Ascension 129: Tony Mancini vs Big Bad Roady

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday July 24th at 11:59pm PST

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    Big Bad Roady sat down hard in the smelly cab and it tilted a little from his weight, he let out a sigh. He was relieved that he told Mark the truth after all and his boss didn't seem too upset about it either. He told the cab driver the destination and he took off down the street, not caring if his tires let out a bark. BigRoad nervously tapped his foot on the carpet floor of the cab, he twiddled his fat thumbs, his breathing was starting to get heavier. Oh god, just give me a heart attack then, just so I don't have to go back to this biker gang life.After fifteen minutes, the cab stopped. He paid the man then then walked to a busy park. A Skull's Angels Death Agent named Zero was there,drinking rather daintily from a water fountain. Zero let out an exaggerated AHHH and wiped the remaining water from his thick, handle bar mustache. He was the only man in the park wearing a spiked leather jacket in the intense heat of the day. He motioned for BigRoad to follow him. They walked out of the park then down the street, Zero opened the back door to a beat up looking Lincoln Town Car then climbed in the driver side. He turned the key and a black cloud formed behind them after the engine coughed to life. They were off.

    "I'm not supposed to say anything to you, guy...." Zero lit a cigarette then threw the lighter on the floor in front of the passenger seat, "...but it looks like Duran is set to kill your ass today. Heh heh heh."

    Big Bad Roady closed his eyes, he was expecting this, it was going to happen eventually, especially with a blood lust like Duran. They drove in silence for ten minutes, caught in some heavy Toronto traffic.

    "Do you might if we could listen to a little music on the way? Something to calm my soul before he stabs me to death would be nice." AIR CONDITIONING would be nice too, I'm sweating like a guy who sweats a whole bunch... but I better not push it, these Death Agents are as bad as Duran himself.

    "Sure, why not?" Zero played with the radio as they stopped at a red light in a huge line up of traffic again......

    Zero started hammering on the dash with his fingers, drumming along to the heavy metal song blaring in the car.

    BigRoad tapped his shoulder, "Hey, nothing against this music, but I was hoping for something ALOT lighter."

    Zero opened the glove compartment, he took out a .44 Magnum hand gun then turned in his seat. He pointed it at BigRoad's head. Zero's blank expression and dead eyes (surrounded by tattoo's and scars) signaled that this was the end for BigRoad, he started to squeeze the trigger when a station wagon pulled up next to them in the traffic. A little boy from the back seat looked over, dropping his Voltron toy with a wide eyed, shocked expression. Zero smirked, he dropped the gun on the passenger seat and played with the radio again....

    "Damn! I love this song! You've gone too far this timyum, but I'm DANCIN on de Valentine! Nuh nuh nuh nuh ya, somethin borderline!"

    BigRoad's sweat covered face just slowly nodded, "This will do." He squeaked out over the noise. They continued to wade through the heavy traffic until they got to the industrial sections of Toronto, the air was thick with rotten egg smell and pollution. Zero pulled into a dirt covered lot surrounded by larger factories, an old pool hall was wedged in between the factories, right in the shadows, away from the public eye. A few motorcycles blared and pulled out of the lot as they parked. The crude Skull's Angles sign was prominent over the front entrance. Jeff had saved the picture on his cellphone and played with the image, but he was RPing from his laptop so he couldn't get access to it... Perhaps another time! Jeff yelled at the computer screen, kind of angry.

    "Can we get back to me, Jeff?" BigRoad asked as they walked towards the rundown looking club.

    Zero ushered Big Bad Roady into the smoke filled air of the club, bikers were hanging around the pool tables and the bar, smoking, drinking, having a good time. The Native American bartender nodded and a Death Agent kicked open a door to the back, Zero and BigRoad walked by all the curious eyes of the gang members, they made their way into the secret room and the door closed.

    They were in a large office area, several gang members were over to the right, holding various pieces of wood and planks. Behind them was a large machine with a big winch on it. Vanessa Roady was standing over to the left next to a large LED screen that had blank squares across the screen, she looked like she was dressed up and ready to go out on a date. Dominating the back wall was a huge, skull carved oak desk with guns, hash, cocaine and books all over it. Zero took his place at the left of the desk, two other Death Agents stood on the right. A muscular tattooed woman stood behind them, the swivel chair spun around behind the desk to reveal Duran Blackburn.



    The leader of the famed Canadian Motorocycle gang named Skull's Angel's. Duran founded the famously savage and brutal motorbike gang when he was twenty five years old, a year after his first murder and his second gang he was ever part of. Now his headquarters recently moved from Calgary to Toronto, but his divisions are all over Canada. Big Bad Roady was in this Toronto division, but parted ways with the gang....but not without leaving behind a 100 thousand dollar, unpaid bill to his group. One that was blamed on two of his gang mates. BigRoad has tried to leave this part of his life in the past, even going so far to shave his once long hair and gain 100 pounds.

    He recently upped the amount owing to 2.5 million dollars after catching up with RMK and Big Bad Roady at a bar.

    Duran will show up only after an RMK/BBR victory expecting his payments.

    "Welcome, Big Bad Roady. Did you see who I have with me today? Your sister was kind enough to allow us to kidnap her and take her here against her will." Duran waved towards Vanessa. She gave her brother a worried look, BigRoad tried to stay tough in front of his sister, he didn't reply and stared back at Duran.

    "We've had a long time to talk, me n her. See, she's older than she looks, damn fine lookin piece of ass if ya ask me." Duran watched BigRoad's expression, it didn't change so he continued, "She's been tryin to come up with a way to save your life, even going so far as to let me take her life instead of yours. But I don't care, I'm using her to get to your Wrestling friend Mark Keaton. Me an yer boss are gonna have a few words and I guarantee you it won't go like last time. You see Big Bad Roady, I've been listening to some of the boys who watch that combat fighting, wrestling thing you do on television, you're going to be the enforcer guy outside the ring, the manager or whatever at Kingdom Come. There's a chance you won't make it to that event. I haven't killed a man in five days, that's a pretty long time for me. So it's time we start this thing."

    Duran stood up and pressed a button, the LED screen lit up next to Vanessa.

    "We're going to play a little game. Your sister will decide if you live or die. This should be entertaining as hell."

    "Duran, listen, why can't we just..."

    The muscular Skull's Angel's biker chick ran over and punched Vanessa hard in the face, knocking her to the floor. The burly, tattooed covered woman started kicking her hard and leaning in for vicious overhead rights to Vanessa's arms.

    "Alright, stop! Let's get this over with!" BigRoad roared, it startled everyone in the room at how loud it was, like a bear roaring.

    Vanessa gathered herself and stood up next to the LED screen, she didn't have a mark on her, she was a tough girl.

    Duran smiled, he looked at Vanessa, "Pick a letter."

    Vanessa gulped, she opened her mouth then decided against it, she thought for a moment. The blank four words remained on the screen.

    "A!" She blurted out suddenly.

    There was a jingle of a correct letter as it appeared in the third word. Vanessa tried to subdue her happiness as tears welled up in her eyes.

    BigRoad's mouth fell open.... OH MY GOD, the guys next to me are holding planks and stuff....we're playing real life HANGMAN!! She's TERRIBLE at word games!!!!!

    Duran nodded, "Well? Pick again, remember, no clues. You lose, your brother is dead."

    Vanessa bit her lower lip, "T."

    A red light came on over the gang members to BigRoad's right, with all the planks and equipment. A loud -BUZZ!- also blared, two of the bikers jumped into action, they moved BigRoad out of the way then moved a large square pallet in his place, they ordered him to step up on the platform. He complied.

    Duran smiled at BigRoad's worried expression. "Pick again."

    Vanessa stared at her brother, she had tears running down her cheeks now. She had memories of her brother just killing her at word games when they were little, one such game they were playing now, all these years later....



    She let out a breath. As did her brother. Duran let out a sigh, he waved his hand for her to hurry up and pick again.



    The gang quickly assembled behind BigRoad, they fit a steel supported pole into a pre-drilled hole in the pallet, they dropped it in and screwed it into a hole in the floor of the room.

    BigRoad tried to control his breathing.

    "Heh heh heh, pick again."

    "Ummm, ugh....D!" Vanessa covered her face.


    The gang attached a thick rope with a noose that hung down next to BigRoad, they pressed a button on the machine and it hummed to life, the winch moved for a second to tighten the slack on the rope a little.

    Vanessa was crying in her hands now, nearly hysterical.

    "Listen Sis, just relax and THINK, you'll be alright!"

    Duran slammed his fist on his desk, "Shut up! You're not allowed to talk to her during this game! PICK A LETTER!"



    Duran motioned again for her to pick.

    Vanessa bit her lower lip again, long streaks of black eye liner marked her cheeks , "O."

    Duran barked at her to hurry up.

    "Ummm, ugh...come on now...think.... I'll pick P."


    The gang fit the noose around BigRoad's neck, another gang member opened the panel and turned the power on to the knobs and levers. One was lit up in -UP- and the other -DOWN- He held his finger over the UP button and smiled, awaiting the next screw up. BigRoad gulped.

    This is it, no more wrong answers, the next one and I'm going straight up until I can't breath anymore. Come on sis, if there was ever a time to win at a word game, today is that time!

    Duran leaned on his desk with his elbows, totally into the game now, he smiled wickedly... "Pick a letter."

    Vanessa stared at the screen, hoping the problem would solve for her, she thought hard but couldn't form the sentence, she had to pick another letter...

    "M!" She screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks, she stared at the screen, desperately hoping there was an M that would pop up.


    All the gang members let out an -AWWW!-

    Duran punched the air, hoping she got it wrong. BigRoad's breathing was rapid now. Vanessa the same, nervous and still trying to figure out the sentence.

    "Alright sweet tits, pick a letter!" The whole gang laughed, money was being passed around now, Duran sat back in his chair, he put his hands behind his head, ready to watch BigRoad get winched to his death.

    Vanessa studied the screen, I can't screw up...what IS this sentence anyway? I can't let this noise distract me....OMG...I have no idea! I'm going to have to go with N, ya, that's a good one, there has to be an N in there...

    "O.K, I'm going with....." She stopped, wide eyed as realized something.



    Vanessa jumped up and down, excited she saved her brothers life. BigRoad felt the noose come off his neck and he let out the biggest sigh of his life. The tattooed Skull's Angel's woman turned and ran at Duran, she screamed YES and they kissed behind the desk. All the gang members clapped for them.

    "Congrats toots, now don't you have a date to get to? As for you BOB Roady, your time will come, that I promise you. Now get the hell out of here and go play your wrestling games."

    Big Bad Roady stumbled out of the club, he breathed the rotten egg smelling air and realized that it was a hell of a lot better than the air inside the club. He watched his sister get into a cab, she closed the door as she fixed her make up, she turned and caught her brothers gaze, he mouthed the words -thank you- she smiled and mouthed -Love you-.
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    The camera turn on and we see Gino driving through Little Italy with Tony in the passenger seat with an angry scowl on his face over not only losing his Mayhem Championship at Kingdom Come but finding out from Management after the event that he would not be getting a rematch against Var Krigare at the next Pay Per View. After a mile or so of silence Gino looks over amd shakes his head.

    "Dude will you smile or something man, it's your birthday and you look like you just got diagnosed with terminal cancer", he says in exasperation. "We're gonna go meet a new friend of mine at the bar and we'll have a good time."

    "The last thing I want to do right now is meet one of your new friends Gino", Tony says in irritation. "In fact I'd rather stay in and get some work done. The other Families won't stay idle for much longer and we're still a long way from where we need to be in order to survive."

    "That's kind of why I want you to meet him. We need to boost our numbers and I think he'd be a great addition to the Family."

    Tony looks over at Gino who glances back at him as he pulls into the parking lot of a local bar. Tony stays silent as they get out of the car but once they get close to the door he finally gives his answer.

    "I'll talk to him but that's all I can promise right now", Tony says as he opens the door and steps inside. "If I think he's got potential we'll go from there".

    Gino silently nods his head as people walk past them while they make their way to a back corner of the bar. Sitting in a booth is a man who stands up as they come up. Gino slaps him on the back in greeting while Tony stares at him in silence. They make small talk for a bit when all of a sudden Tony unceremoniously gets up and walks to the bar to get a drink with Gino quickly appearing behind him.

    "everything OK Ton'," Gino asks with a touch of concern in his voice. "You haven't said a word since we walked in."

    "I'm getting a feel for the man Gino", Tony said as he grabs his drink. "I need to make sure that he's the right kind of person for the job so to speak."

    Gino nods his head as he orders a soda and follows Tony back to the table and puts his hand out

    "Gino neglected to tell me your name when he told me where we were going tonight", he said with a smile. My name is Tony.

    The man takes Tony's hand and gives it a hearty shake before saying anything.

    "Call me Bruno", he said as they all sit down. Gino told me all about you Mr. Mancini so you don't have to worry about making small talk.

    "Oh he did did he", Tony says as he gives Gino a withering glare. "What exactly did he tell you?"

    Bruno takes a sip of his Long Island Ice Tea before he answers as the other men take a sip of theirs.

    "Nothing important", he said quickly not wanting to get Gino in any hot water. "Just that you were a wrestler with a company called WZCW and that you may have a job for me at a club you run."

    Before Tony can respond Gino's phone goes off and quickly steps away to see what it is. Tony watches him go before turning back to Bruno.

    "Gino was right about the wrestling", Tony tells him with a smile. "The club he mentioned is an Italian-American Social Club so there's a chance I can't help you there."

    You don't have to worry about that Tony", Bruno says after a second. My grandparents came to New York to escape Mussolini and his fascists back back in the 30s and my family has lived in the city ever since."

    Tony leans back and smiles again, digesting the new information as he remembers a similar story told to him by his own grandfather. As they sit there in silence Gino walks up and looks back and forth at the two men before sitting down.

    "you guys alright," he asks as he puts his phone back in his pocket with a uncomfortable look on his face.

    "Everything is fine Gino", Tony tells him as he rolls his eyes slightly. "I was just about to give Bruno the address to the Social Club and let Vito see if he's the right man for the position we have open.

    Having said that Tony grabs a pen and writes down the address and the phone number to the Social Club on a napkin which he slides then to Bruno.

    "Call the number and ask for Vito, he's the man that runs things for me while I'm away and he'll tell you what to do.

    Now I wish i could stay and chat but I've got to leave and get ready to head out to North Carolina for Ascension."

    Tony downs his drink and stands up as Gino and Bruno both get up as well. They all shake hands and say good bye as Tony and Gino walk towards the door. Once they get out to the car Gino looks over at Tony with a grin on his face. Before he can say anything he's cut off by Tony.

    "Who was on the phone Gino," Tony asks as they pull out out of the parking lot. "You didn't look to happy when you came back to the table."

    "That was WZCW management," Gino says slowly. "They called to let me know who your next opponent is.

    "I thought I was facing Triple X", Tony says with a touch of confusion in his voice."I'm guessing that's changed?"

    "yeah, they fucked up and booked him after he had already requested this set of shows off.

    Gino stops talking and takes a deep breath to calm his nerves before continuing.

    "The only person they could find on short notice to fill the empty spot was Mark Keaton's fat bodyguard Big Bad Roady or whatever he's called.

    Gino braces for an explosion but is surprised to find that while Tony turns as red as a tomato he manages to keep the anger out of his voice by speaking slowly.

    "So let me get this right", Tony says after a deep breath. "They don't give me a chance to regain my Mayhem Championship from Var Krigare so they put me in a nothing match against Triple X and when they manage to fuck that up instead of just tossing me into an important match they put me in the ring with someone who has only had one match in his entire career."

    "That's about it Ton'. I told them that was bull and you wouldn't do it but they said if you don't show up then you'll have a snowball's chance in hell at getting a shot at any title.

    Tony smiles a rather disturbing smile as he thinks about the unexpected situation he's in.

    "You know what Gino", he says after a bit. "This isn't as bad as it looks on the surface. Sure Roady is a fat nobody but Mark Keaton isn't. If we take Roady out then Keaton will have to get involved and that's money right there. With Constantine retiring the Eurasian title picture is a huge mess so who knows, maybe this will be the start down the road to finally becoming Eurasian Champion."

    Gino grins from ear to ear at that and Tony continues to outline his plan for Ascension and beyond.
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