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    Date: May 3, 2010
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz
    Title: Hogan/Sting – The Summitt

    We open with a recap of the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair stuff from last week. Abyss has to point out that the ring has no magical powers. See what I’m asked to deal with here?

    We go to a camera inside Hogan/Bischoff’s limo where they talk shit like always. Yeah I’m stunned too. We get the big announcement that we’re going BACK to Thursdays, due to what the fans say. Make your own jokes. Oh and there’s an ACTUAL ANNOUNCEMENT for TNA Reaction. I don’t think that’s happened before. Tonight we get the Sting/Hogan Showdown. Seriously, is it 1997? Oh look it’s Flair. Apparently it’s 1987 now.

    Actually it’s Jay Lethal, complete with Hall of Fame ring. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. He does a Flair impression that is pretty much the best I’ve ever heard. Seriously his voice sounds like Flair. The problem though is that he’s a comedy character now in a main event angle. The REAL Flair comes out to a pop. Ok then. Flair says Lethal is standing in front of god at the moment.

    And there go Lethal’s glasses. Lethal hands Flair the ring back. WHAT THE HELL??? Was there a point to giving it to Lethal in the first fucking place? And there goes Flair’s shirt and my eyes are blown out by the saggy nipples. They brawl and Lethal gets the figure four on him. AJ, Beer Money and Wolfe make the save so Flair can beat on Lethal.

    It’s save time as Abyss waddles to the ring. Yes that’s a line from the LD, but there is absolutely no other way to put it at all. And here’s Team 3D for no apparent reason since they were feuding with the Band. Van Dam, chair in hand, makes the final save though. So we have the Dudleys, RVD and a hardcore guy. Yeah ECW had no influence on wrestling at all.

    Hogan and Bischoff are still in the limo. Hogan gets a message about Lethal fucking up.

    Team Extreme is in the ring still and we recap the previous segment. And when I say recap I mean reair most of it. Van Dam gets a mic and says that the four “Horses Asses” get down here for a fair fight. Oh and Lethal is Macho Dude. I like that actually. And it’s on again. Ok then. Van Dam keeps looking for someone to beat up and can’t find someone. That was rather amusing in a Jim Valvano kind of way. It’s a big brawl all over the arena. Sure why not. The faces are all in gear and the heels are all in suits.

    And Hogan has arrived and starts beating up heels too. WHAT THE HELL? Ok, for one thing, his limo had to turn around and get back, all within the span of about 5 minutes. That would be fine if they hadn’t been driving for AT LEAST 15 minutes in the opposite direction beforehand.

    We take ANOTHER break and come back to….THEM STILL BRAWLING. We’re 28 minutes into the show mind you. Oh it should be noted that Hogan more or less beat up all five heels inside of two minutes. He makes Wolfe vs. RVD for the title for no apparent reason. For the title. What the hell would the point of that be?

    Second he makes AJ vs. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball. And then he adds Team 3D to the tag match of MCMG and Beer Money. Because, you know, two young teams like that couldn’t figure things out without some old guys explaining things to them right?

    Sting is watching in the rafters.

    Apparently Wolfe won the fan poll and gets the title match tonight. That wasn’t told to us or anything. I read it in the LD.

    The Beautiful People bitch abou having all their titles on the line tonight. Lacey is freaking gorgeous.

    Brian Kendrick/Doug Williams vs. Jesse Neal/Shannon Moore

    Williams has the belt but isn’t champion at the moment. He yells at Kaz about things and challenges him for the Title at Sacrifice. At least that makes sense. The faces are called Ink Inc. That makes Head Cheese sound like the Steiner Brothers or something. Ink Inc has a tag title shot at Sacrifice. WOW. Well if nothing else I’m a PPV closer to beating X. Morgan joins us for commentary. Can’t complain there. Morgan must look odd naked. Just can tell by looking at him.

    Morgan gives Hogan 7 days to announce his partner. Damn shame that since no one watches TNA there isn’t a Monday night show anymore. He leaves after that. Williams leaves and a spear ends it on Kendrick. Joe comes out and beats up Williams and Kendrick. He actually grabs a mic. This is odd. And he says nothing. I guess his side burns told him not to. He’s lost some weight which is good.

    Borash tries to talk to Team Flair and gets thrown out. They have no problem with the camera being in there though. Flair yells at them.

    And here’s Hogan to talk about how much his life sucks. And I used to be a Hulkamaniac.

    Tenay and Taz talk about nothing. They do actually mention Wolfe leading the poll. Which is why Hogan just randomly threw him a title shot.

    In the back, Anderson in a white shirt is beating up Pope. Pope gets crushed by an anvil case. They’re those big black boxes you always see backstage.

    And here’s Anderson. Dressed as a priest or something. Ok then. He imitates Pope. So let me get this straight. Lethal imitates Flair. AJ imitates Flair. Abyss imitates Hogan, and Anderson imitates Pope. IS ANYONE THEMSELVES IN THIS COMPANY? It’s funny and is actually furthering an angle but still. And here’s Jeff Hardy. Why? No reason. It’s TNA. There’s your reasoning.

    Oh and it’s an hour in and we’ve had 3 minutes 45 seconds of wrestling so far. Jeff wants a match with Anderson at Sacrifice. I guess Pope is still too legitimately hurt. That’s fine I guess and it gives Hardy a big match so I can’t complain that much.

    We come back with Taylor Wilde and Sarita in the ring with Tara. No entrance of course.

    Knockout Title/Knockout Tag Titles: Beautiful People vs. Tara/Taylor Wilde/Sarita

    Lacey is amazing. She’s also not human. WOW this is bad. I mean it’s awful. A double DDT is nearly botched on Sarita but it gets the pin. Oh and Tara went insane. Total wrestling through 75 minutes – 6 minutes.

    Tara says if she loses one more title match at Sacrifice she quits. Any bets?

    Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns

    Only Team 3D get intros. They’re the “stars” I guess. This is ridiculous. Naturally the Guns and Beer Money do all kinds of fast spots and good work to get the fans into it. We can’t have that though so here’s D-Von with nothing but generic offense. Seriously, once Team 3D came in the life got sucked out of this thing.

    Here’s the Band for the DQ and of course he turns heel and joins the Band which makes no sense but whatever. The Guns attack the band and beat them up. Ok I like this. And here’s Beer Money to make sure the Guns don’t get any kind of positive flow to them at all. Can’t have young and talented guys getting popular can you?

    And it’s Orlando Jordan. Oh great. Jordan says Rob Terry is here and it’s a cardboard cutout. He makes sex jokes about it and we “accidently” cut to Tenay and Taz who are clearly hating this. Jordan asks the cutout about his fantasies and apparently the cutout says Jordan. Terry comes out and beats the hell out of the cutout. Doesn’t touch Jordan of course. Wasn’t Terry in the main event scene like 2 weeks ago? What happened to that? Jordan jumps him.

    AJ Styles vs. Abyss

    This is a Monster’s Ball match, which is a nice way of saying hardcore. AJ tries for the flying forearm (love that move) but Abyss catches him. This is like 5 minutes again and ends with Flair slipping AJ knucks so Abyss gets knocked into tacks. There was something about Chelsea taking her clothes off but nothing came of it.

    TNA World Title: Rob Van Dan vs. Desmond Wolfe

    No entrance for Wolfe either. Yeah there’s a great chance of a title change here. Props to having title matches on free TV though, as it gives the fans the glimmer of hope of seeing history. It’s a nice idea if nothing else. Wolfe jumps him early. And there’s the Five Star to end it in like 3 minutes. AJ jumps Van Dam and says the rematch is at Sacrifice.

    We go to the back where Jarrett has been jumped by Sting. The acting here is hilarious.

    Hogan comes out to close the show. I’m stunned too. So this is the big reveal about why Sting turned heel. Ok, this should be good. Hogan says Sting can’t fool him. Let the flashbacks to 97 begin. TNA makes Sting tick apparently. He wants to give back to wrestling. Ok then. So he’s using a face promo to explain a heel turn. Got it. Hogan was protected in WWF/WCW.

    So Sting turned heel because he hates Hogan. For the love of all that is good and holy in the world, IS EVERYTHING ABOUT HOGAN? So Sting was sending a message to Hogan by jumping Van Dam before he was associated with Hogan. Got it again. Hogan says try it on him and Sting looks to, but Jarrett is here for the save. Hogan pulls him back to end the show. WOW.

    Ink Inc b. Doug Williams/Brian Kendrick - Spear
    Beautiful People b. Sarita/Taylor Wilde/Tara – Double Team DDT on Sarita
    Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D went to a no contest
    AJ Styles b. Abyss – Springboard Cross Body
    Rob Van Dam b. Desmond Wolfe – 5 Star Frog Splash

    Date: May 3, 2010
    Location: Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler
    Guest Host: Wayne Brady

    We open with a recap of the triple threat last week which was rather good. Cutting Edge returns tonight with Orton as guest. Here’s Batista…again. He asks if anyone even knows what a last man standing match is. Really?

    After replaying the ending of Extreme Rules, we hear about how tonight there’s a Beat The Clock Challenge with Cena and Batista to pick the stipulation for Over the Limit. Batista has Miz who he calls out. It’s Sheamus instead. He says he wants a chance at the title but Batista says he had his chance, which is exactly right. There’s a staredown and Miz/Batista is next.

    Miz is here but is in street clothes. He has a doctor’s note. Literally it’s a piece of paper that says Doctor’s Note. That’s hilarious. Cole is heard cracking up on commentary. Daniel Bryan in 3…2…1…yep there he is. Bryan says he’s sick of this and is going to make Batista tap out.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Batista

    If Cena and Bryan are in the same ring at once, the IWC will explode. Bryan starts fast and gets a sunset flip and ankle lock in less than 30 seconds. Bryan gets a ton of holds on Batista but he just keeps powering out of everything. Batista hits a power clothesline on Bryan which in 04 put Jericho out cold but gets two here. I love inconsistency. Bryan makes his comeback but a big boot puts him down.

    I have a slight feeling of an upset here. Bryan gets a FUCKED UP armbar on Batista. It’s like a combination short arm scissors/crossface. Nicely done. Spear and Batista Bomb ends it at 5 minutes 6 seconds. Other than the Jericho match, this is the best Bryan has ever looked. He gets another Batista Bomb afterwards. Batista sells the arm but comes back in. There’s your third bomb.

    Cena gets Jericho for his challenge match.

    Eve and Wayne Brady are in the back. Somehow she’s the better actor. Jillian comes up and sings. You figure the rest out. This is running opposite the O Zone segment with Orlando Jordan talking to a cardboard cutout of Rob Terry about his bulges. Wayne leaves and Maryse shoes up and blasts Eve with the belt and steals it.

    Edge is with some production guy and talks about the segments he wants in something later on. The production dude says we can’t use those. Shots at PG era abound as the Edge segments aren’t family friendly etc.

    We recap Truth and DiBiase from last week which was indeed an interesting segment. Morrison vs. DiBiase now.

    Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison

    Should be decent at least. We get a nice shot from Morrison to put DiBiase on the floor and he just lets the count out happen. Morrison says we restart it. Morrison says if we restart it and Morrison loses, he’ll be the Virgil. Nice one. That gets it. It’s your standard stuff from these two as they do their usual spots, including the following clothesline. I love that move.

    DiBiase goes for Dream Street but Morrison runs into the corner and backflips out with the hold still on. DiBiase’s shoulders are down and he gets the pin. DiBiase beats him up afterwards but Truth makes the save.

    Cena is here for his match but Jericho is in a suit. It’s Barrett instead, but for someone who is supposed to have HIS OWN THEME MUSIC, he’s coming out to the NXT theme.

    John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

    So in essence the time limit is 5:06. That works. Barrett dominates for the first four minutes or so but Cena gets him in a quick reversal and hooks the STFU for the tap out. Barrett was made to look great here and made a rookie mistake for the loss. Nothing wrong with that as Barrett looked very strong. Cena gets to pick his selection and says he’s going to do it right now but Sheamus runs in for the beatdown.

    Should be noted that we’re 70 minutes into the show and other than Batista, the oldest wrestler has been John Cena, 33. That’s a very good sign.

    We come back with Maryse who looks good in red/pink. For some reason she doesn’t have the belt that she clearly stole earlier in the night. And she’s against a Bella. Oh dear.

    Maryse vs. Nikki Bella

    DDT ends it in like a minute. Did you expect anything else?

    Maryse shows pictures of Eve out cold. And here’s Eve. SHE BOTCHES RUNNING INTO THE RING. Do I even need to make fun of this?

    We come back with Zach Ryder in the ring and Alicia and Gail are on the floor. Wayne Brady pops up and says Ryder gets this guy. Yeah it’s Mark Henry.

    Mark Henry vs. Zach Ryder

    Again, what do you expect here? World’s Strongest Slam ends it relatively quickly. Henry leaves with the girls.

    Jericho and Miz are making fun of Big Show and Jericho has an idea. Oh boy.

    Hey, did you know Edge and Orton are talking later?

    We go to the back and Kozlov is happy he’s got competition tonight. Santino comes in and says he’s a member of the Brady Bunch. Egads. Regal shows up to talk to Kozlov. This is BIZARRE. And Goldust is here to make gay jokes. WOW.

    We recap the tag title change last week. Jericho and Miz are on commentary for this.

    Hart Dynasty vs. William Regal/Vladmir Kozlov

    The lights go out for a second before we get going here. This is more about running down Big Show which is interesting if nothing else. This isn’t a squash but it’s kind of close to one. Smith gets the Sharpshooter on Regal for the easy tap out. The two commentators beat Smith down afterwards.

    Cutting Edge

    Edge kind of offers an explanation for what he did but says he needs to bring out his guest. The crowd gets hot even for that. And it’s Wayne Brady instead. Brady cuts a promo on other hosts for no apparent reason. And here’s Orton to an ERUPTION. This is easily the hottest thing they’ve had in a LONG time.

    Edge cuts a LONG promo on him, saying they should join up but Orton goes for the RKO. Edge counters and goes for a spear but Orton gets a sick counter into the RKO. Oh and Brady got an RKO earlier in this. Great ending to the show.

    Batista b. Daniel Bryan – Batista Bomb
    John Morrison b. Ted DiBiase – Countered Dream Street
    John Cena b. Wade Barrett – STFU
    Maryse b. Nikki Bella – French Kiss
    Mark Henry b. Zach Ryder – World’s Strongest Slam
    Hart Dynasty b. William Regal/Vladmir Kozlov


    Ratings are in

    Impact – .8
    Raw – 3.0

    Date: May 3, 2010
    Location: North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, South Carolina
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, Michael Cole

    You know the standings by now. They haven’t changed since last week so quit being lazy and go look them up in any of the other three weeks I’ve reviewed. Still love this theme song.

    Otunga vs. Truth later.

    The rookies are at ringside and next week the new Pro’s Poll is out, meaning one person goes home. Thank goodness. We have an obstacle course challenge tonight. I can live with that. Winner of this gets immunity. That’s pretty cheap.

    Bryan, sporting rib tape from Batista beat the hell out of him last night, is first. I’d think the shortest time is going to take two minutes or so. The course includes monkey bars, drinking a damn soda, juggling, and a dizzy bat challenge. His time is 2 minutes 45 seconds. Yeah this is going to take awhile. To kill more time, Miz comes out and cuts a promo on him, saying he has Tarver tonight. Make that now actually.

    Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan
    Bryan – 0-9
    Tarver – 0-7

    They more or less just exchange strikes. Tarver goes for the ribs with some actual psychology. Can’t ask for much more than that. After a commercial, Tarver actually hits a….kind of a powerslam sort of thing to get the win. Yes, Tarver got a win. His face was priceless. Tarver is 1-7 and Bryan is 0-10.

    We recap Young saying he’s tired of doing this last week, talking about working for Punk. Punk goes off on him for that.

    Back to the obstacle course thing and Heath Slater is up second. He’s a good bit faster than Slater so far as he’s back to the ring about a minute faster than Bryan was. Yeah he gets a faster time by about a minute and ten seconds better at a minute and thirty six seconds.

    Darren Young goes now. He falls off the monkey bars and has to redo it. Bryan didn’t have to do that but whatever. Young doesn’t make it and keeps slipping etc. He gets a time of two minutes and seven seconds, which is light years ahead of Bryan’s still.

    Gabriel is up fourth after a commercial. He or Slater would be my picks here. He has the look if nothing else. He can juggle if nothing else though. Yeah he’s going to take the lead I think. And he does with a time of a minute twenty nine flat. I’m leaving off the tenths of seconds for the sake of sanity.

    Otunga goes and gets a minute thirty five flat. There’s not much to note here other than that.

    David Otunga vs. R-Truth
    Otunga – 4-3

    As you would expect, Truth gets beaten up for the most part and hits the spinning forearm for the pin. It got some time if nothing else though. He’s 4-4.

    Barrett is up next. He keeps slipping on the monkey bars and quits. Ok then.

    Sheffield is next. I think he’s going 7th? Yeah he is and Tarver is all that’s left. He chugs the drink in an insane time and Sheffield misses by about two seconds. Striker, ever the genius, gives him congratulations anyway. So Tarver is all that’s left and it’s 10:50. Ok then.

    Tarver keeps messing up on the monkey bars like everyone else has and he’s not going to make it. The time goes by as he’s drinking the soda. And he nearly throws the soda up. He gives up and Gabriel wins. Gabriel gets to talk a bit and badmouths Otunga. Nice with an angle building thing again. Otunga says he shouldn’t be eliminated because the ratings are up when he’s on the screen. Hey he’s NOT Hogan!

    Tarver says he should be eliminated next week. If he’s not there, every single one of them are safe. This is BY FAR the most interesting thing he’s ever done and it’s total bullshit. Sheffield says Tarver should be gone. Slater says he’s going nowhere and Tarver is gone next week.

    Barrett says Barrett won’t be eliminated because he’s the best. Yeah Tarver is gone next week. Bryan says he should go home. Young says he wants it more than everyone else. He’s actually got the best record. He and Barrett go at it and Barrett gets a hold on him. Dude I actually want to watch next week.

    Michael Tarver b. Daniel Bryan – Spinning Powerslam
    R-Truth b. David Otunga – Spinning Forearm Smash
    Justin Gabriel won the obstacle course challenge.


    Nothing of note.


    Apparently Mania bombed in terms of buyrates. I’m sure that had nothing to do with a UFC show airing the night before. Not a thing.


    Date: May 7, 2010
    Location: North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, South Carolina
    Commentators: Todd Grisham, Matt Striker

    We open with a recap of Swagger from last week which made it look far better. Kane vs. Swagger tonight. That could be good.

    And here’s Matt Hardy. We recap his head injuries from the recent weeks which is different if nothing else. McIntyre comes out and says Vince told him he was the chosen one. He said the Killer Bees would win the tag titles too so there you go. And there we go.

    Hardy’s punches are weak at best. To be fair though he’s supposed to be injured. Drew gets a shot in to the head though and Hardy is more or less dead. Hardy can do great visuals if nothing else. Teddy comes out, of course with a microphone. He suspends McIntyre and then strips him of the IC Title in a very surprising move.

    That calms him down for a few seconds, but there he goes again. He gets fired and that gets him to stop. Nicely done intense angle that was a nice twist to start the show. Seeing Ricky Steamboat as an agent pulling McIntyre away is an interesting sight to say the least.

    Back from break, Teddy doesn’t know what to say. I thought this was supposed to be a moment that was different than most.

    And here’s MVP. Does ANYONE care about this guy anymore? Something tells me he’ll be against a more talented guy tonight.

    MVP vs. Luke Gallows

    He’s got the rest of his crew with him of course. The name is great if nothing else, but he needs to get some wins. The jumping Downward Spiral he used last week is now known as the 305. Give me a break. Gallows busts out a splash. That’s not something you see every day.

    We’re told that MVP held the US Title longer than anyone else in WWE history. True actually at I believe 343 days. And here’s Rey from the crowd, jumping Punk as MVP hits the jumping downward spiral, which is now the Play of the Day. PICK A NAME. It gets the pin mind you. Replays show that Punk did nothing at all and got hit by the masked twat waffle.

    Back from commercial, Punk bitches about Rey jumping him. Punk comes off as such a great heel that it’s amazing. Rey can’t talk. He sounds like a rookie. They make a hair vs. join the SES match for Over the Limit. Rey offers to join tonight if Rey can shave Punk’s hair. Naturally it’s declined.

    Rey brings up the point of how the message Punk preaches is good. That makes me think that Rey could actually lose at Over the Limit. This gets a lot of time and Rey messes up some lines. Rey wants to know why Serena and Luke have their heads shaved but Punk doesn’t. Reason: Punk has talent?

    We recap Kelly getting abused by Team Laycool, leading to this.

    Michelle McCool/Layla vs. Kelly Kelly/Tiffany

    Oh seriously of course the heels win. When Kelly is the more talented chick on your team, of course you lose. Layla hits a neckbreaker on Tiffany for the pin.

    Teddy says there will be a four man tournament for the IC Title. Tonight we get Christian vs. Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler. See what a midcard can do for you?

    Intercontinental Title Semi Final: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Should be good. We get a Rio joke which is always funny. This is a pretty good little match. Dolph controls most of it as you would expect but Kofi gets his comeback. Kofi’s high spots are great at times. Kofi blocks the sleeper though and this is a solid match. Ah there it is. Nice counter as he throws Ziggler into the top rope. He kicks the HELL out of Ziggler for the pin. Nice match.

    We see the same video package we saw an hour ago about Swagger vs. Show.

    After running down the Over the Limit card, we get this.

    Intercontinental Title Semi Final: Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

    I love how we get brackets for a four man tournament. In an interesting note, they say a member of Cody’s family has won the IC Title, but they don’t say who. Most interesting indeed. I love that running springboard into a plancha spot that Christian does. Again, saying Rhodes is the Uncommon Son of the Common man is implying that Goldust is the common son. That’s just idiotic.

    Again, this is a solid match. Smackdown is definitely the better in ring show. DVR is great. I love fast forwarding commercials. We get a SWANK top rope superplex. A rollup by Christian gets two. Rhodes busts out that AWESOME moonsault as this is a very good match. There’s your Killswitch and Christian wins it. Nice one.

    Kofi vs. Christian next week. DAMN.

    We recap Show’s time on Smackdown and how great that punch has become. Damn this could be a good match actually.

    After a commercial, we recap the McIntyre thing and see him leave the arena. Think he’ll come to Raw?

    Swagger comes out and has more facts about his life. This guy is awesome. He was nominated for an Espy and in 2002 he was in contention for the Heisman Trophy. He talks about being a chess and tennis champion. If this is all true…DAMN. He gets his promo cut off by a commercial. This is great stuff. Swagger says that when he was doing all these things, Show was in a special education class. In 2002, one of the years Swagger said, Show was WWE Champion. Kane interrupts him anyway.

    Kane vs. Jack Swagger

    Kane starts with mat wrestling of all things. Seriously, this guy is awesome. Show is here for commentary I guess which is always awesome. Show is great on commentary. He really is. This is mostly Kane but Swagger somehow gets the turnbuckle pad off. He rams Kane into it a bunch of times for the DQ. Swagger looks fairly awesome here. He needed a moment like that.

    We get the staredown but Kane jumps Swagger. Show gets the laptop off toe table like a good employee. Swagger comes back but Show chokeslams him through the table to end the show. Show’s strength is scary at times. He poses with the belt and THEN the show ends. Swagger’s eyes being open are great as it says HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT.

    MVP b. Luke Gallows – Jumping Downward Spiral.
    Layla/Michelle McCool b. Tiffany/Kelly Kelly – Reverse Neckbreaker
    Kofi Kingston b. Dolph Ziggler – Trouble In Paradise
    Christian b. Cody Rhodes - Killswitch
    Kane b. Jack Swagger – Disqualification


    Only thing this weekend is a UFC show, but since this is WRESTLEzone, I have no intent of putting UFC or MMA results in here at all.


    Nothing of note. PPV next week though.

    Quick Results

    Ink Inc b. Doug Williams/Brian Kendrick - Spear
    Beautiful People b. Sarita/Taylor Wilde/Tara – Double Team DDT on Sarita
    Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D went to a no contest
    AJ Styles b. Abyss – Springboard Cross Body
    Rob Van Dam b. Desmond Wolfe – 5 Star Frog Splash

    Batista b. Daniel Bryan – Batista Bomb
    John Morrison b. Ted DiBiase – Countered Dream Street
    John Cena b. Wade Barrett – STFU
    Maryse b. Nikki Bella – French Kiss
    Mark Henry b. Zach Ryder – World’s Strongest Slam
    Hart Dynasty b. William Regal/Vladmir Kozlov

    Michael Tarver b. Daniel Bryan – Spinning Powerslam
    R-Truth b. David Otunga – Spinning Forearm Smash
    Justin Gabriel won the obstacle course challenge.

    MVP b. Luke Gallows – Jumping Downward Spiral.
    Layla/Michelle McCool b. Tiffany/Kelly Kelly – Reverse Neckbreaker
    Kofi Kingston b. Dolph Ziggler – Trouble In Paradise
    Christian b. Cody Rhodes - Killswitch
    Kane b. Jack Swagger – Disqualification
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