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    The WrestleZone Forums Administration is proud to bring the community the very first WrestleZone Elections! Over the years of this forum's re-birth from the crash of '06, WZ has seen many members come and go, some doing so garnering respect and Staff positions, some seeing Prison time, but many others just living in the world of the forums. It's been those who have garnered respect and been awarded Staff positions which have traditionally held some of the most controversial debates, with regular community members claiming being on Staff is purely a popularity contest, a charge which has been denied and debunked on numerous occasions. After all, Lord Sidious was a Moderator and nobody liked him.

    However, all of that is about to change because now, for the first time, a Staff member will be chosen completely on the grounds of popularity! It will not, however, be the popularity of a poster with the current members of the Staff, but based on popularity with the members of WZ. That's right, every member on the WrestleZone Forums will have their chance to vote for the newest member to the WZ Staff. How will all of this work, you might ask? Read on for the Election rules.

    Election Layout

    1. We will first start with the formation of political parties. Members may group themselves in any manner they wish. It can be about friendship, it can be about a common idea, an allegiance which might already be made (for example, WZCW), or any reason at all. There is no maximum number of members a party may have, but a party must have at least three members. Once a political party is made, you will PM Slyfox with your intent to be registered as a party, as well as all members currently in party and the party name. If more members decide to join your party, you will let Slyfox know with additional PMs, though I would ask you try to minimize the number of PMs as much as possible.

    2. After a set period of time (likely one or two weeks, though that's not set in stone), the WrestleZone Forums Administrators will announce the trimming of political parties. The THREE parties with the most members will be the ones to survive this cut. Those members who formed other parties are then welcome to redistribute themselves into one of the three remaining parties. While I would never force campaign strategy upon anyone, it might also be advisable for the three biggest parties to cut some deals with the smaller parties in exchange for membership.

    3. After we have formed the three parties, we will begin the primary process. Each political party will be granted their own sub-forum, and all primaries will be semi-closed primaries. This means that anyone, regardless of party affiliation, can campaign for a particular candidate, but only registered members of that party will have their votes counted in the poll.

    4. After the primaries have been decided, and the candidate for each party has been decided, each party's sub-forum will go dark. This means only registered members of a party can view that party's subforum (not including the Administrators and Global Moderators who have abstained from the Election). The parties may then use their sub-forum to discuss campaign strategy without fear of sabotage.

    5. Each candidate declares which section of the forums he or she is running for (party platform). The available sections are:

    • Wrestling - Non Spam
    • Non-Wrestling Non Spam
    • WrestleZone Championship Wrestling
    • Spam Friendly Sections
    • WrestleZone Interactive

    The candidate need not declare which specific forum he or she is running for, as the specific forum in the declared section will be decided by the Staff with the candidate.

    6. After party platform has declared, we will then proceed to the debates. There will be two debates, the style and questions of which will be decided by Klunderbunker.

    7. Finally, we will have the election. The election will be available to ALL members of WZ. We will have measures in place to help prevent the use of Alternate Accounts.

    Additional Rules

    1. The Administrators of the WrestleZone Forums reserve the right to refuse Moderator status, or even candidate status, if we feel the Election is made a joke of. As long as the parties are making a real effort to elect a quality candidate, this should not be a problem.

    2. While the WrestleZone Forums Election and its processes/rules are the brainchild of Slyfox696, Klunderbunker will be doing most of the heavy lifting in running it. Feel free to ask questions to either of us, but I will most likely direct you to Klunderbunker.

    Additionally, once the Election is over, I suggest those involved show their appreciation for all the hard work Klunderbunker will undoubtedly put in. I did the easy part, he'll do the hard part.

    3. Campaigning for votes is not only allowed, it is suggested.

    4. Trading rep points for votes is allowed.

    5. PM'ing people for votes is allowed. Keep in mind, not everyone will be pleased with receiving PMs. However, to preserve the integrity of the forum, I ask regular members not being sent more than TWO unsolicited PMs from a party. If a regular member asks you to not send any more PMs after the first, you must respect their wishes.

    6. This is politics, so while underhanded tactics are frowned upon, they should be expected.

    7. This IS a popularity contest. Make no mistake about it.

    8. There may be a few other elements added in throughout the Election, depending upon how much work it is for Klunderbunker to run.

    We hope this Election will prove fun for everyone who wishes to be involved. Let the games begin!
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