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    No Spamming.

    The post count is on in this forum, and if you're going to post, I expect the post to be well fleshed out and complete. So, for those of you keeping score at home, here are examples:

    SPAM: Hogan wins best Superstar hands down, he's the best of all time.

    NOT SPAM: Clearly, the greatest Diva of all time in the WWF/E was Miss Elizabeth. She was called the "First Lady" for a good reason, and she really re-defined the role of a woman manager in professional wrestling. While perhaps not as animated as a Heenan or a Slick, Elizabeth's sweet, innocent beauty queen nature and soft spoken style reaffirmed a main eventers status as a babyface.

    Get it? Please don't break that rule, because we will infract you, and we'd rather not do that.

    No Flaming.

    Someone disagree with you on something? They are not an "idiot" or any other derogatory terms. Keep your debate centered on their debate and yu'll be fine.

    Other Rules

    Please read the revised rules that were posted by Luther, and are at the beginning of every forum.

    Polls will be open for 7 days. Ties will be broken by the number of voters who post in favor of their particular choice. SO, if Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair each get 32 votes, but 20 people posted for Hogan and 13 for Flair, Hogan wins the All-Time WZ Slammy.

    If you have any questions, please ask a mod or an admin - we're the ones whose names are in boldface.

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