WWE Great Balls Of Fire - Enzo Amore VS Big Cass

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Jul 4, 2017.

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    The first bout in the program with Enzo & Cass happens this Sunday and I'm actually looking forward to it. Enzo has progressed over the past couple of weeks quite a bit, it's nice to see depth to his character rather than being a collection of catchphrases, albeit a charismatic one. Enzo as this scrappy, passionate fireplug going up against a giant has the makings of a fun story and even though I fully expect Enzo to lose this match, there's opportunity here to elevate both of them. .
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    I know I constantly hate on WWE's booking, but this is one feud that has been booked perfectly.

    I'm looking forward to the match. Yeah Enzo isn't the best wrestler, but it's not about the in-ring product. Honestly this isn't gonna be half as good as the Raw Tag Titles match in-ring wise. However this match has a lot more interest since it hasn't been done 37 times.

    This match will probably have a non-finish to extend the feud, unless they have bigger plans for Cass at SummerSlam.
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    I've been enjoying this a lot. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if Enzo and Cass had previously won the Tag Team Championship before, since I think it would make them feel like a more complete team going into their breakup. Although, they did address that as a stimulus for Cass' betrayal so I'm okay with that. But as the above post says, they've booked this very well. Enzo has really impressed me by bringing some maturity to his charismatic personality which I think will really help him carry on past this feud. It's actually Cass that I think needs the improvement, but even then, he impressed me with the promo he cut on the night he turned.

    With all that said, I hope they get the match or matches that they deserve. I'm almost confident that the match at Great Balls of Fire will end in some form of no contest or disqualification. And that is perfectly okay if they get the final match they deserve. Ultimately I think Cass will come out of this on top, which is the right decision really. Then again, SummerSlam will be stacked. There might not be room for them in a one-on-one match so we shall see. I think Big Show will show up sooner rather than later too. Perhaps Cass will feud with him straight after Enzo anyway. Show has been featured here and there along the way so I don't mind that. I hope they continue to book this well.
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    First and last PPV match in the program I suspect. I think Cass wipes the floor with Enzo for the entire match, only to lose by a fluke roll up. Then he gets his heat back by beating up Enzo some more.
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    Been loving this feud so very interested in this match-up. I don't think that this feud will end this soon. So I don't expect a clean win for either of them. It shouldn't end this soon either.

    Maybe Big Cass loses his cool and is handed a DQ loss. He attacks Enzo after the loss and Big Show saves him. Pure speculation. And we get Cass Vs. Show soon.

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