An opinion of yours about wrestling that 75% of the members of this board wouldn't share

Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by Psykohurricane55, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Somebody started a thread like this on another wrestling board and it at seem to be a super popular topic. So I thought it would be nice to bring this thread over to this board.

    So here are the rules:

    OK, lots of topics to choose from here such as your favorite wrestler is ____, your opinion that so and so (popular wrestler that most like) isn’t ‘all that’, or you dug a storyline that most didn’t, etc. etc.

    Only criteria:

    1. YOU actually do have that opinion.
    2. You’re fairly certain that at least 75% of wrestling fans would not share that same opinion.
    3. Respect those ‘other’ opinions (I suppose I’m picturing Cartman admonishing the violators of this rule).
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    My Opinion: ROH Is A Pretty Bad Promotion

    My Explanation:
    For years I've heard of ROH. Whether its underrated work rate or storytelling. I have seen the promotion regularly since 2015. What I see is a very conformist promotion that leans far too much on the rising popularity of NJPW (and recently of CMLL) to drive it's ticket sales rather than bothering with creating a circle of compelling characters and stories. Despite having high level acts like Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle, The Briscoes, Marty Scurll and more, we hardly ever see much range or character development regarding them. This also tends to extend to wrestling matches too. The best example being the Young Buck who have been having brilliant psychological matches in NJPW but still retain their "ironic" wrestling style in ROH. It's almost a metaphor for how the company doesn't really try to expand. It just settles for what it has. This even extends to their new (as in it's been there for 2 years but they don't bother promoting) WOH division where their wrestlers are hardly established outside of "She did this thing somewhere else".

    You can point to the likes of Jay Lethal and Matt Taven as two guys who have managed to evolve, but just look at the pace. How long did it take Jay Lethal to finally regain that title and redeem himself after losing it years ago? How about Matt Taven's own evolution based on one World title match he had so long ago? You can see so many companies that offer so much more growth in much less time like PROGRESS, NJPW, even Impact now has hit it's stride with it. But ROH just settles. It is not a good promotion and it's its own fault as to why it can't go past 2,000 people unless they have NJPW and the Bullet Club.
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    Guy's who offer very little in the ring but are good on the mic and have "the look" are not particularly interesting to me.
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    I like the history of TNA, Over the past few years I have only heard negative comments about TNA. I admit it wasn't perfect but maybe 5 or 6 years ago I felt it was better than WWE. It was far from my favourite of all time but at the time I felt it was the best wrestling we had. Just looking at the WWE roster now and seeing how many TNA guys is here shows they must have been doing something right, AJ Styles for example didn't just become good in WWE he had over 10 years of great matches in TNA that gets overlooked.
    also I'm a fan of Hulk Hogan who I don't think is very popular on here.
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    Impact is superior to Monday Night Raw. Raw is Bore and it's the worst wrestling show on tv.
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    Roman Reigns is good. No, I'm not just saying this out of sympathy because of his recent leukemia disclosure. I was a Roman Reigns fan since he debuted with the Shield and every match that he's had since parting ways with the Shield has been good with some duds here and there. He's not boring. He's not particularly exciting either. But, he has the look and the moves and doesn't come off as corny like John Cena. He has non-intimidated bad-ass vibes when he enters the ring and when he competes. He's decent on the mic and I usually like the content of what he says to his opponents. His matches against Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles were great. Even his matches against Randy Orton, Triple H, Undertaker and John Cena were all good. While I understand that people hate his character because he was force-fed instead of being organically developed, I don't share that reason. I think he got plenty of time to start over again and he took a lot of losses to opponents that surprised me (ex. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley). People just never gave him a second or third chance after his initial singles run as WWE Champion. There just isn't another face wrestler of his build and attributes that just goes straight for the jugular with a no-nonsense attitude while still saying some savage truths (despite it all being a scripted show). Maybe it's just easier to relate with a dude that expresses the sentiments of how I feel about other wrestlers in the WWE. AJ Styles is probably the only other guy like that.

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