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    For those of you who have frequented the forums over the last few years, you may notice a good few changes that affect how the forum looks and feels. In this thread, I'll describe how those changes will work and what the changes mean.

    First, you'll notice that the WWE forum is now split into two well defined sections. Please note that there should be no posts in the root WWE forum. Any posts made there will be moved to either the news or discussion forum. The news section is for news and rumours that are emanating from the WWE or reputable sources. The discussion sub forum is for wider-ranging discussion topics that you might want to discuss.

    The next change you will notice is that Impact wrestling has been absorbed into a more general wrestling forum named World Of Wrestling. This new forum is split like the new WWE section and should be regarded similarly when creating threads. This forum is used for all other wrestling discussion that does not pertain to the WWE. NJPW, ROH, Impact, ICW, Progress etc will all be discussed here.

    The next change you will notice is the addition of a new forum named Creator Content. This forum is designed to bring out the best in our community. Wrestlezone Forums has always had a wildly unique, creative and passionate user base. This forum is designed to cater to that. In the sub forums, you will find a guide to what should be included here but anything goes really.

    The next change you'll notice is that the Live Discussion sub forum has been moved to under the rest of the wrestling sections. With the messages count replacing a post count, there is very little need to keep them separate. You can feel free to post one word answers in here and not fall foul of the spam rule.

    The next change you'll notice is that the Bar Room and the GSD have been merged and are now located in the Non-Wrestling sub forum. I couldn't move all of the threads but moved a lot of the more recent threads. If there is a thread you'd like moved into an active forum, please let me know.

    And that's about it. We hope that you enjoy the new forums and that it encourages discussion. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to PM me or post in this thread.


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