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    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, on behalf of WZCW I would like to welcome you all to the SuperShow II. Tonight's special event is being dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the family and friends of those that have been affected by it. WZCW is proud to announce that all proceeds made from tonight's show will go towards the people affected directly by the hurricane and help bring some christmas cheer into the lives of people who have already lost so much.

    The crowd politely cheers the announcement.

    Harrys: Now I please ask you all to lower your heads, gentleman please remove your headwear, and as we take a moment of silence to remember and pray for those that lost their lives and their homes.

    The crowd stands quietly as a tribute video begins to play on the titantron.


    The crowd boos loudly as Drake Callahan and Max Powers walk down the stage ramp. Drake has an annoyed look on his face and Max seems a tad worried for his client as the approach the ring. Drake gets into the ring and stares down Harrys. He grabs the microphone out of his hand and speaks.

    Callahan: I think it’s a little rude when someone walks out here and down the ramp and doesn’t get introduced to his audience. I don’t deserve to be treated that poorly and unprofessionally by my assistants, so if you could please introduce me and do it properly.

    Callahan hands Harrys back the mic. Harrys looks rather upset that Drake interrupted the moment of silence and then goes to speak.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, Drake Callahan.

    Harrys hands Drake the mic and quickly exits the ring. Drake still seems rather upset and speaks.

    Callahan: Very professional Harrys. If I was still champion I would demand that your immediate resignation be included in my contract.

    The crowd boos really loudly now at Drake.

    Callahan: Shut up all of you. Now I wanted to come out here tonight and let you all know about a real tragedy that has occurred right under our noses in WZCW. You see it all began after I won the WZCW Title at Redemption. The man I beat for the title, is the same man that I beat weeks earlier in what was probably considered an unimportant one on one contest. That is it was unimportant until I defeated him. You heard me, that’s right, I defeated Showtime before be became champion, and I beat him again while he was champion. I defeated him, plain and simple, there was no reason why he should’ve received a one on one rematch, but hey I figured there would be no harm in it. Let the old dog have one last dance in the sun. Well, needless to say that old dog managed to screw me out of the title. One time... he got lucky out of countless matches that I came out on top of. So, you would think that I would then receive my fair one on one rematch with him. Wouldn’t you all? Well, no that didn’t happen. I have been robbed by what is rightfully mine, and have no been robbed of my rightful fair chance to take it back. When I get into the ring with Showtime, I am going to beat him, I am going to mangle him. I am going to cripple him and break him down into a puny piece of s...

    Powers forcefully removes the mic from his client’s hands. Both men cool off for a minute and then Powers speaks.

    Powers: What my client is trying to say is that he deserves the right to face Showtime one on one for the title before Unscripted or else unfortunate accidents may occur, because my client Drake Callahan is the best wrestler in this company, and will be... your... next WZCW World Heavyweight Cham...


    The crowd boos just as loud as the Steven Holmes walks out from the back with a mic in hand. He walks down the ramp while talking.

    Holmes: Drake my boy I think it’s fair to say that we can both agree that Showtime is nothing more than an aging fossil around here, keeping the true elite wrestlers of this company out of the title picture so that he can soak up all the last minute spotlight he can muster out of his crummy, repugnant, awful product he call a television show, and what ever praise he can receive from these low life commoners.

    The crowd boos Steven really loudly now as he straddles through the ropes and into the ring.

    Holmes: But my dear Drake, what we do disagree on is who is the best in this company and who does deserve to have a one on one match with Showtime and the answer to that question is clearly, and unquestionably.... Me. I am the best in WZCW. I survived longer than anyone has ever lasted in the Lethal Lottery match, and have taken my true place here in WZCW as the diabolical and evil terror that reigns over the minds of all the scum that surround my locker room. If anyone deserves to fight Showtime one on one for the title... it is me.

    The crowd boos loudly as Drake contemplates Holmes response. Holmes tells Powers to tell his client just that, but Drakes takes the mic from Powers instead.

    Callahan: We may be partners tonight, but that doesn’t mean I like you, or think that you’re being funny here. I am the best in WZCW.

    Holmes: No I am the best.

    Holmes and Callahan are face to face about ready to strike each other as Powers tries to create peace among them.


    The crowd pops and Holmes and Callahan both turn to look at Showtime standing on the ramp with the WZCW Title.

    Showtime: Gentleman, please, some respect for the people we are dedicating this show for and please, some respect for the people in the audience here tonight, who know that the best in WZCW is not either of you two in the ring, and especially not that little worm Powers, but the best is the one holding the WZCW Title.

    Showtime lowers the mic and raises the title to loud cheers.

    Holmes: Oh you think you’re being funny again. I can’t wait for you to tell us more about how much better you look or how flashy your pants are. Substance and nothing more that you spout out. Come, get in this ring and tell us all about it.

    Callahan: Put your money where your mouth is Showtime. My partner may not have any legitimate accomplishment to hang over you, but I certainly have weight to what I say and I think you should come down here and say it right to my face.

    Showtime stands on the ramp and thinks about it and then speaks.

    Showtime: You know that does sound like a really good idea, but tonight I’m not fighting either of you two guys. Tonight... it’s not about me kicking your guys butts. Tonight, it’s about these two guys kicking your butts.


    The crowd pops as the music hits. Drake and Steven get ready in the ring for a fight, but instead of the tag team champions, Krypto comes running out from behind the curtain. He races down the ramp and slides into the ring. Holmes and Callahan go to catch him, but Krypto is able to run past them. They both turn around and see Saxton and Saboteur both in the ring. The tag team champions take their opponents down with clotheslines. Saxton starts to slam Holmes head against the turnbuckle while Saboteur is on top of Callahan punching him. Saboteur backs up inside the ring and runs at Drake going foe a shinning wizard. Powers on the outside reaches in and pulls Drake out before Saboteur can hit him. Saxton has Holmes by the ropes and backs up going for a roundhouse kick. Holmes ducks the kick and rolls out of the ring before Saboteur can jump him. The tag team champions stand tall in the ring and Holmes and Callahan meet up outside. Saxton has a mic in hands.

    Saxton: Hey sucka’s! Consider yourselves lucky to have avoided an ass whupping right now, because you’re going to get one later on and you know why? Tell’em Sabby.

    Saboteur: Because I am the WZCW Tag Team Champions.

    Saxton: And what else?

    Saboteur: And you guys ain’t got squat.

    Saxton: And what else?

    Saboteur: And we got super powers and E.T. on our side.

    Saxton: And what else?

    Saboteur: And we both look really handsome with mustaches.

    Saxton: Suckateur no one can see your damn mustache.

    Saboteur: Oh yea right the mask. It really takes up a lot of room in here.

    Saboteur pulls up his mask and long rolled up mustache hair unfurls from underneath his mask and actually falls on Powers on the outside, who brushes it of him. Saboteur rolls it back up as Saxton continues.

    Saxton: Damn... that’s pretty messed up, but what else Saboteur? We only got maybe 5 lines left to this promo.

    Saboteur: Ummm... oh right, because we are the best tag team in WZCW.

    Saxton: Damn that’s right man. You chumps, you’re about to become thumped tonight.

    Saxton throws down the mic and holds the belts up as their music hits Drake and Steven look on near the ring and then proceed to leave.

    Copeland: Good evening everyone and welcome to WZCW’s SuperShow II. Copeland, Cohen, and Connor all with you this evening in what will be an explosive night of action.

    Cohen: So many good match ups and already a lot of bad blood on the table so far.

    Connor: You don’t know what to expect next here tonight.

    Copeland: Except what we tell you, and coming up will be the Mayhem Title match. Vega gets another crack at winning the title as he faces former tag team champion, Ricky Runn.


    We see the men responsible for tonights’ Supershow gathered in one office. Vance Bateman, Big Dave and Chuck Myles sit around one large table.

    Dave: “We’ve done a great job getting everyone here tonight guys.”

    Bateman: “I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

    They are interrupted by a knock on the door from Ricky Runn.

    Runn: “Hey boss....bosses.”

    Myles: “Hi Ricky.”

    Bateman: “Don’t think about asking for another birthday party on company property.”

    Runn: “I’m a little older and wiser than that now thanks guys.”

    Myles: “Really?”

    Runn: “Eh, maybe. I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity. I plan on being a brilliant Mayhem champion.”

    Dave: “Well I can’t think of anyone better. One half of our best tag champions ever, one of the most promising talents on the roster, you deserve the chance.”

    Runn: “Cheers Dave. I’d better get going.”

    Ricky departs quickly and as the three men get back to talking business, we spy Connor Reese talking on his phone around the corner.
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    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a Mayhem Rules Match for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!


    Ricky Runn bursts out of the gorilla position with high energy as the crowd feeds him his momentum. The party boy slides paint across his face and then runs down the entrance ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 225 pounds, Ricky Runn!

    Copeland: He has the looks, the spunk, and legitimacy in his tenure here at WZCW. The former one-half tag-team champion will look to strike gold once again as he takes on Vega.

    Cohen: Gold, Seabass? I never knew there was any gold on the Mayhem Championship strap. That thing is nastier than Wasabi Toyota’s jock-strap. Besides the point, you have failed to mention that his opponent should already be the Mayhem Championship. If it wasn’t for the illegal actions by Connor Reese, Vega would not even be in this match against such an overrated opponent.

    Connor: There is definitely still a lot of questions left to be answered about the future of Ricky Runn in this company. I am hoping tonight we will find some answers.

    We get a shot of Runn in the ring as he pumps himself up for the match.


    The lights go dim until a yellowish light illuminates the arena and reveals Vega standing at the top of the entrance ramp with his signature trench coat on. The typical grin that he usually bears is gone. Clearly, he is still upset over the events from last week.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, weighing 175 pounds, Vega!

    Connor: Vega is definitely on my list as far as being a potential “breakout” superstar. However, I am not too fond his methods.

    Cohen: All that matters is the end result, CC.

    Copeland: That sounds like poor ethics if you ask me.

    Runn and Vega, without his trench coat, now stand in opposite corners as the referee hoists the vacant Mayhem Championship high in the air. The crowd pops at the rising of the belt.

    We cut backstage and see Connor Reese standing in a room. He is watching the match unfold on a flat-screen television.

    We return back to the ring just in time to hear the bell ring. Runn charges at Vega, but Vega sidesteps him and Runn ends up running into the turnbuckle. Runn turns around, but he is met by a lunging Vega. Runn quickly drops to his feet and rolls out of the turnbuckle, causing Vega to land on the middle ropes. Vega grips the top ropes so that he does not lose his balance. Vega turns his head back to see where Runn is, but he is met with an awful sight. Runn leaps on the middle rope nearby Vega and pushes off with one foot. The other foot is launched to the neck of Vega, and it connects! Vega falls back off of the turnbuckle and his back hits the mat hard!

    Connor: Sweet enziguri kick there by the Second-City Daredevil!

    Runn looks to capitalize on the kick as he ascends the turnbuckle that Vega was on only seconds ago. With his back turned towards Vega, Runn attempts a quick moonsault, but he eats the mat! Vega is able to roll away in the nick of time. Vega continues rolling and finally exits the ring underneath the bottom rope. He then proceeds to check under the ring apron. We see an evil grin form on his face as he pulls out a kendo stick. He marvels at the specimen and then grips the handle before getting back into the ring. Runn has now made it to his feet, but he quickly kneels back down via a shot from the kendo stick to his side. The crowd produces an “oo” sound in reaction to the stiff shot delivered by Vega. Vega re-positions himself behind Runn and slams down the kendo stick on the back of Runn. Runn fully drops to the ground as he screams in pain. Vega shakes his head in order to prep himself and then grips the kendo stick. He raises it into the air and with much booing from crowd he begins hacking at Runn’s back. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Runn screams in pain as he holds his back and attempts to slowly crawl away from his opponent.

    Copeland: My god, Vega is beating Runn raw with that cane.

    Cohen: Mayhem rules Seabass, anything goes.

    Vega finally drops the kendo stick and proceeds to grab Runn by the hair and pulls him up. Vega wraps one of his arms around Runn’s neck and then grips one of Runn’s thighs. In a lifting motion, Vega flips Runn over and executes an exploder suplex! The sound of the impact is immediately followed by a scream from Runn, who favors his back. Vega gets to his feet and runs over for the cover, 1....2..Kick Out! Vega looks at the referee in disbelief and goes for the cover again, 1...2.Kick Out! Again, Vega goes for the cover, 1...Kick Out! Again, 1.Kick Out! Vega moans in anger as he rises to his feet. The crowd boos him, but he just waves them off.

    Connor: Vega has been primarily dominate in this match thus far. All signs point towards his favor. How can Runn respond, Copeland?

    Copeland: Well, Runn is going to have to abandon the high-flying offense in this match. Anything is legal, and he is going to have to get creative with some foreign objects.

    Vega slowly makes his way over to grab the kendo stick he dropped earlier. However, when he turns back around he is surprised to see that Runn has rolled out of the ring and is trying to pull himself up on the barricade outside. Vega smiles as he runs over to a turnbuckle and ascends to the top. With much poise, Vega carefully walks across the top rope on the side that Runn is at. With the kendo stick still in hand, Vega raises it in the air and prepares to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. Several fans at ringside are trying to tell Runn to turn around, but he continues to keep his back turned as he slouches on the barricade. We see Vega bend his knees as he lunges off the top rope with the kendo stick, but NO! Runn moves out the way and Vega’s stomach hits the top of the barricade. The kendo stick gets dropped into the outside barrier. The crowd wildly cheers Runn’s reversal. Runn then gingerly walks up behind the wailing Vega, and executes a Hell Yeah! Vega clinches the back of his head as the crowd begins to pump up Runn. Surprisingly, Runn rises to his feet rather quickly and begins clapping his hands, which is quickly followed by the crowd.

    Connor: Runn now has momentum and the crowd here behind him!

    Cohen: It won’t last for long! I guarantee it!

    Runn proceeds to pick up Vega and throw him underneath the ropes and back into the ring. Runn jumps up and climbs into it as well. Once inside, he hurdles over Vega and bounces off the opposite ropes. Runn dives forward and tucks his body in, but like a newly sprung daisy Runn pops out and connects to the midsection of Vega with a Rick Roll! The crowd pops huge at the maneuver, and Runn makes the cover,

    Kick Out!

    Runn can’t believe it as the crowd is shocked as well. Runn questions the referee, but quickly gives up the attempt and gets back to his feet. Runn exits the ring and makes his way over to the announcer’s booth. He grabs one of the steel chairs and folds it up. The crowd pops as he holds in the air, and then he enters the ring with it.

    Connor: It looks like the former tag-team champion is getting creative as he introduces a steel chair into this match. Perhaps he heard you Copeland.

    Runn walks over to Vega, who is now on all fours. He hoist the chair up to the air, but before he can bring it down Vega leg sweeps him and sends him falling on his back and dropping the chair. Runn quickly recovers to his feet, but Vega meets him with several kicks. Runn is unable to dodge them and eats each blow to his legs. Vega begins to back Runn up with each kick and decides that it is time to go for a few punches. One, two, but not three! Runn blocks the third punch and turns it into an arm drag on Vega. Vega jumps back up to his feet and goes after Runn, but Runn turns Vega around and pulls him back towards the chair on the ground. Runn signals for The Ricky Runndown as the crowd pops! However, the pop quickly turns into a huge “oo” of remorse for Runn. A sneaky backick by Vega lands directly into the nut sack of Runn. This causes Runn to release the hold he had on Vega.

    Cohen: Haha! Right in the Runnsack!

    Vega looks to capitalize on this moment as he turns towards Runn and picks him up on his shoulders. Vega roars in victory as he positions himself, with Runn on his shoulders, just in front of the chair on the ground. With a loud smack, Vega drops Runn with his finisher, The Killswith, and sends Runn’s back directly into the steel chair. Vega lays his back on Runn for the cover,


    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and new WZCW Mayhem Champion, Vega!

    Copeland: I don’t believe it!

    Connor: It was just too much pressure on the back of Runn. The kendo stick, the exploder suplex, and then finally a Killswitch into a chair.

    Cohen: I knew it!

    Vega is ecstatic as the referee grabs the belt from the ring official and hands it over to Vega. Vega holds it in his hands as he marvels over his accomplishment. Suddenly, the camera shot changes and we see the crowd pop and boo as Connor Reese slides into the ring. He picks up the steel chair on the ground and just as Vega turns around, Reese nails him in the head with the chair.

    Copeland: What the hell?

    The crowd boos heavily at Reese’s action. Reese then proceeds to smack the chair down on the grounded Runn. The crowd boos Reese even more. Reese proceeds to throw the chair down and pulls a microphone out of his back pocket.

    Reese: Oh, no no. Don’t you people boo me!

    The crowd boos louder.

    Reese: I came out here to take back what is rightfully mine!

    Reese proceeds to pick up the Mayhem Championship off of the ground.

    Reese: I won this belt last week through a surrogate competitor. Yet, Big Dave had the audacity to remove me from the Mayhem Title picture without even a notice and strip Wunderbar of the title. Then, he gives a title shot to this monkey.

    Reese points at Runn as the crowd boos.

    Reese: Shut up! You know it is true!

    The crowd boos again.

    Reese: I am taking my Mayhem Championship and then I am going to win the Battle Royal tonight and compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unscripted. And there is no one that can stop me.


    Big Dave comes out as the crowd cheers his interruption of Reese’s speech. Dave remains at the top of the ramp as he addresses Reese.

    Dave: I just do not get you Reese. Last week you were too good for the Mayhem Championship and then this week you act as if you are offended that I removed you from the equation.

    Dave rubs his chin.

    Dave: Fine, if you want a shot at that title so bad, you will get a chance to compete for it on Pay-Per-View. Not anyone on your behalf, but you. A high-profile match for the WZCW Mayhem Championship on the fifth anniversary of our company’s first Pay-Per-View. How does that sound? It will be Vega vs. Connor Reese -

    Dave pauses for a moment.

    Dave: vs. Ricky Runn!

    The arena erupts at the name of the third competitor in the triple-threat match. Dave’s music begins to play as he heads towards the back.

    Dave: Oh yeah-

    The music cuts off.

    Dave: One more thing. You three all seem to have your own method on how to do things. So, I am going to give each of you a chance to present your own match stipulation for the triple-threat next week in a debate. The fans will then vote for the match stipulation that they think is best.

    The crowd cheers again as we get a close-up on Reese’s face.

    Dave: Oh, and Reese. Look out behind you.

    Reese turns around and instantly eats a dropkick from Runn! The impact causes Reese to drop the belt and roll out of the ring. He holds his face as he curses Runn and begins stumbling backwards up the ramp. Runn stands on the bottom rope as he taunts Reese, but this is a bad idea. Vega comes up behind Runn and throws him over the top rope and into the outside mat. Vega then proceeds to grab the Mayhem Championship and clinches it to his chest as we cut away.


    Leon Kensworth is backstage with a mic in hand.

    Leon: “I’m with Mr Baller ahead of his match in the Elite X League with Mr Alhazred. Mr Baller, you -”

    Baller takes the mic off Leon.

    Baller: “Leon, I used to be a King, I’ve been inside Hell in a Cell and I was number thirty in the Lethal Lottery. And now I am back to being Mr? How is that fair?”

    Leon goes to respond but the mic gets taken from him again.

    Baller: “And surely all of those achievements mean that I should be the only Mister in WZCW. If you were a Doctor, why would you not stay as a Doctor? Alhazred is going to lose because I am better than he is. This league is made for me sports fans. I am going to top of the table and Alhazred can fight against relegation because that’s all he is good for.

    Baller throws back the mic to Leon and turns away but standing opposite him is Rush. Baller decides to fight this particular battle later but walks straight into Sam Smith. The Elite X championship catches Ballers’ eye and he lingers on it until Smith pushes him away.

    Rush: “I’d get going if I were you Baller....”

    Smith: “Before I put through a table this time and give you a reason to have another three months off.”

    Rush: “It would be such a shame for you to be taken out of the competition like that.”

    Baller decides to run away with decidedly less confidence than he arrived with.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall and it is a part of the Elite X Championship League!


    Mr. Baller walks out from the back with his signature basketball. With a cocky smile, he spins the ball on his finger as he makes his way down the ramp to a mixed reaction.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing 235 pounds, Mr. Baller!

    Cohen: Recently there has been a lot of chatter about Drake Callahan and his contract situation, but did you know that Baller is also in a contract battle with the higher-ups, Seabass?

    Copeland: I didn’t know that, but Baller cannot honestly believe that he is worth the catch that Callahan is, can he?

    Cohen: Look, we all know about Baller’s past here in WZCW, but he is literally the most quick-learning superstar in the business today. One year ago he was competing for the World Title at Unscripted. Now, he can feel gold at his fingertips.

    We see Baller in the ring as he warm-ups for the match.


    Alhazred comes out to a rather large pop. His demeanor seems rather serious as he stalks his way down the ramp towards the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from His Hidden Underground Laboratory, weighing 178 pounds, Mister Alhazred!

    Cohen: Did I hear that right? There is nearly a 50 pound weight difference between these two men!

    Connor: Well, Alhazred stands in at 5’9 while Baller has a giant height advantage at 6’3.

    Copeland: Wow.

    Alhazred and Baller are both in their respective corners as the referee looks at both of them and then rings the bell.

    Connor: Here we go, the first match of this Elite X League competition.

    Baller steps up towards Alhazred with an elevated pace, but Alhazred is quick to throw up an elbow. Baller eats it and stumbles backwards, but re-attempts his charge. Alhazred goes with the elbow again, but Baller ducks it. Alhazred tries to quickly turn around to face Baller, but Baller is already airborne and connects with a dropsault! Baller gets back to his feet as Alhazred tries to do the same. However, Baller is able to catch him connects with a swinging neckbreaker! Alhazred hits the mat and Baller recovers to his feet. Baller walks over to Alhazred and grabs his arm and locks in an armbar! Alhazred groans in pain as Baller applies the pressure!

    Connor: Copeland and Cohen, this match is very interesting because these two are really not fan favorites or fan-hated. They both have their own respective small followings, but neither of them really are your cookie-cutter face.

    Copeland: You are right Sarah, but these two are definitely two of the top athletes in the mid-card.

    Cohen: Two solid guys with tons of experience in the field. This is probably one of the most well-seasoned matches that you could ask for in the mid-card division.

    The referee is asking Alhazred if he wants to tap, but Alhazred refuses. Baller finally gets tired of holding the armbar and releases the hold. He jumps back up to his feet and reaches down to pick Alhazred up with him. As Baller is picking him up, Alhazred delivers a strong right-handed punch to the face of Baller. Baller stumbles backwards as Alhazred shakes the cobwebs out and rises fully to his feet. Baller finally turns back around towards Alhazred, but he is met by having his head tucked into the armpit of Alhazred. DDT! Alhazred executes the maneuver and goes for the cover, 1...Kick Out!

    Alhazred picks himself up after the attempt and then proceeds to drop an elbow on Baller’s forehead. Baller grabs his forehead in pain after the move, but Alhazred is quick to get to his feet and drop another. Back to his feet he goes, but this time Alhazred pulls back his fist and drops it directly on Baller’s forehead! Baller grabs his forehead as he rolls away and begins crawling towards a turnbuckle. Alhazred proceeds to go towards the opposite turnbuckle. As Baller slowly pulls himself up in his own turnbuckle, Alhazred yells out to the crowd, “It’s clobbering time!” and turns up his Power Glove to level five!

    Copeland: Alhazred is looking to end this early with Level 5!

    Alhazred begins spinning his right arm fast as Baller slowly gets to his feet in the opposite turnbuckle. Finally, Baller stands up and turns around towards Alhazred. However, as soon as Alhazred begins charging, Baller drops down and rolls out of the ring. Baller shakes his head no as he stumbles on the outside. Alhazred looks at the crowd and then proceeds to climb the ropes on the side where Baller is. With a huge pop from the crowd behind him, Alhazred springboards off of the top rope and hits an unaware Baller with a flying clothesline! The impact sends both of them crashing down into the outside mat!

    Cohen: All or nothing, Seabass. All or nothing.

    The referee begins counting inside of the ring as the two men slowly stir on the outside. The referee gets to three as Alhazred slowly makes his way to his feet. Alhazred is surprised to find that Baller is mobile. Baller is on all fours as he looks back to see that Alhazred has spotted him. With a nervous look, Baller tries to frantically crawl away from Alhazred. Alhazred steps up to him and grabs Baller’s foot, but Baller shoves him away with it. Baller then proceeds to crawl underneath the ring apron and underneath the ring. Before Baller can get fully under, Alhazred grabs his legs and pulls him out. Much to everyone’s surprise, Baller is gripping a table as he is pulled out. Alhazred picks Baller up and delivers a stiff elbow to his jaw. Baller stumbles backwards as Alhazred notices that the referee is at an eight count. Alhazred rolls a shoulder underneath the bottom rope and rolls back out to restart the count.

    Connor: Alhazred could of got the easy win there, but he chose to continue his assault on Baller.

    Alhazred walks over to Baller and picks him up by the hair. Baller shoves Alhazred back during the encounter and jumps up and grapples the head of Alhazred! A jumping DDT is performed and executed on Alhazred! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Alhazred’s head crashes down on the outside mat. The referee is at four as Baller proceeds to set up the table that he pulled out earlier. The referee temporarily stops his counting to tell Baller to stop his actions. Baller practically ignores him as he sets up the table.

    Copeland: I think Baller is confused, this is not a Mayhem Rules match. Using that table could most certainly get him disqualified.

    Cohen: What is more important, Seabass; Getting the win or sending a message?

    Baller turns back his attention to Alhazred, who is now draped on the outside apron on his knees. Baller begins to pick him up, but Alhazred sends another devastating elbow strike to the face of Baller. Baller shouts out profanity this time after allowing himself to eat another elbow. This brief distraction has allowed Alhazred to get back into the ring. At the count of nine, Baller also re-enters the ring.

    Alhazred has barely gotten to his feet as Baller runs up behind him and slips an arm underneath and in-between his legs. Alhazred feels his feet leave the ground as he rolls backwards in a weird yoga fashion. The referee counts the quick roll up,



    Connor: What? Wow!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Mr. Baller!

    The crowd is absolutely shocked that the match ended so quickly with just a simple roll-up. Baller appears to be shocked himself, but grins ear to ear. Alhazred holds his head as he rises to his feet.

    Copeland: It looks like Baller will get the first win in the Elite X League Competition in a shocking fashion.

    Baller slouches his back on the ropes as Alhazred looks at him from the other side. Baller looks at him and gives a cocky grin and shrug. Alhazred looks at the crowd and then powers up his glove. The crowd pops as Baller holds up his hands in protest. Alhazred then proceeds to charge at Baller with a Level 5, but Baller tucks his shoulder and flips Alhazred over the ropes and crashing into the table on the outside! The crowd pops at the spot, but then the reaction quickly turns mixed. Ring officials rush over to Alhazred as Baller’s music begins playing. Baller drops and rolls out of the ring. The last shot we get is of Baller shrugging and smirking as he makes his way up the ramp.

    ************************************************** ***********

    We cut backstage and see Krypto standing alone in the camera view. He addresses someone off camera.

    Krypto: Look, you two have always been there for me. You two have been pushing me towards the top. Tonight is a huge night for me. Not only is it on prime-time television, but the whole world will be watching because it is a A-list show. So, before I go out there, do you have any parting advice for me?

    The camera pans over and we see two cardboard cut-outs of Saboteur and Action Saxton. The camera zooms out and we see Krypto smiling with his hands held out as if he is listening to the cardboard cut-outs.

    Krypto: Great! Sounds good!

    Krypto smiles as he turns away from the cardboard cut-outs, but suddenly he looks nervous as he looks off-camera the other way. The camera pans over and we see the door wide open and Darren Bull looking in from the outside. Bull shakes his head in disappointment.

    Bull: Really? Cardboard cut-outs? Really?

    Krypto: Shut up! My mentors are busy preparing for their main-event tag-team match against two World Title competitors! Where is your mentor? Where has he been during this entire mentor-ship program period?

    Bull looks down in shame as fortunes reverse and Krypto shakes his head in disappointment. Bull exits down the hallway and the scene fades out.

    We transition to a shot of Isabel Stone and Steven Kurtesy inside a locker room. Kurtesy has his hands on Stone's shoulders.

    Kurtesy: Look, you have developed more than any other rookie. Just go out there and do what you have doing all along.

    Stone: But, what if I lose? Like I did at Apocalypse.

    Kurtesy: You won't. Trust me. That was a fluke and tonight is your time. Go out there and shine.

    Stone smirks and then gives Kurtesy a peck on the cheek.

    Kurtesy: Good luck!

    Stone leaves the camera view as we fade out.

    We fade back in and see Darren Bull again. He has a cell-phone held up to his ear. We hear a faint voice on the other end of the phone. "Leave a message at the beep".

    Bull: Hey Constantine, it is me, your rookie Darren. I heard you were going to be here tonight and I just wanted to know if you got any of my calls. Look, tonight I am going to go out there and prove to you and everyone else that I am not a worthless investment!

    Bull pulls the phone from his ear in a rage. After a small moment, he brings it back to his ear.

    Bull: I hate you!

    He pulls it away again, but puts it back.

    Bull: Call me back.

    The camera fades black.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Backstage we see Johnny Klamour and he is standing with El Califa Dragon.

    Kamour: I don’t speak Mexicanese or any of that third world language crap, so you just follow procedure and we’ll get through this quickly, okay?

    Dragon doesn’t move following Johnny statement.

    Dragon: Si.

    Klamour: Okay, lets just get this over with then. 3... 2... 1. I’m Johnny Klamour here with battle royal participant and WZCW new comer El Califa Dragon. Dragon do you think you even stand a chance to win this match?

    Dragon: Si

    Klamour: What makes you think you can even stand a chance. There are men in this match that are a foot taller than you, weigh a hundred or even two hundred pounds more. Do you really think you have what it takes to eliminate them?

    Dragon: Si.

    Klamour: Is that the only answer you can give me? I mean, what, do you have some sort of super lucha libre power that will give you the advantage is this contest?

    There is a long pause from Dragon. Klamour leans forward hoping to hear a different answer to his question.

    Dragon: Si.

    Klamour: Okay, I’m done here.

    Klamour walks off camera and leaves the interview area. Dragon picks up the mic and faces the camera.

    Dragon: No magic, no special powers. These cosmic forces are not part of my heritage or way or life. I will be victorious because I fight for honor and for glory, and behind me and supporting me are the spirits of my mexican people and ancestors. They give me the strength to overcome any obsticle and conquer every mountain, just like the one I climbed over two weeks ago, the EurAsian Champion Rush. Now the rest of the roster will feel the force of El Califa Dragon.

    A medida que el dragón se levanta sobre sus enemigos conquistados, aprenderán a respetar el poder que posee. Se va a temblar y encogerse como el rugido de los terremotos del dragón de la tierra misma y los propios cielos!

    Dragon walks off camera as the scene ends.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! The loser of the fall will be eliminated from the WZCW Mentorship Challenge, while the survivors will meet at Unscripted to determine the final winner!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 152 pounds, Isabel Stone!

    Stone makes her way out to the ring, dressed in about as little as possible, smiling slyly as she walks to the ring. She stops near a male fan briefly and talks to him, before leaning in for a kiss; the fan, looking in disbelief, leans in to join her before she backs off and slaps him in the face instead. She laughs cruelly and skips the rest of the way to the ring before sliding in.

    Copeland: And making her way to the ring now is one of the company's top rookies, which comes as a surprise to many, as the beginning of our mentorship program she was looked at as a real dark horse.

    Cohen: She overcame the detriment of having one of the worst possible mentors to become, frankly, the favorite to win at all.

    Connor: I have to disagree with you there, Jack - I'd argue it was the extremely advantageous pairing with a former world champion that's gotten her so far.


    Harrys: Introducing next, from Out of This World, weighing in at 200 pounds, Krypto!

    Krypto makes his way out to the ring with a beaming grin on his face, rushing down to the ring and shaking hands with all the fans as he does so. He climbs into the ring eagerly and smiles at Stone, who only rolls her eyes and blows her hair out of her face. His spirits undiminished, Krypto gives a wave to the crowd to an enthusiastic response.

    Copeland: Another bright spot in the up and coming ranks of WZCW, Krypto has scuffled his way to a position in the final three here. Is that a surprise to you?

    Cohen: He's a mentally ill lunatic who got partnered with two other mentally ill lunatics. That he made it past the first day is a shock to me.

    Connor: I'll admit that even I had doubts about Krypto and his mentors, but they found a way to make it work and are now a force to be reckoned with.


    Harrys: And introducing their opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 215 pounds, Darren Bull!

    Bull looks determined as he stalks his way to the ring, ignoring everyone everyone around him. He steps up into the ring itself and stares down a grin from Krypto and a death stare from Stone before parking himself in a corner, ignoring everyone.

    Copeland: Arguably one of the favorites to win it all from the beginning by virtue of experience alone, Bull is looking at a make or break situation here. A victory brings him that much closer, but a loss would be devastating to a young man really trying to make a name for himself in WZCW.

    Cohen: I've had confidence in him from the beginning, but you're right here Seabass - this is all or nothing territory for Darren Bull.

    Connor: Tonight could be the difference between perpetual mediocrity and the beginning of an ascent to the top for Bull. I don't think anyone has as much riding on this as he does.

    The three combatants are separated into corners by the referee and examined for any objects the referee objects to. Finding all to be in order, the referee signals for the bell and we are underway. The three step out cautiously, each trying to watch their two combatants equally, looking for an advantage. Bull aims a kick at Krypto's gut and connects, but Stone is on hm immediately with a shot from behind. Krypto retaliates with a punch to the chest and he and Stone force Bull back to the ropes. They whip Bull together to the other side, but Bull slides out to the outside. Krypto follows but Stone holds back, letting the two engages each other before following herself. Bull lands a shot that sends Krypto sprawling on the floor, just in time for Stone to attack him from behind. A hard shot drops Bull to the floor as well, but Stone lifts him up and slides him back in. Krypto has climbed back into the ring as well, and an uppercut from Stone sends Bull staggering toward Krypto, who hits him back to the Stone, who kicks him in the gut and sends him to his hands and knees. Krypto rebounds off the ropes to drop a leg across Bull's neck, leaving him to roll to the corner and pull himself up desperately. Krypto charges and connects with a hard shot in the corner, while Stone sits back and watches. While Krypto is holding Bull in place, Stone charges and hits a corner splash on Bull, collapsing him to a sitting position in the corner. As Stone stands over Bull and surveys her work, Krypto catches her with a roll up from behind! He gets one, two, but only two as Stone kicks out!

    Copeland: A momentary alliance between the two upstarts has dissolved as quickly as it began, it seems, but it was successful in making Darren Bull a non factor in the early going.

    Cohen: One thing I know well - no alliance in wrestling ever lasts. If it's a minute or a year, it's ending eventually. And you had best make sure it's you who wins out.

    Stone pops up and starts shrieking at Krypto, who defiantly shoves her back a step. Stone looks incensed as she hurls obscenities at Krypto, who looks in want of a Martian to English dictionary to understand half of what she's saying. As the two yell at one another, Bull charges them, but Stone reacts quickly and elbows him in the face. Both Stone and Krypto hook a leg and cover, getting one, two, but only two, preventing a difficult call having to be made. The two get up slowly and stare at one another, and Stone fires the first salvo, kicking Krypto in the gut while Bull rolls to the outside. Stone whips Krypto into the corner, but Krypto charges out, hits her with an arm drag, and converts into a pinning maneuver, getting one, but only one! Both are up and Stone once again kicks Krypto hard in the gut, then lifts him up, puts his head between her knees, goes for a sunset flip! But Krypto reverses it and sits down, going for a pin of his own, but Stone wriggles out, reverses it again, getting one, but only one as Krypto has reversed it yet again, doubling Stone over head to toe with a pinning combination! He only gets one as Stone reverses! She gets one as Krypto reverses! A sequence of reversals back and forth ensues only to be broken up by a returning Darren Bull, whose dropkick separates the two and sends them sprawling.

    Connor: You can really tell that Krypto and Stone had learned well in their technical wrestling, but they forgot basic ring awareness as Darren Bull has caught them both off guard.

    Cohen: We talked earlier about how he had the experience edge, and you're seeing it here.

    Stone is slow to her feet while Krypto staggers up, but Bull takes control and hits him with a fisherman suplex. Instead of covering, Bull forces Krypto out the ring and focuses on Stone again. Stone is just getting to her feet and is met with a knee to the gut from Bull, who then elevates her and slams her to the mat, with her left leg catching the rope. She clutches it with a shout of pain as the ref checks on her, seeming to have injured her ankle. Bull locks onto it and drags her to the middle of the ring by it, wrenching it hard and slamming it to the mat. He straightens her leg out and steps down on top of her ankle, putting all his weight on it as Stone screams. Bull switches the hold up, crossing her legs up and forcing her into an Indian deathlock. Stone screams in pain and the ref asks if she wants to submit as she scrambles to the ropes. She can't reach them, but Bull eventually relents anyway and drags her back to the center of the ring. The reprieve is short, however, as Bull hits her with a spinning toe hold, then smashes the ankle to mat and drops down, wrenching it. Stone once again struggles for the ropes but is saved only by Krypto appearing on the ropes and drawing Bull's attention. Bull stalks over to deal with him, but Krypto kicks him in the gut, draping him over the middle rope where Krypto kicks him in the face. Bull staggers to the inside while Stone rolls out of the ring.

    Copeland: It looked like Bull was taking control there, but as always in this kind of environment, things have changed rapidly.

    Cohen: Darren did his best to anticipate Krypto, but was just outmatched. It's that kind of move that makes a lot of people wonder if he's ever going anywhere in WZCW.

    Krypto springboards in with a flying forearm smash to Bull, sending him into the corner sitting. Krypto pursues with a barrage of kicks, then whips Bull to the opposite corner, but the whip is reversed, sending Krypto flying toward the corner. But he leaps up to the rope, steps over, and bounces off with a kick that catches Bull off guard and square in the face! He goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two! Krypto struggles to drag Bull to his feet, giving Stone enough time to get back into the ring, limping on her bad ankle. She takes out Bull from behind and follows with a suplex to Krypto, rolling through and keeping the hold on, then transitioning it to a cross armbreaker and an armbar submission! Krypto struggles to the ropes and eventually grabs hold of them; the ref calls for a break and Stone obliges. She pulls Krypto up and whips him across the ring, then bends over, looking for a back body drop. But Krypto rebounds and catches her with a knee to the face, straightening her out and Krypto rebounds off the ropes once more! He charges in but Stone is ready this time, and elevates him on her shoulders, for a Samoan drop! Stone climbs to the top rope and calls for an end to it! She flies off the top with a diving headbutt...but Krypto is up at the last moment, leaving Stone to connect with the mat! She staggers to her feet looking dazed and Krypto catches her with a roundhouse kick! He goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two as Bull breaks it up!

    Connor: Isabel Stone really went high risk there, but she got nothing out of it and this match may be coming down to Bull and Krypto.

    Cohen: I wouldn't count her out, but she is hurting in a big way right now. It's lucky for her that Bull broke that up and kept everyone alive to fight for another day.

    Bull manhandles Krypto and tosses him out of the ring, focusing on Stone. He decides to go for a cover himself, but Krypto gets back in quickly, taking Bull out with a sliding kick. Krypto tries a cover again, getting only one before Bull drags him off. Bull stands Krypto up and smashes him in the jaw hard, sending Krypto sprawling and draped across the ropes. It's enough time for Stone to get her head back together and roll up Bull from behind! She only gets one before Bull kicks out, and both are on their feet rapidly and trading blows. Bull gets the better of it and sends Stone into the ropes, but Stone explodes out and catches Bull off guard with a knee strike. She follows with a hard slap across the face and a short range spear that takes Bull down. Krypto charges her from the corner but Stone counters with a clothesline; Krypto pops up and Stone hits her with another one! Krypto staggers to a corner and Stone hits him with a spear! She backs off and tries for another one, but Krypto gets a foot in her face and sends her back the other way. Krypto gets to the second rope and flies off with a crossbody, but Stone rolls through and gets a cover, getting one, two, but Bull breaks it up at the last second! Stones rolls to the corner as Bull lifts up Krypto, elevating him for a vertical suplex! Bull makes his way to the top rope but Krypto rolls away just out of his range, forcing Bull to return to the ground. Stone, meanwhile, charges and takes Bull's knee out from behind! She kicks Krypto hard in the abdomen until he rolls out of the ring, then catches Bull hard across the face with a kick that sends him sprawling to the mat. She licks her lips in anticipation and climbs to the top rope...she flies off and hits the CRASH COURSE! She covers and gets ONE, TWO, AND THREE! IT'S ALL OVER!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Isabel Stone!

    Stone has an ear to ear grin on her face with eyes that shine devilishly as her arms is raised by the referee. Krypto, on the outside, has climbed to his feet but is looking from the outside in. Bull looks dazed as he rolls to the corner.

    Copeland: An impressive win for Stone here, as she has made a statement with this victory.

    Cohen: She hasn't won yet, but by advancing to the finals and taking out arguably the bigger threat, I think she has just claimed her place as the top rookie in WZCW.

    Connor: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Jack. We'll settle that at Unscripted, and Krypto has lived to fight another day there.

    Stone jumps out of the ring and promptly makes her exit, laughing all the way to the back. Krypyto hobbles along after her, licking her wounds. Bull is just able to pull himself to his feet in the corner as the weight of his loss sinks in.

    Copeland: And the less fortunate news of tonight is that this is the end of the road for Darren Bull in the mentorship program -


    Connor: Sorry to interrupt you, partner, but it appears that our King for a Day is here to address his losing rookie.

    Constantine stalks out from the back, ignoring everyone but Darren Bull, who looks crestfallen in the center of the ring. Constantine makes his way into the ring slowly, but soon comes to stand face to face with Bull. Bull looks him in the face and can be seen to say "I'm sorry" before Constantine clobbers him across the face and then lifts him up and DESTROYS HIM WITH A MASSIVE AXIS OF EVIL! BULL IS BROKEN IN HALF! Constantine takes one last look at his handiwork before stalking away, just as silently returning from whence he came. The crowd is unsure what to make of it while Bull lies in the ring devastated.

    Copeland: Constantine has made it clear he will not tolerate failure - and is uninterested in continuing this ill fated partnership. We'll be back in a moment with more WZCW Supershow II.

    ************************************************** ******************

    We cut backstage where James Howard is stood, taking his kit out for the Battle Royal. There is a knock on his locker room door.

    Howard: Yeah, who’s there?

    We hear the door click open and Howard turns around to confront the intruder, at first upset:

    Howard: Who do you...

    But then rather happy. It becomes obvious why when the returning figure of Mikey Stormrage walks into shot. The pair look at one another with big smiles before embracing. This last for a good few seconds before they eventually separate.

    Howard: It’s great to see you man.

    Mikey: You too James and it’s great to be back here too. Oh, before I forget.

    Mikey reaches into his pocket and pulls out a see-through bag. It has something written on it and contains a bright red bandana. He presents it to Howard.

    Howard: What is this?

    Mikey: I’m not sure to be honest a stage-hand just rushed up and gave this to me. He said it was for you. Didn’t say who it was from or what it is but...

    Mikey stops because Howard snatches the bag from his hand and stares intently at it for a long few seconds. He turns the bag over to read the writing. It says: “Evidence”. Howard looks up with anger on his face. To him the meaning is obvious. He barges past even his closest friend in Mikey and smashes his door open, leaving the scene and a confused Mikey standing there.
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    Mixed feelings can be heard as Howard walks out, not looking to pander to the crowd or play games. He keeps his head hung low as he marches down the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome James Howard!

    Again, the mention of Howard elicits a mixed reaction from the crowd who are just as unsure of how to take Howard as he is of how to take the current situation. He has made his way in the ring and holds a microphone, waiting for the music to die down before he starts talking.

    Connor: I'd hate to be in his shoes right now, thinking the thoughts he has.

    Cohen: Tell-tales signs of a madman.

    Howard: ... if there is one thing that I know about this whole situation that I may not ever find out is the "why" part... why would somebody do something like this? I knew we had some lowlifes around here but this is rather disgusting and it makes me sick.

    Howard shakes his head whilst some of the fans cheer, agreeing with what Howard has to say.

    Howard: I never thought that this person could do something like this but he had us all deceived, including his own partner. I can't believe you would stoop this low Saxton.

    Some sections of the crowd cheer at the name mention but it quickly changes to boos as Howard has targeted the fan favourite and one half of the tag team champions. James looks directly into the camera as he says this, getting up close and personal. There is a determined and bitter look in his eyes.

    Howard: It sickens me that someone like you can deceive everyone and walk around as a role model when someone like me who has been heavily affected by this gets second thoughts. I...


    Most of the crowd cheer and get to their feet whilst some fear that this entrance by the tag team champions may cause more harm than good. Both of them walk out with Saxton in front, with a microphone in hand. Saboteur trails behind, trying to talk Saxton down who doesn't seem happy about this name calling.

    Saxton: I'm not happy about all this name callin', sucka.

    Howard: And neither am I about what happened to my partner. Now you know what it remotely feels like right now.

    Saboteur wants to interject but Saxton doesn't let him.

    Saxton: Hey man... we told you last week: we are more than happy to find out who dun it, alright. There is no need to point fingers without any evidence.

    Howard shakes his head in disbelief, causing him to chuckle slightly.

    Howard: Evidence? Where should I start, Saxy? You don't care about anyone but yourself. Take a look at how you treat your mentee Krypto... I mean, from what I heard the guy was walking around with cardboard cut-outs of the both of you because you weren't available... and as for your partner there, no offense Saboteur but Saxton has brainwashed you real good to make you believe he is your friend. Don't you guys remember Kingdom Come?

    Saboteur steals the microphone off Saxton.

    Saboteur: We don't want to talk about it.

    Some of the crowd laugh as Saboteur takes a pouting stance.

    Howard: Why is that? Will Saxton beat you if you bring up that side of your relationship?

    The crowd "ooo's" at the comment. Saxton takes the microphone off Saboteur.

    Saxton: Hey sucka, don't make this personal.

    Howard: You made this personal when you took out Mikey Stormrage!

    Saxton: It wasn't me!

    Howard: Then what is this...?

    Howard pulls out a bandana, one similar to Saxton's.

    Howard: Mikey received this from an official backstage that he found this bandana that belongs to you, given with the words "evidence" on it. How do you explain that Saxton?

    At that moment...


    The crowd explodes as Mikey makes his way out and stands on the opposite side of Saboteur and Saxton on the ramp. Howard looks a little worried that he is out here but before he can speak, Mikey holds up a microphone of his own.

    Stormrage: Howard, I appreciate the effort that you are going to find out our attacker but just because the word evidence came with the bandana doesn't mean anything. For all we know, it could be a swerve from the real attackers for you to focus on Saxton.

    Saboteur gains hold of the mic.

    Saboteur: Looks James, I have no idea what's going on in your brain right now nor do I want to know but what I can tell you is that Saxton is a man who only goes after the bad guys, just like myself. In our eyes, the two of you aren't the bad guys here. Someone like Mason Westhoff or Derek Jacobs... they are the bad guys right now, not you two.

    As soon as Howard starts re-thinking everything, the New Church comes out from the back and attacks both Saboteur and Saxton from behind. The crowd boo's heavily as Saboteur rolls down the ramp courtesy of Jacobs and Westhoff goes after Saxton. Stormrage is stunned for a moment as both men do not target him, only the tag team champions. Stormrage looks at Howard and they hesitate.

    Copeland: What are you doing guys? Get in there and stop this!

    Connor: They're thinking whether or not Saxton and Saboteur deserve this.

    Stormrage makes a decision and decides to go after Westhoff and attack him. Jacobs sees this and goes to help his partner and the two double team him. Howard rushes out of the ring and goes to the aid of his partner. The crowd explodes as Howard runs up the ramp but before any more violence occurs, Steamboat Ricky comes out from the entrance and quickly signals the New Church to hi-tail it. The oblige quickly and make their escape before Howard can get to them. He decides not to go after them but instead help his partner. Saboteur gets up and goes over to Saxton, helping him up as well. There is an awkward stare-down between Howard and Saxton with their respective partners trying to talk some sense between the two.

    Cohen: This has just gotten very interesting...


    Justin Cooper is shown backstage, sitting on a black steel chair. Taping up his wrists with black tape, he tunes out; trying to remove everything from his head before his first match in the Elite X league. He leans down and bites off part of the tape, finishing up his wrap. He leans back up, and with a quick sigh he shakes his head.

    Cooper: What do you want, Bowen?

    The camera pans to see the former Mayhem champ, Alex Bowen, grinning.

    Alex: Can't keep your hands on any title for to long huh?

    Cooper: Doing better than you...

    Bowen's eyes widen, a surprised look crosses his face.

    Alex: Oh really?

    Cooper: I just held a title, lost it quick... But at least I've won a match recently.

    Cooper puts up his hands, and waves off that last comment.

    Cooper: You know what? How about this, come talk to me after the show. I've got an idea that even someone like you could like.

    Bowen looks confused

    Alex: "Ok?

    Cooper: Have I told you how ridiculous it is that I have to be in this Elite X League?


    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the Eurasian Champion, RUSH!!


    Rush comes out to the top of the ramp and brings the mic up to his mouth.

    Rush: “Accompanying me to the ring tonight, the NEW Elite X Champion The Assassin Sam Smith!!”


    Cohen: "How lucky are we to see a pair of talents like this? Both champions, working together as one? It's one in a lifetime!"

    Copeland: "It's how they do it, with an absolute lack of respect that annoys me."

    Smith and Rush shake hands and raise their respective title in the air to the booing crowd. Smith is carrying a briefcase, which Rush takes from him as they walk down to the ring. When they reach the ring, they head to opposite corners and raise their arms. When they are satisfied by their reaction, they step down from the turnbuckle and collect a pair of mics. They wait until the booing dies down before trying to speak.

    Smith: “This man on my right is the real legend in this company today and he is still the Undisputed Eurasian Champion. You need to shut up and show him some respect!”

    Rush raises his arm with barely a smirk on his face.

    Rush: “And this fine specimen of a man is, once again, the Elite X champion. You see, we warned you that he was going to become number one contender and then that he would win the belt. Just like when I said that I would vanquish the Black Dragon from WZCW. We are two of the most dangerous champions in WZCW history and together we can do whatever we like and no-one is going to stop us. WZCW is doomed to a future where we dominate and do whatever the hell we like.”

    Rush: “We are so dominant that we have no care for what lies in front of us. We will destroy everyone who tries to step up and take what we have worked so hard for.”

    Smith:“What are we going to have to do to make you realise that we are going to take over?”

    The booing reaches another crescendo. Rush lifts the briefcase as he waits for the arena to quieten.

    Rush: “Now in this briefcase, I have a specially commissioned title belt deserving of my status. I had thought the Supershow was a good place to announce it but right here, right now I do not think that LA is worthy of seeing this beautiful new celebration of our brilliance.”

    Smith: “It’s bad enough that we have to show up here in this pathetic excuse for a city but we have to perform for you as well! WZCW doesn’t realise how lucky it is to have us around!”

    Rush: “The pests in the back aren't able to provide me with any sort of competition as usual. So what I’m going to do is walk out of here with my new championship and I’ll consider defending it at an event and a venue that is deserving of my presence!”


    Matt comes out to the top of the stage with a broad smile on his face and a mic in his hand.

    Tastic: "You may want to be here Rush. And we may not want to see either of you here but buddies, these people have paid for you to be here and we had a match advertised so I'm bringing a bottle of Kick-assery down to the ring, you two need to deal with it!"

    Cohen: “This is going to a brutal thrashing!”

    Copeland:“I’d say Matt is due some revenge for last week.”

    Connor: "It's the Eurasian Champion Rush vs Matt Tastic coming up next after this commercial break!"
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    As we come back from the break, we see Matt hyping up the crowd from the top of the ring. Rush seems reluctant to fight until Sam whispers something to him. Smith exits the ring and the crowd cheer as Matt makes his way down.

    The following match is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: "Welcome back guys, you haven't missed much. Our Eurasian Champion really doesn't want to fight Matt Tastic here tonight."

    Sam Smith rushes up the ramp and levels Matt with a huge clothesline from behind as he poses with his back turned on the ramp. Smith drags him down to ringside before slamming him into the ring steps. Rush beckons to Smith and together they roll the devastated Tastic into the ring.

    Cohen: "This alliance is becoming unstoppable!"

    The champions look content at their efforts. They share a few words and shake hands before Sam Smith leaves. Rush picks up Tastic and rolls him into the ring. He slowly enters the ring before demanding that the ref rings the bell. The official is reluctant but Rush gets in his face until he gestures for the match to start.

    Copeland:“Rush’s ego is getting out of control!”

    Cohen: “This beast of a man is one of the greatest champions in WZCW history!”

    Connor: "That may be the case but it doesn't mean that he can do what he likes!"

    Cohen: "Sure it does."

    Rush immediately goes for a cover but he brings Tastic up at a two count. The sick grin on Rush’s face speaks volumes about his intentions. He picks up Matt and fiercely whips him into the corner before following it up with a huge splash! Matt is squashed by Rush’s huge mass and the corner pads. Rush backs off and charges once more towards, landing another splash on Matt who is lacking any life. He falls to the mat slowly. Rush gets out of the ring and grabs a mic from ringside and his Eurasian championship.

    Rush: “This belt says I am the UNDISPUTED Eurasian Champion! Now I demand some real competition! Not the masked freak, not this spineless puppet, someone who can challenge me. I am a legend in this industry and I deserve to be treated like one.”

    Rush puts his belt over his shoulder and goes to leave. As he reaches the middle of the ramp, he is interrupted by the breathless, pained and battered voice of Matt Tastic who has crawled to the edge of the ring and been given a mic.

    Tastic: “Rush, if you are so convinced that I am not worthy, come down here finish what you started!”

    Rush seethes, the arrogance of the champion disappears and is replaced by anger at the insolence of the young upstart. He drops the Eurasian belt on the apron and rolls into the ring. He runs at Matt and begins to put more boots in to his stomach before dragging him across and setting up for the Rushing Powerbomb but Matt falls behind him into a victory roll! 1.....2......Rush kicks out! Rush shakes his head in disbelief at how close he came to losing. Matt tries to crawl away to recover but the veteran chases him down and lifts him up. Matt fights to escape but Rush locks in a bearhug. Rush powers him down to the mat and squeezes while Matt tries to reach for the ropes. Matt is struggling and manages to bring the crowd to life, they clap him for support and Matt tries to punch Rush in the head but the grip is solid until Matt kicks him in the gut. The effect is instant and Matt continues to fire back. Rush is taken aback by the strength and the fight that Matt is showing. When the hold is released, the crowd yell and cheer in support.

    Copeland:“I love this! Matt is desperately to be taken seriously and Rush just doesn’t respect anyone anymore.”

    Cohen: “Matt Tastic has had chance after chance. How many more does he need?”

    Rush is aghast and he tries to use his power to keep Matt down. He whips Matt into the corner but Matt jumps to the middle rope and jumps off, hitting a spectacular dropkick! Matt drags himself across for a cover, 1......2......Rush powers out just in time! Both men get up at the same time and collide with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring!

    Connor:“Matt is fighting with everything he has. He deserves massive credit for this not being over already.”

    Rush rolls onto his stomach to the edge of the ring but Matt is worse off as the beating further takes its’ toll. The ref counts both men, 1....2.....3......4..... Rush is on his knees but is using the ropes while Matt is only able to drag himself to the outside of the ring.....5.....6.......7..... Rush lunges across the ring to cut off as he tries to climb to the top rope. He tries to put Matt on his shoulders for the Torture Rack but Matt fights him off with elbows to the head, Rush stumbles away, Tornado DDT puts Rush down!! Matt covers quickly, 1......2.......Rush kicks out!!

    Connor:“That’s the same move that El Califa Dragon pinned Rush with last week!”

    Cohen: “Was that smart by Matt Tastic? I don’t believe it!”

    Copeland: “Matt has fought his way back into the match, what a remarkable comeback!”

    Matt is trying to capitalise but the way that the match has gone means he is struggling to move Rush. He tries to hit his trademark rolling spinebuster but Rush reverses it into an Irish whip, Matt bounces back and as Rush lowers his head for a back body drop, Matt kicks him in the head and hits the swinging reverse DDT! Cover for Matt, 1.....2.... Rush barely gets his foot under the ropes! Matt thought that was good enough for the win. Tastic pounds the canvas, he drags Rush up once more and looks for the Headache Driver to finish the match in favour. He tries desperately to lift him but Rush is too big. Rush powers up and lifts Matt up with him but from on top of Rush's shoulders, Matt twists and pulls Rush down into a crucifix pinning combination, 1......2......3!!

    Cohen: "What!!!"

    Your winner by pinfall, Matt Tastic!

    Copeland:"That's a brilliant win for Matt!"

    Connor: "Rush has lost twice in two weeks! I'd say he has the competition that he wants! But who is going to face him at Unscripted now!?"

    Matt rolls out of the ring and leans against the barricade from exhaustion. Rush is sat in the ring aghast, with his head in his hands.

    Copeland: "Jack, you're speechless!"

    Cohen: "That little ingrate...."

    Sam Smith sprints down to the ring and starts to pummel on Tastic. He pulls him away from the crowd and whips him back into the barricade. With encouragement from Rush and no resistance from the exhausted Tastic, Smith sets up for Nightfall...

    Cohen: "The damn show-off has to ruin everything by poking his giant nose into everything!"


    The arena explodes as the World Champion sprints down to ringside. Smith drops Tastic and the two champions begin to exchange blows. Rush tries to intervene but Matt cuts him. With the crowds' frenzy only increasing, Tastic brings Rush away from Smith and Cougar and they begin to brawl up the ramp. A group of referees begin to pour out, half split off to deal with Rush & Tastic while the rest try to split Cougar and Smith.

    Connor: "This is a mess!"

    Cougar rolls into the ring and while Smith is being held back, he yells at Smith to get in the ring. The crowd rise as they get behind the champ who is ready to fight now.

    Copeland:"Cougar wants to start right now! Is Sam Smith, our new Elite X Champion, man enough to accept it?"

    Cohen:"Of course he is! But why should he do it on Cougar's terms?"

    Smith pushes past the referees and climbs onto the ring apron.

    Connor:"It looks like Sam is ready to go. This is completely unscheduled ladies and gents, we're going to a commercial break, we'll be right back with our Champion vs Champion match!"
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    We return from a 2 minute commercial break where the match has already begun with Showtime applying a standing arm wrench on Smith who is on his knees, telling the referee that he does not want to quit. Rush is on the outside smacking the canvas, hyping Smith to get up and fight.

    Copeland: Welcome bac...

    Tastic: Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages: you have returned to your regular scheduled programming of the WZCW Supershow. We have since recovered from the hellacious and disgusting beatdown of the sexiest wrestler on the roster and have already kickstarted the clash of the champions match between "Showtime" Cougar and Sam Smith. CC...

    Connor: Thanks Matt. For those of you who are worried, this match has only just started and it has been the World Champion in control thus far.

    Tastic: Although, the presence of Rush is a little concerning. That's why I'm still out here despite that brutal assault, which I've mostly recovered from. I got a bit of a neck pain... anyone wanna give Tastic a massage? How about you Jack?

    Cohen: ... ugh, why did we let you on commentary?

    By this point, Smith has gotten to his feet and has reversed the arm wrench into an arm drag, sending Showtime across the ring. Show is fresh though and gets up immediately, putting pressure on the Elite X champ by running at him and delivering a flying elbow, knocking Smith down. Sam rolls over to the corner and uses the turnbuckles to hoist himself up to a vertical position quickly. Show is up as well and looks to take advantage of the positioning. He delivers a few shots to Smith before lifting him up to the top, attempting the Final Act early but Smith fights it. Show delivers a few knees on the top, keeping him and Smith balanced so he can execute a superplex. Both men come crashing down to the canvas with Show able to get a cover on Smith... 1... 2... kick-out by Smith.

    Despite the fall, Show is still relatively fresh and gets to his feet rather quickly with the aid of the ropes nearby. He hangs on them for a second before going after Smith, grabbing his arm and going back to work with an armbar. Smith tries reaching for the ropes but Show's leverage and position prevent him from getting anywhere near them. Smith decides to battle his way out of the submission with a couple of kicks but Show manages to stomp on Smith's face, neutralising Smith for a moment. Suddenly, Rush begins to get on the apron and gets the attention of both the referee and Show. As the ref argues with Rush, Show leaves Smith with a loose grip on the armbar, allowing Smith to use his other arm and toss Show across the ring to buy him some time. Rush gets down on the ground with the ref warning him as Smith rolls to the outside, looking to recover. Show knows these champion instincts all too well and decides to go after Smith ASAP. Smith sees Show coming and staggers around ringside with Show in pursuit. He turns the corner and again, Rush is there to provide the distraction and block the path between the champions. Show tries to side-step but Rush follows. Show pushes Rush aside and almost immediately gets a running clothesline from Smith for his efforts.

    Cohen: Excellent strategy by the most respectable mid-card champions we've ever had. Rush should consider being a manager should he retire.

    Copeland: Managers aren't supposed to get involved in the match; only to provide support and guidance.

    Cohen: It's a very broad term, Seabass.

    As Smith picks up Show and rolls him into the ring, the referee threatens the big man that any further interference in the match will result in him being ejected from ringside. Smith goes for the cover but the referee is distracted. Smith yells at him and the ref slides over... 1... 2... kick-out. Smith gets up and tells the ref off for not doing his job but the official will have none of it, putting the blame solely on Rush. He urges Smith to continue the match and reluctantly, he does so. Smith turns around and sees Show getting to his feet, sizing him up to hit a roundhouse kick to the chest of Showtime. Slowly but surely, Smith repeats this kicks with faster and faster pace. He stops after about the 10th hit before he hits one to the head of Show, knocking him down. Smith drops to his knees and covers him slowly... 1... 2... kick-out by Show. Smith gets up and nods, saying to himself "okay, is that how you want it" to Show before he grabs him by the head and helps him up. Smith turns the neck and hits a neckbreaker in the center of the ring. Another cover comes and another 2-count is the outcome. Show crawls along the ground and does his best to get to his feet but Smith is there to pick him up and hit a backbreaker, keeping Show on his knees. Smith shows his strength and picks up Show for another backbreaker, still leaning Show on the knees. Once more he is picked up but this time, Smith slams him down hard into the canvas with a sidewalk slam... 1... 2... Show manages to get the shoulder up. Smith tries again for a pin... 1... 2... Show kicks out weakly. Smith covers Show's shoulders and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Show kicks out with emphasis. Smith slaps the mat and seems frustrated.

    Tastic: I knew Sam was always uptight but I didn't realise he had a really short fuse, if you know what I mean.

    Connor: He's the Elite X champion facing the World champion; you can't tell me that's pressure enough.

    Show has managed to get himself to the corner and pull himself up as Smith gets to his feet and walks over to Show. He picks up Show and whips him across the other turnbuckles, running after Show. Cougar hits the corner and hits a defensive elbow, stopping Smith in his tracks and pushing him back. Smith runs at him again and a double boot to the face pushes Smith back further. The crowd roars in approval as Show makes a comeback, running at Smith... but Smith counters with his patent spinebuster. The roar switches to disappointment and boos as Smith goes for the cover... 1... 2... another kick-out by Show. Rush on the outside tells Smith that was a close encounter and wants him to stay on Show. Smith nods and picks up Show just to plant him down with a snap suplex. Smith holds on, rolls over and picks up Show and delivers a northern light suplex, bridging it for the pin... 1... 2... kick-out again. Smith looks to hit the canvas again but an idea has popped up. He picks up Show and delivers a tiger suplex, leaving Show lying in the middle of the ring. Smith ascends the turnbuckles and hits a moonsault on Show... but instead of going for the pin, Smith takes a couple of breaths and goes back to the corner. He climbs to the top and mocks Showtime before diving off, going for an elbow drop... Showtime moves at the last second! Smith crashes into the canvas hard and rolls out of the ring, looking to recover on the outside.

    Copeland: He went to the well one too many times there. Should have pinned him after the moonsault.

    Cohen: Look at the state that Showtime is in after taking all that much punishment. There is no way he is going to survive or even win this.

    Tastic: You've been commentating longer than I've been wrestling, Jack. You of all people should know the resiliency of someone like Cougar.

    The referee has counted to four when Smith rolls into the ring and slowly gets to his feet whilst Show is crawling on the ground. Smith looks down at Show and laughs, realising that he is still down. Smith grabs the leg of Show and locks in a heel hook. However, Show is able to transition it into a schoolboy and catching Smith off guard... 1... 2... Sam just manages to kick out. The crowd almost exploded at the fall and Smith is surprised. He gets up and shakes his head, going after Show but again, another surprise pin in the form of a small package... 1... 2.. kick-out again. Smith backs off this time, keeping some distance. He runs at Show and he retaliates with a big dropkick to Smith, knocking him down whilst Show lays on the canvas. The crowd is roaring in approval as both men slowly get to their feet whilst Rush on the outside is looking on concerned for his ally. Smith and Show get to their feet at the same time but it is Show who strikes first with a knife edge chop. Smith strikes back with a punch but Show manages to overpower Smith with a series of chops before going for a kick, which Smith catches the leg. Show counters with an enzuigiri, sending Smith down to one knee. Show gets up and hits a standing spinning clothesline on Smith, knocking him down. He follows up with a standing leg drop before going for a cover... 1... 2... easy kick-out for Smith. Show is up and goes over to the corner, signalling that he will be climbing up as Smith recovers. He goes to the second rope when Rush attempts to come over and cause a distraction but the ref warns him on the ejection, backing off from Show. This allows enough time for Smith to attack Show and set Smith up for the Falcon Arrow. However, Show slips behind Smith and delivers the Backstage... 1... 2... kick-out. Show calls for the end of the match and begins to grab the legs of Smith. As he does this, Rush shakes his head and goes over to the announcer's table and takes a chair near the table, folding it up and sliding it into the ring for Smith to use. Show stops what he is doing and asks what is Rush's problem as the referee tells Rush that he is now banned from ringside. The crowd cheers loudly at the announcement as Rush is livid, getting onto the apron and getting into the face of Showtime.

    Copeland: And it looks like we'll have a fair fight now.

    Tastic: About time. Now some of our front row fans can actually see the match!

    Little to be known to Show, Smith has recovered and grabbed the chair in his favour, stalked Show. The ref is still tangled with Rush as Show turns around and gets a huge chair shot to the head of Show, knocking him out cold. The crowd boos heavily as Rush is still distracting the ref as Smith removes the evidence.

    Tastic: Oh hell no...

    The sound of a microphone is heard dropping and the roar of the crowd comes back as Tastic stands up, runs over to Rush and pulls him off the apron to start a brawl with the Eurasian champion. Both men are laying into each other and the ref is screaming at them to stop, calling for assistance. Security personnel and officials are out, separating the two men and doing their best to bring them to the back although the crowd wants to see them go at it.

    Cohen: Get these two out of here! Let's continue this match before we get any more distractions.

    Connor: That still doesn't matter... Smith used a chair on Show and he's going to steal this one.

    Cohen: If the ref doesn't see it...

    Smith has been on the cover for a moment now and the ref has finally turned around to count...

    ... 1

    ....... 2



    Copeland: Somehow Showtime kicked out!

    Cohen: Oh come on!

    Smith is yelling at the ref but he can't do anything about it. He slaps the mat in fury before getting to his feet and stalking Show as he slowly gets up, signalling for the end. As Show gets to his feet, Smith goes to hit Nightfall but Show reverses at the last second and manages to transition it into the Commercial Break! The Commercial Break is locked in and there is nowhere for Smith to go. He fights and fight for the ropes and gets close but Show pulls him into the centre. Smith doesn't know what to do.

    Cohen: Hold on Smith!

    Connor: There is nothing he can do, Jack.

    The crowd is cheering as loud as ever for Smith to tap and so he can fight another day, the Elite X champion submits to the World champion reluctantly.

    The bell rings and the crowd roars as Showtime's music hits the arena with the bell ringing in his favour. He lets go of the hold and the referee holds his hand up high, showing that he is winner and hands him his championship belt.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion; "Showtime" Cougar!

    Copeland: What a match, despite all the distractions.

    Cohen: A lot of questionable things were done during the match such as the referee's calls so I consider this victory tainted.

    Connor: Tainted? You know what, I'm just going to ignore you on this one Jack. Showtime has got the victory and that is all.

    Show celebrates in the ring for his victory as Smith rolls to the outside, taking his Elite X title and picking up the chair before walking up the ramp. He stops halfway up the ramp and stares at the chair for a moment before dropping it, continuing up the ramp.


    We see Becky Serra, looking bored backstage before we see Justin Cooper next to her.

    Cooper: “Becky I tell you, it’s pathetic. I lost my title but I should be entitled to my rematch at Unscripted. I have to go through this league and earn this shot by playing management’s games.”

    Serra: “You know Justin, I agree.”

    Cooper: “You do?”

    Serra: “Yes you shouldn’t have to compete for a title shot. You shouldn’t be allowed one at all.”

    Cooper: “Huh?”

    XXX: “I’m surprised you think like that Justin. I’d be desperate just to get a shot at Sam Smith’s title. This league is a way for the company to find out who’s best for the job. And that’s me.”

    X walks by Cooper who is stunned and Becky who is trying and failing to stifle her giggling.

    XXX: “I’ll see you out there champ.”
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall and is part of the Elite X League!

    On his way to the ring from Phoenix, Arizone, weighing 200lbs, Triple X!!


    X runs out to the stage, hyping the crowd with his energy and acknowledging the great reaction he has. He points around the arena before pointing at the ring; he sprints down to the ring and straight underneath the bottom rope before posing on the turnbuckle.

    And his opponent from Sydney, Australia, he weighs 240lbs, Justin Cooper!!


    Justin Cooper walks out solemnly to the ring, ignoring the fans before he grins sinisterly. He uses the stairs to get into the ring and poses on the middle rope.

    Copeland: “These two former Elite X champs would both love to get a shot at Sam Smith at Unscripted!”

    Connor: “He’s a weirdo but he embraces it. Who knows what he is thinking?”

    Copeland: “I expect a great match from these two; they are both more than capable of it.”

    The referee signals for the bell as Triple X and Cooper lock up in the middle of the ring. Cooper applies a twisting armlock on Triple X and backs him into the rope, whipping him to the opposite side, hitting a clothesline on Triple X on the rebound. Cooper follows up with a fist drop, connecting against Triple X's face. He applies a side headlock, pulling back on Triple X's head. Triple X counters with an elbow to Cooper's midsection, causing him to release the hold. Triple X gets to his feet and hits a few punches on Cooper, knocking him back into the corner turnbuckle. Triple X rushes up and hits a clothesline in the corner, causing Cooper to bounce out to the middle of the ring. Triple X then connects with a springboard lariat, knocking Cooper onto his back. Triple X holds his arm up as the crowd begins cheering him.

    Copeland: “This is Triple X at his best, fast offense and getting massive air when he leaves his feet. He may well be the best high flyer in the company.”

    Cohen: “He can afford to take all those risks because he’s an addict, he feels nothing. He gets lucky more often than not.”

    Triple X drags Cooper to his feet and hits a European uppercut, knocking Cooper back but Cooper fires one back himself. A boot to the midsection allows X to set up for the Adrenaline Rush. With Cooper down, X signals to the corner. He climbs to the top rope and goes to hit the Firefly but Cooper moves. X is lucky to land on his feet but Cooper hits a dropkick to knock him down and a hammerlock into a DDT, the Devils Lock DDT, puts X down to the canvas.

    Connor: “I doubt that Jack, I pretty sure he felt Justin drive his head onto the canvas right there.”

    Cooper goes for the cover, 1.....2.....X kicks out. He drags Triple X to his feet and hits a pair of uppercuts on him. Triple X swings desperately and misses, allowing Cooper to counter with a swinging neckbreaker. He stomps away at Triple X before connecting with an elbow drop. He goes for the cover again, getting a two count once more. Cooper pulls Triple X up and sets him up for a suplex. Triple X blocks and moves behind Cooper, hitting The Blackout, dropping Cooper on his face. Both men struggle to their feet and the referee counts, 1......2......3.......4.........5, they use the ropes to get up. Cooper quickly rushes Triple X as he gets up, only to eat a boot to the face from Triple X. X goes for the cover, 1......2......Cooper kicks out.

    Connor: “Such a quick match, neither man can get a grip on the match because the pace is so rapid.”

    Cohen: “These two have the combined personalities of tepid water. Where’s Steven Holmes? He’d make this interesting.”

    Triple X picks up Cooper and whips him into the corner. X launches a series of kicks on Cooper before knocking Cooper down with a high kick, dropping him into a slumped position against the bottom turnbuckle. X sets up Cooper for the Yoshi Tonic but Cooper is able to reverse it and counters with the Mic Check! Cooper covers, 1....2.....X kicks out much to Cooper’s agony. Justin hangs onto the rope to compose himself, unable to believe that he kicked out. As Triple X gets up, Cooper rushes and connects with a running uppercut. Cooper pulls back up Triple X and hits a kick to the gut and then takes him down with an armbar! Triple X grimaces in pain as he reaches desperately for the ropes. He slowly drags his body closer to the ropes as Cooper increases the pressure of the hold. With one last stretch, Triple X is able to get the bottom rope.

    Copeland: “Triple X is a stud! He kicked out of Cooper’s finishing move and avoids tapping out to the submission!”

    Cohen: “Cooper is pissed. Show it Justin, come on! I want to like you. Punch his face in!”

    The ref tells Cooper to break the hold, which he does at the count of four. Frustrated, Cooper picks Triple X up and whips him into the corner again. Cooper charges into the corner, but Triple X moves and connects with The Blackout, causing Cooper to crash face first into the middle turnbuckle. Triple X makes it to his feet as does Cooper. Cooper misses with another uppercut and Triple X hooks Cooper in a DDT but Cooper lifts him up and drops him across the top rope! He signals for the Final Verse. He lifts X into position on the top turnbuckle but X counters with a knee to the midsection; a big shove sends Cooper flying from the turnbuckle and crashing to the mat, X jumps off and hits the Firefly! Cover for X, 1.......2......3!

    Your winner by pinfall, Triple X!

    Connor: “X picks up a valuable lead in the Elite X league. The big elimination match next week is crucial to see who will get the chance to face Sam Smith.”

    Copeland: “Cooper isn’t out of it but he will need to work hard and get a bit more luck next time.”

    Cooper gets to his feet and although he is struggling and hurting, he reaches out to Triple X as he celebrates on the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: “Hey, what’s he doing?”

    Cohen: “Pansy.”

    X shakes his hand but Cooper drops him with a clothesline, then the Mic Check!! The crowd react furiously but Triple X has been left with no way of fighting back. Cooper looks at him calmly before rushing out of the ring. He looks under the apron and pulls out a ladder!

    Connor: “This isn’t right! This isn’t fair! What is Cooper playing at?”

    Cohen: “Respect Seabass. This is a Justin Cooper that I can get behind.”

    X tries to crawl away but a ladder shot to the base of the spine halts any progress. Cooper pulls him to the centre of the ring and grabs his right leg. He lays the ladder next to him and puts his leg in it before slamming the ladder down across his knee!! Cooper gets a sick grimace on his face as X writhes in pain.

    Connor: “This is disgusting!”

    Cohen: “It’s brilliant. Well done Justin Cooper! He lost his belt and has made a statement in a bid to get it back.”

    Copeland: “We are finally getting help for Triple X. He looks to be in a serious amount of pain.”

    Cohen: “Justin Cooper has given himself a chance to be a champion again by taking out his competition.”

    Some medics rush out from the back but Cooper walks by all of them, happy with his evenings’ work.

    Connor: "I bet Mr Baller is thinking the same thing"


    Celeste Crimson and Leon Kensworth can be seen walking together very slowly down the corridors with Leon holding a microphone in hand. Celeste doesn't seem to be in ring gear for tonight and looks rather dressed up.

    Thanks again for taking the time out to do an interview tonight. I noticed you haven't brought any gear with you tonight.

    Celeste nods but she isn't too happy about it.

    An opportunity like this doesn't pass by everyone very often and I thought it would be an excellent time to test my abilities but unfortunately, I've been having this nagging foot injury for a while...

    Whilst Celeste is talking, Rush and Smith can be seen walking up behind the two.

    ... and if I want to have an extended future here, I'd like to get myself 100% first before going for the World championship.

    Smith lets out a loud laugh from behind as Leon & Celeste stop, allowing Rush and Smith to get in front of them. Celeste stares a dart through Smith.

    I'm sorry to hear that Celeste, foot injuries can be hard to recover from because women such as yourself are always on their feet cleaning and whatnot.

    Celeste changes her focus to Rush.

    However, I do have a solution in preventing another foot injury to occur: next time, stand back from the oven when you're cooking your pathetic husband crap for dinner.


    Celeste has given Rush a huge backhand to the face and gives Smith the death stare, indicating that if he were to do anything, he would get something similar. She storms off before Rush can retaliate. He wipes his cheek that got hit and watches Celeste leave his vision.

    Connor: What an asshole!


    Camera shows backstage where we see a dark boiler room. A light flickers in the corner and the camera zooms in on a large figure. The light being created is a match and before we can make out the face, the flame off the match goes out.

    ???: Always be afraid of what you cannot see.

    A new match is lit and the face behind the flames is The Grand Mystique.

    GM: For years I have been lurking in the shadows of WZCW waiting for my opportunity to strike terror into the hearts of my opponents and watch the blood run down their shivering faces.

    The flame goes out again and a new one is lit up.

    GM: Only Bowen so far has even the slightest idea about what damage this unknown figure can do to them. The fire inside me continues to burn brighter with each body that I lay waste in my path towards total annihilation.

    The flames goes out again and a new one is lit soon after. This time though Grand Mystique is now standing directly in front of the camera.

    GM: In the battle royal, my opponents will have no idea what kind of hell they have gotten themselves into, and as quickly as their flame goes out on them.

    And with that Grand Mystique put a hand over the flame, causing the room to be cast in darkness again.

    GM: The pain that they shall receive from the unknown darkness will last with them until the end of their days.


    We switch to where Howard is pacing around, trying to figure things out. Stormrage is there with him who has been talking to him, with the camera tuning into the conversation as of now.

    Look... just promise me that you won't do anything hasty until we get solid concrete evidence on who the attackers are, okay? No more finger pointing, alright?

    Howard stops in his tracks, looks at Stormrage and reluctantly nods before beginning to pace again. Stormrage sighs that he has bought his partner some time and sanity.
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    Harrys: This tag team match is scheduled for one fall!


    Steven Holmes slowly walks out onto the top of the stage, slowly he walks to the ring, ignoring the fan reaction, he walks up the ring steps and enters the ring. He stands still in the centre, his head held high and slowly raises his left arm with his hand making a pointing motion to the ceiling.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Buckingham, England weighing 235 pounds, Steven Holmes!


    Drake comes out to the ring with a arrogant scowl as he walks down to the ring. He jumps up onto the apron and gets in the ring. He eyes Holmes on the other side as he waits for his opponents.

    Harrys: And his partner from Cleveland, Ohio weighing 210 pounds, Drake Callahan!


    The music hits, and after the initial horns Saxton and Saboteur emerge from the entrance tunnel. Saboteur starts hopping up and down pumping his fists in the air while Saxton rubs his hands together ready for a fight. They make their way down the entrance ramp together, with Saboteur jumping in circles around Saxton and hi-5ing fans while Saxton is sparring with the air and making intense eye contact with the ring. Saboteur slides under the bottom ring rope as Saxton makes his way up the stairs and through the top and middle rope. They both climb up the turnbuckles and pose for the audience: Saboteur unsheathes his katanas and makes an X with them, and Saxton dramatically rips off his shirt.

    Harrys: And their opponents weighing in at insanely manly kilometers, they are the WZCW tag team champions, Action Saxton and Saboteur!

    Copeland: You’ve got the tag team champions taking on the two contenders for the WZCW championship; if Saxton and Saboteur pull out a win they will prove themselves to be the best tag team in the company.

    Connor: But I wonder if Drake Callahan and Steven Holmes can work effectively here; both are so close to catching Showtime they can practically taste the WZCW championship.

    Cohen: Are you kidding me? These two men have the greatest minds in the wrestling world! Tell me how these two can't work effectively?

    The two teams size each other up as they eye each other across the ring. Saboteur decides to start things off for his team while Holmes motions to the former WZCW champ to leave the ring. Callahan reluctantly obliges as the two men stare each other down. Holmes tries to sweep the leg for a quick take down, but Saboteur uses his speed and backs away. The two superstars lock up and Holmes nails a high knee to the jaw and floors Saboteur with a European uppercut. He locks in a chinlock but Saboteur evades, gets to his feet, and nails a European uppercut of his own. Saboteur locks in an armlock but Holmes rolls though and gets to his feet. The two superstars ease off as Holmes has a verbal altercation with Callahan while Saboteur plays to the crowd.

    Connor: Is that enough evidence for you, Jack?

    The two superstars face off again as Holmes charges forward and takes Saboteur to the ground with a go behind grappling slam, he locks in sleeper but Saboteur manages to roll through. Holmes clubs him in the back and throws him with a German suplex. He tries to bridge into an early pin, but the smaller man has none of it and rolls through. Saboteur flips Holmes over with a snapmare followed by a kick to the head. He runs and bounces off the ropes and nails a dropkick to the face which lays Holmes out on the mat. He tries to whip the larger man into the corner, but Holmes reverses and sends Saboteur back first into the turnbuckle. Holmes charges forward, but Saboteur dodges as he crashes into the padded steel.

    Copeland: Ouch.

    Saboteur hits a spinning wheel kick which takes Holmes down to the mat. Saboteur runs and bounces off the ropes, but Drake Callahan trips him from behind. Saboteur gets to his feet, but stumbles straight into a belly to belly suplex from Holmes. He drags the smaller man to his corner and tags in Callahan. The former WZCW champion pounds away on Saboteur in the corner; his punches flattening the smaller man. Callahan backs up to the adjacent side, measures him, and delivers a running big boot to the face. He grabs the smaller man and hits a tiger suplex with a bridge. The referee counts…


    But Saboteur kicks out. Callahan levels him with a few punches then hits a short arm clothesline. He quickly locks in a single leg Boston crab in an attempt to further wear Saboteur down. The smaller man begins to crawl forward, willed on by the audience and his partner Saxton in the corner, and makes it to the ropes. Callahan drags him back towards the center of the ring, but Saboteur kicks him off. He gets to his feet, but Callahan floors him with a sidewalk slam. He drags him back towards his corner and tags Holmes back into the match.

    Cohen: C'mon Holmes. Show them why you are the Elite!

    Holmes punches Saboteur in the gut and he falls to the mat. He begins to choke the smaller man on the ropes until the referee forces him to break the hold. Holmes hits a delayed vertical suplex and locks in a surfboard, further trying to wear down Saboteur’s back. The smaller man screams in pain and tries to free himself from the hold. He gets to a knee and elbows Holmes in the head. The larger man stumbles as Saboteur counters with an armdrag. He tries to mount a counterattack but Holmes cuts him off with a running high knee. He applies a sleeper hold, as Saboteur looks to be in serious trouble. Holmes falls to the mat and wrenches away as Saboteur looks to be fading. The referee holds up his arm and it falls; the referee checks the arm again and it falls for the second time. When Saboteur looks to be knocked out cold his arm doesn’t fall the third time as he suddenly shows signs of life. He moves onto his stomach and begins to drag himself over to the ropes with Holmes on top of him and manages to reach the bottom rope. The referee breaks the hold as Holmes looks pissed.

    Connor: That's not something the ref wants to do - antagonise a man with a short fuse.

    He picks Saboteur up off the mat and tries for a belly to back suplex but the smaller man floats over and lands on his feet. Saboteur hits a roundhouse kick and follows up with a one handed bulldog. He yells to the crowd and hits his signature flying lariat as Holmes stands. He pulls Holmes to his feet but he responds with a European uppercut and whips Saboteur into the ropes. The smaller man bounces and kicks Holmes in the face. He follows up with another flying lariat as Holmes looks down for the count. Instead of going for the cover Saboteur begins to move towards his corner as Saxton is practically begging to be tagged in. Holmes begins to stir and moves to his corner to tag in Callahan. The crowd roars as Saboteur tags in Saxton right as Holmes tags in Callahan; the big man moves swiftly across the ring and knocks Callahan down with a chop to the chest. The former champion stands and gets another chop for his efforts. Holmes tries to blindside the big man, but gets chopped to the ground as well. Saxton twirls and punches Holmes with enough force to launch him over the top rope. Saboteur readies himself and dives over the top taking Holmes out on the outside!

    Copeland: The tide of this match has turned now that the fresh Saxton has been tagged in.

    Cohen: It was a smart strategy trying to wear Saboteur down and isolate him; but Callahan and Holmes let that opportunity slip by them.

    Saxton and Callahan resume their match with the big man firmly in control. He hits a combination of punches and follows up with the Megaton Punch, lying Callahan out on the mat. He goes for the cover and the referee counts…


    But Callahan kicks out. Saboteur and Holmes continue to fight on the outside with Holmes gaining the advantage by whipping him into the steel steps. Back on the inside Saxton continues to wear Callahan down; he hits an overhead chop and then a roundhouse kick. He measures Callahan and tries to hit a kung fu kick but Drake ducks and counters with a DDT. He hits a standing moonsault and goes for a cover of his own…


    But Saxton powers out. Callahan hits a forward Russian leg sweep and locks in a scissored armbar. Saxton looks to be in trouble but manages to use his power to roll free. Like lightning he sends Callahan back onto the defensive with a Mongolian chop and nails a karate chop to the jugular. Callahan falls to the mat as Saxton makes the cover…



    But Holmes breaks up the pin. The two men double team Saxton and hit a double vertical suplex. They drag him over to their corner and Drake tags out.

    Cohen: Great strategy.

    Connor: Also known as breaking the rules.

    Holmes shows his power by dropping Saxton with a belly to belly suplex; he locks in an abdominal stretch in an attempt to wear the big man down. Saxton uses the energy of the crowd and powers his way free leveling Holmes with a headbutt. He tries to hit a shuffle side kick, but Holmes ducks and hits a German suplex and transitions into the Superiority Complex submission. Saxton looks to be fading so Saboteur takes the initiative to break the hold by kicking Holmes in the head. The tag champs double team the former Elite X champion with a Fastball Special. Callahan enters the ring as all hell breaks loose. The two teams begin to brawl tornado tag style, and before the referee can regain control Saxton sends Holmes over the top rope and onto the outside. Saboteur low bridges Callahan, who manages to hang onto the ropes, but the smaller man follows up with a pele kick which knocks him off the apron. Saxton readies himself on the apron and jumps off nailing Holmes with an axe handle to the back of the head. Saboteur flings himself over the top rope and takes Callahan out on the outside.

    Copeland: Now the action has spilled to the outside now; this is an all out war!

    Cohen: All four of these competitors thrive on mayhem, Seabass. The referee may not be able to restore order!

    The referee begins to count as the two teams continue to brawl on the outside with the tag team champions in control. Saxton bounces Holmes off the apron as Saboteur and Callahan fight each other to the announcers table. Callahan manages to counter and powerslams Saboteur on the outside. He walks over to the announcers table and lifts one of the monitors, and with the ref distracted by Saxton and Holmes he levels Saboteur in the face with it. On the opposite side Saxton levels Holmes with the Megaton punch and tosses him back inside the ring. He measures Holmes and hits a kung fu kick and goes for the cover…



    But Drake breaks up the pinfall attempt. The two men double team Saxton once again backing him into the corner. Drake nails him with a corner dropkick as Holmes follows up with a northern lights suplex with a bridge. The referee counts…



    But Saxton kicks out.

    Connor: Saxton seems to be taking a lot of damage from these double team moves tonight.

    Holmes pulls the larger man to his feet and delivers a European uppercut which staggers him. Saxton fires back with a karate chop which sends Holmes reeling. Saxton delivers another, and then another, using his power to overwhelm the smaller man. He goes for a third when Holmes cuts him off with a shot to the gut. He tries to whip Saxton across the ring but he gets overpowered as the big man flings him back into the turnbuckle. Saxton charges in, but Holmes dodges as the larger man crashes and burns; Holmes takes the opportunity and quickly tags in Callahan. He hits a running big boot which knocks the larger man loopy. He goes for a cover…



    But Saxton kicks out again. Callahan hoists the big man to his feet but Saxton throws his off and with surprising speed hits a combination of punches which leaves Drake stunned. Saxton runs, bounces off the ropes, and hits a spin kick which knocks Callahan down. Saxton stands and points towards his tag team partner and tags him in. Saboteur hits Callahan with a bell clap followed by a headbutt, and hits the super Saboteur flying lariat once again! Saboteur looks fired up as he measures Callahan for his finisher. He runs and hits the Death Blow and covers Callahan…



    But Holmes breaks up the pin at the last second! Saxton gets in the ring and cuts Holmes off before he can do anything else. He readies himself and hits the Black Lightning crane kick which knocks Holmes out of the ring. Saboteur lifts Callahan to his feet and tries for a short arm lariat but the former champion ducks and tries to counter with a belly to back suplex but Saboteur counters and hits a modified tornado DDT! He drags Callahan over to the corner, climbs to the top, and hits the Arial Assassin! He makes the cover…




    Harrys: Here are your winners, the WZCW tag team champions!

    Copeland: Saxton and Saboteur just proved themselves to be the best team in the company right now. Wow, what a match!

    Cohen: Unbelievable Seabass; you had bodies flying every which way the entire time. Callahan and Holmes worked better than I thought they would, but in the end they couldn’t match the prowess of the tag champs.

    Connor: That's why they are the best when it comes to tag team wrestling... I'll take the tag champs over World title contenders in a tag team contest any day!

    Saxton and Saboteur stand tall in the ring as they proudly display their championship titles for the whole world to see. Holmes stands up on the outside of the ring and looks inside to where Callahan lays, starting to recover. He shakes his head and walks off, bitter at the loss that was suffered by his partner.

    ************************************************** *******************************************

    Backstage we see Vance Bateman looking over some papers in his office. He hears a knock at the door and hits a buzzer on his desk, making it seem like he buzzed him in, rather than say "hello" or "come in". The door opens at Bateman smiles.

    Bateman: Well if it isn't the legend himself. Come on in here sir.

    The person closes the door and walks in front of the camera to be the infamous Doug Crashin.

    Bateman: The Crashin Movement is back.

    Crashin: Well I hate to "crash your party", just kidding, no, not really, this party sucked until I arrived, but the real reason I'm here. Those poor people along the east coast. They need help, and when WZCW said they were doing a second Super Show and dedicating all the proceeds to help the people there well Doug Crashin had to be apart of it. I'm actually looking for Chuck Myles now to drop off this large check.

    Bateman: Doug here let me take care of that, as the board of directors right hand man they'll want me to handle this. Tell me though, have you been keeping much up with what's been happening around no.

    Crashin: No I haven't really, but I heard that you guys have been doing great.

    Bateman: That we have, but tonight we have a special over the top battle royal. How would you like to be a surprise entrant?

    Crashin: I think I enjoy retirement and would like to stay as such. If you recall the last such match of this type I was in I was eliminated by the whole roster. I'm sure they would try to do it again.

    Bateman: But they wouldn't do that if they didn't know it was you.

    Bateman pulls out a mask and some cardboard boxes from behind his desk.

    Crashin: That mask is disgusting, why would I wear something like that?

    Bateman: Because the partner of this figure is the most desctructive wrestler in WZCW, who won't compete in the match unless this guy is in the match, but if portray his partner, then there is no telling how far the two of you will go. Imagine being in the final three with him and then eliminating right as he takes out the last opponent. Imagine the headline, Doug Crashin advances to the Unscripted Fatal Four Way match where he'll face his former associate Steven Holmes for the first time since Kingdom Come 3, and two others the WZCW World Title. Doesn't that sound like a million dollar idea?

    Crashin smiles at the idea and then looks down at the mask. He puts it over his head and adjust it.

    Crashin: Just like this huh? I think I might consider it Vance.

    Crashin walks out of the office with the cardboard body suit. Soon after, Chuck Myles enters the room.

    Myles: Hey Vance, I didn't think S.H.I.T. was going to be here tonight.

    Vance continues to look over his papers instead of Myles and shrugs.

    Myles: Hey have you seen Doug Crashin? I was suppose to see him backstage here tonight.

    Bateman: Oh, I'm sure that he is around somewhere.

    Myles nods and then leaves the room. Bateman looks up and has a smile on his face.

    ************************************************** *******************************************

    Backstage we see Titus warming up by himself near the entrance to the arena. Becky Serra steps in front of the camera and speaks.

    Serra: Titus I was hoping to get a quick interview with you before the match.

    Titus stops stretching and stands up to speak to Becky.

    Titus: Absolutely Becky, just ask away.

    Serra: Titus, what do you think your chances are of coming out victorious here tonight?

    Titus: Well Becky, I would rate my chances of winning tonight between absolute certainty and could be anyone’s guess. You can feel confident you’ll come out on top, but the reality is that anybody can win this match, it’ll be an absoltue crap shoot. The people competing in this match are viewed as either the best or fast rising. There’s a lot of tough compeition out there, and some are really taking this match seriously, that this is there big chance to make a name for themselves here. It is a big opportunity for many, including me, and I’ve been around here long enough to know what’s at stake and I know how to win matches like this.

    Serra: And that experience will come in handy in this match no question, but like you said anybody can win this match. Is there any opponent that you think may have a greater chance of winning than you? Are there any strengths or weaknesses that you may have or feel you have against the competition?

    Titus: You never reveal to your opponent what you think your weakness or your strength will be Becky, because then your greatest strength can turn into your biggest weakness. I will say this however, I’m not a bully. I’m not a monster, not a tough guy, a lucha libre, or a super sayan, or whatever that is. I’m not a preacher, I’m not a politician, I’m not a hardcore legend either. I’m not a hero... and I’m certainly not a villian. What I do know that I am is that I am a four time oscar winner, a two time World Heavyweight Champion, former Elite X Champion and winner of the second Lethal Lottery. I am Titus and I am capable of winning this match and adding a third World Title reign to my resume.

    Serra: Thank you very much Titus. Good luck out there.

    Becky walks away and Titus smiles as she leaves. Titus checks his wrists and then turns to leave and nearly walks into a knightly statue. Titus backs up and the statue moves, removing his helmet and revealing himself to be Chris K.O. The audience pops as Chris speaks.

    K.O.: Titus, I wanted to say no hard feels out there and good luck.

    K.O. extends his hand out to shake Titus’. Titus looks down at the hand and then after a few moments shakes his hand back.

    Titus: Good luck as well. If you’re even half the man that you claim to be... I’ll see you at the finish line.

    Titus leaves as K.O. turns to watch him leave and puts his helmet back on.
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    The crowd cheers at the WZCW Champion Showtime David Cougar walks out. He high faves many of the fans along ringside as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Harrys: The following contest is a over the top battle royal where the last man remaining inside the ring will go to face Showtime David Cougar, Drake Callahan, and Steven Holmes at Unscripted for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Copeland: Here we are folks. Time for the main event and the champion Showtime David Cougar is getting a front row seat for the big match.

    Cohen: Showtime is here to scout his potential challengers. i think there are a few wrestlers here that Showtime would be afraid to face.

    Showtime has made his way by the announce table and grabs a chair and sits near the corner of the ring area. He continues to shake hands with many of the fans and sign autographs.

    The crowd boos as Barbosa walks out towards the ring and sides in. He stands right at center and turns back to the ramp and waits.

    Connor: The challengers begin to make their way to the ring. The main event starts when we return.


    Back from commercial break Titus is entering the ring to a good applause from the crowd.


    There is a lot delay until Chris K.O. walks out from the back in a white knight helmet and stops at the top of the ramp. The crowd pops him as he slowly takes off his helmet and hands it off to a trusted official. He then proceeds to run down the ramp.

    Harrys: And finally, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing 232 lbs, "The White Knight" Chris K.O.!

    Chris enters the ring and looks around at all the competitors. The bell rings and all the wrestlers begin to brawl inside the ring, except for Barbosa. As soon as he hears the bell he makes his way to the ropes and goes to eliminate himself when...


    Barbosa’s head snaps up and a smile curls up on his face for the first time in probably ages. Doug Crashin dressed up as S.H.I.T. walks out from behind the curtain and begins to do the robot to boos from the crowd. Barbosa is completely unaware that it is Crashin is disguised as S.H.I.T. as he rolls under the ring and makes a mad towards him.

    Copeland: Barbosa has left the ring and has his sights set on S.H.I.T., I mean Crashin.

    Cohen: Everyone prepare to watch Crashin playing a lamb being lead to the slaughter in 3... 2... 1

    Barbosa clothesline his cardboard covered opponent, nearly taking off his head in the process. Crashin is wishing he had as Barbosa begins to stomp away at the body. Barbosa picks him up and throws him head first into the barricade. Barbosa continues to stomp away and then Irish Whips him to the opposite barrier and follows with a running knee to the gut. Crashin begins to crawl away as Barbosa hits a diving elbow on him.

    Connor: Barbosa is dissecting Crashin. I shudder to thing about what Barbosa will do to the rest of the wrestlers in the ring once he finds out he’s been tricked.

    Inside the ring things are just as chaotic. Bowen and Grand Mystique immediately begin brawling and are both near a corner trying to get the other over the top rope. The New Church and Strikeforce start punching in the ring, Jacobs and Stormrage squaring off while Westhoff punches at Howard who then takes him down to the mat. Former World Champions Titus and Ricky are in the corner battling after Ricky ran Titus into it. Tastic and Dragon are exchanging kicks to the side. K.O. is being double teamed against the ropes by Constantine and Connor Reese, until Jimmy Flynn gets in and stops K.O. from being put over the ropes. Mickey irish whips Jacobs right towards a standing Howard who bends down and flips him over top onto the mat, nearly landing on the downed Westhoff.

    Outside the ring, Barbosa has dragged the S.H.I.T. disguised Doug Crashin towards the ring. He picks him up and Irish Whips him towards the steel stairs. Crashin runs right into them and flips over landing on his back. Barbosa doesn’t give him a moments rest and walks over top him. Barbosa lifts him off his feet and wraps his arm around his shoulder and neck. Overhead Sambo Suplex onto the table. The table doesn’t break, but Barbosa does not seem upset. He hops onto the table and stands up the now dazed Crashin and grabs him from behind.

    Cohen: Don’t do this Barbosa. He’s not the one you’re after.

    Barbosa lifts Crashin up and drops him onto the table with the Doppelganger! The move breaks the table and Barbosa is sitting in the wreckage, smiling and laughing. The head of Crashin turns to the side and the S.H.I.T. mask slides off. Barbosa picks up the mask and looks at Crashin with a shocked look in his eyes. The look then turns into anger as he stands up and breaks the S.H.I.T. mask with his hands.

    Cohen: Welcome back to WZCW Crashin. Things still haven’t changed for you around here. That goodness we got the cheque from him first.

    Connor: Barbosa has a look that could kill right now and it’s set on the men in the ring.

    Copeland: A lot is about go down right now in this match, as the always wild card Barbosa slides into the ring.

    Barbosa is in the ring and immediately clotheslines Flynn. Barbosa lifts him off the ground and throws him into Constantine and Reese, sending them all to the mat. Barbosa runs a K.O. and knees him back through the ropes and onto the apron. Tastic goes to punch Barbosa. Barbosa grabs the fist and counters with a swinging neck breaker. Dragon runs at Barbosa, who bends down and lifts him up off the mat to land face first back on it. Barbosa runs full tilt at Strikeforce and knocks them both down with clotheslines. He grabs Ricky and lifts him off the ground for an inverted atomic drop and follows with a STO. Barbosa gets to his feet and is finally met with a bit of offense via chops from Titus. Barbosa shakes them off and then lands a DDT on Titus. Bowen gets up and Barbosa again with a DDT on him this time. The New Church both stand up and Barbosa grabs both of them and hits a Double DDT.

    Copeland: Barbosa is on fire right now and is the only one standing in a ring full of wrestlers.

    Cohen: Well not the only one...

    The crowd applauds the performance, but boo the man as Barbosa turns to the corner and The Grand Mystique is standing there staring at Barbosa. The two look eager to square off and fight as Barbosa approaches him. Jimmy Flynn now runs in and he is able to land some punches on Barbosa. He kicks Barbosa in the gut and backs him into the ropes. Flynn continues to punch at Barbosa who is only able to block and not attack back. Flynn pulls Barbosa off the ropes and goes to suplex him over. Barbosa blocks the suplex and lifts Flynn off the mat. He holds him vertically and is about to throw him over the ropes when GM comes from behind and pushes both over. Flynn lands on the floor, while Barbosa is able to get a hand on the ropes. GM assumes Barbosa is eliminated and walks away while Barbosa straddles back through the ropes. He doesn’t get to GM as Strikeforce, TNC, Bowen, Reese, Tastic, and Dragon all run at Barbosa. Together, they all get Barbosa off his feet and over the ropes. Barbosa is now eliminated.

    Connor: A team effort has eliminated the destructive Barbosa.

    Cohen: That wasn’t fair. Barbosa could’ve won this match in record time.

    The action soon resumes back in the ring. TNC get a jump on Strikeforce and attack them from behind. Bowen pushes Reese into a corner and tries to lift him over the ropes. Tastic hits Dragon with a spinning back fist and then irish whips him into the ropes. Dragon runs off the rope and counters with a running hurricanrana. Constantine has K.O. grounded in a headlock, but Chris is able to break free with some elbows and follows with a spinning wheel kick. Barbosa gets up to leave and is at the top of the stage when Rush suddenly walks out from curtain and passes by him.

    Copeland: As if this match hasn’t been chaotic enough, now Rush has decided to make his presence felt.

    Rush walks right up to the ring and watches the match. Inside the ring Titus and Ricky continue to hit each near the turnbuckle. GM finally advances from the corner and kicks Stormrage in the back of the leg. This allows TNC to double team Howard while GM hits a snapmare on Stormrage and follows with a running kick that puts him to the mat. Bowen has Reese on the top rope hanging on tight to stay in the ring while Tastic has Dragon locked in a hammerlock. Tastic notices Rush approaching and then goes for a clothesline on Dragon. Dragon ducks and then counters with an enziguri. Tastic teeters and then falls forward into the top rope. Rush reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling Tastic out of the ring and eliminating him.

    Connor: Rush has cost Tastic this contest and it is all because he couldn’t find a way to beat him earlier.

    Rush smiles and laughs and then bends over to continue to attack Tastic. Dragon grabs the top rope and goes to leap over, but then swings back and performs a dropkick through the ropes, knocking Rush to the floor. Rush gets up in a hurry and looks to enter the ring to get Dragon, but the refs finally draw their attention back to the ring and prevent Rush from entering.

    Copeland: Dragon has again been a thorn in Rush’s side as the refs try to restore order on the outside. Angel is being stretched out of the arena and looks to be moving his hands which is a good sign. No Rush is starting to leave ringside as well.

    Back in the ring, Titus has Ricky trapped in the corner until TNC run in and hit him from behind. They hold Titus and pull him away from the corner allowing Ricky to walk safely out. Ricky walks over and begins to punch Titus in the face while TNC hold him. Bowen in still trying to get Reese over the ropes and drops him once GM walks up and clubs him in the back. GM grabs Bowen by the waist and lifts him up for a backbreaker on the knee. K.O. kicks Constantine in the gut and then raises his arm. He goes for a neck breaker, but John is able to lift him off the ground instead. K.O. goes flying over the top rope, but grabs on and manages to land on the apron. John turns around and K.O. punches him in the face. Constantine spins around and walks into a low drop kick from Dragon that brings him to the mat. Dragon runs to the nearby ropes and leaps onto the middle one. Moonsault lands on the King For A Day holder. K.O. enters the ring, but Reese returns and kicks him in the side, trapping him in the corner.

    Copeland: Twelve men remain in this match and it’s still anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top.

    Cohen: Of course it’s anyone’s guess Seabass, but you ask me who has the real shot at winning, look at Steamboat. He seems to have TNC doing his bidding.

    Connor: Also consider Grand Mystique has had very little attacks done against him. Both appear to have outside forces working for them in this match.

    Back to the match, Ricky continues to direct TNC, as they set Titus up and connect with a double suplex. Ricky asks them to back off and then lifts Titus to his feet and sets him up for a pull driver near the ropes. TNC stand ready to help Ricky when Strikeforce reemerge and not down Jacobs and Westhoff. Ricky becomes distracted by the action allowing Titus to grab him by the legs and stand up. Ricky sails over the top rope and is unable to hang on gets eliminated. Ricky is shocked and then starts arguing with the nearby ref. Titus waves at Ricky and then starts to help out Strikeforce. GM has Bowen’s neck against the top rope, while Constantine counters an Irish Whip by El Califa Dragon into a powerslam. Reese still has K.O. trapped in the corner and after a few more kicks to the gut he starts to back up to the middle of the ring. Reese raises his arms and then charges at his opponent. K.O. narrowly dodges the shoulder tackle and pulls himself away as Reese hits head first into the turnbuckle. K.O. stands near the adjacent corner and begins to remove the white sleeve of his right arm. Reese slowly turns around and K.O. unleashes a brutal clothesline on Reese, sending him flipping over the top rope and landing hard on the outside. Reese pops right back to his feet only to fall back down looking quite shock up from the clothesline.

    Copeland: The power behind the clothesline of K.O. was incredible. He really unsheathed that thing when he removed his sleeve.

    Cohen: If Chris wins this I’m demanding a drug test. We have to think about safety here people.

    K.O. looks to down to make sure Reese is still breathing. He turns around and sees that Titus is without an opponent to fight. The crowd pops loudly and the arena fills with chants as Titus and K.O. slowly move closer to the center of the ring. The crowd is pumped for what is about to transpire. Suddenly Constantine appears between them. Right when he goes to strike, K.O. and Titus turn and counter with punches of their own on him, knocking him to the mat. GM has Bowen off the mat and is trying to lift him over the top rope. Bowen is hanging on trying to stay in the ring and is able to when Dragon runs in and kicks the giant GM. GM drops Bowen and throws Dragon to the mat. Dragon rolls back to his feet and leaps right onto the middle rope. He leaps at GM and goes for a tornado DDT. He almost lands it until GM grabs the top rope and manages to hold Dragon mere feet off the mat. With his strength, GM lifts himself back to a vertical and goes to lift Dragon over the top rope. Bowen has returned though and grabs the legs on Dragon and pulls him towards the mat, allowing him to hit a DDT. Bowen taunts at GM to get to his feet as he uses the nearby ropes for support. GM stands up and turns around into Bowen’s arms. He lifts GM off the ground in impressive fashion. He is able to just get GM body over the top rope as they both go over and land on the floor. Bowen falls on top of GM and lets loose with some wild fists. All the refs run over to break it up. They get both men back to their feet, but Bowen breaks free and jumps on GM they continue to brawl.

    Connor: Bowen and Grand Mystique have just been eliminated. We are down to our final eight. Who will come out on top? We will find out after this break.
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    We return from the commercial break with the crowd booing. The camera angle we currently have does not allow us to quite see what it is that is being booed, that is until it suddenly changes. We get a full view of the ring where we can see Constantine pounding away at Titus, Chris K.O. regaining energy in a corner, Mikey Stormrage prone in another corner while The New Church, comprised of Mason Westhoff and Derek Jacobs work on a lone James Howard. There is a notable absence of El Califa Dragon.

    Copeland: Welcome back to the Battle Royal ladies and gentlemen, and during the break, the New Church was successful is dividing and conquering, isolating James Howard from a returning Mikey Stormrage with this;

    We cut to a replay, still maintaining the current image, but also viewing the events of the commercial. In the replay we witness Mikey Stormrage getting drilled with the Alabama slam from Westhoff, followed up by a big leg drop from Jacobs. Then we cut to another replay of Howard trying to fight the team off, but getting a massive boot from Jacobs for his troubles. The replay remains, but Sebastian Copeland's voice-over continues.

    Copeland: And they took El Califa Dragon out of this one with this;

    Dragon is seen taking a chokeslam before Jacobs hoists him to his feet and Westhoff grabs hold too, both men chucking him out. Finally the replay ends, returning our focus to the match at hand. We witness the double team on James Howard as Derek Jacobs holds the bearded man’s arms back, allowing Mason Westhoff to unload a number of knees to the gut of Howard. In the background, we can see Titus nearly dumping Constantine over, but the king holds onto the top rope, not even going over the top. Back to New Church though and Jacobs relinquishes his control of Howard, who is in essence dead on his feet as Westhoff comes off the ropes drilling him with an enormous lariat. At this stage Westhoff smiles, grinning menacingly and poses for the crowd. Then, from behind Chris K.O. comes in! He grabs a waistlock on Westhoff, much to his surprise and executes a marvellous overhead German suplex, nearly tossing Westhoff out. Jacobs comes in from behind and tries to blindside K.O., but the “White Knight” blocks, delivering a variety of rights and lefts, finishing it off with a staggering uppercut. Jacobs falls onto the ropes and K.O. loads up a clothesline for the elimination; but no! Jacobs counters and back body drops K.O.! Surely he’s out? Again, no!

    Jacobs thinks his adversary is done and comes out to celebrate, but what he doesn’t see is that K.O. is still alive in this, and as Westhoff recovers, he points hysterically behind Jacobs, the big man making a slow turn to see what’s happening. It’s too late though and K.O. throws himself over the top rope, back into the ring with a nice shoulder block. Again this staggers Jacobs who this time bumps into an angry and agitated James Howard who belts him with a vile fist to the face. Satisfied with his work, K.O. leaves Howard to his personal matter and goes to get involved in the Titus/Constantine situation which is a vicious struggle, both men trying to muscle the other over the top. Howard unleashes a nasty combo of fists to Jacobs face, busting his lip in the process. New Church though is comprised of two men and Mason Westhoff blindsides Howard, taking him down. He then taps a dazed Jacobs, still groggy, and indicates it’s time to end Howard. Together they push him up and over, eliminating the former tag champion. All this though is witnessed by Mikey Stormrage. Mikey has sufficiently recovered from his own injuries and is now enraged. With fire burning, Stormrage launches himself at the big man Jacobs and Westhoff. Both men are in an awkward position against the ropes and when Mikey nails them with the double clothesline combo, they go out and over, reducing us to four competitors.

    Connor: Okay, so to recap, we’re down to the King for a Day John Constantine, Titus, Chris K.O. and Mikey Stormrage. What a Cinderella story that could be.

    Cohen: That’s the thing about Cinderella stories CC; they always strike midnight.

    Cohen’s statement still ringing in our ears, Mikey backs off into a corner so that all for men each have their own corner. Immediately, John Constantine stops any potential action by proposing an alliance between himself and Chris K.O. K.O., wary of any such moves shakes his head. Without hesitation, Constantine takes his proposal to Titus. The veteran grappler also shakes his head. Constantine then takes his offer to the third man in the group; Mikey Stormrage. He offers his deal one last time, and this time it is accepted to a surprised reaction from the others in the ring, the audience and our commentary team.

    Copeland: Well that’s a surprise?

    Cohen: Indeed. It seems the big lummox has some intelligence after all.

    However, just as Constantine approaches Mikey’s corner, the former tag champion lunges out, smacking our monarch with a vicious right hand. Stunned, Constantine falls to the mat; trapped between all three of the men he proposed an alliance too. Terrified, Constantine searches frantically for an exit strategy. He tries to crawl out of a small gap, but K.O. steps in to block any further passage. Constantine continues to plead with K.O., slowly rising the entire time. He even attempts to brush some “dirt” off of K.O. before looking to smack him with force, but K.O. expects such treachery and responds with a nasty uppercut. This sends Constantine tumbling into Titus who in turn responds with a Kesagiri chop. This puts Constantine out on his feet so Mikey Stormrage sees his opportunity and goes for a kitchen sink like manoeuvre. It connects with devastating force and Constantine is in deep trouble. Feeling it, Mikey grabs Constantine by the back of the head and signals that he’s going to dump him out. This draws cheers from our crowd, but just as he’s about to throw him over, Constantine drops down, reversing the positions and in fact dumps Mikey over himself to a gasp. Mikey is done.

    Cohen: Looks like the carriage turned into a pumpkin.

    Connor: And I don’t like the looks of that fall, Mikey appears to be favouring his knee after the elimination.

    Indeed, Mikey is clutching at his knee, wracked in pain. He fell on top of it and it jerked in an awful looking manner. This scene draws some medical personnel who seek to get Mikey out of harm’s way. They lift the big man up and help him to the back, the crowd applauding Mikey’s valiant effort. Back with the action and Titus and K.O. have not moved sine their respective actions against Constantine. The king for a day though peers menacingly over the ropes and smiles at the elimination he has just caused. He even lightly chuckles to himself before turning around to be met with a full steam ahead double clothesline courtesy of Titus and K.O.! And over he goes.

    Copeland: And we are down to two!

    Cohen: NO! How can a King be out?

    Connor: So it comes down to the former two time World Heavyweight Champion Titus and the man who banished Ty Burna from WZCW; Chris K.O.!

    Copeland: This should be good.

    As our commentators reset the stage for this final encounter, the crowd calms itself down somewhat after the last elimination. It has some energy left and seeks to save it for the final battle. Both K.O. and Titus, fresh off their joint elimination of Constantine bounce out off the ropes and stand on separate sides of the ring. They each take a deep breath before looking the other in the eye. Titus grins slightly while K.O. is deadpan. The two come face to face in the centre. The hushed crowd is almost in awe of the collision about to take place. Then, with one violent blast, K.O. unleashes a European uppercut, which unglues the crowd. Titus though retorts with his own uppercut. The two men’s pace begins to increase and they batter each other with numerous uppercuts. With each blast, the impact becomes more vile and the effects more obvious, until finally Titus kicks K.O.’s kneecap, dropping the former Apostle to one knee. He loads up the big kick, but as he swings, K.O. ducks. Titus’ own momentum spins him round to face the ropes and K.O. clatters into him, forcing him into the ropes. Rather than being hasty, K.O. looks to force the former World champion up and over the top. Titus though hooks one of his legs into the middle rope to block the elimination. He fights K.O. off with two stiff elbows to the head. Checking his mouth for blood, K.O. pulls away from Titus, letting his guard down for just a second as the veteran is quickly back into the action, executing a nice reverse DDT.

    Feeling that the time for victory is now, Titus manages to pick K.O. up and prepares for the elimination. Out of desperation though, K.O. smashes a massive forearm off of Titus’ jaw, stunning him. This leaves him open and K.O.’s instincts to kick in, something which allows for The Butterfly Effect! It might not be the best and actually a bit sloppy, but the finisher connects and the crowd offers a mixed response, some hoping for a Titus win. K.O. sighs with relief, firmly in control, but soon realises that he has to toss this man out. Getting to his feet, K.O. tries to bring Titus with him, but it’s no use as Titus is dead-weight. K.O. can’t believe his luck. Titus may not weigh much, but his unwillingness to get to his feet makes things incredibly awkward for K.O. who decides the best course of action is to grab a front face-lock and lift. Straining and struggling, K.O. pulls with all his might in a bid to win that spot in the Fatal Fourway. Dragging Titus towards the ropes, K.O. nearly has the Oscar winner to his feet, when suddenly a shock occurs; Titus it appears isn’t quite as out of it as we believed. He swats K.O.’s hands away and delivers a thunderous kick to K.O.’s skull. The Ty Burna mentee collapses onto the ropes only to bounce off of them in turn. Still somewhat dazed from K.O.’s finisher, Titus decides to go up top!

    Cohen: What is that idiot Titus thinking?

    Connor: I think he’s going for one last shot to take down K.O. once and for all.

    Titus climbs the turnbuckle, eventually getting to the top. He looks out at the crowd and hesitates for a split second. That slight delay is enough and K.O., out of total desperation lunges. He sweeps Titus’ leg, tripping the legend who bounces off the top rope, back first. He could go either way, and K.O. wills him to fall out of the ring, but he in fact drops down into the squared circle. Anguish engulfs an exhausted K.O.’s face. Titus clutches his spine in agony. Both men are giving it their all, but neither man wants to give in. K.O. gets to his feet first, but Titus, holding his back, isn’t far behind. They give each other yet another look and they collide in the ring to crowd’s pleasure. K.O. prepares to lock up, but Titus has other ideas, cracking a chop right down on the back of K.O.’s neck. Titus sees another opportunity and bounces off the ropes before jumping into the air;

    Copeland: Tit Drop!

    Cohen: Hold your horses Seabass.

    As Titus looks to come down and execute the Tit Drop, K.O. holds on to the legs of the second Lethal Lottery winner, blocking Titus’ finisher. He tries to dump his adversary over the top, but the legs of Titus manage to manoeuvre their way into a headscissors position and both men tumble over the top. The crowd gasps. Titus has hold of the top rope and survives...and so does K.O. who managed to link onto the middle rope and hold on for dear life. Titus manages to ease himself over onto the apron, astounded that he did not win right there. Irritated and frustrated, Titus lets loose a melee of kicks which eventually force K.O. to relinquish control of the middle rope, only to drop to the apron. Even more annoyed, Titus loads up a big kick which he thumps off of K.O.’s spine. Writhing in pain, K.O. instinctively moves to avoid any more back punishment, but nearly falls off the apron and out, only using his ankles and feet to hang on in the match. Titus is utterly bewildered by the whole ordeal and quite frankly has had enough. He re-enters the ring, believing the apron too dangerous and upon seeing K.O.’s ankles and feet blocking his fall does the obvious; he applies the Ankle Lock!

    Cranking it on Titus is mad, determined to win this Battle Royal. K.O. tries to force Titus off, but it only further encourages Titus who twists the ankle further. Using his upper body strength, K.O. pushes himself backward, trying to force himself back in the ring. Concerned, Titus tries to hold his ground, but one big push forces K.O. back into the ring (for the most part) and also makes Titus break the hold. Titus though is like a pit-bull and tries to apply the hold again, until K.O. turns onto his back, and whilst grimacing, pushes Titus to the other side of the ring. With his defences down Titus is prone and K.O. sees an opening. With whatever adrenaline he has left, K.O. rushes at Titus. The Keystone native though is wary and ducks a big clothesline, following up with a spinning heel kick.

    Connor: That’s how he won Lethal Lottery two years ago!

    The kick sends K.O. over the top, and the crowd thinks it’s all over, but somehow K.O. holds on. He comes back in over the top rope, but Titus is there waiting. He kicks K.O. in the gut just as he tries to come over the top. Still K.O. holds on, but Titus is aware and with one defiant shove, eliminates K.O. and wins the Battle Royal! K.O. crashes to the floor. Titus collapses backwards, exasperated. He raises one arm in the air to signal victory.

    Harrys: Here is your winner and the fourth man in the Fatal Fourway match for the World Heavyweight Championship; TITUS!

    The crowd pops for the announcement and as his theme plays, a worn out Titus gets to his feet, this time raising both arms, delighted with his win. "Showtime" is seen applauding Titus from his seat.

    Cohen: I can’t believe this dolt will be in the main event of Unscripted!

    Copeland: Titus now has an opportunity to become the first ever three time World Heavyweight Champion.

    Connor: Not only that, but he could leave the year as champion, just as he started it.

    Titus is posing in the corner as the Los Angeles crowd cheers him on. He looks into Cougar's eyes when, suddenly the theme changes:


    Connor: Myles?

    The crowd turns, upset this moment has been interrupted by the entrance of Chuck Myles. The Aftershock GM has a microphone with him.

    Myles: Congratulations Titus on that masterful performance, you truly left it all in there, and commiserations to Chris K.O. who put up a brave fight. However I’m not out here to stroke your ego. I’m here because Vance Bateman and Big Dave have been making some interesting changes to the Unscripted main event. Seeing as they made some key decisions about that match, I’ve decided I’ll make a key decision too. Bateman made this a multi-man match and Dave designed this Battle Royal to determine a fourth competitor. So I decree that this year’s Unscripted main event between David Cougar, Steven Holmes, Drake Callahan and now you Titus will take place inside...


    Myles: ...HELL IN A CELL!

    The crowd erupts with its remaining energy, delighted by this announcement. Titus stands with a uncertain expression, unsure of what to do. Cougar's eyes are wide though that is the sole expression on his face. Suddenly, the actual Cell structure appears, slowly lowering itself down, with Titus still inside the ring. Finally the steel structure ceases coming down, its shadow cast long over Titus, the sole man in the ring. Myles grins and turns, leaving.

    Copeland: What a major announcement from Chuck Myles as for the third Unscripted in a row, Hell in a Cell will host the main event match between four determined souls, desperate for championship glory.

    Cohen: Four determined souls, but only one winner Seabass.

    Copeland: Indeed Jack. Well to say it’s been an eventful evening would be understating it, but this Supershow special from WZCW was phenomenal for all of us here at the Staples Center and hope it was for you at home as well. From the City of Angels, and the shadow of the devil’s playground, we big you goodnight!

    Our final shots of the evening are of Titus stood, observing the demonic structure he will compete in for the first time come Unscripted, David Cougar also eyeing up his destiny. Then, the camera fades to black.
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    Echelon - Sabs/Sax vs. Callahan/Holmes
    FalKon - Showtime vs. Smith, Howard/Saxton in-ring segment, Backstage
    FunKay - Battle Royale part II, Backstage
    Harthan - Mentorship Triple Threat
    Kermit - Mr. Baller vs. Mister Alhazred, Mayhem Title match, Backstage
    Numbers - Triple X vs. Justin Cooper, Rush vs. Tastic, Rush/Tastic in-ring segment, Backstage.
    Showtime - Opening, Battle Royale part I, Backstage

    Wasn't up by the time we hoped for but it's completed. I think our focus for the next set of shows is to figure out our time management skills and see if we can get these shows out on time.

    Fantabulous 15 should be up within the next 24 hours if I'm not caught up.
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