Rock Region, Las Vegas Subregion, Second Round: (5) Roddy Piper vs. (12) Kane

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Who Wins This Match?

  1. Roddy Piper

  2. Kane

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    This is a second round match in the Rock Region, Las Vegas Subregion. It is a standard one on one match. It will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.



    #5. Roddy Piper



    #12. Kane

    Polls will be open for three days following a one day period for discussion. Voting will be based on who you feel is the greater of the two competitors. Post your reasons for why your pick should win below. Remember that this is non-spam and the most votes in the poll win. Any ties will be broken by the amount of posts of support for each candidate, with one vote per poster. Assume that the wrestlers are coming in fresh after their first round match.

    Also remember that this is a non-spam forum. If you post a response without giving a reason for your selection, it will be penalized for spam and deleted.
  2. Jack-Hammer

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    I always liked listening to Piper run his mouth on the mic than watch him wrestle, though that's not to say that he didn't put on entertaining matches a good deal of the time. Piper was a solid all around technical guy and he was a surprisingly good brawler but I have to go with Kane on this.

    In Kane's prime, especially the first year or so as the character, he was damn near unstoppable and dominated even the Undertaker. I can easily see Piper as the scrappy underdog in this match doing everything he possibly can ranging from trying to rake the eyes to a low blow or two when the ref isn't looking just to stun Kane or even take him off his feet. He puts up a valiant struggle and goes down swinging, but he goes down. Kane wins.
  3. SSJPhenom

    SSJPhenom The Phenom of WZ

    May 8, 2007
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    While I'll also be voting for Kane, I take issue with the above statement that Kane dominated 'Taker in his first year. To my knowledge Kane had never, NEVER beaten 'Taker in a singles match until what 2010? 'Taker always had Kane's number.

    Ok, now that that's out of the way, while Piper as of now may be the more legendary one of the two; Kane is the more successful and more accomplished of the 2. More championships, more main event runs, etc. Also, Piper has a horrible record against those perceived as monsters.

    Vote Kane.
  4. enviousdominous

    enviousdominous Behold my diction

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Roddy was the epitome of awesome, and he never won anything bigger than the IC belt (go fuck yourself Vince).

    Kane comes from an era where you had to have a soul-shattering finishing move to be able to beat your opponent, and he was one of those performers who had to be given three tombstone piledrivers before he would stay down long enough for the ref to count to three. Also, in spite of what some would recognize as ridiculous circumstances; Kane is a former WWE Champion.

    In the way that upper-midcarders like Roddy Piper are racked and stacked, nobody has had the impact that Kane has had. Roddy fights his heart out, but he can't beat the Big Red Machine.

    Vote Kane.
  5. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

    Jeff Deliverer of Mail Money for nothin, chicks for free
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    Jun 15, 2015
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    I'm not sure why Rowdy Roddy Piper is ranked this much higher than Kane. I liked Piper's character, excellent with a microphone and has moments in wrestling that won't soon be forgotten. Moments that immediately come to mind are his matches in Wrestlemania 1. His gimmick boxing match in WM2. His pineapple smashing moment on Piper's Pitt where he drew a crap ton of heat, violating Jimmy Snuka. His hilarious match vs Goldust at Mania. His decent match vs Bret Hart and his match vs Bad News Brown where he painted himself half black.

    I respect his moments and his career. But vs The Big Red Machine Kane...he just doesn't stack up. Kane has won a wall full of titles in his time since becoming the masked demon. He's had more success as a heel than Piper. Kane vs Piper would result in a chokeslam loss for HotRod all day long, no matter what type of match they had.

    I vote Kane.
  6. Spidercanrana

    Spidercanrana Should've Reinstated The Fox
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    Apr 1, 2010
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    Sure, some may not like where Kane's career has gone lately, but he never went blackface while in his prime.

    Vote Kane.
  7. nightmare

    nightmare ...7, 8, Better stay up late...

    May 26, 2010
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    Piper was as legit as they come & one of the best heels ever. Problem is, he never really bested the bigger names of his time & failed to get the big titles. Kane has beaten some big names and gained an impressive resume doing so. Piper wont be able to stop this crazy bastard.
  8. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    Very surprised to see the poll going the way it is, but I voted Kane. The monster who slayed the champion. So rarely has that been seen, but it was in Kane. Piper's a bigger name, for sure, and arguably a better wrestler, but the kind of trustworthy longevity that Kane has had means he has earned a place in the next round. Kane wins.
  9. Bernkastel

    Bernkastel Reaper of Miracles
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    Jul 3, 2006
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    I voted for Kane. He defeated Stone Cold at the peak of his popularity for the WWE title, albeit for only a day. After winning the world title he defeated the Undertaker on three consecutive PPV's, with the on the line each time. He was never pinned by either Goldberg or Triple H in 03-04, and he spent his first few months of his career basically bulldozing through everyone.

    Like Piper, Kane has basically been a solid upper mid carder and occasional main event player for 20 years, but with profoundly more success and accolades.

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