90's Region - Alice in Chains vs Seven Mary Three

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Alice in Chains vs Seven Mary Three

  1. Alice in Chains

  2. Seven Mary Three

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  1. IrishCanadian25

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    1st Round 90's Region Match

    Alice in Chains vs Seven Mary Three

    Please take into account the entire body of work of the artists, their mark on the music industry and/or society as a whole, their influence on other artists, lyrics, music, etc. If you have not already done so, please review the rules of the tournament and the Wrestlezone Forums. Have fun!​
  2. Bernkastel

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    I have to Go with AIC on this one, for several reasons. 1.) Layne Stanley had some of the most haunting vocals, they just stayed with you. And when you were able to comprehend what he was trying to get across, it made his lyrics all that more fun to listen to. 2.) Jerry Cantrell's guitar work played a major influence in a majority of the bands to come in the next tens years or so in rock, AIC sounds just as Hard and as intimidating now as they did 15 years ago. There music never gets old. To me, much of the work AIC released sounds better than many of the "poser" bands around today

    The only song that I've really known from SM3 was Cumbersome. To me they were always a one hit wonder because I never really paid much attention to their other stuff. Surely most of their popularity had to have come from that one song while AIC had countless number of classic songs

    To me this is a no brainer, AIC takes this
  3. justinsayne

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    Sep 8, 2006
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    This one is easy, Alice In Chains is by far the best band to come out of the grunge era IMO, they are easily better than Nirvana, let alone Seven Mary Three, I have always loved their sound, and thought that Layne has always had a great voice, that has always stood out, I saw them a few years ago on the Reunion tour, and even without Layne they still sounded great, the new singer sounds almost exactly like Layne, and though he'll never be able to truly feel Layne's shoes, Layne's death was one of the most tragic death in modern music IMO, there is no denying that AIC has had and always will have a great fan following, you hardly ever hear anyone even mention Seven Mary Three anymore

    BTW IC25, your poll for this one is all fucked up, you have it set up with AIC & Deftones, and it's been closed after only two votes, I can fix/edit it if you'd like, (or you could do it yourself) but I don't know if you want the votes reset to 0, or just change the choices on the poll
  4. X

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    Just as Justin & Ech said, this one is a no-brainer. AIC all the freakin' way.

    AIC was another one of those bands that were unfairly labeled as a "grunge" band, when in reality AIC was always a metal band who happened to wear flannel. Cantrell & Staley were one of the best metal duos of all time IMO, and I truly mean that. Staley had a voice that could pierce your soul, and Cantrell had the guitar attack to destroy that soul. They were very simliar to Soundgarden in that regard; much more metal then grunge, and truly some of the best metal guitar playing I've ever heard. If you really love AIC though, you have to own their Unplugged album. Totally fucking amazing, I think it's even better then Nirvana's Unplugged, and that's saying a shitload.

    Seven Mary Three were crap. I never liked that song they did that got them famous. I guess it's not really fair for me to judge the band off of one song, but still, AIC would win this even if I was a huge SMT fan.

    Songs by AIC to check out: Man in the Box, We Die Young, Got Me Wrong, Them Bones, Down in a Hole, Rooster, God Smack, Angry Chair, Would?, Heaven Beside You, Frogs
  5. Shadowmancer

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    X just name Greatest Hits the one that has a cover of the boxer getting hit. That is a good list of songs that you should listen to if you have never even heard of Alice in Chains before. You can't vote against AiC in this round. And I like Seven Mary Three. And X listen to Water's Edge it is a great song. Nice storytelling involved in it. Seven Mary Three Lyrically is good. But Against AiC no chance in hell.

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