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    The WrestleZone Predictions Contest is a place for anyone who wants to have some fun. My name is Dave and I am the current operator and moderator of the WZPC. To my knowledge, many before me have run this tournament and it is my hope that I can make it just as fun and exciting as it was under all of those operators.

    As with any of the facets of this forum, WZPC is subject to a few rules and they are outlined herein.

    • Anyone is open to post their predictions in the relevant threads, as long as they follow the outline and presentation as I have laid out.
    • Match predictions have to follow the rules outlined HERE

    When you have predicted the match winners and the finish, it will be the job of the operator to tally all of the votes and report back to the participants on their performance.

    Depending on your score, you may be subject to a Championship match. Championship matches predictions must be sent to me or the operator who is running WZPC before the event takes place. Any submissions after the event has started will be null and void.

    A league table is already set up and can be viewed HERE.

    This does not apply to users who are current Champions.


    The way Championship Matches will be worked out are:

    Heavyweight Championship

    Each Championship match will be made up of the current Champion, the User who sits atop the WZPC League Table and the user who gained the most points during the last PPV. In the scenario where the WZPC Heavyweight Champion is the user who received the most points at the last PPV or is atop the League Table, then the user who is second in the League Table and the user who received the second most prediction points will be involved in the Championship match.

    Intercontinental Championship

    After the Heavyweight Championship matches are announced, then the rest of Championships go through a filter effect. The second person on the League Table (excluding champions) will be given a shot alongside the current Champion. The user that receives the second most amount of correct prediction points will be given an Intercontinental Championship shot.

    Tag Team Championships

    The Tag Championships will now be part if a separate League table, so it is possible to hold a singles Championship as well as being one half of the Tag Team Champions. The Tag Championship match will be made up much the same way as the singles Championship matches are. However, users can now choose who they wish to pair with and then apply in the WZPC Tag Application thread. Located HERE

    X-Division Championship

    Obviously the TNA predictions is not as active as the WWE predictions. So, the Championship will be decided between the person at that scored the highest score at the last TNA PPV and the current Champion.


    Disqualification from the league will begin after Capitol Punishment and will only come into effect if you have missed the last 3 WWE Pay-Per-View events. You can then rejoin at any time but your score will be reset to 0.
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