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Discussion in 'Backstage' started by ABMorales787, Jul 7, 2018.

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    So, what do you think comes next? We're just coming out of our biggest show of the year. New Champions, new roles, new face. Throw out what you think should come next or you'd like to see. Chime in and play fantasy booker.
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    Alright, let's give it a go.

    Eve gets her re-match for the World title. She never got pinned nor did she submit in her match against Tyrone Blades. Eve fell unconscious and the referee made the decision.

    If Flex vs. Batti wasn't contested as an I Quit match, I'd be using that. If this match could be another I Quit, then Eve could tease Tyrone about how Batti quit and she'd make him do the same; they're made for each other because they're both quitters.

    However, I'm going with a Last Man Standing match. Eve does not want to lose again because of the referee making the decision for them. If a competitor were to pass out, they should be given ample time to get back to their feet and fight. So, Last Man Standing is a perfect fit.

    Constantine walked away as champion and retired. WZCW needs to crown a new Eurasian champion to follow up on the legacy that Titus Avison left. So, here we assemble some of the best competitors in WZCW to take that mantle.

    It's a simple elimination 6-man match that could provide some great action and hopefully create some storylines for future matches. For example, Vega eliminates Mark Keaton. The Remarkable One doesn't find that remarkable at all, distracts Vega and causes him to get eliminated. Boom: you've got Vega vs. Mark Keaton for the next cycle.

    The self-proclaimed King defeated Batti once and for all, ending the Cerberus connection between himself and Ramparte. He came back to WZCW to challenge for the World title once again.

    Titus Avison has been on an amazing tear as the Eurasian champion. However, he lost the title to a retiring Constantine. He could compete for the Eurasian title again but what's the point? That sort of title reign deserves a title opportunity.

    The reason I'm pitting these two together is because I am assuming the Gold Rush PPV is the PPV after this one. This means there will be a massive tournament that'll feature many big names looking to run the gauntlet to challenge the World champion at Unscripted. The World champion at Gold Rush needs a worthy opponent. So, why not give these two a match to decide who will challenge the World champion?

    HVK recently won the Mayhem championship by defeating multiple competitors. For a change of scenario for HVK, why not host a singles match where he faces off against someone he has yet to face when he won the title? Stetson Hayes, the newcomer, is the perfect opponent.

    HVK is a Swedish nationalist and Hayes is a stereotypical cowboy. This sentence is easy enough to create an interesting feud between these folks. It's the classical American vs. Foreigner storyline but with HVK as the face and Stetson coming in as a Tweener, you can really re-invent this old and tired story for these characters.

    The woman of the Elite division Callie Clark wants new challengers. No more Lynx. No more contenders matches. She wants to face someone who wants to face her and give her a challenge. Well, Mikey Stormrage has recently asked the WZCW competitors if they want to test themselves against the newly-minted Hall of Fame legend. Callie Clark steps forward and puts the title on the line.

    Another way you could do this feud is the Cosplayer vs. the Gamer. I don't think we've seen this storyline done before but considering the similarities between both character's gimmicks (or parts of their gimmicks), these two could mesh really well for a story.

    Tony Mancini is a mobster. Broon is a member of the police force. Yeah, I want this to happen.

    Stevie goes to investigate Tony Mancini as he attempts to pull strings in the WZCW brass to get his Mayhem championship back without honourably fighting for it. He bribes, threatens, blackmails, etc. everyone to get his way. Stevie Broon, the honourable cop, goes after Mancini and tries to catch him in the act. This is where hijinks and shenanigans ensue.

    The feud culminates in a Street Fight. This match could draw inspiration from that Scott Hammond Mayhem title match back in 2009/2010 against... I wanna say Killjoy?... where they fought all over the arena and were seen multiple times throughout the night. You have this match start first and then end somewhere before the World title match.

    Let's turn the "leftovers are put into a match" match into something interesting.

    Again, I'm assuming the Gold Rush tournament is after this PPV. Whoever wins this match is entered into the tournament. Nice and easy. However, the GR Free Pass is something different: for whoever wins this match, they are given one mulligan. If they lose at any point during the tournament - except for the Finals - they can cash in their GR Free Pass and automatically move into the next round of the tournament as if they won, effectively making the following match a Triple Threat match.

    For example, Blazing Tiger wins this match. He wins his Quarter Finals match but he loses the Semi-Finals match. He can cash in the GR Free Pass at this time, thus advancing to the Finals.

    This idea can help out people who are struggling to find their foot give them a second chance at succeeding. In these kinds of events where it is Win or Suck, giving someone another opportunity to shine isn't going to hurt. Plus, it makes the GR tournament interesting.
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    I've always hated pitching title matches for myself, but the Elite is the only title I need to complete a Grand Slam. Well I never won the Mayhem either, but I have the tag titles so I'd count it.

    Also, if I won, I would rename it the Elite Overweight Championship.
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    If it makes you feel any better about pitching a title match for yourself, I think Mikey and Callie would be a fantastic feud. Falk mentioned a couple good ways it could happen but there's also a bit of backstory with Callie and Tastic having feuded before that could play into things as well.
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    Then it's not the only title you need for the Grand Slam. Either you have every title or you don't. None of this I've got this one but not that one. It's not the Triple Crown where tiers of titles come into play. Get 'em all or you're not a Grand Slam Champion.
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    I'm at least stealing 3 or 4 matches from Falk. They're good.

    WZCW World Championship - Ultimate Submission Match

    Eve Taylor vs. Tyrone Blades ©

    Both wrestlers have a submission finisher at their disposal and it does sorta parallel how Ty's girlfriend couldn't get it done in her own match where she was forced to give up. If it's Eve calling the shots for the rematch, I see this playing out better than a Last Man or Singles.

    Eurasian Championship

    Kagura vs. Garth Black ©

    Another continuation, but now the title that eluded everybody is in play. My idea is that Constantine drops the belt and management kicks up a fuss to have it defunct. Security goes to lock it up in the vault, and Garth is there and takes it off their hands. Whether he outright steals it or is just Eurasian Champion in name only, this should draw the ire of Kagura who he disrespected at Kingdom Come.

    Elite Openweight Championship

    Mikey Stormrage vs. Callie Clark ©

    Just seems like a good idea. They're polar opposites and I trust the handlers to make something special here. Callie did defeat Mikey's friend for her current reign, and Mikey has had history with blondes before. Can't go wrong with this matchup.

    Mayhem Championship - Pick Up The Pieces Match

    Vega vs. Harold Var Krigare ©

    This is a wild idea, but bare with me here (KJ did say fantasy). Seeing how he could not get the job done and secure another Mayhem reign under his belt, Vega interferes with Tony Mancini's rematch with HVK and grabs the title. He moves it away from the arena - we'll say a construction site - and takes a sledgehammer, the weapon HVK used to win the belt, to the title, smashing it into pieces and turning him into a bitter heel.

    For simplicity, we'll say there are four pieces each hanging from a corner of the ring. They would do everything they could to procure the pieces of the Mayhem Championship, even using the jagged remnants as weapons. Whoever collects all the pieces is will be determined the winner.

    #1 Contender for the World Championship

    King Mussel vs. Titus Avison

    Both have a head of steam coming out of Kingdom Come. It's fitting that they would vie for a chance to face either Tyrone Blades or Eve Taylor by Gold Rush.

    I Don't Even Care What Kind of Fight This Is

    PC Steve Broon vs. Tony Mancini

    The idea of a comedy cop facing a serious mobster just smacks of a good read. Street Fight, Prison Brawl, a Billy Club on a Pole...etc it doesn't really matter how this feud can be spiced up. I'd be interested in it 100%.

    Body Slam Challenge

    Jabari vs. Grindhouse

    I don't really care if Yaz is already writing for Mikey. If he wanted to, I'm more than happy to see this mini-feud play out. Not like it's hurting anything either when they're both our secondaries. Giant men trying to lift each other off of the ground sells itself.

    Whoever Isn't Already On The Card Can Do An Elimination Thing

    And the winner can go on to face the Elite Openweight Champion. What? They can't all be full of drama. Sometimes a classic is okay. We got some colorful people who aren't currently engaged in a story so their personalities can shine in this too.
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    WZCW Heavyweight Championship - Tyrone vs Eve vs Flex Mussel

    I think Flex has pretty consistently demonstrated that he's a top level player, and is coming off the back of another win. I know Eve and Flex have been on PPV against each other before, but I think in the wake of Flex's most recent win there is an opportunity to have the big and final Cerberus blow out, after which I'd keep them apart forever. At the same time, there's no obvious contender for Tyrone (I wouldn't pull the Titus trigger yet), and again, he can easily be interwoven into this arc.

    Garth Black vs Mikey Stormrage

    I'm really unsure about this one, it's been done before, but both have had time away since then so there's more to say. I think there's a very easy story arc with Garth Black going after Hall of Famers, particularly those he's been in the company longer than. He has a very warped sense of entitlement, and it makes sense to build up that as quite a long story arc, that could see him face some pretty big names without being in the main event. Eve is an obvious big feud for Mikey, but a win here could give it the credibility to have at any level on the card, regardless of Eve's outcome in the main event.

    Titus vs Kagura

    Again, much like the previous match, this could propel the winner straight into the main event, but they are both coming off defeats. It's much more interesting to go forward into a top spot on the momentum of having won a big time match, and I think this can set that up. You don't need to make it a number one contenders match, but it has the gravitas of that.

    Matt Tastic vs Lynx vs Triple X vs Mark Keaton vs Vega (5 way Ladder match for Eurasian Championship)

    Truth be told, I'm not sure we need a Eurasian Champion any more. But, here's 5 people who could all do something interesting with a win, and who all have credibility going into the matches. I wouldn't bother with a tournament, because presumably Gold Rush is upcoming, and I also think that it's important to have an established guy win it as there are huge boots to fill.

    Callie Clark Open Challenge for the Elite Openweight Challenge

    Someone will return or debut in the next couple of weeks, and this is a great opportunity for doing that. I'd take the challenge approach as it gives a slightly different feel than the Eurasian is getting. The Beard could go here if he's on this month, but if not, any of the new guys could step up, whoever's been making the biggest impact.

    Harald Var Krigare vs Stevie Broon vs Anthony Mancini (Mayhem)

    As has been said, Broon and Mancini seem a natural fit, and I think you could set this up easily (each gets a Mayhem match against Var Krigare, and the other interferes) which could even see the title change hands before this blowout. The winner here should move on.

    Grindhouse and Jabari Kasim vs Blazing Tiger (handicap)

    Purely because I'm a pessimist and Blazing Tiger has just no showed a PPV, I can see this being a potential make or break month for Blazing Tiger. I'd love to be proven wrong, but if I'm not I can see him on a beeline for the breadline. You may as well make use of the character on the way out/what a fantastic way to keep the character alive and give it a huge shot in the arm.

    Stetson Hayes vs Annie Holloway vs Keith Kole (Golden Handshake)

    We have three new people, why not give this PPV opportunity for them to show who's the best. Whoever wins, gets to face the Mayhem champion or something on the next Meltdown.

    Studd's presence on PPV is apparently controversial, so he will be used on the Preshow panel.
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    Was gonna wait till the tournament participants were all announced and boards were up but it's much more fun this way. Plus it helps the post PPV break go faster.

    World Championship

    King Mussel vs Titus vs Xander

    One scored a win over the World champ the other beat the man who just became champ. We just had a triple threat but both are coming off established wins at the PPV and deserve something.

    EurAsian Championship Final

    Stetson Hayes vs Annie Holloway

    Choosing this mostly because they're the only ones who have been announced plus I think a lot of top-level talent is going into Gold Rush. Plus these two have been slowly making their way up the ranks.

    Gold Rush Final

    Vega vs Eve Taylor

    With the exit of Tyrone, and who I've already got in the main event, I'm not sure how you can't have Eve in the finals. That being said this is the hardest to predict, and her opponent could really be anyone. But Vega is the safe choice coming off a few wins and clashes with the main event. Plus it gives us a conclusion to match that never finished last cycle.

    Elite Championship

    Mikey Stormrage vs Keith Kole

    New blood testing the old-guard should be a good chance for Kole to prove himself.

    Mayhem Championship

    HVK vs Grindhouse

    Time is now to push Grindhouse as a monster in the division.

    Anyone Not Booked

    Number one contenders battle royal, scramble, six pack challenge, something. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

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