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    Welcome Season II of the CLDL. This season, we are going to try something a little different. In honor of the World Cup, we will be breaking into pools. There will be four pools, and the top two seeds in that pool after round robin play will advance to a knockout round.

    The same scoring system works. Advancement will be decided first by record, second by points, third by point differential.

    Each debate will have an affirmative and a negative side. Affirmative is for the topic, negative against. If both sides decide to switch sides, then that is fine, but they must PM me to let me know.

    The first debates will be next Sunday.

    Here are the pools.

    Pool A
    Mr. Dave

    Pool B
    TDiggity Bitches
    Stormtrooper 85
    Super Crazy

    Pool C
    Kill Joy

    Pool D
    Matt Fox
    The Game Rage

    And the judges are:

    GD Pool A
    IC Pool B
    Tasty "Jumbocock" Cles Pool C
    TM Pool D

    One judge will be responsible for one pool. Once we get to the knockout phase, three judges will judge each debate. In the finals, all five judges will judge the round.

    The first post is due within 24 hours of the posting of the topic, and will be made by the affirmative. The second post is due within 24 hours of that post, and then, posts will alternate for the rest of the week. I would like there to be at least two posts by each debater per debate.

    Good luck!


    Pool A: Week 1

    Dave vs Razor
    Number$ vs. Baller

    Week 2:

    Razor vs. Numbers
    Baller vs. Dave

    Week 3:

    Number$ vs. Dave
    Razor vs. Baller

    Pool B: Week 1

    TDigle vs. Remix
    Stormtrooper vs. SuperCrazy

    Week 2:

    Remix vs. Stormtrooper
    SuperCrazy vs. TDigle

    Week 3:

    TDigle vs. Stormtrooper
    Remix vs. Supercrazy

    Pool C: Week 1

    Killjoy vs. Stinger
    Lee vs. MRC

    Week 2:

    Stinger vs. Lee
    MRC vs. Killjoy

    Week 3:

    Lee vs. Killjoy
    MRC vs. Stiner

    Pool D: Week 1

    Matt Fox vs. Sivsyboy
    Game vs. LGhiskas

    Week 2:

    Sivsyboy vs. Game
    LGhiskas vs. Matt Fox

    Week 3:

    Game vs. Matt Fox
    Sivsyboy vs. LGhiskas
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