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    Thought this could be interesting
    You two Best Royal Rumble matches? Post Em' My two?

    1. Royal Rumble 2009
    Yesssssss RKO finally won it! after coming so close several times ala 2006 it also had some great action within the final 4.

    Royal Rumble 2005
    I liked it because it was surprising you saw the two Glorified Mid Carders, Cena and Batista shoot to stardom... It was unbelievable! WWE took a huge risk putting two Upper Mid-Carders in thier main event for the secondary PPV of the year. Kudos to WWE
  2. The Todd

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    1st Royal Rumble 2001 I have said in another thread this is my favourite one ever. Stone Cold's third victory, lastly eliminating Kane who was the undoubted star of the Rumble, lasting over an hour and causing the most eliminations in a single rumble. You had Kane and Taker reuniting, shock return of Big Show and to a lesser extent Haku, Hobky tonk man comedy, Drew Carey crapping himself at the sight of Kane, the Hardys fighting between each other, the hardcore section, ultimate babyface Rock having his arse handed to him by midcarder Bradshaw and being dominated by Hardcore Holly, HHH run in to attack Austin, then the great ending where Kane took three chair shots and was still standing.

    Second is one I had never watched until this years Royal Rumble when many people told me to watch it Royal RUmble 1992. It was the first time the Rumble was for something meaningful, the WWF title, before it ws just a big battle royale. All the greats were in the ring, and Hogan didn't win which surprised many people.
  3. agentmichaelscarn

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    Sorry if these explanations are short, it's really hard for me to put into words what I like about certain Royal Rumble matches.

    Royal Rumble 2009 I felt this was exciting because there were plenty of "skinning the cats", many of the top superstars were around towards the end, it had a ton of star power, there were alot of people left after #30, the crowd was pretty hot and the finish was sweet

    Royal Rumble 1992 This was the first one that meant something, it wasn't just for a title SHOT but the title itself which made it mean that much more. I believe the final four consisted of Sid, Savage, Flair and Hogan. Talk about star power, most people probably thought Hogan was going to win but it really could have been any of them since they were all big and over at that time. Flair ended up pulling it out, and even though I don't really care for him I have to hand it to him on his performance in this match.
  4. Ryanhitman316

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    Feb 13, 2009
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    I really liked 2004....seeing that Benoit, Angle, Jericho was all in it...they were my fav. at that time. Finally Benoit wins it.

    I attended 2008 the rumble match was pretty good, if you were there live it was awesome. Taker and HBK was the 1st 2 guys and then it ended with Cena surprise return. It was awesome.
  5. McFoley

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    1997 was really good. It was the rise of Austin, back when he was still part-face, part heel. Got a loud mixed reaction from the crowd. Some good Terry Funk-Mankind action towards the end leading to a great finish with Austin cheating his way back into the match after being in it for LONG time. The middle drug a little bit, but that is usually the case. One of Austin's most under-rated performances.

    I don't know if I will think this after time has passed, but right now I got to say 2009 as my other choice. I enjoyed this year's match a lot. Many great moments and much better paced than most rumbles.
  6. DC24

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    2008- I won't lie when Cena showed up at #30 I popped out of my seat at home as did the whole crowd and the ending with him,Batista and Triple H was classic. They ruin his momentum after that but whatever the match was great from beginning to end

    1998- I loved seeing Stone Cold win his second straight Rumble and eliminating Chyna was the best.
  7. latinoheat8979

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    1992 Rumble because it was for the WWE Title. On top of that the biggest names in wrestling were in the rumble: Hogan, Flair, Sid, Piper, Taker, Savage.

    1994 Rumble is my 2nd choice because it was the 1st time that there were 2 co-winners of the Rumble match.
  8. FlairFan2003

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    The star power in the 92 Rumble was unbelievable - you simply don't have that many top guys today... The vision of the perenial NWA Champion Flair wrestling over an hour trying to survive HBK, Taker, Savage, Piper, Sid, Hogan, Jake "The Snake", not too mention former champions like Slaughter, Kerry Von Erich (one of his last WWE appearances), as well British Bulldog, DiBiase, Greg Valentine. Plus this was the first time a crowd really turns on Hogan, booing him for his confrontation with Sid at the end of the match (WWE quickly worked to make Sid the bad guy and protect Hogan's hero image). The absolute classic moment is at the 30 minute mark when Flair eliminates both Von Erich and Big Boss Man and collapses to his knees at center ring, looking exhausted, only to hear Piper's music hit, then tilts his head back and looks like he's going to cry as Piper makes his way to the ring as the crowd goes absolutely nuts.
  9. Ronin

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    1990 Royal Rumble. Why? Because it was the first Wrestling show I ever watched. It is what got me hooked into wrestling. Watching Hogan throw Perfect out of the ring was... Perfect. Ted DiBiase lasting for a majority of the rumble starting from number 1. Was SO awesome.

    ANd yeah, 2001 royal rumble. Awesome Cluster fuck of weapons.
  10. Zeedeevel

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    Royal Rumble 2008 - mainly this one cuz i was there live and no one there knew cena was comming out. it was nice to actually be suprised

    Royal Rumble 2007 - the ending with hbk and taker going at it for awhile stole the show, was also first time the #30 entrant won
  11. HBK-aholic

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    I really expected Triple H to win this one, even watching it now when I know the result I think of Triple H somehow going away with the win. I believe he was in their the longest, but just his whole attitude in that match made me feel he would win, I really enjoyed it. Then there was the winner, Shawn deserved it, and his win definately makes me love this Rumble more.

    Because I really love the Jericho/Rock match. I was watching this PPV just last week, and that match is really underrated, 2 comedy genius' putting on a great match is definately something I'd pay to see again. The Rumble itself was also good - I remember my disappointment that Angle didn't win.
  12. Pimpin

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    1995 Royal Rumble- Ah yes the 1995 Royal Rumble match. This is HBK's first Royal Rumble victory & also a little bit of history was made in this one as HBK became the first man to win the rumble after entering it first.

    1998 Royal Rumble- It had the match that unfortunately helped put HBK out of action for over 4 years & of course it had my favorite superstar of all time in Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the Royal Rumble to face HBK at Wrestlemania 14.
  13. It's...Baylariat!

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    1992 Royal Rumble
    Not only did this rumble have the first and ONLY Rumble to decide a WWE champion, but it had a very entertaining Piper v/s Mountie matchup that saw Piper win his FIRST title of ANY kind in the WWE/F. That amazed me.

    2001 Royal Rumble
    It was a beautiful clusterfuck full of weapons and action.

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