ECW: Bringing Home Extreme!

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    Backstory: It’s the night after the draft. WWE decided to change the draft to the night after Night of Champions. Kane managed to defeat Big Show, and retain his title. The Miz and John Morrison however did not succesful defend their titles, as they lost them to Finlay and Hornswoggle. WWE decided that the General Managers of all three shows, could trade one superstar a month to another brand for another superstar. They do not have to trade once a month, but they can if the want too. On the draft night, ECW had some major accuasations, and also had some loses. Below is who ECW gained/lost during the draft.

    Accuried to ECW
    Edge (Was stripped of the World Title)
    John Cena
    Jeff Hardy

    Accuried to Oher Brands (From ECW)
    CM Punk
    Kane (Was stripped off the ECW Title)
    Mike Knox
    Elijah Burke

    Now it was time for ECW to get their ratings up! WWE decided to bring back the “old ECW.” What I mean by this, is every match has no rules! With some star power now added to their roster, they are set to go!

    Male Wrestlers
    Shelton Benjamin
    Evan Bourne
    John Cena
    Colin Delaney
    Tommy Dreamer
    Armando Estrada
    Chavo Guerrero
    Kofi Kingston
    Jeff Hardy
    The Miz
    John Morrison
    Bam Neely
    Stevie Richards
    Matt Striker
    Ricky Ortiz
    Kenny Dykstra
    Chris Harris
    TJ Wilson

    Female Wrestlers
    Kelly Kelly

    Other on-air talent
    Joey Styles - Play-by-play commentator
    Tony Chimel - Ring announcer
    Theodore Long- General Manager
    Tazz - Color commentator
    Tiffany - Assistant to the General Manager
    Lena Yada - Backstage interviewer

    Inactive Talent
    Big Daddy V - Inactive due to losing weight
    The Boogeyman - Getting his teeth replaced

    Tag teams and stables
    The Miz and John Morrison

    ECW Champion: VACANT

    Title History

    ECW World Championship
    -None So Far-​
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