Smackdown v. Raw (feat. E.C.W.) 2008: Script This!

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    I like your show alot. IMO you're really good at explaining all the story lines and proggessing each fued along. Your show is one of my faves in Book This.
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    Im going to start my own show here and I do all three brands and I'll update every two days.

    Raw Roster
    John Cena - H
    Evan Bourne - F (CAW)
    Randy Orton - H
    Chris Jericho - T (CAW)
    William Regal - H
    Team Pricelesss - H
    Cryme Tyme - T
    Mickie James - F
    Beth Phoenix - H
    Candice Michelle - F
    Melina - F
    Kelly Kelly - H
    Umaga - H
    C.M. Punk - F
    JBL - H
    Kofi Kingston - F (caw)
    HBK - F
    Gaby - H (CAW)
    Gary - H (CAW)
    Kyle - F (CAW)
    Jean - F (CAW)

    Smackdown Roster
    Batista - F
    Edge - H
    Undertaker - F
    MVP - H
    Mr. Kennedy - T
    Carlito - H
    Shelton Benjamin - H
    Matt Hardy - F
    Jeff Hardy - F
    Jess&Festus - F (CAW)
    Edgeheads - H (CAW)
    Vladamir Kozlov - H (CAW)
    The Great Khail - H (CAW)
    Triple H - F
    Michelle McCool - F
    Maria - F
    Natalya - H (CAW)
    Bryan - H (CAW)
    CJ - F (CAW)
    Rey Mysterio - F
    ECW Roster
    Mark Henry - H
    Mike Knox - H
    Sandman - F
    Sabu - F
    Tommy Dreamer - F
    RVD - F
    Raven - H
    Elijah Burke - H
    Marcus Corvon - H
    Finlay - H

    Raw Champs
    WWE - Vacant
    IC Title - Umaga
    World Tag Team - Gaby+Gary
    Womens - Beth Pheonix

    Smackdown Champs
    World Title - HHH
    U.S. - Mr.Kennedy
    WWE tag team - Vladamir+Khali

    ECW Champs
    ECW Title - Marcus Corvon

    Made - Up character backround.

    Kyle - Nicknamed " The One and Only " Finsiher starts out like a rock bottom but when he lifts them up he slams the back of their neck up against his knee. Sets up the sharpshooter. He uses mostly technical wrestlings moves. Wears sweat pants in his matches. Has medium lenght Brown hair.

    Gaby - Partner with Gary. Finishers are snake eyes and then that sets up for a clothesline. Wears Baggy pants. Has short black hair with fade. Brawler type of wrestler.

    Gary - Partner with Gaby. Uses Frog splash as finisher. Sometimes uses an Ankle lock. Wears baggy pants. Has short black hair with fade. Submission type of wrestler who uses dirty tactics.

    Jean - Yet do debut. Power wrestler. Wears baggy pants. Finsihers are a spinebuster and a power spear. Short black hair with fade.

    Bryan - Submission and dirty. Wears baggy jeans. Finishers are anaconda vise and tigerbomb. Long Brown hair

    CJ - Submission and technical. Wears long wrestling tights. Long, Curly blone hair. Finishers are super kick to chest followed up by figure four leg lock.

    Story Lines and fueds.
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    Yes I haven't posted my show in a while, and no the quality hasn't improved in a while. :p Anway, reveiws are still welcomed as per normal. (Which isn't saying much since I don't get much feedback anyway.) Ok now, into the show.


    *Mr Kennedy makes his way down to the ring, holding his new WWE Championship.*

    Kennedy - The time has finally arrived ... The era has finally come ... The champion is finally here and his name is MMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. KKKKKEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you ... this ...

    *Kennedy holds up his belt.*

    ... The WWE Championship is now mine, and with it comes all my dreams. I beat HBK fair and square ...

    "Just a sexy boy ..."

    HBK - Hold it there Kennedy, you beat me. No one is denying that, but in case you have forgotten there are such things as second chances ... especially when it's in your contract. Don't worry though, I'm not going to use it tonight, but we do have a match, a 6 man tag team match. The man has picked the teams, so later tonight we have got ourselves a battle.

    Match 1. Y2J and Michelle McCool vs. John Morrison and Torrie Wilson. Y2J and McCool are a strong tag team, as they have good chemistry and are a couple still. Morrison and Torrie are trying their best to work in unison, but it's not wroking greatly. Morrison is trying to get redemption against Y2J for Night of Champions when he got pinned and Y2J won the IC belt. McCool is in the chase for the women's title against Torrie. They put on a close match, but the team in sync, Y2J and McCool picks up the victory as Y2J pins Morrison. Winners Y2J and McCool.

    *MVP and Mark are in the ring.*

    MVP - Alright, this is how it is. I want the WWE Championship, I have been beating everyone. I want my title shot, and I want it soon.

    Mark - You don't deserve a title shot, you may have been beating everyone true. But you haven't actually won the matches, just beating people to a pulp doesn't give you anything. I should know, I made a career out of it and look where it got me.

    Match 2. MVP vs. Mark Henry. MVP is ballin' as he outright beats Henry down. He then gets a chair and beats Henry again and again and again. Winner via DQ Henry.

    MVP - I'm not sure what ya think now ... and ya know that may have not gotten me anywhere, but it got you a trip to the hospital.

    Match 3. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth. Filler match. No seriously. Kelly puts upa strong fight, but in the end Beth gets the win with a Glamaslam.

    Match 4. Umaga vs. William Regal w/ Booker. Umaga is looking to get back to the IC title spot. Umaga an Regal with Booker have history ... usually something along the lines of Umaga squashing them. Umaga dominates this match as well, Winner Umaga. This puts him back at the IC title.

    Main Event. Mr Kennedy and Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes vs. HBK and Big Show and Big Daddy V. They are putting on an intense match, and HBK wants momentum when he faces Kennedy for the WWE title. Jeff Hardy and Daniel stokes have been having some trouble as Daniel Stokes has lately been looking at Jeff Hardy with a strange look in his eyes. He still has that look. Kennedy knocks BDV out of the ring, HBK knocks Kennedy out of the ring too. Daniel and Jeff are having a stare down, HBK superkicks Daniel and pins him after Show knocks Jeff out of the way. Winners HBK and Big Show and Big Daddy V.
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    I loveee you. Mr. Kennedy is a good champion! I like the feuds you have going on. They're different. An HBK - Kennedy feud is a dream of mine, so thanks for giving me a little taste of that... All in all, great shows.
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    Match 1. Women's Title Match. Torrie Wilson (c) vs. Michelle McCool w/ Y2J McCool is being cheered along with Y2J. Michelle McCool has gotten a pinfall victory over the champ, with a little help from Chris. Torrie has finished with Kelly Kelly, as she dominated her over and over again. Now with McCool standing here, she must fight to retain her title, while watching out for Y2J. Jericho distracts Torrie Wilson, and McCool takes advantage with a Heel Lock. Torrie makes it to the ropes. Y2J hits Torrie, but the ref sees it this time. Winner via DQ Torrie Wilson.

    MVP - Ya see, my opponent tonight was going to get a shot at the IC title ... but Jericho was a little busy with his, ah ... women. So instead he faces me, Hardcore style. I am beyond the IC title, so on those terms, I am beyond my opponent tonight.

    Match 2. Hardcore Match. MVP vs. Umaga. The crowd is behind the face Umaga. MVP has alot of heat from all he has done. They are putting on an amazing hardcore match, MVP starts to get beaten by a chair from Umaga, who is still angry about not getting his shot tonight. MVP rolls out of the ring, while Umaga gets on the turnbuckle. MVP reaches under the ring, then Umaga jumps off heading right for MVP. MVP quickly sidesteps and pulls the trash can he was holding from under the ring. Umaga is flying while it hits him. MVP gets back in the ring, Umaga rolls back in and gets hit my the drive by boot lined up with a steel chair. MVP pins Umaga. Winner MVP. MVP is getting epic heat.

    Match 3. Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy vs. Big Daddy V and Big Show. Daniel and Jeff have been having issues which has been causing them to lose. Daniel keeps appeaering with a strange look in his eye as he stares and Jeff. Jeff is dominating BDV, but then is caught by the glare of Daniel. He gets distracted and gets quick pinned by BDV. Winners Bid Daddy V and Big Show. Daniel and Jeff have another stare down ... Daniel almost swings his fist but stops. The confrontation is arising it seems.

    Match 4. RVD vs. Mark Henry. Last week Henry was destroyed by MVP. RVD is taking advantage of the weakened opponent, as he knocks Henry down the delivers a frog splash. Winner RVD.

    Mr Kennedy - Well tonight is an interesting mix, we have me ... and we have HBK ... both in the ring together on opposite sides. But then there is the x factors of Regal and Booker, who are their to do thier ... job ... in the match. I will be winning this match HBK, just to show you that there is nothing you can do to pin me.

    Main Event. Fatal 4 Way. HBK vs. William Regal vs. Mr Kennedy vs. Booker T. The crowd is split on Kennedy and HBK, as they are in the middle of the ring, oblivious to the other 2 in the ring. They start to brawl, but Regal and Booker respectively go after HBK and Kennedy. Kennedy is dominating Regal, and HBK is dominating Booker. They both hit their finishers and go for the pin. 1... (1...) 2... (2...) 3... (3...) ... Who got the pin first? The official are making their decision. The officials have deemed the match a draw between HBK and Kennedy.

    *The camera fades out as HBK and Kennedy stare down.*
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    Match 1. MVP vs. RVD w/ Mark Henry. MVP is getting really heavy heat. There is a video package showing backstage, where Henry tells RVD that while he beat him, MVP tried to hurt him, and that he will be there at MVP and RVD's match. MVP is out right dominating in this match, RVD is on the edge of defeat. Mark Henry gets on the ring apron, only to get hit by the drive by kick. MVP turns around and delivers the same thing to RVD. Winner MVP.

    Match 2. John Morrison vs. Umaga. Umaga is trying to get back in the IC title hunt after being derailed by MVP last week. Morrison and Umaga have a small history of facing each other. Umaga is starting to break control in the match up, as the crowd is behind him. MVP comes out and distracts Umaga and Umaga turns around into a Moonlight Drive. Winner Morrison. MVP is getting lots of attention and heat, but he certainly isn't making any friends.

    Match 3. Beth w/ Torrie vs. Michelle w/ Y2J. Torrie has come to see the match up. Y2J is with McCool as they apparantly are still a couple. Beth starts to dominate the match up, and Torrie goes to distract Michelle. Y2J stops the distraction of Torrie, which in turn confuses Beth. Michelle hits a tigerbomb. Winner McCool.

    Match 4. Jeff Hardy and Stokes vs. William and Booker. Stokes and Jeff come down to the ring and are still staring at each other, the tension is incredible. The match starts and for once, Booker and William are putting up a fight in the match. Daniel Stokes and Jeff take the advantage for a moment and knock both Regal and Booker out of the ring. They are now staring each other down ... Daniel goes for a clothesline, Jeff ducks and it hits Regal who was coming up behind him. Daniel and Jeff look at each other and smile, like they trust each other now, the tension has lifted. They start to dominate the match up. Daniel hits a piledriver, and Jeff the Swanton on Booker. Winners Daniel and Jeff.

    Jeff - Now we are ready to take down Big Daddy V and Big Show. Bring it.

    Main Event. HBK and Kennedy vs. BDV and Big Show. HBK and Kennedy aren't coexisting very well. They eventually come back and start to take BDV and Big Show down. They are both in the ring and the ref not sure who the legal man is, they both hit their respective finishers and both go for the pin. The ref counts both of them, they both get the fall so the ref decides it didn't matter who got was legal. Winners HBK and Kennedy.

    HBK - Next week Kennedy. It's time.
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    Man - We have a fantastic show tonight. All 3 title will be on the line, including the WWE Championship belt where ...

    "KENNEDY ..."

    Mr. Kennedy - Our match needs no introduction, but I'm here to make one last call. HBK, this is it, your last cahnce is tonight. When the roof blows off the building tonight, someone is going off with it. And I assure you, it won't be MMMMMIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT ...

    "Just a sexy boy"

    HBK - Allow me to finish off your sentence Kennedy. And I assure you, it won't be MMMMMIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR MICHAELS ... Michaels.

    "I'm Coming"

    MVP - You know what, the fact is that ... HBK, you don't deserve to be contender, and Kennedy you don't deserve to be champion. I am making my call for it to be my time.

    Kennedy - You have your own problems tonight MVP. See you later tonight ... Shawn.

    Match 1. Women's Championship match. Torrie Wilson vs. Michelle McCool w/ Y2J. Torrie and McCool have been fueding for a while, last time there was a Women's title match between the 2, McCool got DQed because of Y2J's interference. Torrie seems off her game, especially with Chris at ringside. Torrie starts taking back the momentum. Jericho goes behind the refs back and distracts her though. Torrie turns around and goes for her finisher (a spear), only to be tripped and locked in a heel lock. She taps out. Winner and new Women's Champion Michelle McCool.

    *Y2J and Michelle McCool stay in the ring, as Chris Jericho has his IC title on the line next. They are still celebrating Michelle's win and new championship. (Y2J and McCool are the faces.)*

    Match 2. IC Championship. John Morrison vs. Y2J w/ McCool. Y2J and Morrison lock up. They have a good match, with fast paced action and some spots. Chris takes control of the match up, but then Morrison goes outside the ring and chases McCool. Y2J stops that only to get scouted and countered by being thrown into ring steps. Morrison and Y2J then pair up again in the ring. Y2J hits the Codebreaker. Winner and still IC Champion, Chris Jericho.

    Match 3. Daniel Stokes and Jeff vs. Big Daddy V and Big Show. Daniel and Jeff have resvoled all their issues as a team, and now are ready to face BDV and Show, a team that has been beating them pretty badly as of late. Show dominate Stokes, who then looks at Jeff, alomst hsa that look there again ... he gets a tag. Jeff starts to dominate the match. Daniel Stokes then gets tagged in. Stokes drive (piledriver) on BDV. Winner Daniel and Jeff.

    Match 4. Triple Threat. MVP vs. Mark Henry vs. RVD. These guys have a history together. They have fueded with each other respectively, but now as MVP seems as dominant as ever. MVP hits the drive by boot on both of his opponents, then pins Henry. MVP has never looked so in control. Winner MVP.

    *HBK and Kennedy come down to the ring respectively with a fireworks display of their own.*

    Main Event. WWE Championship. Mr Kennedy (c) vs. HBK. There confrontation is coming to its fullest here today. They stare each other down first of all. HBK starts with the advantage, Kennedy comes back equally strong. They start to brawl widely on the groud, and they roll out of the ring brawling. HBK gets back up, and throws Kennedy on the ground with a scoop slam. He gets on the announce table and hits a flying elbow. Then gets on the ground and starts to punch Kennedy. 4... 5... Kennedy gets up, then hits a mic. check as they are still on the outside. Kennedy gets back in the ring. 7... 8... 9
    HBK just barely gets back in the ring. He goes for the Superkick out of nowheree, but Kennedy ducks. Then he hits the Mic Check again. Winner and Still WWE Champion Mr. Kennedy.
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    The only thing about your show that I dislike is the promos. First, you have only like, one a show. I know I only had one in my last show, but a match took up the rest. And, your promos are very, very short. Ever time you cut a promo, everyone gets like one line in, and then it's over. I don't know, I want more. That's the only thing lacking, I think. Good show.
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    I think the shows are really good. It has good storylines and creative matches and feuds. Im liking the kenedy vs hbk storyline and the general structure of your show keep it up
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    "KENNEDY ..."

    Mr. Kennedy - I really hate to say I told you so but ... Mr. Kennedy told you so. The winner of the WWE Championship match last week, and still your favourite champion. MMMIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR KKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY.

    "I Think I'm cute ..."

    HBK - No. No, it's not going down like that. Kennedy, you had a lucky night that's it. I've beaten you before, I can do it again. Come on Kennedy, there is no one backstage who deserves the title shot more than me.

    MVP - Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. Na, ya see. I have gotten no shot at the WWE title before, HBK you have had too many. I said last week, that you Kennedy are not a worthy champion ... and that you HBK are not a worthy contender, and I was right. Because you lost. The facts are, I have been the most dominating guy in the locker room lately. You want a real challenge, let me fight for that title.

    Kennedy - Honestly, neither of you are up to my standards. But then that's just it, no one is, and I need a contender none the less. So tonight, how about you guys fight it out. 1 on 1. Winner is No. 1 Contender. Deal?

    HBK and MVP -

    Kennedy - Good, now I'll thank you 2 to get the hell out of my ring. I have a match up next.

    Match 1. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Morrison. John gets in some advantage before Kennedy comes back strongly. He shows why he is the WWE Champion. Morrison knocks Kennedy down, and then goes for a corkscrew moonsault, Kennedy moves out of the way. When Morrison gets up Kennedy hits the mic check. Winner Mr Kennedy. (Sorry Monkey lol)

    *Willian Regal and Booker T are in the ring.*

    Regal - I was the first ever Intercontinental Champion. I want my title back, Jericho ... come out here, you can bring your arm trash out here if you want too.

    Jericho - The only trash around here, is your royal crown and Booker. Now, you want this? *Jericho holds his title high* You have to earn your match.

    Match 2. Chris Jericho w/ Michelle McCool vs. Booker T w/ Regal. Jericho fights with intensity, as Regal watches on seemingly scouting as his friend Booker takes the punches in the ring. Regal gets on the apron and tries to distract Jericho, but it doesn't work. Codebreaker on Booker. Winner Chris Jericho. This isn't it between Jericho and Regal.

    Match 3. Torrie Wilson vs. Kelly Kelly. Torrie Wilson wants her title back from Michelle McCool, but Kelly is in her way. Kelly gets alot of offensive in, probably trying to get back and Torrie for their history. It doesn't work. Kelly starts getting beaten down again. Torri hits a Spear. Winner Torrie Wilson.

    Match 4. Jeff hardy and Daniel Stokes vs. Mark Henry and RVD. Henry and RVD have had a bit of a hostroy together, and they have decided to put it all past them and get along. Jeff hardy and Stokes are fighting side by side after having a tough time, they still want to get back at Big Daddy V and Big Show, even after they got some retribution last week. Henry and RVD are fighting strong, but Jeff and Daniel are fighting stronger. Whisper in the Wind on RVD followed by Crossface from Stokes. RVD taps, WInners Jeff and Daniel.

    Main Event. No. 1 Contender Match. HBK vs. MVP. They are both fighting for their chance at the biggest belt in Book This! (yeah I said it :p) HBK starts to take some advantage on MVP, who crawls out of the ring, the as HBK follows goes back into the ring, turns around and hits a dropkick. They each take the back and forth advantage on each other, coming out with their best offence. The run the ropes then hit a clothesline on each other, they are both down for the count. 6... 7... 8...
    They both just make it up in time. HBK hits a scoop slam, then starts to tune up the band. He side walks towards MVP who ducks then trips HBK. He hits the drive by kick. Winner and No. 1 Contender MVP.
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    WWEFan49's SVR 2008 Script this

    I used the defaulted rosters for Raw,Smackdown and ECW for GM Mode. I don't have any caws in my GM Mode yet because I'm gonna slowly bring them in starting my 2nd ECW show as part of a talent initiative the good ones will eventually go to Raw or Smackdown. If you have a CAW of yourself and you want it in my GM Mode send it to me via pm because I plan on doing a CAW search its kind of like a diva search but with create a wrestlers. This will take place after SummerSlam and will culminate at Survivor Series.The winner of the CAW search gets a wwe contract. So here we go.



    Main Event
    John Cena
    Triple H
    Shawn Micheals
    Randy Orton
    Jeff Hardy
    Great Khali

    Jeff Hardy
    Johnny Nitro
    Ric Flair
    Chris Masters
    Kenny Dykstra

    Tag Teams
    Cryme Time
    Nitro & Dykstra
    Masters & Dykstra

    Mickie James
    Candice Michelle
    Torrie Wilson


    Main Event
    Rey Mysterio
    King Booker
    Mark Henry

    William Regal
    Gregory Helms
    Chavo Guerrero
    Mark Henry
    Matt Hardy

    Rey Mysterio
    Gregory Helms
    Chavo Guerrero
    Matt Hardy

    Michelle McCool


    Main Event
    Bobby Lashley
    CM Punk
    Terry Funk

    Elijah Burke
    Marcus Cor Von

    Kelly Kelly

    *Note* If you see a superstar listed in more than one category like say Jeff Hardy who is listed in Main Event and Midcard it's because they're kind of in the middle of both.
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    Raw Monday April 1,2007 Lexington-Fayette Kentucky

    JR: Hello and Welcome to Monday Night Raw live here in Lexington-Fayette Kentucky and boy was Wrestlemania incredible last night King.

    King: It sure was JR we saw John Cena retain the WWE Championship against Triple H a great Money in the Bank ladder Match that saw RVD win it, Kane and the Big Show retain the World Tag Titles against Carlito and Masters, and a new Womens Champion crowned in Mickie James.

    JR: I'm just wondering King why did Vince McMahon come out and strip all of the Champions of their titles after the show?, and why did he fire the former women's champion Trish Stratus and the Money in the Bank winner RVD.

    King: I don't know JR maybe the General Manager will have an explanation.

    Coachman's music plays....

    Hello...Hello I'm your GM...the coach and I wanted to come out here and tell all you fans here in Lexington-Fayette Kentucky that Vince McMahon will be coming out next week to explain why he stripped all the champions of their titles and the status of RVD and Trish Stratus's WWE Contracts.He would have came tonight but he just couldn't stand the thought of being here in this awful smelly town full of inbreds. The crowd boos wildly.......BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Anyway let me announce that tonight there will be a Fatal 4 Way for the vacant WWE Championship it will be Edge vs Triple H vs Shawn Micheals vs Raws newest superstar.....Randy Orton.

    JR: Now Dammit why isn't John Cena in the match King...he was unfairly stripped of the WWE Championship and he's not even in the match...and why is Randy Orton on Raw?

    King: I don't know JR i'm still upset Mr.McMahon fired Trish...I miss the puppies already.

    First Match of the Night:

    Cryme Time and Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro,Kenny Dykstra,and Chris Masters.

    Back and forth matchup that saw a power struggle between Masters and Shad and some quick tags and isolation of JTG in Team Nitro's corner. When JTG finally got the hot tag to Jeff Hardy He began to dominate he knocked Masters and Dykstra off the apron and hit Nitro with the Twist of Fate. He went up top for the Swanton but Nitro knocked him off the top rope and hooked the tights and stole the pin. YOUR WINNERS JOHNNY NITRO, KENNY DYKSTRA, AND CHRIS MASTERS.

    Second Match

    Melina vs Mickie James

    This was a very nice contest that showed off Melina's aggressiveness as well as Mickie James technical ability. Just when it looked like James had the match won as she had Melina up for her signature DDT Johhny Nitro came down to the ring and distracted James allowing Melina to roll up her opponent as Nitro gave the unfair assist to his girlfriend. YOUR WINNER MELINA.

    Backstage Segment
    John Cena demands Coach tell him why he was stripped of the WWE Championship and why he wasn't placed in the fatal 4 way tonight. Coach says he will have to wait like everyone else.But if its competition Cena wants he will face Umaga tonight.

    Third Match

    Ric Flair vs Carlito

    Before this match Carlito saw Flair backstage and asked Flair if he thought he was the future of the buisiness. Flair told Carlito he thought he had all the intangebiles but he didn't have the desire. This prompted Carlito to spit in the face of Ric Flair and throw him onto the catering table. In the ring these two had a very good match which Carlito won with the Backstabber.HERE IS YOUR WINNER CARLITO. Afterward Carlito wanted to make a statement and did so by challenging Flair to a First Blood Match at Backlash. He then spit apple chunks in the defenseless legends face.

    Fourth Match

    John Cena vs Umaga

    A brutal matchup with two very good brawlers. Umaga worked over Cena's midsection the entire match even hitting him with a Samoan Drop on the arena floor. The finish saw Umaga charge at Cena and Cena hit his droptoehold and STFU combination.HERE IS YOUR WINNER BY SUBMISSION JOHN CENA.

    Main Event

    WWE Championship Fatal Four Way
    Triple H vs Shawn Micheals vs Edge vs Randy Orton

    This match was all over highspots included Micheals hitting Sweet Chin Music on Triple H but not being able to capatilize on a pinfall, and Randy Orton hitting an RKO on Edge on the floor. The finish came when Edge and HBK were laid out on the arena floor due to Punts to the Skull from Orton. Orton and Triple H were in the ring and the ref was checking on Edge and Micheals when Orton hit Triple H with a Low Blow he then grabbed the tights and the ref came back in the ring and didn't notice the tights being grabbed he counted the three count. HERE IS YOUR WINNER AND THE NEW WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON.

    JR: By god Randy Orton who just last night lost to Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania is a part of Raw and is our new WWE Champion.

    King: The age of Orton has begun JR!
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    Mysterious Man (GM) - Well well and welcome to Monday night RAW! I haven't appeared in a while, but now with such an epic Main Event for Summerslam, I thought I'd come along and really bring this fued to its highest. Mr. Kennedy *Crowd Pop* vs. Montel Vontavious Porter. MVP. *Crowd Boos*. Now I ask both of you to make your way to begin, as we prepare for the biggest part of the Summer.

    *Mr. Kennedy and MVP make their way to the ring respectively.*

    Man - Now, I don't know if you guys know it, but you have never ever, ever. Been in the same match-up, not as a team, not as opponents. This means, neither of you has ever had an edge over the other, and we are going to make sure you both aren't in the same match until Summerslam. Ya got that? *He doesn't wait for their reply.* Good. As for what I just said, I am now deeming this match ...

    "Never Before, Forever After" Match for the WWE Championship,

    The fancy name basically means you have never been in the ring together. As for the build up for this match, tonight I'm giving you guys an opportunity to pick some allies, train them if you must. Next week they will face off and we will see who did a better job of picking some worthy allies. Good luck gentleman.

    Match 1. Umaga vs. John Morrison. Umaga has been out of action for a few weeks, basically thanks to the current No. 1 contender MVP who brutually attacked Umaga. Umaga wants to get back on track, but he has to get through John first. They have a competitive match up to say the least. Umaga starts to show his aggression, and he hits the Samoans wrecking train, followed by the Samoan Spike. Winner Umaga.

    *Backstage we see Mr. Kennedy along with Y2J and his arm candy Michelle McCool.*

    Kennedy - I'm glad to see things workin' out between you. Ya know about MVP and myself obviously, and I like you guys. Maybe, just maybe you would think about aligning yourself with me? I could really help you 2 out in the ring. So what do ya' say?

    Y2J - You know I respect you Kennedy so, ... alright. We are in. And hey, I have a great name. The Walls of Kennedy.

    Kennedy - Hey that's ... a terrible name. Keep working on it. Oh and uh, Michelle, good luck in you match next.

    Match 2. Beth Pheonix w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Michelle McCool w/ Y2J. Torrie Wilson is out there, because she wants her belt back from Michelle McCool. Beth and Michelle have an even match, with Beth taking the advantage. Torrie Wilson goes around the ring behind the refs back and distracts McCool. Michelle is now taking heavy damage, Y2J tried to help without getting a DQ result. Eventually Michelle comes back and locks in the heel lock. Beth taps. Winner by submission, Michelle McCool w/ Y2J.

    *Kennedy is seen out back, this time with Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy.*

    Kennedy - Hey guys, I gotta ask you something.

    Jeff Hardy - You want us to be your rag dolls to prove something to MVP?

    Kennedy - Well when you put it like that ...

    Daniel Stokes - We'll do it.

    Jeff - ...

    Kennedy - That's great, good luck with your match tonight.

    Match 3. Big Show and Big Daddy V vs. RVD and Mark Henry. MVP is at ringside watching the matchup. RVD and Henry put on a good fight, but the power of Big Daddy V and Big Show combined is just too much for them. Winners Big Show and BDV.

    MVP - Aight'. Check it out, check it out. Me, and you guys. And you guys next week vs. Mr. Kennedy's team Jeff and Daniel. I know you guys have been going on back and forth for a bit so you should want your shot at 'em. Are you in or are you out?

    Big Show - Yeah we want them. If we can get to them this way we are in.

    Main Event. Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy vs. Willian Regal and King Booker. They are having a great even match up at the moment. William is taking the advantage over Daniel at the moment, but Y2J runs down to the ring! Regal challenged for Y2J's Ic title last week. Jeff distracts the ref and Y2J gets Regal. Stokes goes for a pin, 1... 2... kick out! Booker comes in and starts dominating Daniel. Then Kennedy comes down to the ring as well! He distracts Booker, Daniel tags in Jeff. Sitout gourdbuster, Swanton Bomb! Winners Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy.

    *Kenendy and Y2J are still at ringside, Michelle McCool joins them. Now Daniel, Jeff, Y2J, Michelle McCool and Mr. Kennedy are all standing in the ring as the show goes off the air.*
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    *The Man is standing there, he is at the top on a podium. Still, his face is not visible in the shadows. But he has called a press conference to discuss Summerslam.*

    Man - Hello everyone! In the epic events that have and will unfold thenselves towards SummerSlam ... they will bring you ... Summerslam. We have an abolsutely amazing card for Summerslam, so now I thought I would come here and update is for you. Please bring your attention to the wall as the projector plays.

    SummerSlam Card:

    Women's Championship Match - Michelle McCool (c) vs. Torrie Wilson
    - 3 weeks ago Michelle got the belt, with a little help from her boyfriend Chris Jericho, now Torrie wants it back.

    Tag Team Match - Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes vs. Big Show and Big Daddy V
    - These 2 tag teams have been fueding for over 1 and a half months now. They are looking to bring it to a climax, now that each team has worked out its issues; find out who really is the best of the 2.

    Intercontinental Championship - Chris Jericho (c) vs. Willian Regal
    - William Regal, the first ever IC title, who seemingly made the title look foolish wants another chance at the belt. They will be fighting for what they both want most.

    WWE Championship - Never Before, Forever After - Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. MVP
    - In what has been an amzing run by with the belt by Mr. Kennedy, and MVP who won contendership from Shawn Michael, they will now face off in the main event of Summerslam. Seeing as they have never been in the ring in a match at the same time this match has been deemed Never Before, Forever After. The climax ... at Summerslam.

    Man - So far we have that as our card, of course these things are subject to change. More matches will be added, and stips will most likely change. But until then, look forward to what we have. Thank you for joining me here today ladies and gentleman. I would ask you join me again in 3 weeks at Summerslam.
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    I hope you plan on doing something with this mysterious man gm thing. Instead of just you were to lazy to name a I like your storylines and everything but I don't like that you made Booker T a jobber. That's ridiculous. Also Daniel Stokes needs to turn heel on Jeff Hardy thats my favorite storyline I wanna know what these mysterious looks from Stokes are all about since they started teaming together they've been a really good team and Stokes in ring work has improved because he s winning matches. MVP is my favorite wrestler in your company right now. He's so dominant HBK should be added to the match because that Kennedy/HBK feud was running strong. I can't wait for your next show. GO MVP!!
  16. Danmen001

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    ... :wink:

    Someone has to job.

    The idea with that was that it looked like Daniel was gonna go heel, but they eventually sorted it out. There was a serve like a page back with that.


    HBK won't be used in that picture yet because I want to have the Never Before, Forever After match first.
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    *RAW fades in from black. Mr. Kennedy, Chris Jericho, Michelle McCool, Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes are all in the ring chatting idly to each other. Kennedy then brings his mic. up to his mouth and begins to speak.*

    Kennedy - We are here together today, bringing you the most badass stable around. We are ... well, we haven't thought of a name yet (crowd laughs), but when we do I promise it will be the best name yet. You see, last week I had to choose some ... accomplices ... we all clicked better than I expected. I mean, the stable holds all the gold, the stable will dominate all who appose us because we are ... the best.

    Chris Jericho - To all you out there who think you can take us lightly, I say come out here and we will show you what we are really made of.

    *MVP comes out and interrupts.*

    MVP - Now hold up here Kennedy, is that it? Is this what you think it take to beat me. Well you're right I suppose, it would take all that to even put a scratch on me, but that does not give you the right to do it. We want a good match right? If we want a good match, then you don't need all that. You should at least let me beat you 1 on 1, rather than 4 and a bimbo on 1.

    Chris Jericho - Don't you dare say that again. You want me 1 on 1, come down here I'll tell them to leave.

    MVP - Chill chill man, you gotta save yor' energy for later tonight anyway against my crew.

    Match 1. HBK vs. Mark Henry w/ RVD. Slow match to start, build momentum and Mark Henry takes temporary advantage. HBK then fights back and wins quite quickly. Winner HBK.

    Match 2. Torrie and Beth vs. Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly. In what is a very competitive match up, the divas fight for showing the "Man" who is the best supposedly. Torrie and McCool square off, before their match at Summerslam for the women's title. Torrie wants her belt back. Michelle tags in Kelly, but Torrie spears her quickly. Winner Torrie and Beth.

    Match 3. Umaga vs. King Booker. King Booker gets brutally destoryed, and the crowd cheers Umaga on. Umaga is becoming more popular since his comeback, Booker gets pinend after a Samoan Spike. Winner Umaga.

    Match 4. John Morrison vs. RVD w/ Mark Henry. Looking to do the same as the man who beat him last week, John Morrison looks to beat one man in the team of RVD and Henry. They have a very competitve match up, RVD being a very strong opponent. RVD goes for the frog splash, but Morrison moves and then hits his corkscrew moonsault, followed by a Corkscrew neckbreaker (Morrison like to screw doesn't he?). Winner John Morrison.

    Main Event. Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes and Y2J vs. Big Show and Big Daddy V and Willian Regal. They have a full on, heated tag team match. Jeff and Daniel are in a rivalry with Big Show and BDV. Jericho and Regal are fueding for the IC title as well. They are having a competitive match, but slowly Big Show takes advantage over Chris Jericho. Kennedy runs down to the ring! Show gets distracted and Jericho tags in Stokes. Stokes strikes Show until he is down on his knees. Dropkick and he is on the ground. He locks in the crossface ...
    Big Show taps out. Winners Jeff Hardy, Daniel Stokes and Chris Jericho.
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    Ok my old Memory card data got deleted but I only had one show done anyway so Im doing a new one admins feel free to delete my other post if you wish so I don't get in trouble for like post count raising or something

    Here are my rosters


    WWE Champion-Triple H (F)
    Intercontinental Champion- Mr.Kennedy (T)
    Women's Champion- Mickie James(F)
    World Tag Team Champions- Ric Flair & Roddy Piper (F)

    Main Event
    Triple H (F)
    John Cena(F)
    CM Punk(H)
    King Booker(H)

    William Regal(H)
    Mark Henry(H)
    Marcus Cor Von(T)

    Tag Teams/Stables
    Flair & Piper (F) Legends of Wrestling
    Henry & CorVon w/ Regal (H) Colossal Connection 2008
    Punk/Edge Ultimate Opportunists

    Mickie James (F)
    Kelly Kelly(F)


    World Heavyweight Champion- Batista(T)
    United States Champion- MVP(H)
    WWE Tag Team Champions- Cryme Time(F)

    Main Event
    Bobby Lashley(F)
    Randy Orton(H)
    Shawn Micheals (T)

    John Morrison(H)
    Kenny Dykstra(H)
    Matt Hardy(F)

    Tag Teams/Stables
    Orton,Batista,HBK Evolution X
    Cryme Time
    Morrison & Dykstra



    ECW Champion- Great Khali(H)

    Chavo Guerrero(H)
    Chris Masters(H)
    Elijah Burke(T)
    Great Khali(H)
    Gregory Helms(T)
    Jeff Hardy(F)
    Mick Foley(T)
    Rey Mysterio(F)
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    JR: Hello Great WWE Fans and Welcome to Monday Night Raw live from Lexington-Fayette Kentucky.I'm Good Ole JR. accompanied by my cohort Jerry the King Lawler and King we got a hell of a Main Event tonight don't we?

    King: Oh Yeah JR this is sure to be a Raw these fans will never forget. It's gonna be Edge vs John Cena one on one with the winner facing Triple H at Backlash for the WWE Championship.

    JR: Let's get this show on the road.

    My name is Finlay and I love to fight...

    The first match is about to get underway its the fighting irishman Finlay versus the Intercontinental Champion Mr.Kennedy in a non title contest tonight.

    Match 1
    Finlay vs Mr.Kennedy

    We start off with a collard elbow tie-up both men start throwing right hands before Finlay hits a capture suplex then catapults himself onto the sternum of Kennedy for the first fall of the match and a count of two.Finlay starts to work over the knee of Kennedy with different holds and strikes to the exposed knee since Finlay removed the kneebrace Kennedy wears in homage to his mentor Stonecold Steve Austin. Kennedy starts to fire elbows to the gut of Finlay to try to establish some momentum but Finlay goes right back to the exposed knee with a chop block. He then applies a Figure 4 LegLock and Kennedy is writhing in pain now. Kennedy reverses the pressure and Finlay is forced to break it. Kennedy with a cradle. 1..2..kickout. Now Kennedy with some rights a forearm shiver and a reverse elbow and Kennedy is building momentum. A shoulder block and a running DDT get a count of two. He goes for the Mic Check but Finlay has it scouted and lifts him onto his shoulders. Could it be?! The Celtic Cross...he goes for it but Kennedy reverses and MIC CHECK...1...2...3!


    The Second Match of the Evening is Mickie James vs Melina for the Womens Championship

    Match 2
    Mickie James(C) vs Melina

    Standard technical wrestling by the extremely attractive Champion and some ruthless aggression by her fiesty challenger. In the End the Champions experience edge was too much for Melina and she was beaten by a Mickie-DDT.


    Next up is a non title bout between The Collossal Connection 2k8 and The World Tag Champs Flair & Piper.

    Match 3
    Mark Henry & Marcus Cor Von vs Flair & Piper

    As you would expect Henry and Cor Von's strategy throughout the match was to over power the wily veterans. But the cunning instincts of the two HOF's was all the Connection could handle in fact if it hadn't been for Regal they never would have stolen the win.


    In the first of two main events announced by our GM Jonathan Coachman earlier on The WWE Champion will be in action next against the formerly straightedge superstar CM Punk. The kids used to adore CM Punk as did their parents with his just say no to drugs attitude. But when a certain Rated R Superstar got ahold of the youngsters career's direction it was awhole nother story. CM Punk is now seen drinkin with the boys. CM Punk blew cigarette smoke in this youngster in the first rows face. he's despicable.

    Match 4
    Triple H vs CM Punk

    Obviously folks this is a non-title contest. We start off with some judo kicks by CM Punk. He shows off his martial arts background with more of those kicks and some open handed slaps before catching a knee to the midsection and being tossed over the top rope by Triple H. The Game follows him to the outside and tosses him into the steel steps. He then drops him head first on the barricade and holds him down for the fan he blew smoke into the face of to get a free shot. He then tossed him back into the ring and covered Punk for 2. Punk with a stiff kick to the head and an irish whip into the corner.He hits his running Knee/Bulldog Combo and sets Triple H up for the GTS. The Game counters and hits a AA Spinebuster. He goes for the Pedigree but Edge runs down to the ring they brawl and theres a DQ.


    Main Event
    John Cena vs Edge No.1 Contendor Match

    They start off throwing rights and lefts to which Cena gets the advantage. He goes to work with a Fishermans Suplex and then a float over into a counter. He gets 2. Edge with a rake of the eyes then Edgecution....1...2...kickout. He hits some kicks to the back of the head before calling Punk down to ringside to bring him a steel chair only its not CM Punk coming down the ramp its Triple H and he has his sledgehammer. The ref goes to stop Triple H and Cena hits a quick FU and gets the 1..2...3.


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    Man - 2 shows until Summerslam, including this one. MVP ... Kennedy. Biggest Party of the Summer. How will it go down? Well tonight we have MVP going up against the members of Kennedy's click, Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy in a handicap match. Also Kennedy going against MVP's click Big Daddy V and Big Show.

    Match 1. HBK vs. RVD w/ Mark Henry. RVD and Henry have formed a somewhat cohesive team together, and since Henry couldn't beat HBK last week, RVD is gonna have a crack at it. Too bad he fails. Competitive match, but HBK starts to dominate. Superkick. Pinfall. Winner HBK.

    Match 2. Y2J and Michelle McCool vs. William Regal and Torrie Wilson. Y2J and McCool are an item. Regal and TOrrie aren't, but they are respectively gunning for Jericho's IC title and Michelle's women's title. They are having a back and forth match up, but Regal starts to get the advantage over Y2J. Y2J tags, then so does Regal. The divas go back and forth, but when Torrie gets the advantage Michelle goes for a quick roll up. Winners Y2J and Michelle.

    Match 3. Umaga vs. John Morrison. Umaga has been on a dominant return as of lately, he is still over with the crowd as well. Last week he squashed Booker, this week he is facing the tougher Morrison. Umaga still manages to dominate this one as well though, and he hits the Samoan Spike. Winner Umaga.

    Match 4. MVP vs. Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy. This match will be difficult for MVP. MVP while at the obvious disadvantage still manages to put up a great fight, and Daniel Stokes has to tag in Jeff. MVP takes advantage again, this time however Jeff fights back and starts to wear MVP down. Stokes and Hardy tag back and forth until MVP is totally worn down. Piledriver followed by Swanton, which still only manages to keep MVP down for a 3 count. Winners Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy.

    *Kennedy is seem backstage with Stokes and hardy, who just won their match.*

    Kennedy - Hey guys I have some fantastic news, I just talked to the GM. And your match at Summerslam against Big Daddy V and Big Show, is now for the newly instated Heavyweight Tag Team Belts! You guys have the chance to be the first ever tag team champions of Raw.

    Jeff - That's great man, you know thanks. I mean we deserve those titles, and once we win them. Our click will be holding the WWE, Intercontinental, Women's and Tag Team belts. Our whole click will be holding the gold. Great man, just great.

    Main Event. Kennedy vs. Big Show and Big Daddy V. Unlike the competitive match that MVP put up against Stokes and Daniel, Kennedy is being destroyed by these 2 guys. Kennedy is barely kicking out, and the constant tagging of Big Show and Big Daddy V isn't helping either. Big Show wraps his hands around the throat of Kennedy ...
    Daniel Stokes and Jeff come running down to the ring! Show lets go of Kennedy, now distracted. Stokes lures BDV away from the apron, as Jeff lures Show to the apron. Big Show turns around into a mic. check. Winner Kennedy.
  21. Danmen001

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    Match 1. Umaga vs. RVD. Since his return, Umaga has decimated all he has faced. He now looks to add RVD to that list, and he is really succeeding here. While RVD gets some offence in, Umaga just poweres back. He hits the Spike, then pins RVD for the Win. Winner Umaga.

    Match 2. Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly and beth Pheonix. Who are the better enemies here? Torrie has been fighting to get her title bak from Michelle McCool, but now they must work together here. Kelly and Beth aren't exactly friends either. It comes back and forth, and the faces will tag each themselves out, so they don't have to face their face counterpart. It becomes a case of, the better enemies are Torrie and Michelle as Torrie spears Kelly for the win. After the match Torrie and Michelle start to brawl and have to be broken up by the refs.

    Match 3. Umaga vs. Mark Henry. Earlier tonight, Umaga destroyed Henry's friend RVD. Now, Umaga wants to beat up Henry as well. Henry is having an easier time than RVD, because Umaga is already worn down. Henry almost gets a WSS in. Umaga finds the power to hit a Samoan wrecking train, followed by a Spike. Umaga pins Henry.

    Main Event. Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes and Chris Jericho vs. Big Show amd Big Daddy V and Willian Regal. A SummerSlam showcase match-up, one week before the event. The match is fast paced, and highly competitive as all teams mix and match with the person they want to beat up. So much happening it's hard to focus, Chris Jericho hits a Coderbreaker on Big Daddy V. Big Show hits a Chokeslam on Jericho. Daniel hits a piledriver on Big Show, just barely. Jeff Hardy follows with a Swanton on Big Show. Regal clothheslines Jeff out of the ring. Regal turns around and gets drop-toe held by Stokes, Stokes goes for the crossface and locks it in ...
    Regal powers out then locks in the Regal stretch on Daniel. It's held for quite a while, before Stokes is forced to tap out to it. Winners Regal, Big Show and Big Daddy V.

    *Kennedy and MVP are in the ring, they are cutting one last promo before Summerslam.*

    Kennedy - Well Kennedy, this is it. Last Raw before Summerslam, before it's all over. Before we climax our fued, before we fight for the big one. Any last words?

    MVP - Well yes in fact. Yes I have some last words, and they are ... I am better than you.


    MVP -
    Oh you are real funny, well Mr. Funny Man. Humour can't save you in our match here at Summerslam. See, Never Before, Forever After. Well the truth is, it's never after. After Summerslam it's over. The big one is on us, and while it's all about me, it has to be about us putting on the best damn show we can.

    Kennedy - Oh that's very good of you MVP, and let me just say this ... this *Kennedy motions to his belt* won't end on you. I won't let that happen.

    MVP - We'll see ...

    "Just a Sexy Boy ..."

    *Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring.*

    HBK - I don't give a damn, who wins or who loses. Bottom line is, this should be mine. But since ... since it can't be, I'm giving the show to you guys. And you guys are gonna out on the best damned performance of your lives.

    *HBK superkicks them both, and then they (Kennedy and MVP) lay next to each other. Both unconsious, both seemingly unaware of what just happened.*

    HBK - It's gonna go down like that, the biggest Party of the Summer, the last Party of the Summer.

    *HBK places the title above the heads of both Kennedy and MVP, as they lay there almost symbolically with the belts above them.*
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    Well this is it folks, my very last Script This show ever. Most likely anyway, so I am going to make it (Summerslam) a big one. Almost Wrestlemania-esk in how big it's proportioned to the show. Well not really, but whatever. Here it is, and enjoy.




    Man - Hello and welcome to the biggest party of the Summer, Summerslam! Thank you for joining us here tonight in this epic, and last great event. We have an absolutely fantastic show tonight, and our performers are ready to go. Let's take a look at our card before we start, but before we start let me just say, you've all been a wonderful audience ... and thank you.

    SummerSlam Card:

    Intercontinental Title Match - Submission Match:
    - Chris Jericho (c) vs. Willian Regal

    Women's Championship Match:
    - Michelle McCool (c) vs. Torrie Wilson

    Grudge Match - Hardcore:
    - Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam and Mark Henry

    Tag Team Championship Match:
    - Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show and Big Daddy V

    Bra And Panties Match:
    - Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Pheonix

    Mystery Legend Match:
    - Shawn Michaels vs. Mystery Opponent

    WWE Championship Match - Never Before, Forever After Match:
    - Mr. Kennedy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter​


    Match 1.

    Announcer - The following contest is a submission match, and it is for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, the challenger William Regal ..... And the opponent, champion Chris Jericho!

    Chris Jericho and William Regal lock up. William Regal hits Jericho with some stiff shots and takes the advantage up early. He keeps pounding Jericho, but knowing that this match can only be won via submission, he locks in a camel clutch. Chris Jericho breaks it, then comes back with some stiff shots of his own. Codebreaker, followed by a lionsault. He locks in the Walls of Jericho ...
    Willian Regal breaks it, and locks in the Regal Stretch. Jericho is about to tap ...
    Jericho rolls out of it, then locks in the Liontamer! He holds it for ages, and Regal finally taps. Winner, Chris Jericho.

    Match 2.

    Announcer -
    The following match is scheduled for 1 fall, and it is for the Women's Championship. Introducing first the challenger, Torrie Wilson ..... And the opponent, Champion Michelle McCool.

    They trade fists, but then Torrie quickly moves into a tackle, and they roll around in the ring. They trade fists on the ground. Michelle McCool takes the advantage and gets back up, she the hits a lariat on Torrie. Torrie comes back quickly though, and she hits a clothesline. She goes for the pin ...
    Michelle kicks out. McCool comes back a goes for a school girl pin ...
    She gets it, the roll up keep Torrie down for the 3. Winner Michelle McCool.

    Match 3.

    Announcer -
    The following is a Hardcore match scheduled for 1 fall. Introducing first, the team of R.V.D. and mark Henry ... and the opponent, the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga.

    The match gets underway and Henry and RVD beat down on Umaga, and Umaga looks down and out quite quickly. The crowd gets behind Umaga and he powers back. Umaga clotheslines Henry out of the ring. Umaga turns around and RVD is jumping off the turnbuckle, Umaga hits a Samoan Spike as RVD is in mid air! Umaga goes for the pin ...
    Mark comes back in the ring with a steel chair and breaks up the count. He beats Umaga with the chair. Eventually Umaga rolls out of the ring, he discretely grabs a steel chair. RVD gets back up and goes for a suicide dive on Umaga. BANG! Umaga hits RVD with the steel chair as he was still in mid-air. He gets back in the ring and beats up Henry until he is down. Samoan wrecking train with a trash can. Umaga goes for a pin ...
    Rob Van Dam gets on the turnbuckle and goes for a frog splash with a steel chair. Umaga moves which breaks up the count, but RVD then hits Henry! RVD rolls out of the ring and Umaga pins Henry 1. 2. 3. Winner Umaga.

    Match 4.

    Announcer - The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall, and it is for the newly instated Tag Team Championship belts. Introducing first, the team of Big Show and Big Daddy V ... and their opponents, Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy.

    Fast paced tag team action as Jeff Hardy controls the match up against Big Show. Big Show tries to fight back, but doesn't do so well. He tags in BDV. BDV then comes in and totally destroyes Hardy, who is forced to then tag in Daniel Stokes. Stokes doesn't do much better and gets destroyed as well, BDV hits a scrapbuster (his finisher), followed by a pin ...
    Mr. Kennedy comes down to the ringside! The ref gets distracted before he start the count. The ref finally turns around and goes for the count 1 ... 2 ...
    Daniel Stokes kicks out, and then quickly tags in Hardy. Jeff takes over Big Daddy V, knocking him to the ground with a whisper in the wind. Swanton Bomb, but Big Show breaks up the count before it happens. Stokes comes in and knocks Show out of the ring over the top rope. Swanton Bomb on Big Daddy V again.
    He gets the pin. Winners Jeff Hardy and Daniel Stokes.

    Match 5.

    Announcer -
    The following is a bra and Panties match. Introducing first, Beth Pheonix ... and her opponent, Kelly Kelly.

    *Beth Pheonix grabs a mic.*

    Beth - I refuse to take part in such un-self respecting events.

    *She leaves the ring. But Kelly Kelly takes off her clothes (except for her bra and panties [pervs]). Kelly Kelly flaunts it off, and she stays there fora bit entertaining the crowd.*

    Match 6.

    Announcer -
    The following is scheduled for 1 fall. Introducing first is the man, the Heart Break Kid ... Shawn Michaels. And his opponent .....

    Bret "The HitMan" Hart! They stand their in the middle of the ring ... Bret then goes for a Lou Thesz and ground and pounds Shawn Michaels. He punches Michael non-stop until the ref finally breaks up the count. They rumble back and forth, each of them hitting their trademark moves on each other. They are putting on a great match, and Shawn Michaels got the put on a Showstopper after all. Superkick by Shawn Michaels and he goes for a pin.
    Bret kicks out, and then locks in the Sharpshooter after some quick offence! The ref goes to call for the bell even though Michaels hasn't tapped.
    Michaels absolutely forces his way out of the Sharpshooter despite the pain, he superkicks the ref before the bell is called for. He turns around and superkicks Bret again. A ref comes sprinting down to the ring and counts.
    Bret Hart kicks out. He locks in the Sharpshooter and Shawn Michaels taps. Winner Bret Hart.

    Main Event.

    Announcer -
    The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and it is a Never Before, Forever After match, it is for the WWE Championship. Introducing first the challenger, M.V.P. ..... and his opponent, the WWE Champion Mr. Kennedy.

    They stand their in the middle of the ring. It all comes down to this. They trade punches in the middle of the ring, and start one of the great matches. They each hit their trademarks moves in the ring, as they brawl, get technical and hit some spots on each other. The hype is being lived up to here. Big Show and BDV come down to ringside ...
    Kennedy gets distracted and MVP goes for a quick roll up ...
    Kennedy kicks out. Daniel Stokes and Jeff Hardy come down to ringside to even things up here. They and Show and BDV brawl at ringside, and out comes Regal. Daniel and Jeff are outnumbered now.
    Chris Jericho comes down to ringside! he evens up the odds and the 2 factions beat up on each other continually. Inside the ring, Kenendy hits the mic check. He goes for the cover.
    MVP kicks out. Then he hits the drive-by-boot on Kennedy, and goes for a cover.
    Kenendy kicks out. He throws MVP into the brawl happening at ringside. The ref starts the count 1.. 2.. ..... 8.. 9..
    MVP makes it back in time, just to be hit my a mic. check. Winner Mr. Kennedy.

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