Aftershock Insanity 1 (Episode 3)

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    The camera feed begins and we get a view of Armando Paradyse sitting behind a wooden desk inside of an office room. He has a laptop in front of him and a nameplate that says “Vance Bateman” is sitting on top of the desk. The WZCW Mayhem Championship is draped over his shoulder as he tinkers with the device.

    Paradyse: Stupid computer! Why won’t you pick the stipulation for my match tonight? Do you not know who I am? I am the new Mayhem Champion! I am the king of Aftershock! Tell me what my stipulati---

    The door of the office swings open as Titus, with the World Heavyweight Championship, burst in with a booming voice.

    Titus: Alright, Bateman! The people, and I, want to know who I am facing tonight and whether or not I will be defen---

    Titus stops as he realizes that Armando Paradyse is sitting in Bateman’s chair. Titus points a condemning finger at Paradyse.

    Titus: You little sneak! You’re trying to work the system, aren’t you? Thinking that you can tip the scale in your favor so that you don’t lose your championship tonight?

    Paradyse stands up with a disgusted look on his face. He walks around the desk and stands face to face with Titus.

    Paradyse: Really Titus? Do you honestly think that I am going to lose my title tonight? I just dethroned one of the longest reigning Mayhem Champions of all time. But, perhaps you say those words in order to mask your own doubt. Let’s not forget that there is a possibility that tonight you will lose your championship.

    Paradyse gives a smug smirk as Titus also smiles at the comment.

    Titus: I have nothing to hide Armando. Tonight, whether my championship is on the line or not, I will go out there and do the same thing that I do every show. Give the fans one hell of a performance!

    The cheers from the crowd in the arena can be heard as they watch the camera feed on the titantron. The two of them stare at each other until Vance Bateman walks in through the doorway.

    Bateman: Ah! Titus and Armando; the two guys that I wanted to see. We still need to choose a stipulation for your match Armando. Let’s see…

    Bateman sits down at the desk and presses a button the laptop. He then turns it around for Paradyse and Titus to see. Several images of different stipulations appear on the screen until it finally stops on a---
    Mayhem Championship on a Pole Match.

    Paradyse looks at it and nods.

    Paradyse: Well, that’ll do just fine.

    Paradyse gives Titus one final smug look and then exits the office room.

    Bateman: Alright Titus, now for y---

    Ty Burna immediately steps inside of the office room and interrupts the two.

    Burna: Now, now Bateman. Choosing the match and stipulation for the World Heavyweight Champion without me? I think you should let me do this one, partner.

    Bateman bites his fist in anger.

    Bateman: Fine.

    Ty goes on the side of the desk that Bateman is on and turns the laptop towards him and Bateman. Ty proceeds to press a key on the laptop.

    Burna: Your opponent is……………

    Steven Kurtesy!

    Titus smiles and nods in approval at the level of caliber of his opponent.

    Burna: Now, to find out whether or not if you will be defending your WZCW World Heavyweight Championship against him tonight.

    Ty presses a button again as Titus leans forward in anticipation. All of sudden, Ty’s lips slowly curl into a wicked smile. Bateman stands up from his seat and looks at Titus.

    Bateman: Tonight, for our main event, Steven Kurtesy will face Titus, 1 on 1,
    for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    The crowd erupts in the arena and Titus nods his head as he exits the office.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    A quick pyro on the stage goes off as the fans in the arena are still cheering loudly from the previous announcement, as well as Aftershock starting.

    Serra: Welcome everyone to the third episode of Aftershock and the last show of the Roulette rounds! I'm Becky Serra and I'm here with my broadcast partner Johnny Klamor and I can tell you, things are about to get a little insane tonight!

    Klamor: Very cute, Becky. You are right however as we still have got some competitors who have yet to be pitted in a match and we don't even know what they are. Some people might be looking forward to that randomisation but I'm certainly going to enjoy that Mayhem title match. Should be interesting...

    Serra: Don't forget about the World Heavyweight Title match that's just been drawn that has gotten these fans excited. The Professor taking on the legend Titus! But right now, let's get this show started...
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Lethal Lottery Qualifying Match!


    Action Saxton emerges form the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp. He takes several punches at the air as the crowd cheers him on.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Wherever He Damn Well Pleases, weighing 270 pounds, Action Saxton!!

    The crowd roars at the sound of Saxton’s name as he stands in the center of the ring. He grips the middle of his t-shirt and pulls it off to much approval from the crowd. He tosses the torn shirt over at Rebecca Serra and gives her a point and wink.


    S.H.I.T. walks out to his music and stops at the top of the ramp. He gazes across the arena, that perks up from his quirky characteristics. He then stiffly walks to the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Mechanical Mecca, weighing 230 pounds, S.H.I.T.!!

    As they did with Saxton, the crowd cheers at the sound of S.H.I.T.’s name.

    Klamor: Oh jeez, could we have gotten a worse draw?

    Serra: I’m sure many, including myself, would disagree. This is a match up between two storied characters in the WZCW. These two have been providing us non stop entertainment since their arrivals, and tonight one of them will gain an early entrance into the Lethal Lottery

    Klamor: Well, when you put it that way; it still sucks.

    The referee calls for the bell and S.H.I.T. and Saxton step up to each other in the center of the ring. Saxton holds a fist in the air and looks out at the crowd. He wants to know whether or not they think he should throw the first punch. The crowd gives him a warm applause of approval. Saxton agrees and kisses his fist before pulling it back. He ejects his arm like a pinball pusher and hits S.H.I.T. straight in his mechanical chest. S.H.I.T. no sells it and remains stiff. Saxton spits on the ground and begins to deliver lefts and rights to S.H.I.T.’s face. This causes S.H.I.T. to back up into the corner turnbuckle. Saxton ascends the turnbuckle and begins to deliver punches to S.H.I.T.’s head with the crowd counting. 1….2….3….4….5….6….7

    Serra: Saxton seems to be leaving no room for any offense from the mechanical machine.

    Klamor: Ya, ya, wake me when it’s over.

    10! Saxton jumps off of S.H.I.T. and raises his punching fist in the air. The crowd cheers for the masculine fist. Saxton turns around and is blind sighted by a recovered S.H.I.T.! A clothesline sends Saxton to the mat. Saxton quickly gets back up and attempts a punch, but his arm is blocked by S.H.I.T.’s. S.H.I.T. begins delivering the same punch combo that Saxton delivered to him earlier.

    Serra: Move for move! S.H.I.T. is responding with some stiff punches.

    S.H.I.T. backs Saxton to a turnbuckle corner and proceeds to climb it, just as was done to him. He begins to deliver punches to the forehead. 1….2…..3…..4…..Blocked! Saxton pushes back the hand of S.H.I.T. and head butts S.H.I.T.’s gut. S.H.I.T. goes crashing on his back. Saxton quickly mounts him and begins delivering all kinds of hits to the head of S.H.I.T.. The referee makes the count and tells Saxton to pull off. Saxton finally pulls back and gets to his feet. He steps away for a moment and begins to analyze what he can do to S.H.I.T..

    Serra: Simple punches and kicks aren’t going to work on a being like S.H.I.T. Saxton’s move set isn’t heavily loaded with slams, so it looks like Saxton will have to get innovative if he wants to put S.H.I.T. down for good.

    Klamor: Not that I’m really paying attention, but my money is on S.H.I.T.

    After a slow recover, S.H.I.T. finally gets to his feet. Saxton meets him and grabs his arm; throwing him towards the rope. Saxton bounces off of the opposite end and is met with a stiff shoulder by S.H.I.T.. Saxton grips his shoulder in pain and remains on the ground.

    S.H.I.T. begins to step backwards and bounces off of the ropes. He moves in slow robotic motions as he approaches the grounded Saxton. He then lifts his elbow and executes an elbow drop to the head of Saxton! Saxton presses his palm to his forehead in pain as S.H.I.T. slowly makes the cover, 1…Kick out!

    Serra: You know, they say that S.H.I.T. is known to copy the moves of his opponent. I think that elbow drop might have been a version of Saxton’s Black Dynamite.

    Klamor: What? Oh sorry, I was playing Angry Birds on my phone.

    S.H.I.T. is now standing in the ring as he approaches Saxton, who has made it to his knees. S.H.I.T. sizes up Saxton and attempts to perform Saxton’s Kung Fu Kick. However, his body doesn’t allow him to perform the move fast enough and Saxton ducks his head underneath the leg swipe. Saxton responds by driving his fist into S.H.I.T.’s stomach. S.H.I.T. backs up as Saxton, holding his hand from the hit, rises to his feet. Saxton begins dropping punches on the thwarted machine. Left, right, left, right, left, right, Boom! Saxton hits a hard punch to the center of S.H.I.T.’s face. S.H.I.T. hazily stands in position as Saxton gets into position for a rolling snapmare. He executes it! Saxton grabs his shoulder after the successful maneuver!

    Serra: I said that Saxton needed to pull out something other than punches, and that might just do the trick!

    Saxton covers S.H.I.T., 1……2...Kick out!

    Serra: Not enough, but I can’t imagine that Saxton is done yet.

    Klamor: Becky, how do you get past this level? I’ve tried everything.

    Saxton pulls up off of S.H.I.T. and heads to the turnbuckle. He climbs and perches himself up top. The crowd cheers him on as he patiently waits for S.H.I.T. to regain his footing. S.H.I.T. finally gets to his feet and turns towards Saxton’s direction. Saxton jumps and attempts an overhead chop, but S.H.I.T. moves out of the way! Saxton lands on his hurt shoulder and begins grabbing it in pain.

    Serra: Saxton’s shoulder could be the key factor in S.H.I.T. winning this match.

    Klamor: Ah ha! I finally beat it.

    S.H.I.T. walks over to Saxton and begins to pick him up, but suddenly stops. S.H.I.T. stands straight up and acts as if something has happened. He jerks towards the direction of the announcer’s table and proceeds to exit the ring. He walks over to Klamor and begins to grab his cushioned chair.

    Klamor: Woah, woah! What the hell are you doin---

    S.H.I.T. yanks the chair, causing Klamor to fall on the ground.

    Klamor: Bring me back my chair you robotic freak.

    Serra: I have no idea what is happening, S.H.I.T. seems to be overcome by something.

    S.H.I.T. prepares to throw the cushioned chair into the ring and at the stirring Saxton, but suddenly jerks straight up again. He drops the chair behind him and begins to slowly make his way into the ring.

    Klamor: So, now he is not going to use my chair as a weapon? What the hell?

    The referee begins to give S.H.I.T. an ear full as he slowly climbs through the ropes. S.H.I.T. begins to approach a now standing Saxton. Once again, S.H.I.T. stiffens straight, but this time Saxton delivers a Megaton Punch! S.H.I.T. falls backwards and bounces off of the ropes. The ropes push him back towards Saxton’s direction. Saxton is positioned for his finisher and nails the Black Lightning! The kick sends S.H.I.T. falling sideways to the mat. Saxton goes for the cover, 1…….2………3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Action Saxton!

    Serra: That was definitely strange, but Saxton was able to take advantage of whatever was happening to S.H.I.T. He will now advance into the Lethal Lottery match.

    Klamor: Strange? That nutcase was about to steal my chair and use it as a weapon. If he is going to use a chair, he needs to at least properly know how to use a steel chair and not a cushioned one!

    Saxton continues to favor his sore shoulder as he eyeballs S.H.I.T. The crowd cheers Saxton as he makes his way up the ramp.


    David Cougar walks up to Stacey Madison, who is by the Roulette wheel.

    “Hello Mr Cougar, would you like to spin the wheel?”

    “Why not? I don’t have anything better to do.”

    Cougar lacksidasically sets the programme in motion. It lands on Fatal Four Way....Lethal Lottery Qualifer.....

    “I’m pretty pissed off about this Stacey. Stupid machine, I won the last one. Why on earth am I not in it already?”

    Stacey is interrupted by Cougar’s hand in her face before she can reply to his question.

    “I mean I'm the number one star in WZCW and they got me competing on this third rate excuse of show called Afterbite"

    Madison seems increasingly frustrated that she cannot speak.

    “I guess I better go get this, I need coffee.”

    Cougar walks off with Stacey in disgust before she can find out his three opponents.
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    Anderson: The following is a handicap match scheduled for one fall and is a Lethal Lottery Qualifying Match! Already in the ring, weighing in at 186 lbs, Darren Bull

    Bull throws his arms up in the air which gets a small amount of boos from the audience.


    The crowd cheers as Brad Bomb explodes out on stage as the riff kicks in and taunts for the fans. He slaps five with a few as he makes his way to the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponents, first from the United Kingdom, weighing in at 261 pounds, Brad Bomb!


    The audience pops louder as Chris Beckford emerges from behind the curtain. He is hoping around on stage and pointing to the audience. Beckford runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

    Anderson: And his partner, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 226 pounds, Chris Beckford!

    Klamour: From what I've heard backstage, Bomb and Beckford both asked Bateman if they both qualify for the Lethal Lottery if they win and Bateman was tight lipped about it. Let's see if it will affect them as a team in this match.

    Darren Bull steps away from his corner. He doesn't appeared pleased about facing two wrestlers, but nonetheless appears ready to fight. Bomb and Beckford chat in the corner and eventually agree Bomb will start. Bomb goes to grapple Bull. Bull ducks under and around. Forearm shot to the back of the head does nothing to Bomb. Bomb turns around and Bull Eye Rakes him. Bomb grabs his face and Bull goes for a Spinning Heel Kick. Bomb catches the leg. He overpowers Bull with ease, lifting him off the ground and throwing him into the corner. Bomb gets in front of Bull and repeatedly chops across the chest of him. Bomb hustles back across the ring and then runs full force at Bull. Stinger Splash. Bull stumbles away from the corner after contact while Bomb bounces off the far ropes. Big Boot knocks Bull down to the mat. Bomb covers 1... 2 kickout by Bull. Beckford wants a turn at Bull now. Bomb lifts Bull up and him and Beckford Irish Whip Bull into the corner again. Bomb grabs Beckford and Irish Whips him into Bull. Beckford leaps with a flying elbow and sails over the ropes landing on the apron. Bull stumbles away from the corner after getting hit by Beckford and falls to his knees. Beckford climbs onto the top rope. Bull is up and turns to face his opponent. Beckford grabs the head of Bull. Top Rope DDT! Bull is down as Beckford goes over for the cover. 1... 2... Bull kicks out.

    Klamour: I don't even know why Bull is still trying to compete out there. Against two seasoned vets in Bomb and Beckford, Bull doesn't have a chance.

    Serra: Yes, but there is a shot at Lethal Lottery on the line and for Beckford and Bomb, they are uncertain if that means they both will get it, or whoever scores the pin will. Bull has a chance to steal one here tonight if Beckford or Bomb try to stop themselves from winning.

    Klamour: Bull shit that will happen between those goodie goods.

    Beckford picks Bull up and Irish Whips him towards Bomb. Bomb bends down and lifts Bull onto his shoulders in a position to hit an Alabama Slam. Bull grabs onto the ropes holding on for dear life. Bomb grabs the legs and turns around now facing Bull. Beckford gets a running start and leaps over Bomb's head, crashing his body down on Bull's back. Bull holds his back as he rolls out of the ring. Bomb tells Beckford he should fly over the ropes at Bull. Beckford bounces off the ropes and runs toward Bomb. Bomb lifts Beckford above his head in a Military press position. Bomb walks over to the ropes and throws Beckford towards Bull. Bull is up but moves just out of the way and Beckford crashes onto the floor. Bull continues to stumble away as Bomb rolls out to chase after Bull.

    Serra: A mistake between Bomb and Beckford puts Chris out of action for the moment.

    Klamour: I wonder if that was really a mistake Becky.

    Bull rolls into the ring and Bomb slides in after him. Bull drops an elbow as Bomb slides in and strikes him with repeated forearms trying to keep the big man down. Bull steps back allowing Bomb to get to his knees. Running knee to the face by Bull puts Bomb back on the mat. Bull covers. 1... Bomb throws Bull off him. Bomb to his knees, gets slowed down by an elbow to the head from Bull. Bull bounces off the ropes and runs at Bomb. Bomb gets to his feet and swiftly kicks the gut on Bull. Bomb sets up Bull for a Powerbomb. Bomb lifts Bull up. Bull flips over Bombs head and lands on his feet behind him. Bull pushes Bomb forward towards the ropes. Beckford is on the apron and sees both men coming. Beckford ducks down, pulling top rope down with him. Bomb goes over the ropes and onto the floor. Bull sees Beckford in front of him and tries to kick him off the apron. Beckford dodges the kick and punches Bull in the face. Bull stumbles back. Beckford jumps onto the top rope. Springboard Dropkick. Beckford knocks Bull down and goes for the cover 1... 2... Bull kicks out.

    Klamour: Did you see what Beckford did there?

    Serra: I think he was just dodging the two men.

    Klamour: Not a chance... that was retribution for Bomb tossing him to the floor earlier.

    Beckford waits a moment for Bull to recover and bounces off the ropes. Bull pulls the ref in front of him. Beckford stops in time and carefully helps the ref to the side. With the refs back momentarily turned, Bull Sucker Punches Beckford right between the eyes. Bull rolls Beckford up and uses the ropes for leverage. 1... 2... Beckford kicks out. Bull quickly climbs in the second rope. Beckford stands up. Flying Elbow from Bull knocks Beckford to the mat. Bomb has recovered at ringside. Bull sees Bomb and runs at him. Baseball slide by Bull knocks Bomb back to the floor. Bull sees Beckford on his knees and grabs him. Swinging Neckbreaker! Bull walks over to the corner and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. He posses on the top rope waiting for Beckford to stand up. Beckford turns around. Bull jumps. Flying Clothesline is countered by a Dropkick from Beckford. Beckford's feet meet Bull's face who crumbles to the mat. The crowd cheers as Beckford hops to the corner and jumps onto the top rope. As he gets his footing, Bomb climbs onto the apron and straddles through the ropes. The ropes shake, causing Beckford to lose his balance and crotch himself on the top rope. Bomb sees Beckford incapacitated and picks up Bull. Detonator! Bomb falls on top for the cover. 1... 2... 3.

    Anderson: Here are your winners, Brad Bomb and Chris Beckford.

    The ref raises Bombs hand as Beckford falls from the top rope into the ring. The ref goes to check up on Bull as Beckford is standing now and is in the face of Brad Bomb about shaking the rope.

    Klamour: Beckford is pissed and he has every right to be. Bomb shook him off the rope to ensure he'd get the pinfall.

    Serra: I don't think that was Bomb's intent. I'm sure it happened completely by accident.

    Klamour: Yea he'll say it was by accident, but if Bomb receives the Lethal Lottery spot and not Beckford we are going to see some fireworks from them tonight.

    Beckford is still in the face of the taller Bomb who holds his arms up saying he's done nothing wrong. Bomb is trying to console Beckford, but wants to hear none of it. Finally Bomb has had enough of Beckford and pushes him over. Beckford quickly rolls backwards onto his feet and is right back in Bomb's face.

    Bateman: Gentlemen, gentlemen. That's enough of your bickering in my ring.

    Vance Bateman walks out onto the stage as Bomb and Beckford now look in his direction.

    Bateman: Now when you both came to me right before the match started and asked me if the winning team got the Lethal Lottery spot or whoever won the match, I withheld that information because, one, I wanted Bull to have some sort of chance here tonight, and two, I wanted to see just what it meant to the both of you guys. Well... you two can put down your purses because both of you have just qualified into the Lethal Lottery. Now get out of that ring and quit wasting my time.

    Bateman leaves and Beckford and Bomb have cooled heads and shake hands in the ring.

    Serra: So both men now qualify for the biggest Lethal Lottery in WZCW history. They will compete along with 23 other wrestlers for a chance to main event Kingdom Come.

    Klamour: True, but I doubt that this will be the last time these two butt heads.
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    Anderson: The following match is a Fatal Four Way that will decide the next qualifier for the 2012 Lethal Lottery match!

    Anderson: On his way to the ring from Los Angeles, he weighs in at 205lbs, this is Everest !!

    The veteran strolls down to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle to his fans.

    “Oh yay, the dull as ditchwater veteran who won’t quit.”

    Anderson: Next, weighing in at 249 pounds, Alexander Steele!

    Alex Steele emerges and doesn’t waste any time heading down the ramp. He throws his hood back and slides into the ring.

    “Alex Steele has shown real potential since his return and was very good at All or Nothing.”

    “Who’s next? Come on?”

    Anderson: And next, from Brooklyn, New York, Ry -

    “Hey, that’s not fair!”

    As Raynes walks down the ramp, he is attacked from behind by David Cougar! Cougar assaults him with vicious punches to the head and he whips him into the steps. Everest and Steele watch on at close hand but neither seems to be interested in getting involved. Cougar sees this and shouts at them to get started. They back away from the ropes before eventually tying up in the centre of the ring.

    “Everest and Steele are right to have no part of Cougar’s antics.”

    “That’s kind of a backhanded compliment. This is brilliant!”

    “The rookie Ryan Raynes has just been annihilated by Cougar and....”

    Everest takes the young Steele down but Alex reverses this by suplexing Everest to the mat. Cougar meanwhile has DDT’d Raynes on the floor but Showtime disappears back up the ramp, paying no attention to the action in the ring. In the ring, Steele has a side headlock on Everest but the veteran pushes him off to the ropes and fires back with a dropkick. Cougar reappears with a cup of coffee, he jaw-jacks with some fans at the top of the ramp.

    "I don't understand what Cougar is playing at."

    "I'm sure he's devastated by that Becky."

    Everest gets Steele in a front facelock as Cougar makes his way around the ring. Everest lifts him up for a vertical suplex and then gets a two count. Cougar makes his way to the announcers table and puts on a headset as Everest puts on a body scissors.

    “Mr Cougar, what an honour”

    “And why aren’t you in the match?”

    “Thank you Johnny. And Becky, I’m gonna win this match, I’ve already taken Raynes out and these two idiots are just wasting time in the ring.”

    “But why are here and not in the ring?”

    Steele fights out of the body hold with fierce elbows to the head. He turns around but Everest German suplexes Steele, bridged cover, 1....2.... Steele rolls over and kicks out. Both men get back to their feet.

    “I’m a level above these two clowns. Hell, I’m ten levels above these guys. I guarantee you the ratings are tanking right now! The roulette has screwed the ratings because I don’t have a challenging opponent.”

    Steele blocks a chop from Everest but his attempt at a gut wrench is blocked. Steele ducks an Everest clothesline and then takes down the veteran with a T-bone suplex, cover, 1....2....

    “See? Neither of these guys are on top? This is boring! Everest is stale like old horse excrement and Steele is a vanilla midget who couldn’t even win a match with MR BALLER in it!”

    “You’re right David. These guys couldn’t work their way out of a bin bag!”

    Everest kicks out. Steele drags Everest and whips him to the ropes. Steele lies down as Everest comes back and then leapfrogs him as he runs from the other side.

    “Give me five minutes, I’m going to go spike the ratings and qualify for the Lethal Lottery at the same time.”

    Everest runs the ropes again but Showtime drags the ropes down and Everest crashes to the floor. Steele sees this and demands Cougar enter the ring. He does reluctantly and Steele chases towards him. Showtime meets him with a boot to the face but Steele fights back with one of his own before taking him down with a smart single leg takedown.

    “I hope Alex Steele makes Cougar eat his words!”

    “How dare you! David Cougar is a fine and upstanding member of the roster. He is right to speak his mind!”

    On the outside Ryan Raynes tries to tackle Everest but fails miserably as the veteran reverses his charge and sends him head first into the ring side barrier. Everest then hits the Rock Slide to Raynes on the outside!

    “Ryan Raynes has had an abysmal start to his WZCW career. I’ve not seen him do one thing right yet.”

    Cougar appears furious that he got caught and fights out of it only to be taken down again by Steele who this time works over the neck. Steele gets back up in control again of Cougar but Showtime pushes him off to the ropes. Steele holds the rope as Raynes is being rolled into the ring. Showtime is able to duck Steele as he runs at him with a clothesline. Cougar backs away to the ropes and as Steele comes back off the ropes, Cougar back body drops him over the rope and Steele crashes and burns into Everest on the outside!

    “This is brilliant by David Cougar! He positioned everyone brilliantly!”

    “I think I have to agree with you. I feel sick for saying that”

    Cougar realises quickly that he is only in the ring with Ryan Raynes. He locks in the Commercial Break and Raynes is unable to resist tapping out!

    Anderson: “Your winner by submission, Showtime David Cougar!”

    “Showtime looked irresistible tonight!”

    “If Cougar continues to show form like this then I’m not sure how many people can stop him winning another Lethal Lottery! He brutalised Raynes, he out-smarted Everest and snuck by Alex Steele!”

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The camera view begin with a shot of Leon Kensworth, microphone in hand.

    Kensworth: If you will join me at this time, in welcoming the man that will compete for the Mayhem Championship tonight, Justin Cooper.

    The camera zooms out and allows us to see Justin Cooper standing next to Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Justin Cooper, several months ago you lost at Kingdom Come 3 to Alex Bowen for the Mayhem Championship. At this past All or Nothing, Armando Paradyse beat that man and became the reigning Mayhem Champion. What do you have to say about that?

    Cooper grabs the microphone and pushes Kensworth out of the shot.

    Cooper: Alex Bowen became a shell of his former self at All or Nothing, and now we have a joke of a champion running around with the most destructive piece of hardware in all of WZCW.

    You see, I have been back for several weeks now, but people have failed to pay attention. Well tonight, I will make them pay attention. Tonight will be Armando's one and only title defense. The only viable question for tonight's match is whether or not I'll let Armando walk out alive.

    Cooper drops the microphone and exits out of the camera view. Kensworth walks back into the view and looks off screen towards Cooper as the feed cuts out.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a Mayhem Championship on a Pole Match!


    Anderson: Introducing first, the challenger, from the Suburbs, he weighs in at 240 pounds…Justin Cooper!

    Cooper strides confidentially out on stage to jeers from the crowd. He pauses, milking the reaction, before breaking into a run, diving under the bottom rope and mounting the ringpost.


    Anderson: And his opponent…from Puerto Rico, weighing in at 268 pounds, he is the NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion…ARMANDO PARADYSE!

    Armando enters the arena dancing to the beat of the music with the metal pipe in hand, showing off to some of the better looking women of the crowd who don't seem to be impressed. He doesn't care as he continues down the ramp and enters the ring. He still moves to the beat with a smile as he heads over to Selena Anderson to flirt a bit, awkwardly.

    The bell rings and the match starts with both men circling each other warily. They both glance anxiously at the title hanging off a pole in the upper right corner of the ring. They both break for it suddenly at the same, pushing and shoving each other when they reach the corner. Cooper gets two steps up the rope before Paradyse pulls him back down and elbows him in the head. Cooper staggers out of the corner and Paradyse rapidly ascends. Cooper’s having none of it, as he rapidly rebounds and punches Paradyse square in the back. He pulls him down and turns him around in the corner. He chops him hard once, twice, three times in rapid succession. He roughly throws Paradyse out of the corner and goes after the title. He makes it to the top and tries to catch his balance. As Cooper struggles, Paradyse recovers and roughly suplexes him out of the corner with a belly-to-back. Paradyse ascends the ropes, fumbling with the title, but Cooper is back up and kicks the top rope, sending Paradyse crashing down and crotching him on the turnbuckle. Paradyse falls back and gets hung up in the ropes. Cooper leaps over him and goes for the belt! Paradyse summons his strength and lifts himself back up, and low blows Cooper! Cooper falls off the top in pain and crashes to the mat. Paradyse struggles to free himself from the ropes and does so, sliding down just outside the ring. He takes a moment to collect himself before entering the ring again, where Cooper is getting to his knees. Paradyse aims a kick at Cooper’s head, goes for it, but Cooper adroitly dodges it and rolls out of the way and quickly gets to his feet. The men resume circling each other warily as they gather themselves again.

    Serra: Both men are starting to realize that quick attempts at the belt won’t get them anywhere.

    Klamor: No sir! They’re gonna need to beat the hell out of each other, just the way I like it.

    The two men close this time, and lock up. Paradyse gets the better of it and pushes his opponent into the lower left corner. He knees Cooper hard in the gut and Cooper collapses. Paradyse backs up and engages the crowd as he prepares to run. He charges and hits a running facewash to Cooper lying in the corner. Cooper is dazed as Paradyse rolls out of the ring to look for some hardware. He roots under the ring and throws up whatever he can find. Two trashcans, a steel chair, and a few kendo sticks make their way to the ring before Paradyse finds what he’s looking for. He smiles as he brings up his pipe, showing it off to the crowd. He enters the ring again and makes a slow circle of the ring, showing off the pipe. As he shows off, Cooper recovers and charges Paradyse, taking him down with a big clothesline. In the process, Paradyse’s pipe rolls out of the ring. Cooper runs a hand through his hair as he looks over his choice of weaponry. He grabs a kendo stick and waits for Paradyse to get back on his feet. When he does, Cooper swings hard, but Paradyse ducks it. On the rebound, Paradyse kicks Cooper in the gut, gets off a quick snapmare, and before Cooper realizes what’s happening, hits a dropkick to the back of his head! Cooper is dazed as Paradyse begins to go for a cover before remembering the rules of the match. Instead, he searches for his pipe, can’t find it, and grabs the chair instead. As Cooper struggles to all fours, Paradyse hits him solidly in the back with the chair. Cooper grimaces in pain and clutches for the ropes. Hanging on the ropes, he gets another chair shot in the back. Paradyse throws the chair away and tries to capitalize on his opportunity. He grabs Cooper by the head and tries to toss him out of the ring, but Cooper stops him at the last second, grasping the top rope. He elbows Paradyse in the face a few times to get him off of him and send him backing up. He takes a quick glance behind, jumps on the bottom rope, and hits a short springboarding flying shoulder block.

    Serra: What an unconventional move from Justin Cooper!

    Klamor: It goes to show you that he wasn’t sleeping on this title match. He’s picked up new moves to shock Armando Paradyse – though trust me, it isn’t too hard to shock that moron.

    Cooper gets up quickly clutching at his back and takes a quick look toward the title hanging on the pole but shakes his head, deciding he needs to do more damage. He surveys the ring but doesn’t like what he sees. He stomps Paradyse a few times before rolling out of the ring and looking underneath. He pulls out a table! The crowd is excited to see it. He slides it in the ring and pulls out another. He leaves that one outside and pulls Paradyse up. He gets a deep Irish whip in, hurling Paradyse to the corner and down, sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Paradyse clutches at his shoulder in pain as Cooper returns to setting up. He gets the table set up in leaning against the corner opposite Paradyse. He heads back out of the ring and sets up the table out there, in front of the announce table. He surveys his work and gets back in the ring, where Paradyse is struggling to his feet, clutching at his shoulder. Cooper elbows him once and sets up for an Irish whip again, but Paradyse reverses it and hurls Cooper toward the table. Cooper pulls up short and turns around quickly to see Paradyse charging him as if for a spear. He rolls to the side, and Paradyse likewise stops short. Paradyse turns and catches a punch square in the jaw from Cooper. He returns the favor and they are brawling in front of the table. Paradyse grabs Cooper’s head and switches positions, trying to force Cooper down onto the table. They brawl for a moment more before Paradyse gets the better of it and Cooper falls down onto the table, lying on top of it. Paradyse kicks him square in the head once and then backs off. He charges, somersaults, and lands a rolling thunder! The table fractures beneath them and both men are down.

    Klamor: Look at that idiot! The only move he can manage to hit hurts him half as bad as his opponent!

    Serra: A devastating impact for both men, but surely Cooper got the worst of it.

    Paradyse rolls off of Cooper and the table groggily. Cooper is dazed but stirring. The referee starts a count, but Paradyse is up by five. Cooper follows shortly thereafter. They both grab trash cans. Cooper hurls his at Paradyse, who deflects it. Paradyse smashes his down over Cooper’s head, and Cooper goes down. Paradyse turns his attention to the belt. He makes his way to the corner and ascends the ropes slowly, dazed. He gets to the top, but his foot slips, and he staggers down. He gets back to the top but Cooper is on him by then, pulling him down. He elbows him once and then lands a European uppercut. Once more and Paradyse is dazed. Cooper pulls Paradyse over to the ropes, slips through, and grabs hold of Paradyse’s arm. He positions it over the top rope, and then jumps down to the floor, slamming Paradyse’s arm into the ropes! Paradyse clutches it and falls to the ground in pain as Cooper quickly slides back in. He stomps the injured arm a few more times. Satisfied, he drops down and locks in an armbar! Paradyse has no recourse but to try to break out of it, but Cooper has it locked in tight. Paradyse struggles but can’t do anything about it. Cooper looks like he might break Paradyse’s arm, but relents and breaks the hold. Cooper begins to climb the ropes and looks like he’ll have an easy time of it, but he looks back at Paradyse and an odd look comes over his face. He gets back down and goes outside, searching under the ring.

    Serra: I don’t understand this move from Cooper. What does he think he’s doing?

    Klamor: I’ll tell ya what he’s doing – he’s rubbing it in that no good Chihuahua’s face!

    Cooper roots around under the ring and comes up with a small black bag. He gets back in the ring, opens the bag, and spills its contents in the center of the ring, pouring tacks all over the ring. It’s evident that he wants to punish Paradyse. Paradyse is still on the ground clutching his arm, but he is stirring. Cooper kicks him around a little on the ground, mocking him. He pulls Paradyse up by the hair. He slaps him across the face a bit as Paradyse can only clutch his arm in pain. Cooper pulls Paradyse in front of the tacks and sets him up for a “Your Final Verse”. He goes for it, but Paradyse somehow stops it. Cooper tries again, but Paradyse resists. Suddenly, quick as a flash, Armando ducks under, turns around, hooks his arm around Cooper, and lands a reverse DDT, taking them both away from the tacks! Paradyse rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. As Cooper staggers up from the impact, Paradyse is ascending to the ring apron. Just as Cooper turns to face him, Paradyse hits a springboard crossbody, sending Cooper onto the bed of tacks! Cooper screams in pain and Paradyse rolls off him, dazed from the impact and still in pain from his arm.

    Serra: Unbelievable! If only Paradyse weren’t so worn down, he would have this match in hand!

    Klamor: You shut up! This is only a temporary setback!

    Cooper rolls out of the ring on the side the table he set up earlier was, collapsing to his knees on the far side of it. Many tacks are stuck into his back. Cooper seems halfway out of it, and reflexively grabs the kendo stick from earlier on his way out. Cooper tries to recover for a moment as Paradyse gets to his feet. Paradyse stands and looks around, noting Cooper’s position…he looks to the crowd for a moment and decides. He backs up to the opposite rope, runs, charges, leaps through the ropes for a suicide dive…but Cooper NAILS him across the head with the kendo stick and Paradyse falls short, crashing through the table and to the ground.

    Serra: Oh my goodness!

    Klamor: HA! There’s your high risk offense, you bum. Pah!

    Cooper lurches over Paradyse’s body and enters the ring. Groggy from pain, he ascends the ropes and grabs at the title. Paradyse is still on the floor, barely moving. Cooper has ample time to undo the title belt and bring it down with him.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, and the NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion…JUSTIN COOPER!

    Cooper collapses in the corner with the title belt clutched in his hands. Paradyse is still down and out on the outside.

    Serra: A shocking turn of events here on Aftershock, as Justin Cooper defeats Armando Paradyse in Armando’s first title defense to become the new Mayhem Champion!

    Klamor: I told ya it was a fluke! Go back to Mexico, loser!

    Cooper slowly gets to his feet and exits the ring, holding his belt high above his head and showing it off. Paradyse is barely stirring still, looking like he may need help out of the arena.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The camera shot opens up to Steven Kurtesy in his ring gear. He his jumping on his toes and shaking his limbs in preparation for his next match. All of a sudden, Leon Kensworth pops his head into the shot.

    Kensworth: Kurtesy, we are only moments away from the first ever world title match on Aftershock. How are you feeling before your scheduled title match?

    Kensworth holds the microphone up to Kurtesy's mouth so that he doesn't have to stop shaking his limbs.

    Kurtesy: Tonight came as a little surprise for me. I was expecting to be facing off for a Lethal Lottery qualifying spot against Darren Bull, but here we are. Steven Kurtesy vs. Titus, 1 on 1, for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. It's good be here and I am glad that I can finally get a world title match that doesn't involve a hell in a cell.

    Kurtesy pulls away from the mic and shakes his body and rolls his neck.

    Kurtesy: If you'll excuse me, I need to go get ready.

    Kurtesy gets a determined look on his face as he walks out of the camera view.

    Kensworth: World Heavyweight Championship match! Coming up next!
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    Anderson: This is your main event of the evening!!


    Professor Kurtesy emerges to a loud ovation. He acknowledges the crowd with a wide grin and a knowing nod. When he reaches the ring he waits patiently.


    As the new champion emerges, the roof is blown off. Titus is visibly but pleasantly surprised by the ferocity of the crowd’s reaction. He reaches the ring after circling the ring and high-fiving a number of fans. He then rolls into the ring and poses on each turnbuckle.

    Selena Anderson enters the ring with a mic in hand.

    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    Again, the crowd react with enthusiastic positivity.

    Anderson: Firstly the challenger from Sydney, Australia, he weighs 235lbs, he is Professor Steven Kurtesy!

    Kurtesy raises his hands and smiles once again.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, he weighs 225lbs, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, THIS IS TITUS!

    Titus climbs the turnbuckle and raises his new title above his head. Anderson exits the ring. Kurtesy edges towards the centre of the ring as Titus hands the title to the referee. Kurtesy nods as the ref shows him the belt. The two fan favourites slap hands as assign of respect and then tie up.

    Klamor: Great, another romantic match-up. This is for the World Title: where is the hate? Uh, I'm not even going to bother.

    Serra: So... you're going to play Angry Birds again?

    Klamor: Nah. I'll give Temple Run a go.

    Kurtesy forces Titus into the corner where the referee forces a break. They quickly tie up again and this time Titus gets the upper hand, he turns Kurtesy around and ducks underneath his arm, twisting into a standing armbar. Kurtesy kneels down, sweeps Titus’s legs from underneath him and suddenly the armbar becomes a headlock on Titus.

    Titus reaches back and with his legs, he wraps his feet around Kurtesys’ neck. Kurtesy is forced to release his hold. He then stands up with Titus still clamping onto his neck. He tries to lift Titus to slam him but the champion turns the momentum into a hurracanrana. Kurtesy lands in the corner. Titus charges and connects with a clothesline to the head. Kurtesy stumbles away and Titus is free to spring off the ropes and land his trademark bulldog, Titus gets the first cover of the match, 1....2.....Kurtesy kicks out.

    Serra: The World Champ is hitting his stride early in the match, controlling the pace of Kurtesy.

    Titus backs off and as Kurtesy recovers, Titus aims a couple of hard kicks to the sternum. He then brings Kurtesy to his feet and hits a big European uppercut. Kurtesy replies but it is weaker. Titus hits a chop but Kurtesy fires back with three or four in quick succession! Kurtesy whips him to the ropes, Titus reverses but Kurtesy hits a spinning heel kick that nails Titus in the head! Kurtesy grabs Titus by the arm and hits a picture perfect Circle of Life butterfly suplex! Cover by Kurtesy, 1.....2.....Titus kicks out but Kurtesy instantly applies a headlock with an arm crank. Titus is close enough to the ropes but Kurtesy is just about able to control Titus’s position. Titus spins around and gets his leg close to the ropes. Kurtesy manoeuvres him again but Titus fights out and lands his leg on the bottom rope.

    Serra: Now it's Kurtesy in the driver's seat. Pretty intense stuff here, Johnny.

    Klamor: Indeed it is. One false move and boom you have to start over.

    Serra: You talking about this match or the game?

    Kurtesy sportingly releases the hold instantly and allows Titus a couple of seconds to get back to his feet which the champion does by using the ropes. Titus goes to tie up but Kurtesy cleverly reverses it into a rear waistlock, he tries to lift Titus for a German suplex but Titus flips over behind him. Kurtesy attempts to hit Prescribed Sedation but Titus pushes him and then hits a chop block to the side of the knee! The Professor clutches his leg but Titus seizes on it and hits some stomps and then an elbow drop. Titus bends the joint to an awkward angle and then hits a shin breaker! Kurtesy limps away from the targeted attack but as he does, Titus hits a bulldog! Cover by Titus, 1....2....this time Kurtesy moves his leg underneath the ropes.

    Titus climbs to the middle rope as he waits for Kurtesy to rise. Titus jumps off looking to hit The Tit Drop but Kurtesy drops to the floor. Titus misses his target and lands on his backside. The impact reverberates up his back. Kurtesy moves slowly but is able to get in position to hit Prescribed Sedation! Titus is down but Kurtesy struggles to move and cover him. He crawls over and lays an arm across his chest, 1....2....Titus kicks out. Both men are now exhausted and head to opposite corners.

    Serra: It is still anyone's game here. Neither man have shown any sort of advantage over each other.

    Klamor: You're telling me... this match is starting to become more interesting now.

    As they reach a vertical base, they spy each other on the other side of the ring. Titus moves forward and moves quicker than Kurtesy to the middle of the squared circle. Titus goes to hit a body slam but Kurtesy hits an arm drag instead. Titus is up quicker and Kurtesy eats a big dropkick in return. Cover! 1....2...Titus gets out of it! Kurtesy backs out away from Titus and heads to the corner. He steadies himself on the middle rope and then moves slowly to the top turnbuckle! Before he can set himself on the rope, Titus lunges forward desperately and hits a huge flying kick to Kurtesy’s injured knee!

    With Kurtesy reeling in agony, Titus can garner the energy to set himself up on the turnbuckle. He looks to go for a superplex but Kurtesy blocks it. Kurtesy sets for a move of his own by clasping his hands over Titus’s waist and going for a powerbomb of sorts until Titus defends the move. However, both men lose their footing and they crash to the ground. Both the bodies of Titus and Kurtesy are lying on the mat motionless with Kurtesy's hand over Titus and Titus' hand over Kurtesy. When the referee moves in to check on both men, he considers what's happened for a second and then begins to slap both hands to the mat, once....twice....three times and then he signals for the bell to be rung!

    The referee stands up and thinks about the decision before going over the Anderson and informing her of the decision. The crowd boos at the fact that this match has ended this way.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to a double pin, the referee has ruled this match a draw... therefore, still your WZCW World Heavyweight Champion; TITUS!

    Serra: Wait a second... that's unfair for Kurtesy! He pinned Titus.

    Klamor: Yeah but Titus pinned Kurtesy. It's how the cookie crumbles Becky... you can't...

    Suddenly, the lights go out to complete darkness for a short moment. The crowd screams and uses flash photography to lighten up the arena. As they come back on with Ty standing in the middle of the ring, holding the World Title over his shoulder and a microphone in one hand. The crowd boos him mercilessly as he looks at the title before laying it down across the waist of Titus. He holds the microphone up to his face.

    Burna: A double pin to end the World Title match... such a shame this match had to end that way. However... as a former World Champion and the new General Manager of Meltdown, I cannot allow this to stand... nor can I allow for the amount of hot potato being played with this prized belt.

    Ty looks at the belt once more before continuing with his talk.

    Burna: To rectify the situation, my new show of Meltdown will be hosting a rematch. The main event for next week will be Titus taking on Steven Kurtesy for the World Title...

    The crowd cheers that they will get to see these two men go once more.

    Burna: ... and to ensure things go smoothly, I will be the Special Guest Referee for the match.

    The crowd changes their voice from cheers to boos as they hear who the referee is going to be. They continue to boo until the lights plunge into darkness once more. Moments later, the lights come back on with Ty disappeared and Titus and Kurtesy starting to come to.

    Klamor: Did you hear that? What a stellar main event for Meltdown! Kurtesy vs. Titus for the belt and Ty is the referee... finally, some decent officiating.

    Serra: Do you honestly believe Ty of all people will be calling everything right down the middle? Kurtesy recently was one of three men to defeat his Apostles and Titus holds the title he wants... there is no way either man is coming out of that match unscathed!

    Klamor: No matter how you think about it, Ty is going to be a great GM for that show. One of his first announcements made and it has already made next week's show a must-see. That kind of material will get you places in the corporate world.

    Serra: Yeah, if only Ty was a businessman... anyway, that's the end of tonight's show. It's been a fun and interesting night to say the least... good night!
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    Who Wrote What:

    Kermit: Saxton vs. SHIT, Backstage & Opening segments
    Numbers: Ty vs. Kurtesy/Fatal Four Way
    Harthan: Paradyse vs. Cooper
    FalKon: Random editing & World Title commentary/aftermath
    Showtime: Bull vs. Bomb/Beckford

    Rep us or I will haunt the very essence of your soul with ponies. Ha, just kidding... but seriously... :)

    I know, I know... the roulette rounds are over but that doesn't mean the excitement has to end for every pony... I mean, everyone. There are still some Lottery spots left so get them while they're still hot!
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