Round 1: Darth Vader vs. Master Hand

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Who wins?

  1. Darth Vader

  2. Master Hand

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  1. Matt1231230

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    Ok, correct me if im wrong, but surely there are a few factors not based on his abilities which made Vader so feared:

    1) Almost all the other jedi have been wiped out, so there isn't anybody with strong enough force powers to defeat him. Vader can easily defeat anybody who can't use the force, but is eventually beaten by Luke, someone who has force powers. Just because he can use the force doesn't mean he'll be able to take a giant hand. Its been shown that his powers aren't strong enough to stop him from being defeated.

    2) Vader was one of the figureheads of the Empire, so where he went he was usually accompanied by Stormtroopers. This makes him feared as he's the one who's leading these super soldiers. A rebel army could take down Vader by himself, but he usually has stormtroopers to help him. Against Master Hand, Vader has no support so will just have to rely on his own skills (which aren't as strong as people seem to think)

    That doesn't mean Vader can't defeat Master Hand - he's just not as strong as some people seem to think
  2. DirtyJosé

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    And a lot of that was the Palpatine spin machine, the intent being to make his enforcer seem powerful and dangerous. Also, you forget Tarkin, who even Vader served by A New Hope. I'm not denying that Vader possessed a degree of power and commanded a measure of fear and respect matched by few in his day, but he was also at the weakest in terms of Anakin's potential as a force user and of the feats he was previously capable of prior to his mauling at the hands of Obi Wan.
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