Flair Region, Memphis Subregion, First Round: (4) Chris Jericho vs. (29) Buddy Rogers

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Who Wins This Match?

  1. Chris Jericho

  2. Buddy Rogers

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  1. Tastycles

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Jericho beating Rock and Austin in the same night became a millstone and is exactly the reason why Bray Wyatt etc. should never have broken the streak - it would be all anyone ever said about them. But lets take a step back for a moment. Jericho was the breakout star of the Invasion, but before that he instantly showed how wasted he had been in WCW. But, I digress.

    Rogers was just about the only NWA champion ever that didn't really tour the title. Rogers was absolutely despised by his peers, and whilst he had some name value, he was used by WWF to get Bruno Sammartino over and that's it. Bruno beat him in under a minute in 1963, when matches went on for an hour or so usually. Rogers was the first WWWF Champion and drew big audiences, but he wasn't able to garner appeal across the country, only in the North East.

    In short, Rogers was a huge star in one region, Jericho was a big star everywhere. I'm going with widespread appeal. I get a Rogers vote, but not for me.
  2. King Patrick Star

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    The first WWWF World Heavyweight Champion vs. the first Undisputed WWF / WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Come to think of it, Buddy Rogers was technically the NWA and WWWF Champion at the same time, sort of.

    Buddy Rogers deserves all of the respect in the WWE Universe. The first ever Champion of the greatest Professional Sports Wrestling Entertainment company in the World should hold a lot of credibility. He inspired my 5th favorite Legend of all time.

    I'm going with Chris Jericho...to win this tournament.
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