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    Getting the PPV Sorted. You guys seem to get it right and I'm really looking forward to this PPV.

    The Titus vs. Dave Story. So this is how Titus bows out? Well, it's certainly an interesting exit for him. It'll also be a great boost for Dave.

    The Battle Royale. Great job by Showtime here. He managed to juggle a whole bunch of sub-plots and still managed to keep his focus on getting someone different in the main event. Kurtsey is a shocking pick but a good one non the less.

    The Mayhem Madness. Another well worked scenario from Showtime (who's on a role as of late) as we finally saw Holmes be revealed as the Hogan (Third Man) of the Crashin Movement. Both segments were well written and whilst making the Movement look strong and still have Holmes get his comeuppance.

    Jordan Lights is now jobbing? That's a bit harsh on SC. His RP's are short but there still pretty decent, I'd say that he deserved more than that against Constantine.

    The Elite X Belt Looks Weaker than the EurAsian Belt. While Dave is defending against a former World Champion, Reynolds has to choose between guys who, while good, are not really on the same level as Titus credibility
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    I would disagree with the Elite X situation. Phoenix is pushing the Eurasian belt to a level well about where the Elite X has been. To his credit he has destroyed everyone put before him since Showtime. Titus is a credible challenger because Dave would be in the ME if he wasn't champ.

    The negative for me is the match is a given as apparently everything points to Lee leaving. Now while I don't buy it yet, the match and story is being solidly built.

    The Elite X has Beckford, Blade and Phoenix. So two of the best guys never to hold a title and a former tag champ plus myself, who if i can be so bold, seems to be on a bit of a roll recently. If that makes my division weak, then so be it. I have challengers to my belt. My criticism of recent shows is that Dave has not had the same privilege due to various circumstances.

    Great pairs of shows again. Love the Battle Royale, the tag title segment and my tag match was the best regular match of the week.My thoughts on the Titus/Dave thing is above, not really a criticism. I certainly have said all along that the Titus character would benefit from a revamp and a win there could help that.
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    I haven't done one of these in a while.


    Titus vs. Big Dave announced at Unscripted for the title. From a kayfabe perspective, this should be an excellent match. These two have history dating back a while and I have yet to see a one-on-one match. Dave has been kicking ass whilst Titus is a former World Champion. In real life, it's former HOC vs. current HOC. Although this points to Lee leaving, I wouldn't be surprised if the how thing was a work to swerve us. GREAT decision.

    Wasabi wins in what is essentially a squash match (pun intended?). And then the reveal to be... Steven Holmes. Great storyline writing by both FunKay and creative for keeping the thief intact. One thing though... if Crashin was in the ring and the two masked assailants with Holmes were together, then who is the fourth man? Great Triple Threat match giving everyone a good showing as well, with the Mayhem scene piling out.

    Nice little tag team match to give the newly established (legit) tag team a victory, whilst keeping the newly established alliance on good terms. I am, indeed, a Fox mark. However, Tucker Graham I find could have a very successful career later on (which I shall not mention). Main Event was another good piece. The match was good but the booking was better. No-one was booked to lose here, which is a good sign... Dave getting one-up... nice.


    We've got ourselves a Triple Threat tag match... that doesn't involve the Crashin Movement... that's quite interesting, but nonetheless an excellent match it should prove to be. P.O.T. have been quite successful, pummeling all-comers. Good to see solid RPers and new guys returning to climb a huge obstacle.

    Wunderbar wins this one, but Simmons got some good shots in. (The no-show was due to Vintage One having no internet access as his modem[?] is stuffed). Nice interview with Titus to keep the match interest up. Another win by Constantine (whose character I'm falling in love with)... hope life works out for SC. Thanks for the time and effort... though we never got to finish our feud.

    Kravinoff takes the win in what is a Jericho/Cena style booking where Kurtesy decides to take the fall to fight another day. Understandable... the amount of commentary in this match is quite unusual. Not complaining, just not the amount I'm used to when reading WZCW... and then...

    *clears voice* CATFIGHT!!! [/Joey Styles]

    ... yes, err... nice to see something out of the managers. Sometimes I envy Johnny Klamor... lucky bastard...

    The tag match was a great match. I'll have to agree with Numbers... best one of the two shows. Former rivals Beckford and Reynolds teaming together to take on the weird alliance of Blade/Phoenix. Good to see the feud between Beckford/Reynolds has turned a page... any of the three choices for Unscripted would be great, yet challenging choices. Either way, I see the Elite X title match at the PPV to be a dark house to steal the show. Lovin' it!

    And the Battle Royale... I had my money on either Blade or Phoenix winning and moving on... but then I saw them competing for the Elite X and thought "that isn't creative's style to book them twice." Oh well... great booking, reminds me of Lethal Lottery in a way. I like how some people were eliminated due to "circumstance." When I saw it was down to Gordito and me, I was in disbelief... then I won the BR? WHOA, talk about a surprise.

    Overall, nothing can top that. Unscripted will be a much better PPV than SummerSlam. You guys should advertise the fuck out of WZCW and the PPV... I'd say you'd have a fighting chance against TNA in the ratings. Just... don't move to Monday Nights. :)
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    My. Fucking. Goodness!


    Now, I am not going to lie, I have not read every detail of Unscripted but I have skim-read all of the matches and all of the segments and I will say this right now – Unscripted is easily the best WZCW PPV I have ever read and I have been doing this a while. So, without further ado, let me share with you my thoughts on one of the finest pieces of reading I have ever read.

    Blade vs Phoenix:

    Now, I a huge fan of both Blade and Phoenix and I would have hated to see this PPV go down without them. In my eyes, they have done enough to prove that they should be on each and every PPV and when I saw the voting, a small part of me really wanted some sort of action taken to ensure that both of these guys were competing. I got my wish and I absolutely adored the match choice. Of course this match was going to be brutal and I think that by putting Phoenix over, we have something that could easily turn into a great feud.

    Putting Blade over may have ended the feud right there but Phoenix going over leaves a lot of room for both of these guys to work with. One thing I will say is that Blade should go back to being a heel. I personally think that he needs the direction and by having a fixed alignment, he will get that.

    Tag Match:

    The writing out of Kravinoff will have thrown a spanner in the works, I bet. However, you guys are good enough to not let that stop you and I knew that you would have had more in the pipeline for that. Hammond deserved the shot, I guess. He put out a good RP and it was a shame that I never got the chance to face him. In my opinion, he deserved more and that was the great thing about Unscripted. It allowed you to slot him in and it worked easily.

    As for the match, I think it makes a lot of sense to have Reckless Youth go over and I am sure they will be good Champions for you guys. They seem really involved with the Fed and they deserved their win. I will say that I hope Toyota is not done with the Tag Division because he honestly makes the division that much better by just RPing in it. That being said, this might be the right time to move him into the Mid-Card. My only worry is that by doing that, you will leave yourselves short in the Tag Division.

    Strap Match

    This was an absolute war and for good reason. I always loved writing the Mayhem matches because you had so much leeway to use, that you could write anything and it will be accepted. Honestly, I have really enjoyed the way you guys wrote out this angle and I feel as though it has come to an great conclusion tonight. I think Baez has done enough to warrant him getting his title back and although he never lost it, it makes sense to give him the title back.

    Elite X Match:

    Beckford again?

    I know that you guys have little control on what goes on but I honestly would have liked for some dort of swerve to be thrown on there. Honestly, Beckford cannot afford to keep losing to Reynolds at every single PPV they are both involved in and I honestly think that he is starting to look like a weak superstar, despite him being a strong RPer. Personally, I would have loved to see someone else being added to the match to give Reynolds a test. Beckford needs to be put with someone else right now and let him get on a par with Reynolds. If Austin Reynolds consistently has his number, neither of these guys are getting anything out of the feud.

    I would love to see Beckford thrown into the Elite X Division for a while and let Reynolds feud with someone new. By moving Beckford and allowing Reynolds to feud with someone else, the WZCW Universe might see something from both men that make this feud viable again in the future. Right now though, Beckford is a dead horse for Reynolds.

    The match itself was fucking awesome though and is nothing less than I expect from you guys. Both of these fellas really gave it everything and I was sure that Beckford might have pulled out a shock win. However, it was not to be and Reynolds retains. Reynolds looks a great Champion at the moment and I would actually love to see him feud with Big Dave at All Or Nothing. However, with the Lethal Lottery involved, maybe we can see something develop there…

    Constantine Match:

    I very much enjoyed my match and think that is a great opportunity for Constantine.

    I honestly thought that feeding him Doug Crashin was bad booking from the WZCW Universe but it is nothing more than I expected. The fans wanted to see him getting put in his place by Constantine and they got it. However, my one thought about this match was that Everest should have been the one who was pinned. However, when it came to pinning predicaments, Everest was just as visible as he was in the RP boards. Personally, I thought that Doug should have been spared this time and Everest should have taken the pin.

    However, it was really nice to go over the leader of this little faction and hopefully Doug can go from here and work this into his character. No offense to Doug but I think he is batting way out of his league with people like me and Everest. With the ending to the match going down the way ti did, I can only hope that Everest will look to challenge Constantine in the future, if he is sticking around. You wrote the match brilliantly and I enjoyed it immensely.

    I really like the way that Constantine is being built up and I am trying to build the same ground base of wins that I had with Karnage. I will continue to do that and I think that now would be the right time to get Constantine into a proper feud.

    EurAsian Championship Match:

    This match is honestly a fucking instant classic. Let me just say this for everyone to digest…

    The Career of former World Heavyweight Champion; Titus… IS OVER!

    Truth be told, I skipped ahead and read that Titus had lost. I then went back and read the full match and Big Dave should have been the one to retire him. As I got to the last couple of paragraphs, I could feel the emotion leaping off of the page at me and that is the great strength of this match. You could tell that it meant everything to both of these guys and if Titus was going to go, he was going to go out all guns blazing.

    I really want to congratulate Ty on a match well written and I want you to know that I honestly thought that it is one of your best matches. I could feel the energy of the match and you captured the match and the emotions confined therein perfectly. Congrats.

    As I read the final paragraphs of Titus’ WZCW career, I could not help but feel really sad. Lee has been a terrific supported of WZCW and Titus has been a joy to read. There was a thread a while ago that asked who would you RP as if you had the chance. For me, it is Titus in a no-contest. WZCW will miss him almost as much as I will. A hellacious match to round off a hellacious career. No more than Titus would have asked for, I am sure.

    World Championship Match:


    Honestly, this has been a long time coming and I really think that both Ty and Showtime are two of the finest RPers in the business. Both of these guys have had my beating all the time and their quality jst shines through constantly. There is a reason that both of them have basically been elevated at the rapid rate that they have been and it is because both of them are World Championship material that most of can only dream of.

    Ty is going to be a great Champion and after coming through that epic match, he looks really strong already. Vengeance may have wanted to hold onto the title a little bit longer but I think Ty deserved his Championship run and I think that he and Showtime will contest it very hotly over the next couple of months. Vengeance may be dropping away from the Championship and the E-Fed too but I really would like to thank him for everything he has given us.

    Ty will go on from here and I think that the best people to challenge him right now are Show, Dave and Constantine. That being said, most of those guys will be tied up in something else and Show will likely get his Championship shot first. Very exciting match with a wonderful conclusion.


    All in all, thank you to the writers who wrote thi brilliant piece of work. I don’t usually write feedback for shows but that event was well worth the wait and the effort on my part.
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    Got to echo what everybody else has said. It was a fantastic show and it seems as every PPV comes round you guys keep excelling and I'm noticing that the members of the fed are improving each and every week. This PPV was one of the best I've read during my time here and it was great to just be a part of it.

    I loved this, I like how each man got a little time on the mic and that you did the voting right there. Then the opening got me pumped up and the song worked well with the PPV theme.

    Blade vs Phoenix - First Bood Match
    Wow what a brutal match up to start us off. It was good that you put them on the PPV as I agree with Dave it wouldn't be the same without them. I'm interested to see where this goes as it has the potential to be a big feud over the coming PPV's. Phoenix getting the win suprised me but it makes sense. As for the match itself like I said it was brutal stuff. You guys went to war in there. Some of the stuff you guys did was pure evil. The frog splash with the chair was crazy and then ending was just as mental with Phoenix not showing he was bleeding as well.

    Backstage Segment 1 - POT/Crashin Movement

    This had to be done to write Kravinoff out of the picture but I feel it made no sense to have Kurtesy there. The guy was moments away from the biggest match in his career, I doubt he'd risk getting injured in an attack on POT. I feel Crashin and Holmes could have done that without him.

    Pride of.....Hammond Vs Reckless Youth vs Mark Hancock and Matt Fox - Tag Team Championship - Elimination Match

    Using Hammond as Kravinoffs replacement was a nice touch, and getting rid of Hanock and Fox early was a logical choice. When it came down to Toyota and Steele I felt this could go either way. I'm a little sad to see POT depart but I'm excited to see what Toyota can do on his own as he has the potential to be a major threat in the fed. I'd say Reckless Youth was the right choice here, they have been awesome in recent weeks and deserve the belts. The eliminations were done well, everyone went at the right time.

    Backstage Segment 2 - Titus

    Short but sweet. It gave us a great look at the midset of Titus before his match up.

    Baez vs Steven Holmes - Mayhem Championship - Strap Match
    This was really fun to read, another brutal match up where the guys did anything they could to each other. For the most part it was your typical looking mayhem match but the added stip of the strap worked well. The finish was done well and it was a unique way of ending the match up. Baez needed the win but the Crashins start out 0-1 on the night which isn't really a strong start for a new stable. Storyline wise is was good for Baez to finally get the belt back after a month of having it stolen from it.

    Backstage Segment 3 - Beckford/Phoenix
    This was a little strange to see Phoenix be there. Is this leading somewhere? who knows. Good to show the nervousness of Beckford as we are about to head in to a WZCW first

    Chris Beckford vs Austin Reynolds - Elite X Championship - Inferno Match

    So here is the 4th and hopefully final time that these two meet for a while. Reynolds is 3-0 on PPV against Beckford before this match. I liked the instinct of both men, Reynolds going for a cover and Beckford trying to use the ropes and then realising there is no ropes. To say it was a WZCW first the match was quite short and nowhere near the best that these two have had. I think the stipulation just didn't work with the competitors and as I said earlier I don't think it's in each of the characters nature to set each other on fire. Reynolds picks up the win with the Ratings Killer over the flames to go 4-0 against Beckford. I have to agree with Dave it's time for both these guys to do something different. Beckford needs someone else to feud with now and Reynolds needs a new creditable challenger for his title.

    Backstage Segment 4 - Baez/Jones
    I loved Baez looking around for his title only to realise he hung it up. Comical moments that make Baez seem so much fun. Jones as a potential challenger is the right call. Should be a good month for the Mayhem divison.

    John Constantine vs Everest vs Doug Crashin
    I knew who was getting the win here before the match started due to Everest not RPing. While Crashin is a solid RPer he's up against Dave who is in the top tier of Roleplayers in the fed. The match was great with the triple threat rules making the match unpredictable. It was unfortunate that Crashin took the pin as he actually RP'd and it makes the Crashin Movement look weak again. It would have given Constantine a bigger push for him to have pinned Everest and perhaps build into a feud. Where does Crashin go from here? back down to the Mayhem divison? I feel you guys have got to push him to the midcard otherwise it again makes the stable look like nothing but jobbers. Constantine's push continues and he now needs a decent feud perhaps with Austin Reynolds over the Elite X Championship.

    Big Dave vs Titus - EurAsian Championship vs Career - Extreme Rules Match

    Wow Wow Wow. Probably the best match I've read in WZCW. The near falls, the use of weapons blatent cheating by Dave. This match had it all. Big Dave kicking out of the Tit Drop was shocking as I read it one line at a time and thought that was the end and Titus was staying. The finsh was awesome reversing mid-air to hit the Stamp Of Authority. The only way Titus would have gone out stronger was if he became WZCW Champion in his last match. I'm sad to see Titus go and hope that this is not permanent. As for Dave he desperatly needs putting in the Main Event and needs to lose the EurAsian title somehow. Problem is nobody from the midcard is good enough to beat him..Perhaps vacating it may be the best option.

    Backstage Segment 5 - Crashin Movement

    This was nice, the Crashins giving Kurtesy confidence for the match. Could we be about to witness one of the biggest shocks in WZCW ever.

    Dr Steven Kurtesy vs Ty Burna vs Showtime Cougar vs Vengeance - WZCW World Heavyweight Championship - Hell In A Cell

    Wow what a match up here. Everybody in the match looked strong and all had their moments to shine. Ty winning was the right call but anybody could have won this and It wouldn't have been a total shock as everybody in the match looks championship material. Interesting to see what the future holds for Ty. The obvious choice would be to fued with Showtime who is the now the only face in the Main Event untill Bratchnys return (if that happens). Vengeance goes out in style and, like Titus, hopefully they will come back in the future. Where does Kurtesy go from here. This next month is going to be interesting.
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    First off, congratulations to Reckless Youth & Ty Burna for winning the World Tag Team Titles & World Heavyweight Championship respectively.

    Now I'm going to break it down into Positives and Negatives:


    Writing: The writing for every match was very well done. Nicely executed and overall was incredibly well done.

    Opening Match: Was a Nice Way to get Blade & Phoenix on the PPV and we saw a decent match between these two with Phoenix taking the win thanks to that foreign object.

    Kravinoff's Demise: The Crashin's had a poor night (we'll get to that later) but this was a good way to show that they are all about making an impact. It made sense to get Kravinoff off of TV and this was the best way to do it. Now I do have a slight complaint. Why was Holmes carrying a strap here and not later in the night? Little bit of a continuity error. Overall though, nice work.

    Tag Team Titles: Good to see Toyota going through with the defence despite having no Kravinoff. I was surprised that Hammond was called upon but it worked well. It's a shame that Coco is leaving the fed but we once again have new tag team champions, however I sense that a certain Movement may be after those belts ;)

    Mayhem Match: While I wasn't necessarily happy with the outcome (No one likes Losing), this made sense booking wise. An absolute war as Dave described it, Baez & Holmes really wanted the win and I felt that this was reflected well in the writing. The fact that Baez retains, and only by the skin of his teeth, was a good finish, but he better be wary, this is FAR FROM OVER :icon_twisted:

    Jones & Baez: While the Crashin Movement/Baez situation may not be over just yet, it's necessary to have other challengers step up. Jones is without a doubt a top contender and his appearance made sense.

    Dave vs. Titus: This had the feeling of an epic battle and the build up gave it that extra boost. It was a really well written episode and I really loved how you were never 100% sure who was going to win. I honestly thought Titus might have won at points but ultimately Dave won. This should be Dave's final act with the belt though. It serves no further purpose for Big Dave and I think he should drop it at the upcoming PPV. Titus' departure was very sad and I'm sure was emotional for Lee to read.

    Hell in a Cell: This one had everything. drama, Blood, passion & Fury. Ty is our new champion? An interesting scenario seeing as he's a tweener of sorts at the moment. Giving him the rub over Vengeance was okay with me and I felt it was fitting that Vengeance lose to him of all people. I just hope that Ty is ready to give that belt up to Crashin Movement :p


    Austin Reynolds vs. Chris Beckford: I honestly was surprised by the result of this match. I felt Beckford had the better RP and form a booking standpoint I thought he was going to win. Now it sort of immobilises him. he has nowhere to go in that division with Reynolds on top, I'm not sure what he can do. It just sort of derails him. Reynolds will also need a new challenger and he may not have to look too far with Holmes arriving on the Ratings Spike this coming Meltdown.

    Constantine vs. Everest vs. Crashin: Booking wise it made sense BUT I have to disagree with the idea that Dog would be pinned. Everest is a bigger name that Doug Crashin and a win for Constantine over him would helped propel him further forward into the Main Event (which I feel is somewhat inevitable).

    Excellent PPV with only a few points that I disagree on but overall a well executed PPV.
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    Meltdown 46

    Sam Smith, Hays and Justin Cooper def. Bud Dakota, Ferbian and Brad Bomb
    Entertaining little six man tag that not only showcased the new talent, with Hays in particular shining again for me, but also building a potential feud between Dakota and Bomb with the allegiances of Ferbian, Smith and Cooper somewhat unclear for some added intrigue.

    Winters backstage
    Brief and to the point with regards to the good character of Winters. Perhaps the only thing missing was a glimpse of the darkness in Winters that has been hinted at when Барбоса’s name was been brought in the RP and that Барбоса suggested.

    Mark Hancock def. Matthew Fox
    I understand that Creative had it’s hands tied a little with regards to this contest but I thought the silliness with the ‘Men In Black’ style android was unnecessary. The thorough pulverising squash Fox received from Hancock was well done and enough to satisfy the indiscretion.

    The Ratings Spike w/ Showtime
    Great dynamic between these two. I like that the similarities were picked upon and it did a good job in making the Elite X title look important and built their match on Ascension. Good work.

    Michael ‘The Truth’ Winters def. Барбоса
    I am not going to lie - I thought I had done enough to get the victory in this but I was by no means disappointed with the contest. Барбоса was made to look strong in defeat while Winters was elevated further as he defeated someone of consequence. Loved the straight-jacket choke into the Split Personality - just how I pictured it being used. We also saw the many sides of Барбоса and I liked the interaction of the commentators not really knowing how to take him. “Fapsixoca” made me chuckle. Definitely would not mind seeing more of these two.

    Ferbian in Myles’ Office
    Again some nice hype for the title matches. Ferbian clearly has dug a hole for himself by being presumptuous and it is always nice to see a ‘mystery’ opponent

    Chris Jones def. Wilhelm Wunderbar and Steven Holmes to retain the WZCW Mayhem Championship
    A good outing of what Holmes would call “garbage wrestling” without going over the top. Of course, this match will be remembered most for the finish which was tremendous. Channelling Eddie.

    Baez and Stacey Madison
    “Eating” popcorn with a mask on - fantastic. Baez did seem a little bit glib when talking about one of the biggest matches of his career though.

    Phoenix def. Everest to advance to the final of the Gold Rush Tournament
    Seemed a little bit short but I gather that this might be for storyline purposes regarding Everest’s decline while Phoenix gets his big victory through some skulduggery. If so it fulfilled its purpose well.

    Kurtsey backstage w/ Becky Serra plus Falcon
    Kurtsey continues his rise by targeting the champion. I liked the Falcon appearance and his chasing Becky only to be cut off. Nice to see the development is not forgotten.

    WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna def. Dr. Steven Kurtesy in a non-title match
    Kurtsey again looks strong even in defeat while Ty continues his good run as top dog. The Crashin Movement looked a little weak with their complete failure of an interference - has Kurtsey out-grown them perhaps? Nice tease between Ty and Phoenix to get readers thinking about the out-come of the Gold Rush.

    Highlight of the Night
    The finish to the Mayhem Championship match.

    Match of the Night
    Probably a bit biased but I thought Winters vs. Барбоса did the best job in showcasing and building the characters and move sets of both.

    Good job, chaps!
  8. Барбоса

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    Ascension 21

    Big Dave and Everest
    I like the dynamic of the veteran Everest being on the downward slope and the question posed by guys like Big Dave in that is it due to a diminishing of Everest’s abilities or because the roster is getting more competitive. It would seem that it may be a bit of both as Everest himself talks about not being on his A game. Big Dave is as cocky and brash as always and like a typical heel has failed to learn from his punishment of being thrown out of the Gold Rush. Good opening segment that teases a PPV encounter.

    Mr. Baller def. Jordan Lights
    Quite a strange dynamic in this one. The match itself was solid but it was called as an intense match up with a long standing history but turned out to be a rather decisive victory for Baller. A lot of tapping out in this weeks TV too.

    Blade and Phoenix backstage
    I always appreciate little history lessons like the mentioning of Blade’s debut at a passed edition of the upcoming PPV.

    Blade def. Doug Crashin
    Is there any reason why the Crashin Movement do not accompany their stable mates to the ring? I loved the ‘typo’ of Crashin Cuntter. Freudian slip anyone? Good back and forth contest. Perhaps more evidence of Crashin suffering from his career threatening injuries and maybe even having them costing him the match might have been in order.

    Ty Burna and the Ouija Board
    Nice little aside here. It shows that Ty is interested in who he might be facing and perhaps even a little worried. Strange that we did not see or hear any more from him.

    Brothers in Arms def. WZCW World Tag Team Champions, Reckless Youth in a non-title match
    Dominant display by BIA. There is something very Owen/Yoko about them and that is not a bad thing. This contest demonstrates the Reckless Youth’s titles could be in supreme jeopardy come All Or Nothing and they will need to do something drastic to retain.

    Vance Bateman and Wilhelm Wunderbar backstage
    Rematch of the triple threat or Wunderbar vs. Jones? Either could easily take place at All Or Nothing if the contest at Meltdown 46 is anything to go by.

    Baez def. Big Dave
    Perfect booking here. Big Dave does not lose any moment as he can point to the interference, that he had Baez tapping and that it was a fluke while further building his burgeoning feud with Everest. Baez gets a massive victory that could easily see him attain the next level. Well constructed match too. Competitive to begin with before Dave takes full control but Baez hangs in there long enough to prevail.

    Myles and Blade in Bateman’s office plus DK and Jalapeño
    Looking like at least a four way for the EurAsian belt between Blade, Baez, Constantine and Beckford, if not another mini tournament. Sounds great. As for DK vs. Blade next week, it may look like a foregone conclusion but perhaps the remnant of the Crashin Movement will be interested viewers. Although it is entirely possible that Bateman is not impressed as one of his new talents is going to get killed. So many possibilities.

    Gordito def. Constantine and Chris Beckford to advance to the final of the Gold Rush Tournament
    Another good contest. Not sure it was as good as Beckford/Constantine last time but still enjoyable. Perhaps only the finish let it down a little with Beckford down a lot longer than Constantine and still getting pinned. Nice little interaction at the end between Phoenix and Gordito, building up the final., although Constantine standing tall did overshadow it a bit. Nevertheless, it gives Constantine some good fodder to complain about seeing as he was not pinned.

    Austin Reynolds def. Showtime Dave Cougar to retain the Elite X Championship
    These two are very alike and it was quite rightly a close run thing with Reynolds needing to pull out the heavy artillery to prevail. Another PPV quality match and perhaps we will see a gimmick rematch at All Or Nothing.

    Highlight of the Night
    Baez beating Big Dave.
    Match of the Night
    While Reynolds/Cougar was a great contest, I thought that Baez vs. Big Dave ticked every box for me.
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    MD 46 (I'll do ascension when I have more free time)

    Sam Smith, Hays and Justin Cooper def. Bud Dakota, Ferbian and Brad Bomb: Great match that showcased 6 people which I am sure is hard to do. Of course I liked the finish (duh) and I like the possible avenues that you can go with Smith, Cooper, Dakota, Ferbian, and Bomb. However, it really leaves it unclear to me were Hays is going as at the end. He did pick up the win with "My Swag" submission move so I'm assuming you have something for him. But who what and where? This leaves me wanting to know more about what the plans are for Hays.

    Winters Segment:Its short and simple and very effective. He comes off as someone who is looking to god as one who is about to go into battle during the crusades looked to god. Not sure if you trying for this or not.

    Hancock vs. Fox: It might be because I haven't been here long but I am really not sure that you needed to do the whole MIB thing. It just seems like a comedy act that Santanio and Koslov would do. Funny and shocking at the time but no lasting effect and gets duller as one rereads it.

    Ratings Spike Awesome. Its was very effective in setting up a fued and match between the two. If WWE or TNA made a segment this caliber every week then Wrestling might just be worthy enough to watch again. I like the interaction between the two the mosta and how Austin says he is better. It makes me want Showtime to win and show him his place.

    Winters vs. Barbosa: I liked the match. It seemed like it was a hard contested fight between two people who wanted to win. However, I wish Barbosa’s split personality would have been shown more as it didn’t really feel like this “feud” could continue. It just felt like another match on the card. Personally, you could have had Barbosa say something maniacal after laughing. Say have him laughing then sit up and get real serious all of the sudden then talk maniacally to Winters or have Winters say something like he’s going to save Barbosa from his demons. That’s if you want to keep the feud going, which me personally, think it could be something really good for the two of them. (Again this me personally)

    Myles and Ferb Not really sure where this will go. Therefore my comments about his is N/A.

    Triple threat for Mayhem Championship Perhaps my favorite match of the night. The outcome was pure brilliance, however, my main compliant is Holmes using weapons. To me he wants to destroy the “garbage wrestling” known as Mayhem Division, yet stoops to their level. However, that may be due to me being fairly new to the fed.

    Beaz BackstageTo me this is a lot better segment than the Ferb and Myles segment. This one actually got me to laugh and I thought it was very effective as a way to break up the matches.

    Phoenix vs. Everest: This was a good match and I could really feel what the announcers where saying throughout the match.
    However, in the early part of the match it just seemed move after move with no transition to the different moves. I did like the end with tights as it helps show that Phoenix is a heel and felt that was an appropriate finish that could be used later down the line if warranted.

    Kurtesy, Becky, Falcon backstage: The part with Kurtesy was really added to his bout later on but the part with Falcon just seemed outta place on MD as the House hasn’t came out yet (at least I haven’t seen it) and I haven’t seen any other interaction between the two.

    Kurtesy vs. Ty: Great match that had the interference of the Crahsin Movement that Ty handled like a champ. Really, showed that he is legit. 2 legit. Therefore he must quit. For he is Unlegit.(Anyone who gets that last few lines let me know) Back to the show, I felt this match showed that Ty is a deserving Champion who isn’t afraid from competition.

    The Ending Segment Was done really well. I like the added touch of Phoenix coming up on screen. I don’t know what it is about this segment but I just liked it.
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  10. Ferbian

    Ferbian Has Returned.

    Nov 26, 2009
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    Meltdown 47

    Opening Segment: Enjoyed it. It hyped the match for later on very well, as well as it made Ty look good when he's going into All or Nothing, without making the other two look weak.

    Baller vs Winters: Quick and sweet match. Made Winters look good, and obviously continued his undefeated streak. Nothing too big here if I must say, but it was decently written nonetheless, it's not that. There just wasn't much to the match as a whole, it came off as more of a filler if you will.

    Crashin' Movement Segment: Interesting, and gave a bit of mystique to the plans for the Mayhem Title.

    Barbosa vs Killjoy: Made Barbosa look great, that's pretty much the primary thing I can say here. I think it helped both people that it had to end in somewhat of a crooked finish if you will. Well written.

    Brother In Arms vs Brad Bomb and Bud Dakota: More or less a squash match if you will. Quick match that had Brothers in Arms looking strong, shame for Bomb and Dakota, but I could see why it happened due to Bud not writing a RP.

    Nice attack afterwards though by the Crashin' Movement.

    Big Dave vs Jalapeno: Yep, squash match. Nothing more to that. But it made Dave look good, so can't complain about it I guess.

    Austin Reynolds vs John Constantine: I liked the fact that it all started off with being a promo between Reynolds and Showtime that hyped their Elite X championship match.. Especially the interruption by John. It was perhaps the best part of the show up till this part at least. Also, fairly sweet match between the two. Not too long, but not too short either. Made both of them look good with John gaining momentum.

    Also well done at announcing the Eurasian Championship match.

    Wunderbar vs Chris Jones: Short but sweet match. Did well at crowning a new champion. Also, was the match supposed to not be in bold?

    Phoenix vs Gordito: I'll admit. It came as a surprise for me to see Phoenix loose this one. But I can't blame creative for going with Gordito. Both have been doing great, and this match was perhaps the Match of the Night.

    Overall great show. Hyped the Pay Per View nicely as well as gave a few fillers here and there which I think would've been needed.

    Ascension 22

    Opening Segment: You can never go wrong with a multi-man segment with all people involved in a specific title match. I love them in WWE, and I loved this one.

    Cooper & Hays vs Reckless Youth: Quick tag team match that generally made Cooper and Hays look strong for taking down the champions in the first time they teamed alone together.

    The Crashin Movement are certainly on a roll. Vacating another championship was a rather nice touch. It makes them look strong, especially considering they're challengers for the championship now. Also, is Barbosa going into that match alone?

    Sam Smith vs Jordan Lights: This was a rather good back and forth match. Had both of them looking strong with Jordan Lights getting the victory after a well fought match by both competitors.

    Chris Beckford vs Ferbian: I loved this match to no end really. Was it because I was involved? Partially, was it because it was perhaps my favorite match of the night perhaps even week? Most definitely. But also, because even if I lost it, we both looked great. Either one of Beckford or Ferbian could've won this match. Very back and forth, and I liked the fact that we saw a finisher kick-out between these two. I didn't expect Ferbian to pick up his first victory against a seasoned guy like Beckford, but it certainly wasn't a bad compromise. While I'm at it, doesn't Beckford do like a shitloads of taunts?

    Backstage Segment: Interesting switch of partners. I think these two could work our fairly well leading up to the Tag Team Championship match.

    DK Wilton vs Blade: Decent match that had Wilton looking good against a winning Blade. Nothing out of the ordinary I would expect.

    Showtime vs Kurtesy: More or less a filler that helped the purpose of hyping Showtime vs Reynolds if you ask me. Certainly not that it's a bad thing, but there really wasn't much to expect from this match. But it was how it should be I guess.

    Also love the 30 minute iron man match stipulation being introduced.

    Hancock vs Holmes: Certainly made the Crashin' Movement once again look strong. However this time in a more official match. Holmes really had to win this match if he wanted to have any kind of consistent momentum going into All or Nothing.

    Backstage Segment: Ty looking strong as always. Kicking DK Wiltons ass was warranted I guess.

    Everest vs Ty Burna: Great match as well. Not quite the best (Look up earlier you'll know what I mean) but it was certainly good. Ty looked strong without it hurting Everest due to Dave smacking the shit out of him, which by the way was a beautiful ending.

    Overall great show just as well.

    Overall comments: Great round of RP for both shows. Both hyped the Pay Per View nicely, and I must admit I can't wait for my triple threat, or for any of the other matches.

    Also, if one could tell me. How come only some people get specific video's linked for their entrances, while others just have a description of ... hits and ... enters?
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  11. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    Meltdown 47

    Opening Segment: Phoenix, Ty and Gordito
    Good back and forth between the potential members of the AoN main event. I like how Phoenix brought up the "same old cat call" regarding Ty's boasting as he does seem to bring it up quite often. Also Ty does seem to be a little more heelish recently and particularly so here. Solid start though.

    Michael "The Truth" Winters def. Mr Baller
    A nice straightforward contest that I really liked. It made Winters look strong and smart without doing Baller any undue damage.

    Backstage - The Crashin Movement Plotting
    Some teased tension before what I would perceive as more evidence that Kurtsey is the real brains behind the Movement. Some good intrigue here to as a foreshadowing of later events.

    Baez def. Барбоса
    Against much like the Baller/Winters match, Baez continues his forward momentum without doing any real damage to Барбоса. Perhaps the newcomer could have done with a little more of a sustained offensive rather than resorting solely to his trademark moves. It would have made Baez's counter all the more unexpected.

    Brothers in Arms def. Brad Bomb and Bud Dakota
    Is it my understanding that there was a missing RP from Dakota? If so then unlike the dealing with Matt Fox, this was used perfectly. Not only was the defeat of Dakota amusing - I thought to myself while reading "there is nothing small about a Toyota small package" only for Copeland to say it - but his injury was used to further a story line. Good stuff.

    Big Dave def. Jalapeño
    Sorry, Jalapeño but this was only going to go one way. The go-home show before a PPV and you had the bad luck of drawing the short straw of Big Dave in a bad mood. Simple and effective.

    Austin Reynolds and Showtime
    More good stuff between these two. Probably the best promo of the week again, setting up a big, big match for AoN

    Constantine def. Elite X Champion, Austin Reynolds (non-title)
    As much as I enjoyed this match and understand the finish, I could not help but feel that this should have been saved for a later PPV. Perhaps Reynolds and Showtime could have been forced to team up against Constantine and A.N Other. At least our hero got some kind of reward for beating one of the company's champions clean with a title shot, although I can imagine what Constantine will have to say about such a watered down reward

    Wilhelm Wunderbar def. Chris Jones (c) to become the new WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Good psychology on Wunderbar's part although the ending seemed a little squashy. I also have similar thoughts about this match as to the previous. Why not just have the title change at AoN instead and have a preliminary match first? Perhaps with Jones outsmarting Wunderbar again?

    Gold Rush Tournament Final - Gordito def. Phoenix to become No.1 contender to the WZCW title
    Something of a shock here but a welcome one. It did seem like Gordito's victory came out of nowhere as Phoenix had dominated the large part of the matchup and even if it was not meant that way, it adds to the underdog story of a supposed lower card talent getting to the big time by going through all the big stars

    Highlight of the Night
    Gordito winning Gold Rush

    Match of the Night
    A tough decision but I really liked the simplicity of Winters/Baller
  12. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    Ascension 22

    Opening Segment: Constantine Pisses Off Everyone
    Ah, the "hero" that everyone hates. Is that not just the way any politician sees himself? And yet they like to think that they are respected and at times loved and yet are surprised when it is proven not to be the case - this is Constantine in a nutshell and I love it. However, I don't want to sound accusatory or presumptive but the stipulation of the final three in a triple threat just seems like another cheap way to keep the belt from Constantine while preserving his "undefeated" record... perhaps I'll be proven wrong

    Hays and Cooper def. WZCW Tag Team Champions Reckless Youth (non-title)
    Much like my review of Brothers in Arms defeating Brad Bomb and Bud Dakota on Meltdown, I like the use of a punishment to further a storyline with the added bonus of promoting more of the new characters. Finally the Crashin Movement are doing something other than fail to help each other in their matches. Me like.

    Jordan Lights def. Sam Smith
    Nice contest between the two here. Sort of the reverse of the Baller/Winters match with the veteran getting the win. I almost wanted it to end in a double countout to tease more between these two.

    Chris Beckford def. Ferbian
    Great match here again giving the rookie a chance to shine in defeat while the winner gets some much needed momentum for AoN with the decisive finish.

    Blade def. DK Wilton
    Similar to Beckford/Ferbian but to a lesser extent and a tweener vs rookie heel. As KB would say, they both made sense.

    Dr. Steven Kurtsey def. Showtime via countout
    I have really liked the entirety of the Reynolds/Showtime feud and this was no exception. Reynolds needed to interfere and cost Showtime by DQ/countout and that is what happened. Just added more fuel to their fire at AoN. The only thing that was missing was that perhaps BIA/Bomb/Graham could have tried to ambush The Movement. Perhaps Crashin could have been clobbered.

    Steven Holmes def. Mark Hancock
    It is important to show that not only can the Movement beat the piss out of people, they can also win matches and this did a good job of that. But again I feel that a trick was missed for BIA/Bomb/Graham to confront the Movement would have added more to the Guantlet match.

    Backstage Segment: Zakk Falcon, Cory Allen, Jonny Sherman, DK Wilton and the Champ
    I liked the lesson but again is Ty meant to be a heel?

    WZCW Champion Ty Burna def. Everest
    Again this went down how it should. Gordito needed to make an appearance and Big Dave needed to interfere while the match itself needed to be long enough for neither the Champ or Everest to lose any momentum going into a PPV. Good stuff.

    Highlight of the Night
    Constantine running away

    Match of the Night
  13. Super Crazy


    Jun 14, 2006
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    Meltdown 47

    Opening segment between Ty, Gordito, and Phoenix
    - Well written segment to start off the show. Typical trash talk and a great way to set up the main event between Phoenix and Gordito.

    Baller vs Winters - Quick match and impressive showing for Winters. Typical back and forth action and neither man looked weak which is good as both have big matches coming up at AoN.

    Crashin Movement segment - Interesting segment teasing some tension as well as showing the Crashin Movement still being up to no good. Kurtesy seems to be teasing as more of the leader then Crashin too somewhat.

    Baez vs Барбоса - Baez seems to be steady steam rolling his way up the card, taking on all comers and putting on great performances each time.

    Brothers in Arms def. Brad Bomb and Bud Dakota/Aftermath
    - Nice little tag team match. Quite a surprise for such a huge man to perform a small package. Nice surprise ending to the match. Once this segment happened it became obvious the Movement wants the tag team gold, involving themselves in a tag team match. Nice little sneak attack to set up a match for the pay per view and hopefully a feud to come after.

    Big Dave def. Jalapeño - Simply put Dave needed to look dominant going into the pay per view and no RP here certainly aided in that as Dave dominated and showed why he should have not been taken out of the World Title tournament.

    Showtime/Reynolds, Reynolds vs Constantine, Constantine/Myles - Great back and forth between Showtime and Reynolds, definitely an excellent segment. Showtime shows his cockiness by putting in the clause, however you have to believe that underneath the cockiness is a huge amount of respect for Austin Reynolds. Now the match we'd all been anticipating since the debut of Constantine, and an excellent match at that. Great match here with neither man looking weak, lots of back and forth action with Reynolds unfortunately coming up short in the end. Nice little segment to set up the match at the pay per view for the title, Constantine's definitely going to have his hands full in the upcoming match at AoN.

    Wilhelm Wunderbar vs Chris Jones
    - Nice match here. I've always loved the crazy action in the Mayhem division. Very entertaining read with a nice finish and victory for Wilhelm Wunderbar.

    Phoenix vs Gordito - I won't lie, I was expecting Phoenix to win this match completely. Gordito has quickly risen up the card and is definitely a new challenge for Ty. It should be interesting to see how Gordito fairs in the main event of AoN. However, this match was a great match with tons of action and it is nice to see another fresh face brought up to the main event. Nice stare down between Ty and Gordito to end the show.

    My rating for this show is definitely 5 stars. Guess you could say Reynolds truly does bring ratings. Excellent show all around from the folks on Creative. My match of the night for Meltdown definitely has to be Reynolds vs Constantine for obvious reasons.
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  14. Da Prophet

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    Dec 12, 2009
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    All or Nothing Review

    Well everyone seems very excited for this PPV, the card looks very good. With the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Ty and Gordito . The 6 pack challenge for the Eurasian Championship, knowing we are going to crown NEW tag Champions. The match between Dave and Everest, plus the match which will blow the PPV buys sky high. Showtime vs Reynolds in an Ironman Match. Some exciting stuff is going to happen.

    Cool little "video" to start off the PPV, always liked them. Awesome graphic with Ty on it, looking very cool. So it seems that the first match will be the Tag Championship match.

    Gauntlet Match (WZCW Tag Team Championships)
    Going into this match I thought it would come down to two team BIA and The Crashin Movement. Really want to see how Barbosa goes in this match, and he is going to start. I really did like this match, you had Barbosa look very strong in beaten The High Society. He was nearly always in control, so he did look very good. I really did think this match was about the Movement, the other teams were just in the match. But the story that was put into this match was all Movement. And we have NEW tag Champions, Good opener for the PPV.

    Cool little backstage segment between Blade and Phoenix, not much to say.

    Triple Threat ( Place in Lethal Lottery)
    Building toward the next PPV is always good. Gaining the first place in a big even like Lethal Lottery could be a big advantage. The match was great, it made Ferbian look very strong, even without a win. He went toe to toe with guys who have been around longer than him. He had the match won, until the last moment. Very good way to get him over.

    Mayhem Title Match
    This is a fun match, this type of match is what the Mayhem division is. You can do anything, weapons are used, just chaos. It's good to see the title stay in the same place and not change hands. Since the title change hands only weeks ago, I thought it was good it stayed where it is.

    Little backstage promo by Doug, doing the segment for the Movement. Hey why not, let the NEW Champions take a rest.

    Six Pack Challenge (Eurasian Championship)
    Another vacant title, well this match was my second favourite. It was a very smart beginning to the match. With everyone going after John. He is my pick to win the thing, but that just made it anybodies game. It left the field wide open, and made the match better. If he had came second, then I don't think the match would have been as good. Plus you get a little story out of it. Great work by Beckford to, about time.

    Interview with Gordito, talks about how he will become the Champion in a second. To bad you need 3.

    Big Dave vs Everest
    Grudge match here, and it was very good. I wasn't a fan of the ending to it, as I wanted to see a winner. But this could lead to Lethal Lottery or somewhere else down the road.

    John has plan for later tonight.....

    Iron Man Match (Elite X Championship)
    My favourite match on the PPV, it was awesome. You had both men with a chance of winning here. The build was great, everything was on the line. Plus you add the Iron Man factor, and you have a match for the ages. Showtime showed some dominance early, then you had the comeback of Reynolds. Who was able to even it up. The ending here was something I loved! Having the chair shot from John was great. Well done.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    I was going to be surprised if Ty didn't lose, but I wanted to see him win. Which he did, really liked this match. It was a battle, and to see Ty come out of it as a winner was great. Having only won the title back at the last PPV, I thought he needed this win. Again a solid match, with the best possible ending.

    Overall Thoughts
    This was a really well done PPV, you had the great build for each match. You had some fantastic RP's going into it. So it mad the outcome of every match hard to predict. Well done to creative for such a great PPV.
  15. ABMorales787

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    All Or Nothing.

    A solidly written show with a great match card looking to establish newer names on the top. That sums up pretty well what the show did. The opening Tag Team match seemed a tad rushed when compared to previous stuff like the Steel Cage 4 team match, but it worked pretty well. The Mayhem match sounded very brutal as new blood continues to rise there. I loved most of the Elite X match, but I felt like the ending mirrored the Bound For Glory swerve at the end. But it still continues to establish Constantine and turn Showtime heel successfully. But I liked face Showtime :( Chris Beckford finally won a big title match. Too bad he had to let Baez get exhausted after kicking Blade around for 35 and a half minutes. :p It sets up many scenarios for the coming months with the action that took place in the ring. The main event did it's job to a tee. Gordito got the rub. Can't ask for nothing more. I'm also hoping to see Everest and Dave go on and hopefully settle their differences after the stalemate they reached.

    Great stuff as usual. 8/10.
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  16. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    All Or Nothing 2010

    First we get a simple but effective intro highlighting the four big contests. I love that poster featuring Ty plus the All Or Nothing logo is sweet.

    Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The Crashin Movement def. Brothers in Arms, Tucker Graham and Brad Bomb, The High Society and Барбоса to become WZCW World Tag Team Champions

    Interesting way to start a big PPV... with a sociopath. I must give a shout out to Thriller here as he clearly seems to have done his research regarding the Барбоса that was going to appear at AoN from my last RP. There was no sign of the depressed or manic sides. It was pure aggression; although perhaps Bateman got his revenge on Барбоса forcing his way into the match by having him out there first... something I might have to address in my next RP.

    But let's get to the match itself. Барбоса was made to look strong despite his forlorn hope draw - taking out any tag team single-handed is no mean feat. Nice to see the entire arsenal being deployed as well including the Doppelgänger getting the first pinfall and revenge on Hays for making a fool of Барбоса in the Contract Battle Royale at MD45. Could not expect much more than that though, especially against BIA and they made short work of him and rightfully so.

    As for the rest of the match, I think Creative needed to be very wary of shooting their proverbial bolt all in one multi-team match and I think they did that well. Graham and Bomb could easily have gotten their hands on the Crashin Movement and cleared up all the issues so that the in-coming Motor City Psychos fall straight into a Tag Title programme.

    However, instead the match remained about Kurtsey and Holmes continuing their destructive ways and at the same time opening doors on future feuds. Graham and Bomb could easily square up to BIA for ruining their shot at revenge while the debuting MCP could clash with High Society all while the Movement picks their spot to attack and further weaken their competition.

    From somewhat languishing a few weeks ago, there is now some considerable depth to the tag division.

    Backstage: Blade and Phoenix

    Another nice little confrontation between these two. I have liked how the tension between them has been built up without them saying very much. I foresee a big blowout match in the future or a potential uniting as a team...

    Mr. Baller def. Ferbian and “Justice” Jordan Lights to qualify for Lethal Lottery

    On the face of things, this was the "throw away" match on the card but by having it a competitive contest of decent length, it builds the importance not just of Baller's victory over his rival but also the importance of a spot in the Lethal Lottery. Ferbian definitely seems to be in the same boat as Барбоса - several strong performances but no actual victories to show for it! Perhaps the only thing I would have had different was a less clean finish with Baller hooking the tights or using the ropes to pin Lights but it was still very entertaining.

    "Das Kaizer" Wilhelm Wunderbar def. "The Saviour" Chris Jones to retain the WZCW Mayhem Championship

    Once again the Mayhem division demonstrates that hardcore matches can still have some psychology and actual wrestling involved in it as well as some brutal spots, including the Lifesaver onto the steps. Loved the finish too.

    Backstage: The Crashin Movement celebrate

    Nice recap of the transformation of the Movement. Maybe something else about how tag gold was only the first step or maybe slagging off the other teams would have added some intrigue

    6 Pack Elimination Challenge: Chris Beckford def. Blade, Michael "The Truth" Winters, Phoenix, Baez the Killjoy and "Salvation" John Constantine to win the vacant WZCW EurAsian Championship

    Well my theory was quickly proven wrong! I had Constantine getting to the final three and not get pinned but not win the title. Of course what actually happened made perfect sense as the Power Trip had been rubbing everybody up the wrong way like every good (or is that bad) politician would do.

    Perhaps there is more to my Blade/Phoenix team than even I thought as they help each other... Oh no, Rebirth might have ended much of that talk and now they are beating the crap out of each other

    Such a large number of participants in a match can make it very difficult to follow when it is written on paper and it can quickly become a clusterfeck. For the most part this was avoided with the early elimination, the occasional interjection by the annoucers and the timing of the other eliminations.

    Also much like the Tag Gauntlet, the opportunity was taken to build more potential feuds. Blade/Phoenix looks a certainty; Constantine may have something to say about his ambushing (although his later antics might remove him from this picture) while I would like to see more of Baez and the new champ. As for Winters, perhaps we shall see him square off with the "spare wheel" from the Tag Gauntlet...

    Backstage: Gordito

    Nice mention of Gordito being the underdog but still riding the wave of having beaten many of the top names in WZCW

    Everest and Big Dave fought to a draw

    Much like Blade/Phoenix, I think this was only a taster of what is to come between these two. Neither (or both depending on how you look at it) could pick up the victory with their heavy artillery and it certainly whetted my appetite for more.

    Backstage: Intrigue Thy Name Is Constantine

    You can't keep a good gimmick down. Even an ass-kicking from the entire mid card could not keep Constantine from our screens. I for one am glad.

    30 min Iron Man match: "Showtime" Dave Cougar def. "The Ratings Winner" Austin Reynolds by 4 falls to 3 to win the WZCW Elite X Championship

    Superb Reynolds video.

    This has easily been my favourite feud of the passed months. The promos have been great as have the matchs with two very similar personalities colliding. Better still, it looks like it is far from over. With the manipulation of the rules by Showtime at the finish and the interjection of Constantine, we have several possibilities regarding the future direction of this feud. A lot will depend on how the Constantine/Showtime relationship plays out - was it one time thing or a more long term arrangement to elevate both? And will Reynolds go it alone against any potential "Showtime Power Trip"? Great stuff.

    Ty Burna def. Gordito to retain the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship

    Ty continues his streak of success but was pushed all the way by Gordito. I could easily see these two have a series of matches without any kind of gimmick stipulations although if this was going to happen then perhaps Gordito should have passed out from blood loss rather than tap out. Still an entertaining title match that made me want to see more.

    Shock of the Night
    Constantine's elimination

    Spot of the Night
    Wunderbar kicking out of the Lifesaver on the steps

    Highlight of the Night
    "Showtime Power Trip"

    Match of the Night
    Reynolds vs Showtime
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  17. FunKay the Inevitable

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    May 11, 2008
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    Okay so we're fresh off of yet another WZCW extravaganza, this time it's All or Nothing. It was an event where the Winds of Change were blowing as a certain Englishman would say. Let's not beat around the bush though as I break this one into the positives and the negatives.


    The Writing: For the second consecutive PPV, this is top of the agenda. There are two new members to the creative team in FalKon & Numbers, whilst Showtime is outgoing but this was a well oiled unit and they wrote some of the finest matches I've seen thus far in my tenure here in WZCW. Simply great work fellas.

    The Graphics:
    Phoenix did an outstanding job with the graphics for this PPV. His match card looked not only professional but absolutely brilliant. That poster is truly a piece of art and I admire Phoenix for putting something like that together, a really great job from you this time round.

    Tag Team Gauntlet:

    Wasn't sure on this going first but I understand why. This one was really all about the Crashin Movement and two of the teams wanting to get their hands on them, whilst Барбоса was providing an interesting side attraction. The match itself was well constructed and it delivered a lot of quick, fast paced action. Барбоса looked strong, taking out a team single handed, whilst it came down to the pre-match favourites in Brothers in Arms & The Crashin Movement, and the heels stole this one. Obviously I'm very happy about this as I am now ONE HALF OF THE NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! From a purely fan perspective, I actually thought this was the right decision as it opens a lot of doors with everyone hoping to knock off the big bad heel champions as they look to continue their dominance and it seems that Tag team wresting is experiencing a renaissance of sorts right now..oh yeah and


    I'm very interested in this match and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this one goes from here as this has the potential to be a great rivalry. I look forward to some further development between these two, especially after the Six Man Match.

    Mayhem Championship:

    Oh yeah, this shows that Mayhem can be one hell of a fun place to watch wrestling. While the Movement seems to have failed in it's destruction of the division, it seems to have changed the style slightly, giving it more of a wrestling based style, whilst also enhancing it with the use of weapons and such. Wunderbar retaining here was no great surprise as he'd only just captured the title but he had one hell of a fight to keep it and this was a really exciting contest.

    Crashin Addresses WZCW:

    I had no problem with this whatsoever. Crashin is essentially the mouthpiece and he did his job as he told the company that it would take someone or something remarkable to derail the momentum of the Movement. He was the creator of the Movement and this was him laying down the gauntlet whilst also congratulating his team mates.

    EurAsian 6 Pack Elimination Challenge:

    First off, the Constantine twist was terrific as I felt that he had been highly praised as the man to beat, and also was the out-right favourite with everyone so to take him out of the equation was perfectly fine with me, in fact it added and element of mystery as no one really knew what to expect next. The match went back and forth, like an absolute war and it was interesting to see where this one went. Feuds are at the ready heading towards lethal Lottery and beyond with Phoenix & Blade going to continue their battles and Baez vs. Beckford being a real possibility. Big congratulations to Beckford whose hard work has been rewarded here as he deserves this for all his hard work & dedication.

    Leon Interviews Gordito:

    Made perfect sense to have this here. The ultimate underdog to say the least as Gordito went from relative newcomer to #1 contender in a little under six months. His thoughts needed to be explored and they were, briefly.

    Everest vs. Big Dave:

    Personally, I actually wanted to see Everest cave Dave's skull in, for a number of reasons, most notable being the sheer arrogance of Dave, and his retiring of Titus. That is the mark of a truly great heel and I really was looking forward to this one, perhaps more than others. These two totally brought it and I think Everest may have squashed talk of him being in the 'twilight of his career' as Copeland said. I was actually a fan of the finish as it made both men look strong and continues this one leading into Lethal Lottery.

    Constantine Gets a Telegram:

    I'm a little weird on Constantine, I thought his re-invention was...unnecessary to tell you the truth, especially with guys like Winters & Jones around already 'saving' people and such, so I was pleasantly surprised when this came up and led to...

    Elite X Iron Man Match:

    First off, I love that Reynolds tron, looks great. Second, I wasn't 100% certain about this coming in. Not really sure what I was expecting or quite what I wanted to see. I actually would say that it's a little bit of a step down for Showtime as he really appeared to be the heir to Titus' throne if you would, but instead he was feuding with perhaps the hottest guy in the company for a 'secondary championship'. That being said, this was an interesting contest and was again well written. While I didn't like the back story/setting, the execution was there and it delivered big time with Reynolds suffering a painful defeat thanks to the interference of Constantine. Quite what this means is another thing entirely. Is it a feud between Reynolds & Constantine or perhaps a union of Showtime & John. Very interesting.

    World Heavyweight Championship:

    This truly felt like a massive match and the David vs. Goliath aspect, while overdone in wrestling, was very well done leading into this. Gordito essentially had come off of a brilliant string of victories, including his run in the tournament o come up against his largest obstacle yet; Ty Burna, World heavyweight Champion. The sin of mutual respect was obvious but this match was entertaining as hell and I couldn't say anything more than well done to Blade for writing a terrific contest. The ending actually made me think of Rocky, while Ty won the match, Gordito had won in another sense, he went the distance, and now he knows that he can hang in there with the best of them.


    Triple Threat:

    This is not a thing about the writing or anything from that aspect, it's just that this match seemed a little odd when put on PPV. It's my personal feeling but it seemed a little forced onto the card and I really didn't know what to expect here. The writing and execution were fine and I understand that it's building towards Lethal Lottery but I'm not sure I liked this. It felt rather squeezed on.


    Excellent show, even better than the last offering and a really well constructed, written and executed show. I really can't wait for the coming weeks in WZCW.
  18. Da Prophet

    Da Prophet Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Dec 12, 2009
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    Meltdown Madness (MD 48)

    So the matches are all random, makes things very interesting to say the least. Coming off the PPV, I expect this to be a show that will move us to Lethal Lottery. And I expect a title match, and a title change.

    Opening segment:

    So the first match we set up is a Eurasian Championship match. I was right, putting it as a tag match, makes the outcome hard to predict. Nice way to go, instead of a basic multiple man match. Now we set up a Mayhem title match, couple of contenders, keeping the outcome unpredictable. And finally we set up a Lethal Lottery spot match, from seeing the people involved, my money is on John.

    Steel Cage match (LL spot)

    This was crazy, I don't know if I like this match but. I checked it out once, then came back again. Turns out I liked it better the second time around. It had a cool finish, having John crash down to the mat. It was what a cage match is supposed to be, escaping the cage. Not pinning your opponent inside, but escape to win. Just a little thing I like about my cage matches.

    Backstage with Myles:

    Cooper vs Phoenix is set up.......great, I can't wait for that. :)

    Plus Lights vs Japa, I don't think Mr Japa RPed.

    Lights vs Japa

    Squash match, I 95% sure he didn't post an RP, so I don't see anything wrong with him losing. Not much to say, GO LIGHTS!

    Myles Backstage Again

    Already picked most of the matches, poor guy. I guess he was having fun.

    Cooper vs Phoenix (Steel Chain Match)

    Phoenix really dominated this match, and look very strong. Cooper nearly made a little comeback, but was to focused on the chain. I liked the finish, it was creative. Again not much to say, saw it as the rookie getting beaten by a veteran.

    Mayhem Title Match

    This was my favourite match of the show. I didn't think Ferbian would win, but he did. I was very shocked to say the least. But he did have a very good RP, after nearly winning at All or Nothing, and in past weeks. It was good to see Ferbian gain a win, for both a character and RPer. I loved that he pinned the Champion, making the win that much better. While the focus has been on Winters from this new wave of talent, I think Ferbian is a person to watch. The match was well written, so just a great moment.

    Mr Japa gets eaten by rats

    Poor guy, I guess he doesn't like animals. I liked the line "It's almost like I don't show up at all."

    Toyota vs Graham

    Basic match here, nothing special, more or less just using the past All or Nothing match. Two guys out of two different tag teams, simple. Then we get the story with the Movement running to the ring. Looking more and more dominate every week. Just like a stable should, good work. This includes the backstage segment which takes place soon after. Making them look strong, I like how Doug is being used.

    Eurasian Title Match

    I said that I liked the idea of a tag match, it makes it feel different. I didn't want to see Beckford lose here, and it was a smart idea to have Blade take the fall. Plus the involvement of Phoenix can allow a story to evolve here. The match itself was well written, not much to say here really. I also liked that Barbosa scored the win, looking very strong are these rookies.

    Overall: Great show, full of crazy spots. A title change to a rookie, and people gaining a spot in LL. I would give it a B+.

    Mark Out Moment: Ferbian winning the Mayhem Title.
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  19. Ferbian

    Ferbian Has Returned.

    Nov 26, 2009
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    Opening segment: Actually have to admit I loved the roulette stipulation. I've always been a fan of the RAW roulette when it was going on. And this is certainly nothing I can't say I didn't mark out for. Blade's addition to it was a pretty nice touch as well.

    Steel Cage Match: Kinda surprised that Hunter went out the winner here. But then again, not really. Very back and forth match that could've easily had everybody winning. It was good, and a great first match for the show.

    Myles & Jordan Light + match: Poor Jalapeno is all I can say. He got squashed to bits. But it made Jordan look strong, especially after his loss at All Or Nothing.

    Phoenix vs Cooper: It really seemed more like a glorified squash match with a bit of offense from Justin. Phoenix won this decisively and looked strong doing it.

    Backstage: Constantine, Showtime and Reynolds: Rather interesting. I can't help but think what this has in the future for the 3 of them.

    Mayhem Championship Match: Might be a little bit biased - But I thought this was a great match. It wasn't necessarily the match of the night, but it definitely had a great amount of action. Finally Ferbian walks out a winner, and not only that, but a champion. Definitely had me marking out.

    Graham vs Toyota: Yet another glorified squash match. But really I think it was needed, Graham couldn't possibly have gotten Toyota down for a pin.

    Crashin Movement backstage: Interesting little segment. I love how they acknowledge all their recent success in title shots etc.

    Euroasian Championship match: Great match. Probably match of the night, very back and forth that had everybody looking strong. Beckford's lucky he wasn't pinned though. But nonetheless it was a great way to end the show on a high note.

    Overall comment: Great show, some real shockers and some good matches here and there. Overall a breath-taking show with a lot of action and excitement. Great job guys.

    Match of the Night: Euroasian championship match

    Moment of the night: Ferbian gets his first victory and also becomes champion.
  20. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    MD48 - Meltdown Madness

    In Ring Segment - Myles and the Roulette

    Some interesting match ups here and a real chance for the new arrivals to make an impact. I also liked how the selections show who almost got chosen, such as Blade missing out on the EurAsian title shot and Lights almost getting the World Champ.

    Triple Threat Cage Match - Hunter Kravinoff def. DK Wilton and John Constantine to qualify for the Lethal Lottery

    Glad to see Kravinoff back as well as having DK mix it in with the big names. The match itself was good with Kravinoff and DK taking on the threat of Constantine before turning on each other.

    However, for me, this kind of match shows the potential pitfalls of the random draw as it places someone like Constantine who is in a major feud in a match that has little or no bearing on said feud. The cage stipulation made it worse as it basically eliminated any chance of Reynolds interfering in any way, something which I feel was missing particularly given the later developments.

    Backstage - Myles and Lights

    Nice little mention of Lethal Lottery and how not everyone can compete in it.

    Jordon Lights def. Jalapeno

    A squash, but at least it was a squash that had a point to it with Lights getting a chance to qualify for Lethal Lottery.

    Backstage - Myles worries for his show

    Nice reminder that Myles is a heel character driven by the need to have his show considered the best and how he views the lack of many of the big names on Meltdown.

    Steel Chain on a Pole match - Phoenix def. Justin Cooper

    Thought there was slight missed opportunity for Phoenix to do something really nasty to Cooper in taking out his frustrations from AoN when the latter was tied up in the ropes and the former held the chain. Maybe we could have had an injury angle if Cooper's partner, Hays, is to be out for a couple of weeks.

    Backstage - Reynolds vs "Showtime Power Trip"

    As the cameras missed the origins of this confrontation, perhaps suggests again that Reynolds should have interfered in the cage match although I understand the need to not blow the load on this feud too quickly.

    Ferbian def. Mr Baller, Baez and Wilhelm Wunderbar to win the WZCW Mayhem Championship

    With the background regarding the Mayhem title, I fully expected a new champion here. However, and this is no slight on Ferbs, I had Baez as the firm favourite to win it with Baller an outside bet. Thought maybe that Ferbian would continue on his losing streak and use it as his gimmick in that it was never his fault that he lost. However, seeing Ferbs get the win was a pleasant surprise and maybe gives us a long term change in the Mayhem division.

    Backstage - RATS!

    Rather amusing way of removing a no show especially after he had done the job.

    Wasabi Toyaote def. Tucker Graham

    A good way to keep the tag team feud going with the Crashin Movement sticking their nose in again.

    The one thing I would say about Toyota is that he could quickly become something of an Andre the Giant character. He is seen as virtually unbeatable one-on-one so why is he in the tag division and not challenging for a singles title?

    Backstage - Crashin Movement meets Барбоса

    Nice interaction amongst the Movement regarding the chance to win another title as well as Kurtsey's attempts to control and influence Барбоса.

    Барбоса and Dr. Steven Kurtsey def. Blade and WZCW EurAsian Champion, Chris Beckford

    Once Phoenix came out to do commentary, I was pretty confident on how this was going to so it was more of a question of how the match played out and I really enjoyed it. I think that it was a testament to the writing that for the briefest of moments I actually thought that Барбоса was going to do it and steal the title from Beckford. Still a major feather in to score the victory over Blade and I really liked the interaction between Барбоса and Kurtsey with the good doctor again trying to aim and control the lunatic. There is potentially something more long term there.

    Thought maybe the announcers could have mentioned why Blade would help Beckford retain the title was perhaps the only thing really missing.

    Moment of the Night

    Ferbian winning Mayhem title/Барбоса nearly becoming EurAsian champion

    Match of the Night

    Барбоса and Dr. Steven Kurtsey def. Blade and Beckford
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  21. Showtime

    Showtime It's Showtime!

    Oct 18, 2007
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    Well now that I'm off creative I suppose this is what I'll look forward to writing every 2 weeks. Let's start backwards with Ascension.

    Meltdown Madness

    Wait this is Meltdown? Where's Dave, Ty, Everest and all the other mainstays? Actually I really like how the opening segment turned out. Roulette wheel adds quite a bit of mystery. The drawings so far are favouring the new crew to step it up and make a name for themselves. I expect one title to change hands here tonight.

    Steel Cage Match: My man Constantine was robbed. He should've been the victor. Getting past the biased... the match was pretty good. Cage match was a good type between these three as nobody was pinned or looked weak. Constantine again faced the wrath of double team and Wilton has some ground to build on. Great return for Kravinoff.

    Lights vs Jalapeno: Pourquoi? Why Jalapeno? Why didn't you RP? Well even a blind reader of WZCW could tell Lights was going to squash Jalapeno after that segment with Myles. Good match for Lights as he's redeemed his loss at AON and gets another crack at making the LL match.

    Phoenix vs Cooper: A good match, but I would've liked to see a little more from Cooper. I suppose it went the way it should've, the pissed off veteran easily handling the young tag team specialist. The match wasn't long and maybe that wasn't a bad thing as neither man looked weak. Really applaud the use of a submission ending as it continues Phoenix's mean streak he has going at the moment.

    Backstage Constantine, Showtime and Reynolds: Hey a segment I'm in. How is one man getting the adavntage over a sea of blue shirted security and two of WZCW's toughest stars? The seg adds some drama to an already bubbling feud between us three, which also leads to...

    Mayhem match: A real violent outburst. Probably my favourite match of the night. Was totally shocked to see Ferbian picking up the win, but wasn't disappointed in the least bit. Him and Barbosa have been among the better RP'ers since their arrival and it's only due to stiff competition that neither has attained victory until now. It was good to see the champion take the pin and automatically set up a feud. Baez was robbed of his 11th or whatever title reign. I'm most curious about what creative has in store for him.

    Jalapeno and the rats: A good way to kill off Jalapeno. No more midget robots in WZCW ;)

    Toyota vs Graham: Perhaps too much like a squash match, but then again it seems like the only possible scenario given the size difference. The loses have been mounting high on Graham since he won the tag titles, I'm curious as to how he'll rebound after this loss. Cue the Crashin Movement who again take out another member of a tag team and make themselves look dominant. I think Barbosa was right in a previous show review when he said the tag teams should band together and beat up the CM, couldn't agree more right now as someone needs to put them in their place.

    Crashin segment: Man those guys get to the back quickly. And were Crashin and Holmes really in suits when they beat down Toyota. Badass is all I'll say. Set up the mainevent pretty good and the Barbosa factor.

    EurAsian Title Match: Half of me wonders why Blade even bothered competing in this match. Perhaps he viewed Beckford as less of a threat than the CM or Barbosa. In either case, a strong match up to close the show. Pumped that Barbosa went over here as this has been a long time coming. If I could've changed one this about the show. I would've switched Barbosa and Ferbian as Barbosa is perfectly suited for Mayhem destruction. The match was very back and forth with lots of offence. Blade and Phoenix continue their rivalry and Beckford faces some stiff competition for the belt. Will he get caught up with Blade and Phoenix or will he face one of about 10 good challengers that await.

    Overall: Dispite all the big guns being on Ascension this was a really good show. Perhaps one too many squash type matches, but that is nobodies fault when all the matches are random. The big 3 matches were all killer and some interesting feuds and storylines are begining to build. Plus a title changed hands, always a good thing. Well done creative.
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  22. Ferbian

    Ferbian Has Returned.

    Nov 26, 2009
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    Ascension Anarchy 23

    Opening Segment: Interesting involvement with Ty, as well as Showtime happily contributing to what opens for more continuing of the great feud between him and Reynolds. Still loving the roulette stipulations. Nice way of hyping MD 50 as well, excited for that show.

    Tag Team Match for World Title Shot at MD50: This was a pretty awesome match. Yet it was more or less obvious who was gonna walk out the winner for this one. Alex and Sam to me isn't completely ready to challenge Ty for a world title, at least not in a way of seeming like a threat. Holmes is tag team champion and I don't see him also becoming a possible world champion. Everest however has the history, as well as all the credibility to challenge for the world title. Anyway, possibly match of the night.

    Bateman & Gordito Backstage: It's nice that we're also getting a hardcore match for this show. Kinda one of the things that made Meltdown awesome, because it wasn't just a regular show of regular matches. Cory Allen gets shot right into a big match it seems.

    Scott Hammond vs Johnny Sherman: This match made Sherman look pretty good. Made him look strong in defeat, which is a good thing for the rookie, very needed without killing anything for Scott. Decent yet short and sweet match.

    Showtime and Constantine: Awesome little segment. I loved the fact that Reynolds had completely fucked up Constantine's limo.

    Cory vs Gordito: I think Connor said it perfectly himself "Gordito has no intention of letting this match slip by him and he looks impressive." - It was more or less a bit of a glorified squash match. And it is how it was supposed to be, Gordito needed to win this one, and win it on a high note. Decent match.

    Chris Jones vs Bomb / Dave appearance: Shame for Bomb to get his ass kicked like this. Oh well, it served a purpose as Dave obviously had something to let off his chest, and I have to admit it was a great touch to let Dave and Ty team together.

    Winters & Hays vs Ty & Dave: Everybody came out looking good in this one. Especially Winters and Hays actually managing to somewhat hang with the world champion and Dave. Firm showing from everybody.

    Showtime on the microphone & Showtime vs Reynolds vs Hancock: Nice little opening thing from Showtime to start this whole deal off.

    This match was probably match of the night for me. Everybody looking good, while still keeping it somewhat about Reynolds and Showtime. I think it was a good move to let Showtime win this match, without having Reynolds involved in the ending, simply to allow the whole thing to continue in this feud.

    Match of the night: Triple Threat Reynolds vs Showtime vs Hancock.

    Moment of the night: Constantine finds his limo vandalized.
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  23. Барбоса

    Барбоса doesn't know REAL wrestling...

    Oct 7, 2007
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    AS 23 - Ascension Anarchy

    Opening Segment - Bateman, Ty and Showtime

    Much like Meltdown, this played up the randomness of Roulette. The irony of Bateman making disparaging comments about Meltdown and then having one of his main attractions a qualifying match for Meltdown anniversary main event was delicious.

    I was a little surprised that so soon after becoming Elite X Champion in a long and still going feud that Showtime would be looking to challenge Ty. Plays down the Elite X's importance a little.

    Everest and Sam Smith def. Alex Bowen and Steven Holmes with Everest becoming #1 Contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Title

    Again much like the Meltdown main event, I was pretty confident that I knew what the outcome was going to be. However, again the writing and story was good enough to keep me interested, particularly the dynamic between Smith and Everest.

    Backstage - Bateman and Gordito

    Good to see Gordito is being played up as a major player and popular with the fans. Maybe he should not have shown fear about possibly facing Big Dave though.

    Scott Hammond def. Jonny Sherman

    I enjoyed this match thoroughly. A great way to build up Sherman as a Daniel Bryan type character; a character that can go either way - a face who the crowd love as the underdog or an indy starlet who goes from being a whale in a teardrop to plankton in the ocean without changing his approach. All this while at the same time, BIA continue their strong run in the hope of getting their hands on the Movement. Good stuff.

    Backstage - Showtime Power Trip Vandalised

    Nice to see Reynolds' anger being deployed outside the ring. I am still not entirely sure what Constantine gets out of this alliance with Showtime but perhaps that is for a later date.

    Mayhem Rules: Gordito def. Cory Allen

    The Dirty One continues his role in what I thought was a very fast paced match that did not overuse the hardcore stipulation. (Why would they when they are not feuding?) An unsuccessful return for Allen but nothing to be worried about as not only was it against a world title contender but his focus lies elsewhere.

    Backstage - Everest and Ty

    Nice follow up to Everest's win earlier on, not only building up the match up between these two big stars, but also of the importance of Kingdom Come. Not sure Big Dave will be altogether happen about this though

    Chris Jones vs Brad Bomb - No Contest

    Ah, yes. Big Dave being a big whiner again but yet at the same time is able to instill fear in much of the roster. Even though it seems quite cowardly, I though that Jones walking away was quite apt from what I have seen from his character. He is not stupid. Nice twist to see two rookies facing the main eventers too.

    Big Dave and WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna def. Michael Winters to qualify for Lethal Lottery

    Nice to see some intrigue with "who attacked Hays." Jones could easily have been thrown in here to make up a team but I think that it helps Winters more that he had to take on two of the top stars by himself and while he gave a good account of himself, he was never going to win. If we get a clean finish to the MD50 main event, I'll eat my... well I'll be very surprised.

    Backstage - Showtime and Hancock

    A good little segment showing Showtime acting heelish rather than chasing a title or reacting to something else. Much needed and well executed.

    Showtime Dave Cougar def. Austin Reynolds and Mark Hancock to qualify for the Lethal Lottery

    More anger from Reynolds which was great. Was nearly expecting him to get himself disqualified. Dare I say it, I thought the finish was almost a little too clean for the purposes of the feud... I expected Hancock to somehow win by countout or Constantine to cost Reynolds or Showtime to run off and Reynolds to butcher Hancock.

    Moment of the Night

    Showtime's brief arrogant heel promo

    Match of the Night

    I really liked Hammond and Sherman
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  24. The Encore

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    Meltdown 49

    Opener: Confrontation of tonights World Contenders.
    Thoughts: I admit it, this was just great. It established who all the contenders were, and had tension build up as they were all getting down each others throats and throwing jabs at one another for the most part. Although I do feel Barbosa should have had a bit more lines to make him seem like he's there and wanting that title shot, rather than just being some random guy thrown in.
    Ranking: 7/10

    Match One: Chris Jones vs Jordan Lights
    Stipulation: Singles Match (Lethal Lottery Qualifier)
    Winner: The Justice Jordan Lights
    In this match I loved how there was the double count for both men who were downed. Not too often do you see something like that in regular shows in EFeds or even on television. Personally I thought that it was intriguing as hell whilst reading it. Both men had very good offense with Jones locking in that Justification and making Jones Tap OUT!..... "YOU TAPPED OUT"

    Rank 8/10

    Backstage Segment: EVEREST!
    Thoughts: It was nice to see someone who wasn't booked make a cameo appearance, especially "Mountain Boy". WHATS HE DOING HERE TONIGHT!?
    Rank 7.5/10

    Match Two: Alex Bowen vs Wasabi Toyota
    Stipulation: Singles Match
    Winner: Toyota
    Thoughts: I thought this match was pretty average. Nothing special happened rather than Toyota opening up a big ol' can of whoop ass on one of the new guys. Maybe I'm a bit biased cause I'm a fan of toyota.. who knows?
    Rank 6/10

    Backstage Segement: Austin "The Ratings Drop" Reynolds.
    This was very good from me, it showed the intensity Austin had coming into our match. It also established what he wanted to do now, and his motivations.
    Rank 8/10

    Match Three: Austin Reynolds vs "Not this guy again..." DK Wilton
    Stipulation: Singles Match (Lethal Lottery Qualifier)
    Winner: Austin Reynolds
    Thoughts: Now that this is my match I would like to be completely and brutally honest with you guys. I thought that the match was nearly perfect. Austin conveyed that nice amount of intensity that he had in his promo into our match. On the other hand my poor little ass had some offense as well? The ending was completely what I needed, either creative is doing this for me to become something larger, or they are just being assholes. No literally I mean KEEP THROWING ME THE BIG FISH, cause in return you could only get an outstanding and accomplished heel in the end with all of my "improvements" racking up, correct? So as I said, keep throwing me the established men. :rolleyes:
    Rank 8/10
    Backstage Segment: Allen & Myles
    Thoughts: I liked this one, it showed how much of a B**** Myles can be, and how Bowens partner reacted to the brutal assault received by WASABI!!! Also the world champion bit was pure genius... Did I just see Everest? My mind is playing tricks on me.

    Match Four: Chris Beckford vs Michael Winters
    Stipulation: Singles Match
    Winner: Beckford
    Thoughts: I liked this match. Even with Beckford coming out on top, Winters was still made to look pretty strong. The various counters Beckford employed were just brilliant as to rolling off of Winters' shoulders onto the turnbuckle and hitting the Tornado DDT. The end of this match had me keep on guessing. All in all a great match.

    Backstage Segment: The Contenders Backstage.
    Thoughts: Is Barbosa in his little boiler room right now? I keed I keed, anyways I thought this was pretty solid. It showed Blade trying to make some sort of bond with Gordito before the match. While Phoenix had to step in and be a "A" Hole to Gordy Pants. Gordy gets the last words heading out of this promo.

    Match Five: Big Dave vs Hunter S. Kravinoff
    Stipulation: Singles Match
    Winner: Big Da... Hunter Kravinoff?
    Thoughts: Dave got F*****! In other words nice I see a good build up between Everest and Big Dave heading into the Lethal Lottery Pay Per View. Hunter came off of the considered upset win as Constantine was the favour for our triple threat steel cage match the prior round of shows. All in all good story telling in this one. For me this was golden in terms of feuding, something that needs to be happening more frequent in the federation.

    Backstage Segment: Dave's Hissyfit?
    Thoughts: I thought this was pretty good to, it suited the events prior to this perfectly. I have a feeling that Everest has a mighty fine ass whoopin' coming his way soon.

    MAIN EVENT: Gordy vs Barby vs Phoenix vs Blade
    Stipulation: Fatal Fourway (World Championship Contenders Match)
    Winner: Gordy & Barby
    Thoughts: For me this was match of the night, everyone delivered coming into this match. Everyone hit a good amount of offense and to seal it off, my two favorite characters picked up the confusing and surprise victory here with the double pin.
    Rank 9.5/10

    Overall show 8.0/10 Great show this week, can't wait for the next round of shows.
  25. Leeds Guy

    Leeds Guy Retired Former WZCW EurAsian Champ

    Feb 9, 2007
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    Nice intro, it made sense to have the 4 names in the No 1 contendership match open the show and it was always going to get a bit heated. It was the right move to have Myles out there. Overall Good.

    Match One - Chris Jones vs Jordan Lights

    I enjoyed have Cohen and Copeland speak about both men before the match got underway. It was a nice touch that is often missed regarding commentators. The match itself was good, plenty of near falls and near count outs. Good to see Lights get the win but where does this leave Jones.

    Backstage Segment 1 - Everest
    Everest is here which basically gave me the ending to the Big Dave/Kravinoff match. Could have been done better I thought. Perhaps keeping his appearance a secret and just having his theme hitting would have given it a shock feel to it.

    Match Two - Alex Bowen vs Wasabi Toyota
    Filler. Nothing happened of note. Toyota should have and did pick up the win over Bowen. I expected a longer match but it's limiting when you have a beast like Toyota in a match with a newbie.

    Backstage Segement 2 -Austin Reynolds

    Short and sweet from Austin. He Addressed Showtime Power Trip and then the Lottery. Not much else to say

    Match Three -Austin Reynolds vs DK Wilton

    Will the Showtime Power Trip interfere? Unknown. The match is again quite short but again it's expected with a former Elite X Champion going against another Newbie. Reynolds picks up the win without any attempt at interference from the SPT. Suprising considering the SPT are trying to make Austins life hell. What better way than screwing him out of the Lottery.

    Backstage Segment 3 - Allen & Myles
    Sets up the number one contendership match for the tag titles at Lethal Lottery. Everest makes a brief appearance which again was not really needed.

    Match Four - Chris Beckford vs Michael Winters

    Beckford needs to pick up the win here to have any credibility as champion. A loss would make him look very weak. Winters just needs a good showing but a win would surely put him into a EurAsian championship shot in the future. It was good to show Beckford using initative and experience to pick up the win any way he can. Nice to see Beckford giving Winters a pep talk after the match, it shows respect.

    Backstage Segment 4 - Contenders

    What no Barbosa??? Brief little exchange between Gordito, Blade and Phoenix. Got the feeling a BIG match is coming between Blade and Phoenix.

    Match Five - Big Dave vs Hunter S. Kravinoff
    First off, despite the predictable ending this match is great. Kravinoff and Dave brought it all. The mix up of the first ''pin fall'' worked well, I understand why Everest was there but just feel it could have been done to shock value. Perhaps have his theme hit just before the two start the match and have him stand in the walkway watching on. Kravinoff gets the upset win and Big Dave is hitting a rocky patch.

    Backstage Segment 5 - Big Dave

    A Pissed off Big Dave and Everest confrontation. Nice little segment

    Main Event - Gordito vs Barbosa vs Phoenix vs Blade
    Match of the night right here. Great action between all involved and not one of them looked out of place. Barbosa has had a fantastic debut month in WZCW and looks like it can only get better. The double pin was kind of cliche but very well done. In the end the right people are going to the Lethal Lottery title match while Blade and Phoenix can concentrate on each other.
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