Ascension 129: Annie Halloway vs Keith Kole

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday July 24th at 11:59pm PST

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    The Log of Annie Halloway

    The 4g of @3 [email protected]

    @3 [email protected]

    Codename: Old Memories Lead to New Beginnings


    Loading Done.

    The day had finally arrived. Annie Halloway had officially been accepted into the WZCW family. She was among of many entries who wished to introduce themselves onto the roster, all of which could have made for excellent members. But here she stood, high and mighty amongst the crowd alongside two other humans. A cowboy who wished to bring wrestling back to its roots and a fry cook that talked a big game and had a dream to be more than he is now.

    After the official introduction came the greetings. All throughout the day, Annie was seen shaking hands with new companions and potential competitors. It made sense, trying to make a good first impression, getting a good feel of the vibe of the WZCW backstage area.

    It also helped that Mr. Roche was around, serving as a bodyguard to her, giving out menacing glares to anyone who was dare going to insult or offend her in some manner. Not that anyone actually did, but stranger things have happened.

    One of the last people to come across Annie and Mr. Roche was a relatively skinny, youngish looking male; heading towards the pyrotechnics station. He noticed the two upstanding newcomers wandering across backstage and he decided to come up to them and see if they were warm enough to talk to them...they were warm to others, he heard, maybe they’d be warm to him?

    Er...Annie Halloway is it?

    Annie glanced over to the man, seeing an opportunity to set up a connection with him.

    Annie Halloway:
    Ah yes, you must be the um...match coordinator?

    Pyro Technician Guy:
    No, i'm just one of the pyro technicians. Hey, congratulations on making it pass the 'new talent initiative'.

    Annie Halloway:
    Why thank you my dear boy. I will say that I had a bit of training beforehand so I believe I know what I am getting myself into.

    Pyro Technician Guy:
    I'm sure you had.

    Annie Halloway:
    Well of course. Some of the new people have to fill in the shoes of those who have left us.

    The discussion changing over to a more serious topic, the Pyro Technician's smile starts to fade off.

    Pyro Technician Guy
    Yeah...losing people isn't fun, especially on the weeks leading up to Kingdom Come happens. (Pause, his smile does start to come back slightly)Still though, we have to move on from them eventually. And who knows? Maybe you guys can be just as good as the crop we lost.

    Annie Halloway:
    (With confidence)
    I can assure you right now that I will be very happy to help fill in the void that was left behind by their departures.

    Pyro Technician Guy:
    I can't say anything that might get me in trouble but...I can at least wish you good luck.

    Annie Halloway:
    No need good sir, but the thought is honorable.

    All parties involved then heard of a voice asking for all pyro technicians to report to the pyro station for the testing of equipment, that meant that he would have to depart from Annie and Ezekiel and move on to what he did best.

    Pyro Technician Guy:
    Welp, gotta go test the pyro for the show. Good luck tonight!

    Annie Halloway:
    (As she waves at him)
    Thank you dear, it was very nice getting to know you!

    As the Pyro Technician Guy headed onward, the sight of him disappearing; Annie could only smile in content. She hadn’t even competed in her first match and already she had made good on her first wish: Being on good terms with the WZCW locker room.

    Time Shift: Several Hours Later

    The big moment was inching ever so closer for her as she laced up her wrestling boots. Finally, the chance of a lifetime for Annie to prove why it was that she was a force to be reckoned with. Ezekiel stood by with her, the two away from everyone else. As it was to be and hopefully would be...but that is a story for another time.

    The ring announcer’s voice welcoming everyone to WZCW Ascension soothed her speeding train of thought. If knowledge served Annie right, they had to travel a long way to get to Charlotte, North Carolina. Not a terrible city by any stretch; but certainly no place she would like to visit again. Nevertheless, here she was. The hacker who went corporate. The girl who broke all the rules in her adolescence years and created her very own. And most importantly, the lady who broke all the rules in her adolescence years and created her very own was set to spread her form of chaos in a wrestling ring for the very first time in her life.

    While she was finishing up her final round of stretches, she turned to her companion Ezekiel to get a final conversation out of the way.

    Annie Halloway: we are first ever match in WZCW. The moment we turn this tepid, stale product into a dynamo of excellence.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    Yes. A very big moment for you.

    Annie Halloway:
    Ah ah ah, it's not about's about ATV as a whole. (Overdramatic tint)If I were to lose in my debut match, could you imagine what it would do to my sterling reputation?

    Ezekiel Roche:
    (somewhat unnerved at the thought)
    It would not be pretty Ms. Halloway.

    Annie Halloway: it wouldn't. And that's why we must be quick on our feet and take whatever chance we can get to survive in this new environment. We CANNOT make the same mistakes as those who departed this business did.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    Ah yes...the memories B.A.

    Annie Halloway:
    I mean. Don't get me wrong, they've all had sparks of brilliance. Batti herself was one of the most lovable, exciting human beings in the entire city. So joyfully naive of what was really happening behind the was charming in a way. (sighs, lamentful)It's a shame she left after that beatdown she suffered. (beat to sink it in) Then again, when you are dominated in the same way Batti was against the so-called 'King' Mussel...can she really be blamed?

    Ezekiel Roche:
    (Visibly disturbed by the thought of that match, especially near the end)
    Not at all.

    Annie Halloway:
    It's not just her's also those who started out strong, but ultimately fell in the long run due to their own hubris or because of reasons no one could control. For a long time, Vox was seen as an annoyance, a little fly in the radar of the WZCW audience, his charitable causes being cast aside because no one could stand him...Suddenly, his causes became realized; and he started to become well-respected...likable, charming...funny even! Perhaps he managed to figure out the system and no one really noticed, but whatever he did, he got people to like him... in turn, he found success. Especially in the Mayhem department.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    And then...he left..

    A brief pause strikes them as they deal with the seriousness of this fact.

    Annie Halloway:
    (Solemn, feigning concern)
    Last my intel heard, he was on an important business trip in Tibet. Who knows if we'll ever see him again.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    Perhaps we will when the time is right.

    Annie Halloway:
    Let us hope for his sake that we do…

    Ezekiel took a few seconds to think of other WZCW wrestlers that fell beyond the wayside in recent times.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    What about War Zone? The so called Ultimate Soldier.

    Annie Halloway:
    That muscle headed cretin? The same one who cowered away from WZCW because he failed at his goal of winning? (scoff) Some soldier he was.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    (thinking a bit to himself)
    There was a reason he was entered on the list of wrestlers WZCW officially blacklisted.

    Annie Halloway:
    (shaking her head)
    An unfortunate list to be a part of at that…

    Ezekiel Roche:
    Hm...I believe there is one more name that I remember departing...

    Annie Halloway:
    (Voice becoming vicious)
    I afraid I know that name well…

    Annie shook her head as Ezekiel got out a picture from out of his pocket and gave it to her. It was a picture of former WZCW superstar and gold medal winner Yemrez Reqonic and given the reaction of Annie when she saw this picture; she had a lot to say about her.

    Annie Halloway:
    Oh Yemrez...where did it all go wrong? (shakes her head, speaks fondly of her past) You were the toast of Estonia, the creme de la creme. An olympic legend who knew what it took to win. Everything seem tailor made for her to go far. Her first match, an absolute massacre on her end made it clear that she was almost guaranteed to go far in this land.

    Annie’s tone immediately sours afterwards.

    Annie Halloway:
    But then...something happened. She forgot how to win. I’m not sure what it was that happened or caused this reversing of momentum but...whatever positive momentum she had was eventually crushed. People even went as far as to label her as the new ‘choke-artist’ of WZCW. Some say it was a sign of how different the competition in WZCW was from Estonia or that her weaknesses were exposed, or simply a case of bad luck. Whatever happened, she lost her direction in such a disappointing way.

    Annie looks at Ezekiel, deciding to ask a rhetorical question.

    Annie Halloway:
    Tell me Mr. Roche...if you labelled as someone who couldn’t get the job done, someone who time and time again failed to win when it really mattered. What would you do?

    He does not respond, giving Annie an opportune chance for her to give out her answer.

    Annie Halloway:
    Some people would likely crumble under these horrible accusations, but for others, It would drive those who refuse to settle for second best to try even harder. Unfortunately, when the world and especially Estonia needed her most...

    Dead silence fell, as if she was waiting for a reaction. Finally, she spoke up about what she thought was the truth of Yemrez’s demise.

    Annie Halloway:
    She vanished.

    Annie paused for a brief solemn moment to reflect on the disappointing nature in which she left WZCW, then she continues onward; almost like she's giving a eulogy.

    Annie Halloway:
    Yemrez's tale is perhaps the saddest of them is a tale of promise, loss and disappointment. A tale that I can sympathize with.

    She then looked over to Ezekiel with an eerie sense of curiosity inside her, hoping to hear his take on a certain topic regarding the departed Estonian athlete.

    Annie Halloway:
    Then again, considering how quickly everyone moved on from her...what do you suppose that says about her legacy?

    Ezekiel Roche:
    (Slight nod of uncertainty)
    We cannot say for certain Ms. Halloway. Only you have the answers.

    Annie Halloway:
    (Sighs as she resigned herself to this fate)
    Ah well...perhaps it's for the best that it stayed unanswered. Besides, that was all B.A. Before Annie.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    Yes. Before you, WZCW was mundane. Before you WZCW was of the status quo. Before you WZCW was missing the edge that it needed to bring it into a new dimension and enter a new realm of prosperity.

    Annie Halloway:
    (Sincerity mode)
    And now with the undisputed leader of ATV entering their squared circle, the inaugural entrance mind you...I look forward to making WZCW a much more interesting place.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    It is in my belief that you have already made WZCW more interesting just by showing up.

    Annie Halloway:
    (Small smile)
    Thank you my dear Ezekiel…

    Annie and Ezekiel gazed into their eyes and smiled. Such a gesture would not last long though, it was time to get down to business.

    Annie Halloway:
    Now then. My opponent for tonight is?

    Ezekiel Roche:
    A former fast food employee by the name of Keith Kole. It has been said that he has been watching this sport called 'wrestling' for the past twenty five years and is an avid fan of it.

    Annie Halloway:
    Ah yes...the fan living the dream.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    It is said on the official WZCW website that he is very adamant on his abilities despite his minimal experience on actually performing.

    Annie Halloway:
    I guess it can be forgiven. I myself am no expert at this form of combat either.

    Ezekiel awaits for Annie’s official viewing on Keith Kole with bated breath and all eyes locked onto her. Finally, after what may have seemed like an eternity to Ezekiel, Annie gave her word.

    Annie Halloway:
    His passion is admirable, but his overconfidence...or as some of the so-called 'informed' people like to say (while doing air quotes) 'swagger' is not. I understand that he has a dream, but he will soon realize that some dreams...are made to be shattered.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    A bold promise Ms. Halloway, and one you shall certainly fulfill.

    Annie Halloway:
    (bold smirk, closes up to Ezekiel)
    Absolutely my darling Ezekiel. After all...Annie keeps her promises. Annie always keeps her promises. For everything.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    (Romantic smile)
    My darling Halloway…

    The two once more gazed into their eyes, stars dancing inside them. The two leaned in closer, Annie clutching onto Ezekiel’s chest; seemingly preparing to make a move-

    Guy Off Screen:
    Hey! Could you two be romantic someone else? Nobody wants to see you trading tongues...that's disgusting!

    Annie and Ezekiel immediately ceased what they were doing when they heard the angered voice of...whoever it was, neither person had the time to properly grasp details as to who that person was. With the orders given to them, they backed away from their positions and resigned themselves to the state they were in before hand. Annie glanced over at Ezekiel and whispered to him a final instruction.

    Annie Halloway:
    (whisper to Ezekiel Roche)
    We'll save the pleasuring affairs after we win.

    Ezekiel nodded back and that was the end of that. And so it was. Annie’s first day in the backstage wilderness that was WZCW. It was smooth, smart and serious at the same time. But would this be enough for her? The answer to that question…

    Only Annie knows.

    Annie’s the only one to know.

    Annie knows everything.

    @3 kn0ws e3thing.

    For Annie is everything.

    @3 is e3thing.

    Error! Error!

    Oh Child! It Has Gone All Wrong!

    Must Abort! Must Abort!

    This Transmission Has Been Completed And Must Shut Down.

    It Is Now Safe To Turn Your Computer Off.
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    Two Weeks Before AS129
    San Diego,CA

    Keith Kole had just finished a hot and busy shift and was in the process of counting his register before clocking out. It had been a few weeks and still he hadn't heard back from WZCW.

    Kole finished counting and filled out his envelope before bringing it to his shift manager and clocking out . As he was on his way out, his friend
    Kassandra Kross came running up, excitement across her face.

    Kross: Keith! Guess what? We're in. WZCW just sent an email informing us of our employment, and that your first match is in two weeks at Ascension 129 in Charlotte, NC. I can't believe they accepted sure you wanna do This?

    Kassandra half smiles as she looks at her friend. She's all for an escape from this shitty place, but not at the expense of his well being.

    Kole: Of course they accepted us Kass! They took one look and saw the charisma just emanating from me and they knew.....they knew they had to have the glorious Keith Kole in their company. Shit I might as well tell John he can go fuck himself, cuz I'm gonna be a star.

    Keith turns to go look for his GM, so he can tell him off, but before he can get far, Kassandra grabs his arm and pulls him back towards the exit. She playfully punches him before speaking.

    Kross: No! Keith We don't even know if you will have a second match yet. Let's wait before we burn our bridges. Just go home and get ready for a road trip. We can leave in the morning. I'm doing this because I believe in your belief that you can do this. Go get your mind right Keith. "Mr. Glorious" has to be ready for his debut after all.

    Kassandra laughed as she headed over to the grill area, Keith heading home to mentally prepare. As he walked out of the store he didn't know whether to be excited or scared shitless. All he knew about wrestling was through watching, and now he is a wrestler.. Kole climbed into the grey Honda Civic and headed home, anxious to know his opponent and hopefully make a lasting mark on his first night as a WZCW superstar.

    One Week Until AS129
    A Hot Honda Civic
    Somewhere in Alabama

    Keith is doing his turn behind the wheel as him and Kassandra continued on their trip towards Ascension. It was a hot and humid Alabama afternoon, and Keith was on his fifth Powerade, and a sweaty mess.

    Kole: Oh my God it's stupid fucking hot! Next time we fly Kass.

    Kassandra looks over at Keith and laughs as she shakes her head.

    Kross: Um Keith, you are not a star yet, no matter what your over delusional ass thinks.(playfully pushing Kole) Until we know we have a place there we can't afford flights to every show.

    Before Keith can respond, Kassandra's phone goes off and she begins to talk again.

    Kross: have an official opponent at Ascension. You'll be facing another debuting superstar, goes by Annie Halloway. They've sent me her roster link....(skimming the page)Well, you definitely will have the size advantage, and well look at that! She's relatively inexperienced as well, so there's that. Um lemme see...(more skimming) She's very confident...sound familiar?( shoots a smile at Kole before continuing on) She seems to have anxiety? Haha maybe you can talk her ear off and make her lose it! That's about it though, other than the size you guys are evenly matched.

    Kassandra puts her phone down and lowers the passenger seat as the duo continue down the road to their debut.

    Kole: It wouldn't matter if she was a ten year veteran Kass. No disrespect to this Annie, but she's simply not as charismatic, not as amazing and definitely not as glorious as the Keith Kole that is gonna grace WZCW with his presence this week. It will be a tough match but in the end, the only person on the fans lips will be simply...Keith.....Kole.

    Keith did a mini pose with his arms outstretched as the empty road lay ahead, Kassandra predictably not having any of it.

    Kross: Stop Keith. It's fine to have confidence in yourself, but let's not get too arrogant okay?

    Keith looked at her and gave the most cheesiest smile he could muster, before releasing his smartass remark.

    Kole: I'm not arrogant Kassandra, I'm fucking glorious.

    Just as he finishes speaking, the car begins to slow and the two realize that the car is overheating....

    Kole: Well shit....

    Kross: Fucking Karma Keith....

    The pair pull over on the side of the road to inspect the car....only 7 days left till his glorious debut.

    Night Of AS129
    Spectrum Center

    Keith was standing in the locker room, his gear fully on, his wrists were all taped up and tonight was finally the night. Either he was all talk or he actually backed it up.

    He grabs his custom robe(he had to take out a loan for it, but he figured he's Keith Kole, he'll be having multiples in no time right?) The blood red robe, sparkling ridiculously in the light was lined with jetblack trim. It was really over the top.....and he loved it.

    Kole places the robe on and admires the amazingness in front of the mirror, smiling ear to ear and turning towards Kassandra, arms outstretched as he lets her soak in the sight.

    Kross: You look great Keith, I have faith in you, but please be careful out there okay?

    Keith just nods and the two head out to the stage, their debut just moments away.

    As they walk the halls, Leon Kensworth approached, looking for a quick word from the rookie.

    Kensworth Keith! How do you feel moments before you walk out there as an official member of the WZCW roster?

    Kole: How do I feel? Look at me Leon! (Spins around for him slowly) I look incredible, I feel incredible, and tonight the world of WZCW will be in for a treat. After the show, Keith Kole will be the most talked about superstar. One match. One match is all I need and the fans will be hooked. NOBODY in this company is as amazing as me. I've been a fan for years, and what this place lacks is a certain glorious aura....(smiling) Keith Kole possesses that aura. I will be the fastest rising star this company has ever seen, because I am that damn good. It starts tonight with Annie Halloway. At the end of the night all I'll have to say is "Told You"

    Keith turns away arrogantly, arms out as he strolls with Kassandra(who is silently apologizing to Leon as they walk) towards the ring, standing at the top of the stage as his entrance plays for the first time....

    Kole: Win, Win, Win Baby...(takes deep breath as he walks out)
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