Anniversary Show: EurAsian Number One Contenders Match

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    Not on the show? Well you get to RP in this match for the right to face the EurAsian champ with the mid round title shot on MD 144. Can you end the 620 day reign? Or will you be facing Tyrone Blades?

    Deadline Monday 14th August 11:59pm Central Time. No extensions available.

    Entrants can be:

    Anthony Manicni, The Beard, Vox, Warzone, Vee, Wren, Yemrez, Obi Okafor, Xander LeBelle.
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    The camera turns on and we see Tony Mancini in a place he's usually not found, a desk at the New York City Public library. In front of him is a leather bound journal and a fancy writing pen. After looking around to see if any of the other patrons recognize him he picks up the pen and opens the notebook to the first page. He stares at it for a few seconds before putting pen to paper.

    I can't believe I'm actually doing this. A few people have been suggesting that I start keeping a journal full of my thoughts and feelings so I decided to give it a shot. I don't expect this to accomplish anything but I figured it would at the very least shut them up and they'll stop fucking bothering me.

    Tony stops writing and clicks the pen a few times as he thinks what he's going to start writing about first.

    Might as well start with what's been on my mind lately and that's the fact I failed to qualify for the King For A Day match. I was doing good until I got beat by Logan Fucking McAllister... again! I do all the work by eliminating both War Zone and Vox only for him to blind side me thanks to both Gino & Xaitlyn being at ringside. They weren't bickering but I could tell they wanted to beat the shit out of each other and that was distracting enough. I need to have a talk with both of them before the anniversary show. If either of them fuck up that bad again I swear heads will roll.

    Tony takes a deep breath and closes his eye as he slowly counts to to 10. Right as he goes back to writing his phone goes off in his pocket. He grabs it and reads a quick text message from Xaitlyn. He smiles as he puts his phone down and picks up the pen again.

    I just got some good news though. Apparently I've been put in a #1 Contenders match for the Eurasian Championship at the 10th Anniversary show, which may even be better than King for a Day. All I need to do is get past a bunch of people most of whom I've already beat. Vox & War Zone I just pinned back at Gold Rush so I'm not worried about them. Vee is going to be to worried about his latest loss instead of looking to the future not to mention I've beaten him before too. So that's three people down no problem.

    As he writes Tony's mind goes to someone in this match that in any other situation he would be happy to call friend. Unfortunately it's everyone for themselves in this match.

    Yemrez is a wild card though. Her heart and passion to be the best has propelled her to heights no one ever thought she would achieve at all let alone this early in her career. If this were any other match she would be my pick to win but there is no way she's getting passed me. My desire & willpower will overcome her heart and passion.

    Oblivious to what's going on around him Tony writes down everything he's thinking.

    Wren and Okafor are going to be to beat up after their loses at Gold Rush physically and emotionally, they both had a chance to walk out as champions and both failed. Hell, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they stayed home this week. There's no way either are ready for a match this important after what they've been through.

    Tony turns the page as he thinks about the last two men in the match.

    I'm going to be honest and say both The Beard and Xander LeBelle are not men I want to face in this match. With LeBelle losing to Blades at Gold Rush his star with Banks will quickly start to lose what little shine is left. Banks can't be very happy so he'll want to prove he can win where it counts. Not to mention with Keaton a favorite to win King for a Day he could challenge for the Elite Openweight Championship while Xander winning would have a shot at bringing the Eurasian belt into their camp. I should expect anything and everything from Vis Imperium in this match. The Beard on the other hand is just not a man I want to fuck with, like ever, for any reason. Here's hoping with their shared history they pay more attention to each other than anyone else.

    Tony allows himself a small smile before a depressed look crosses his face as he thinks about the prize for the winner of the match.

    And then I get to face either Titus Avison or Tyrone Blades. Both Hall of Famers and two of the best this business has ever seen. The odds of me actually beating either man in a singles match are smaller than an anorexic's dinner choices.

    Tony puts the pen down and out of the blue he starts slapping himself in the face like he's psyching himself up for something important as he ignores the people staring at him. After his cheeks are a bright red he finally stops and picks the pen back up.

    I NEED TO STOP FUCKING THINKING LIKE THAT! Anyone can be beaten, legend or not. Okafor took Blades' Mayhem Title from him not to long ago. And Wren has proven that Titus can be pinned with his title on the line. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that any person with two hands has a fighting chance.

    Tony flips the page and looks back at the list of people he needs to get past to even get to the title match.

    I can't get to far ahead of myself though, that's part of what keeps biting me in the ass. It will be tough just getting by all these others that are just as hungry as I am. Not that it's impossible, just not as easy as I would like. I can do this! I can become the next WZCW Eurasian Champion!

    With a confident smile that wasn't there before Tony puts his stuff away and walks out of the library.
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    SETTING: Outside the arena
    TIME: Just after Gold Rush

    The PPV has come to an end, and by this point; most of the wrestlers have gone home. But not War Zone, War Zone stays behind; glaring menacingly at everything that comes across him. He's disappointed in his quick loss, and he's begun to realize that the land of WZCW is a lot harder than even he once thought.

    He sighs frustrated and looks at a crumpled up piece of paper. It is his letter to Mr. President. He stares at the words in contempt, his predictions gone all wrong.

    He puts into a ball and sticks it in his pocket. Seeing that the traffic has cleared, he walks off. To where? Who knows.

    As he walks into the distance, he is pestered by a whispery voice.

    War Zone looks to his left.

    War Zone then looks to the right. He is infuriated at this interruption.

    War Zone looks dead on and sees a new figure. The likes of which he has never seen. He seems middle aged and quite well in shape. He is dressed in a snazzy suit and tie with a colorful smirk on his face.

    War Zone comes close to him, looking to grab him by the coat; angered that someone would dare try to tread on his walk. Noticing his anger, he moves back and raises his hands.

    War Zone looks on at him, skeptical about the stranger's appearence.

    Troy hands War Zone his business card. It reads the following, "Troy Excellence; New York Wrestling Legend, Owner of Excellence Inc." He clearly isn't buying this nice guy shtick of his and rips apart the card leaving nothing but pieces.

    Troy picks up another card from his sleeves. War Zone sighs frustrated and storms off, Troy catches up with the big guy; looking to get a response.

    Troy Excellence:
    ...Is it because it hurts your standing in the world?

    War Zone stalls and looks at him like he's some weird kid he's never seen before. Troy looks back at him and his tone changes, he seems more genuine in his words and shows some concern.

    Troy extends his hand, smiling at him eloquently. War Zone appears unfazed and looks at Troy with a little bit of pity but with the same brutal nature he always carries with him.

    War Zone keeps marching on the sidewalk and past Troy Excellence. Irritated but not dejected, he shakes his head and mutters to himself.

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    [INT: A charity dining hall. Vox is standing at a podium with index cards in hand, preparing himself to speak to a full room. A large banner behind him reads "A Conspiracy of Hope and Peace."]

    Vox: (to crowd, into microphone) I'd like to thank you all for the money and time you have spent today in coming here this evening. I hope your dinners have all been good, and your experiences even better.

    *The camera cuts quickly to the crowd, sitting at their tables, some paying attention while others check their phones.*

    Vox: I know it must be difficult to pay money towards a campaign as vague as "Hope and Peace". I have a hard time imagining many people who don't want these things. But, it's at the same time a very hard sell to get people to come in for it. *cracking a smile* I guess that's the power of being on TV! (Throws index cards over his shoulder)

    *The crowd chuckles*

    Vox: I'd like to open my little speech with an explanation on why I chose this name, "A conspiracy of hope and peace." All-time great basketball coach Phil Jackson ran a drill called "Conspiracy". He said that, at its core definition, conspiracy means “to share breath.” He would have all of his players lay on the ground until their breathing was completely in sync for 20 minutes. He needed them to be a perfect unit, one that shared everything. We can do that too.

    *Crowd clamors*

    Vox: No, we don’t have to get down on the floor and breathe. But we can get ourselves together and fully understand the true meanings of hope and peace. If this room can do it, and we don’t have to do it aloud, think of what we can do if these units go to another room, and spread it there? And on and on from there to other rooms, other buildings, other towns, other cities, other states, other countries, etc. This is not a new idea. And admittedly, it is odd coming from a man who fights for a living. But we can be the change the world needs. It may be hard to hear, but the world most certainly needs that change. We have a new bad guy every week. A new “enemy” to conquer…why? There is little true challenge in new enemies. The true challenge is in understanding that enemy, and making them a friend. That doesn’t mean kowtowing to everything they want, it means truly understanding them. What makes them tick? What makes them happy? What makes them scared? What brings them hope? How can we conspire to peace with someone that is the opposite of us?

    *The crowd goes silent, but in reverence*

    Vox: Nelson Mandela once said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brace man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Fear is our greatest enemy, and when we overcome it, it is by far our greatest triumph. Because this is going to be seen by a WZCW audience, I guess I should put on my wrestling hat for a moment.

    *Snooty crowd member stares at Vox, pointing to his head snidely*

    Vox: No sir, I don’t actually have a hat to put on. It’s a metaphor.

    *Snooty crowd member turns his nose up, rises from the table and leaves*

    Vox: I think that guy just came for the swordfish.

    *Crowd laughs*

    Vox: I have an opportunity for the opportunity to wrestle for the EurAsian Championship. I have to defeat a number of men, potentially, for this opportunity…for an opportunity…to happen. I need to hope that everything goes my way. This match has the potential to be chalk full of phenomenal competitors, some I have had the honor of battling before, and some I would be meeting for the first time. I cannot get too in depth about this sadly, but I can say one thing. We are all looking for the same prize, the same opportunity, that same ability to hope. I don’t mean to sound brash, but I feel I will be the one who finds himself the victor.

    *Vox pauses, and takes a drink of water.*

    Vox: You might ask, what does any of this have to do with the message of “A Conspiracy of Hope and Peace”. I said “hope” a lot, so maybe it’s that? But I’m talking about a fight. A competition of the fistic, grappling, and violent arts. Where can you find peace in that? The peace isn’t in the fighting. The peace is the antithesis of the fighting. Fighting is the enemy of peace. It is the “fear” that Mandela once spoke about. The triumph that comes from the fight, win or lose, leads to more money being used to help sick children, single mothers, grown men that are trying to make a difference in their lives but don’t have the means or the support to do so. The peace comes from the extension of the olive branch after everything is understood. It’s the lending of the helping hand. It’s the understanding that the branch may be snapped after it is extended, and the hand that is lent is slapped away. It’s also the understanding that maybe you don’t fully understand the person or people that you are trying to help. THAT is where our triumph will come from. Finding that Conspiracy of Hope and Peace in everyone. From the millionaire with the heart of gold but brain of rocks, to the main with so much grime stuck to his skin that he appears a color not found in nature. From the single mother who has the tenacity and grit to get herself to the top of the world, to the young person who sits in their room crying because they don’t know what or who they are. We need to conspire with all of these people, and everyone in-between, to find our Much Better Tomorrow. Thank you all for your time. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves.

    *Vox leaves to applause*
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    “Where are you running?” The voices kept following me. I ran through the thicket, followed by shadows. I didn’t recognize them, but they sounded familiar. “What are you hiding from, girl?” They wouldn’t leave me. The jungle seemed endless. I wanted to shake it off, I wanted a safe haven. All I got was darkness inside the dense forest. The darkness consumed me. The light was nowhere to be seen. “YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM US!” The screech! “YOU CAN’T…”


    The alarm went off! Startled, I woke up, still weary, still heavy headed. These nightmares just won’t go away. Every part of my body ached. But nothing could top the pain I felt from losing to Titus last night. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” Getting up felt heavy. I was spent. I needed something to take my mind off everything.

    I’ve always loved jogging. Morning freshness mixed with a new hope that today will be better than yesterday, yet today, it all felt empty. I put up my hood and started my quarter mile hike. My feet felt heavy. A whole lot of nothingness engulfed me. The pleasure I usually derived from my jogs was absent. Eurasian Championship. It was all so close. And yet so far. Technically, Titus is tied with me at 2-2. Yes, 2 falls each, and one of his was a countout. I had 2 clean pins on him and yet I am out of the EurAsian title picture.

    The big WZCW anniversary! Biggest promotion on this planet turned 10. And for years I hesitated coming here. Was it me being weak? Am I better prepared now than I was some 5 years ago when I received my first offer from WZCW that I turned down? I certainly thought so. Last night showed me otherwise. I gave it my all, and yet it wasn’t enough? Had I become so used to winning that losing now takes its toll on me? Or was it just that I valued Eurasian championship way more than I should have? Is it the pain of being not on the Anniversary show at all? Can you believe it? There was no match for me! The number 1 contender for EurAsian Champion the week prior has no match for the big Anniversary show! Unfair? I don’t know. The person who pinned Titus twice is not even on the card anymore?

    I wasn’t tired, but my legs couldn’t carry me anymore. Everything was heavy. The voices inside my head were screaming at me while I was surrounded by the deafening silence of the vicinity. I found a bench to sit. The quiet streets that I loved so much felt so lonely today. My phone broke the silence however.


    Suddenly, everything seemed brighter. “Yes! Another chance! Another shot!”


    Higher stakes. Big names. People who wanted the same thing as I wanted. Beard, the legend, former world heavyweight champion. Xander, former Elite Openweight and EurAsian champion, Obi Okafor, newer than me and already a former Mayhem champion, Yemrez, the Gold Rush semifinalist, Vee, multiple times no 1 contender, Tony and Vox, as tough as they come. And what do I have? What I’ve always had. Me.

    Is it going to be easy? Absolutely no! Am I going to go all out though? Absolutely Yes!

    It was time to celebrate the WZCW’s 10 years anniversary with a bang!
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    ~Chapter 8: 10 Hurdles!~

    The scene opens with Yemrez Reqonıc in a starting block in a large gymnasium. A 10 foot track was surrounded by bunch of people on both sides. And surprisingly, each one of them was booing Yemrez Reqonıc. There were chants for every wrestler Yemrez detests, especially Titus Avison & Justin Cooper. But Yemrez's focus was on her next match. Lack of focus had costed her two golden opportunities in her last two matches. As feared, she was choking when she got near her goal. But one chokes only when there's lack of focus. And that's why, Yemrez was going to participate in a 100 metres Hurdles. All alone. No one by her side. Everyone against her. All odds against her. Can she even the odds on her own when it matters the most?

    Yemrez: YES! I CAN! AND I WILL!

    Screaming so, Yemrez starts running with utmost will and soon meets her first hurdle. But she doesn't hesitate. She keeps going on and on with all the focus on the finish line.

    "First and foremost, I'm my own hurdle. I lose focus once I'm on the edge of a great victory. Be it at Olympic Finals or against Lynx at Gold Rush. I need to be focused on the victory. My victory. Victory of every person of Estonia. Every bird of Estonia. Every animal of Estonia. Victory of Nature. Victory of every wrestling fan. Victory of honesty."

    "A talented rookie who hasn't tasted a win in WZCW yet. Might be the most physically intimidating wrestler in WZCW today. But again not focused on winning. Just focused on destruction. But he needs to learn that whoever initiates destruction is himself destroyed as well."

    "Another talented wrestler who had some unexpected success in WZCW. But again focus isn't on wrestling. Or on WZCW. Focus is on himself. Or on getting some charity funds when he himself can donate so much and doesn't do so. Rather raises funds. Why? That's a question he will never answer."

    "A talented wrestler who has an unique mystique around her. However, still unable to defeat Titus at Gold Rush. Not because of her credentials. But because of lack of focus. Her relationship with her manager isn't warm by any measure. And now just fresh off a huge defeat at the hands of Titus. Again won't be focused."

    "A talented wrestler whom I won't mind calling a good person. He has been paying for his past deeds. Almost everyone leaves him. Failures and failures but he keeps going on. Yet, he fails because of lack of focus."

    "A talent from whom expectations are high but he never stands by those expectations. He always insinuates that he's better than he thinks he's. Sorry but that's over confidence. And that always leads to failure. Because there's no focus."

    "A rookie who has had a bittersweet career in WZCW. Won Mayhem Championship, thanks to the curse named Vis Imperium and then lost to Randy Studd of all people. You know why? Because you got soaked in the glory of being a king as well as a champion. Again no focus on wrestling. "

    "Oh dear! What do I say to a self-absorbed wrestler who keeps getting opportunities due to some corrupt connections and keeps on failing even with the help of his goons."

    "A former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. I respect your talent, sir but I don't get how you're getting so many opportunities as a part-time wrestler. Recently, you got a match with the World Champion. Now, another chance at EurAsian Championship. Are you also gonna join Vis Imperium? "

    "Aha. The so-called champion. Ever heard "Lifetime Achievement" Award? No, you don't deserve that. You deserve a "Lifetime Disappointment" Award. Disappointed every fan of the hero named Titus. Or The Red Mask. Every kid out there who was inspired by him. Everyone from Keystone City. Everyone from his family. "

    Yemrez passes the last tough hurdle and sprints towards the finish line in even more intensity and hence reaches the finish line.

    "Boos turned into cheers. That's what focus does."
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    The scene opens in one of the quiet corners in the Free Library of Philadelphia where the cameras fade in on a rather banged up WZCW wrestler, King Obi Okafor. Obi is seen sitting at a small cubicle with a rather older text book which has seemingly been read halfway already. Okafor’s right arm can be seen sporting a sling while various bruises and scars from his war with Randy Studd at Gold Rush can be seen throughout his body where cloth wasn’t able to cover anything. Obi periodically pokes his head from the book to scan the room as though he was looking for someone in particular. After checking his watch, he returns to his book, the current page covering the Legend of the Spirit of Ogun. Obi seemed to be real into his reading as the noise of a man clearing his throat causes Obi to whip his head up at the figure that is Obi’s right hand man, Imari Tinibu. Imari extends his right hand in a fist. A straight face forms on Okafor’s face as he looks at the fist, up to Imari’s face, back to Tinibu’s fist, then to his own arm hanging from the sling.

    Obi Okafor: Seriously? You wanna joke now?

    A rare, sly smile could be seen on Tinibu as he withdrew his fist and joined him in a nearby cubicle.

    Imari Tinibu: Looks like your sense of humor is beginning to rub off on me

    Imari playfully taps Obi’s left shoulder which is still in a considerable amount of pain, causing the King to wince and bite down on his bottom lip so that he wouldn’t disrupt the silence in the library. After a few seconds, Obi just shakes his head and turns his attention back to his textbook.

    Obi Okafor: Any good news for me today? I could use some after these past few nights.

    Imari Tinibu: Indeed I do, you have been granted access into the EurAsian Number One Contender’s Match at the Anniversary Show for this week.

    Okafor smiles wide and slowly pumps his left fist, too sore to move too fast, and silently celebrates the good news.

    Obi Okafor: See that’s why you’re the man I.T!

    Imari Tinibu: Anything for you and the people of West Angola Your Grace. Although I will say that the potential pool of competitors will be very difficult for you to overcome in your current state.

    Obi Okafor: Is that right? How tough are we looking for this week?

    Imari Tinibu: Well for starters, you have The Beard, who hasn’t been a slouch since his return to the ring and right behind him is Vee A.D.Z who’s had no problem beating man of your caliber or better in his most recent run during this past year.

    Obi’s eyes widen a bit at the mention of the two potentials but his head never moves from the page of the textbook he’s been reading.

    Obi Okafor: I’m well aware of their skills. They’ll be the ones to make a wrestler look foolish if you overlook them. If there’s anyone who could give Titus or Tyrone a good fight, it’s definitely those two. Go on……

    Imari Tinibu: There’s also the trio of Manicni, Vox, and Warzone in this match.

    Obi Okafor: Manicni is quite the interesting character, always seems like the one ready to burst through a glass ceiling and ready to make a significant impact on the company. Surely a tough enough man to worry about stealing a shot at the title just like his chances for KFAD were stolen from him. Vox I’ve already seen in the ring before and he’s someone I’m sure I can handle but this Warzone character I’ve been seeing and hearing about… It seems like it would be equivalent to fighting Studd on steroids, and for some reason it seems like Studd’s had my number ever since I’ve made it to this company.

    Obi runs his good hand along the spot where his WZCW Mayhem Championship used to rest when he’d wear it around. The empty feeling of coming up short on a big time stage causes Obi to tense up a bit and clench his fist tightly in a ball for a few seconds before regaining his composure and taking a deep breath. He burries his head back into the book, constantly going over a certain phrase in the middle of the page.

    Imari Tinibu: Everything alright Your Grace?

    Obi Okafor: Yeah…Yeah…Just thinking of a strategy to deal with all of these guys. Who else did the company put in this match?

    Imari Tinibu: Next on the list if I’m not mistaken, would be Yemrez Reqonic.

    Obi Okafor: Kudos for actually knowing how to pronounce all of that I.T. Takes a true man of the world to be able to do that.

    Imari Tinibu: Was that a hint of sarcasm I detect in your voice, Sir?

    Obi looks up and tries to give his right hand man the most innocent pair of eyes as he could

    Obi Okafor: No….?

    Okafor could tell that Tinibu was not in the mood to be mocked as he gives the King one of his traditional scowls. After a few seconds of getting nowhere, Obi lets out a small sigh and chuckles lightly to himself.

    Obi Okafor: Okay, yes. But that’s because I had to get you back for the little joke you got on me earlier.

    Imari Tinibu: Fair enough, but please do understand that Reqonic is probably one of the front runners to win this year’s Rookie of the Year and that a match like this would absolutely be something she could thrive in if she chooses to participate.

    Obi Okafor: Mental note taken, I’ll be sure to look out for her if she steps foot in this battle royale. Who else is going to fill this ring of competitors?

    Imari Tinibu: Wren will be trying to reclaim her status as #1 Contender

    Obi Okafor: As she should, being that she was only one move away from being the current EurAsian Champion. I like the challenge of beating her in the ring for that status though. That’s the type of speed bump every true champion needs. You’ve got anymore names that were lined up?

    Imari Tinibu: I do Your Grace. Xander LeBelle, of Vis Imperium, has also been rumored to be in this match.

    A smile slowly starts to creep onto Obi’s face as he takes his head from the book and begins to nod

    Obi Okafor: Good, glad someone from V.I. might be in this little shindig this week. I still have somewhat of a bone to pick with them after they interfered in my match that won me the Mayhem Title. I’m very sure that I wouldn’t have needed their help to win the championship in the first place and beating a member should go a long way in proving that.

    Imari Tinibu: That’s all well and good but do you have a gameplan for all of these people.

    Obi smiles and shows him the page that he had been studying ever since he got to the library. Tinibu almost immediately goes pale and scurries to close the book shut. His reaction startles some of the members of the library, causing some of the members to shhh them. Okafor raises a hand up to apologize and then returns to his right hand man.

    Obi Okafor: I.T. man what’s up?

    Imari Tinibu: Where did you get this book?

    Obi Okafor: I found it at my house in the attic. Saw some stuff that I thought I could use to help further my career here in WZCW. Something wrong with that?

    Imari Tinibu: Listen Sir, this book contains dark things that no man in this age should ever be privy to again. I let the Mayhem thing go because you were so for it but I cannot in good conscience, let you ever use what’s in this book. Promise me that you’ll rely on the skills that were genetically handed down by your father in the ring.

    Obi Okafor: That’s no problem I.T. but what i—

    Imari Tinibu: Promis me!

    The same crowd shhhes them again but this time Obi ignores them and just stares at Tinibu in bewilderment.

    Obi Okafor: Alright man, I—I promise

    Without another word, Tinibu takes off with the textbook, leaving Okafor scratching his head about what could’ve been so important about that text as the cameras fade to black.O

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