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    Impact got a 1.1.

    Nash is implying Waltman will be back soon. Oh dear.

    Date: July 26, 2010
    Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

    We’re in Shawn’s hometown tonight but apparently there is zero chance of him being there tonight. Also next week’s Raw will be taped, I’m assuming due to an international tour or something.

    We open with a recap of the end of Raw last week which was indeed cool. Cena starts us off with no army this time. He talks about how Raw is in danger of being taken over by Nexus and while his team isn’t like the Justice League, they’ll be ok. He also points out that he is NOT Superman and throws out some other superhero references which make the geek in me smile.

    Jericho comes out and doesn’t like the fact that Cena keeps saying it’s HIS team. Jericho wants to be the captain and Cena immediately agrees because it’s about beating Nexus. Nice there for some reason. This of course isn’t enough for Jericho as he keeps ranting and raving so Cena knocks his mic to the ground. Cena goes on another of his impassioned speeches. Does he have one of those for everything? Does he give one of those when he’s choosing what shirt to wear that day?

    Jericho thinks Cena is also a threat to the business and after Summerslam he’s coming after Cena, who is the real threat apparently. And here’s an e-mail. It’s an elimination match in the 14 man match, and we get a preview tonight with Nexus vs. 7 Raw guys in an elimination match. Also Cena/Jericho vs. two guys the GM will pick. According to the GM, if you’re not down with that, he’s got two words for you. Solid opening segment.

    We recap Miz almost cashing in last week which had me losing my mind. Sheamus comes to the ring.

    Randy Orton vs. Jay Uso

    Well it’s about time we had a good old fashioned squash. Oh what do you expect here? Orton hits his normal stuff, Uso gets a quick comeback and then the elevated DDT and RKO ends this in like 2 minutes. No rating of course but a perfect example of a squash.

    Post match Jimmy Uso comes in and jumps Orton. Sheamus comes in too and kicks Jimmy’s head off by mistake. Sheamus takes the RKO and HERE’S MIZ! Sheamus has to be up to get the match started but as he’s getting up, Miz takes an RKO. For some reason that cancels his cash in. Whatever.

    Edge is complaining to DiBiase about Khali being on his team. DiBiase vs. Morrison tonight apparently. Edge says if Cena doesn’t remove Khali then he will. Runjin Singh is there talking to someone but we can’t see who.

    Back from a break and Miz and Sheamus are in the ring arguing. It’s e-mail time again and the people LOUDLY boo. Cole fucks up his one line by saying he’s received a manager. Cena/Jericho vs. Miz/Sheamus later.

    We get a Summerslam moment from the original show, which has to be the IC Title cash-in as nothing else happened there. Hey I’m right.

    Khali comes in screaming at Edge and Singh translates for him. Khali wants a match right now, actually speaking English. Edge says if he wins then Khali is off the team which Singh doesn’t say.

    Great Khali vs. Edge

    Lawler is going to be one of the 7 tonight apparently. The crowd is dead as Khali is dominating early on. After Khali misses a legdrop, HERE THEY COME! Edge runs and the ring is surrounded. They surround him but then go to one side…..and they let him go? Uh…ok then.

    Nexus vs. Mark Henry/Jerry Lawler/Evan Bourne/Yoshi Tatsu/Goldust/Hart Dynasty

    This is elimination rules. Tarver and Tatsu start us off here. Tarver gets rid of him in like 30 seconds with a reversed powerslam. What I mean by that is that he starts a powerslam and then whips him the other way. That looked awesome actually. Lawler comes in to beat up Gabriel to a solid pop. He kind of messes up a dropkick but the punch lands for two.

    Back from a break we see Lawler going on to a Russian legsweep to Slater during commercial. The Harts beat up Slater for a bit. Smith has a powerslam ready but Gabriel interference leads to a jumping legsweep (in other words the Zig Zag) from Slater to end Smith and make it 7-4. Young interference and the one standing spinebuster from Otunga end Goldust.

    Henry, the only chance they have, comes in and dominates. Sheffield and Henry have the power man showdown but the power of affirmative action makes Henry win. Garbiel comes in again and allows the huge clothesline to put out Henry. Kidd and Bourne are all that’s left and they don’t know who to send in. Kidd tries the springboard clothesline but takes the huge clothesline. Young comes in and uses the flipping full nelson to end it.

    Bourne and Barrett come in and this doesn’t look good for the Raw guy. That lasts about 10 seconds as Wastelands end it. They beat up Bourne afterwards. They all cut short promos and say they’re a team but Cena’s team isn’t.

    Sheamus says Miz can’t beat him and challenges Miz to a match anywhere he wants. Miz says how about after Cena and Jericho beat him up? Sheamus gets in his face and comes off as pretty strong here.

    Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox

    Well at least they’re switching things up a bit here. Alicia beats her up early and Jillian runs down to stop the switch. Axe kick ends this very quickly. No rating again but damn the Bellas look good. Jillian sings for her and gets beaten up too.

    We come back from a break and here’s R-Truth.

    Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison

    Uh…point of Truth being there? Whatever I guess. This is another short as hell match with DiBiase trying to cheat but Truth shoves his feet off the ropes. Morrison gets his head rammed into Truth’s and is rolled up for the pin. Truth and Morrison argue afterwards.

    We reair the whole ending of Raw from last week to kill some time.

    Orton says an RKO will determine the champion at Summerslam.

    The Miz/Sheamus vs. John Cena/Chris Jericho

    After the entrances take forever, we’re ready to go in the main event. Both teams argue over who should start and it winds up being Cena vs. Miz. The team with the face on it dominates as we go to a break. Jericho keeps showing off and it gets his team in trouble once in awhile. He takes over but gets kicked in the face by Miz. Seriously, Miz using a bit boot?

    Jericho is wrestling like a face here. He can’t make the tag as we’re firmly in the main event tag formula here. Cena gets the hot tag and after he beats up Sheamus a bit he walks into the Codebreaker and Miz pins him. Miz just pinned Cena in the main event of Raw. Jericho puts him in the Walls afterwards but Cena counters into the STF. Khali comes down to break it up so Edge comes down and spears him. Truth and Morrison come in and they argue. Khali lays some of them out to end the show.

    Randy Orton b. Jay Uso – RKO
    Great Khali vs. Edge went to a no contest due to Nexus interference
    Nexus b. Team Raw – Wastelands to Bourne
    Alicia Fox b. Brie Bella – Axe Kick
    Ted DiBiase b. John Morrison – Morrison’s head collided with R-Truth’s
    Miz/Sheamus b. John Cena/Chris Jericho – Miz pinned Cena after a Codebreaker


    Raw got a 3.5 and had the most viewers since the night after Mania. The show is clicking right now and the good thing is more people are watching.

    Date: July 27, 2010
    Location: American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

    The main thing tonight is that we have an elimination. I really hope it’s Cannon, but I can’t help but think that’s going to be one of the final guys. It’ll likely be Cottonwood, even though I like him. He just isn’t suited for NXT at all. A Diesel-like role would be perfect for him but whatever. McGillicutty has immunity. Let’s get to is since the theme song is playing.

    The pros are on stage as always and here come the rookies. Cottonwood has a shirt that says mustache on it which is a reference to the promo contest I think. They get a minute to talk about whatever they want, other than why they should be staying.

    Lucky talks about friends and is already getting booed out of the building. His only friend growing up was nobody. Oh great he’s getting Homeric on us. This was pretty bad but was somewhat creative I guess.

    Cottonwood talks about eyes. He says he can do stuff that no one in the WW Universe can do (yes minus the E). He also says he can look in the eyes of Undertaker. More or less he says he’s tall.

    Harris talks about husky. He says everyone else looks like Tarzan but fights like Jane. Oh and Ferrari engine.

    Kaval talks about dreams and we get a Low Ki reference. There’s a siren or something going off in the background and it gets some people’s attention.

    McGillicutty says he’ll get to his topic. He talks about how he did last week and then calls out Miz for calling him mediocre.

    Riley talks about Starbucks. He’s incredibly smooth on the mic and runs down Kaval and Watson and says he won’t change. If this is the WWE Universe he might as well be the sun. There are no stars and only Starbucks employees. He ran long.

    Watson is last and talks about having a good time. He says you have to have fun and work hard. His reaction is limited but he bleeds energy so he’s definitely got that going for him.

    We get the video on Watson and they say he’s a good athlete and has a ton of energy. He catches your attention which is a huge perk for him.

    Percy Watson vs. Zack Ryder

    Watson takes the glasses off for matches now which is bad for him methinks. Watson dances around and gets caught, causing MVP to yell. It’s weird being able to hear a pro shouting instructions but also kind of cool. MVP has the glasses on now which makes me think of Rikishi, therefore dropping this match’s value down. Watson can throw a dropkick very well. He hits that jumping DDT and rotating splash that he’s used before for the pin.

    Morrison and Eli look at video of the obstacle course last week. He has McGillicutty tonight. I’ve said this more than once: Cottonwood is not someone that fits on NXT, but he could be effective in other roles. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen for him I wouldn’t think.

    We recap the obstacle course where McGillicutty got immunity.

    Eli Cottonwood vs. Michael McGillicutty

    I like both of these guys here so I’m not sure who to cheer for. Eli works on the ankle which is kind of a strange thing to see from a giant. Cottonwood gets a REALLY bad rest hold on him and of course it doesn’t work. He has a weird moveset and I’m not sure if I like it or not. Michael works on the knee which is far more logical. The spinning neckbreaker ends it.

    The video package on Kaval airs and the main thing is be less serious. Rhodes likes him too apparently. Laycool is just awesome at this. In the back Harris runs into him and says he isn’t noticeable.

    Kaval vs. Husky Harris

    This should go short as it’s getting close to 10:45 and we have a poll to do. Kaval was at a Lady Gaga concert apparently with Laycool. We talk about the Cowboys for a bit regarding the Dez Bryan/Roy Williams incident which was overblown. Kaval uses stuff other than kicks here which is a nice perk for him. Laycool gets knocked to the floor and Kaval checks on them. A reverse suplex and the back splash end it.

    We talk about Raw and the Nexus match at Summerslam for something to do.

    It’s Poll Time. McGillicutty has immunity so he’s safe.

    1. Michael McGillicutty
    2. Kaval
    3. Alex Riley
    4. Percy Watson
    5. Lucky Cannon
    6. Husky Harris
    7. Eli Cottonwood

    No real shock there. Eli freaking destroys Harris and the rest of the pros have to take him down. Ok maybe they don’t take him down. This is kind of awesome. He shoves Morrison as he leaves. I loved that. Harris says he’s great. Riley says he’ll be #1. McGillicutty says he’s going to stay undefeated. He and Riley go at it and here’s Cottonwood again! There’s a big brawl and we end the show.

    Percy Watson b. Zack Ryder – Rotating Splash
    Michael McGillicutty b. Eli Cottonwood – Spinning Neckbreaker
    Husky Harris b. Kaval – Senton Back Splash
    Eli Cottonwood was eliminated


    Nothing of note. It’s been a slow news week.


    Date: July 29, 2010
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

    This is likely just going to be a buildup to Hard Justice with more ECW guys being featured. Also we’re going to get the returns of Hogan and Bischoff tonight as they actually earn those paydays of theirs. There’s also another match with the Guns and Beer Money where the Guns are more or less secured to win due to the whole best of five thing. Let’s get to it.

    We open with the ECW guys in the ring and Dreamer is talking less than 20 seconds in. He says this is the loudest the Impact Zone has ever been. Yeah you’re wrong. He talks about not being able to say ECW so it’s called EV 2.0. WOW that sounds bad. It sounds like a computer program. D-Von is with them too. They call out Bubba to see why he’s not with them.

    Here’s Bubba. Raven has bleached blonde hair now and looks like an idiot. Well…more of an idiot than usual. Dreamer compares themselves to KISS, saying that it’s one more time for the fans. Oh but this isn’t about recapturing the magic or anything. What the hell is it about then? Foley says the show will be better with Bubba on it and that if he doesn’t do this show he’ll regret it more than anything in his career. WOW.

    Taz, who just happens to have a mic, says for Bubba to just do it. The opening segment of this show is focused on Bubba Ray Dudley. This was bashed in 2002 and now it’s happening 8 years later? Bubba wants to know if they’ll light someone on fire. The fans chant EV 2.0. Oh how I hate this. Bubba joins to no one’s shock or caring.

    And here’s Hogan, giving these ECW guys the biggest rub of their careers by just being in the same arena with them. Seriously, what else have they done that’s more interesting than that? He says the ECW guys are going to ride again and says this is cool. Yeah….Hogan and hardcore don’t mix in the slightest. Wasn’t he one of the kinds of things that ECW was supposed to be completely against?

    Dixie is here of course. Apparently what Hogan was to the 80s, ECW was to the 90s. Give me a fucking break. There’s a surprise for later and here’s Abyss. Can we just announce Hogan vs. Abyss for Bound For Glory? He keeps talking about THEY as I wonder who else they’re going to bring in next. THEY blame Carter for this and will take care of her for it. Abyss vs. Dreamer tonight. Oh joy.

    Back from a break and the Beautiful People argue some more. Velvey is hot when she’s pissed off. They make a truce and no one cares.

    Sarita vs. Angelina Love

    Winner is #1 contender so they can not beat the champion and win the title. The Abyss/Dreamer match will be hardcore. This match already sucks and it’s barely started. It’s not awful but it’s your traditional semi-mess of a match that doesn’t go anywhere at all. Sarita tries to use the tights but gets caught. Love hits a spear to take over again and a bicycle kick to end it.

    Young is insane again and is partners with Jordan. Oh dear.

    Ink Inc vs. Orlando Jordan/Eric Young

    We see Young getting hurt on Xplosion. Thanks for an actual explanation there. Oh and I couldn’t be happier to have Jordan back on my TV. Young, who promised backup, brings out a mannequin. Oh great, so we’re back to this again. Jordan and Neal start us off as Taz makes references to Adrian Street who was the inspiration for Rico.

    The mannequin is standing in the corner with Young. So is Jordan a face now? Jordan accidently tags the mannequin so Young throws it in, breaking its leg. The Mooregasm ends Jordan. Oh this was stupid.

    Flair and Fourtune are in the ring and it’s Flair vs. Lethal next week in a street fight. Beer Money is in Fourtune now. Wow that’s shocking. So in other words after the whole tryout thing, Fourtune is the same four guys that Flair hung out with, therefore wasting our time. Shocking. Beer Money says they’ll win the tag titles tonight.

    Kaz says they’re the brightest stars in the TNA Galaxy. Give me a break. AJ says he’s going to defend the title everywhere. Oh and it’s now the Television Title, now shut up IWC. Terry gets a rematch for the TV Title but he had to beat Kaz tonight. They’re about to leave and here’s Angle. Seriously, that riser is just totally awesome. He says AJ is next. Yeah we knew that because we can count to ten.

    Tag Titles: Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns

    Technically this is a title match but not really. Screw it as it makes the show sound better. The Guns climb in over the back of the cage to get an early advantage. Roode is busted open early and we’re tagging in a cage match. I’ve always hated that. They’re flying around and there’s little flow to it. They’re going with the tag match in a cage instead of tag team cage match, which is fine.

    Taz says Beer Money has the lead in the series in his opinion. I’m pretty sure they have it in reality too Taz. Sabin hits the hesitation dropkick which is awesome. Shelley hits a top rope double stomp which is always a dangerous as hell bump to me. Storm hits an elevated Backstabber as this match is pretty solid. Everyone other than Sabin goes for the escapt but they all come down.

    Sabin does a cross body off the top to take down Beer Money in a cool spot. Storm gets the beer bottle from somewhere and cracks it over the head of Roode by mistake. The Guns hit their finisher to take over and get to pick the match next week which they’ll win to set up the final match later on.

    After a break Anderson’s music hits but it’s Matt Morgan instead. It takes forever for him to get the mic dropped and Morgan has to jump to get it. Morgan is near 8 feet tall and weighs 484 pounds. He hides it very well. Morgan kind of imitates Anderson but not really. Ah here’s the real Anderson.

    He demonstrates how easy it is to get a mic dropped to him as we waste more time. He goes to the ring and Morgan talks about leaving Anderson bleeding last week. Morgan dares Anderson to hit him so he hits him in the balls. Morgan comes back and chokes him out with the mic cord and Hardy runs down for the save. TNA security holds Anderson and then beats up Hardy. The agents come down to pull the security off. Glad to see one of those guards stopped getting NWA World Title shots and is a security guard now.

    Back from another break and we hear that it’s Hardy and Anderson vs. Morgan and Security later.

    Kazarian vs. Rob Terry

    20 second squash. Freakbuster ends it. Yeah that’s it. The great pushing of Fourtune continues as they’re 0-2 tonight.

    Matt Morgan/Murphy/Gunner vs. Jeff Hardy/Mr. Anderson

    Something tells me this is going to be short. Oh and the announcement mentioned earlier was promised just after the break but we get this instead. Morgan and Anderson start but it lasts about a second as Gunner comes in. Ok make that Murphy. They all tagged in just to make it more fun. The security guys have been trying to get into wrestling for ten years. Oh and look: even MORE guys being brought in to wrestle.

    This is kind of a mess but not bad. I’m not sure how this helps build to Morgan vs. Anderson….which already happened and already got a segment tonight but whatever. Morgan leaves for no apparent reason. Gunner botches a Mic Check and the Swanton ends it. This was just weak.

    Hogan won’t tell us what the big announcement is.

    Not like it matters because we’re about to be told what it is. Was there ANY point to that cameo other than to get Hogan on TV again this week? On August 12 there’s going to be a 3 hour show with PPV quality matches. Bischoff sucking up to the ECW guys is nauseating. He HATED ECW and tried to put it out of business for years but now he loves it? Seriously?

    Abyss comes out and THEY say that there needs to be a Janice on a pole match vs. RVD on this show. Only Bischoff can make this match as musical powers come into play again. He threatens Bischoff with the board but RVD comes down with a chair for the save. Hey I remember him! He’s the world champion and the centerpiece of the company! Abyss beats him down and the agents come out again. Yeah I guess Abyss is scared of the old guys.

    Dreamer comes out and I guess the match is now? Snow hands him the board and we take a break before the main event starts.

    Abyss vs. Tommy Dreamer

    We’re back and the fight is already on. Naturally it’s the WWE style of hardcore and not the ECW style because WWECW is dead right? The stipulation for the tag match next week is Ultimate X. Stunning. Dreamer in white boots doesn’t work at all. They plod back and forth for a bit while there just isn’t any caring here at all. Tree of Woe dropkick hits but he has to scream EV 2.0 first.

    We bust out the barbed wire board as the Janice thing is just completely forgotten. DDT on the board is blocked and there’s Janice. I hate my timing on occasion. Abyss punches a garbage can into his face and a chokeslam on the barbed wire ends this insanity. Good to see that Abyss can overcome Dreamer after Hogan could barely hurt Abyss a few weeks back.

    Raven comes out to save Dreamer and of course he goes after Tommy. Well at least that fits with continuity. Good to see that we’ll get to see a feud that ended perfectly keep going again.

    Angelina Love b. Sarita – Bicycle Kick
    Ink Inc b. Orlando Jordan/Eric Young – Mooregasm
    Motor City Machine Guns b. Beer Money – Neckbreaker/Splash Combination
    Rob Terry b. Kazarian – Freakbuster
    Mr. Anderson/Jeff Hardy b. Gunner/Murphy/Matt Morgan – Swanton Bomb to Gunner
    Abyss b. Tommy Dreamer – Chokeslam


    Date: July 30, 2010
    Location: American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
    Commentators: Matt Striker, Todd Grisham

    More of the build to Summerslam here which isn’t likely going to be much. It’s Rey vs. Kane which doesn’t blow my skirt up at all. Other than that there isn’t much at all. Also we’re all just waiting for the whole inevitable KANE DID IT thing. The show is on now so let’s get to it.

    We open with a brief recap of last week where Rey said he wanted to win and Kane said he’ll get Taker’s attacker and Rey won the title shot. Oh and we see the world champion getting beaten up by a midget.

    Kane is in the ring to open the show. He says Taker has moved and said two words: Rey Mysterio. There’s a coffin behind him too. The music going on in the background helps a lot. The fans aren’t thrilled with this as I don’t think anyone believes that Rey did it. He does point out that it was Rey that gained the most from getting rid of Taker by winning the world title. Kane promises to hurt Rey a lot. I really don’t buy him as the culprit. It just doesn’t fit in the slightest.

    Rey vs. Swagger tonight….again.

    Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

    This should be good. The announcers argue over who is the more accomplished of the two and Striker says Drew due to his early success. Todd points out that Christian won a title in his debut (light heavyweight which evolved into the Cruiserweight Title) to just end the argument. Christian puts him on the floor early and it’s pretty one sided. Nice dropkick sends Drew into the apron.

    Drew hides under the ring and jumps him in a cool spot. He works the arm which makes sense as it takes away the Killswitch. We take a break and come back with Drew working the arm even more. The good thing here is that he switches to another hold instead of the original one which while it doesn’t help it much, it keeps it from looking boring. I love hammerlock slams.

    Christian makes his comeback with some solid stuff and either uses the right arm or sells the hell out of the left which is always a great thing. Drew gets in one good shot and takes over again though. Nice little touch. Springboard sunset flip gets two for the Canadian. TWO JUMPING BACK ELBOWS IN THE SAME MATCH!!! Oh this is already awesome. Future Shock is reversed into a small package for the pin. Good match but a VERY sudden ending.

    More grooming tips from Cody, this time about good skin.

    Alberto stuff. Yeah moving on. He’s playing pool this time.

    Punk yells at the SES. His hair is growing back. He says do something tonight or get out.

    Big Show vs. Luke Gallows

    Gallows has a bit of red in his singlet now which is a nice little twist on the boring stuff he usually does. In a cool bit Show gets Chimmel to come up and put the mid next to the chest of Gallows when he chops it. The sound didn’t work but the idea was there at least. Gallows gets knocked to the floor and the beatdown is on as the SES jumps him for the DQ. They hurt his hand and Punk takes the sling off so he’s fine I guess? Mercury is choking him and his eyes are great. No rating since the “match” was a few kicks and chops.

    Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

    We see a quick recap of Vickie costing Kofi the win last week. I still can’t stand her. This is non-title and if Dolph wins he gets a title shot next week. Ziggler dominates for the most part here, injuring Kofi’s ribs early on. He even busts out a reverse slam which is a cool move. The problem here is that he’ll likely wind up by going with the sleeper to end it which has nothing to do with the ribs.

    We get a Tom Arnold and Roseanne reference just to make this either awesome or awful. Answer as to which of those it is coming later. After a LONG beatdown, Kofi starts making his comeback. This has been quite good actually. Ziggler hits a Fameasser (Striker says it made Kofi famous) for two. This is a prime example of why he doesn’t need Vickie: he’s having a very solid match with one of the most well rounded guys on the roster. Why does he need Vickie?

    She slaps Kofi and he gets all pissed off and beats the hell out of Dolph. He goes so insane that it’s enough for a DQ. Dolph is thrown onto the announce table and this is a damn beating. Referees finally pull him off and Ziggler is declared the winner. Solid match here and a great post match thing.

    Swagger doesn’t want to talk about being left off Summerslam or about his dad. Instead you should ask him about what he’s going to do to Rey tonight. He more or less says he’s going to destroy him and throws in some borderline racial lines. Swagger threatens to throw him in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Tiffany and Kelly, both looking GREAT, are coming to the ring.

    Smackdown Women’s Title: Layla vs. Tiffany

    I like Laycool’s theme song actually. Again, are women smacking their hips together supposed to be hot? It still amuses me that she’s a former GM. And here’s Vickie to ruin the hotness factor of this show. She makes it Michelle vs. Tiffany for the title instead. Ok then.

    Smackdown Women’s Title: Michelle McCool vs. Tiffany

    The longest part of this match is the two of them fighting for a suplex off the top. You can tell that was supposed to be a huge spot but the problem is that it’s something you see fairly often in regular wrestling, making it not seem anything special here. Layla interferes and it sets up the Faithbreaker to end it with a good shot of Michelle’s ass.

    Teddy pops up on the screen and says they have to pick ONE champion or next week he will.

    MORE Alberto stuff. I absolutely cannot stand this guy at this point. It’s the only stuff in WWE I fast forward that isn’t a commercial.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

    This is No DQ. Striker makes a Jesus reference to say Rey is fighting through an ankle injury. Rey’s ankle is of course just fine now until he needs to sell the damn thing. Yeah he can’t run but he can hit springboards. After a break we’re back with Rey taking over while Striker talks about his spirit.

    We hit the floor and go into the crowd. Striker calls Rey garbage in Spanish. Rey kicks the hell out of Swagger’s head and we’re getting close to going to the back. Yep we’re there now and everything is green for some reason. We’re getting an old fashioned hardcore match here which is usually very fun. In a cool bit some people come out of an elevator right in front of them fighting. I want to come out of an elevator and see two former world champions fighting.

    They go outside which is always cool. It has to be hot out there in Southern Texas in late July so this can’t be easy. ALL Swagger here and has been for a few minutes now. They keep having to dodge cars and we get a Midnight Cowboy I’M WALKING HERE from Swagger. They head to the water and Rey starts fighting back. No commentary either which is a nice touch.

    Swagger gets thrown over a railing and you can see the water coming up to the banks from the Gulf. Rey jumps onto Swagger and they’re maybe 10 feet from the water. Rey can throw some damn kicks. Never seen him do that before. Swagger tries to press slam him into the water but Rey reverses into a headscissors and there goes Swagger, who says he can’t swim. Rey turns around into Kane who throws him into the water too, ending the show.

    Christian b. Drew McIntyre – Small Package
    Big Show b. Luke Gallows via DQ – SES interference
    Dolph Ziggler b. Kofi Kingston via DQ – Kofi would not stop beating Dolph
    Michelle McCool b. Tiffany – Faithbreaker
    Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger went to a no contest


    Impact got a 1.2. Great to see those has beens beating the modern TNA guys. Yet another sign that that company is in big trouble.


    Nothing of note today.

    Quick Results

    Randy Orton b. Jay Uso – RKO
    Great Khali vs. Edge went to a no contest due to Nexus interference
    Nexus b. Team Raw – Wastelands to Bourne
    Alicia Fox b. Brie Bella – Axe Kick
    Ted DiBiase b. John Morrison – Morrison’s head collided with R-Truth’s
    Miz/Sheamus b. John Cena/Chris Jericho – Miz pinned Cena after a Codebreaker

    Percy Watson b. Zack Ryder – Rotating Splash
    Michael McGillicutty b. Eli Cottonwood – Spinning Neckbreaker
    Husky Harris b. Kaval – Senton Back Splash
    Eli Cottonwood was eliminated

    Angelina Love b. Sarita – Bicycle Kick
    Ink Inc b. Orlando Jordan/Eric Young – Mooregasm
    Motor City Machine Guns b. Beer Money – Neckbreaker/Splash Combination
    Rob Terry b. Kazarian – Freakbuster
    Mr. Anderson/Jeff Hardy b. Gunner/Murphy/Matt Morgan – Swanton Bomb to Gunner
    Abyss b. Tommy Dreamer – Chokeslam

    Christian b. Drew McIntyre – Small Package
    Big Show b. Luke Gallows via DQ – SES interference
    Dolph Ziggler b. Kofi Kingston via DQ – Kofi would not stop beating Dolph
    Michelle McCool b. Tiffany – Faithbreaker
    Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger went to a no contest

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