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Discussion in 'Trash' started by Kizzani, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    DUMB, yeah I said it. I don't frequent other sights, I enjoy wrestlezone but holy frickin hell are the people here stupid.

    Over the last year, I have seen cries for Daniel Bryan to Be world Champion even though we are are seeing the same reports that he is injured and has been for some time. But do you care no, as long as he has the title you would be okay for him and his wheelchair just sit and chant yes.

    Let stop and look how lame YES is, and yes this includes Del Rio stupid version of SI.
    Stone Cold really brought it with What? And it is funny to listen to the morons in the audience try and bring it back. Holy hell
    Then Edge came in with Spear.....Seriously, Spear? so many wrestlers have used the spear it just sounds stupid.
    Thank God someone got fans to chant "you look stupid" to sheamus.

    Now the same clowns are all but hurt over Kevin Owens.
    "What are they doing with him?"
    "Why isn't he in the world title picture?"
    blah blah blah

    He has been in the WWE for less than a year and has two IC titles under his belt, You can't see they are building a talent instead of being stupid and having him come in a dominate to the world title in two years and then end up in some stupid group called the "The league o' Booty".

    yeah Sheamus is who I am speaking of, He came in quick Title win two years later he is a scrub in a scrub group.

    Then you have these marks.
    The AJ Styles clowns. All upset he isn't in a title match already...after what 10 matches on and off TV.
    Now I get the dummy fans don't think past their last raw and can't remember anything.
    did we forget


    Let's set aside is boring promos, you wonder why he is working with Y2J right now....duh YJ2 has amazing promo skills and might actually get this John Morrison 2.0 on the right track.

    With a limited roster due to injuries why would WWE risk him hurting even more people and making that roster smaller? This is why we get the product we have now, injuries.
  2. Fire Marshall Bill

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    Dec 22, 2009
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    What's the point of this thread besides to just rant?

    Wrestling fans in general are fickle, impatient, and are never satisfied no matter what. They have been as long as I've been in their community.

    They also love to complain. See above.
  3. Kizzani

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    Well at least you get the point.

    I guess I forgot to add the Cena haters, who love to tell us how much he sucks with his five moves of doom.....But then they hold thos brock nuts and be like "He is amazing" yeah with his 3 suplexs of stupid.
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  4. smizzy

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    May 13, 2012
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    WOAH now! Ear muffs, children.

    Look dude. Not everyone can analyze wrestling as intelligently as you can. Just kidding, don't flatter yourself. You're actually not that great yourself. I'm happy that this forum gets traffic. I'm happy that many people who love wrestling have stumbled upon this corner of the Internet and are able to conversate with other fans throughout the world. Maybe not every thread, post, opinion or idea is spot on but at least members of this forum are able to have fun conversing about their common interest. At least the majority of participation around the non-spam sections in particular are in good spirit, regardless of the accuracy or level of comprehension, meanwhile threads such as this garbage aren't taken seriously by anyone and comes across as incredibly pretentious.
  5. OYDK

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    Feb 19, 2014
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    You also have another group. Those fans who get so angry at other fans' opinions that they make a thread and rant about it. The lowest of the low.

    Look, some people don't give a shit about using logic when discussing wrestling, simply because they're fans. Some people just want to book dream scenarios for their favorite wrestlers and see them do more than what they're doing. That doesn't mean their dumb, it means they're passionate fans who may not look at every angle when giving their opinion. Than you have others who want to discuss the ins and outs of booking scenarios and the business as a whole. Than you have the useless ones who make these sort of threads...

    It's called perspective. Not everyone is going to agree with you and believe me, there are probably some on this site who look down on you just as much as you're looking down on others.
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  6. Trill Co$by

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    You know what, I'll bite. I'll feed the troll under the bridge. Because that's all this topic is. It's trolling at its worst... and that's not a compliment, but considering you're one of the new generation trolls that don't know how to troll with common sense, you'll probably take it as a compliment.

    Look, wrestling fans can be quite illogical at times. They can also be blindly loyal to an unhealthy fault. But what can't be disputed is that they're seeing talent they like getting what they feel is mistreated, and they're going to rant about it. It's how they get their voices heard. That's how discussions start. And for the most part, a lot of the concerns they voice are very well understood.

    For starters, yes we all know that Daniel Bryan is injured. Everybody now has come to accept that fact. What people are ranting about is the fact that Daniel Bryan, since his debut on NXT, was hot and only got hotter as time went on. He was the guy fans wanted to see, but WWE wouldn't let us see him. No matter how many times, they wouldn't give him the WWE title and when they finally did give it to him, he had been beaten so badly because he was so horribly booked that he will now forever go down as a transitional champion. And had they not put him in match after match when he was injured, then maybe he'd still be around but even then the WWE would once again mistreat him.

    And to translate that to today's WWE; Kevin Owens is hot... white hot. He's got people talking, he's putting on great matches left and right, and yes he is the IC Champion. But when's the last time that title meant anything? Need I remind you that the IC title hasn't produced quality stars the same way it used to do, and now here's a guy who can be that star and WWE's not giving him a proper push because he doesn't fit the oily muscled down meathead look that Vince loves to oil up and sodomize. So fans are vocal because if they're not, then Vince is just going to keep wrongly using a guy with some buzz until said buzz is gone and he's never heard from again.
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  7. DirtyJosé

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    I ended up reading the rest of this, but I'll do everyone a favor and tell you that you can stop right here and get a pretty good feel for what the rest of the post is like.

    You don't make any compelling argument beyond being sour that there are things in wrestling that you don't like that other people do. You want to complain about other people sharing what they feel, but think that somehow your post - which looks like it was written by a 7th grade dropout - is above that. What is it like being so insecure with what you like?

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