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    Dynamite's Kingdom Come Review (Ya Heard)

    Opening - Standard stuff, national anthem, opening hype and recap of all the matches. Well done as always, hard to fuck that up.

    Live Mas vs. Triple/Keaton - Entrances were very creative. The personality of all the characters shined through. The match itself was quite fun too. The use of a replay was nice as I haven't seen that done in a while, though I could be wrong. The winners were unfortunately never in doubt for me, but that's besides the point. Not sure where either of these four men go from here but Live Mas works in that you can plug either Tastic or Stormrage (separately or together) in just about anywhere and it works. I hope Keaton finds solid footing as I've wanted to him to go much farther ever since he broke away from being Cooper's protege. Triple X is a solid upper mid card hand as well who seems to be lost in the shuffle, hope that changes.

    Segments - I'm skipping any that don't involve promos from characters or recaps or anything that's just NPCs. Not much for me to say on them.

    Holmes/Consty/Mikey - Nice little reunion with some WWE like comedy, I dig it.

    Elite OpenWeight Fatal Fourway - Felt like it went by sort of quick but that doesn't take away from the match quality. I know multi-man matches can be a bit tough to stretch out. Callie is Alexa Bliss in more ways than one, and I feel she may be the sleeper champion in the company, it'll be interesting to see who can take the belt off of her. All the other's involved seem like they have may to go to the end of line, chase another title, or possibly find a feud because the Elite League felt draining.

    Blades/Taylor - Interesting to have the World title competitors face to face before they're match with no shenanigans. Bitches love shenanigans.

    Batti/Flex Recap - Stuff like this is always great. Lots of us really gloss over stuff on the shows we're not a part of or weren't there for stuff that happened years ago. This showed just how important history was in this feud.

    Batti vs Flex - Hard to rate a match I'm involved in fairly but I did enjoy it. Particularly the wheelchair stage spot was really cool. I thought the ending was quite abrupt. As soon as Flex was declared the winner things seemed kinda rushed. But it's whatever, I'm just sad to see Batti go, I was hoping to inflict more pain and sexism upon her.

    Garth Backstage - Is Garth still an alcoholic? I lost track of his gimmick after the conspiracy theory stuff.

    Titus Eurasian Accolades - Incredible reign, nice to recap the victims.

    Kagura vs Garth Black - Far and away the most technical and thrilling written match on show so far. For a sleeper match that I think fell under the radar for a lot of people this kicked ass. Garth is a former World champion and now easily claim to a potential shot at least something in the future, though it seems like this feud might not be done, and with everything being so crowded everywhere else that might be for the best.

    Mayhem Competitors Segment - Ace Stevens should have been bigger than he is.

    Mayhem Title Match - A fun chaotic mess is the perfect way to describe this match. Similar to the Elite match in my opinion of it. Congrats to Harald. The Mayhem title isn't defended in every match the champion is in anymore right? I think that should change, to at least all singles matches. Make the Mayhem Division great again damnit.

    Hall of Fame - By the numbers, ain't nothing wrong with that.

    Taylor/Miles - Announcing the World title won't main event was cool but it could have been revealed in the earlier Taylor/Blades segment. One or the other just felt unnecessary.

    World title Recap - The second of the three marque matches to receive a promo. Good stuff, sprinkle in that old show content like salt bae into open wounds.

    World Title Match - I really had no clue Jason Mamoa was Tyrone's rep and have completely lost track of who is Eve's. Unrelated but still important to state. Probably only the second match of the night where I was really captivated by what I was reading. It really felt like these two were in pure competition to beat the hell out of each other and beat the best. I'm never a fan of repeating the same World title match on the next B-show PPV but since this technically didn't main event I wouldn't mind seeing these two go at it again with a stipulation. Since one of them is eventually losing to me it's all good.

    July 4th Comedy - Poor Keaton.

    Eurasian Tale of the Tape - This was a really good way of really getting the gravitas of this match and just how big of a deal both these legends are. On some Undertaker shit this felt epic.

    Eurasian Title Match - Easily match of the night based off it's scope, feel, and basically everything surrounding this match. I didn't really feel the weight of this feud until this show but this went hard. Mixed in with the double post this match was phenomenal.

    Overall Thoughts - With the graphics and worked that was put in this was a great show, but I'd say only three matches really felt like they were KC levels of quality. I'm obviously not putting down anyone's work and not every match has or needs to be super long I'm just pointing out where it felt like more work was put in. It's hard to fuck this up though, everyone on creative are very capable writers with experience so I would expect nothing less. I think this has hopefully motivated us all to do our best to continue allowing shows like this to be made so the fed can prosper, because things can really get even better if we collectively keep going.
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    Meltdown 152

    I like the new graphics that Killjoy made. They make the show look a little more unique and a bit more personal. I am saddened, on a personal note, that you aren't using the decade graphic that was made. It celebrated 10 years of hard work but that's more a personal thing than anything else.

    The opening to Meltdown was really good. I think it's a great idea to summarise what happened on the last set of shows at the start of a show. Raw and SD do that all the time to remind people of what they should know and it really helped after such a long time since the last show. Well done to whoever thought of that. In terms of the meat of the segment, I think Ty could have been given more time to talk about his accomplishment. It seems a little quick to me but I know you guys had a lot to get through.

    Really disappointed that El Hijo was done in this way. I'd really like to know the story behind that because that's not how I imagined it going at all. The handler seemed very keen to be involved and it seems odd to me that they would no show the first match. Still, a good win for Stetson Hayes. I got a laugh from him arriving on a horse too.

    Again, I think more could be made of Batti going away but if that's what Spidey wanted, then so be it. The Titus line got a laugh out of me again.

    I'm glad that you realise that Kagura lost to Black and the roles should have been reversed with regards to the title contender match. It all plays in to Black's wheelhouse, so I'm not upset about it. It looks as though it'll be Black versus Titus at the next PPV - that ought to be a good match if built correctly. I didn't see a great deal of reasoning in that segment other than "I want Titus" really. I'm hoping that gets meatier as we go forward.

    The gauntlet match was a cool idea to write off Blazing Tiger and the rest of Remix's characters in one go. A lot of it was quite funny and I have to give you credit for remembering some of the characters that I couldn't. Remix burned his bridge once and for all and deserved this. That said, you guys have crossed a line if you used his real name at the end. If you have, you should remove that. It's not on. If you haven't, ignore that last part. I sense a shift in behaviour with Titus too. It's only natural after his lengthy reign that the fans should appreciate it. Watch this space, I guess.

    Decent segment from the Live Mas team. Intriguing shift of character from Tastic from the opening to the middle of the show though. Maybe he's acting one way for the crowd and another with Mikey. He was almost heelish in the opening and a face in the middle. Odd but I'll allow it until I see more.

    I'll try and keep the feedback on my match brief because there's a tendency for bias when talking about your own characters. I really enjoyed Broon towelling off Studd - that's exactly the type of thing Broon would do. He's got no time for pretentiousness or nonsense. That was a good idea. The match itself was really good, so all credit to Jeff for writing it. I like when you think about characters and make the match revolve around their personalities. This was a great example of it. The soda spots and the beard stuff, really good.

    Decent segment from Callie that explains her absence and does some good heel work with her character.

    Flex being a shifty, manipulative bastard? Aye, sign me up for that.

    I thought the next match between Vega and Blades was a little bit short for my liking. Vega is a bit name with a lot of pedigree and this could have been much more of a slog between two great superstars. The match itself was decent though, I don't have any complaints other than the length. Good win for Blades in front of his home crowd. I think Vega could have been protected a bit more though.

    The next segment was literally a waste of a post. Nothing happens.

    I enjoyed that Taylor was on commentary for the main event. I also enjoyed the initial interaction with the other commentators. She should be in the match given her loss to Blades, so I'm glad you guys didn't ignore that. The match itself is really good and is probably the best match in the show. There's a few spots in there that really help the match along, notably the Matt Tastic injury. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out between Tastic and Mikey. Having Flex win is then right decision and having Taylor do the dirty work on Blades is a good call too. If that's the main event for the upcoming PPV, colour me interested. A lot of history between all three of the competitors to work with.

    Overall, decent show. The matches were hit and miss but mostly hit. The same goes for the segments too. Really good show this round, guys. Keep it up.

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