AF 10: Joe West vs. Darren Bull

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    After the events that took place on the previous Aftershock, it seems that the Kings of Hate are no longer a tag team. Both men agreed to a match against each other on this week's Aftershock so they can dish out their frustrations and hate. Will Joe West show that he was the only reason why the team was successful or can Darren Bull show the weaknesses that his former ally has?

    Deadline is Sunday, May 20th at 11:59 PM EST. No extensions are allowed.
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    Joe West is seen going into his locker room following another loss on AfterShock. He plops down onto the couch. Sweating, breathing hard, face full of disappointment he begins to shed a tear. He wipes it away and then proceeds to chug down a bottle of propel. He then goes to the bathroom and fixes himself a warm bath, enters it, and then proceeds to talk to himself.

    I lost once again, I let myself down once again, and I let Maria down once again. I lost my last chance at KC. I can’t even complain it was dimwitted partner’s fault this time seeing as I was pinned. Though his so called “insurance policy” Derek Jacobs wasn’t exactly the best investment, this is one of the biggest if not the greatest KC’s to ever happen and as of now I’m not even close to being involved. I mean, there’s always next year but will I ever even get another win? I need some time to think, plan out what happens next….

    Joe begins slowly falling asleep in the tub; he then begins dreaming about his late father John West.


    How’s it going son? It sure has been awhile.

    What are you doing here; you’re supposed to be dead.

    I am son, you’re dreaming. Probably from drinking all that damn lemon water I told you not to drink when you were younger. Over a period of time that stuff messes with your mind.

    Where are we?

    Well from the looks of it, it’s your old childhood room.

    Joe looks around the room in amazement at all the old toys and games and all the other action figures he used to play with.

    No way! My Darth Vader collector’s edition action figure, my old Nintendo Gameboy, My Nintendo 64, my G.I. Joe action figures.

    Yeah I never liked buying you any of those things but your mother forced me too. Those were always just distractions that took you off what I thought was your path to greatness. But obviously my skills and intelligence didn’t rub off to my son….shame.

    Joe begins to chuckle

    You never liked anything I was into did you dad? You never supported me either, it was always just mom…where is she anyway?

    I’m afraid you don’t get the two for one special today son, it’s just me.


    Son you mind if I give you some advice.

    Yeah sure….

    While I’ve never been a fan of wrestling, in fact I think risking your body every night just for the unneeded respect of what I can only assume is low individuals, I do want you to be the very best that you can in whatever you do. So if I were you I’d drop this Darren Bull as a team partner. He’s not very talented to be honest and a member of the West family is way too great to share the glory with another person.

    How do you even know that I was teaming with him?

    I can’t explain it son, in fact I’m not even exactly sure how it’s possible but I’ve been watching everything you’ve done since I’ve died. And son I’m not impressed.

    So you’re basically telling me you’re a ghost? Yeah, I think I’ve been drinking too much Propel.

    Listen to me Joe, I’m no wrestling expert but I believe this thing called Kingdom Come you’ve been rambling on about in your sleep along with this Maria girl, is very important to you.

    Yes Kingdom Come is the biggest show of the year in WZCW and well yes I'm sorta maybe in love with this girl.

    Well good luck on the show and getting the girl, oh wait, you’re not on it hence the reason your not going to get the girl. You lost that chance because you thought teaming with a person who is obviously beneath you would springboard you to the top of your industry. You know how I got to the top of the corporate ladder son?

    Deceit, backstabbing, sexual favors, bribery, all of the above?

    Your just as much of a smartass as I am, too bad you’re not a successful one. The way I climbed to top was yes, backstabbing, destroying others future, and maybe some sex was involved but hey I used protection. Regardless I was one of the richest men on the planet before I died.

    But is that really worth not having any friends? Having to watch your back all the time so you don’t get backstabbed just like you did to everyone else? Having no one come to your funeral?

    Don’t be modest son, you did come back after the ceremony to piss on my grave and give a drunken tongue lashing to my tombstone.

    How did you….

    Been with you since I died son, what I’m trying to tell you is that if you want to be the best in this WZCW you can’t rely on the money I left you, you can’t rely on people handing you things, and you can’t rely on a partner who can’t deliver. The Kings of Hate never should have been a team in the first place.

    Sigh…your right, but where do I go from here?

    Son I may have not been the most supportive father and I was a scumbag, in fact I still am. But as a father I want nothing but for you to succeed. If there is ever a time you need to think things through and relax I’ve got a beach house in Jamaica, the keys for it are under my bathroom cabinet. It’s beautiful this time of year. And remember son, you may not be on the KC card but there are always opportunities knocking at your door….

    Suddenly Joe wakes up from his dream in the tub to a loud knocking on his locker room door. He franticly struggles to get out of the tub, put a towel around him but eventually opens the door to Chuck Myles.

    Hey your Joe West right?


    Well I’ve been watching your tag team matches with Darren Bull for a while now and I must say that I’m not impressed. I feel as though you two are a burden not only to yourselves but the tag team division as a whole. So I’ve decided on the AfterShock before Kingdom Come you will face your now former tag team partner Darren Bull.

    That’s great, actually, that’s fantastic.

    Glad to hear it, use this match to get out that anger kid. I don’t like hostility backstage on my show.

    Yeah, sure thing Mr. Myles.

    Chuck leaves the locker room and West closes the door behind him and then proceeds to call Maria about the news.

    About Two Hours before AfterShock 10.

    Joe and Maria are in the locker room currently going over last minute strategy.

    Well Joe, I can’t say I’m happy about you putting off our strategy session for your match this long but we still have some time before the show starts…

    Maria I decided that I’m not going to get the usual preparation for my match this week, I’ve been putting off because I’ve been undergoing some intense training.

    Joe the last time you didn’t get a strategy session you lost.

    While that is correct this time it’s a little different. Maria, this match tonight against Darren Bull is most likely my last match in the WZCW for a while.

    Why? You don’t have to give up Joe; don’t run away from your problems.

    It’s quite the opposite Maria; I plan on taking them head on, I plan on going to Jamaica. I need to think things through, make sure this is really what I want to do with my life. I’m sure there will come a time in which I will return to the WZCW but until then I need to relax my mind let all that pain, anger, and more importantly hate, just go away.

    …….What caused you to make this decision?

    An unlikely person recommended it; you’re welcome to join me on this vacation if you want.

    Well Joe….it’s just….I usually don’t go on vacations or extended stays with my clients unless it’s business. It’s just unprofessional.

    It’s fine Maria, I honestly didn’t expect you to say yes. But just in case you change your mind after my match with Bull I’ll be saying one last goodbye before I leave.

    Well Joe come on, we still need to talk strategy about your match, even if it’s your last win you still want to win right?

    That’s the thing about this match Maria, every match I’ve had has been with Darren Bull. I’ve never been so prepared in my life.

    ….If you think so Joe, good luck.

    Thanks, there’s one more thing I need to do before my match though.

    West then leaves the room as Maria sits there with a surprised and somewhat depressed look on her face about the sudden news of West’s departure.

    Leon Kensworth is seen finishing off a bagel by the food stand microphone in hand. Joe West then approaches him.

    Hey Leon, I know I’m the last person you want to see but I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me a little pre-match interview.

    Why should I, you physically attacked me West, me! A backstage interviewer, not an active wrestler.

    I know you’re angry, I know I shouldn’t have done what I did. And if I could take it back I would. But I promise if you give me this interview, you will never have to see my face ever again.

    Sigh…fine, but I never want to see you again Joe.

    You won’t Leon, I promise.

    Joe and Leon then walk to a couple of camera man and then begin the interview.

    Well Joe, what are your thoughts on facing your now former tag team partner Darren Bull?

    Well before I get into that, I liked to make a public announcement and say that this will most likely be my last WZCW match for a while.

    Why is that?

    Unlikely words of advice Leon, that’s all I can explain it as.

    Well how do feel about what I can only say as your final match?

    Well I feel really good Leon, I know I’ve been on a losing streak but you see the thing about this match is that it’s my last one, it doesn’t matter if I win or lose, to me all that matters is that I give it my absolute all. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have the strict intention of walking to that ring and beating the holy hell out of Darren Bull for being the most unreliable tag team partner of all time and getting the win, it just means that for the first time in a while I just want to enjoy wrestling in a match, something I’ve wanted to do for all my life.

    What do you think your chances of winning against Bull are? Especially since he’s got a new insurance policy Derek Jacobs?

    I’m not afraid of a possible interference, all my life I’ve had to deal with bullies and two on one situations. Jacobs hasn’t gotten one win yet and after seeing the way he “helped” me and Bull in our last match, I don’t think he will be a problem. And Bull, well me and Bull have a lot of history together, a lot of “hate” for each other. In fact we had so much hate for each other we named our tag team after it. But see the keyword is had, Darren I don’t hate it you, at least not anymore. In fact I’m glad that my last match will be just the way I started my career, beating you in the middle of the ring. I know this match won’t be easy though, back in my first match when I originally beat Bull I was a rookie and Bull hadn’t exactly had tons of experience in the ring either. But since then we’ve both grown, gotten better, gotten stronger. But the reason I will beat you Darren is simply based on the fact that you still hold on to the hate that has weighed us both down, while I haven’t. I’ve let it go, I plan on going out there tonight and simply doing what I always wanted to in the ring and that is just have fun. And don’t get me wrong I know I was just as bad as Bull was maybe even worse, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and Darren you unfortunately never do. The Kings of Hate are done, and really…so am I. I’m ready to sacrifice my body to its absolute limit, my question to Darren Bull is: are you?

    Well Joe what will you do now after your final match?

    Leon I don’t know yet, but I sure hope to find out soon. I like to think that someday I can comeback, pick up where I left off, and finally show the WZCW what I really have. But until then, you guys will just have to settle for my next encounter with Darren.

    Well while I can’t say I’m sad about you leaving Mr. West but I wish you the best of luck in your final match.

    Thanks Leon, and Darren I want to wish you luck, because whether you win, lose, or draw there won’t be any partying for you tonight after I take you to your maximum limit and beyond. And remember Darren, there will always be a first class ticket for you on the West Airlines.

    Joe then walks off but is stopped by Maria.

    Joe, I’ve changed my mind. I listened to your interview and for the first time I feel one of my clients is actually sincere and not just doing it for the money and glory but because he loves what he does. If you still want me to I’ll happily leave with you.

    Maria that’s all I ever wanted.

    One more thing Joe, regardless if you beat Darren Bull or not I’ll be back here waiting for you after your match to celebrate no matter what the outcome.

    Maria, I’m glad you’ve been such an understanding person but I know you don’t like coaching losers, I promise you I’ll try my hardest not to be on tonight.

    Joe then kisses Maria on the cheek and walks off heading where people can only assume is the entrance ramp while quietly under his breath thanking his father.
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    The scene opens up to Darren Bull’s house. It seems that there is no one present at the moment. Then, all of sudden Bull’s white mustang pulls just front of the house. It has just been 24 hrs. from AF 9 and we can see the disappointment in Bull’s face. He quickly enters his house and drops his bags. He takes a good look at his house and sees that his home phone has a voicemail. Instead of going to hear the voicemail, Bull heads over the kitchen and grabs a glass of water. Now, with the glass of water in head, Bull heads over to the phone and puts speaker on the phone:

    Hello? Darren Bull, this is I, Chuck Myles. I’ve call you today, so I can inform you on what will you be doing come AF 10. I have been thinking about this and your opponent will be your former tag partner, Joe West. Now, remember that I will be keeping a close eye on you and West. Therefore, if you or West do a good job then I might have some type of future title match.

    As the transmission comes to an end, Bull is seen with a much happier mode than before. He then drinks his water to calm down his throat, before he calls for Chris Strongz.

    Chris get down here now! Don’t make me count all the way to three!

    Chris starts running from the upper stairway. He seems to have not lost any of his breath due to his amazing physic.

    I’m so sorry, sir. I did not hear you come in the door. Please, how can I help you in any form or matter?

    No, need for any excuses. I just need for you to call, Josh and tell him to gather some people up and start a party.

    May, I ask why just throw some random party? Last time I checked you have yet to win a match since your first match.

    Bull’s mood has switched yet again and it is a rather bitter one.

    Look, do what I tell you to do. Don’t ever question me. You got that?

    Yes. I am so sorry if I have bothered you. I will do as you please.

    Good. Now, get out of my face or else.

    Chris vanishes in a hurry and heads over to the kitchen. In there, he begins to call Josh King about the party. Meanwhile, Bull stays there in his place and shakes his head before heading over to his library. In there, he sits down on his most comfortable chair available.

    I know that I should be happy about taking on West, but I can’t just put my finger on that is missing. You know what, I’m putting too much thought on this for now, but I can get to it later. For now, I just need to focus on the party for now and worry about other stuff later on.

    The scene fades to black as Bull gets up and heads over to his room in order to get ready for tonight.


    The scene re-opens up to full house of party animals. Everyone seems to be having a good time and partying like no tomorrow. Bull seems to be party along with Josh and some hot twins.

    Hey, this is one awesome party. Who planned all of this?

    I really can’t take all credit for this. You see my friend here Josh, he really is the one who organized this. Therefore, you should be thanking him for this sick ass party.

    Hey, I almost must admit that you were the one who wanted this. But, why?

    Can I talk to you about that outside?

    Sure thing. Ladies please excuse us for a moment, but please do go on and party.

    Both the twins nod and walk over to the restroom. That gives the chance for Josh and Bull to head over to the back area of the house. Before, they do go, Bull tells Chris to make sure no one passes him. Also, both men grab a full glass of vodka and sit down in the back porch.

    So, what do you want to talk about Darren?

    Well, you remember when I was on that talk show last week?

    Yeah. I was quiet shocked at your announcement.

    That is what I wanted to talk to you about. I was actually lying to Bruno. There is no marriage going or anything like that. However, there is something pretty important going on that day after Kingdom Come.

    What is that then? You know that you can count on me.

    The day after Kingdom Come is the day my no good father gets out of prison.

    Wait, wasn’t he locked up for twenty years and how did you get this information?

    I know, but he is being released for some good behavior. I know it sounds weird, but he managed to trick the law. Also, the reason I know about this is because he managed to get my number. He had the guts to call me and pled for me to pick him up.

    Are you going to do it? Knowing you, you wouldn’t go through with all of this.

    You would think that, but no. I am required by law to take him under my wing for the next 6 months.

    Idiots! I tell you.

    Well, we see how that turns out, but please don’t tell anyone.

    Hey, he have been friends for almost ever, so you can count on me.

    Thanks, bro.

    As, both men shake on the promise, they also look at each other with pride. The scene starts to fade once more as they both go back inside and party on.


    A couple of days later......

    We are now in the AF arena. Bull gets out of his car and it seems that he is the first one to arrive. He heads over to the ring and it seems to be ready to go. Just as it seems Bull is the only one there, Leon Kensworth comes out of nowhere.

    Is that you Bull over there?

    Why isn’t it WZCW’s top news reporter, journalist, or whatever? What brings this great pleasure of you being here this fine day?

    Well, I had thought I was the first one here, but it looks like you decided to get here early as well. While, we are at it, do you mind if I get a couple of words from you today?

    Sure, I guess.

    Leon heads over to the back and gets a cameraman. He tells him to set up fast before anyone else gets to the arena.

    I am joined at this moment by Darren Bull. Bull, tonight you face your ex-partner Joe West in this ring. What are your thoughts for tonight?

    You forgot to mention something there. He is also the guy who almost broke your face.

    Leon seems to have now gotten uncomfortable.

    I’m just playing around. Seriously, I think this is going to be match that breaks me or makes me. You see when West first debuted here in WZCW his first opponent was me. Now, it’s no secret that from that moment on my hatred towards him grew. Yet, I decided to team up with him. I do regret that decision? You might say it’s fifty-fifty.

    But, do you think you have what it takes to beat him in the middle of this square ring.

    Funny question, you got there Kensworth. Let me refresh your little memory. Through out our tag team career, who was the man that always got pinned? That’s right it was West. I was only pinned once and that was against some real challenge in the tag champs. So, I will let you know this history will not repeat itself.

    So, what is going to be your mind game for this huge match?

    I am not stupid. I will not tell you. However, I will tell you this and I hope West listens to this. Come AF 10, I’m going to be more than happy to get some of your blood in my hands and end your career. This means war and at the end I will come out victorious. Cause you see, I’m going to be doing something West can not do and that is; #WINNING!

    The scene ends with Bull walking back to the backstage area. He now waits to beat West like never before. He also take out a new shirt from his gym back and the shirt reads what Bull just told Leon and West: #WINNING!
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