Calgary Region, First Round: (19) Beer Money vs. (46) Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Discussion in 'Calgary Region' started by klunderbunker, Sep 15, 2014.


Who Wins This Matchup?

  1. Beer Money

  2. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    This is a first round match in the Calgary Region. It's a standard tag team match held in the Calgary Saddledome.



    19. Beer Money



    46. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

    Vote for who you feel is the better team. The poll will be open for THREE days starting approximately twenty four hours after this thread is posted. Use the time to argue and defend your choices. In the case of a tie, the team with more written votes will win. Only one vote per user.

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  2. Nate DaMac

    Nate DaMac Fuck erbody but me

    Mar 4, 2009
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    Just like Beer Money vs. MCMG, this would rule. Gotta go with Beer Money, though. Kendrick and London were awesome but they held the tag titles for so long simply because there was no one to really lose them to. Besides, didn't they lose them to fucking Deuce and Domino?

    They're just not as good as Beer Money. I could be swayed if anyone has a compelling argument for Londrick, I just don't see it.
  3. The Brain

    The Brain King Of The Ring

    Mar 8, 2009
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    An interesting first round match where both teams were competing around the same time. I have to go with Beer Money here. London & Kendrick did hold the tag titles for about a year which is pretty impressive, but I think the tag division was stronger in TNA at the time (especially since WWE's was split) making Beer Money's run more impressive. Without knowing any better just by looking at the pictures above I would guess Beer Money was the WWE team and London & Kendrick the TNA team. I admit I don't vote TNA over WWE very often but I'm going to here.
  4. FlexAmerican Dynamite

    FlexAmerican Dynamite RIP Cooper's Title Reign

    Dec 27, 2011
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    To be fair the only tag teams I can remember at the time worth a damn were Beer Money and MCMG and they consistently traded the belts back and forth.

    Though with that Beer Money is still the better option as besides beating MNM and then successfully defending the belts in an awesome four way ladder match including the Hardys I can't remember Londrick's year long reign to save my life.
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Is hanging up the boots

    Sep 6, 2007
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    Man, I LOVED London and Kendrick. From memory they always had consistent matches on Smackdown and were one of the main reasons I was tuning in back then around the 05/06 mark. Their year long title reign is something I remember.. but unfortunately I only came to recall it when I saw this thread.

    Beer Money were awesome too, and the team launched both Storm and Roode into the superstars they are today. The amount of times they cheated to win was unbelievable too, and I don't see why they won't do it again here. Beer Money for the win, but I hope it's a lot closer than people think, because "Londrick" were a great tag team and are severely missed in a diminishing tag team division in the WWE today.
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  6. nightmare

    nightmare ...7, 8, Better stay up late...

    May 26, 2010
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    We have an energetic team in London\Kendrick who held the tag titles during a downtime for teams in the WWE (god love them, but its true) vs one of the best things that ever happened to TNA. Seriously- Beer Money was one hell of a team that put on some of the best matches TNA had to offer. Londrick sure did a great job and were fun to watch, but nowhere near as good as Beer Money was. Roode\Storm were just better & will be remembered far longer than Paul\Brian.
  7. Hollywood Naitch

    Hollywood Naitch The current reigning and defending

    May 27, 2010
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    I do like London and Kendrick- infact I am going to a UK indie show next week because they are there (along with the Dudleyz), and they always put on an entertaining match.

    However, Beer Money are a much better team. Both were main event quality wrestlers when they were in the tag team, and arguably the best thing going in TNA at that time. Both are better on the mic than both London and Kendrick- Roode especially and their reigns and feuds were far more memorable than anything Londrick ever did.

    Beer Money goes over here in an entertaining but fairly short match
  8. smizzy

    smizzy Doubt it, bud.

    May 13, 2012
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    Beer Money for me.

    Storm and Roode are just too much to overcome for the wily Kendrick and London. The latter are very capable wrestlers, but I'd compare this one to a JV football team playing a varsity squad. Too smart, too strong.

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