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Discussion in 'Digital Arts and Graphics' started by Slyfox696, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Here are the Rules for the newly revamped Digital Arts and Graphics forum.

    1. Spam is not allowed in the main Digital Arts and Graphics forum. Any post in the the main forum which does not meet the WrestleZone Forums spamming policy, will be deleted and subject to Infraction.

    2. The spamming policy INCLUDES Showcase threads. If you wish to post a graphic in the main forum, then you must also give a non-spam post to go with it. If you can do all the work to create a custom graphic, then you can create a small non-spam post as well.

    Some examples of things that can be posted is the program you used to create the graphic and why you used that program. You can tell us about how you brought your graphic together, what fonts you used, how you created the background, why you created that graphic, etc.

    Posts that are created simply to compliment a graphic maker need to also be in non-spam form.

    3. Spamming IS allowed in the Requests sub-forum. Feel free to make requests without fear of a Spamming violation. Feel free to post graphics in the Request forum without fear of a Spamming violation.

    4. There is no more Showcase Hall sub-forum. The Showcase Hall has been merged into the main Digital Arts and Graphics forum.

    5. The "Resize Your Sig" thread has now been moved to the Requests sub-forum.

    6. Post count is on in the main Digital Arts and Graphics forum, but off in the Requests forum.

    7. At the time this thread is posted, ALL former threads in both the main Digital Arts and Graphics forum, as well as the now defunct Showcase Hall have been locked. They will not be re-opened. We are starting all over, so please do not request threads to be unlocked.

    I'm sorry if you had a great thread, but we're starting all over, and we are going to be consistent across the forum.

    Thank you.
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    In light of recent events, I'm adding some new rules and clarifications.

    8. When you want to request the same sig from multiple sig-makers, please make a single thread in the Requests subforum and specify that that's what you want.
    There is an unwritten code of respect between the sig-makers that when someone requests a sig from one specific person, they do not make the sig themselves. If you want to do a comparison, making a thread that says that will clear up any confusion there may be.

    9. Remember that though the Requests section is spam-friendly, all other rules still apply.
    This includes: Trolling, flaming, advertising, and everything else detailed in the rule book. Please take all arguments to The Cage or to PMs. Offending posts WILL be deleted and warnings/infractions will be issued.

    Thank you.

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