AF 10: Team Australia (Cooper/Greaves) vs. Sons of Destiny (Blade/Overlast)

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  1. Viola Moonlight

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    The main event of the 10th episode of Aftershock will finally feature the long-awaited debut of Team Australia going against the Sons of Destiny, Blade and Mick Overlast, who are rumoured to be having their final appearance in WZCW on this show. Both teams will be looking for the win as the Australians wish to start off their tag team career with a bang whilst Overlast/Blade could finish it off on a high note.

    Deadline is Sunday, May 20th at 11:59 PM EST. No extensions are allowed.
  2. Da Prophet

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    The scene begins outside of a large steel fence on the outer rim of a constructed city. Peering over the fence it becomes clear that the construction is not just some simple country town but rather the home of the cult known as the High Society. Yes once again we are back at the High Society’s little town. With just days before Kingdom Come you would expect the people to be running around cheering for their leader but this is not the case. The people are still feeling the effects of the reign of Cooper. His over bearing mindset has nearly destroyed this once great cult.

    Back on the outside of the fence the guards begin to rise up into an attack position as they are approached by an incoming traveller. The traveller appears to be male who is wearing a backpack. He approaches the fence where the guards quickly move forward. They grab the man by the arms and pushing him against the fence. As the guards keep the man from making any sudden movements they are surprised when Iris walks up and he isn’t all to impressed.

    Iris: What the hell is this?

    The guards look confused.

    Guard 1: We’ve taken this man into custody sir. He was seen walking around the area, probably one of those government agents trying to take us down.

    Guard 2: He defiantly looks shifty.

    Iris: He’s not a government agent; he’s a guest of the messiah.

    Frightened the guards let the man go and immediately back away from him.

    Guard 1: We didn’t know.

    One of the guards points to the other.

    Guard 2: It was his fault.

    Guard 1: Don’t pin this on me!

    Guard 2: You said…

    Guard 1: But you said…

    Iris yells at the top of his lungs.

    Iris: Both of you shut up!

    The guards do as they are told.

    Iris: Not another word out of you two. I could have you two banished for what you have done today but it would mean I to would be punished. Now I suggest that you both head back inside before someone sees this.

    The guards move back inside the society while bickering. Still on the outside Iris looks over at the guest and extends his hand.

    Iris: Sorry for that but we’ve had problems in the past so those guys are always on high alert. A little more than they should be in my mind but Cooper thinks they should be like ninjas.

    The guest appears to be irritated by what he has seen today. He refuses to shake Iris’ hand as he moves forward and through the gate.

    Greaves: If you don’t mind can we get going?

    Iris: Sure Joseph, I’ll take you right to Justin.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    So there I was just sitting at my desk with the strain of both work and the society on my shoulders. I’ve missed out on competing at Kingdom Come for the first time in my career. I couldn’t believe it. I had missed out on everything I had worked for because of a guy that constantly failed to win the Mayhem Championship. Yes, that damn Johnny Scumm has screwed me over once more. Will I never be rid of that fool? As he sits on a preach waiting for his title match with Triple X I’m left with nothing. I have nothing to do this week. I’ve failed to achieve my goal for the first time since I started wrestling. How can this be?

    What has happened since Lethal Lottery? Have I lost my touch or is the competition just too much for me to handle these days? It can’t be that, it must not be that. Surely, I the greatest Mayhem Champion all of time, Justin Cooper is still at the top of his game. I must be ill. It was probably something I picked up in the locker room. Armando! That walking STD sneezed on me two weeks ago. I knew it! I’ve been infected by a disease from Armando Paradyse.

    Cooper: Someone call a doctor, I’ve been infected.

    I should have known nobody was around. These lazy people of mine never seem to be at hand when you need them. Yet, for some reason, I repeat myself aloud.

    Cooper: Get me some help! I could be dead by the end of the night. Does nobody care what is happening to me?

    Still nothing and to be honest I’m not surprised.

    Cooper: Well this is just great. I could be infected with a disease and nobody is around to help me.

    So there I was, sitting alone, thinking about my future when Iris step through the door with my special guest behind him.

    Cooper: Thank God you’re here Iris. Quickly, I’ve been infected!

    Both Iris and my guest step back quickly.

    Iris: With what?

    Cooper: A disease Iris, what else could it be?

    Iris: Why do you think you have a disease?

    Cooper: I’ve been losing an awful lot Iris and this is the only logical explanation as to why these strings of losses have been appearing lately.

    Iris: This is logical?

    Cooper: Very.

    Iris: I don’t think you’re sick at all Justin. You look better than ever physically and you were sharp mentally when I left this morning. You’re drastically over thinking this.

    Cooper: Well… why the hell am I losing then?

    That shut Iris up pretty quickly. He has no idea why this is happening but he looks as sick of the losses as I am. I didn’t come to this company to lose, I came here to win. It doesn’t matter if I’m sick or not because I know what I must do. You see many have tried to be a champion as a single but only a few can be a champion as a part of a unit. This is why I have called my guest here today. His name is Joseph Greaves and I hope to make him my tag team partner. Obviously today hasn’t gone too smoothly but I sure with my amazing public speaking skills I will be able to bring him in.

    Cooper: No matter what is causing my recent run of losing all that matters is that I have a way to fix it. Something that will see great things for me and for you.

    I pointed to Joseph for dramatic effect, like they do in the movies.

    Greaves: What could you do for me? If you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a bit of a hot run by myself. I haven’t needed help from anyone in the past few weeks. I’ve pretty much set this company on fire and put everyone on notice that Joseph Greaves is not to be taken lightly.

    Cooper: While that is true Joseph keep in mind that you failed to win the Mayhem Championship two weeks ago, a title I just happened to of held.

    I sense that I may have agitated Greaves a little as he closes his fist tightly.

    Cooper: You may have missed out on that night but Joseph you showed great talent in the loss. By far you were the better wrestler inside that ring and I think everyone took notice of your ability but none as much as I did. I saw what type of wrestler you were. I saw how good you were and I saw how good we could be together.

    As I finished talking for the moment Joseph made himself at home by taking a seat across from me. He sat arrogantly, looking me in the eye with a smirk across his face. He reminded me of myself when I entered the company over a year ago.

    Greaves: So you want me to drag you back to being relevant?

    Showing his stupidity Iris interrupts a conversation he was never a part of.

    Iris: Do you know who this is? He’s a former champion, the greatest ever, the man that took the division to a whole new level.

    Shut up Iris I thought.

    Cooper: Shut up you fool.

    I don’t care what he thinks. He’s paid by me and he doesn’t do that good a job anyway. Better keep him quiet before he screws this deal up for me.

    Cooper: As I was saying this isn’t to help me but this is all about helping the both of us.

    Greaves: You’re the one who is losing every week.

    Cooper: That’s not the point Joseph.

    Greaves: Kind of seems like it.

    This is harder than I thought.

    Cooper: This would be the best thing for the both of us Joseph. Together we can show the world what it is like to be Australians. We can show the world that while America fails to see how important we are, they will soon be forced to acknowledge us. Each American will be forced to bow to their Australian counterpart. As a unit we can represent our country proud and show the world that Australia is dominate. We are stronger than any other country in the world.

    I’m feeling this speech.

    Cooper: Together we will take the tag team division by storm like no other team has done before. A force that will never been repeated, a time that is right, and a team that is perfection in every way possible.

    Greaves sits up and he looks like he is beginning to come around at the idea of teaming with me.

    Cooper: We can take the spot as the top team in the tag team division Joseph. Together we can send a message to every tag team in this company. No team will be able to stop us. With my mind and your skills we can become the best. Those tag titles around the waists of Reynolds and Runn will soon be around ours. Do you see what we have here?”

    Greaves: I must say Justin you speak a pretty compelling case for why I should team with you. In fact you stand for the same things I do. We both want the achievements of Australians to be recognised and not ignored like they are by America. We both want to see true warriors succeed instead of people like Johnny Scumm who are given chance after chance.

    Cooper: Then let’s do something about it.

    Greaves: It makes me sick to see a fellow Australian discriminated against. I hate that we are treated differently because of our origins. We should be treated like kings.

    Greaves stands up from his chair and I do the same. We look into each other eyes and Greaves still has that smirk from before.

    Greaves: For the first time, in a long time, Australia has someone who can fight for it. Australia has two men who are willing to wear the flag with pride and take down anyone who dare stand in our way. It is only right that we should join forces and claim what is rightfully ours anyway.

    Greaves extends his hand.

    Greaves: Together we shall lead in a new day for this company. Together we will show the world what it means to be better than them.

    I extend mine and we shake.

    Cooper: Not only that but we will show the world what it means to be Australian. We will show the world that no matter how hard American attempts to hold us back we will not stop pushing forward. We as a team can do no wrong. United as one Greaves and Cooper will represent Australia as the top team in WZCW. Together we will stand tall as Team Australia against the evils of the American society. For we are better than them in every way. We are stronger, faster and we are Australian.

    The scene fades to black with Cooper and Greaves shaking hands in the room showing their unity for the approaching future as it would seem.
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  3. #1Peep

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    With a microphone in his hand, Leon Kensworth waits anxiously out the front of WZCW headquarters. The interviewer’s eyes light up and he quickly rushes forward as two men emerge through a sliding door and walk out into the sunshine. Leon eagerly raises his microphone to his lips as Justin Cooper and Joseph Greaves, Team Australia, walks into view.

    Leon Kensworth: Justin, Joseph could I get a quick word on your upcoming match on Aftershock?

    The Australian pair stares down at Leon with contempt but, with an arrogant shrug, the duo choose to stop and listen to what the interviewer has to say.

    Leon Kensworth: Now you two, in your debut match no less, have the honour of competing with the Sons of Destiny in their final mat-

    Greaves stumbles forward and pulls the microphone towards his own face, a dirty scowl on his mug.

    Joseph Greaves: The honour? You’ve got to be kidding me? The honour is all Blades because when he leaves WZCW with his head bowed in shame after yet another defeat, he’ll actually be remembered for something. No, it won’t be for winning the World Heavyweight Championship or actually being part of a successful tag team. He will be remembered for being the first victim of Team Australia, for being one of two men who were the first to feel the combined wrath of an awe inspiring Justin Cooper and a vengeful Joseph Greaves.

    After taking a quick breath, Greaves continues his tirade.

    Joseph Greaves: We might not be on the biggest show of the year but damnit, our debut is going to be more impactful than anything the entire WZCW Universe has ever seen. Alongside the greatest Mayhem Champion of all time, there is not a single doubt in my mind that Team Australia, representing the incredible nation of our birth, will not be stopped. Together Justin and I will dominate the tag team division just like did with the Mayhem division. Some say I was the most talented rookie to come along in years. It was said that I was going to be the Mayhem Champion in the near future but I decided to change. I got the phone call from my good friend Justin and we decided that are cause couldn’t be fought separately. We needed to come join forces and start the crusade of recognition for Australia and its people.

    Gleaming with pride Joseph hands the microphone over to Justin.

    Justin Cooper: I’m sure you don’t truly understand what we’re talking about Leon but that doesn’t surprise me at all. You’re standing there thinking of your next question for us but you’re not thinking about what we are actually saying. If you would listen then things would be clear for you and your one minded country. If every yank in this country took a minute to just listen to what others were saying there would be no wars. America likes to brag about having the best military in the world, well guess what, nobody cares.

    Cooper and Greaves laugh unpleasantly.

    Justin Cooper: Oh look we have guns, bang, bang, bang.

    Cooper mocks the shooting of the guns as he says bang each time.

    Joseph Greaves: Oh no… friendly fire.

    In a comical manner Greaves pretends to be shot by Cooper and he falls down to the ground clutching at his stomach. The two Australians laugh as Leon looks on disgusted in what he is seeing. With Greaves clutching at his chest Cooper wraps his arms around him and pulls his friend to his feet.

    Justin Cooper: Joe, no not like this, please hang on.

    Joseph Greaves: I-I-I can’t.

    Justin Cooper: You gotta Joe, just keeping going until this Sunday. We got Blade, the guy who never became World Champion, and Overlast, never won a title, in a match. We have to defeat them Joe. We are the greatest tag team in the business and we haven’t even had a match yet. We’re that good Joseph but you gotta hang on.

    Oh no, Joseph seems to be fading.

    Justin Cooper: No, come on, Joseph!

    Suddenly Greaves jumps to his feet and is fully recovered.

    Joseph Greaves: No fear my friend; it would seem we forgot about a little something called the Australian way.

    Leon looks confused.

    Leon Kensworth: The what?

    Justin Cooper: Australian way you fool.

    Leon Kensworth: And that is?

    Greaves isn’t too impressed at having to explain himself.

    Joseph Greaves: It’s the common belief that no matter how hurt an Australian is we never give up. It doesn’t matter if it is a gunshot, a knife stabbing, a punch or a kick. We never give up because Australians are strong then most mortal men. We have the blood of warriors running through our veins and unlike Blade and Overlast we are not plagued by the blood of the weak. What is inside of us is better than anyone else in this company. We have the passion for victory and the thrill to win it all. The Australian way is something that every Australian lives by. No matter how hard things get you simply don’t stop. Never look back at the past, just focus on the future and how you can make the best out of it. This week we will do that.

    Justin Cooper: Leon you asked me a couple of days ago how it felt to be off the card for Kingdom Come and I told you I was disappointed. I should have been facing Triple X but I can’t do anything about it now. It’s time to more on and more I will. I look toward the future for this team and I see great things. I see championship gold around our waist in the coming months as we move toward the next PPV event. I look at what is coming for us and I see a legacy that has never been seen before. The one thing I don’t see is Blade and Overlast. I don’t see them in our future.

    Greaves nods his head in agreement.

    Justin Cooper: Leon do you know why I don’t see them in my future?

    Leon Kensworth: More Australian logic?

    Justin Cooper: No Leon, it’s actually simpler than that. I don’t see them in my future because they pose no threat to me at all. I’ve proven that I’m better than Mick Overlast countless times. I re-entered the company when he debut and in just weeks I became a champion while he was left struggle to make Aftershock. Now he’s running away because he is too weak to fight for his spot. He doesn’t have the mental balance to hold a spot in this company just like Blade doesn’t have the ability to fully develop into a star. I’ve watched as Blade tried so hard to become the man but every time he failed. He couldn’t be the man if Celeste was the only person in this company. The fact is that Blade will forever be a mid-card guy who never truly had the it factor.

    Greaves pulls the microphone over toward him.

    Joseph Greaves: With this being our first match Leon we have nothing to lose. Nobody expects us to win because they are blinded by the hype surrounding Blade. People think he is some gladiator that fights and is successful but he isn’t. He lost to a guy that had a heart attack two years ago. Rush was dead, he was going to see the big man upstairs. Then two years later, after just a few weeks being back in the company, Rush defeats Blade by a landslide. It was even a close match because Blade sucks. He is the worst wrestler on this roster by far and I can’t wait to send him to the retirement home come Sunday night. Even though the hype is surrounding Kingdom Come I can guarantee that when the night comes to an end everyone is going to be talking about Team Australia. Not a person in wrestling will not know our name. We be the hottest topic going because we deserve it. We should be on the magazine cover, the DVD’s, the video games. It should be marketed around us because we are the top two stars in the tag team division and in the company itself.

    Team Australia look around at WZCW headquarters and then they turn back to Leon. Having laid out their game plan to send Blade and Overlast out as losers Greaves and Cooper stand proudly as the “new faces” of the tag team division. As the interview nears the end Greaves pulls unwraps an Australian flag and he begins to wave it high in the air. While his partner is doing that Cooper grabs the microphone from Leon and looks into the camera almost as if he was talking to Blade and Overlast directly.

    Justin Cooper: I’ve been waiting for this day to come since Greaves joined the company. It’s been to long since I’ve held championship gold and I’m starting to get the shakes. I will not allow you to ruin this day Blade. Your little leaving story is nice but this isn’t going to be the fairytale ending that you want. This story is being written by me and me alone. I will not allow you to steal what is mine. Aftershock is my home, I made that show, and it will be yours very soon Blade. I make sure the last time anyone sees you or Overlast inside a WZCW it will be with your faces down on the mat as Team Australia stands tall in the face of victory. Remember resistance is pointless and control is now.

    With Greaves holding the Australian flag high and Cooper standing beside him proudly the scene comes to an end.
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  4. Mick Overlast

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    The faint sound of the music pumping through Mick Overlast's headphones is the only noise heard inside the WZCW locker room. Having just completed his workout, Overlast sits in a folding chair in front of his locker, bobbing his head and mouthing the words to the song, his eyes closed as he tries to lose himself in his own little world. His concentration on the music is soon broken when he feels a hand on his shoulder. His head instantly snaps up and his eyes open, and he turns to see Blade standing behind him.

    Overlast: Glad to see you felt like showing up for this.

    Blade: I told you we were in this together until the very end.

    Overlast stands up quickly, pushing the chair aside so that it falls over on its side on the locker room floor. He extends his arms and his face starts to turn red, as he's obviously angry with Blade's comment.

    Overlast: Then what the hell was with you at Ascension? First, you show no emotion while I'm tearing up the locker room after my loss; then, I do my best to help you win and you don't want it? Why am I even wasting my time with this, man? Is THIS the way you want to go out? Being stuck on the C-show, in a meaningless tag team match with two guys who were just thrown together? I don't even know how you can even live with yourself. It's like you've lost all your passion for this.

    Blade: I already said this as well. Our cause was all for naught. We were never going to be successful. Not with Bateman and Ty going at it with their cronies. It's time for me to let it go.

    Overlast shakes his head and paces in front of his locker before slamming his fist against it.

    Overlast: Well, it may be time for you to let it go, but damn it, I want to beat Cooper's ass at Aftershock. Promise me you'll give me your all.

    Blade studies Overlast's face, as he doesn't give an immediate response. The tension is broken by footsteps entering the room. Both men break their glares to look at the figure who has walked into the room.

    Leon Kensworth: Gentlemen. Am I...interrupting?

    Overlast looks at Blade, then shakes his head again and gives an exaggerated sigh.

    Overlast: No, Leon. Have a seat. Let's do this.

    Kensworth pulls up a chair and sits down, while Overlast picks up the chair that he had knocked over and sets it back up so he can sit back down. Blade chooses to stand beside Overlast.

    Kensworth: Mick, I'll start with you. Talk about your thoughts after your loss to Johnny Scumm at Ascension. The fans saw you tearing up the locker room after the loss, so it must have hit you pretty hard.

    Overlast rolls his eyes.

    Overlast: Pretty hard, Leon? That's the understatement of the year right there. Kingdom Come is the biggest event that this company puts on, and I'm not in it. You know what makes it even worse? It's the fact that I wasn't pinned. I didn't tap out. I didn't technically lose that match, but somehow I get screwed out of the title match. After this event, I will walk into the office of whoever's running this damn show and I will demand a shot at the champion. That's for sure.

    Kensworth: Blade, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that this will be your last match in WZCW. Anything you want to say to the WZCW fans that have followed your lengthy career?

    Blade: Not really.

    Overlast arches an eyebrow and looks at Blade, a little angry over his short answer.

    Overlast: That's all you have to say?

    Kensworth quickly works his way back into the conversation before Overlast and Blade go at it again.

    Kensworth: That's, uh, good enough for me, Mick. Don't worry about it. What about your opponents at Aftershock, Joseph Greaves and Justin Cooper? Mick, this'll be the second straight week you face off with Cooper.

    Overlast: You know, it really seems like Cooper has a habit of getting in my way. His inability to do anything right inside the ring cost ME a shot at the Elite X Title at Kingdom Come. And you have to wonder if each loss he suffers festers inside him, almost making him doubt himself. He'll sit on his fake throne inside his little compound and tell his servants that everything is OK, but who wants to follow a loser? Nobody. Maybe they'll finally start to see that, or maybe they're so gone that they can't think for themselves anymore. And that's a shame.

    Leon, I don't need a bunch of ass-kissers to tell me how good I am. I know I'm good, and I know I can only get better. The last few months haven't exactly shown that, but I've been...held back.

    Overlast briefly looks over at Blade as he utters those last couple words.

    Overlast: Anyway, I am confident that at the end of the night, I will raise my arm in victory.

    Kensworth: Blade, you're looked on as the old guard of WZCW. The three men that will be in the ring with you are relatively new. What are your thoughts on this possibly being a passing of the torch?

    Blade blankly stares at Kensworth, again unable to foster a response in a decent amount of time. Overlast, agitated by the silence, gets up and kicks the chair over before storming off.

    Overlast: I'm done with this shit! Interview's over!

    Kensworth watches Overlast leave the room, somewhat startled. He looks back at Blade.

    Kensworth: Was it something I said?

    Blade: Not at all, Leon. But that's enough for now.
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