WrestleZone Rock Tournament Finals - Queen vs Metallica

Discussion in 'Music Tournament (2008)' started by IrishCanadian25, Aug 8, 2008.


The Greatest Rock Band in History?

  1. Queen

  2. Metallica

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  1. Bentallica

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    Jun 3, 2006
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    I'd have to take some time to think about who got screwed (to me), but Elvis and the Beatles are really the big two.

    This tourny, I think, REALLY got me into Chris Cornell. Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, even his Bond theme. So, I credit the tourny for that.

    And, if I may, I would like to make a nomination for the next tourny. I didn't see his name anywhere, so if he was in this one, pardon me. I'd like to nominate Johnny Cash for the inevitable 2nd Wrestlezone Rock Tournament.
  2. IrishCanadian25

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    Mar 29, 2007
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    WOW, so a 2nd tournament is inevitable, eh? Well, that may or may not be true, but I will say this much - it won't be any time soon. The staff and some of the regulars have some SICK tournaments planned for you all in the near future, including the 2nd Tag Team Tournament, the Movie Tournament, the 3rd Annual Wrestlezone Tournament, etc.

    As for Elvis, I am not sure I can say he got "screwed." He had two chances. He tied Led Zeppelin, and then lost the Triple Threat to Zeppelin (with the Stones involved as well) by a 2-1 margin. Elvis lost ALL of his momentum. I would have figured the classic rock fans votes would have split between Zeppelin and the Stones, leaving Elvis the win, but it did not pan out.

    The Beatles romped a long way before finally losing to The Who by ONE VOTE. When two 60's Brit Rock bands met, I wouldn't have figured The Who to go over, but sometimes people just love the underdog. I think The Beatles would have lost to Queen in the Semi-Finals anyway.

    U2, I think, should have gone over Metallica, but they did not get screwed. They got the respect they deserved, and ALMOST knocked off the eventual runner up. Impressive to no end.

    I was THRILLED with the love Dream Theatre got. As the 54th seed in the 90's / 00's bracket, they won three matches before finally losing, though sadly to a vastly overrated band in Weezer. But I do hope people learned a little bit about the Gods of Progressive Rock. I also tip my hat to people who respected Queensryche.

    The Beastie Boys got WAYYYY too much love. They were a bubble entry into the rock tournament, and won 3 or 4 rounds before losing. WHAT THE HELL is that about!?

    Bush didn't get the love they deserved. As a #6 seed in the 90's / 00's Region, they bowed out in the round of 32, which is just sad.

    Pearl Jam was railroaded out too quickly. The 90's / 00's region #2 seed didn't even make it to the Elite 8.

    As I mentioned, I learned some respect for Muse when they tied Live. Now, I have Muse all over my iPod.

    The Cranberries, Jake's pick, did well, but ran into a buzzsaw in the Pumpkins, who I was thrilled to see lose as early as they did. I felt they would get further than they deserved, but everyone rated them well.

    I felt my seeding was pretty dead on, with the exception of Bruce Springsteen as a #34. I hate him, and I let that influence the seeding there. My bad. But still - OVER RATED!
  3. Father:_Polley

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I think Van Morrison also upset your seeding patterns a little sir. A quiet little campaign which culminated in a defeat by The Beatles, in which they took votes off a band viewed as the best, and defeated Creedance Clearwater Revival in the process. A little campaigning and I'd have liked to make it more, but I think a good job IC.
  4. The tournament was a great idea, as it renewed my interest in a fair few of the bands. A limewire downloading session is already underway. In terms of bands that got screwed, it would have to be The Libertines. They are the most influential band of this decade.

  5. klunderbunker

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    I can't remember how far they went or who beat them, but a band that I think could have gone further was the Rolling Stones. I can't think of a single band that has been around 45+ years and are still well known. They formed two years after the Beatles and are still touring today. The combination of Richards and Jagger have influenced millions of muscians around the world since the early 60s. Some of their songs are legendary as are their exploits off stage. Amazing band whose strongest point might just be their longeviity. Can't wait for next year's. Great job on this one.

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