WZCW Meltdown: Episode Four

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  1. Downward Spiral

    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    A video comes on screen portraying classic moments in wrestling, from Sammartino to Hogan, from Hart to Michaels, and the very early years of professional wrestling. The video fades to black, as the words, ’40 years in the making’ appear…out of nowhere, a giant WZCW logo appears, as the video is cut to static after a while. A countdown begins, before the video cuts back to the Save Mart Center in Fresno California, where an explosion of fireworks rocks the arena! The crowd goes wild as the red and black fireworks continue, as “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven rocks over the loudspeakers.​

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once more to WZCW Meltdown! I’m Sebastian Copeland alongside Jack ‘The Enforcement’ Cohen, and we are rockin’ in the Save Mart Center in Fresno California!
    Cohen: It’s great to be back, the last show seems an age away now.
    Copeland: Just like your 21st birthday Jack!
    Cohen: I may be older than you Cope, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t beat the crap out of you.
    Copeland: Settle down Jack, we’ve got too much going on tonight to be worrying about your ego running wild again in commentary.

    Cohen: Well, I agree with what you said about having a lot of stuff going down tonight, ‘cause we have two Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament matches where the winners will go onto Unscripted to face each other for the WZCW title!
    Copeland: Strife vs. Cannon is coming up soon, and Chuck Myles announced earlier in the week that both the tournament matches will be No-Disqualification.
    Cohen: I guess that leaves it open for High Society to ‘look over’ Cannon in that match.
    Copeland: Don’t forget Creed either. I hardly think that match will be one on one.
    Cohen: And then we have the Aussie superstar in Aaron Craig going against DC in our main event.
    Copeland: That’s surely got to be a high flying match there. Just about any match we end up with at Unscripted is going to be worth the wait. I’m loving the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament!
    Cohen: And later tonight, Sex and Violence member Downward Spiral will go against Northern Lights member Koala Typhoon.

    Copeland: We have seen these two teams clash in the past few weeks, and finally we get to see a match between them. Northern Lights were impressive in their debut last week, whereas Spiral didn’t have a good night in the battle royal, and Michaels didn’t last until the end either. Both teams fought to the back, and now they get a shot at getting each other in the ring.
    Cohen: And then we have Aurelia Molotov making her singles debut against Jack Harris. Molotov has got to have other things on her mind though, because Crimson doesn’t look to be in too good a state as we saw earlier in the week.
    Copeland: Well, I’m pretty sure she’s just going thro-
    Cohen: Crimson’s a nut Cope! Plain and simple! But nonetheless, it should be a good, competitive matchup tonight.

    **Commercial Break**

    Copeland: Ladies and Gentleman welcome back to Meltdown and now we are going to send you to the back where Rebecca Serra is with High Society. Rebecca…

    Rebecca Serra: Thanks Sebastian. I am here with High Society- well actually just AJ. So AJ, where are Ace and Sincade?

    AJ: Hey Becky. Well, they are preparing for their matches this evening and well I’m getting some things together for the party I am going throw once Ace wins his match and advances to Unscripted.

    Serra: But AJ I have to ask you why are you not competing this evening?

    AJ: Simple really Becky, but you will have to wait just like everyone else here in Fresno (crowd pops) so if you excuse me I have something to say.

    AJ winks at Becky and he walk away towards the curtains that lead to the ring.

    Cohen: AJ is going to speak to the fans? Are you kidding me?
    Copeland: Well Jack, it looks like it is going to happen and it looks like we are going to hear from AJ right now.

    “Getting Away with Murder” by Papa Roach blasts through the PA system of the Save Mart Center. Then, out from the curtains comes AJ to a chorus of boos. He makes his way down the ring walking his usual cocky walk while completely ignoring the fans. AJ enters the ring trough the second rope and goes to the corner and gets up on the turnbuckle to taunt the fans.

    Copeland: Ladies and Gentleman we like to remind you all coming to you on Pay-per-view Sunday August 26 live from the sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles, California is WZCW’s first ever Pay-Per-View Unscripted!
    Cohen: Don’t forget Sebastian…that at Unscripted it will be the finals of the Pinnacle Pursuit tournament to crown the first ever WZCW Heavyweight champion.

    AJ goes to ask for a microphone from Harrys and receives one. AJ then walks towards the center of the ring and begins to speak

    AJ: Now…Now. Before you begin to boo me again I would like to say one thing first and that is: damn, I can’t believe I’m here at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California (crowd pops) hold on let me finish. I was saying that damn I can’t believe I’m here at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California as this is one pathetic, run down pisshole!(crowd boos) Really how you people live here…what Chucky should have done is go a few miles south to my hometown of Bakersfield. At least there I get some respect unlike I do here in Fresno.

    The crowd begins to chant asshole and AJ walks around a bit then speaks again.

    AJ: Anyways let me get to the reason why I am here before you tonight on Meltdown. The reason is that I know I haven’t been the best person to get along with the women here in WZCW from almost breaking Becky’s ankle to calling Celeste a she man and well, take a look:

    AJ points to the titantron and we see video highlights of what AJ has done to Becky and Celeste.

    Copeland: That’s just disgusting to show that Jack
    Cohen: Oh come on Sebastian. I’m sure he has a reason for showing it

    AJ with a smirk begins to address the live crowd again

    AJ: See, those are the things I want to apologize for, now that I have seen the light of my wrong ways and I want to correct them. Plus the fact that I want to be a better person and treat all women with respect. Now you all my be thinking…”AJ please stop. We know you don’t mean any of this” and well to prove to you all and how sorry I am for all my wrong doings towards women, I would like to apologize to the one woman I had numerous battles with. And that is Celeste Crimson. So Celeste if you could come down here I would like to apologize to you

    Copeland: Will Celeste buy this and even come out?
    Cohen: Of course she better…I mean look at this AJ is wanting to do right and I for a matter of fact support him

    Then, a modified version of Nemesis plays, and at the chorus, Celeste makes her entrance, but it’s not Celeste that comes out, it’s a small person dressed as Celeste!

    The small person walks toward the ring, acknowledging the and slapping a few hands. The Small person tries to leaps up onto the ring apron, and grabs the top rope. The Small person then slingshots himself to the top rope but falls, on their face, then walks over to AJ.

    Copeland: You have to be kidding me Jack that’s not Celeste at all, that’s a small person dressed as women what a disgrace!
    Cohen: What are you talking about Sebastian? That is Celeste and I must admit she has never looked better!

    The crowd is booing and AJ is laughing but gets a hold of himself and speaks

    AJ: Now Celeste I must say when I called you a sheman I never thought you well umm how can I put this… look like a man on days you don’t wrestle.. Hell, I did want to apologize for all the horrible and unthinkable things I have done to women but from what I see you really are not no woman you’re a man and it looks like when the ego of yours goes away you go back to your normal size!

    ”Celeste” grunts at this comment, staring up at AJ.

    AJ: Hmm, Celeste if you really are a man, grunt for me…

    ”Celeste” grunts again, making the crowd boo in displeasure.

    AJ: Well I always knew that…here’s another question you pathetic sheman: Is AJ really the greatest ever? Grunt if you agree.

    But before Small man/Celeste can answer a modified version of Nemesis plays, and at the chorus, Celeste makes her entrance

    Copeland: Jack, here comes the real Celeste!
    Cohen: Really? I thought he I mean she was in the ring.

    Celeste comes running down the ramp and enters the ring to a chorus of cheers from the crowd. She immediately takes Small man down with a kick to the back of the head. She then goes after AJ, who grabs her from behind and holds her for the small man to nail her with a mini chop, but Celeste ducks and the small man nails AJ with a punk to the groin. AJ goes down and the small man goes after Celeste but Celeste nails the small man with the Sprit Crusher. All while this going AJ pulls himself out of the ring and grabs a steel chair that Harrys was sitting on. AJ re-enters the ring and nails Celeste! Celeste falls to the ground after being hit in the back with the chair. Then, AJ takes the chair and nails Celeste not one but twice with the chair to her back. Then we see the referees coming own and enter the ring and push AJ back. The referees tend to Celeste and help her up but as they help her up AJ pushes a referee aside and nails Celeste with Devastation on the steel chair! AJ looks at his work as the referees get him to leave the ring as in the ring lie a fallen Celeste, gripping her back in agony.

    The crowd is stunned and begins boo heavily as AJ looks at the work he has done in the ring as he leaves up the ramp as Getting Away With Murder begins playing again.

    Copeland: I cannot believe this Jack! Does AJ even care what he has done? He has a look of no remorse on him right now.
    Cohen: Hey what AJ did was called sending a message and Sebastian let me tell you he sent a message and if I was the locker room in WZCW I’ll be watching myself.
    Copeland: Come on Jack that is no way to make appoint by trying to injure or end someone’s career right before our very eyes. I’m still in shock by all just what happened in the ring and Crimson doesn’t look to be in such good shape right now. Aurelia Molotov must be furious right now, which doesn’t hold well for Jack Harris.

    **Commercial Break**​

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, Celeste Crimson has been assisted from the ring and taken to the back where she will receive treatment from the medical staff of WZCW. But Jack, coming up is her partner, Aurelia Molotov, going against Jack Harris. Molotov performed valiantly in the battle royal last week, as did Harris, but both came up short. In his short time in WZCW, Jack Harris has made a name for himself by taking people out, let’s take a look here:

    On the big screen, a video is shown of Jack Harris, dismantling Chemical Blue backstage. It then changes to Harris demolishing Blue in a matchup last week, before it shows him eliminating Gus and Ben Legend from last week’s battle royal.

    Copeland: And there you see, that Jack Harris is a very dangerous man, but we shouldn’t forget Aurelia Molotov. The 270-pound wrestler cannot be underestimated, and Harris could come to learn that later tonight.
    Cohen: She’s just as dangerous as him. I certainly wouldn’t want to get anywhere near her, not just because my standards are way too high for her, but because she could probably break me clean in half.
    Copeland: And what must Molotov be thinking after what happened to her best friend in Celeste Crimson?
    Cohen: She certainly got a bit of added motivation, and Harris unfortunately, is going to get that rage taken out on him.
    Copeland: And I’m just getting word that the reason that Molotov didn’t come out to save Crimson from that beatdown on AJ, is because she was in the locker room, getting ready for this match.
    Cohen: Just excuses Cope.
    Copeland: Well excuses or not, she’s in our first matchup here and it’s a match that should be a determining factor for both of these competitors. You have Jack Harris, who has already started to make a name for himself in WZCW, and is slowly moving up the ladder. On the other side you have Aurelia Molotov, Celeste Crimson’s tag team partner, making her in ring debut tonight.
    Cohen: So far Jack Harris as been impressive here in WZCW. He’s undefeated in singles competition, and he’s already built up a reputation for himself. Then you have Aurelia, sure she’s got the training, but I’m not sure If she has what it takes to beat Harris, and If she has any hopes of taking down High Society in the near future, then she has to make an impact here tonight, she has to make this win count.
    Copeland: Well we won’t have to wait long to wait and see if Aurelia has what it takes to beat Jack Harris here tonight, and if she has what it takes to make an immediate impact because this match is next.

    Match 1:​
    Aurelia Molotov vs. Jack Harris​

    Harrys: This Match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing in at 255 lbs, Jack Harris!

    “Might Getcha” blasts through the arena and as soon as the intro is over, Jack Harris comes out and acknowledges the crowd, as he stands at the top of the ramp before walking down the isle. Arriving at ringside, Harris turns to climb the stairs but turns around to taunt the crowd. He gets in the ring, and stands on the middle rope on the left side of the ring while trash talking the crowd again, Harris then moves to the middle of the ring as he awaits his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent, making her way to the ring, from Romania, she weighs in at 276 lbs, Aurelia Molotov!

    ”Carol of the bells (A Demonic Christmas)” begins to play as Aurelia enters the arena and begins to walk towards the ring; she waves at the fans and shakes hands with them as she makes her way down to the ring. Once Aurelia reaches the ropes, she reaches up and grabs the top rope and pulls her body onto the apron, and steps over the top rope and into the ring, while staring down Harris, who looks a little intimidated, but he holds his ground and doesn’t budge.

    As the referee rings the bell, Aurelia and Harris get right into each others faces. Jack Harris looks up at Aurelia and begins to talk trash, but Aurelia doesn’t respond, as she looks down on Harris with an expressionless stare. When the ref sounds the bell, the two begin to circle each other. Harris looks to strike first, but Aurelia has her hands up and moves to pummel Harris, so he backs off. After a few more seconds of circling, the two lock up and Aurelia gets the advantage, locking Harris in a headlock. She then flips him over to the ground and applies more pressure. Harris tries to counter and fight his way out, but Aurelia switches positions and locks in a wrist hold, while controlling Harris’s arm. Harris fights his way to a standing position, and begins to back Aurelia into the corner. Harris starts to hammer Aurelia in the corner, but she turns the tables on Harris, and begins to throw the heavy, lightning fast strikes up and down Harris body, before hammering on the smaller man with vicious rights that bring him to his knees. Aurelia stops and grabs Harris before her hits the mat, and gives him a hard Irish whip across the ring.

    Aurelia tries to follow that up with a Stinger Splash, but Harris moves out of the way as Aurelia smashes into the turnbuckle. Harris clotheslines Aurelia back into the turnbuckle, then beats her down, as he bad mouths the crowd. Harris moves to the middle of the ring and tries to suplex Aurelia, but she counters and Hits a neckbreaker. Aurelia quickly capitalizes and locks on a straight Armbar on Harris. Harris, quickly realizing the danger, manages to get the bottom rope as quick as he can. Aurelia quickly goes back on the attack, hitting Harris with her devastating right hands. Aurelia Whips Harris across the ring and into the adjacent ropes, and tries for a clothesline, but he ducks under it and knocks Aurelia down with a clothesline of his own. Harris goes to attack Aurelia, but she counters and tries to Lock in another submission, but Harris rolls out of the way. They go for another tie up and Aurelia gets the advantage again, surprising Harris with her agility by flipping Harris over with an armdrag, and locking in an armbar. Harris fights his way out but Aurelia puts him right back in the predicament. Harris fights his way out again and exits the ring to compose himself, as he is caught off guard by Aurelia’s agility and formable skills.

    As the referee begins the 10 count, Harris begins to circle on the outside trying to come up with a game plan as Aurelia waits for him to get back into the ring. The ref gets to the count of 7 and Harris slides back into the ring. Harris and Aurelia lock up again, only this time, Harris knows better, as he uses his speed to dodge around Aurelia, and take her out at the knees before she could stop him. Harris begins to club Aurelia in the back and begins to choke her against the mat. The ref begins the 5 count, but Harris releases the hold. Harris locks in a sleeper hold, in an attempt to further wear down Aurelia. Aurelia struggles against the hold, and begins to fight her way out with blows to Harris’s body, as Harris struggles to keep the larger woman grounded. Suddenly, Aurelia counters and lifts Harris off his feet, slamming him down with a back suplex. Aurelia drives Harris’s face into her knee several times, then picks him up and delivers a hard scoop slam. But before Harris can react, Aurelia shows off her amazing agility and hits a standing Shooting Star Press, which emits gasps of shock and awe from the crowd. Aurelia then covers Harris, 1….2…. But Harris kicks out.

    Copeland: Did you see that! What Agility by the 7 foot Aurelia, to be able to hit a standing Shooting Star Press!
    Cohen: It's uncanny for a person that big to have such Agility…

    Aurelia goes right back to work on Harris, but Harris tries to counter as the two get into a slugfest, but Aurelia catches Harris and delivers a reverse STO, killing Harris’s momentum. Aurelia follows that up with an Inverted Facebreaker to the knee followed by a neckbreaker and covers Harris again, but he kicks out before the count of 3. Aurelia Hammers on Harris some more, but he begins to counter as he sidesteps a clothesline attempt by Aurelia as he hits a front powerslam on Aurelia. Harris runs and drops the elbows onto Aurelia’s sternum, as he chokes her against the mat once more. Harris trash talks Aurelia, but releases his hold before the count of 5. Harris tries to hit a Clothesline, but Aurelia ducks, so Harris gets a running start by bouncing off the ropes, but Aurelia leap frogs over him, and floors him with a spinning side slam when Harris tries for the move on the other side. Aurelia looks fired up as she looks for a way to put Harris away. Aurelia kicks Harris in the stomach, and sets him up for a powerbomb. Aurelia gets him halfway up before Harris begins to respond with punches to Aurelia’s head, causing her to sway back and forth.

    Harris’s antics make Aurelia move all the way to the ropes as she threatens to dumb them both to the floor. Aurelia and Harris suddenly fly over the top rope, but somehow, Aurelia hangs on as Harris falls to the outside. Aurelia barely has time to compose herself before Harris climbs back onto the apron as he tries to get back into the ring, but he is met by a stiff kick to the face from Aurelia, which knocks him off the apron, and to the floor. Aurelia measures Harris on the outside as she waits for him to get up, all of the sudden, Aurelia runs to the far corner of the ring, bounces off the adjacent ropes, and launches herself over the top rope, in an attempt to take Harris out on the outside. But to her horror, Harris moves at the last second, and Aurelia smacks the hard ground below.

    Copeland: Oh My God! Aurelia just jumped over the top rope all the way to the floor!

    Cohen: It was an impressive move, but It was all for nothing as Harris moved at the last second. Now he’s going to make Aurelia pay for her mistake….

    Harris immediately goes on the attack, as he throws Aurelia into the ring Barrier, then drives her back first into the side of the ring, before rolling her back inside. Harris goes for the cover 1……2…. but Aurelia gets the shoulder up as Harris begins to argue with the ref. Harris hits a vertical suplex, and tries for another cover, but Aurelia kicks out again. Harris whips Aurelia into the ropes, but she comes back with a jumping clothesline. Aurelia hits a tilt a whirl powerslam, and tries for a chokeslam, but Harris fights his way out of the predicament, frees himself, and hits Aurelia with a Samoan drop.

    Harris drags Aurelia over to the ropes and begins to choke her, but breaks the hold before the count of 5. Harris drags Aurelia over to the ring post, gets out of the ring, and tries to inflict more damage, but Aurelia counters and kicks Harris away, sending him into the Barricade behind her. Harris gets back into the ring as Aurelia rights herself. Harris tries for a clothesline, but Aurelia ducks, and nails the Chokeslam on an unsuspecting Harris. Instead of going for the cover, Aurelia places Harris’s body in the middle of the ring, as she yells to the crowd that the match is over. Aurelia runs and with a single leap, jumps to the top turnbuckle, before executing a top rope moonsault on a fallen Harris. Aurelia goes for the cover, 1…….2…….But Harris just Barely gets the shoulder up, as Aurelia can’t believe it.

    Copeland: Harris Kicked out of the Moonsault, my God! What will it take to put this man away?

    Aurelia whips Harris into the ropes and tries for a clothesline, but he manages to move out of the way, but Harris catches her with a massive spinebuster when she tries for the clothesline on the other side. Harris signals for the end, as he tries for his River City Bomb, Harris manages to get Aurelia up, but she counters and slides off his shoulders and back, and as Harris turns around, Aurelia nails him in the stomach, and quickly gets him into the powerbomb position, as Aurelia then forcefully delivers her falling powerbomb. Aurelia stands over a stunned Harris, stalking him, waiting for him to get up. Aurelia looks to end the match with the Pale Horse Apocalypse, she gets Harris up on her shoulders in the Argentine torture rack position. Aurelia readies herself, then whips Harris over her shoulder as she drives his face into the canvas as she falls to the mat. Harris body crumples on the canvas as Aurelia moves into the cover as she hooks the leg as the referee counts 1…………2…………..3! Aurelia Pins Harris!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, by pinfall, Aurelia Molotov!

    Aurelia exits the ring and walks up the ramp as the crowd cheers her on, as Harris recovers, and gets up in disgust, shaking his head in frustration as he pounds his fists into the mat, his loss putting him in a sour mood.

    Copeland: Wow that was quite a match, Aurelia as proven that she has what it takes to be a top contender and that she should not be taken lightly…
    Cohen: There's no denying her abilities, a human being that big shouldn’t be able to do the things that she does, but yet, she can. The other thing is, is that she’s smart. Never mind the fact that she can’t speak English, she knows how to work her way around a ring. If her goal was to come out here and make an impact, then I say that Aurelia has done just that.

    (Match written by: Echelon)

    Harris is still furious with himself, and gets up, before suddenly, the lights go off, and flicker a little bit. The sound of a heavy drum beat goes through the arena, as the lights flicker a little before turning back to normal. Harris is shown backing up against the ropes in fear, looking around at the crowd in shock, as the crowd is puzzled as well.

    Copeland: What on earth was that all about?
    Cohen: Don't forget Cope, Harris has a match at Unscripted against a 'mystery opponent'. Could that opponent have been sending a message here?
    Copeland: That remains a mystery Force.
    Cohen: Oh, you're a funny one Cope.

    **Commercial Break**
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    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    Backstage, Ace Cannon is shown coming out of the locker room, with the words ‘High Society’ on the door. He closes the door, looking confident, but just as he begins moving, he is met with a huge big boot to the back of his head. A dark, hooded figure is shown, and the camera rises to show that it is none other than Strife. Creed comes up behind him, looking at Cannon with a menacing, evil look on his face. Strife lifts Cannon up with ease, and throws him into a wall with a painful thud. Cannon writhes in pain, as Creed bends down and begins laying in rights and lefts on him, opening him up. Strife moves Creed aside, and picks up a steel chair, and brings it crashing down on Cannon’s leg, repeatedly.

    Cannon cries out in pain, his leg twisted and seemingly broken. Strife gives an angry roar, before lifting Cannon’s leg up sideways, and suddenly wrenches it so that it breaks. Strife looks at Cannon’s leg, and uses it to pick Cannon up, before slamming him down again. Creed picks up Strife’s chair and places it onto Cannon’s throat, driving and thrusting it down as Cannon begins coughing up blood. Creed throws the chair away and begins ripping apart the open wound on Cannon’s forehead, as blood gushes all over the floor and through Creed’s hands. Strife watches on, breathing heavily, before Creed stands up, looking down at Cannon. Strife springs into action, and lifts the limp, unconscious body of Cannon up in the air, and wrenching him in a painful bearhug. He keeps it on, twisting and contorting the back of Cannon, before driving him into a steel post.

    Cannon falls to the ground with his leg still hanging, broken. Strife stomps on it, making Cannon send a bone-chilling scream throughout the hallway. Strife kicks Cannon in the head, before again lifting him up and locking on the Vice of Virtue. Cannon does not have the strength to even fight it, as Strife holds it on relentlessly. Suddenly, a bunch of backstage crew and medics rush up and try to pull Strife off, before Creed begins knocking everyone in sight out with the chair. Crew come behind Creed and pull the chair out of his hands, which enrages Strife, who lets go and goes after the crew, who begin fleeing immediately. Strife and Creed look down at the bleeding and bloody Cannon, who seems to be stirring just a little bit. Creed bends down towards Cannon, and rips his head up, looking maniacally into his glassy eyes.

    Creed: Cannon…I have a proposition for you: if you quit this company, and back out of your tournament match with Strife, there will be no more punishment. What do you say.

    Cannon moans in pain, before nodding a little bit, spitting out blood as he speaks.

    Cannon: Please…please...I quit. I quit!

    These last few words sap all his strength, as Creed drops Cannon’s head, looking pleased with himself as he stares at the camera.

    Creed: There you have it ladies and gentlemen: Ace Cannon has quit the company. That means that Strife moves on to Unscripted, where he will be crowned the WZCW Ch-

    Chuck Myles: What in the hell is this!!!!

    Chuck Myles comes rushing out from nowhere and looks down at Cannon, before looking in unbound fury and hatred towards Creed.

    Myles: You sick, sick bastards. Somebody get the medic- What the hell is all this! No, no I’ve had it. Creed! You and Strife are fired!

    Creed looks stunned as he gasps and chokes on his words, as Strife starts breathing heavily and moving up to Myles. Creed stops him, before looking at Myles in pure hatred.

    Creed: You can’t fire us- We will sue you for every single penn-

    Myles: Get the fuck out of my building!

    Strife looks between the shocked Creed, and a fuming Myles, before turning his attention on to Creed. Creed turns around, looking stunned at Strife, as Strife lifts him up and hits the Holy Retribution on him. Creed rolls on the ground, writhing in pain as Myles stares in bewilderment at Strife. Strife stares down at Creed, with seemingly no emotion. Slowly, security come up to Strife cautiously and move him out of the building. Myles stares on after them, before turning back to Cannon.

    Myles: Jesus. Somebody get the med-

    Before Myles can finish, a bunch of doctors and officials come running up to Cannon, and enclose themselves around him, sounding worried. Myles looks on a bit, before turning a doctor around.

    Myles: What’s happened to Cannon?

    Doctor: It’s bad Chuck. I can tell now that he’s got a severely broken leg, I can see bone. His face looks lacerated, he’ll need a ton of stitches on that. He’s not competing tonight, or for a long time.

    Myles turns away, looking furious. He starts walking away, muttering to himself and shaking his head, before slamming his fist into the wall. Suddenly, Leon Kensworth runs up to him, panting.

    Kensworth: Mr Myles- Chuck, I just want your thoughts on what’s going to happen now that Strife is fired and Cannon has quit the company?

    Myles: Cannon didn’t quit, but he’s severely inj-

    Kensworth: Uh, Mr Myles, word is going around that people heard Cannon say that he quit the company. Creed apparently forced him to do so.

    Myles looks into the distance, with a slight twitch in his eye.

    Myles: Well, then that means we don’t have a Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament match tonight then, does it? Well Leon, here’s what I’m going to do: The WZCW title was being kept in my office until Unscripted, but I’m going to bring it out tonight. Because Aaron Craig vs. DC is now for the WZCW Championship.

    The crowd roars in approval, as Kensworth looks shocked. Myles pats Kensworth on the shoulder and moves away, as the medics continue to look over Cannon.


    Copeland: What the hell just happened? In the space of 2 minutes, we had one superstar quit the company, two more WZCW employees get fired, and now we have a WZCW Championship match tonight?
    Cohen: It’s a shocking turn of events to say the least. What the hell must be going through the mind of Chuck Myles right now?
    Copeland: He had every right to fire those disgusting, despicable disgraces to the name human being, in David Creed and Strife. I am sick to my stomach after watching what they did to Ace Cannon.
    Cohen: And we do apologise to every one at home, but this is live television, and viewer discretion should have been advised.
    Copeland: Strife and Creed should go to jail for that!
    Cohen: I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to handcuff Strife, that’s for sure.
    Copeland: Well, three WZCW wrestlers have left the company, and this leaves things shaken up, but I think we should look forward to the championship match we have coming up later tonight!
    Cohen: If Craig or DC needed any more motivation, they’ve got it. You can’t prepare for a title match in 30 minutes, but they’ll have to. We’re going to see our first champion tonight! I love it!

    **Commercial Break**​

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a tag match, scheduled for one fall!

    "Supernova Goes Pop" hits the speakers, as Everest and Titus slowly make their way out to the entranceway. They raise their arms together as the crowd gives them a good cheer. They high-five before running down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans, before rolling into the ring and climbing opposite turnbuckles, looking energetic as the camera swerves around them.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 405 pounds: Everest and Titus!

    This music is suddenly cut off as 'The Arms of Sorrow' by KillSwitch Engage hits the arena, and Arch Angel makes his way out to the ramp to a few boos. He takes no notice of the crowd, looking focussed, before jumping up and down, warming up.

    Harrys: Introducing next, weighing in at 234 pounds, from Leeds in the United Kingdom, Arch Angel!

    Angel makes his way down the ramp, looking in at Everest and Titus, before stopping before the ring for a few moments, and looking out at the crowd, before he ascends the steps and ducks into the ring. His music is turned off, as they await the arrival of his partner, Mohammad Hasheem.

    After waiting for a few moments for Mohammad Hasheem to come out, the crowd gets restless and starts booing, before 'Ya Leily' hits and he comes out with a mic.

    Mohammad Hasheem: Listen to me everyone! For the past week or so I have been telling to stupid media that I will be participating in this tag team match! But you know what, come to think about it, I don’t think I am up for it! I am too tired to perform! So yea, sorry you unworthy American, but I will not be your tag team partner!

    Just as Hasheem was about to leave, Chuck Myles’s music hits and Chuck Myles comes out with a mic in hand.

    Myles: Hasheem, you dirty bastard! I knew you would do something like that! So I figured I would go around the back to the people who don’t have any matches and I got a list of people who would want to take Hasheem’s place! And the person is –

    Arch Angel now gets a mic and interrupts Myles!

    Angel: I also figured that out so I got my own personal guy that would be proud to be my tag team partner! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...Joseph Rios!!

    "If It All Ended Tomorrow" by John Cena rings across the arena, as Rios comes out with a smile on his face. He looks over at Hasheem, who returns the stare with a cold, hard look of his own, before Rios shakes it off and limbers up a bit, before making his way down to the ring looking confident as always.

    Harrys: And finally, from New York, New York, weighing in at 270 pounds, Joseph 'the Main Event' Rios!

    Cohen:Good for Mohammad Hasheem, why should have to fight when he doesn’t want to? He could be hurt, but Joseph Rios sure is one hell of a replacement.

    Copeland: Hasheem was scheduled to wrestle tonight! The WZCW pays his wages! Now Everest and Titus have to prepare for Joseph "The Main Event" Rios on such short notice!

    Match 2: Arch Angel & Joseph Rios vs. Everest & Titus​

    Arch Angel and Everest start this match up off, they both stand head to head and have a war of words that ends when Everest slaps Arch Angel and then kicks him to his midsection. Everest doubles over and Arch Angels clubs him to the back. Instead of following up, Arch Angel plays to the crowd, taunting them just to draw a reaction.

    Cohen: Look at Arch Angel, he is brilliant. This crowd don’t know what they are witnessing.
    Copeland: These good people hate Arch Angel and will tell him at every chance they get!

    Due to his arrogance and time wasting tactics Everest has gotten up and delivered a German Suplex to Arch Angel that shook him so much that he rolled right out of the ring. Arch Angel and Rios are stood on the floor whist match official Paul Butler begins his 10 count. Arch Angel and Rios talk strategy before Arch Angel gets back in the ring at the count of 8. Arch Angel charges at Everest and Everest delivers a drop-toe-hold and Arch Angels face slams into the mat. Everest stomps on the back of Arch Angel and drags him over to his corner and tags in Titus.

    Copeland: That’s good team work there, keep the other guy isolated, cut the ring in half.

    Titus is now in control of Arch Angel with an arm wringer and he is really working Arch Angel’s left arm. He slams the down to try and rip it out of its socket and then begins to work it with an arm bar, putting torque on Arch Angels arm trying to get this match over and done with quickly. Rios must have sensed that because he put an end to the submission attempt with a boot to the back of Titus’s head, Titus stands up and starts to shout at Rios, but he gets rolled up with a school boy by Arch Angel! PIN FALL ATTEMPT 1…2..KICKOUT!! Titus nearly got caught there with an unsuspected schoolboy rollup. Arch Angel whips Titus into the turnbuckle neck to Rios and then turns to Everest and gives him the finger! Everest is outraged and tries to get into the ring and attack Arch Angel but the referee holds him back, whilst this is happening Rios is strangling Titus with the tag rope in the corner and Arch Angel is hitting him with body shots into the ribs to knock more wind out of his lungs.

    Cohen: No Cope, this is great team work here!

    Arch Angel and Rios exchange tags and try to do a double team and by whipping Titus into the ropes and execute a double flapjack. Titus just ate a face load of canvas. Rios picks up Titus and again whips him into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Titus has scouted it and drops down and hits a shot to the jaw, a lá Goldust. Titus goes to work on Rios’s lower back with kicks and an elbow drop, he picks him up by the neck and hits a delayed vertical suplex, drags him over to his corner by his foot and tags in Everest, who continues to work on his lower back, stomping away and delivering a second rope elbow drop. PIN FALL ATTEMPT 1…2..KICKOUT!! Rios got out of that attempted pin following the massive second rope elbow drop. Rios gets a hard Irish whip into the corner and he bounces back out only to almost get turned inside out by a vicious clothesline from the incoming Everest, who then walks over and tags in Titus. Titus picks up Rios and pushes him into the corner and lights his chest up red with a knife edge chop.

    Copeland: MAN! That’s got to hurt!

    Titus goes to whip Rios across the ring to the other corner but Rios reverse’s it and sends Titus into the turnbuckle. Rios has been in the ring for quite a while now and he really should be looking to tag out, but instead he goes for a Stinger Splash, but Titus moves out of the way at the last minute and Rios goes chest first into the turnbuckle Titus rolls him over and picks him up in a head lock and works that Rios backs him up into the ropes and pushing off into an Irish whip and Rios hits Titus with a Shoulder Block. This time Rios makes the tag to a fresh Arch Angel who charges over to Everest and knocks him off the ring apron and starts to stomp Titus and brings him over to there half of the ring and Rios holds him up whilst Arch Angel starts to work his body with stiff rights and lefts. Once the referee has got Rios out of the ring Arch Angel whips Titus into the ropes and hits him with a Standing One Arm Side Slam. PIN FALL ATTEMPT 1…2..Everest breaks up the count!!

    Cohen: Come on! The referee should keep Everest out of the ring! Arch Angel and Rios have been working well as a team and have kept Titus in the ring for quite a while now.

    Arch Angel has dragged Titus over to his corner and tags in Rios to set up another double team move where they whip him into the ropes, but Titus with a burst of energy dives forward with a double clothesline that takes out both Arch Angel and Rios! This could be Titus chance to tag out and get Everest into the match. Titus crawls towards Everest, inch by inch, the crowd willing him on. Angel and Rios move back towards their corner, and Rios tags in Angel off the ground, but at the same time, Titus manages to reach out to Everest and tag him in to cheers from the crowd. Angel charges at Everest with a clothesline, but Everest ducks and hits a neckbreaker on Angel. Rios is up and charges at Everest, but Everest dumps him over the top rope. Everest turns back to Angel, and as Angel is getting up, he hits him with a kick to the gut, followed by a quick Enzuigiri.

    Everest lifts Angel up and sends him to the ropes and back, and connects with a spinning heel kick that floors Angel. Titus has climbed the top rope, and soars off in a leg drop across the chest of Angel. The referee admonishes Titus as he raises his hands in the air. Everest looks down at Angel, and sits him up into the Mountain Climber (Dragon Sleeper)! Angel cries out in pain as the fans urge him to tap. Rios has slowly made his way back to his corner. Angel tries to slide his way over to him, inch-by-inch, as Rios holds his hand out for Angel to tag. Angel starts getting a little limp, before trying to knock Everest off but to no avail. With his last ounce of strength, Angel tries to reach out to Rios, who is just a fingernail away. Just when it looks like he is about to make the tag, Rios drops his hand and jumps off of the apron. The crowd are as stunned as Angel is, who finally drops his hand, out of it. Rios shakes his head as he moves up the ramp, with Everest now dragging Angel back into the ring while still in the Dragon Sleeper! Angel's head has fallen, all energy sapped, as the referee raises his hand once, and it falls.

    He raises it once more, and it falls again. He slowly reaches down to lift Angel's arm again for the final time, and he does so, as it falls to the mat once more with a thud!​

    Harrys: Here are your winners, by Knockout: Titus and Everest!

    Copeland: What have we just seen!? Rios leaves Angel to certain defeat, and Titus picks up his first win in WZCW, along with Everest, who gets his second in a row! As much as I hate that pompous Arch Angel, Joseph Rios's actions were disgusting and unsportsman-like!
    Cohen: Well, maybe he'd just had enough. I wouldn't like to get in the ring with Everest and Titus when they were on a roll like they were.
    Copeland: But you don't just leave your own tag partner like that for God's sake!

    Everest and Titus high-five in the ring, celebrating with the roaring crowd as they look out at Rios, who is standing motionless at the top of the ramp. Angel is not moving in the middle of the ring, and Titus and Everest turn their attention back to him as the referee attends to him. Supernova Goes Pop continues to blare across the arena, as Titus and Everest exit the ring and move up towards Rios, shaking their heads at him as he continues to stare up at Angel. They leave to the back as the music stops, and the crowd is left to boo at Rios. Rios slowly moves down to the ring, and throws the referee off of Angel and out of the ring. Rios stands above Angel, and gives him a huge slap across the face. Rios picks him up and hits the 'Perfect Shot' (Pedigree) on Angel. Angel is left face down as Rios stares coldly at him, before leaving the ring and moving up the ramp and to the back without even looking back.

    Copeland: Well that adds insult to injury for Angel, and Rios just had to do it didn't he?
    Cohen: He did it because he can! He's the 'Main Event' Playa Cope!
    Copeland: Don't you start talking like him. You're a little too old for that, not to mention it makes you sound as pathetic as he does. And, oh no, not him!

    Just as Copeland says that, Mohammad Hasheem has made his way out to the arena to a huge boo. Hasheem stares down at Angel with a smile on his face, as he is joined by Rasheeka. Hasheem looks cocky, as he moves down to the ring and stares in at the fallen Angel. The referee on the outside is slowly getting up, and tries to stop Hasheem from going any further, but he is met with a kick to the groin from Rasheeka, as Hasheem laughs and pushes him away. Hasheem holds Rasheeka's hand as they both move up into the ring. They stare down at Angel, who is stirring just a little bit, as Rasheeka gets a microphone and hands it to Hasheem.

    Hasheem: Well Angel, you couldn't get the job done. I guess you must be getting used to your partners walking out on you, aren't you? Says something about how pathetic your wrestling skills are. Or maybe, it's because you are just disrespectful, to people of a different background, or color to you, just like the rest of America, and just like these disgusting people in Fresno!

    The crowd rain him with boos, but he doesn't care, as Rasheeka nods and says some things in her native language to Hasheem.

    Hasheem: The fact is, no one in this pitiful company deserves to have a shot at being in the ring with me. But I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do about it. At Unscripted, Angel, I'm going to have an Open Challenge match. Anyone contracted to WZCW is willing to face me, as I make my debut match!

    Hasheem looks to drop the microphone and walk away, as Angel tries to get himself up, but he holds it, and turns back to Angel, looking down at him with disgust.

    Hasheem: But Angel, I'm not wasting my time on you. You're never getting in the ring with me, and the chances of you answering that challenge are going to be zero, right after this:!

    He throws the microphone away as Rasheeka hits another kick, this time to Angel's groin. Bent double, Angel grips in his sensitive area, as Hasheem picks him up in a fireman's carry, and spins him off in a neckbreaker!

    Copeland: The Toss Breaker from Hasheem. This is disgusting!

    Hasheem laughs as 'Ya Leily' hits the speakers, as he and Rasheeka stare down at Angel. They both make their way out of the ring, and up the ramp, saying a few words to the yelling fans. They move out of the arena, leaving Angel face down, seemingly unconscious.

    (Match written by: Da Vinci’s Nightmare/Downward Spiral)​

    **Commercial Break**​
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    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    The scene cuts back to Celeste Crimson, being treated for a head injury while sitting on a bench. She is with Aurelia Molotov, and the two are talking quietly. Suddenly, AJ and Sincade walk up to them smugly. Crimson and Molotov both jump down from the bench, seething at the two as Sincade and AJ struggle to suppress laughter. A few security guards move towards them in a precaution.

    Sincade: How’s the head, Crimmy?

    This enrages Molotov and Crimson, who rush towards AJ and Sincade and tackle them, laying rights and lefts into them. The security step into action and prise the 4 wrestlers apart, as all 4 start cursing and pointing at one another, desperate to get a piece of each other. Molotov breaks off the two security guards holding her and tackles AJ around the head. Sincade breaks off his security guard and moves to kick Molotov in the head, but is pulled back at the last second by security. The guards remove Molotov from AJ and back all four wrestlers up well apart from their enemies.

    All are breathing heavily, before the camera moves to show Chuck Myles moving along, rubbing his head a little. He bumps into a security guard without looking.

    Myles: Sorry Jim – What the hell is going on here?

    All four wrestlers start talking at once before Myles rubs his head again before gesturing for them to be quiet.

    Myles: All of you just shut up! I’ve had enough of this shit. If you four can’t stand one another, then there’s only one solution. Save your anger up, because at Unscripted, you get a chance to release it. It will be High Society vs. Crimson and Molotov in a tag team match. Now security, get these four away from each other.

    All four wrestlers still look pissed as they don’t take their eyes off of one another, as they are moved away. Myles shakes his head and begins walking away again, picking up a coffee and sipping it as he moves away.

    Copeland: Another match announced by Chuck Myles for Unscripted: The grudge match of High Society in Sincade and AJ vs. Celeste Crimson and Aurelia Molotov! This match already has a heated backstory, and all competitors and fans can’t wait till this one gets underway.
    Cohen: There’s a lot of bad blood between these two teams, and it’s been boiling for quite a while. High Society will be looking to move on from what happened to Ace Cannon, and take it out on Crimson and Molotov.
    Copeland: But what kind of state will Crimson be in? As we saw just before, she didn’t look too well when receiving treatment for the injuries suffered at the hands of AJ earlier in the night.
    Cohen: Molotov might have to carry the load in that match, but they’ll all be wanting a piece of each other. I can’t wait for this one!

    **Commercial Break**​

    We come back to see Downward Spiral chatting with Brian Michaels. Spiral looks confident as he has a towel draped over his shoulder. Michaels is sipping coffee and strapping his wrist with tape.

    Spiral: My match is up now though Brian. I’m thinking I should go solo, I just have a good feeling about this one. I figure I can take Northern Lights down by myself. After all, if you and me teamed up, we’d probably kill them.

    Michaels: Alright then. But, if you need me, I’l-

    Spiral: Don’t worry, I won’t need you.

    Spiral walks away, leaving Michaels to sip his coffee and stare after him.


    The scene switches to the locker room of Northern Lights, where Koala Typhoon is looking down at Windy Bridges, who is sitting on a bench, looking unwell.

    Typhoon: How are you feeling brother?

    Bridges: Not good man. I don’t think I can make it out with you there. It’s a stomach bug or something.

    Typhoon: Don’t worry about it, I can take Spiral by myself. You just get better man, we’ve got to prepare for Unscripted!

    Bridges nods as Typhoon pats him on the shoulder and makes his way out of the room as the sound of the bell can be heard.

    Match 3: Downward Spiral vs. Koala Typhoon

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

    Copeland: It’s now time for one of the more intriguing matchups of the evening: it’s the arrogant Downward Spiral going against Koala Typhoon, and Force, both men are going at this alone.
    Cohen: And for different reasons. Spiral can obviously take Typhoon on his own, and Bridges is too scared to come out.
    Copeland: Well, both sides have already gotten on the wrong sides of each other, starting a heated rivalry that’s set to come to a head at Unscripted. But now, we get our first chance to see Sex and Violence’s Downward Spiral going against Northern Light’s Koala Typhoon.
    Cohen: Spiral’s got the goods here, I can tell.

    Red and Black lights stream across the dim arena, as Away fills the arena and Spiral makes his way out to the ramp with his head down. He soaks in the crowd before lowering himself and jumping up into an Orton-esque pose. He lifts his chin up as he looks in disgust out at the crowd, before shaking his head and slowly making his way down to the ring. He stops on the ramp and stares at a booing fan, stroking his chin, before running up the stairs and wiping his feet on the apron, before ducking swiftly under the ring. He climbs atop the top turnbuckle and tilts his head back as the camera swerves around him. He jumps down and begins warming up, staring at the entranceway with a smirk on his face, looking confident and cocky as ever.

    Harrys: Introducing first: From Brisbane, Australia, weighing in at 230 pounds, ‘the One and Only’, Downward Spiral!

    “Away” is swiftly cut off, as the crowd turn to await the arrival of Koala Typhoon. A dim blue light takes over the arena as the roar of a bear, followed by the cry of an eagle screams over the arena. Suddenly, “Animals” by Nickelback hits and the lights flicker between the existent blue haze and a bright red light. Out of the back, Koala Typhoon appears, full of energy, and jogs down to the ring without further ado, slapping hands with fans on his way down. Koala grabs the second rope, lifts himself up to the apron and enters the ring. Spiral moves to attack Typhoon but the referee restrains him, as Typhoon glares at Spiral, before limbering up in a corner.

    Harrys: And his opponent: From Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 255 pounds, Koala Typhoon!

    As soon as Harrys finishes, Spiral shoves the referee out of the way and charges towards Typhoon and knocks him down with a stiff lariat. Spiral turns Typhoon over and begins beating away at the head and throat area. The referee pulls Spiral off of Typhoon, who takes a long time to get up, and as he does, Spiral charges him and nails him with a big boot that knocks him into the turnbuckle. Spiral moves over and sticks his boot into his throat, choking him out. The referee starts a 5 count, which Spiral breaks by letting go at 4, and looking menacingly at the referee. He turns back around to a few right hands from Typhoon, before stopping him by hitting Typhoon with a thud to the eye.

    Typhoon stumbles out of the turnbuckles, and Spiral nails Typhoon with a nice dropkick that sends him into the ropes and tumbling down. Spiral runs over towards Typhoon and hits him with a baseball slide that knocks him out of the ring and onto the mats below with a thud.

    Copeland: Wow, I’m surprised by just how vicious and dominating Spiral has been in the early stages of this match.
    Cohen: I knew he had it in him, and Typhoon doesn’t have the answers.

    Spiral moves under the top rope and follows Typhoon out, before lifting him up and Irish whipping him to the steel steps. Typhoon smashes the steps, which are knocked over, as he grips his back in pain. Spiral moves over and starts stomping away at Typhoon, before positioning him against the steel ringpost. He hits a knee to the gut for good measure, before moving back and hitting him with a big boot against the post.

    Copeland: And Typhoon looks out of it already, Spiral is utilising every object around the ring here.

    Spiral lifts Typhoon up and slides him into the ring, where he covers him lazily.

    1! 2! But Typhoon gets a shoulder up. Spiral looks angrily at the referee, staring at him as he lifts Typhoon up again. He Irish Whips him to the ropes and back, and catches Typhoon with a running neckbreaker! Spiral looks out at the crowd with a smirk on his face as they boo him, before he covers Typhoon again:

    1! 2! But Typhoon kicks out. Spiral is not happy as he smashes his fists into the mat. He moves away from Typhoon, and crouches, waiting for him to get up.

    Cohen: I think Spiral could be looking to put this one away quickly here. Could be Death Down Under time!

    As Spiral crouches, Typhoon is slow to get to his feet. On his haunches, he eventually gets up, and turns around as Spiral gets him in the Death Down Under position! But Typhoon hits some elbows to the back of his head, knocking Spiral away. Typhoon heads to the ropes and back at Spiral, but is met with a spinning heel kick that stops Typhoon’s momentum sharply.

    Cohen: Out of nowhere! Typhoon had the advantage…had it for about two seconds! What a spinning heel kick!

    Spiral rubs the back of his head, before moving over to Typhoon and kicking him in the ribs, hard. He bends down and lifts Typhoon’s head up, and begins slapping him with both hands, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

    Copeland: Now that’s just disrespectful! Enough is enough Spiral, you smug bastard!

    The referee pulls Spiral off, but Spiral shoves him away, and heads to the top turnbuckle. He looks down at Typhoon, before jumping off in a leg drop across his throat! Spiral hooks the leg as he makes the cover:

    1! 2! But Typhoon kicks out. Spiral cries out in anger, before he rips Typhoon up by the hair and goes for a suplex on him, but Typhoon lands on his feet and turns around and tries to get Spiral with a suplex of his own, but Spiral lands on his feet, and turns around and hits a quick reverse DDT on Typhoon. Spiral turns around and raises his arms to the booing crowd, before he bends down to pick Typhoon up, but is met with a small package from Typhoon:

    1! 2! But Spiral kicks out. Spiral is quickly up and smashes Typhoon with a knee to the head before he can react. Spiral looks angry now as he begins ripping away at the face of Typhoon. The referee starts a five count, as Spiral raises his hands innocently, before lifting Typhoon up and hitting a flapjack across the top rope, followed by an Inverted Atomic Drop. Spiral slides out of the ring and drags Typhoon over to the edge of the ring and begins choking him out through the ropes. The referee again starts a five count, but Spiral lets go before he can be disqualified.

    Copeland: Spiral is certainly going close to being disqualified right here. I don’t know how much more the referee will allow.

    Typhoon moves away and uses the ropes as assistance to get up, as Spiral hops onto the apron and goes to bring Typhoon over the rope throat-first in a DDT, but Typhoon blocks it, and hits a DDT of his own over the ropes. Spiral stumbles and falls off the apron, as Typhoon urges the crowd to get behind him. He runs to the ropes and back and flies over them with amazing agility, but Spiral rolls out of the way and Typhoon goes crashing and burning into the announce table. Spiral lifts himself up slowly and looks over at Typhoon, before smashing him in the ribs with a hard kick. He lifts Typhoon up and whips him into the barricade, before clotheslining him over and into the crowd. Spiral rolls back in as the referee begins a 10 count on Typhoon.

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Typhoon is over the barricade and crawling towards the ring. He climbs up on the apron at 7, and rolls into the ring. Spiral moves over and begins stomping on him immediately. He moves Typhoon away from the ropes and drops an elbow into his chest. Spiral keeps it there and makes the cocky cover:

    1! 2! But Typhoon gets a shoulder up. Spiral shows a little bit of anger, as he lifts him up and sends him into the steel ringpost! Spiral drags Typhoon out, but turns him around and sends him in there again. Typhoon has slumped down on his knees, resting against the middle turnbuckle, as Spiral charges at him and hits him with a dropkick to his head. Typhoon falls out of the turnbuckles, as Spiral gets up arrogantly. Spiral lifts Typhoon up and hits him with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge, but only gets a 2.

    Copeland: And now Spiral’s just toying with Typhoon, using the ironic Northern Lights suplex on him.

    Spiral lifts Typhoon up and kicks him in the gut, before hitting him with a running DDT. Spiral turns Typhoon over and begins beating on his head, before getting up and again waiting for Typhoon to get up in the corner. Typhoon takes an age to get up, as the crowd is silent in this one. Typhoon is up to his feet, and turns around into a Death Down Under from Downward Spiral! Spiral quickly makes the cover:

    1! 2! But Spiral lifts Typhoon’s shoulder up, breaking the count. The crowd is stunned as Spiral stares down at Typhoon.

    Cohen: What’s he doing this for? He should have put Typhoon away right there!

    Spiral suddenly moves and gets Typhoon’s legs and puts them in a ‘4’ position, before turning Typhoon onto his side, stretching him painfully.

    Copeland: It’s the Australian Agony! Spiral just wants to rub salt into the wound right now.

    Typhoon tries to break free, but is trapped in the middle of the ring. After a few moments, Typhoon’s hand drops, and he starts tapping.

    Harrys: Here is your winner: by submission: “The One and Only” Downward Spiral!

    Spiral doesn’t let go of the hold as the referee tries to prise him off. Spiral lets go and hits the Dead End (reverse Overdrive) on an unsuspecting referee. He looks down at him, before going to put Typhoon in the Australian Agony again. Suddenly, Windy Bridges comes running out to the ring, and slides into the ring as Spiral lets go of Typhoon and backs into the corner, smirking as he watches Bridges look over Typhoon. Bridges stands up and moves towards Spiral, still not looking too well. Spiral looks innocently at him, as Bridges seethes at him. Bridges shakes his head before turning around to Typhoon again. Suddenly, Spiral bends down and hits a low blow onto Bridges. The crowd shower Spiral with boos, as he slides out of the ring and brings in a steel chair. He brings it down once on Bridges, and again on to Typhoon. He sits Typhoon up and dropkicks the chair into his skull. He then takes the chair and wraps it around Bridges’ head, and lifts him up and gives him a flapjack that sends the chair careening into the throat of Bridges.

    Copeland: Come on Spiral! You won the match, there’s no need for this!
    Cohen: He’s adding insult to injury now, I love it.

    Spiral stands over the fallen Bridges and Typhoon, before raising his arms smugly. He slides under the bottom rope and begins moving towards Kyle Harrys. He takes the microphone out of his hands, and raises it.

    Spiral: Let that be a lesson to anyone who wants to try and make a name for themselves in this business. You get in the ring with me, and you’ll meet the same fate that that idiot did. WZCW, watch your back…

    Spiral throws the microphone away as “Away” hits the speakers again. He looks once at the carnage in the ring while laughing, before moving up the ramp with a smile on his face. He stops once at the top of the ramp and raises his arms as the crowd rain on him with boos.

    Copeland: That was nothing short of a demolition from Spiral.
    Cohen: Typhoon never even got out of the blocks. Spiral certainly sent a message, loud and clear, and that was ‘Stay out of my way.’
    Copeland: He certainly was impressive, and this doesn’t look good for Northern Lights just a few weeks out from Unscripted.
    Cohen: Sex and Violence has certainly got the edge coming into that match, and I can’t wait to see Spiral and Michaels finish them off.

    **Commercial Break**​

    Northern Lights are walking along towards the car park, looking bruised and battered, with Typhoon heavily bandaged around his head. Suddenly, they are rushed upon by Sex and Violence. Brian Michaels and Downward Spiral begin beating the hell out of a defenceless Northern Lights. Spiral starts ripping the bandages away from Typhoon, and begins beating the life out of him. Michaels begins stomping on a fallen Bridges, who is trying in vain to shy away. Michaels and Spiral simultaneously lift Northern Lights up, and Irish whip them into a production truck. Spiral pulls a steel chain out of his pocket, and begins belting both wrestlers in the head. He wraps it around the throat of Typhoon, as Michaels pulls out a piece of barbed wire, and begins whipping it across the face of Windy Bridges. Michaels begins tearing away at the flesh on his forehead, opening him up immediately. Spiral throws Typhoon away, and moves over to Bridges, and knees him in the head while Michaels holds him. Spiral looks over at a black Mitsubishi Spyder, and looks down at Bridges and Typhoon.

    Spiral: Let’s take them for a ride. But Lights, be careful, it may be a bit bumpy.

    Michaels pulls a longer chain out of his pockets, as Spiral moves over and gets in the car. Michaels drags Typhoon over to Bridges, and chains them both together by the arm. Spiral reverses the car slowly, and manages to just hit Northern Lights with the back of his car before he can stop.

    Michaels: Whoops.

    Michaels then chains Typhoon’s arm to the spoiler of the car, and gives Northern Lights both a slap for good measure, and tells Spiral to go. Spiral revs up the car and begins driving off, leaving a limp Northern Lights to be dragged along on the gravel parking lot. Spiral starts doing a doughnut, as smoke goes into the faces of Northern Lights as they are flung sideways, hitting the ground repeatedly. Eventually, the chain breaks and Northern Lights go flying, both of them rolling away, seemingly unconscious. Spiral looks out of the car at Koala Typhoon, lying face down, still chained to Bridges. Michaels moves over and takes Typhoon’s leg and twists it in an awkward position.

    Michaels: I saw Strife do this to Cannon earlier!

    With that, Michaels slams Typhoon’s leg down repeatedly, before wrenching it and breaking it, leaving it to flop in a very awkward position. Bridges tries to crawl over to him, but Michaels takes his head and slams it into the gravel, grinding it in. Suddenly, Spiral turns the car around and heads towards the two. Both their arms are still connected with a chain, and Michaels sets their arms up in position, for Spiral to suddenly drive his car over them. The crunching of bone can be heard as they both cry out in pain, as Michaels starts laughing. Spiral reverses back over their connected arms, leaving them in a blood-spattered mess. Spiral finally stops, parking the car with the wheel on top of the chained arms.

    Spiral: Guess they won’t be making it to Unscripted now.

    Michaels and Spiral high five each other, and begin walking away, leaving Northern Lights unconscious amongst their bones and blood. Suddenly, Michaels puts his arm on Spiral’s shoulder and turns him around.

    Michaels: By the way Spiral, I figure that I should go out and face Sincade by myself tonight, I’m just feeling that good.

    Spiral: I’m sure you won’t need my help then.

    Spiral and Michaels laugh as they walk away.


    Copeland: What a vicious, vile attack we just saw there! Where the hell is the security these days?
    Cohen: They must be on their coffee break.
    Copeland: And once again folks, we must apologise for the graphic nature of what you just saw. WZCW does not condone this behaviour, and one can only feel for the families of Typhoon and Bridges.
    Cohen: As much as I like people who are edgy and able to make impacts, this is taking it a bit too far.

    **Commercial Break**​
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    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    Match 4: Gus, Kenny Cox & Ben Legend vs. Aries, 2Fly & Tristan Kist.​

    Harrys: The following contest is a six man tag team match scheduled for one fall.

    The Kill hits and the ‘Reality Bender’ Gus makes his way slowly out onto the ramp, stopping he holds his right fist into the air. He starts to slowly walk towards the ring, when suddenly the music changes into ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’. Kenny Cox then makes his way from the back and walks back and forward on the entranceway for a few seconds, before making his way towards the ring. Gus has stopped about a quarter of the way and Kenny Cox meets up with him and they walk the rest of the way as a team.

    Harrys: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 475 pounds, Kenny Cox and ‘The Reality Bender’ Gus… The Supreme Ones.

    Myth then hits the speakers as Ben Legend makes his way out from the back. He slaps the hands of some fans while walking down the ramp. He slides in the ring standing next to Gus & Kenny.

    Harrys: and their partner, weighing in at 265 pounds, ‘The Myth’ Ben Legend.

    (The lights dim and the beginning drum intro of Americana resonates throughout the arena. Aries steps out onto the entrance ramp, wearing a hood to cover his face, as he lifts it up and looks out at the crowd, shaking his head before walking swiftly down to the ring. His face is a mask of intensity and focus as Aries jumps on to the ring apron and then ducks under the ropes. He looks out again to the crowd the same stern look still on his face.)

    Harrys: and the opponents, introducing first, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 245 pounds, ‘The Zodiac Killer’: Aries.

    'LaLaLa' hits the speakers and and 2Fly makes his way from backstage. He makes his way to the ring with a cocky look on his face. Once in the ring he poses to the crowd who give no reaction at all.

    Harrys: and his partner, from Orlando Florida, weighing in at 240 pounds, 2Fly.

    The lights dim and suddenly “Smells like Teen Spirit” sounds throughout the arena. A light shines upon the entrance way onto a hooded man. His hood then falls away and we can all see that it is Tristan Kist. He makes his way to the ring with a cock look on his face. He stops to box in the air quickly before sliding into the ring. Once in the ring he makes an X with his arms to not much reaction from the crowd.

    Harrys: and their partner, from Trenton, New Jersey, weighing in at 250 pounds, Tristan Kist.

    Gus is in the ring, starting it out for his team, as Kenny Cox and Legend wait upon the apron. On the other side they are still trying to work out who is going to start the match and all three men get into a shoving contest as they are all looking to start. Finally the ref forces Aries and Kist out of the ring, meaning 2Fly will start this one against Gus. 2Fly rushes at Gus but his met by some hard hits. Gus lays into 2Fly with lefts and rights, before grabbing him and hitting a vertical suplex. Gus keeps the hold in place and then hits 2Fly with another Vertical suplex. Releasing the hold Gus then hits an elbow drop on 2Fly. Gus then looks to lock in a Figure Four Leglock, but is kicked away by 2Fly. 2 Fly gets to his feet and rushes over to Gus, clubbing him on the chest and then hitting him with a European Uppercut, he then grabs Gus and Irish Whips him into the corner. 2 Fly follows in with an extremely weak clothesline that doesn’t even seem to faze Gus. Gus hits a huge right hand and then ducks a shot from 2Fly and hits him with a huge DDT. Gus then looks around at the crowd who give some polite applause. Gus then makes his way to the top turnbuckle and hits a Leg Drop. Makes the cover 1…..2… kick out by 2Fly. Gus then grabs 2Fly by the arm and drags him closer to Gus’s corner where he tags in Kenny Cox.

    Gus hits a standing leg drop onto the arm of 2Fly and then lets Cox take over. Cox grabs 2Fly and hits a huge German Sulplex which completely folds 2Fly in half. Kenny then again lifts 2 Fly up and hits a stalling scoop slam, before again lifting 2Fly up and Irish whipping him into 2fly’s own corner. Unseen to Cox, Aries makes a blind tag, as Cox hits a clothesline followed by a DDT on 2Fly. He makes the cover but the ref refuses to count and Cox is soon booted in the head viciously by Aries. Aries then hauls Cox to his feet and hits an Inverted DDT. Aries then follows this up with a springboard fist. Before again grabbing Cox and folding him up with a head and arm suplex. Aries then locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Cox reaches with everything towards the ropes, just mere centimetres away. Aries adds more pressure to the hold causing Cox to scream out in pain. Cox lifts his hand, looking as he is going to tap. But Aries lets go of the hold as Gus enters the ring and delivers a kick to Aries. He continues laying into Aries, but soon 2Fly enters the ring and goes after Gus. He hits Gus with a Spear, before grabbing Gus and whipping him into the ropes. 2Fly follows in and hits a clothesline that sends both himself and Gus sprawling to the outside. Aries and Legend are both down in the ring. Crawling towards there own corners.

    Cox makes the tag to legend first who rushes into the ring, taking Aries by the leg he hauls him up and sends Aries leg crashing hard into the mat. Legend then hits a fist drop, before hauling Aries quickly to his feet and hitting a DDT, he then sends Aries into the corner and follows in with a huge splash. Legend then grabs Aries and hits a Vertical Suplex and goes for the cover 1….2…. kickout by Aries. Outside the ring Gus and 2Fly have brawled all the way up the entrance ramp, laying into each other with huge rights and lefts before disappearing backstage. Back in the ring Legend has hit Aries with a DDT and locked in the STF, but Aries easily makes his way to the ropes. Kist leans across and pats Aries on the head, tagging himself in. Aries doesn’t look very happy with this as Kist enters the ring and takes the attack straight to Legend. Kist lays into Legend with huge lefts and rights forcing legend back before hitting a release Fisherman’s Suplex.

    Outside the ring Aries looks mighty upset and his making his way around the ring towards Kenny Cox. Cox hasn’t seen him as Aries yanks him of the apron and delivers a huge right before whipping him into the barricade. Back in the ring Kist has delivered four brutal knees to the head of Legend and followed that up with a Piledriver. Aries and Kenny have know spilled over the barricade and have begun brawling in the crowd. Aries seems to be getting the upper hand. Sending Cox reeling in the crowd. Back in the ring the brawling of Aries has distracted Kist as he is looking into the crowd with a puzzled look on his face. This allows Legend to recover and roll Kist up. 1…2… kick out by Kist.

    Kist seems furious with himself for taking his eyes off the prize and begins to again lay into Legend. After some vicious punches to the face of Legend, Kist attempts to hit him with a DDT, which Legend is able to counter into a DDT of his own. Legend s then quickly on Kist locking him into a cobra clutch. Legend looks as if he is going for the Severed Ties, but Kist is able to counter the move and backs up into the corner. As Kist stands he is hit by a running clothesline by Legend, who then hits a punch, chop and kick combo with dazes Kist. Before hitting a Belly to Belly throw. Legend rushes in for the cover 1….2… kick out by Kist.

    Legend then goes for a fist drop, but only hits the canvas as Kist cleverly rolls out of the way. Kist athletically makes his way to his feet and hits Legend with some punches, Kist then hits a swinging neckbreaker, before grabbing Legend hitting a snapmare followed into a sitting double chicken wing (Kist Submission IV) However Legend fights and fights and is soon able to get out of the hold. Kist doesn’t let up however he hits Legend with some huge lefts and rights that force Legend back, Kist then delivers a kick to the gut and goes for a brainbuster. However Legend counters and delivers a huge Brainbuster of his won which shakes the mat. Legend quickly climbs to the top rope and hits a leg drop, before sending Kist flying into the opposite corner, his back crashing hard against the turn buckle. Legend then follows in the with a wicked clothesline, before he props Kist up on the turn buckle. Legend climbs the second rope and grabs Kist around the head, looking for a superplex. But Kist fights back he rakes the eyes of Legend and then starts to deliver some brutal shots. But Legend sends a hard right crashing into the jaw of Kist, which stuns him. Legend grabs him again gets him up and hits Legendary, (a top-rope Jackhammer). Legend into the cover 1……2……..3 Ben Legend wins it!!!!

    Harrys: Your winners, Ben ‘The Myth’ Legend and the Supreme ones: Gus and Kenny!

    Legend has his hand raised by the ref as the crowd cheers for him. He looks down at Kist who is beginning to stir a little an Legend rolls out of the ring before making his way backstage.

    Copeland: What an impressive performance by Ben Legend in that match! He had to fight Kist on his own when Gus and Kenny brawled to the back with Aries and 2Fly.
    Cohen: It's his first win in WZCW, and I don't know about you, but Gus and Kenny abandoned Legend, and they don't even deserve to be proclaimed winners.
    Copeland: You may be right, but it wasn't like they left Legend to be one on three, they took out Aries and 2Fly as well.
    Cohen: And Kist's record goes to 0-2, disappointing from him.
    Copeland: To me, he just didn't seem focused, and he got too cocky and distracted on occasions, which allowed Legend to take advantage. And don't forget that 2Fly's record is 0-2 as well; he and Kist haven't gone too well teaming up with each other, and I guess that's going to stop soon.
    Cohen: And Aries couldn't get the win either, one has to think whether he has his heart set on this company or not.

    (Match written by: Wotdoiput)​

    **Commercial Break**​

    Joseph "The Main Event" Rios is shown backstage getting some coffee. The crowd boos at the sight of him. DC walks up behind him and taps Rios on the shoulder which gets a huge pop.

    Rios: What the hell do you want?
    DC: I just wanted to ask how things are going since you aren't in the tournament anymore. DC chuckles

    Rios: You should really watch your mouth when you talk to me son.

    Rios gets into DC's face

    DC: Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. But the fact of the matter is that I have a chance at the title and you don't. So when you look at it, it seems that maybe I am "The Main Event".

    Rios: Listen here DC aka The Highflyer, you can never be "The Main Event" you don't even have 1 ounce of the talent that I have. So don't flatter yourself by thinking you have what it takes...Rios adjusts DC's shirt...cause son you will never be like me.

    Rios walks off laughing as DC smiles

    **Commercial Break**​

    (Match 5: Brian Michaels vs Sincade)​

    Harrys: the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

    Warning hits the speaks as the crowd gives up some loud boos, knowing who is coming. After a little wait Jason Sincade makes his way out from the back. He points to towards the upper reaches of the stadium and begins to make his way to the ring. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to the boos of the crowd.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 220 pounds. Jason Sincade.

    My Way hits the speakers and Brian Michaels makes his way from the back. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction with a smattering of cheers amongst the boos. Michaels has a smile on his face and begins to make his way to the ring. He slides in and taunts to both Sincade and the crowd.

    Harrys: and his opponent from Houston Texas, weighing in at 235 pounds, Brian Michaels!!

    Michaels and Sincade have a shortlived staredown, before Sincade rushes at Michaels in a clothesline attempt, which is ducked by Michaels, who begins attacking Sincade with rights and lefts. Sincade backs up towards the ropes, making the referee pull Michaels away. Michaels raises his hands as he moves back, before Sincade hits him with a kick to the gut, followed by a snap DDT. Sincade rolls Michaels over close to the ropes and hooks the leg.

    1! But Michaels gets his foot on the ropes. Sincade gets up angrily, before stomping on that very leg. He drags Michaels back into the middle of the ring and drops an elbow to his chest. Sincade lifts Michaels up and goes to Irish Whip him to the turnbuckles, but Michaels reverses the whip and sends Sincade back-first into them. He quickly follows up with an avalanche on Sincade, who crumbles down the turnbuckles and to the floor. Michaels begins laying boots into him, before the referee begins a 5 count, which Michaels breaks at 3. Michaels steps back a bit, looking out at the crowd, before he moves towards Sincade, who suddenly hits Michaels with a drop-toehold from the floor, sending Michaels into the middle turnbuckle. Sincade rolls out of the corner and gets up, taking Michaels back and sending him into the steel ringpost, shoulder first. Sincade gets up, looking cocky as the crowd boo him, before he drags Michaels out again. This time, he sets him up on the top turnbuckle and follows him.

    Copeland: What's Sincade going for here?
    Cohen: God knows what, he can do whatever he likes. I'm betting a superplex though Cope.

    Sincade grips Michaels in that very suplex position, before Michaels hits some elbows to the back of his head. Michaels jumps off the turnbuckle and over Sincade's head, gripping him around the stomach the whole time, and hitting a powerbomb on Sincade! Michaels crawls to the cover.

    1! 2! But Sincade gets a shoulder up. Michaels lays on the ground a while, catching his breath, before he lifts Sincade up and sends him to the ropes. Michaels goes for a big boot, but Sincade ducks it and hits a powerful neckbreaker on Michaels. Michaels and Sincade are down and out, as the referee begins a 10 count.

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! Sincade slowly gets up, and waits for Michaels to follow him. At 8, Michaels gets up groggily, and stumbles into Sincade, who hits a Shot Caller (Sit Out Powerbomb)! Sincade moves into the cover:

    1! 2! But Michaels gets a shoulder up! Sincade is up, bashing the mat with his fists and not looking too happy with the count from the referee.

    Cohen: You can't tell me that wasn't 3! Come on ref!

    Michaels lays on the ground, gripping his back in pain, as Sincade follows the referee into the corner. He starts a long argument, and begins putting his finger into his chest. Suddenly, he is rolled up by Michaels:

    1! 2! But Sincade kicks out. Sincade gets up quickly, and moves to kick Michaels in the face, but Michaels takes Sincade's leg and trips him over, before locking him in a one-legged boston crab. Sincade cries out in pain as Michaels strains on the leg. Sincade starts crawling towards the ropes, before with an amazing burst of strength, he flips Michaels out of the move and over the ropes. Michaels just catches himself, and goes to 'skin the cat', before Sincade decks him with a kick to the face that sends Michaels rapidly down to the mats below with a thud. Sincade falls back to his knees as Michaels slowly gets up, gripping his face, as he climbs onto the apron. Michaels stands up using the ropes for assistance, before Sincade moves to hit him with a right hand. Michaels ducks it and hits a neckbreaker over the top rope. Sincade stumbles back into the middle of the ring, as Michaels jumps onto the top rope and uses it as a springboard to hit Sincade with a bulldog. Michaels crawls to the cover:

    1! 2! But Sincade kicks out!

    Copeland: These fans are certainly more behind Michaels than we have seen lately. And that was an impressive athletic move that almost got him the win there.

    Michaels is slowly up and takes Sincade with him, before Irish whipping him to the ropes. As Sincade comes back, Michaels tries for a Samoan Drop, but Sincade counters at the last second and hits a knee to the back of the head, followed by a reverse DDT.

    Cohen: That'll put you away! Michaels just lost a lot of brain cells with that one.

    Sincade stomps away at Michaels, before lifting him up and sending him to the ropes. As Michaels comes back, Sincade hits him with a dropkick that sends him into the turnbuckles. Sincade charges after him with a big boot that sends him to the ground. Sincade moves back, before running at Michaels with a knee lift, but Michaels rolls out of the way, making Sincade smash his knee into the turnbuckle. Sincade steps out before Michaels nips up and hits him with a German Suplex with a bridge.

    1! 2! But Sincade gets a shoulder up. Michaels gets up and attempts to lift Sincade up, but Sincade hits him with a kick to the gut, followed by a flapjack over the top rope. Michaels is kept up by the top rope, as Sincade charges at him and nails him with a kick to the ribs. Michaels falls back into the middle of the ring before Sincade takes him down with a hard lariat. Sincade moves into the cover:

    1! 2! But Michaels gets a shoulder up. Sincade looks pissed as he sits back in the corner, waiting for Michaels to get up, and as he does, Sincade moves towards him and hits him with a One Shot (Full nelson facebuster.) Sincade raises his hands as he looks down at Michaels, before sliding his hand across his throat.

    Cohen: This could be it here Cope! Sincade is ready to finish this one off!

    Sincade moves towards the top turnbuckle. At the top, he turns and stares at Michaels, laying in the middle of the ring. He yells out 'High Society' to the crowd, before jumping off and going for the Sweet Dreams (Somersault corkscrew leg drop), but Michaels rolls out of the way. Michaels seems to be fighting for one last ounce of strength, as he uses the ropes for assitance. Sincade is gripping his backside and trying to get up as Michaels waits for him with intent in his eye. Michaels starts tapping the ground, urging Sincade to get up.

    Copeland: Michaels could be going for the Ace of Spades here!

    Sincade is almost up, before AJ runs down to the ring to boos from the crowd. He gets up on the apron, distracting Michaels and the referee. Michaels rushes towards AJ and hits him with the Ace of Spades! The referee looks out with his back turned, and as Michaels turns around back to Sincade, Sincade nails him with a low blow.

    Copeland: Come on! For god's sake! Damn High Society!

    Sincade kicks Michaels to the ground as he holds his lower region, before jumping to the top turnbuckle and flying off onto Michaels with the Sweet Dreams!

    Cohen: The Sweet Dreams! Michaels is out Cope!
    Copeland: And now the referee turns around, what timing!

    Sincade looks cockily out to the crowd before he makes the cover:

    1! 2! 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner: Sincade!

    Copeland: And that's all thanks to damn AJ! I hope that hurt you cheating bastard!

    Sincade celebrates momentarily in the ring, before sliding out of the ring before the ref can raise his hand. He moves towards AJ and helps him off the ground, as he stumbles back. AJ raises Sincade's hand while gripping his chin, as they back out of the arena, leaving the referee to check on a fallen Michaels.

    Cohen: It was a great match Cope, and Sincade came out the victor!
    Copeland: Yeah, after he low blowed Michaels with the ref's back turned! This is a disgrace.
    Cohen: Well, a win's a win, and the end justifies the means.

    (Match written by: Downward Spiral)​

    **Commercial Break**​

    Michaels is still in the ring, slamming his fists into the ground, before ‘Away’ by Mercy Drive hits the speakers. Michaels looks up a little stunned, to see Downward Spiral at the top of the ramp, looking angry at him. Michaels uses the ropes to help him up, as Spiral looks out at the crowd before talking.

    Spiral: Brian…you just lost to Jason Sincade!? Jason Sincade? What the hell man?

    Michaels has a stunned look on his face, as Spiral shakes his head, making his way down to the ring.

    Spiral: You’re a part of Sex and Violence, you don’t just lose like that! You’re bringing me down by putting your name in the ‘L’ column!

    Spiral has made his way into the ring, as Michaels looks at him again in a shocked look. Michaels moves over and receives a microphone from Kyle Harrys.

    Michaels: What are you talking about Downward? I was the one that made it further than you las-

    Spiral: No, no, that is irrelevant. I already explained that every one was out to get me, but now that you’ve said that, it begs the question of whether you were out to get me?

    Michaels looks at Spiral in confusion, and goes to speak before he is cut off by Spiral.

    Spiral: I’m talking Brian, please. So what’s the story Michaels? What, am I stealing your thunder? Is the fact that every wrestler backstage thinks that I’m the person carrying your ass around this company, getting to you? I’ve been wondering why Myles hasn’t been giving me my opportunities. Now I think…I have my answer.

    Michaels: Hold on a minute! You can’t just come around out here talking all that crap!

    Spiral: I have the authority to do whatever I want Michaels.

    Michaels: Well get your head straight man, I don’t have anything against you! What the hell?

    Spiral turns around, thinking for a moment, before he turns back to Michaels looking fumed.

    Spiral: It’s not just about that Brian, it’s the fact that when you’re in Sex and Violence, you’re supposed to be winning matches, not losing to pieces of crap like Sincade! He didn’t even need assistance to beat you for Christ’s sake! You told me backstage that I didn’t need to come out and join you in this match, although it would have been beneficial to watch your back, seeing as you can’t even get through a ten minute match without getting your ass kicked.

    Michaels: Take a chill pill Spiral. I’m outta here.

    Michaels, looking fed up, throws his microphone away and stares at Spiral. He shakes his head and lowers it to the ground, before slowly making his way over to the ropes, leaving Spiral to look out at him coldly. Just before Michaels makes it underneath the top rope, Spiral charges towards him and kicks him square in the stomach. Michaels falls onto the middle rope, before tumbling back into the ring, gripping his stomach. Spiral looks down at him with insanity in his eyes, before beginning to stomp on him repeatedly. Spiral bends down and picks Michaels head up and holds it in his hands.

    Spiral: I carried you your whole career Michaels! You know it! You arrogant piece of crap, you’re getting what’s been coming to you for a long time.

    Spiral slams Michaels head back into the mat, and lays a few punches in, busting Michaels open. Spiral stands up, and immediately places his boot down on his throat, choking him out as Michaels writhes in pain. Spiral grazes his boot across his face a few times, before moving back as the crowd chant ‘Spiral Sucks!’ at him. Looking pissed, he ducks out of the ring and shoots some words back at the fans. He looks in at Michaels with hatred in his eyes, before moving towards Kyle Harrys and throwing him off his chair. He folds it up and slides back into the ring with it. He shows no contempt as he simply throws the chair at Michaels, who tries to get up. Spiral picks up the chair and looks between it and Michaels, before placing it around Michaels neck, and closing it up. Setting Michaels face down, Spiral moves up to the top turnbuckle, where he stares out at a booing crowd. He looks down at Michaels, struggling to remove the chair but in vain. He tells him he deserves this, before diving off into a leg drop across the chair around Michaels neck! Michaels writhes in pain, as Spiral gets up and spits down at Michaels. Spiral stands in the one spot for a long time, just staring down at Michaels, before brushing the hair out of his eyes, and moving towards the ropes. Spiral looks as though he’s about to leave the ring, before he suddenly stops, and turns back to Michaels. He lets the ropes go and moves back to pick up Michaels. He removes the chair from around Michael’s head, and brings it down across his skull, sending Michaels back into the ropes. Spiral throws the chair on to the ground, and as Michaels stumbles back into him, Spiral hits a Death Down Under on Michaels across the chair!

    Copeland: And rubbing salt into the wound with the Death Down Under! What the hell is this all about?
    Cohen: I’m as shocked as these fans are. What is going through Spiral’s mind?

    Spiral stares at the bleeding Michaels, before picking up the microphone he threw away, and begins talking without moving his eyes from him.

    Spiral: You see Michaels? I’m not carrying you around, anymore. Your career is finished. You are no longer the career stopper, because on top of being the One and Only and the Australian Assassin, I can now hold the title as being the Career Stopper around here! You are finished Michaels! Sex and Violence is done, and the only one left standing is I: Downward Spiral!

    The crowd rain him with boos, as he throws the microphone down at Michaels. Spiral begins stomping again on him, and lifts him up again, and places him in the Death Down Under position! Before he can execute the move, Everest runs out to a huge cheer, and tackles Spiral from behind. Everest begins beating on Spiral, as the two stand up and begin a punching brawl. Everest gets the upper hand, and Irish Whips Spiral to the ropes. As Spiral comes back, Everest hits him with a sharp knee to the head, followed by a Mountain Climber attempt! Just before he can execute the move, Spiral wriggles out and slides under the bottom rope. The crowd boo him as Everest looks pissed. He picks up the microphone and looks out at Downward Spiral.

    Everest: Spiral, enough is enough. Everyone in the back, is sick and tired of what you have to say. So I had a talk to Chuck Myles in the back, and seeing as you eliminated your previous Unscripted opponents, he thought that we needed a replacement. And well, I put my hand up! Spiral, at Unscripted, it’s going to be you vs. me, and since you like fighting dirty, it’s going to be in a Street Fight!

    The crowd goes wild as Everest throws the microphone down. Spiral holds his head, cursing at Titus as he makes his way up the ramp. Everest shakes his head at Spiral, before bending down to check on the unmoving Michaels. He calls for the medics, staring at Downward Spiral with hatred in his eyes.

    Copeland: So at Unscripted, it’s going to be Downward Spiral vs. Everest, in a Street Fight?!
    Cohen: I would not want to be Spiral right now, he’s got Michaels and Everest coming after him.
    Copeland: I don’t know about that though Force, because Michaels looks really badly injured. Damn, what on Earth is the security doing tonight? There have been three unprovoked attacks tonight, and nothing has been done about them!
    Cohen: WZCW just got a little more dangerous now. The men are being sorted from the boys.
    Copeland: Oh come on, I understand that this is the wrestling business, but you don’t kick someone in the stomach when they’re trying to get out of the ring! Michaels did not deserve that, and Spiral deserves every boo that bastard gets! Good on Everest for coming out here and giving Spiral a taste of his own medicine!
    Cohen: He was a little late. I guess mountain climbers or whatever he is only pick things up when they’re almost done.
    Copeland: And oh no, Michaels has been busted badly open, folks, you might want to turn away here.

    The medics rush out to the ring and set up a neck brace that is placed around Michaels. Everest is gesturing to them what to do, and Spiral has disappeared. Everest shakes his head as the brace is fitted, and the medics mop up the blood of Michael’s face, revealing a gash deep enough to see his skull. The crowd is hushed now, but as the medics lift up Michaels, they give him a rousing round of applause. Everest watches on as the medics carry Michaels off in a stretcher, looking concerned for ‘the Career Stopper’.

    Copeland: This does not look good for Michaels, he’ll need a ton of stitches on that.
    Cohen: Spiral certainly got him, you could say.
    Copeland: Well he’s going to get his, when Everest takes him on in that Street Fight at Unscripted! Spiral deserves to be taken down a peg after his sickening, disgusting actions here tonight. And ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just gotten word from Chuck Myles that Northern Lights have been taken to a nearby medical facility, and the diagnosis is that they have suffered severe broken arms and Spinal damage as a result of what Spiral and Michaels did to them earlier in the night. Myles says they won’t be back for a very long time, if ever.
    Cohen: It’s certainly a cruel blow for those Canadians, I’ll tell you now. Hell is being raised around here, and Northern Lights couldn’t stand the heat.
    Copeland: What?! Those two may have career ending injuries, and you’re saying that they ‘couldn’t take the heat’? They were brutalised and beaten by Spiral and Michaels, and those disgusting actions should have them jailed.
    Cohen: Well, the next stop for Michaels is going to be the hospital, so I guess he was punished in the end for his actions.
    Copeland: I just want Everest to do it for everyone affected by Downward Spiral. There’s no excuse for his actions, but everyone involved in WZCW is going to look forward to seeing Spiral lying in the pool of his own blood, beaten and bloody at the hands of Everest. Bring on Unscripted!

    **Commercial Break**​
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    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    Rebecca Serra is standing outside a hospital room. The sound of electrical equipment can be heard, as well as the normal, frantic sounds of nurses and patients ringing through the air. She is looking a little concerned, as she stares up at the camera.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here inside the Fresno State Hospital, where Ace Cannon is being examined by doctors for the injuries he suffered in that brutal beating at the hands of Strife and David Creed. The word I’m receiving right now, is that Cannon has suffered a severely broken leg, and severe lacerations to his upper forehead. The doctors say that major blood loss could have been a serious factor had they not attended to Cannon as quickly as they did. As you all know, Cannon has quit the company, but the question remains as to whether he would have ever come back to the company after what happened. The early diagnosis is not good, and Cannon could spend a long time in hospital before he can ever return to normal. Not good news here, and we’ll keep you posted on Cannon’s state on WZCW.com, but as noted before, Cannon is not in good shape, suffering a broken leg and severe lacerations to the face. Jack, Sebastian, back to you.

    Copeland: Certainly a saddening report from Serra there, things not looking too good for Ace Cannon.
    Cohen: No, and you hate to see it happen to someone so young I mean, like you said, this is the wrestling business, but sometimes, people just go too far.
    Copeland: And I hope that we just see something good come out of tonight, it’s certainly not been a great night for guys like Ace Cannon.
    Cohen: But man, Strife just kind of broke Cannon’s leg with his bare hands…I mean, with his BARE han-
    Copeland: Please ‘Force, I don’t want to hear of it. What has occurred, is that Strife and Creed have been fired, basically cancelling their Pinnacle Pursuit match that was scheduled for now, and as Chuck Myles pointed out, that means that DC vs. Craig is now for the WZCW Championship! Finally, something good to come out of tonight: we will be crowning our first champion!
    Cohen: I can’t wait, we’re in for a blockbuster tonight. As I said, if DC or Craig needed anymore motivation, they’ve got it.

    Rios is shown walking towards his locker room with his coffee in hand. Just as he gets to his locker room a voice yells off screen.

    Voice: Hey Rios!

    Rios turns around and sees Aaron Craig standing there smiling at him. Rios look of enjoyment quickly changes to a mood of anger at the sight of the man that cost him his spot in the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament.

    Craig: If it isn't the one and only Main Event
    Rios: What do you want?

    Craig: Not a damn thing. I got everything I need in my match tonight against DC. It is going to be for the title, in case you haven't heard yet.
    Rios: Yeah I heard. You know last week was a fluke don't you?

    Craig: Yeah I read your little interview on WZCW.com
    Rios: You know damn well it was a fluke Craig. I can beat you any day, anytime.

    Craig: Well I guess we will never know, will we? You see I have moved on to bigger and better things, "Main Eventing" so to speak haha. Make sure to tune into my match tonight so you can watch me hold the gold up high in victory.

    Craig pats Rios on the shoulder and walks off as the camera zooms in on Rios face who is now smirking. Rios whispers:

    Rios: Good luck, Champ

    **Commercial Break**​

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Meltdown, the last stop before WZCW Unscripted! And Force, it already looks to be a blockbuster show!
    Cohen: That’s right Cope, and we’ve had a score of announcements made tonight about Unscripted.
    Copeland: Let’s start with that grudge match, in High Society vs. Crimson and Molotov.
    Cohen: Things don’t get much more personal than this. Both sides have gone one-up on each other for the past few months. They will all be looking to prove a point to the fans and to the opponents in this one.
    Copeland: And as we saw tonight, it’s clear that AJ for one will be looking to do anything to injure women, taking out Crimson after that phoney apology from him.
    Cohen: I think it was sincere. Crimson was the one that sent out that midget to play her. I couldn’t tell the difference.
    Copeland: Well the time for jokes is not at Unscripted, where AJ and Sincade will have to face the music of their actions against a fired up Crimson and Molotov.

    Cohen: And then earlier tonight, we saw Mohammad Hasheem make an open challenge match to any contracted WZCW wrestler, although I don’t think it will be Arch Angel after what Hasheem did to him before.
    Copeland: It was a statement to say the least, but I’m already getting sick of this guy. He goes on and on about people disrespecting him and all that garbage, but this is the wrestling business, and the guy has already avoided being in two matches. He better not back out from this challenge at Unscripted!
    Cohen: Hasheem could be injured for all you know! He’s been saving himself up for Unscripted, and I’m sure by now he’s good and ready to take on all comers, but who knows who will answer that challenge?

    Copeland: And earlier in the week, Chuck Myles announced that Jack Harris would face a mystery opponent at Meltdown.
    Cohen: I’m stumped regarding who the hell it is, but to me, Harris looks a little worried about that. He can’t be in Myles’ good books, so who knows what he has in store for him?
    Copeland: It’s a tough road for Harris, he lost to Molotov tonight, and has to prepare for an opponent he has no idea about. Maybe this will take him down a peg for his actions so far in WZCW.
    Cohen: I like the look of him Cope, he’s not going to be taken down easy. He’ll take this match for sure, no matter who it is. Harris just looks like he’s always two steps ahead.

    Copeland: And again, we had another match announced with Everest taking on Downward Spiral in a street fight!
    Cohen: I’ll give Everest props for having the guts to go out and face Spiral after what he did to not only Northern Lights, but to his former partner, Brian Michaels earlier tonight.
    Copeland: They certainly were disgusting actions by Spiral, and I’m just glad that Everest is going to step up to stop Spiral’s seemingly endless path of destruction.
    Cohen: But as we saw, Spiral will take his fighting to the streets, so this Street Fight stipulation could work in his favour.
    Copeland: Everest did look fired up though, and I think he could be a little more ready than the ever-so-cocky Downward Spiral. I guess Spiral thought he wouldn’t be competing at Unscripted by taking out Northern Lights, but that backfired on him and fast.
    Cohen: Everest is two and 0, but that’s coming to an end at Unscripted, mark my words. Everest got himself into this mess, and Spiral could be stopping another career soon enough.

    Copeland: And finally, this brings us to the main event tonight, it’s the impromptu final of the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament: Aaron Craig vs. DC! But we heard earlier tonight that this match would be for the WZCW Championship!
    Cohen: That’s exactly right. This is WZCW, the new breed of wrestling. And tonight, we showcase the WZCW title. Forget the rest, this title is the future. The WZCW title is going to be the Pinnacle of this business, and tonight marks the night where we mark our very first WZCW champion.
    Copeland: And we’ll do it in the Finals of the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament. This month long tournament was the brainchild of Chuck Myles, now lets take a look at how it all came about:

    Up on the screen, a video is shown of Chuck Myles introducing the WZCW championship. He talks about the tournament, before we cut to a scene with the label ‘Last Episode”. It shows when DC defeated Aries, and then goes to show Strife defeating Will Josephs, before cutting to Aaron Craig defeating Joseph Rios. Then, we get a long package of every elimination in the Pursuit Battle Royal, where Ace Cannon eventually comes out on top. A graphic shows the tournament bracket after this:


    Then, the video changes to a screen that says ‘Earlier Tonight’. It shows Strife taking out Ace Cannon, before Strife is fired. Chuck Myles words echo across the video, saying ‘DC vs. Craig is now for the WZCW Championship in the Final of the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament’.

    Copeland: A long, winding road for these two competitors, and it’s coming to a head tonight!

    **Commercial Break**

    Copeland: And we are back, and we now bring you the WZCW Championship folks!

    Kyle Harrys is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing: the WZCW Championship!

    A few stagehands bring out a glistening gold title belt, sitting upright on a velvet pedastal. They bring it to ringside and place it in the middle of the entranceway, just before the ring.


    Cohen: There it is: the WZCW Championship!
    Copeland: And that title is going to be decided, in just a few moments! I can’t wait, can you believe this?
    Cohen: It’s certainly been a wild night, but it’s finishing with a bang! Bring this WZCW title match on!

    **Commercial Break**​

    DC is getting warmed up in the back, doing a few stretches and limbering up, before he is tapped a little too enthusiastically on the back by Aaron Craig.

    Craig: So…it’s a title match now then.

    DC stops his workout and takes a drink out of a water bottle, staring into the distance.

    DC: The WZCW Championship…You do realise that I’m going to be doing anything to get that title?

    DC looks around at Craig, and the two draw closer together, staring down each other directly in the eyes. Both look confident and ready as they study each other.

    Craig: And what makes you think that I won’t either?

    DC: I never said you wouldn’t. But what I will say, is that I’m willing to do more than you would, because it just means that much more to me.

    Craig: Is that so?

    DC: Indeed it is.

    Craig: We’ll see what happens out there then DC. I’d wish you good luck, but this is a title match, where luck only plays the smallest part. Unlike Downward Spiral, I’m going to restore some pride and put the name ‘Australia’ in a better light. We’re not all sick bastards like him, because soon, Australians are going to be known for being championship material.

    DC: Australians. Didn’t even know they had wrestlers out there.

    Craig laughs a little, before stepping back a bit.

    Craig: You’ll see just how good some Australian wrestlers are later tonight. I’ve been ready for this match for a long time DC. See you out there. It’s up next.

    Craig walks away, leaving DC to stare out after him, sipping his water bottle.

    DC: WZCW Championship…Oh, I’m ready.

    DC continues to warm up, returning to his stretching for a little bit, before taking one last swig of water, and moving out of the room.

    **Commercial Break**​

    Main Event: D.C vs. Aaron Craig for the WZCW Championship​

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the final of the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament. This match is scheduled for one fall, and is a NO DISQUALIFICATION match, where the winner will be crowned the first WZCW Champion!!!

    El Distorto De Melodica by Everclear hits the speakers, and out comes Aaron Craig to a big ovation. Aaron Craig looks focused and ready, staring down the ring and at the WZCW title. He turns his attention out to the crowd and looks out at them and raises his hands and points them to his chest, before making his way down to the ring in a job. He slides into the ring and climbs up on the turnbuckle and stares out at the WZCW title, longing for it.​

    Introducing first, from Adelaide Australia, weighing in at 243 pounds, ‘the Highlight’, Aaron Craig!​

    Copeland: Here’s the man that went through Joseph Rios in a hard fought match last week: Aaron Craig. Boy, he does look focused on that title.
    Cohen: As you would. But he’s Australian as Harrys noted, and I’ll be damned if an Australian is going to be holding that title. Come on DC, do it for America!

    Craig jumps down for the turnbuckle and jumps up and down, staring at the top of the ramp and waiting for DC to arrive. His music turns off as the crowd rise to their feet once more.​

    "Name of the Game" - The Crystal Method hits the speakers as the crowd goes wild. D.C. comes out stepping with rhythm to the music, staring at Craig the whole time. After what seems like an age of a stare down, D.C. moves down the ramp high fives a couple people sitting front row along the ramp way before sliding into the ring.

    Harrys: And the opponent, from Santa Ana California, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is D.C!

    The crowd chant his name along with Harrys, as Craig does not move as he looks at DC, before they both turn their attention to the WZCW championship.

    Copeland: And it’s finally here! DC vs. Aaron Craig! We’re going to be crowning our first WZCW champion in minutes! I can’t wait!
    Cohen: I’ve just got three words to describe this surreal situation: Bring It On!

    **Commercial Break**​
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    Downward Spiral I'm Not From Your Country

    Oct 21, 2006
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    DC and Craig look out at a roaring crowd, before they suddenly lock up together in the centre of the ring, wasting no time in getting this match underway as the bell rings in the background. They both try to wrestle each other to the ground, but no one gets an advantage. After a few moments, they break off and stare into each other’s eyes. They both stare out at the WZCW title on the pedestal at the edge of the ring, focused on that one title.

    Again, they circle each other for a bit, looking for an opening, before Craig makes the move and trips DC out with his leg, and goes for a leglock, before DC kicks him away. Craig tries to go back again but DC hits a monkey flip and rolls backwards and pins Craig in a Jacknife cover!

    1! 2! But Craig kicks out. DC and Craig are up, and Craig hits a kick to the gut of DC, followed by a belly to belly suplex. The crowd applauds as Craig drags DC back into the centre of the ring. Craig hooks the leg as referee Paul Butler makes the count.

    1! 2! But DC gets a shoulder up. Craig gets up and starts stomping away at DC, before dropping an elbow to the chest. Craig moves behind DC and lifts his head up, going for a headlock, but DC catches the back of Craig’s head and nips up, before hitting a spinning neckbreaker on Craig! The crowd applauds the move, before DC looks between the WZCW Title and the top rope, and moves towards the top rope. He ascends to the top, and looks out at the fallen Craig.

    Copeland: DC could put Craig away right here! He’s going for the Flat Out!

    Just as DC looks to be steadying himself for that Swanton Bomb, Aaron Craig gets up, playing possum, and climbs to the top and begins punching away at DC. DC returns with punches of his own, but is teetering from falling. They both trade rights and lefts before Craig gets the upper hand. Craig then sets DC up in a superplex position, but DC hits elbows to the back of his head, knocking him off balance. DC flips into the air and over Craig, gripping him around his stomach and looking for a powerbomb while Craig is on the top rope! But Craig just manages to hold on as DC tries to wrench him free. Suddenly, Craig kicks DC in the face, before steadying himself and flying off in a top-rope hurricanrana that floors DC. Craig quickly hooks the leg.

    1! 2! But DC kicks out!

    Craig gets up a little frustrated, as he stares out at the WZCW title. He awaits for DC to rise to his feet, and as DC does, he gets him in position for the Pinnacle Drop! As DC is raised into the air, he quickly moves out of it to behind Craig, and hits a Reverse DDT. DC runs to the ropes and back and hits a front dropkick that knocks Craig near the edge of the ring. DC moves over to Craig, who uses the ropes to help him up, but is met with a flapjack attempt from Craig, trying to put DC onto the ropes, but DC stops himself before he can fall throat-first onto them, and moves to jump onto the top turnbuckle, but is shoved off by Craig. DC manages to just catch himself on the edge of the ring, before Craig comes charging at him, trying to knock him off. DC ducks and hits a shoulder to the gut, and looks to hit a plancha on Craig, but Craig meets him with a hard dropkick to his chest in mid-air! DC falls to the ground, clutching at his chest, as Craig slowly rises to his feet, looking dazed. Craig looks down at DC, before going for a cover.

    1! 2! But DC gets a foot on the ropes. Craig smashes his fist into the mat, looking frustrated as again he stares out at the WZCW title. Craig turns his attention back to DC, and he lifts him up by the hair and sends him to the ropes. Craig positions himself in the centre of the ring, waiting for DC to come back, and as he does so, he goes to hit him with a Belly-to-Belly suplex, but DC lands on his feet and turns around and looks to hit Craig with a German Suplex over the top rope and to the floor, but Craig catches himself on the apron, and quickly goes for a reverse suplex from the apron on to DC, but DC catches himself on the apron as well. The two exchange rights and lefts, dangerously close to falling off, before Craig clotheslines DC off, but DC lands on his feet, and trips Craig up by the legs, sending Craig face first into the side of the ring. DC hits some elbows to the lower back of the Australian Superstar, before climbing up onto the barricade, looking for a manoeuvre off that platform. But as DC launches himself off the barricade towards Craig, Craig rolls out of the way, sending DC face and sternum-first into the side of the ring.

    The referee has begun his 10 count and is up to 3 as this happens. Craig moves forward and hits DC with a kick to the ribs, before nailing a back suplex to DC on the small mats outside. The crowd feel DC’s pain as DC writhes around on the ground, gripping his back. Aaron Craig senses a count-out opportunity, and quickly rolls back into the ring as the referee gets to 5. 6! 7! DC has picked himself up, and rolls into the ring. Craig comes charging at DC looking for a baseball slide, but moves out of the way, sending Craig flying out of the ring and to the mats below, landing on his backside with a thud. DC climbs to the top rope slowly as Aaron Craig makes it to his feet, and leaps off in a High Frog Cross Body on Craig on the outside! The crowd applaud the move, as both DC and Craig are out on the mats. Neither one looks like they will be getting up too soon, as the referee starts another ten count.

    Copeland: This match hasn’t even been going for 5 minutes, and it’s already gone beyond awesome! These two are putting everything on the line for that WZCW Championship, and one of them is going to walk away a deserved winner.
    Cohen: By the looks of it, these two idiots are going to destroy their bodies just to get that title. It’s stupid, trying all this highflying stuff.
    Copeland: Maybe they want to put everything on the line, including their safety and wellbeing, because the WZCW title means that much to them.

    The referee gets up to a 4, before DC stirs a little and makes his way to his feet. He stomps on Craig for good measure, and rolls into the ring at 6. Craig has just gotten to his feet by 8, and slowly tries to climb up the apron and into the ring. In the nick of time, he makes it in, as DC looks frustrated in the corner. He waits for Craig to get to his feet, and the two have a heated stare down, circling each other as the crowd lights up. DC gestures that he was ‘That close’ to the title as Craig keeps his attention on him. They move closer together, and lock up again, but DC hits a kick to the gut straight away, and heads to the ropes and back, but is met with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Craig. Craig quickly capitalises, getting the leg of DC and twisting it in an awkward position, before turning DC on to his stomach, and putting on a one-legged Boston Crab. DC cries out in pain as he tries to inch towards the ropes. Craig sits back a little while holding the move to add more pressure, as DC grips his back while heading for the ropes. After an age it seems, DC makes it to the bottom rope and clings on to it for a while, hoping that Craig will let go, but it is a no-disqualification match, so it is useless. Craig keeps the hold locked on, before he uses his legs to flip Craig over the top rope, but Craig catches himself and doesn’t fall to the mats below. He reaches over the top rope to try and lift DC up, but DC hits a DDT across the ropes that sends Craig to the floor below. DC rolls out of the ring and looks at Craig, before lifting him up and Irish whipping him into the steel steps, rattling them and jarring them free a little. DC charges at Craig, but Craig hits a drop toehold on DC, who has his head slam into the edge of the steel steps. This may have busted him open, as Craig gets up slowly holding his back, and begins slamming DC’s head on to the steps, busting him open above the eye.

    The referee is up to 4 on his count, before Craig rolls into the ring and out again, despite admonishing from the referee. Craig lifts DC up and sends him back first into the barricade, before charging at him with a running knee lift to the temple. Craig stops, panting a little, before moving over to the WZCW Championship on its pedestal. He stares at it, longing for it, and runs his hand over the top, before turning back to DC. He looks at DC, making his way gingerly to his feet, and at the apron of the ring, and decides to opt to have a look underneath the ring. After a few moments, he drags out a chair, and slams it on the ground before looking back at DC, who has made it to his feet. Craig readies himself to bring it down on DC’s head as he turns around, but DC manages to catch it just above his head and wrestle it back towards Craig, before hitting Craig with a shot to the stomach, causing him to drop the chair. Thinking quickly, DC hits a DDT across the chair on Craig. The referee is up to 7 on his countout, and DC has to rush back into the ring. Like Craig, he rolls back out again, and moves over and begins stomping on Craig. He lifts Craig up and sends him back into the ring, and rolls in after him. DC hooks the leg.

    1! 2! But Craig gets a shoulder up! DC, a little frustrated, wastes no time in wrenching on an armbar to Craig. Craig flails about a little, before hitting a snapmare on DC and following up with an armbar of his own. DC tries to struggle out and makes it to his feet, before running up the turnbuckles and flipping off while still in the armbar, and hitting Craig with an Edge-O-Matic! DC looks between Craig and the turnbuckles as he gets up, and moves towards the top turnbuckle. Once up at the top, he awaits for Craig to get to his feet. Suddenly, DC launches off in a Santa Ana Winds (Whisper in the Wind) attempt, but Craig catches him and nails him with a lightning-quick powerslam!

    Both wrestlers are down and seemingly out, as the referee starts a 10 count. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! Craig is up and limps towards the turnbuckles. He moves to climb them with his back to DC, and as he reaches the top rope and steadies himself, before DC charges at him and knocks him off balance, sending him groin-first into the top turnbuckle. Craig has a look of pure agony as DC rests on the ropes for a bit, before getting underneath Craig and putting him on his shoulders. Facing the turnbuckles, DC moves out with Craig and goes to hit an electric chair drop, but Craig manages to reverse it into a pinning move by flipping DC onto his back before he can execute the move.

    1! 2! But DC kicks out and is up quickly and hits a kick to the back of Craig’s head that sends him down again. DC places a few stomps on the head of Craig, before wiping some blood out of his eyes. DC lifts Craig up with some difficulty, before Craig somehow levels him with a haymaker to the chin. DC stumbles back, bent double, as Craig hits a floatover DDT on him! Craig crawls into the cover:

    1! 2! But DC gets a weary shoulder up. Craig gets up and bashes his fists into the ground, keeping his eyes fixed on the WZCW Championship. He wastes some valuable seconds staring out at it, and as he turns back around to DC and moves to pick him up, DC hits a sit-down jawbreaker on Craig that makes Craig stumble back into the ropes. DC finds the energy to nip up, but as Craig comes back from the ropes he hits an angry lariat on DC that floors him down again. Craig again goes for the cover but only gets a two. Craig doesn’t waste time now, as he lifts DC up and sends him into the turnbuckle, before charging after DC, but is met with a big boot to the face. Craig stumbles back before charging again at DC, before DC hits a flapjack on Craig right into the top turnbuckle. DC climbs to the top turnbuckle as Craig stumbles back out into the middle of the ring, and leaps off into a Santa Ana Winds that connects with Craig!

    Copeland: The Santa Ana Winds! This could be it! We could crown a WZCW Champion right here!

    DC slowly moves over and drapes an arm across the heaving chest of Craig: 1! 2!…But Craig gets a shoulder up just before the referee brings his hand down for the three! DC looks bewildered, as he spits out blood, and barely makes it to his feet, before rolling out of the ring and looking under the apron. He looks like he has found something good, before he pulls out a table! He throws it into the ring and rolls in after it, setting it up as Craig slowly makes it to his feet. When Craig is up, he is met with rights and lefts by DC, who shoves Craig back-first onto the wooden table in the centre of the ring. DC pushes Craig so that he is lying down across the top, as he looks out at the roaring crowd. DC moves over, and climbs to the top turnbuckle, inch-by-inch. Once at the top, he steadies himself, looking to hit Craig with the Flat Out through the table!

    DC flies off with the move, but Craig rolls off the table just in the nick of time, sending DC through the table! DC cries out in pain as the crowd cheer the spot. Craig is slowly moving towards the turnbuckles as the referee untangles DC from the wreckage of the table. DC is left lying stomach-up in the middle of the ring as Craig reaches the top turnbuckle. Once there, Craig leaps off in a moonsault that connects with DC!

    Craig is down as well as a writhing DC, but slowly crawls to the cover.

    Copeland: Craig off the moonsault! Craig off the moonsault! He’s going for the pin: 1! 2! But DC got the shoulder up! DC got the shoulder up, my God what a match!

    Craig falls back in shock as the crowd roar them both on. Craig rises to his feet and takes DC with him, before attempting an Irish whip to the ropes, which is reversed by DC with a powerful burst of strength that sends Craig flying backwards over the top rope and crashing to the mats below. DC slumps to the ground again in exhaustion, as he slowly rolls out of the ring and heads after Craig, limping the whole time. DC picks Craig up and sends him on to the announce table. He follows Craig up there as the referee begins a 10 count. DC hits a right hand and attempts to follow with a left, before Craig blocks it and hits a left fist of his own. The two trade a few punches, before DC suddenly hits a snap DDT, but it doesn’t break the table!

    Copeland: I can sense splinters coming up and Force, I don’t know about you but I’m moving away from this.
    Cohen: How can you move away from this action Cope?! God knows it’s the closest you’ll ever get to a title match! This is WZCW wrestling at its best!

    DC rolls off the table as the referee is up to 3, before he makes his way back into the ring. Craig has rolled over, and the crowd can sense what DC may be going for as he climbs to the top turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Not this! Come on DC, you can’t do this from that high up, across this table!
    Cohen: This could be the deciding move! Will it get DC the title or will it be his demise? I’m betting the latter Cope.

    The crowd rise to their feet as DC steadies himself. He gives a glance towards the WZCW Championship, before looking back at Craig, who has made it somehow to his feet on top of the table. Not wasting a second longer, DC flies off in a tornado DDT attempt on Craig, but Craig catches him with a Pinnacle Drop from the top rope, whilst being driven through the table with the Tornado DDT!

    Cohen: Oh My God!
    Copeland: Craig caught DC with the Pinnacle Drop in midair, but DC still managed to his him with that tornado DDT! Both wrestlers are in the wreckage here! And no damn it, we’re not going to a commercial break, because this is a title match!

    Craig and DC are both not moving amongst the wreckage of what was the announcer’s table, as the referee begins a 10 count.

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Both DC and Craig have somehow gotten their way out of the wreckage, and are crawling side by side towards the ring.

    6! 7! 8!

    DC and Craig have both reached up to the apron, and are crawling their way up to the apron, before out of nowhere, Joseph Rios comes out of the crowd and rushes towards the two, and holds both of their legs, preventing them from getting in the ring! The crowd begin raining on Rios with boos, as both Craig and DC struggle in vain to escape!

    9! Rios still has them held by the legs, and neither of them can make it! 10!

    Rios lets go after this count and begins celebrating, as DC and Craig roll into the ring, all too late. The referee bends down and says something to Kyle Harrys, as the crowd are silent in confusion. Rios is laughing as he moves towards the WZCW title.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, as a result of a double countout, this match is a No Contest, and therefore the WZCW Championship cannot be awarded!

    The crowd erupt in boos as Craig and DC slam their fists into the mat, as Rios takes the microphone off of Harrys.

    Rios: No, it can be awarded, because I am the last Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament Participant standing! Cannon, Strife, DC and Craig have all lost, so therefore, I’m the next in line, and I am your new WZCW Champion! So-

    Before he can finish, Chuck Myles makes his way out to the arena, looking furious. All eyes are on him as Rios widens his, and looks in shock as he takes the WZCW Championship and drapes it over his shoulder.

    Myles: Rios! You slimy, no-good little punk! You can take that damn title right off of your shoulder, right now! I’ve had enough tonight! You’re the last straw Rios! Now, I can’t do anything about the ruling, because it was a no-DQ match, and it was a double count-out, but there’s no way in hell that I’m going to let you proclaim yourself the WZCW Champion. What’s going to happen, now that you want to involve yourself in all this mess, is that the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament Final, is now going to be redone, this time, at Unscripted! It’s going to be a rematch of tonight’s match, in DC vs. Aaron Craig, for the WZC-

    Rios: NO! I’m the rightful champion Myles! I deserve the damn title!

    Myles: You know what, I’m sick of having to listen to you. But since you won’t just piss off, what you’re going to do, is be added to the match Rios, so you can get your ass handed to you by those two. At Unscripted, it is going to be a Triple Threat match, in the final of the Pinnacle Pursuit Tournament, where it will be DC vs. Aaron Craig vs. Joseph Rios! You’ve screwed these fans over for the last time Rios, and there’ll be none of that at Unscripted! There WILL be a new WZCW Champion, and that person is going to have to earn it!

    The WZCW theme song, “Paralyzer” hits the speakers, as Myles looks on into the ring, fuming. DC and Craig are now standing, as both turn their attention to Rios. The referee snatches the title off of Rios and takes it to the back, but Rios is only concerned with Craig and DC. They both exit the ring and chase Rios up the ramp, as Rios scurries like a coward up the ramp. DC and Craig stop, staring at each other, nose-to-nose as the crowd roars their applause and the show closes with that image.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, in just two weeks, WZCW brings you Unscripted, WZCW’s very first Pay Per View. Tune in, to see many issues resolved, and many more uncovered. On behalf of Jack Cohen, I’m Sebastian Copeland, thanking you once more, for watching Meltdown!

    (Match written by: Downward Spiral)​

    Quick Results:​

    Aurelia Molotov def. Jack Harris
    Everest and Titus def Arch Angel and Joseph Rios
    Downward Spiral def. Koala Typhoon
    Ben Legend, Gus and Kenny def. Kist, Aries and 2Fly
    Jason Sincade def. Brian Michaels
    DC vs. Aaron Craig for the WZCW Championship (No Contest.)​
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