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    Management Director:
    Jim Cornette

    Mike Tenay
    Don West

    Main Roster:

    Kurt Angle
    Booker T
    Brother Ray
    Brother Devon
    Robert Roode
    James Storm
    Lance Hoyt
    Jimmy Rave
    Consequences Creed
    Petey Williams
    Sonjay Dutt
    Johnny Devine
    Shiek Aboul Bashir

    Samoa Joe
    Kevin Nash
    Jeff Jarrett
    Christian Cage
    A.J. Styles
    Matt Morgan
    Kip James
    Jay Lethal
    Super Eric
    Shark Boy
    Curry Man
    Consequences Creed
    Chris Sabin
    Alex Shelley

    Tag Teams:
    Beer Money Inc. - James Storm and Robert Roode w/ Jackie Moore
    The Latin American Xchange - Homicide and Hernandez w/ Salinas and Hector Guerrero
    Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
    Christian Cage and Rhino
    Rock 'N' Rave Infection - Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave w/ Christy Hemme
    Prince Justice Brotherhood - Super Eric, Curry Man and Shark Boy


    World Heavyweight:
    Kurt Angle
    Tag Team:
    The Latin America Xchange
    X Division:
    Christopher Daniels
    Taylor Wilde

    Back Story:
    Not particularly complicated at all. It's just TNA, but my version. In fact, it's not even an alternative - just speculation - until TNA's timeline overtakes my own, which, inevitably, won't take long. It begins just after No Surrender, meaning new champions and new storylines. I won't be posting the Hard Justice results and I won't be posting the championship results until after my first show, which I'm working on right now. It'll be up to you to read the show.​
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    September 18th, 2008

    “Hello, Goodbye”

    Fireworks spark off and the crowd roars. Mike Tenay and Don West deliver their usual noisy drivel about how this will be the greatest iMPACT ever and remind us off the events that went down at No Surrender, etc. We get our first event of the evening as Jim Cornette emerges. Looking back at past instances, it seems that Cornette only comes out at the start of the show to make a major announcement. Sometimes it’s just an overly complicated gimmick idea. However, sometimes it’s something much, much better…

    /Jim Cornette: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m out here to make not one, not two, but three announcements. As you’re likely aware, at No Surrender, LAX defeated Beer Money to regain the TNA world tag team titles. Now, as much as I would like to automatically reward no. 1 contender status to Beer Money, it’d certainly make my life a lot easier, I just can’t do that for a card as major as Bound For Glory. That in mind, I’m announcing a one night triple threat tournament for no. 1 contender status, tonight! Team 3D will take on Curry Man and Shark Boy of the Prince Brotherhood Justice, Christian Cage and Rhino will take on the Rock ’N’ Rave Infection and the Motor City Machine Guns will take on Beer Money Inc. in three first round matches, the three winning teams progressing to a Tornado tag team match-up in tonight’s main event to decide who will take on LAX at Bound For Glory for those tag team titles… and a match stipulation of the tournament winner’s choice will be added to that match.

    The mentions of all the face teams receive considerable pops. This is TNA after all. Everyone’s over. The audience anticipate a trademark Cornette “But that’s not all!”. He’s promised two further announcements.

    /Jim Cornette: But that’s not all! I promised you three announcements, and I’m going to deliver. As some of you may have suspected, TNA has a major signing ready to debut tonight. Without further ado, I present to you… the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley!

    Something vaguely resembling Foley’s WWE theme plays. The music itself is underwhelming, but the crowd still pops their heads off as Foley emerges clad in his trademark sweats, red and black shirt and new TNA “Wanted: In TNA” T-shirt. He grins from ear to ear as the crowd goes wild, giving the “Bang bang!” signal to either side of the entrance. The camera zooms around to numerous pro-Foley signs into the audience before we join the man himself in the ring, enthusiastically accepting a microphone from Cornette.

    /Mick Foley: Thank you for--

    Foley cuts himself off as the audience finally gets organised, producing frantic “Fo-ley! Fo-ley!” chants. As they die down, he begins to talk again.

    /Mick Foley:
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the warm welcome. I was gonna say that I guess you’re wondering exactly what Mick Foley is doing in TNA, but I think you all probably know that. I think you all know that TNA isn’t just another paragraph on my Wikipedia article, or another tick on my resume to me. It’s not even a big middle finger to a certain Mr. Vince McMahon… although it is partly. It’s definitely not a place for me to sit at ringside on my ass and just let the cash roll in. No, Mick Foley is here for Mick Foley. Mick Foley is here because he has that thirst… that thirst to compete, that thirst to go toe-to-toe with the toughest sons of bitches on the planet, that thirst that just cannot be quenched in the WWE! I’m here in TNA, because I’ve seen it on TV, I’ve seen what TNA has to offer, and I can honestly say that, as of right now, it is the best wrestling program on the planet, and I want in!

    The crowd erupts, and yet again, Foley has to wait for it to subside before he can continue talking.

    /Mick Foley: Speaking of tough sons of bitches, I come to that third announcement that ol’ Jimmy was talking about. Sorry Jim, I know you wanted to make this announcement but I’ve got a lot of momentum behind me and I just want to run with it. You might have known about me coming to TNA. Sadly, I’m just not very good at keeping a secret. However… I think the next announcement will come as a complete surprise. It was definitely a surprise to me when I met with the third announcement backstage no more than five minutes ago. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you man that I not only respect, but who I fear. At one time or another, he was consider… how to put this? The Next Big Thing in professional wrestling: BROCK LESNAR!

    The crowd erupts as what’ll soon be known as “Brock Lesnar’s awesome TNA music” pumps into the iMPACT! Zone and the man formerly known as “The Next Big Thing” burst out with it, wearing a TNA-designed T-shirt that suggests he’ll here forth be known as simply “The Newest Big Thing.” He seems pumped, posing for the crowd for an extended period before finally getting in the ring. The noise being produced is near-deafening. It takes a while for the crowd to calm down.

    /Brock Lesnar:
    Brock Lesnar… is back in professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar… is in TNA!

    Understandably, the crowd continues to go fucking nuts.

    /Brock Lesnar: One thing I definitely am not is a man of many words. No, I’m a man of action. My first action in TNA is to name who I want my first opponent to be--

    Cornette looks like he wants to object but Brock silences him with a wave of his hand.

    /Brock Lesnar: He’s a man who I’ve been watching a lot. A man who’s had a hard time lately, but someone I know is as dangerous as he ever was. He’s the man that got screwed out of his world title last night, Samoa Joe!

    Joe’s theme music begins thumping out instantaneously, and the Samoan Submission Machine pounds down to the ring, an angry look upon his face; likely one part intimidation, one part genuine rage at having a bat wrapped across the back of his head and his hard-earned title carried away from him. He walks right up to Lesnar, and the two measure each other up with simultaneous cold, hard stares. They’re roughly the same height but Lesnar’s physique is more impressive. The crowd seem to be more on Lesnar’s side, him being the newest signing, although “Joe! Joe! Joe!” chants can be picked out.

    /Samoa Joe: So let me get this straight: you want Samoa Joe as your first match? That right? Well, I’m flattered. Honestly, I am. Somewhere down the line, I’d gladly go toe-to-toe to the ring with you, but, like you mentioned, I’ve got more pressing issues to deal with, like getting the title belt back on it’s rightful owner: me!

    /Brock Lesnar: I can respect that. If you don’t want a match ‘cos you’re scared, that’s understandab--

    Lesnar’s cut off as Joe shoves him hard. Lesnar smirks a little and pauses for a second, before pushing Joe back just as hard. Before the two break out into a all out fight, Cornette steps in between them.

    /Jim Cornette: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don’t know what world you two are living in, but in this one I’m the one who calls the shots. I’m the one who calls the shots. I give out the matches and the title shots. Speaking of which, Joe: we already have a new number one contender. I haven’t been told who it is, but it’s not you. I’m sorry but the decision was made above even my head. I have, however, been assured that you will have a chance to regain the TNA title in the coming months. And as for you, Brock, may I advise you to make less rash decisions? As it is, Brock, Mick, I’d appreciate it if you took your complimentary seats in the front row. Joe, you can go wherever the hell you want but you’ve gotta get out of the ring, because our first tag match is happening now.

    Curry Man’s music begins to play as the four leave the ring. Cornette goes backstage after glaring long and hard at both Brock and Joe, as if to discourage the two from fighting. Lesnar and Foley limb over the barrier and take their seats next to the fans in the front row, ready to experience the TNA action first hand. Curry Man completes his entrance routine and begins dancing down the ring, but gets knocked on his ass by Joe with a big punch. His hat falls off and he drops his cane. Joe stand over him and begins beating the crap out of him with hard fists to the face, making a show of his destructive capabilities. He ends up chucking Curry Man onto the barrier repeatedly before casual ling tossing him into the steps and sliding him into the ring, prone. Team 3D’s music plays and the team leg it down to the ring, as Shark Boy runs into the ring simultaneously to defend his partner. The bell rings.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tournament: Round One, Match One:
    Team 3D vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood​

    An understandably short match - Joe had basically made it into a handicap before it had even begun. 3D made short work of Shark Boy, as Curry Man lay presumably unconscious on the mat. The Stone Cold wannabe was battered and showed no signs of a comeback. It was less than a minute when 3D set him up for and successfully executed a 3D. One, two, three and done.

    Team 3D

    The more interesting part was Joe marching up the ramp only to be met my a less-than-happy Kevin Nash, who he had words with before shoving past.


    We come back from the break with Christian’s entrance bumping into life with the countdown. Rhino’s already in the ring, supposedly as a time saver. Christian poses to the crowd and, on his way up the steps, points at Foley and Lesnar before posing in front of them. Apparently he’s feeling territorial. Foley and Lesnar merely exchange notes. The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection are quickly out, ready to engage in their usual routine that ends in Hemme screaming her lungs out, but Rhino and Cage meet them at the ramp, getting the upper hand. Rhino takes Rave around the ring, hitting him on any hard objects he comes across as Christian takes the larger Rock into the ring as the bell sounds.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tournament: Round One, Match Two
    Christian Cage & Rhino vs. The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection​

    Rhino climbs to his corner after apparently dealing a satisfactory amount of damage to Rave, as Christian delivers chops to Rock in the corner. The larger end of the Infection drops to his knees, giving Christian enough time to pose to the newcomers once again, but not enough to dodge an advantageous big boot. Rock begins picking Christian apart, starting with returning the chops he received, then a running block into the corner, finishing off his sequence with a big side slam, leaving Christian dramatically clutching his ribs.

    Apparently confident in his partner’s abilities, Rock tags a recovered Rave in. Typically, Rave hits Christian with all sorts of showy moves, taunting the crowd at every given opportunity, as well as Rhino. He ends up standing on Christian’s hand and daring him to tag Rhino, who’s fingertips away. Rave apparently misjudges his tactics though, getting an elbow in the balls for his trouble and then something worse: an angry Rhino. Rhino knocks Rave down immediately and stops Rock as he tries to get in, one big leg over the ropes. Pissed off as he is, Rhino churns the top rope up and down; now both members of R & R have damaged valuables. Rave catches the War Machine off guard, getting about half a dozen punches in before being swatted away like an annoying fly. Hemme gets up on the apron, willing Rave on, who lurches into life in front of her. It may be too late though, as Rhino charges for the Gore. Getting his wits about him just in time, Rave dives out the way. Hemme’s less lucky, taking the brunt of Rhino’s signature move and ending up cracking against the barrier before slumping onto the mat. Rave delivers a running Tornado DDT to a slightly distracted Rhino, getting things just back in his favour.

    A relatively fresh Rock enters, looking to get revenge. He does for a while too, but Rhino keeps him out the way long enough after a fairly tough battering to get a pumped Christian in. Christian bounces in full of energy, laying Rock out with a bunch of punches before a Corkscrew European Uppercut from the corner. He climbs to the corner for a Frog Splash but Rave attempts to interfere, running at him. Rhino ends up screwing up, dodging a charging Rave by sending him into his own partner. Rave knocks Christian down to the matter, where Rock gets a quick cover, Rave tripping Rhino from outside to keep him occupied.

    Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection

    Hemme, Rock and Rave hold each other together as they limp backstage victorious, all three thoroughly beaten. Cage argues with Rhino in the ring before shoving him back hard and climbing out the ring. As he makes his way past Lesnar, he visibly spits at him. Brock seems to have had enough, leaping over the barrier and knocking Cage into the ring post and bloodying him up with hard, MMA-style strikes until security manages to pull him off and drag a beaten Christian backstage. Rhino stands idly by throughout.


    The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection and Team 3D have already made it into the Triple Threat Tag Team Tournament final. Before we can progress to the third round one (or semi-final) match, AJ Styles’ music plays and the Phenomenal one emerges. At this point, West and Tenay remind us how Sting laid AJ out when he was seemingly about to win at No Surrender, allowing AJ to be pinned and a new champion crowned. Unsurprisingly, AJ looks fairly unimpressed.

    /AJ Styles: Right now, I should be standing here as a four time TNA World Champion!

    The crowd pops, clearly in agreement.

    /AJ Styles: But I’m not and there’s only one reason for that, Sting. So if you’ve got any intestinal fortitude at all, Sting, you’ll get your ass out here and explain yourself!

    Stings music plays and the lights come down. They come back on again and Sting is behind AJ, bat in hand. It won’t be 3-0 to Sting so easily though, AJ seems aware of his surroundings and suddenly delivers a Pele, dropping Sting like a sack of bricks. AJ jumps on him and begins pounding the crap out of him. He steps off of him for a second to grab Sting’s black back, giving “The Icon” just enough time to scramble out the ring. AJ picks up a microphone and points the bat at Sting as he talks.

    /AJ Styles: If you’re really so desperate to prove your point that you’ll cost me the world title, if you want to hurt me that bad, then how about this: me, you, Bound For Glory!

    Sting gives his answer in the form of a smile and a nod as he heads up the ramp.

    AJ clears the ring just before the Motor City Machine Guns hit it, the two acting more energetic than even their speedy music. The crowd goes nuts as the two go nuts and point to their palms; the momentum behind the Guns is so immense you can practically feel it. Beer Money Inc. get a decidedly different reaction, the crowd booing at the now-former champions, looking to take their crowns back. The two seem a lot more business than usual though, dishing out minimal insults to the live audience. Neither side can wait to start the match, both itching impatiently, Storm kicking it off against Shelley with Roode and Sabin anxiously waiting tags at the sidelines.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tournament: Round One, Match Three
    The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money Inc.​

    Storm and Shelley lock up, spinning round each other in hold and count hold. Shelley is undoubtedly the one with more finesse, but Storm ends up winning out, using his superior strength to back his opponent into the corner, where the referee demands a break. Storm backs up before going for the inevitable slap, but Shelley is wise to it. He ducks the slap and bundles Storm into the corner, chopping the shit out of his chest to thunderous “Wooo!” chants. He poses for the crowd as Storm stumbles to his corner. Roode enters.

    Shelley outsmarts Roode much as he did Storm, ducking under a clothesline, knocking him into the turnbuckle and crouching in the corner. A hot tag to Sabin means he gets driven face first into with a dropkick. The crowd begin chanting “Mo-tor City!” and the Guns really begin gaining momentum as Sabin pulls Roode into all sorts of positions, before casually chucking him in the corner where Shelley cracks him in head with a high kick before being tagged back in and Monkey Flipping Roode into the center of the ring, then tripping Storm to land on his partner as he rushes in to interfere. Sabin introduces himself into the action without a tag and the two demolish Beer Money with Stereo Enzuigiri’s (with Foley audibly yelling “ENZUIGIRI!” at ring side).

    However, Beer Money are always opportunistic, as Roode incapacitates Shelley with a Low Blow, Sabin unable to prevent the following hard, hard Spine Buster due to Storm desperately tackling him through the ropes. Roode continues to get his revenge on Shelley, hitting him with much of his trademark hard-hitting arsenal, showing off the sheer athleticism and hidden power that made him a champion in the first place. He goes to finish off with a Suplex but Shelley manages to shift the balance by kicking his legs, hitting Roode with a big counter DDT and then a roll-up. Roode escapes at 2, barely. Roode attempts to keep Shelley from his corner, but merely flips him to his feet as he tries to drag him away. Sabin gets the tag and dodges around Roode, before hitting him with a Low Dropkick to spin him in the air.m The Guns then hit Roode with the ASCS Rush, a series of hard kicks finishing with a Sabin Enzuigiri (“ENZUIGIRI!”) and a Shelley Superkick. Roode somehow remains on his feet, leading to Sabin to hoist him up ready for the Cradle Shock. Storm positions himself in the corner, then leaping forward for a Superkick. Sabin reads it perfectly though, chucking Roode off his shoulders and into Storm’s boot. Before Storm can contemplate what he’s done, Shelley’s crashed him out the ring. Sabin covers for the one, the two and the three.

    The Motor City Machine Guns

    The Guns leave the ring victorious, the crowd cheering them on. Roode and Storm are left in the ring, then catch each others eyes. The two square up, arguing and shoving each other. The two look to turn away and leave it, but both try to jump the other at the same time, unleashing flurry’s of punches on each other, ending up rolling around on the floor. Roode seems to have the advantage for a second… Before Jackie Moore smashes a beer bottle over the back of his head. Storm pushes his unconscious partner off of him, and he and Jackie leave, somewhat victorious.


    We’re back for the final match of the triple threat tournament. The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection enter first, then 3D. The Guns haven’t even entered when the fight begins, Lance Rock beating up Ray and Devon punishing Rave in the opposite corner. The Guns then enter and join the fight, the bell ringing as they do.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tournament Final
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag
    The Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection vs. Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns​

    The Guns are the last team to enter but the one to most recently have had a match, 3D having got theirs out the way early and quickly. It’s the Infection that get broken up, the Guns isolating Rave on the outside and 3D isolating 3D on the inside. Rock gets a surprise advantage with a double clothesline but celebrates for too long, being dumped on his face when he turns around. The Guns do likewise, dumping Rave on the steps then intelligently dumping him in the ring as a distraction, heading round the back to hit 3D with dual Drop Kicks, sending them out of the ring. The two then set up Rock ‘N’ Rave in an unnameable quadruple submission move. Brother Ray distracts the ref by trying to bring a chair in just in time for him to miss both members of the Infection tapping out.

    As Shelley leans out onto the apron to debate with the ref, Brother Ray smashes him with the chair. The ref disqualifies them from the match, sending them to the back much to the crowd’ delight. However, Sabin’s the only Gun left standing and, despite fighting valiantly, ends up getting devastated by a combination of Rock’s blunt and Rave’s sharp offence. A recovered Shelley does similarly, fighting both off for a while but ending up on his back. It seems that when de-synced, the Guns become a much less effective force. They synchronise quickly again though, managing to get it back together in time to reverse a Double Suplex attempt and then mount their trademark, high speed, teamwork-heavy offence.

    Shelley goes for the Shellshock on Rave. Rave pushes him off but only gets a Superkick instead and drops to the outside. Shelley follows him out and delivers A Shellshock onto the barrier, effectively eliminating him from competition. Back in the ring, Rock is mounting a comeback but gets stopped in his track by a Hi-Lo. Sabin pulls the giant onto his shoulders, ready for the Cradle Shock. Shelley drops onto his head with a knee before Sabin hits his signature move. Both Guns cover for the clean three count.

    The Motor City Machine Guns

    The Infection make their way to the back, broken. Shelley grabs the microphone.

    /Alex Shelley: We are the Motor City Machine Guns, and we are the next tag team champions. You want a stipulation, we’ll give you a stipulation: The Motor City Machine Guns, the Latin American Xchange, Bound For Glory, Tag Team titles, Ultimate X!


    The final segment to round off the show begins as Kurt Angle’s music plays. He rises out of the bottom of the stage and fireworks spray everywhere. He’s wearing a suit, along with his newly regained TNA World title. The crowd boos wildly, Angle being the effective heel he is. As he makes his way to the ring, he gets in Lesnar’s face, pointing to his TNA World title as proof that he’s the best there is round these parts.

    /Kurt Angle: Oh, it’s real! It’s damn real! At No Surrender, I beat Booker T, I beat AJ Styles and I beat Samoa Joe and I got my title back. But there’s still one question left hanging in the air that I don’t even know the answer to: who’s going to be challenging me at Bound For Glory? We know it won’t be Joe. Abyss, maybe? Booker T? Brock Lesnar? Mick Foley?

    Angle looks to ringside as he mentions Foley and Lesnar, neither of whom even blink.

    /Kurt Angle:
    Well, I don’t have the answer but I do have an answer. That answer is this. It doesn’t matter who it is. I am the best wrestler in the world today, and this belt proves that. No one I have ever wrestled has been capable of truly--

    Angle is cut off as the music of a man he has never wrestled plays. Jeff Jarrett’s. The lights go out. When they come back on, Angle is frantically looking about. The crowd goes absolutely mental as they see Jarrett behind him; this is his first appearance back in TNA, only Sting showing at No Surrender. Predictably, Angle gets a guitar broken over his head. Jarrett stands over him and grabs the microphone from his lifeless body.

    /Jeff Jarrett: Who’re you facing at Bound For Glory? You’re facing me at Bound For Glory and I’m taking my title back.

    Jarrett’s music plays again as the camera pans from Foley and Lesnar applauding to Jarrett standing over Angle’s body, the world title in his hands.


    Bound For Glory Card

    TNA World Title Match
    Kurt Angle (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett

    Sting vs. AJ Styles

    TNA Tag Title Ultimate X Match
    The Latin American XChange (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns​

    My Comments: Yes, Lesnar and Foley's storylines aren't meant to be revealed yet. No, it didn't have women or any real X-Divisioners in it. I may cut out either completely just to make it easier on myself.
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    well done i really like the show

    (p.s. we're screwed)
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    Very nice.But Brock Lesnar is just to unrealistic.Mick Foley,well that was expected.Nice opener despite my problems with it.Loved Joe beating up Curry Man.

    I honestly think If you keep shows up like this you,ll be on top of book this.

    P.S-MCMG MARK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anything specific about Lesnar I can correct? He was always shit at promos.

    Edit: Oh, I see, Lesnar in TNA is unrealistic. Yeah, I see where you're coming from, and I was wondering whether to build it up after BFG with internet speculation, etc. I just thought, "Nah, fuck it, surprise signing."

    Anybody else notice how I left it to the final segment to reveal the champion? At the start, you just know Joe's been screwed, then in the middle you know AJ was on the cusp of winning it but Sting got him pinned. Then at the end, you have Angle revealed. Probably less clever than I thought.
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    September 25th, 2008

    “He’s Baaack!”

    The usual, generic ‘iMPACT!’ opening. The music whines as the crowd hollers; the commentators follow their example, reminding us what happened last week and what we have to look forward to tonight. The Motor City Machine Guns are now no. 1 contenders, AJ Styles and Sting are on opposite sides of a war, Mick Foley debuted alongside Brock Lesnar and Jeff Jarrett has returned to claim what he believes is “his” title from new champion Kurt Angle. Tonight we look forward to Lesnar and Foley’s in-ring debut as they team together against Abyss and Matt Morgan.

    But first, we get a real treat. An address from Jeff Jarrett - no. 1 contender for Kurt Angle’s title and, as such, one half of the Bound For Glory main event. His music pounds away and pyrotechnics erupt, causing the easily manipulated Orlando crowd to go into a frenzy. Tenay’s busy shooting off Jarrett’s life story and West is repeatedly yelling “Oh my God!” like a crazed fan girl.

    /Jeff Jarrett: Two years ago, I left TNA after losing my world championship to Sting at Bound For Glory. Undoubtedly, he was the best man on the night and, unfortunately, I have simply not felt comfortable returning full time since then due to a number of personal reasons now. However, I stand before you a new man, a better man. I have come back in a time that I judge to be a time of great need for TNA. Before I left, Sting deemed me to be a cancer on this company, a cancer that needed to be removed and one that he successfully removed. I return after Sting has become part of the same problem I was part of before I left. He is part of the problem but not the problem. No, the real problem can be named with two words: “Kurt Angle”!

    Jarrett’s interrupted, but not by Angle. Instead, it’s Samoa Joe’s music that plays, and the former - rather than the current - world champion that emerges. Once in the ring, he wastes no time getting in Jarrett’s face.

    /Samoa Joe:
    Two years ago, something else happened other than Sting beating you at Bound For Glory, Jeff. In fact, it was about five minutes before Jim Cornette came out and announced “the real problem” had been signed. A certain Samoan Submission Machine kicked your ass, pinned you and took the title belt that was rightfully his. Two years later, and you’re still trying to screw me out of the title that is rightfully mine. Only this time, you’ve taken my place in a title match that should be mine.

    Joe goes to continue, but he’s interrupted just like Jarrett was. This time, it’s by Kevin Nash. Joe jumps right out of the ring and gets in Nash’s face, it soon gets heated, so heated in fact that Nash finally loses his temper and slaps Joe across the face. This turns out to be a mistake - Joe explodes, punching Nash down to the ground and then continuing the beat down, not letting up until a combination of referees and security have to pretty much drag him away, leaving a bloodied Nash to be attended to by medics.

    Jarrett, apparently distracted by all this, fails to notice Angle sliding in the ring behind him. He’s aware when Angle hits him with an Angle Slam and locks on the Ankle Lock though. Jarrett writhes in pain but Angle doesn’t relinquish the hold until he wants to, even after Jarrett taps. Angle picks up his title belt and a microphone.

    /Kurt Angle: You see Jeff; you’re not the only person that can jump someone from behind… and trust me, I can do a whole lot more damage. You’re damn right I’m a problem, your very own personal problem. At Bound For Glory the only thing you’re getting from me is a broken ankle. Oh, it’s real! It’s DAMN real!

    Angle celebrates with his belt and Jarrett writhes some more as we cut to commercial.


    We come back to a Triple Threat Match. It’s a no nonsense affair as far as the entrances go, but then the bell rings.

    Triple Threat Match
    James Storm vs. Super Eric vs. Rhino

    Eric Yo--, sorry, Super Eric, starts out strong, laying into Storm. Rhino just sits back and relaxes. Eric backs Storm into a corner with punches and then backs off, taunting the crowd. Unfortunately, he walks right into a hard forearms as Storm throws himself out of the corner, but Storm is taken out in turn by Rhino, who delivers a Gore - his first move of the match. Storm flips in the air as Rhino drives his shoulder hard into him, landing with a thud. It’s quite an impressive spectacle. Needless to say, Eric breaks up the ensuing pin and Storm rolls out the ring, broken.

    As SEY proves little match for an angry Rhino, there’s a commotion at ringside. Robert Roode has turned up and has apparently resolved none of his differences with Storm after being laid out last week. He begins beating the crap out of his ex-partner, bloodying him up and finishing him off with a hip toss into the ring steps. Unfortunately for Rhino, who is demolishing Super Eric in the meantime, the referee spots what’s going on at ringside and calls an end to the match, gifting Storm the victory.

    James Storm by DQ

    Rhino’s positively irate, Goring the official as he tries to calm him and then destroying the ensuing line of referees as they try to come to the aid of their fallen colleague. He only stops when he hears four words erupt into the iMPACT Zone - “Can you dig it… SUCKA!?”

    Booker T comes out, fur coat and all, but stays at the ramp, perhaps wary of becoming another of Rhino’s victims.

    /Booker T: Whoa, whoa, whoa… Rhino, why don’t ya just calm down? ‘Cos believe me, you’re gonna need a clear head for the proposition I’m going to make you. I was just backstage, and thinking this is the time of year when every wrestler in TNA pairs up with a buddy for Bound For Glory. And just like Joe, and just like AJ, I ain’t gettin’ no title rematch any time soon. So I got to thinking about guys that I’ve got a history with, and then guys I haven’t ever faced. And then I got to thinking about how you’re the last true E…C…W champion, and how I’m the last true WCW champion, and I thought it was about time we decided who the better man was--

    Rhino gets his hands on a microphone and delivers his response in a typically furious fashion.

    /Rhino: You wanna match Booker, I’ll give you a match. But I’m telling you now, if you’re not careful, it’ll only take a second for me to split you and your joke of legacy into half with a GORE! GORE! GOOORE!!


    We return to… nothing, actually. However, the iMPACT! Zone is going predictably nuts for next to no reason. Suddenly, they have a reason. Brock Lesnar’s theme music plays - an odd homage to his WWE one. He pounds out, pumped up and animalistic. It’s not long before he’s practically leapt into the ring and addressing the fans, who are going absolutely crazy.

    /Brock Lesnar: I’ve come out here because I’ve just been told by Jim Cornette, less than five minutes ago, that I’ll be making my in-ring debut at Bound For Glory and that I can pick any opponent that I want, as long as they aren’t already scheduled in a match. So I came out here to get the TNA fans’ opinion. Maybe I should fight… the Monster Abyss? Maybe I should fight… Mick Foley? Maybe I should fight.. Samoa--

    Crack! Lesnar buckles as a chair gets smacked across his back. He tries to pull himself to his feet, only to get hit again. He stumbles about before finally being knocked down with a final chair shot, one which busts him open the hard way. We see Christian Cage holding the instrument in question, before picking a microphone and getting in Lesnar’s face as he talks, slapping him to add further humiliation.

    /Christian Cage: “The Newest Big Thing”, huh? You don’t look so tough to me, Brock. Here’s some advice. Next time you beat up a guy just after he’s had a match, make sure it’s not the Instant--

    Christian stops talking as Lesnar pushes up from his knees, hoisting him up on his massive shoulders. He goes for the F5 but the slippery Christian manages to land on his feet and desperately wriggle free, sprinting to the back as an infuriated Lesnar runs right after him, blood pouring over his features.

    We cut to Tenay and West commenting on what just happened and what’s coming up next; TNA’s other new signing, Mick Foley revealing what he’s got on his TNA schedule. Foley’s music plays, again a sort of homage to his WWE version, and the hardcore legend comes out to play to the crowd. It has to be said it doesn’t appear that he’s at his peak, though he’ll still likely be able to run circles around some of TNA’s other “legends”.

    /Mick Foley:
    I’ve come out here tonight to inform you, the fans here at ringside and the fans at home, that I was offered the same deal as Brock Lesnar by Jim Cornette, and I too accepted it. And as much as I appreciate the fan’s input, I simply don’t need it here. No, I knew exactly who I want at Bound For Glory. It’s a man that I have both respected and feared in equal measure. There are not many men that I can say that about. In fact, there are very few names on that list and this man sits right alongside Big Van Vader… And THE UNDERTAKER himself on it. I do not give out such compliments lightly, and I think you’ll understand just why I did when I introduce: the monster, Abyss!

    Abyss’ fairground-esque theme music haunts the arena as the monster emerges like a snake from its shadowy lair. Obviously, he’s dressed in his new white “mental asylum” rather than his old brown, tattered attire; something which may have been considered a direct tribute to Mankind’s original attire. Abyss stands in front of Foley, looking at the floor, seeming uncharacteristically unsure of himself.

    /Mick Foley: Look at me. Look at me! No, actually, look at yourself. I came to TNA wanting to fight the monster Abyss, a guy every bit as violent, sadistic and downright crazy as myself. A guy who I’d seen make guys like Raven and Sabu look like a joke. But what do I find? I find a house pet instead of an animal. I find a purring kitty cat that used to be a vicious pit bull. I find a a guy who used to war leather now wearing pyjamas. It’s pathetic. But y’know what, I’m still going to give you a present.

    Foley slips to the outside of the ring and pushes the steel steps over. It reveals a black sack bound by string, which he picks up and brings back to Abyss, like a chew toy. The crowd roars in recognition. Foley pulls the string the string off and pours thousands and thousands of thumb tacks in front of the monster. Abyss looks at the tacks glint in the light before suddenly yanking the microphone from Foley’s hands.

    /Abyss: Youu… Mee… Monster’s Ball!

    Abyss grabs Foley by the throat and Choke Slams him onto the tacks. He proceeds to make his way backstage as the crowd chants “Whoa-oh! Ab-yss!” but it’s replaced by a new chant as Mick Foley, the hardcore legend, sits up, tacks sticking into his flesh and… smiles.


    In a perfect example of TNA booking, the challengers for the tag titles are teamed up with the champions, both currently face teams.

    The Motor City Machine Guns & the Latin American Xchange w/ Salinas and Hector Guerrero vs. Team 3D & the Rock ‘N’ Rave Infection w/ Christy Hemme​

    The faces take control of the match early on, Homicide dominating Jimmy Rave, dodging around him before taking him down with some fundamentally lucha libre style moves before dragging him to the corner where Shelley gets tagged in. The more charismatic half of the Motor City Machine Guns dusts off an old gem in the style of his Total Nonstop Alex Facebusters manoeuvre before arrogantly tossing him into his own corner, allowing Brother Ray to tag himself in. It seems Shelly’s ego is backed up though as he trips Ray up with ease before continuing his ground game. Shelley ends up n the defensive end when Devon enters and clotheslines him from behind, allowing Ray enough time to tag him in and make him the legal man.

    Devon goes to work on Shelley, though his crude, brutish style contrasts highly with Shelley’s much more elegant, strategic and ingenious style. The brawling stops as Shelley manages to counter out of the corner with a Flying DDT. Devon gets to his corner and tags in Lance Rock, but Shelley has already reached his. Enter Hernandez. Hernandez quickly subdues a charging Rock with a hard, hard shoulder block, before demolishing the rest of the four man team as they run in to help. All four roll to the outside, but LAX have got another trick up their sleeve, Homicide being thrown into them with an incredible Crackerjack. Hernandez soon follows, after tagging Sabin, and ends up flying over the top rope. Sabin joins the fun, diving once again into the growing crowd.

    Rave manages to drag himself back In the ring, but finds himself at the feet of Sabin, who seems to possess little mercy. The remaining half of the Guns hits an Enzuigiri, followed shortly by a Cradle Shock and the 1-2-3.

    The Motor City Machine Guns & the Latin American Xchange

    Shelley’s the first to re-enter the ring, celebrating the win with his partner. Oddly, the referee hands them the title belts being held at ringside instead of the rightful champions. LAX enter the ring and then stop, seeing the no. 1 contenders with their title belts. There’s a moments hesitation before the Guns hand them over, along with a handshake.


    We enter again at the main event of the evening, a TNA X Division title match. The ending seems predictable; that the champion will retain. However, this is TNA so who knows? The entrances - Little Petey Pump’s and Curry Man’s - are stuffed full of cheese and novelty. Again, this is TNA.

    X Division Title Match
    Little Petey Pump vs. Curry Man​

    Typically, it’s the face, Curry Man, that starts out strongly, dishing out a fast-paced, lethal offence and demonstrating his great sense of rhythm and timing as he does so. Petey gets a second wind though; the embarrassment of a guy called “Curry Man” doing a jig on his back filling him with rage and, yeah, embarrassment. He smashes Curry Man into the corner where he delivers a series of stiff knee strikes, showing how he not only wants to win, but that he wants to hurt his opponent in the process. 1-2-kickout.

    Petey signals for the Canadian Destroyer, obviously attempting to end things early. It doesn’t quite turn out as he expected though, getting reversed into a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. 1-2-kickout. Curry Man goes to hit the Spicy drop but Petey riggles out. Kick to the gut, Canadian Destroyer! 1-2-kickout. Petey might not be getting the pin, but he wants something, pulling at Curry Man’s mask. Curry Man tries to fend him off but just gets punched in the face as a result. Petey pulls the mask free, revealing… Christopher Daniels! The crowd is in shock… because they’re ******ed apparently.

    Just like Petey got a second wind earlier, Daniels gets one now, gaining momentum and hitting Williams with a Double Knee Gutbuster, followed by Angel’s Wings! 1-2-kickout. Daniels is frustrated, but less so when he sees the top rope. He smashes the turnbuckle to get the crowd hyped up: B!M!E! 1-2-3!

    And NEW X-Division Champion, Curry Ma-, I mean, Christopher Daniels

    Daniels gets down on his knees and almost cries as he’s handed the X Title, although he looks a sight in the Curry Man costume sans mask. Suddenly, the lights go out. They come back on and Daniels is laid out, Sting holding his black bat in one hand and the X title in another. Styles comes running out, but Sting has already left the ring. He picks up a microphone and mocks AJ as he heads backwards up the ramp.

    Do I want to prove my point enough to cost you the world title, AJ? No, I want to prove it much more than that. That’s why I just laid out your friend and took the symbol of the X Division, the part of TNA that brought it to the mainstream’s attention. The part that you innovated AJ. How does it feel to know--

    Stings forcefully shut up when Jarrett grabs him from behind and hits him with the Stroke. Jarrett heads back to the ring with the belt, but AJ doesn’t see Williams behind him - he gets spun around and hit with a Canadian Destroyer. Jarrett runs to the ring to help out AJ, but the lights go out as he enters. They come back on and Angle is standing behind Jarrett, a guitar in his hands, which he promptly wraps around Jeff’s head as another measure of revenge.

    The show goes off air with a reversal of roles from last week. This time it’s Angle standing over Jarrett, pieces of shattered guitar everywhere.


    Bound For Glory Card

    TNA World Title Match
    Kurt Angle (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett

    Sting vs. AJ Styles

    Monster's Ball
    Mick Foley vs. Abyss

    Legacy vs. Legacy
    Booker T vs. Rhino

    TNA Tag Title Ultimate X Match

    The Latin American XChange (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns​

    Next Week:

    Styles & Daniels reunited for one night only!
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  7. DJ

    DJ I've wrestled alot of countries

    Feb 22, 2008
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    Again a very nice show.I think you have a loyal reader in me now.

    The Good
    MCMG vs LAX.Great build and very fun.I like how they can't trust each other.
    Daniels coming back.

    The Bad
    Daniels....isn't he banned?Or something?

    Still enjoyable and you carried the storylines from last week.7.5 stars.
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  8. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    Mmm, I noticed a most of the cons half way through, but I really wanted to get it out a week after the first. I may be retconning next week. Like crazy.

    Edit: Next week should hopefully be better. I can start furthering storylines properly. I need some more jobbers. There's only so many times you can use Rock 'N' Rave.
  9. Sparky

    Sparky Master of the Aussie kiss

    May 20, 2007
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    Good Read Sam, it sounds better then the real TNA, this one is perhaps the best book this. Makes you wonder what will happen next week. cant wait for the next one to be posted.
  10. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

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    October 2nd, 2008

    “One Night Only”

    Pyrotechnics explode and the familiar music whines and groans as the easily impressed Orlando crowd cheers. The usual TNA recap, Don West screaming and hollering as though he can feel the rapture coming on and Tenay doing his best to disguise his talent as a play-by-play commentator by getting dragged along in the unreasonable hype of every single thing that’s going on in TNA at that time.

    One particular bit of hype may not be in vain, however. That which comes to light at the end of the rant; the hype of the imminent reunion of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels… for One Night Only. Their opponents? Beer Money Inc. Apparently Jim Cornette has a sense of humour, albeit not a particularly good one. The decision to put together two teams who have publicly split up and, in Roode and Storm’s case, begun feuding seems more like the work of an odd ball rather than a funny man.

    The crowd seems to care less who’s created it, seemingly in awe of the spectacle that AJ and Daniels’ entrance presents: the two stepping through a shower of sparks together in colour co-ordinated (yet not particularly matching in the sense that they aren’t identical) outfits, a stylish image, both men highlighted in white and pale blue, Daniels with his newly won X title around his waist. They’re the epitome unity and synchronicity.

    In contrast, Beer Money act just like two feuding partners would, dressing in separate colours and entering separately. They manage to put their differences aside enough to not beat the crap out of each other as they have done the last two weeks. They don’t appear particularly friendly though.

    The match looks likely to be as exciting as it is pointless.

    AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Beer Money Inc.​

    Storm and the “returning” (from his stint as Curry Man) Christopher Daniels start it out, the latter working the crowd into a frenzy but the former getting a cheap shot in as he does. It only takes a few seconds to turn things around though, Daniels coming out of an Irish Whip a high knee, sending Storm to the floor, clutching his jaw in pain. Daniels doesn’t go on the offence though, instead working the defence. Multiple times in a row, he lets Storm recover momentarily, only to hit a smart reversal when he next charges or swings. It seems Storm is sick of this little game, being the one on the losing end of it, and casually tags in an unsuspecting Roode, as if he’s challenging him to better.

    And the Canadian does, for a time. Locking up with Daniels, rather than charging in like Storm did, he demonstrates his superior strength, trumping Daniels superior manoeuvrability, ending in him hitting a Roode Awakening Leg Hook Suplex. Roode then gets on top of Daniels and begins hitting closed fits. The referee begins telling Roode off, distracting him. He pushes the ref aside and, seeing Daniels pulling himself to his feet with the ropes, charges. Daniels sees the attacking coming and drops to the floor, bringing the top rope with him and sending Roode sailing over. Roode begins stumbling to his feet and Daniels gains momentum for a Suicide Dive, but grabs onto the ropes as he goes over, pulling the top rope down, causing Roode to drop his guard and get hit when Styles follows Daniels over with a Somersault Plancha.

    Daniels follows the others to the floor, however, when Storm hits him off the apron with a baseball side, before diving over himself with a Cross-body Block. Storm begins to clear the wreckage, being the first to rise to his feet, tossing Daniels into the ring steps and then Styles into the barrier. He then slides the Fallen Angel into the ring and his own partner after him. Roode laboriously drags one arm over Daniels but it’s only just enough for a two count. Storm begins to hurl abuse at his partner but gets cut off when Styles hit’s a Flying Forearm on him, before climbing onto the apron and getting the hot tag. Much as he tries, Roode just doesn’t have enough to compete with the fresher Styles, who crushes him.

    A low blow allows him to get away, however, and Storm gets begrudgingly tagged in. Storm does alright, getting the upper hand. It all falls apart when Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm though. AJ merely slides from Storms back after the attempted toss, and then gets a quick Styles Clash in. Roode rushes in but gets a dropkick for his trouble. Meanwhile, Daniels hits Storm with the Angel’s Wings, followed by a BME, followed by a Frog Splash from Styles and an easy three count.

    AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

    Daniels and Styles celebrate, only for Roode to come at them from behind with a chair. Roode catches both with the steel and looks at Storm, asking for help. Storm’s in no mood, however, and catches Roode with a surprise Last Call Superkick, giving him a taste of his own medicine: y’know, the chair. As Storm pours beer over an incapacitated Roode, you can hear five words; “Sorry about your damn luck!”. A quick exit is necessary though, as Daniels and Styles raise to their feet simultaneously and chase Storm out.


    We’re backstage, in the parking lot to be specific. A car pulls up with a screech of breaks. Kevin Nash climbs out and is immediately confronted by JB.

    /Jeremy Borash: Kevin, Kevin, have you got anything to say to Samoa Joe following your beat down at his hands last week?

    /Kevin Nash: Yeah, I got something to say. But it can wait ‘till later tonight, when Joe can face me man to man.

    We cut to Kurt Angle with Krystal or whatever her name is in front of that massive ‘iMPACT!’ sign. Angle looks sharp, like a champion, wearing a suit and with the gold glinting on his shoulder. He has a definite air of smugness about him.

    /Krystal: Kurt, with your match at Bound For Glory approaching…

    Kurt yanks the microphone from her hands.

    /Kurt Angle: Let me guess: how do I feel? What’s my reaction to the imminent ass-kicking Jeff Jarrett’s going to get? Let me tell you, I feel great. I couldn’t be happier about my match at Bound For Glory. Ever since I got to TNA, there’s been a question hanging over my head. I’ve beaten everyone from Sting to Samoa Joe to AJ Styles to Christian Cage. Everyone. Everyone, except one man. The man. The only man that comes close to me when discussing the greatest champion this company has ever seen, and the one man I’ve not proved myself to be better than…

    Angle stops suddenly, looking as if he’s seen a ghost. The camera pans to reveal the other half of what is perhaps Kurt’s most notable rivalry ever: Brock Lesnar. It seems like the air of smugness and self-assuredness has abandoned Kurt and jumped over to Lesnar.

    /Brock Lesnar: Hello Kurt. Nice title. Maybe after I’ve finished beating everyone there is to beat in TNA, I could borrow it for a little while?

    The crowd cheering is audible. Lesnar simply smiles and walks away.

    /Krystal: Kurt, what’s your reaction to--

    /Kurt Angle: Would you just shut up?

    We cut to the iMPACT! Zone and Senshi entering, making his first appearance in months. Still subcontracted, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be paid for his services. The Motor City Machine Guns are shown at ringside, the reason for which is shown presently - guns shots ring out, signalling the arrival of LAX. Homicide, the man in this match, leads out Hernandez and Hector Guerrero. Not to break the fourth wall but yeah, that annoying bitch Salinas has been dropped in my version too. The Warrior doesn’t seem fazed by the theatrics of the smaller half of LAX, but he may well be after he gets on the end of that ass-kicking that’s looking to be dished out.

    Homicide w/ Hernandez & Hector Guerrero vs. Senshi​

    The bell rings and the two circle each other, both showing their professionalism and their strategic mentality. Homicide comes out on top from the first lock up, tossing Senshi to the mat with a Hip Toss and then going after him, showing off his ground game. A snap suplex leaves Senshi writhing in pain and so Homicide takes a moment out to tease The Guns. He takes one second too long, however, and ends up with a boot in his face, then two boots on his shins, causing him to land on the canvas face first. Homicide gets to his knees only for Senshi to connect with another kick, then another… and a Glimmering Warlock to finish it off. Senshi goes for a pin prematurely, only getting a two.

    Homicide gets an advantage as Senshi takes him into the corner. He hits shoulder barges, runs out the corner and charges back in only to get Senshi’s foot in his face once more. He keeps his wits about him though and manages to hit a Overhead Belly to Belley as Senshi dives out the corner. From then on in, Homicide dominates, keeping Senshi grounded and attempting to damage his limbs with a series of painful holds, taking time out every now and then pull of an impress toss or throw, an attempt to psyche out the Guns apparently.

    It ends up with Senshi finally battling back as Homicide mounts him on the turnbuckle. Homicide gets his legs caught and Senshi is ready to deliver Warrior’s Way. However, Homicide manages to shake the ropes enough to cause Senshi to lose his balance, and he crotches himself. Homicide untangles himself and hooks his opponent’s arms - Gringo Killah from the top rope. It’s no surprise that Homicide picks up the clean three.


    The match ends with LAX in the ring celebrating, holding their tags belts high as their music pounds in the background and pokerfaced Motor City Machine Guns look on.


    We get back to another showcase match. This time it’s a Motor City Machine Gun, Chris Sabin, taking on Shark Boy. LAX are at ringside.

    Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley vs. Shark Boy​

    Sabin starts off without breaking a sweat, and embarrassing Shark Boy. Odd, considering the fish/man hybrid is supposedly the new Stone Cold Steve Austin. Sabin hits a double knee on Shark Boy and a running bulldog from out the corner. From then on in, it’s essentially Sabin’s match, with the odd bit of input from what is otherwise practically a mannequin having wrestling moves practiced on it.

    Shark Boy does get a little offense back though, bringing back his signature Ass Bite move and almost getting a Snap Suplex in before Sabin counters it and gets one of his own. It’s only a matter of time before Sabin hit’s a Cradle Shock and claims his win.

    Chris Sabin

    Sabin and Shelley celebrate in the ring as LAX look on. The Xchange may have the gold, but the Guns unquestionably have the more momentum.

    We cut to backstage where we see Samoa Joe in his locker room. We suddenly hear a door slam and an irate Nash walk in. The two get in each other’s faces but Joe seems fairly self-assured after the beating he gave Nash previously.

    /Kevin Nash: I don’t know what you think you’re doing Joe, but I’m sick of it. Last week, when you attacked me out of nowhere, you practically spat in the face of my legacy.

    /Samoa Joe: Out of nowhere? Kev, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. I gave you plenty of time to talk about it. And you’re damn right I disrespected your legacy, because you’ve done nothing but treat me like a kid since you “took me under your wing”. Fact of the matter is, I’m better than you ever were. And you know it.

    /Kevin Nash: You know what Joe? I’m not gonna lose my temper. I’m not gonna hit you. I have more respect than that. But you want to prove your point so bad, how’s this: me and you at Bound For Glory. You win, I leave TNA.

    /Samoa Joe: Kev, you’re on. And trust me, I will end your career.


    Now it’s time for the main event of the evening. The opponents (at Bound For Glory) of Mick Foley and Brock Lesnar respectively, Abyss and Christian Cage, are set to face off in a typical TNA main event. If the match goes without interference in some form, there’s something wrong with the universe. Cage enters with all of the arrogance that once may have got him cheered as a face, but now gets him despised as a heel. Abyss’ entrance is full of fire and such, but nothing more than the usual.

    Abyss vs. Christian Cage​

    Abyss gets the advantage with relative ease, Christian incredibly vulnerable to his opponents size and aggression. He ends up being tossed into a corner but slides out of the ring to avoid the monster. Abyss follows after but becomes victim to a cheap shot before being lead around and tossed into scenery. It all ends with Christian laboriously tipping him into the steel stairs and then rolling him into the ring. He covers but only gets the two.

    He continues to pick Abyss apart, often going for unfair tactics like eye rakes. Eventually, he sets Abyss up in the corner and goes for a Stinger Splash but gets caught, ending up on his back. He quickly scrambles to his feet, only to get knocked back down by a hard clothesline. He hopes back up, dazed, and gets one big hand wrapped around his throat - Chokeslam! It’s only a two.

    The monster tries to capitalise, looking to perhaps finish things with a Shock Treatment. The Instant Classic has something else in mind, wriggling from his opponents shoulders and hitting a low blow from behind. Acting quickly, he rolls from the ring, re-entering with a steel chair. He ends up wrapping it round Abyss’ skull without hesitation.

    Christian Cage

    Christian hits Abyss a few more times, leaving him semi-conscious. He puts another chair underneath his head, and looks to go for the one man con-chair-to. He’s disturbed though, as Foley runs to the ring, barbed wire baseball bat in hand. Christian dives through the ropes and heads for the ramp, only to find Lesnar in his way. Terrified, he legs it to the other entrance ramp, only to find Jeff Jarrett. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place… Until Kurt Angle shows up, hitting an Angle Slam on Jarrett from behind. The two heels make a hasty escape as Lesnar chases after them and Jarrett lies on the ramp, clutching his head.

    We cut back to Foley in the ring. It seems he’s helping Abyss up… Suddenly, he gets a sneaky smile across his face. Savouring the moment, he whacks Abyss across the face with the baseball bat, then dragging the barbed wire across his face. The monster is audibly screeching. Foley finally shows some sort of mercy, leaving Abyss to lie in a poll of his own blood. He’s got that same sadistic smile on his face, as he holds the bloodied bat and iMPACT! goes off air.

  11. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    This'll continue as soon as the site is fixed. Also, no comments? :( I'm a big obsessive nerd doncha know?

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