Another Setback For The Revival

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Jack-Hammer, Aug 7, 2017.

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    There are reports going about that Revival member Scott Dawson has suffered a right bicep injury and that the injury will likely require surgery. If surgery isn't required, the report says that it could take 3 to 6 weeks to heal. If surgery is required, he could be out for up to 6 months. This comes just a few weeks after the Revival returned to action due to Dash Wilder being on the shelf for a few months with a broken jaw.

    So Bayley is officially out for SummerSlam and the Revival may be on the shelf for up to half a year. It sucks for both acts really as Bayley has been getting back on track while the Revival was gaining a good amount of momentum in a short amount of time.
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    The news is bad, as I never want to see anyone hurt and I like The Revival, but ultimately this isn't a big loss.

    They had a very hot debut, essentially chasing New Day to Smackdown and taking out Kofi. Since then, due to the awful state of the Raw tag division and injuries, they have done nothing. They were a bit player in a feud about a less successful tag team breaking up. Cory Graves, the goddamn announcer, played a bigger part in the story.

    So yeah, as a fan of the team it's awful but from a standpoint of disrupting the flow of the show and current storylines, then this isn't even a blip on the radar.
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    Man, these guys just can't catch a break. As someone who loves tag team wrestling, I'm really frustrated because the tag division was already looking very weak, and now we won't get to see The Hardy Boyz vs. The Revival, which was going to be one of the best matches on the SSlam card. I assume that Gallows & Anderson will step in their place, so that is a good replacement.

    I also think The Revival were going to be the next champs, beating the winner of Sheamus & Cesaro vs Ambrose & Rollins, so now what? They have to be kicking themselves for splitting up Enzo & Cass and American Alpha so prematurely. I would say reform Harper & Rowan and bring them over from Smackdown, but their tag team roster is actually worse and needs even more help than Raw's. smh
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    This might be the nail in the coffin for them if the injury is major and they need to take time off again. I know this is a bad break for them but looking at the company side of things, they made they're debut the day after wrestlemania, where put in a huge program with the new day right off the bat and they got injured which left new day without a program and they decided to improvised and send new day to smackdown.

    Then Dash comes back from injury and the revival are getting another huge push by being put with the club and the hardy's only for Dawson to get injured this time. If the injury is not that bad, they can work around it and have dash do most of the offense while Dawson stays in the corner and does some basic stuff. If the injury is severed, they probably got to have the injury prone sign put on them really quickly, and probably won't get a another chance to be at the top of the tag division because the company won't trust them to stay healthy long enough to go through a program so they will either split them up and don't know what to do with them or become pretty much a jobber team that mostly shows up on main event, which is sad because they are a really good team but from a company standpoint, why would you put time in giving a push to a team that's always getting injured.
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    This might not be a bad thing. The injury is of course devastating for the pair of them and is not to be wished upon against any superstar in the ring. But, as it's been pointed out, The Revival have been handed shit since their return. Their debut was hot for sure, but since then, nothing. You can argue that it's the state of the Raw tag team division and whatnot, but it's ultimately the lack of creativity stemming from, well, creative, that's not allowing them to reach their full potential.

    That is why I say that this isn't majorly bad for them as a team personally. Because now they are likely going to have a few weeks or months off our screens again, this time longer than before. And when they return, hopefully injury free, all may be forgotten and forgiven and the team can move forward much more positively, and by which point, the tag team division is in a bit of a better state. Ultimately this sucks for The Revival big time, and it's a loss to the Raw tag team division which now has what, three legitimate teams? Man alive.

    Just trying to stay positive for these guys though. I really enjoy The Revival and wish the best for them.
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    God I hope it doesn't require surgery. The Revival were just getting their footing back that they lost when Dash got injured.
    As Yaz mentioned, it doesn't disrupt the flow of Raw either way. What it does disrupt, however, is the strength of the show's tag division. It leaves us with:
    The Hardy Boyz, whose nostalgia run can be classified as obsolete;
    Gallows and Anderson, who are turning face? We'll see how that goes assuming this is the direction they're going;
    Sheamus and Cesaro, who are better now than they were initially;
    And I won't say anything about Slater and Rhyno.
    And of course there's the rumored reformation of 2/3 of the Shield with Ambrose and Rollins, which could potentially add some needed star power in the tag division.
    Ultimately the Revival should be the top heel tag team, and hopefully this injury to Scott doesn't need surgery and they can find their way there. I'd like to see them face the teams mentioned (sans the comedy face team that doesn't get time on Raw) and win the tag titles.

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