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    Remember the time when most of the WWE's female talents were former models such as Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Eve Torres, Brie & Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, Layla, Ashley Massaro, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and other hot women?

    But ever since Triple H took over for John Laurinaitis back in 2012, Triple H hired more indie wrestlers such as Sara Del Rey (as a trainer), Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Ruby Riott and Ember Moon while releasing most of the models and well as ditching the "looking for 10s" moniker. In addition, the WWE has stopped doing bra-and-panties matches, pillow fights, sexy photoshoots and other eye candy matches and instead treating the women just like their male counterparts. Thoughts?
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    That did indeed happen.
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    Lol. If the WWE were smart they'd notice this too and try to capitalise on it. Maybe do Women's versions of their biggest gimmick matches, headline PPVs with female superstars, and create some signature WWE tagline like Women's revolution, or evolution, or something like that. Maybe they can even use the whole thing as a way to get Stephanie over to appease her ego. But perhaps I'm just fantasy booking.
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    >> first-time, long-time <<

    I hope the shake-up for the women is a trade of Natty & Naomi from SmackDown to Raw for Sasha & Bayley. They can tease disfunction between Shane & Paige by having each of them trade for one of Sasha or Bayley.

    It puts the 4 Horsewomen together on SmackDown along with Carmella (C) and 5 recent NXT Callups (IIconics & Riott Squad). The 4HW can mix & match against each other (which will draw viewers) as well as working with the newbies.

    On RAW, Nattie is the perfect person to first feud with Rhonda Rousey. Story wise, someone from one of the great families is ticked off at what this rookie is getting. Ring wise, Nattie is a player-coach. She's the go to person to bring Rousey along. Mickey James fills the same role for feud #2, with Bliss on the edges of the feud. Asuka can be Rousey's 3rd feud for the title. Another player-coach in the ring. As for the belt, Jax, Bliss, Asuka & Naomi can battle with Asuka eventually getting it in the winter to set up Rhonda winning it.

    Overall, on Smackdown, you can have the 4HW fighting with each other for the title, but uniting when another faction challenges them. The term "Four Horsewomen" can lead to a Survivor Series match with Smackdown's Four Horsewomen against Rousey, Shana Bazler & whomever they can get to round out that team.

    To build to Charlotte vs. Rhonda main eventing WM34, Rousey has to win the Rumble by eliminating whichever of the 4HW are in the match, all of who are working as a group.

    At the Elimination Chamber, the Smackdown Women's version has the 4HW and one other, let's say Ruby Riott. Have the first 3 be HW, who are beating the heck out of each other. When Riott comes in, they stop and attack like wolves. They eliminate her, then go back to tearing each other apart. Eventually Charlotte wins & gets the title, then Rousey comes out an points to the WM sign.

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