Tony: Mama Giuseppe please calm down. Your heart can't take the stress.

    Tony takes Mrs. Giuseppe by the hand and leads her to a nearby table before he gets her a glass of water. She takes a sip and looks at Tony with questioning eyes.

    Mama Giuseppe: Why are you with that man Anthony? Last we heard you had gotten out of that life after your parents passed away so you could raise a family and become a famous wrestler. You are my grandson's favorite.

    Tony smiles at the mention of him being her grandson's favorite wrestler and takes her frail and wrinkled hand in both of his bigger ones.

    Tony: I did and I am Mama Giuseppe. I'm just here because I'm worried about you and your husband. You know what Gino is here for right?

    She scowls at the mention of Gino and owing him money but before she can say anything Tony continues with what he's saying.

    Tony: You also know what he and his associates are capable of if the don't get it.

    He says the last part as a statement of fact because he knows she does and the look of fear the crosses her face confirms it. When she talks again her voice is barely a whisper

    Mama Giuseppe: We do not have a lot of extra money Anthony. Not many come in anymore to buy our meat and we barely have enough to buy more product as well as pay rent on the building space. Please do not do this.

    Tony looks at this small Italian woman and he can almost feel his heart breaking as he looks into her eyes.

    Tony: I'm sorry but I'm going to have to insist Mama Giuseppe. If Gino doesn't get what he wants he will come back with others and they will not only take all your money but they won't leave anything in one piece.

    Her eye narrow at the thinly veiled threat as she gets up and walks into the bag office. Tony hears the sound of a safe opening after a few seconds slamming closed again. She comes back out with a plain brown envelope and walks to the cash register. She opens it and grabs a handful of cash that she stuffs in the envelope. Walking back to the table she throws the money at Tony and spits in his face.

    Mama Giuseppe: There is your money now get out of here, I never want to see you again.

    Tony takes the envelope and tucks it in his jacket before wiping his face clean and walking towards the door.

    Tony: I hope some day you can forgive me Mamma Giuseppe because I truly am sorry about this.

    Mama Giuseppe: I will never forgive you Anthony and know your mother is rolling over in her grave at the man you have become.

    Tony sadly leaves the shop and sees Gino waiting a few dozen yards down the sidewalk. As he walks up with a smile Tony punches him square in the face.

    Tony: That's for asking me to do that you son of a bitch.

    Leaving Gino to pick himself up and wipe the blood from his nose Tony walks back towards the car as the camera pans down the sidewalk to a plain white van with a familiar face sitting inside who whispers a single sentence

    Agent Henderson: You haven't changed a single bit have you Mancini?
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    “They keep playing you and you keep getting played.”

    Allison wasn’t happy.

    “Why do you keep taking bullshit from WZCW?”

    If only she could see it my way. I was happy that I get to have a match with Tony. It was better than being off the Unscripted card. Moreover, a true test of abilities has always spurred me on.

    “See, I get it. You’re a self-righteous prick, but at some point, you have to think of situations that actually benefit you.”

    I didn’t know what she was trying to suggest.

    “You challenged Titus and so did he. However, you came way closer to beating him than. You don’t need a fucking match to prove you’re better than him, it’s there for all to see. You didn’t need to accept his challenge. You should look for more than that.”


    “I don’t know whether you’ll like it or not, but I’d suggest looking up the card and look at all who are doing well. Look at all the champions. What’s common in them?”


    “They all did what was necessary. They didn’t care about right or wrong, they just did what was most beneficial to them. Justin Cooper, Titus, Callie, even Randy Studd are all prime examples of success by any means necessary. You can have all the people cheering you on, but your legacy will not be defined by them. It will be defined by the titles you win, the money you make, the places you go.”

    Sometimes I feel I know Allison, and the next moment, I totally don’t recognize her. Honor, pride, self-respect are not buzzwords to me. They mean something. That’s what Horigoshi taught me, and that’s what I hold dear to me the most. But I still wanted to hear what Allison had on mind.

    “Join with Vis Imperium.”

    What? No! Never!

    “You don’t understand. You don’t have lick their boots or anything, but you’ll have the power to sway things your way. Once you reach where you want to be, kick them to the curb. Use them just like how Mr Banks is using them, just in the opposite direction.”

    That whole proposition was unpalatable to me. The one thing I could never compromise was my ideals, no matter what. Joining Vis Imperium, to turn my back on those who believe in me, just so that I can further my career didn’t sit well with me.


    I wasn’t willing to hear any further.

    “Alright, I get it. You will do what you want and keep rejecting whatever I have to say, but at least do one thing at Unscripted?”

    Again with this.

    “Don’t take it easy on Tony. I know you two are friends and all, but don’t let that distract you from the competitiveness of this match. You may be thinking of this as a test of your abilities, but this could very well become a clusterfuck looking the options WZCW has put out. And I have a gut feeling Tony isn't going to take it easy on you at all. This also may be a chance for both of you to move up the card if WZCW comes to their senses. If Tony wins, he’ll go above you in that proverbial pecking order.”

    I was a bit shocked. In my life is a pro-wrestler, I’ve never taken my opponents lightly. That includes my friends. I rolled my eyes. Before I could react further though, her phone rang forcing her to leave my room.

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