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    Hi all, I'm going to give this a go after each show (Meltdown then Ascension) and ask five questions the shows have thrown up.

    What I want from you is discussion, see what you think and if there's any questions you have from the shows.

    First up is from this weeks Meltdown (141):

    Who next for Blades?

    The Mayhem title is defended on the first and last rounds of a cycle as well as the PPV. With the winner of Ascension's multi man match taking on the champion at Gold Rush who will Tyrone face next week?

    With a victory over Adrian Adonis his VI stablemates will surely be gunning for the Hollow One. Which begs the question:

    Who the fuck was that?

    After Gabi Clark and Mark Keaton took on Vee A.D.Z. The Hollow Ones decided now was the perfect time for shenanigans. They were aided by a masked person. Whilst Mr. Jones and Tyrone Blades claim they don't know who it was are they just putting on a front? Or have the Hollow Ones expanded their team to take on VI?

    What next for Vee A.D.Z?

    He's made waves by taking down champions and with Clark and Keaton decimated this week, what next? Will he be demanding a shot at gold in the upcoming weeks?

    Is the end nigh?

    You've heard legends of a man who has kept the EurAvison era going for 573 days, but has he gotten too big for his boots? He's issued a challenge to a woman who defeated him the last time they fought: Wren. To make matters worse he's made it 2/3 falls. Whilst this seems like it may suit the hall of famer, it seems like Wren may be the one to embrace that challenge.

    Who's next?

    Yemrez Reqonic and Lynx have progressed to the Semi finals of the Gold Rush tournament. Who will join them? Tune in to Ascension as Constantine and Manicni face off. Joining them will be either Eve Taylor or Matt Tastic.
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    Answer 1: Xander LeBelle.
    Answer 2: Mikey Stormrage.
    Answer 3: A title match against Justin Cooper should be given.
    Answer 4: The end might be nigh if Wren gives her best.
    Answer 5: Constantine & Eve Taylor.
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    Ascension (118) was a roller-coaster culminating in what can only be described as chaos. A few questions were bubbling throughout.

    What next for the Elite Openweight?

    In the time that Titus Avison has held the EurAsian championship there have been 7 different people to hold the championship. Will Callie Clark go on a reign as impressive as the hall of famer, or will she fall at the first hurdle?

    What about Gabi?

    What about Gabi Clark, it must be painful to see your sister win something you haven't. But she has to put the nice front on to congratulate her. How does she feel? Is she overjoyed or torn up? Either way this will potentially inspire Gabi to go for gold. Can you imagine their Instagram feed this week?

    Will Vox ever get any money?

    Vox is a noble man who keeps pushing for causes but last week he failed on getting money from the most religious man in WZCW, Anthony Mancini. Will Vox need to shake things up to get more cash or is his current strategy working?

    What's brewing between Studd and Obi?

    Randy Studd is now the number one contender for the Mayhem title, yet Obi Okafor issued stark words on Ascension. Is Obi already throwing the mantle down to derail the S Express.

    Has Tastic bit off more than he can chew?

    Matt Tastic has had a torrid time of late but deep down he's a hall of famer. He's regarded as one of the best in federation history and has issued a challenge to Mark Keaton. The match has been made official but with the rest of VI in tow is this too much for a former world champion?
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    There probably is going to be a tag team match of some sort between Tyrone Blades and the team of Vis Imperium members Xander and Adnois. That's the way I see this feud going because Tyrone's grudge against VI isn't over yet.

    The masked man must be Mikey Stormrage. But it baffles me slightly. I just want to believe it's Mikey Stormrage.

    Honestly I thought Vee will be facing the Clark Sisters in a handicap situation at the Gold Rush. But with the recent results...
    One of the sisters winning the championship
    ... it's not happening. So I really don't know what's next for Vee A.D.Z. But, personally, I wouldn't want to go for the Gold. I just want Vee to beat even bigger names before going into the championship scene. Moreover, every title holder is in a feud at present which leaves no choice for Vee.

    Wren wouldn't be the one to dethrone Titus and I can wager on that. Titus on Meltdowns and Ascensions is different than Titus on PPVs. I'd completely disregard any victories over Titus in those shows except for the PPVs. But honestly, Titus hasn't met anyone in the main card calibre in his run except Flex. It'll be interesting to see Titus crossing his paths with some great RPer. Another shot for Kagura, I reckon the rein is over.

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