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    Now this card this card I could actually see happening and storyline wise would make the most sense
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    LOL wtf??? I needed the Rock to save it??? I left off Bray Wyatta and Charlotte? Can you read? I had them on the pre-show lol....there's only so much room.

    Fed the newcomer to Lesnar? They've wrestled before...many other posters have shown a lot of interest in that match. Whats wrong with Aries vs Zayn?

    You literally make zero sense. My card is legit...yours?...It's laughable.

    You mock me for having Cena win the Rumble, but have Cena in your main event against Ambrose! WTF?

    And you have friggin Shaq vs Big Show taking a spot away from full timers!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!????

    Come on man lmao.
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    Dude, I get that you're trying to be fantasy booking here. I try to keep it realistic. Shaq vs Big Show is already announced. You're right they shouldn't be taking time away from the wrestlers.

    But c'mon, Bray Wyatt in the pre-show?

    EDIT: Ladder match in the pre-show?? GTFO
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    Wtf? Ladder match in the pre-show? Yea, they have title matches in the pre-show so why not?? Maybe people will actually watch the damn pre-show if they had one. And since when did Bray friggin Wyatt become some phenom that couldn't be on the pre-show? Lol cmon...the dude has been doing the same ol crap time and again and always always always loses...and now he's back to spewing the same ol crap with Randy as if he's won every match he's ever had, when he will likely get beat ...again. And I'm a fan of the guy, but they have killed his character and made him a joke so I have no problem putting him on a pre-show when there's MUCH better talent going on my main card.

    You keeping things "realistic" honestly is bs because my card isn't all that much different than yours in the way they're set up. Mine just has better match ups...you've got crap. The only real thing you're keeping "realistic" is keeping that garbage Shaq vs Big Show on your fantasy booking card...which this thread is for...a fantasy booking card...meaning what YOU would put out...not the WWE.
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    1) Smackdown Tag Team Championship: American Alpha vs. The Hype Bros vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (c) vs. The Usos

    Rhyno & Slater drop the titles to Harper & Rowan whenever Luke returns, and American Alpha have a long chase, culminating with their first title win.

    2) Sasha Banks, Paige, Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke & Nia Jax vs. Nikki Bella, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Natalya & Eva Marie

    The Raw and Smackdown women's divisions go head to head in tag team action. The Smackdown women are all heels (Nikki turns heel to feud with Becky during the year) and the Raw women are all faces, except for the one and only Nia Jax, who grabs the win for her team to build her up for a post-Mania title victory.

    3) 40-Man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Unfortunately, lots of favorites are relegated to the battle royal because they don't fit on the card. I would personally have Cesaro and Sami Zayn in a marque match, but if the past few months are any indication, WWE doesn't feel the same way. They'll be thrown here, along with Dolph, Bray, Heath, Rhyno, Kane, Rusev, Sheamus, Gallows, Anderson, Apollo, Sheamus, and the eventual winner Braun Strowman. Others in the match are Shining Stars, Golden Truth, Ascension, Vaudevillains, Breezango, Bo, Mahal, Young, Titus, Hawkins, Henry, Swagger, Sin Cara and the cruiserweights who were left out of the cruiserweight title match.

    Main Card​

    1) Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (c)

    The Miz keeps his never-ending IC title reign going the whole year and retains against Dean here at WrestleMania. The first post-Mania Smackdown will be announced as a celebration of Miz's IC title win anniversary.

    2) Raw Women's Championship: Bayley vs. Charlotte (c)

    WWE uses the entire year to build towards Bayley getting her first one-on-one title shot against Charlotte at WrestleMania where she can finally win the title.

    3) Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

    Samoa Joe makes his debut at the Royal Rumble and almost breaks Roman's record, before being eliminated by Roman himself. Joe immediately targets Roman as the guy who ruined his debut and the two Samoans feud for Mania. WWE logic is that Roman gets the win.

    4) Raw Tag Team Championship: Enzo & Cass vs. The New Day (c)

    WWE is strategically keeping them apart, probably to save their first encounter for WrestleMania. I would have Enzo & Cass win the titles here, but I can see WWE having New Day turning heel to retain and dropping the titles later on.

    5) Cruiserweight Championship Ladder match: Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander vs. TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann vs. Gran Metalik vs. Kalisto

    Neville eventually wins the title off of TJP, and Foley announces that he'll defend the title in a ladder match at WrestleMania. Six qualifying matches are held, and WWE sends these guys to WrestleMania. I'm assuming WWE would rather spotlight the young guys rather than Kendrick and Tajiri, although Kendrick is a personal favorite, so I'm hoping I'm wrong. Gargano and Ciampa would be thrown in the battle royal so they can feud with the Club during the buildup. Kalisto would make a surprise appearance to win his qualifying match on Raw, and I can see him winning the match to take the title to Smackdown in advance of the upcoming draft.

    6) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

    AJ Styles would drop the title to John Cena at the Royal Rumble, and would lose his rematch at Fastlane. He'd be left without a match at WrestleMania, and Daniel Bryan will announce that he signed Nakamura to face AJ. AJ will carry the build towards the match all on his own, as Nakamura won't make an appearance until his epic entrance at WrestleMania.

    7) Shaquille O'Neal vs. The Big Show

    We all know this is booked. Hopefully it goes under 2 minutes, and Big Show just knocks him out for the win. I can see Shaq losing here since he felt strongly about putting people over in their own sports in Shaq Vs.

    8) Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka

    Becky has a long title reign that culminates at WrestleMania where she loses clean to Asuka, who humbles her just like she humbled Bayley down in NXT. Asuka should be built up as unstoppable.

    9) Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

    I'd rather Triple H not take up a marquee spot on the card, but we all know this one's happening. At least we know Triple H will put Seth over.

    10) Steel Cage: Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

    I'm thinking that SummerSlam's weird finish was to build towards a rematch, this time, inside the steel cage, to give it an MMA-like feel. Brock will win again of course, because they fucking love putting him over at everyone's expense.

    11) WWE Universal Championship: Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens (c)

    Finn Balor returns to win the Royal Rumble and go after Kevin to reclaim what's his. History would repeat itself and Kevin would fall to the Demon again, just like he did at Beast in the East.

    12) WWE World Championship: John Cena (c) vs. The Undertaker

    I'm thinking they'll book this as Title vs. Career, with Taker saying he wants a last chance at glory. Of course, Cena will put an end to his career and win the match. This can be a classic WrestleMania moment if done right. Cena's restoration to the top can also be a buildup for when he passes the torch to Roman at the next WrestleMania.
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    Decided to make a new, better, finalized card with results and build-up summary.

    ~ Wrestlemania 33 ~


    6-Man Pack match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal IV

    Tag Team match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship
    American Alpha(c) def. The Usos and Crews & Benjamin

    *Main Card*

    8-Man Golden Money in the Bank Ladder match
    Dean Ambrose def. Rusev (w/ Lana), Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Sheamus, Samoa Joe, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz (w/ Maryse)
    WWE is all about giving out opportunities. Vince McMahon makes this match official and says that RAW will get 4 picks, Smackdown 3 picks and NXT 1 pick.

    Triple Threat Tag Team match for the RAW Tag Team Championship
    The New Day def. The Club(c) and Enzo & Cass
    New Day keeps the belt until December, where they lose them to the Club. Enzo & Cass and the New Day chase the Club to Wrestlemania. Enzo & Cass do not win here, but the New Day does, because they deserve a Wrestlemania victory. After WM, New Day keeps the belts until Summerslam, where Enzo & Cass finally beat them.

    Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship
    Bray Wyatt def. Shinsuke Nakamura(c)
    Nakamura makes his debut for Smackdown, at Survivor Series as a member of team Bryan against team Miz. Nakamura becomes the one to dethrone The Miz eventually. Nakamura and Wyatt enter a feud, as they are two of the most over the top and charismatic characters on WWE TV.

    Tag Team match
    The Undertaker & Finn Balor def. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho
    Fans want to see Undertaker and Finn Balor in the same ring. Them being opponnents makes no sense, at the time. Undertaker and Balor develop a mentor/student relationship. Owens goes after Balor, since they are the first two Universal Champions. JeriKO change their name to Gods of Wrestling. I like my biblical referances here and there. It's Gods vs Demons for Wrestlemania.

    [Hall of Fame Presentation]

    Singles match
    AJ Styles def. Randy Orton
    Cena beats Styles at the Royal Rumble. Cena vs Orton vs Styles is announced for the SD February PPV. Styles costs Orton a match before the PPV. Cena retains at the PPV. It's Cena vs Styles, Steel Cage match on the first SD after the PPV. Orton costs Styles the belt here and the two have a grudge match at Wrestlemania.

    Fatal-4-Way 2 Falls Interpromotional match; first fall is for the Smackdown Women’s Championship; second fall is for the RAW Women’s Championship
    Becky Lynch[1] and Sasha Banks[2] def. 2017 Women’s Royal Rumble winner Charlotte(c-c) and Bayley
    Shane and Stephanie, in collaboration announce the first ever 15 Women Royal Rumble. Becky Lynch gets injured and has to vacate the title. Shane says that the Rumble is now for the SD Women's Championship and welcomes RAW members to also challenge for the belt. RAW champion Charlotte enters (by taking out another woman) and like her father before her, who was WCW champion, wins the Royal Rumble and now holds both titles. Becky returns and for Wrestlemania, Charlotte will defend both belts in a 2-fall match. It's the 4 Horsewomen squaring off.

    No Holds Barred Smackdown vs RAW Retirement match
    Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) def. Goldberg
    Survivor Series: Lesnar vs Shane. Lesnar decimates Shane and continues the attack even after the match. Goldberg returns and makes the save. Goldberg is revealed as SD's newest signing. Royal Rumble: Lesnar challenges Owens for the UC. Goldberg returns and spears Lesnar this time. Vince says that this Lesnar vs Smackdown feud that started at Summerslam, will come to an end at Wrestlemania. It's both men's career on the line.

    Over the Top Rope Challenge/Body Slam challenge
    Shaquille O’Neil def. The Big Show
    Please, not a match between these two. Just a silly gimmick segment to kill off some time and relax the crowd.

    Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship
    Seth Rollins(c) def. Triple H
    It's The Man vs The Game for RAW's top prize. Rollins wins the belt at RAW's February PPV. Triple H lays the challenge and says that Rollins can't call himself the man until he has beaten him. HHH reveals that Rollins was never the original plan. HHH hates Rollins' guts and this feud is personal.

    [The Rock segment]

    Singles match for the WWE World Championship
    2017 Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman) def. John Cena(c)
    Before the Royal Rumble, Roman is shown having dinner with Paul Heyman. Roman wins the Rumble under loud boos, by cheating to eliminate last Dean Ambrose. Roman officialy joins Paul Heyman. Roman cuts a promo and bashes the people for turning against him. Roman challenges Cena. Roman is now officialy a member of Smackdown, since he's going for the SD championship. The Rock returns at Smackdown. Rock and Roman have a talk backstage. Rock segment in the ring. Rock asks Roman why he turned against the people. Roman spears The Rock and says, because The Rock never came to his aid when everybody was booing him and says that he will never be under The Rock's shadow and says that everybody is booing him because they believe that he's been handed everything, because his Rocky's little cas. He didn't turn against the people. The people turned against him. Paul Heyman, though, saw something in Roman and took him under his wing. He begins the feud with Cena. This has shades of Andre joining the Hennan family, with Rock and Cena playing the role of Hogan.
    It's the man who turned his back to the WWE Universe vs the man who who lives and breathes the WWE Universe. It's Roman vs the People. It's the Guy vs the Face.
    Reigns decimates Cena during the match and beats him clean.

    Money in the Bank cash-in; singles match for the WWE World Championship
    Dean Ambrose def. Roman Reigns(c) (w/ Paul Heyman)
    Dean sends the fans home happy. WM 31: Rollins walks out of the main event as WWE Champion. WM 32: Reigns walks out of the main event as WWE Champion. WM 33: Ambrose walks out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion.

    *Heyman can be both on RAW and Smackdown, because he has the option to manage many wrestlers, in different promotions.
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    WWE Cruiserweight Championship 6-Pack Challenge- The Brian Kendrick (c) vs TJ Perkins vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano vs Neville vs Sin Cara

    4th Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship- American Alpha (c) vs Heath Slater & Rhyno

    Main Card

    1- Money in the Bank (Interpromotional/RAW & Smackdown) Returns- Dean Ambrose (SD) vs The Miz w/Maryse (SD) vs Chris Jericho (RAW) vs Sami Zayn (RAW) vs Kalisto (SD) vs Ziggler (SD) vs Shelton Benjamin (SD) vs Rusev w/Lana (RAW) (Opening Contest)

    2- RAW Tag Team Championship- The New Day vs The Club (c) vs Enzo & Big Cass (Triple Threat Match)

    3- Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bray Wyatt (Grudge Match)

    4- Smackdown Women's Championship- Alexa Bliss (c) vs Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya (Fatal 4-Way)

    5- Seth Rollins vs Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon (Grudge Match) (No DQ)

    6- WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 presentation segment

    7- Battle of the Titans- Big Show vs Shaquille O'Neal

    8- RAW Women's Championship- Sasha Banks (c) vs Bayley

    9- Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs Samoa Joe (Grudge Match)

    10- WWE World Championship- AJ Styles (c) vs Randy Orton

    11- WWE Universal Championship- Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens (c) vs Finn Balor (2017 Royal Rumble Match Winner) (Triple Threat Match)

    12- (Main Event) (Undertaker's Last Ride) (*Undertaker's last match)- The Undertaker vs John Cena
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    I posted in the WWE bid on TNA thread about a possible Invasion angle if Vince were to win (which is being reported as a real possibility by JL)...

    Have all the old school TNA guys band together and jump from show to show to take over the WWE and establish themselves as the superior talent. Have Kurt Angle lead the way maybe...


    TNA vs WWE

    Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles
    WWE Universal Championship

    Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar

    Kurt Angle vs Triple H

    Sasha Banks (c) vs Bayley vs Charlotte vs Paige
    WWE Women's Championship

    "The Demon King" Finn Balor vs The Undertaker

    The New Day (c) vs The Club vs Enzo & Big Cas
    Tag Title TLC Match

    Samoa Joe vs John Cena

    Eric Young vs Dean Ambrose (c)
    WWE Championship

    Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton (c)
    Intercontinental Championship

    Jeff Hardy(c) vs Chris Jericho
    United States Championship

    Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens vs Bray Wyatt vs Cesaro vs Austin Aries vs Sami Zayn vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
    Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Abyss vs Kane


    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

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