WWE Survivor Series: Champion VS Champion - Charlotte Flair VS Alexa Bliss

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Jack-Hammer, Nov 15, 2017.

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    On last night's episode of SmackDown Live, Charlotte Flair made a little bit of WWE history by becoming the first and only woman to be NXT Women's, WWE Divas, WWE Raw Women's and WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. As a result, she goes onto face Little Miss Bliss at Survivor Series.

    On the whole, I'm not really expecting a whole helluva lot here but I may quickly find myself surprised. Charlotte is far more polished in the ring than Alexa whereas Alexa's biggest strength as a heel lies in her promo work, but that's moot now since there's no more time for build. As a result, yeah, it's basically a throwaway match but that doesn't mean it can't still be fun.

    As to the match itself, Charlotte is the heavy favorite and I've got to go with her. Charlotte is also a massive personal favorite of Vince and I think he's going to want to do whatever he can to keep Charlotte the most dominant woman on the roster for as long as he can. Alexa Bliss' 1st Raw Women's Championship reign ended at day 112, Charlotte's 1st, and longest, lasted 113 days and I think the whole reason the title was taken off Alexa and put on Sasha for a week was so that Alexa wouldn't equal or exceed Charlotte's 1st run.

    Anyhow, conspiracy theory rant is over and I pick Charlotte for the win here.
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    Can't see Charlotte losing here. The Flair doc hype is just too good. No title is on the line so Bliss (the heel) taking a clean loss doesn't really hurt her that much. The real question is where does that leave Carmella? I feel like she may take a loss with a cash in. Maybe she continues to tease it and puts off the cash in until post Mania where Charlotte is very likely to be in a big women's spot. Unless that big women's spot has her facing Asuka interbrand or Rhonda is involved.

    Regardless, I still see Charlotte winning in an ok match.
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    Now not to throw a monkey wrench in this, but do you guys think that there is any possibility that being one of the few duel brand shows, Alexa gets beat down and Carmella cashes in on her and takes the title instead? Maybe even with an assist from the smackdown live womens team?
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    I hate it how WWE changed the card to be what is should have been in the first place but every change was rushed and now we have zero build for each match, except our own imagination...

    Charlotte vs Bliss is like watching Rock and Stone Cold of the current women roster, from WM 15. Just like Austin won there, Charlotte should win here. I'd like to see clean results from this PPV.

    Charlotte wins, Bliss beats her up afterwards, then Carmella cashes in.

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