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    Real Name: Stetson Hayes

    Gimmick Name: Stetson Hayes

    Announced As: Stetson Hayes

    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 295 lbs

    Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

    Billed From: Fort Worth, TX

    Alignment: Heel (Who Thinks He's Face)

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Fort Worth, Texas, weighing 295 pounds, Stetson Hayes!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length
    Brown and kept Short

    ----------------Eye Colour Hazel

    ----------------Facial Hair Cleanshaven

    ----------------Ring attire Black Speedo, Wristbands, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, and Cowboy Boots

    ----------------Backstage Attire Three Piece Suit (or Windbreaker) and a White Stetson Cowboy Hat

    ----------------Physical Features Roadworn. Rough features.

    ----------------Tattoos: None

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:


    Main Gimmick: Cowboy

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    1. Foul-mouthed and rude as hell, Stetson comes with a censor bar when he's on TV

    2. Rebel to the mainstream, absolutely hates what wrestling is now and looks to correct it

    Brief Bio/History: A drifter of a man, there is no place for Stetson to hang his hat. But one thing he knows is how to deliver a stiff right fist. A casual of bars all over America, one night he was at a pub that featured WZCW. He saw what wrestling had become, and vowed to change it. He got in contact with WZCW and they liked his personality so much they gave him a reality TV show to voice is opinions on.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: The sounds of hooves echo throughout the arena as Stetson appears on a large horse (color, breed, etc up to the writer - but no Shetlands or mini types). He pulls the reigns close, causing the steed to neigh loudly. He eyes the audience (or his opponent if they're already in the ring), and gives the horse a nudge forward. Camera cuts to a wide angle, capturing the slow trot down the runway. Stopping adjacent to the apron, Stetson unsaddles and takes the stairs into the ring. He lifts his cowboy hat from his head and plants it on a nearby turnbuckle post. Stetson stands close to the referee and waits for the bell to ring.

    Fighting Style: Rasslin

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Due to his southern upbringing, he is not very accepting of progressive ideas

    No vision in his left eye and the story of how he lost his sight changes whenever he wants

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    Texas Cloverleaf

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    10 Corner Punches - nine followed by a beer drinking gesture, and then landing the tenth

    Fancy Rope Work (Stetson applies a lasso, hogties opponent, etc in special events)

    Snap Powerbomb

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Belly to Back Suplex
    Chop Block
    Sleeper Hold
    Shin Breaker
    Knife Edge Chop
    Last Call
    Leg Trap Spinebuster
    Running DDT
    Russian Leg Sweep
    Short-Arm Lariat
    Big Boot

    Sample RP

    Mike's Bar
    Fort Worth, TX
    The Night of Kingdom Come IX

    It was over. Constantine did the unthinkable and took the title from Titus, with it the 951-day reign. Everybody close to the TV monitors whooped and hollered ecstatically, buying other random barflies another round for the new champion. A big moment in pro wrestling just occurred. There was loud and excited conversation everywhere.

    Everywhere that is, but the table at the corner of the bar.

    Stetson: Pfft.

    Stetson Hayes downed his whiskey and motioned to the waitress. She paid him no mind, either he was drowned out by the rave party the Texas dive was turning into or she was ignoring him altogether. What ever was the reason, the cowboy placed his hat on the table and got up from his chair.

    The bar itself was crowded, but manageable. Wednesday was never this popular at Mike's. Things were changing all around the country boy, and it made him uneasy.

    Mike: What'll it be, South?

    Stetson: ...don't call me that. I need a Jack, and from the looks of it I'll need a double.

    The bartender readied a short glass, pouring two shots of liquor in front of him. Satisfied, Michael slid the drink to Hayes.

    Mike You celebratin' history tonight? Heard you wrestle sometimes yourself. Gotta be happy to see it's still popular.

    Stetson: I'm in mournin', Mike. Let me grieve in peace.

    With that, Stetson turned from the counter and went back to his table...where an old flame greeted him.

    Angie: Howdy, South. What's eating at ya?

    Stetson: Angela, why you gotta haunt me here in my dyin' moments? Can't you just leave me alone so I can get on with my fuckin' Will writin'?

    Angie: Drama queen. I saw you out in Plano makin' that tall feller tap out. Good match. Why you ain't surrounded by these other rednecks toasting ol' Consty? Burr under your collar?

    He nodded, and drank. She rolled her half-empty beer bottle from one hand to the other, waiting for him to explain himself. She knew he had no patience. He sighed.

    Stetson: The only place in the world you can see people for who they are is inside that ring. Ain't nowhere else on God's land you'll see a crazy turn coward, or a coward turn crazy like you do there. And from where I'm sittin' it appears that these glory goblins have all gone mad.

    He finished the Jack and audibly sat the glass down. From the other side of his hat, there were four other empty glasses.

    Stetson: Why do ya need to name a wrestling hold anything other than what it already is? You think a man is gonna care what little name you give your little kicks or your little top rope jumping jacks? They ain't. This is rasslin', where a man discovers what he's made of when the bell is struck. And this, this shit I see here-"

    Gesturing at the television, fireworks blasted from all corners of The Camp Nou.

    Stetson: This pisses me off. It wudn't stupid before. Now we've got rockabillies and geishas and a goddamn mafioso tuggin' at his pecker where that champ'nship used to be. Why they rasslin'? What sick twist of fate led these poor souls to give each other sweaty headlocks each week? I can't take it. No ma'am, I can't take it.

    Stetson Hayes got up from the table, clumsily reaching for his empty cup. The bartender noticed.

    Mike: 'Think you've had enough, South. I'll get you an Uber.

    Stetson: I said don't call me that, you mosquito lookin' fuck! No toothbrush havin' anomaly. I-I'd rather get picked up by the damn pigs then to deal with some stranger makin' small talk and rev-reviewing me at the end of my travel. ME! What kind of Mickey Mouse nippled hell is this world comin' to when the customers'err the ones getting crit-critiqued?!? Nuh-uh. I'm gonna go walk. May...may walk my tired ass all the way to WZCW HQ, who knows...

    Stetson Hayes staggered out of the bar and into the parking lot. Angie followed behind, and she caught his eye.

    Stetson: Ain't there a trough missin' your face right now?

    Angie: Jesus South ain't gotta be so rude. Just thought to tell you you may have had the one bright idea you'll ever have. Wrestling needs one of them ground roots types, and you could be it. Make people 'member the old days.

    Stetson: Yer an old day...

    Those were his last words as he passed out in front of Mike's bar.
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