The SHIELD Reforms But To What End?

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Monster Amongst Men, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Last night seen the reformation of The SHIELD, one of the most popular WWE stables in recent memory. Roman Reigns took on Finn Balor in the main event of Monday Night Raw last night and, after defending his title, was almost cashed in on by Braun Strowman. But as the briefcase was handed over, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose ran out from the back in full SHIELD gear. They all took apart Strowman, finishing him off with a 3 man powerbomb through the announce table.

    First, I should note that this was a cool moment. I'm not a huge fan of the SHIELD but I was excited to see them all together again.

    That said, I'm struggling to see what the point in all of this. Equally as annoying, I don't think the WWE knows who's the heel and who's the face in this endeavour. Strowman is more over than any of the members of the SHIELD (fite me) but seems to be acting like the heel. The SHIELD attacking someone 3 on 1 is also very heelish. Maybe the WWE have backed themselves into a corner with their Strowman booking. Can it be that it will take 3 men to beat Braun? Maybe but it's not a great situation in any case.

    What do you all think? What's the long game here?
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    I wrote this is the strowman thread but I feel like this was suppose to happened at summerslam to explain lesnar's absence but lesnar didn't want to do it, so they went with plan b.

    I also feel like they wanted to do this to make up for the failed reunion they had last year. The whole thing is all a backdrop for the eventual Ambrose heel turn that will eventually happened.

    What I see is Ambrose helping Rollins and reigns keep their championship and at some point he's going to get jealous and turn on his brothers costing Rollins is championship or costing Rollins to lose the ic title by accident and then costing reigns championship when he turns on them and That's we're strowman will cash in and win the belt.

    Anyway, right now, let's just enjoy the reunion for what it his and let's hope this lead to bigger and better thing for Ambrose.
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    Vince McMahon doesn't care about the heel-face dynamic anymore. That should be perfectly obvious given his repeated insistence of putting certain wrestlers with certain characters in certain spots that many believe are miscast. If the dichotomy of "good vs. bad" meant anything to him, then he'd pay attention to the response some get and would adjust things accordingly. Both Cena & Reigns would've been turned heel a long time ago, Charlotte Flair would probably be heel instead of Becky Lynch, as Becky is the one who came off sympathetic at SummerSlam. In the grand scheme of things, as much as it wrings with few droplets of kayfabe are left out of wrestling, he's probably right as the worst thing that can happen is that someone gets no response at all.

    As for the Shield, I think it's a temporary thing. Allegedly, WWE intends to ultimately pick up where they left off in regards to the Shield and Ambrose & Rollins as a team. The plan was for an Ambrose heel turn and, if rumors are true, that's still the ultimate plan but it's anybody's guess as to when it's set to go down. If Ambrose goes heel, I don't know if he turns on both Rollins and Reigns or if it's just Rollins with their association with Reigns being something that only happens every so often. If he screws them both over, then the heel turn might be a while in coming if he's to do something to cost both men their titles as I simply don't see Roman Reigns dropping the Universal Championship before WrestleMania next year.
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    Mmmm... There are too many factors actually: They are heels? It’s a thing? How they will work? Is Roman the leader?

    My personally book until WM:
    I will book them as a faction until probably Survivor Series time.
    Have Roman as a defending champ, with some heel aura but being dominant. In a RAW of next week, have them destroy Braun Strowman, as they also destroy the MITB briefcase. Probably I will also give Dean a tag team championship win, with the freebird rule. Make them look as the TOP thing in RAW, with Balor (no demon), Lashley or Owens (face turn), with Seth and Dean also defending the championships in a good way, not like Ambrose’s US reign.
    We came to Survivor Series, Roman vs Miz (yes, Miz can be champion by that time), and Roman wins with Seth and Dean on his corner. After, lights go out, and they came back... And it sounds like: BRAAAAAUN!
    Dean and Seth are both taken out in the commentors table (Spanish obviously), and Braun cashes in succesfully on Roman
    On RAW, Roman wants his title back, and gets obsesed with it, as we feel they are starting to downfall. They are set to defend them against the Authors of Pain, with Seth and Dean being the team. Roman betrays them, allying himself with AOP and with his neeew manager, Paul Heyman, and taking both former friends out. Roman makes a change of music and attire, being a dominant force in RAW, without reaching the Universal Championship, not yet.
    Meanwhile, Seth is trying to make Dean that he was not the one this time. He will always be his friend. But Dean starts being sort of lunatic and doesn’t wants to be with him, he still hasn’t forget the first one...
    Seth is set to defend his IC championship before the Rumble (1 or 2 months), and the ref is taken out. Seth and his opponent are both groggy, and Dean cames out, with the Shield attire and the music, and looks as he was gonna help Seth. He hits Dirty Deeds on the opponent, and he ¡hits Dirty Deeds on Seth too!, and he puts the opponent on Seth as he loses the IC title.
    No match between them, but the three former Shield members are the last three on the Rumble, as Seth is the winner
    Dean allys with Roman suddenly, taking out Seth.
    In the Elimination Chamber, Roman wins the Universal Championship back, from Lashley or Balor, and he defends it once on the rematch on Fastlane. In the end of the night, he holds it, and Dean snaps and attacks him, with his faction turning on him. And Seth music plays out, ¡HE IS BACK!, and he attacks Dean, but he holds the Universal Championship in front of Roman, hitting him with the Curb Stomp, with Dean looking.
    Next RAW, Angle sets a Triple Threat for WM, as Roman demanded Dean and Seth chooses the Universal Championship. I will book Seth to be the one with the title after it.

    (Sorry about the faults)
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    So this is how I'd book The Shield until Wrestle Mania and slightly beyond:
    First, I'd have Corbin talk to The Shield about if they help him he can help them as the new GM. The Shield say nothing leading to speculation on if they're heels or faces.

    Hell in the Cell:
    Ambrose and Rollins can either tag or do a singles match while the Big Dawg takes on Stroman in Hell in a Cell. Back and forth match with Stroman looking like he might win. Shields music hits but can't enter with Stroman mocking them until Corbin comes down, unlocks the cage and Shield takes out Stroman with Reigns retaining his belt.

    Next night on Raw Ambrose and Rollins beat B Team for tag belts.

    Super Dome Show:
    Shield v Braun Stroman in a 3 on 1 handicap match for Universal Title. Stroman can win title if he pins or submits any member. Have Stroman close to pinning either Dean or Rollins until Reigns comes in with a chair causing a DQ win for Stroman but no title change.

    Survivor Series:
    In a traditional 4 on 4 I'd have Shield/Corbin v Angle, Lashley, Stroman, and Balor in a match for GM spot. Angle's team wins with Angle back as GM and Corbin out.

    Next night Angle announces at TLC Reigns Universal belt will be up for grabs in a 6 man TLC match and announces Stroman, Lashley, and Balor as first 3 competitors for their fine work at Survivor Series. Shield complains that it's unfair. Angle says to show he's fair Ambrose and Rollins are the last two in the match. Later on Corbin sees Shield and acts buddy buddy but the 3 of them destroy Corbin back stage ending their brief partnership.
    Some signs of concern by Reigns wondering if Dean or Rollins will turn or help him leading up to TLC.

    Reigns retains with the help of his brothers. No breakup.

    Royal Rumble:
    Rollins loses IC belt to Drew McIntyre with Dolph taking out Dean. Dean and Rollins are also in Royal Rumble match.
    Reigns v Lashley and retains.
    Winner of Royal Rumble: Number 30 spot Braun Stroman... last 3 are Dean, Rollins, and Braun with Braun taking both to win.

    Not sure what next ppvs are until WM but leading up Reigns is still champ, Dean/Rollins still tag champs and Braun still MITB and facing Reigns at WM. Weeks before Wrestle Mania have Shield take out Stroman. WWE announces Braun is hurt and is out of the main event. Shield celebrates until Paul Heyman comes back and Angle finally gives Lesnar his rematch at WM against Roman Reigns.

    Shield loses tag belts in a Triple threat w Revival and AoP. I'd have Revival wins tag belts pinning Rollins. Dean leaves Rollins alone.
    Brock v Reigns NO DQ match for Universal Title
    Brock rag dolls Reigns until Shield music hits and Rollins comes down without Dean. Brock takes out both and is about to win until Dean surprises everyone and breaks up the pin. Lesnar does his thing against Dean until Reigns and Rollins come and help, TRIPLE POWERBOMB on a table in the ring for the 1, 2, 3... Reigns retains, Shield celebrates until you hear BRAUNNNNNN...

    Braun comes down, takes out Rollins and Dean, finally cashes in his MITB contract on Reigns becoming the new Universal Champion creating his Wrestle Mania moment.

    As for when I'd have the Shield break up is the RAW after the next ppv after WM. At the PPV Stroman retains against Reigns. Next night on RAW Dean and Reigns turn on Rollins turning Rollins face.
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    The end should be the most logical conclusion... Reigns reformed the Shield because he can't beat Strowman by himself and needs backup. This was teased on RAW and should slowly be revealed over the next weeks and months, with Strowman making the final declaration of Reigns fear / inadequacy. The door is kicked wide open for a Roman Reigns heel turn and a Shield run of Four Horsemen like proportions.

    But this is WWE... Reigns will remain a majority-booed babyface while Rollins shrugs his shoulders and Ambrose likely turns on one or both of them at some point.
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    Roman gets his best reaction as a member of The Shield. I wonder if they held back on giving him the title until Ambrose returned so that he gets more appropriate pops. Sad if true but so much with Roman has been sad that I'm waiting for him to be implicated as a Roman Catholic child molesting priest/Trump "fixer".

    I don't think there is or will be any turn here. Roman needs protection, Braun has a short cut to the title. It can work with everyone keeping their personas. It will end like everything else but that will be a while.
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    This is a perfect example of Vince and Co. simply not getting it.

    You’ve got Braun Strowman, one of the few over faces (though his face turn was rather random and abrupt.)

    You’ve got Roman Reigns, who the company so desperately wants to get over as a face.

    So what do you do? You attempt to make a guy more marketable at the expense of a guy who already is marketable. It’s like spending $100 on lottery tickets in hopes of winning $125.
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    Not to get into a argument on anything, but i really don't get you're point. Even if you and some other fans don't want to see it, Reigns is already marketable and really doesn't need anybody to make him marketable at this point, it's mostly the other way around. Strowman as a babyface was probably going to be something that last a few years and then would fizzle out as soon as he get the top spot because has a single wrestler he's still very green and the realize that, Strowman was popular because of the strong man stuff and his catchphrase and that's it, that way he was hidden in so many tag matches or put in gimmick matches for the last year and a half, because they knew his limitations and wanted to keep them hidden as much as humanly possible. He don't think that he would have become the no.1 babyface even if Reigns wasn't around because of that. He a special attraction at best and that's his role in the company. Now they turn him in but at the same time he was put in a stable with 2 of the best workers in the company which in the end will help him grow as a performer and make him a even bigger star in the long run. Vince knows how to play the long game, he played that game for over 30 years at this point, sometimes, it's better to have a slow build but great something great then rush something and it fizzle out in a few year.

    Strowman is a pet project of Vince right now and i really doubt that he would do anything to hurt him, so i say that what they are doing with strowman right will benefit Strowman more in the long run then if they would have continue to use him as a sideshow like they've been doing for the last year.
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    The Roman support group will be around until one of them turns and Reigns is no longer champ.

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