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    Basic Info

    Real Name: Alexander (Xander) Knight

    Gimmick Name: Xander

    Announced As: Xander

    Height: 6’1

    Weight: 210lbs

    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

    Billed From: Phoenix, Arizona

    Alignment: Heel

    "Introducing first from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 210 pounds, this……is……Xander!"


    Hair Colour/Length: Dark brown, long

    Eye Colour: piercing blue

    Facial Hair: neat beard

    Ring attire: Trunks, knee pads, elbow pads, short boots, wrist tape. All black. Wears a black leather jacket to the ring.

    Backstage Attire: Wears a black suit, or entrance attire depending on situation.

    Physical Features: thin, but well toned.

    Tattoos: A cross on his left forearm and an X on the back of each hand

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: Adam Cole (BAY BAY!)

    Character Details

    Straight Edge former addict who has become so sick of the fans and company he works for, he has shed everything that used to make him Triple X.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    1. Hatred of fans; X despises those who used to cheer him and utilizes whatever he can to project this; from his straight-edge lifestyle to his discarding of his old moniker and high-risk lifestyle.
    2. He likes to project an arrogant calmness about himself, though there is a level of questioning his ability to get the job done within him once something has him rattled.

    Brief Bio/History:
    As a kid, Xander Knight and his girlfriend Abigail were both into serious drugs and drinking issues. These issues cost Abi her life and, after nearly overdosing, straightened X out literally; he became straight-edge, got his life together and became a beloved WZCW Superstar, winning the Elite X Championship and the Eurasian Championship.

    But after a short decline of fortune, during a contest with Blade Xander suffered an injury that would keep him out for months. The fans continuing to cheer Blade however, while no-one seemed to care for the fallen Triple X. This ate up X inside, and when he eventually returned, he swore to the WZCW fans that he would burn down every one of their fan favorites as his revenge.

    Upon losing a match for the World Title against Ricky Runn and a returning Ty Burna, X left once again, infuriated that he couldn’t get the job done. Now, after re-establishing himself as a dangerous competitor, Xander has shed his moniker of Triple X and his high flying, risk-taking nature, and is setting about claiming whatever glory he can to spite both the fans and the company he feels let him down.


    The Safety of Disbelief by Light The Torch

    As the drum beat kicks in, Xander slowly walks out onto the stage. All lights are down except one spotlight that follows him down the ramp. He walks down, smiling at the audience who mercilessly boo him. He reaches the foot of the ramp, before raising both hands, giving the audience both middle fingers. He then slides into the ring, mounting the turnbuckle and staring out, smirking and holding his arms up, pointing to the sky.

    Moveset and Miscellaneous

    Fighting Style: More technical and strike based, though with a handful of his old high flying moves kept for desperation, usually leading to him being disgusted with himself.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    - His right shoulder is a target due to an injury that began his turn to hating the fans
    - He is obsessed with his hatred of the fans, so much so that he has completely changed his style, which goes against his nature.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Fade Away (Guillotine Choke to a standing or downed opponent - sometimes preceded by Afterthought or a snap DDT)
    Singularity (Springboard 450 Splash) – ON VERY RARE OCCASIONS

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    X-Rated Superkick (with theatrics or out of nowhere)
    Afterthought (Swinging STO transitioned into a DDT)
    X Press (standing moonsault, immediately followed by a standing shooting star) – RARELY USED

    12 Most Used Moves:
    1. Sit-out gordbuster
    2. Snap reverse STO into the bottom turnbuckle
    3. Release Tiger Suplex
    4. Jumping enziguri
    5. Front Dropkick
    6. BIG forearm smash to face
    7. Takedown followed by mounted punches
    8. Grounded leg scissor choke, usually holding a middle finger up to the fans while he applies it
    9. Cactus Clothesline, followed by skinning the cat, followed by Xander setting up for a big running flip dive. Instead, he slides under the ropes at the last moment and slaps his opponent, taunting the crowd afterwards
    10. Running splash in the corner, followed by a snapmare and a shoot kick to the back
    11. Sleeper hold while screaming at fans
    12. Inverted Hurricanrana (instinctual and out of desperation – looks disgusted with himself after using it)

    Signature Weapon – Steel Chair
    Signature Weapon Move – One-man con-chair-to
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