Unscripted: Randy Studd (c) vs. Vox [Mayhem Championship]

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    Unscripted offers up the chance for some crazy matches and we will see that shown during the bout between Randy Studd and Vox. These two men teamed recently with Studd walking out of the match, allowing the challenger for his Mayhem Championship to receive some extra punishment before the pay-per-view. Studd has had a vice like grip on the Mayhem Championship since defeating Obi Okafor at Gold Rush while Vox has already failed to secure the title once before. This time Vox may not need to secure a pinfall to win the belt as the three options are; title on a pole, opponent’s finisher to win or a ladder match. This match is sure to be filled with crazy action as Studd and Vox clash over the WZCW Mayhem Championship at Unscripted 2017!

    RP Deadline Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    [INT: Banquet Hall. Vox is in the waning moments of an afternoon charity function, the room is almost completely empty. Vox is sitting to himself in a chair near the back, talking to himself. He is preparing what he will do later that night in preparation for his Mayhem Title opportunity against Randy Studd]

    Vox: Ok…so maybe I should talk about past failures and how they’ve shaped me properly for this opportunity…

    (A door opens from across the room, the camera does not pan over to it, staying focused on Vox)

    Vox: Eh…maybe I should talk about which match type I’d prefer. Seriously, everyone is an idiot if they pick the “on a pole” one…the other two are cool though…eh, why insult the fans? They’re good people. Most of them. Uhhhhhhhhh

    (A man sits down in an empty chair next to Vox)

    Man: Maybe you could talk about how Randy Studd is a creep who makes women uncomfortable. Or about how you and I are so alike.

    Vox: (Looks up) Holy crap! Hey buddy…

    Bono: Hello, hello! Hola!

    Vox: Hola, hola! Hello! Whatcha doin’ man?

    Bono: There was a function to give money to. I was in town. Do the math.

    Vox: I was always better at English.

    Bono: Well hopefully you were good at ass beating too, because you’re going to have to tap into that tonight.

    Vox: You’re a fan?

    Bono: Of course! Not just of yours, because hey, I love myselves – but I also can’t stand that Randy Studd.

    Vox: Is it his obnoxious face, cowardly tactics, or the way he treats women?

    Bono: Mostly C, with a touch of secret option D – He wrote on YouTube once that our new song You’re the Best Thing About Me sucked. He was RandyStudd68, so he couldn’t even get the 69 joke right. Idiot.

    Vox: I mean…you know that could be anyone…right?

    Bono: WAS IT YOU?!

    Vox: No! I love that song, and I’m excited to buy your new album Songs of Experience on 12/1/17.

    Bono: (Quietly to Vox) There are cameras on us now, right?

    Vox: (Quietly to Bono) Obviously. I wouldn’t have said the date and the title so prominently if they weren’t. I am hyped, though.

    Bono: (Quietly to Vox) Cool, cool.

    Vox: Anyway, so what should I do?

    Bono: Well, I would talk about what you’re going to do to him. Bring up each match possibility and explain how you’ll kick his arse at all of them. Maybe work in a charity pun.

    Vox: Wow, thanks. That sounds great.

    Bono: I know it does. Just remember a quote from a great man that is no longer with us: “Give a guy a big nose and some weird hair, and he can accomplish ANYTHING!”

    Vox: Isn't that a Frank Zappa quote?

    (Vox looks over to find Bono gone)

    Vox: Wow, maybe I imagined it.

    (Bono is behind a large door just outside of the Banquet Hall. He is with his assistant.)

    Bono: (out of breath) Oh…God…Why do I do that? It’s not even THAT funny…

    Assistant: Well you did a good job making that young man’s day.

    Bono: He gave $50k to the One Foundation this afternoon, right?

    Assistant: No sir, you gave $50k to HIS foundation.

    Bono: Son of a bitch…

    [INT: Dressing room. Vox is backstage with interviewer Leon Kensworth, preparing to talk about his match]

    Leon: (Quietly to Vox, not knowing the cameras are already on.) You’re not gonna shake me down for money again are you? I had to pay my car registration this month and things are tight.

    Vox: (Quietly to Leon) No mate, you’re good. But if you want to give in the future, text me.

    Leon: (Noticing the cameras are on) Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am here with Vox, and we are going to get right down to it for his big match for the Mayhem Championship against Randy Studd here at Unscripted.

    Vox: Thank you, Leon. First, I’d like to talk to everyone for a moment about charity…

    Leon: (Quietly to Vox) You said…

    Vox: (Quietly to Leon) Ssssssshhhhhhhh, don’t worry.

    Leon: (Quietly to Vox) Ok…

    Vox: I’d like to talk to everyone for a moment about charity. While charity is about giving, it’s also about taking. You take from the fortunate to give to the less fortunate. There have been many causes I have spoken about, all of which you can see on my website www.charitiesvoxiscoolwith.com . But today, I’m going to talk about a far more singular focus for my good deed. This deed will really only directly affect two people, but will have an incredible effect on millions.

    Leon: What would that be, Vox?

    Vox: I’m going to charitably take the title away from Randy Studd, while also giving him the beating of a lifetime.

    Leon: Well, I should have seen that coming.

    Vox: Yes you should have. Anyway, I’m tired of Mr. Studd. I’m tired of his arrogance, I’m tired of his backhanded nature, I’m tired of his sneak attacks that REALLY FRICKIN’ HURT! But most of all? I’m tired of how he treats women. I don’t just mean the way he objectifies them, or insults them, or just generally acts creepy around them. I’m talking way more about the fact that he can’t talk to them properly, and his lack of respect for them. So whether it is grabbing a title off of a pole, which by the way fans…please don’t pick that. It’s dumb. Climbing a ladder to grab the title, which is awesome. Or using his own finisher against him to break him down mentally and physically…I’m going to turn him into a man. I’m going to beat respect into him, and maybe he will finally change his ways.

    Leon: Wow…that’s…unexpected from you.

    Vox: Yeah. I really care about this one. Also, I will be donating all money I make from my checks for the rest of the year to battered women’s shelters across the country.

    Leon: That’s more like you. Go get em…

    Vox: Champ. (Vox winks at camera, then leaves quickly, much like Bono did earlier.)

    Leon: (To himself as the camera looks on him, befuddled) I was gonna say “Vox”…
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    WZCW 24: Randy Studd

    Randy Studd, self-proclaimed lothario, has the biggest match of his career to date tonight at Unscripted, he will defend his Mayhem title. Having competed at a local event in Ottawa, he is driving to the arena in Toronto this evening where he will face Vox in the title match in what will be either a title on a pole match, ladder match or a hit opponents finisher to win.

    "I suppose the difficult thing is not knowing how I'm going to win. Vox is a stalwart in this division, and I can appreciate that he has his merits, but there's absolutely nothing charitable about what will happen in this fight. I know my way around a huge pole, and Vox is a little short in that area, so I have no doubt that I could win there."

    Studd spoke as he drove, the crew struggled to contain their s******s.

    "And as for the ladder match, I mean, I've been climbing to the top since I got here whilst Vox has stayed a little more, well, grounded, if you get what I'm saying. If there's one thing ol' Studd is good at, it's getting people flat on their back while he rises to the occasion, now don't get me wrong - I don't usually do that sort of thing with men, but I can use some of the old magic."

    You can literally hear the cameraman's eyes rolling in their socket.

    "What's the other match?"

    A disembodied voice from the crew responds "embarrassment match"

    "Ah the embarrassment match, well that one might be a sticking point. I mean don't get me wrong, it won't take much to embarrass that cretin. I mean, look at him. Why is he always wearing sunglasses inside? Has he got cataracts?"

    Studd laughed at his own joke before continuing.

    "He's a total embarrassment. But the problem is, from what I can gather, Vox's finishing move is being pinned. The guy is a loser, literally. Vox is the kind of guy who goes to watch a wet t-shirt contest and they run out of water. I don't know what his finishing move is, but what I do know is that there's not a move in the book that I can't make, so when they announce it at the start of the match, I'll just segue from some sweet karate into whatever the move I need to make is"

    The journey has been long and arduous but Studd has finally found his way to the outskirts of Toronto, and to his hotel for the evening.

    The Motel 6 reception desk was staffed by a pretty girl with her hair up in a pony tail. Studd turned to the camera.

    "Watch this, I'm going to get myself an upgrade"

    He then approached the desk and began to speak, feigning a terrible British accent.

    "Good tidings, fair wench, methinks I have a reservation to stay until the morrow"

    "Why are you speaking in medieval language?"

    "I have no comprehension of what thou means! I am merely a citizen of the Great British err.. realm."

    "Right... Ok... Name?"

    Studd replied, in his usual brogue.

    "My government name is Randall Studd, but you can call me Handy Randy, sweet as Candy"

    "What happened to your accent, Mr. Studd"

    "Nought has happened to mine parlance!"

    "Whatever... room 413" She went to hand him the key.

    "But I must say, your tone of voice has been like a lilting music to mine ears. I simply love the American accent, our cousins across the pond, Uncle Sam and his nephews and nieces, yes, America is the greatest country after our own exalted shores"

    "I'm Canadian"

    Studd lost his accent again.

    "Of course! I knew that, Canada"

    He found his accent before continuing.

    "A dominion of the Commonwealth. The Old Country in the new world! What brings you to the wrong side of the tracks of North America as it were. Perhaps it is your people who should build Mr. Trump's barrier. This town is quite something. I believe it to be the worst I've ever been to. Why would someone so dashing as yourself leave the Queen's own country to come here."

    "This is my home town"

    "But you're Canadian?"


    Studd turns to the crew and speaks in his usual accent.

    "I thought we were in Toronto?"

    Before the crew have had the chance to act, the receptionist responds.

    "We are in Toronto. Toronto is in Canada. Please take your room key and go to your room."

    "Well on that note, I have some further points of discussion"

    "And stop doing that accent"

    Studd makes a fishing rod gesture to the camera, and suggests he has hooked in the receptionist. He gives a wink to the camera and is just about to turn around when she interjects.

    "I can see you, you moron"

    Studd changes tack.

    "Look, real talk, we've had a long trip and there's nothing I'd like to do more than kick back in your penthouse suite and you know, maybe you'd like to join me, maybe you'd like to let your hair down, maybe you'd like to bring some champagne. I don't know, maybe you'd enjoy it."

    "I sincerely doubt that, anyway we don't have a penthouse suite"

    "Then your best room on the top floor, overlooking your fine city"

    "All the rooms are identical"

    "On the top floor"

    "This hotel only has four floors, you're already on the top."

    Studd seems happy about this.

    "Maybe I'll see you later"

    "Maybe you won't."

    "Look this isn't Hollywood, I'm not going to force you up there. But maybe you're hormones will"

    "Maybe they won't".

    Studd turns to the crew smugly satisfied.

    "You just have to know how to deal with these ladies. Just secured myself the best room in the hotel."

    Randy spent the rest of the night in the hotel. The receptionist never arrived.

    Join us later for Part 2.
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