Where would wrestling be today if WCW stayed in business and WWF folded?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by detroitking02, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Just who are you supposed to be SHane Mc moron? Every WCW fan including myself knows it wasn t only WCW that fucked up. I agree WCW should have been managed much better and let a few people in charge and not rotational charge!
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    The Monday Night War ending was horrible for wrestling. Even though WWF was dominating at the end, there was still a legitimate alternative and made Vince always be at the top of his game. If WCW somehow won out and bought WWF I think it would be even worse.

    Ideally Bischoff and his crew would have bought WCW with the nitro time slot and repackaged WCW.

    At the time, I loved Vince buying WCW and the side I rooted for winning out. I also enjoyed the invasion angle more then most. By 2003 I was barley watching because the show declined so much (in my eyes) and I really think it's the lack of competition that did it.

    Now it's nearly impossible to see anyone emerge as a competitor. As soon as they catch steam, that companies top stars will jump to wwe as soon as they get the call. There's only one big leagues in wrestling now and everyone knows it.
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    Then why are you [posting here?

    I don't get what you want. So if anyone commends WWE, then they are brainwashed by Vince McMahon. However, if someone criticises it, why then doesn't that just make them a hater?

    You are just a troll. I bet you are an ugly troll, who lives under a bridge.

    Answer me this. If WWE is SO bad, then how come every major wrestling name of note, has joined WWE? Goldberg joined WWE, even though he had hated it for years. Flair joined, even though he was WCW's biggest star. Even Sting, who swore that he would never join, did.

    You know why? Because WWE can deliver fame, fortune, and make you a household name. Just like every NFL player dreams of playing in the Superbowl, every wrestler dreams of a match at Wrestlemania. I don't see many guys from WWE joining ROH, or other basement leagues to find fame and fortune. TNA is mostly WWE rejects who were future-endeavoured, and aside from Kurt Angle, few have name value.

    If you hate WWE so much, then how do you know what Vince has done lately, unless you follow the product? And why follow something you hate? Because you are trollboy who wants to be an individual and be "cool" by running down anyone who likes WWE and its product.

    WWE doesn't do everything right, but to be the most prominent wrestling company in the world, to make millions, and to have every important wrestling name want to be employed by you, speaks volumes. WWE will survive, and I bet Vince doesn't even care if a little pissant like you doesn't watch the product, as long as a lot of others are.

    As for being brainwashed, every consumer is "brainwashed" into buying whatever someone is selling. You have probably been brainwashed by Steve Jobs to keep updating iPads and iPhones. That's how selling a product works, and the fact you don't know that is why you are making minimum wage and not having people know your name for any significant achievement.
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    Wrestling would be in the same place. WCW would be the same as TNA but with better ratings and a more financially stable future.

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