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    Wrestling has always had the showcase move since I've watched in the early 80s on. The match would be nearing the conclusion and you know one of these two wrestlers will execute his special move to end the match, here's my top 10 of all time.

    No. 10

    Macho Man Randy Savage's body slam that sets up his flying elbow off of the top ropes. He won the WWF Championship in a tournament in WM4 with this move and his execution of it was a sight to see. Rarely a wrestler could kick out of it unless they were named Warrior or Hogan.


    Sting's Stinger splash followed by The Scorpian Deathlock. Sting won many a WCW / TNA championship titles. He also utilized a Stinger Deathdrop when he became Crow Sting that might have been every bit as successful as his Splash/Deathlock was. He had a very successful career and he put away many heels with his special move...especially The Nature Boy himself.


    Sean Michael's Elbow off the top then Sweet Chin Music. I wasn't a fan of Sweet Chin Music at first, considering The Rockers used it ten times per match back in the day. It was hell of a lot better than what HBK started out with though (Remember that modified back suplex thing he did? Ya, terrible). But it grew on me and HBK won championships with it.

    No. 7

    Triple H and The Pedigree. This should be higher on the list because of the amount of times he's won a title with the move alone. But I'm putting it here.

    No. 6

    Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner. Very effective finisher that was rarely kicked out of. The execution of the wrestler receiving the Stunner was always as entertaining as the finger flipped before it.

    No. 5

    The Rock's Rock Bottom or The Peoples Elbow. The Rock had a couple of finishers he could tap into to win the match. One could argue that his finishers are a little weak as they've been kicked out of or countered plenty of times. But he's won many championships and had success with both finishers.

    No. 5.5

    Bret Hart' s Sharpshooter Brets submission hold was executed by the excellence of execution himself and ended the match for many heels throughout his career. It brought him much success and revolved around some pretty time stamped memories in wrestling lore...ex: Stone Cold refusing to give up while locked in it and bleeding all over the place...and HBK reversing and using it during the much revisited Montreal Screwjob.

    No. 4

    Goldberg's Spear then Jackhammer. The man's spear alone was fucking deadly, his Jackhammer was just overkill at that point. Only one man (I think) ever kicked out of The Jackhammer and that man is.....

    No. 3

    Brock Lesner. The Beast uses the F5 and that's all he needs to put people away. He's crushed so many wrestlers with it that I can't remember anyone ever kicking out of the F5 other than.....

    No. 2

    The Undertaker and his Chokeslam then either Hell's Gate , Last Ride or The Tombstone Piledriver. All of Takers special moves were deadly and rarely kicked out of or reversed.

    Tie for 1st Place

    But Jeff, you can't have two wrestlers in 1st Place! Yes I can, it's my list and I'm doing it. Come at me, bro!

    Randy Orton's Guillotine DDT then RKO. I don't know what it is, but IMO the RKO has to be the most protected special move in the history of wrestling. Do you remember anyone, ever kicking out of it? I don't. It's always a match ender if there's no shenanigans involved. The RKO is also executed beautifully and from seemingly any situation. It's also brought 15 heavyweight championships plus other belts so its not too shabby.

    Hulk Hogan's Boot then Legdrop could replace the boot with a slam...but it was usually the boot that set up the leg drop. Hogan blazed through the 80's, booting and leg dropping bad guys and holding titles for long periods. I don't think anyone kicked out of it until WM 8 or 9 when Sid Justice kicked out before Pappa Shango interfered. Anyway, it's the iconic, legendary special moves that will go down in history for Hulkamaniacs forever and it's number 1 in my books.

    That's my top ten special moves in wrestling history. I'm sure everyone's list would look quite different as I've left out many amazing special moves here.
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    1-10: Mojo Rawley's flying toilet sit or whatever the fuck it was called in NXT.
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    Chris Jericho
    1. Lion Tamer
    2. Walls Of Jericho
    3. Code Breaker

    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    4. Stone Cold Stunner

    The Rock
    5. Rock Bottom
    6. People’s Elbow

    Kurt Angle
    7. Angle Lock
    8. Angle Slam

    Ric Flair
    9. Figure Four

    Hulk Hogan
    10. Atomic Leg Drop
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    Favourite 10? In no particular order

    Pedigree (Triple H)
    Vertebreaker (Shane Helms)
    Stone Cold Stunner (Steve Austin)
    Impaler (Gangrel)
    Cradle Piledriver (Jerry Lynn)
    Five Star Frog Splash (Rob Van Dam)
    The Last Ride (Undertaker)
    3D (Dudley Boyz)
    More Bang For Your Buck (Young Bucks)
    Package Piledriver (Kevin Steen)
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    When I think of finishing moves in wrestling, the one that immediately comes to mind is Paul Orndorff's pile driver. To this day I see it as the most devastating regular finisher I can recall and I identify him with it probably closer than any other wrestler and their finisher. It looked absolutely vicious and I don't remember seeing anybody get up from it.

    Speaking of pile drivers, another favorite of mine was Jerry Lawler's. He had a few moves I can mention here: He finished matches with the fistdrop; he upped the violence level of a feud with the (banned in Tennessee!) pile driver; and he ended feuds with a fireball. All preceded by a strap pull, of course.

    I always thought Curt Hennig's perfectplex was one of the prettier finishing moves around. Not only a cool move but it fit him as a wrestler, as technically sound as he was.

    Probably because I was such a big fan, but Tully Blanchard's slingshot suplex may have been my all-time favorite finisher. One reason I like it so well is that it's a move you just don't see many wrestlers do. I think I've seen Orton do it but not one of the more common moves.

    Another pretty move performed by an extremely gifted wrestler was Barry Windham's superplex. We've all seen the move a lot but nobody did it better than Windham. I know a lot of people hate the hold, but I personally really liked his claw hold as well.

    Like Orndorff and the pile driver, I always associate The Iron Sheik with the camel clutch. Another hold not used by a whole lot of wrestlers and when we were kids playing around at wrestling, I remember it really hurt. Not only is it a painful hold, but it's hard to break out of, especially for a wrestler who wasn't as big and strong as the Hulk Hogan-types. It always surprised me it doesn't get used more often.

    It's just a transition move now, but when Jake Roberts hit the DDT it was lights out for his opponent. A violent and decisive move, it was one of the most successful and memorable finishers of the eighties. And like Orndorff with the pile driver and Sheik with the Camel Clutch, the Snake was closely identified with his finishing move. The DDT Roberts gave to Steamboat on the floor is enough by itself to garner a mention on this list.

    Let's see, that's nine(I won't count the fireball)....okay, last but not least, I'll have to go with Mitch Snow's Jam Slam.

    RIP, Jammin' Mitch Snow.
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    10. Go To Sleep (CM Punk)
    9. Piledriver
    8. F5 (Lesnar)
    8. Kinniku Buster (With opponents head, not back being targeted)
    7. Dragon Screw Neck Whip
    6. Package Piledriver
    5. Burning Hammer (Kenta)
    4. Curb Stomp (Seth Rollins)
    3. Styles Clash (AJ Styles)
    2. Shining Wizard (Any variant,young Nakamura)
    1. One Winged Angel (Kenny Omega. Regular > Super variant)
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    Stone Cold Stunner
    Diamond Cutter
    The Rock Bottom/People's Elbow
    Awesome Bomb
    The Last Ride
    Jacknife Powerbomb
    Cradle Piledriver
    Lo Down
    Ankle Lock (Ken Shamrock version)
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    No paticular order:
    The F5
    Stone cold stunner
    canadian destroyer
    the five star frog splash
    curb stomp
    shatter maching
    the gore
    any version of the piledriver
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    In no order:

    Pop-up powerbomb
    Rock Bottom
    Shooting star press
    Curb stomp
    Goldberg's spear

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