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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: December 19, 2016
    Location: Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

    It's the night after Roadblock and we're less than six weeks away from the Royal Rumble. That means it's still the lull period as WWE knows the audiences will be smaller over the holidays, meaning there's a good chance this is going to be a burn off show. If nothing else we can get more from Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins in that fresh main event story. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Owens and Jericho are in the ring to start things off with the champ welcoming us to the Chris and Kevin Show. Kevin says he'll do whatever it takes to retain the title, including taking a Codebreaker from his best friend. “MONKEYS! SHOW US THE PICTURES!” They talk about the devastating Codebreaker, which was only so huge to make everyone believe.

    Jericho thinks they're so close now that Owens can have the Hug of Jericho as a special gift. Chris isn't happy though because someone else named Chris has stolen his gimmick. Yeah, that Kris Kringle makes lists and gives people gifts so HE JUST MADE THE LIST. That brings Mick Foley (so much for the hip surgery at the moment), who reveals a Christmas shirt with a leather vest over the top.

    Mick sets up a tag match for later but gets the city wrong, completely destroying the aura of the cheap pop. Going forward though, Owens is going to defend the title against Reigns at the Royal Rumble, with Jericho locked in a shark cage above the ring. Owens: “It's not even safe!”

    Due to general stupidity, Jericho gets inside the cage and demands that Foley prove it safe. Owens: “Uh Chris, get out first.” Foley locks him in and can't find the key (though he does find a New Day shirt, a Dude Love wallet and a key that doesn't fit). Mick says it's fine because the cage doesn't go up until he does this signal.....so Jericho goes up, presumably for a good while.

    Back from a break and Jericho is down, though he's dizzy and sick.

    Big Cass vs. Rusev

    Cass pounds away in the corner and that's a DQ at 1:01.

    Here's Sasha Banks with her leg wrapped up and walking on a crutch. Last night she was defeated by the better woman and she's not feeling much like a boss right now. Sasha wants Charlotte to come out here so she can congratulate her to her face. Instead it's Nia Jax, who says Sasha will never be a boss because she's just a little girl. The crutch is kicked out and Sasha is thrown around like she's not even there.

    Foley congratulates Sheamus and Cesaro for winning the Tag Team Titles because he feels like a proud papa. He even has a present for them: new title belts, with an identical design to the Smackdown belts but with red straps. A referee comes in and tells Foley there's an emergency.

    We cut to the hallway where Braun Strowman is destroying things. Foley comes up and Strowman demands Sami Zayn tonight. Mick says Sami is about a hundred miles away so Braun has to wait a bit.

    Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

    This is over Dar hitting on Cedric's girlfriend Alicia Fox with Austin Aries on commentary. A forearm puts Dar on the floor and it's off to a break thirty seconds in. Back with Dar missing a dive off the top and possibly twisting his ankle. Cedric comes in with a springboard clothesline of his own, followed by the Lumbar Check for the pin at 5:10.

    Post match Dar says they're not even because Alexander still has Alicia.

    Here's New Day to address their title loss. They're cool with losing the titles because Ric Flair couldn't become a sixteen time champion without losing fifteen times. Big E.: “And that's Charlotte in a month.” After declaring that they still rock, here are the new champions to interrupt. Sheamus and Cesaro are already bickering over who won last night so New Day insults Sheamus a bit more.

    Cesaro on the other hand has catlike reflexes and is strong like a......someone help Big E. out. Cesaro: “Like an ox?” Kofi was thinking more like a carpenter ant who can lift seven times his own weight. They bicker a lot with Woods talking about how much merchandise they have at the moment. Cue Anderson and Gallows to talk about how sick they are of the New Day nerds, only to be cut off by the Shining Stars. A brawl breaks out and you can book the eight man tag from here.

    Shining Stars/Anderson and Gallows vs. Cesaro/Sheamus/New Day

    This is joined in progress with Epico hitting a nice double underhook gutbuster on Kofi. Gallows and Anderson take turns on Kingston as Saxton thinkins Cesaro and Sheamus had one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of the division last night. This is why people make fun of you Byron. Anderson spikes Kofi and we take a break.

    Back with the Shining Stars diving onto the champs and the Boot of Doom getting two on Kofi. Big E. comes in to clean house but Sheamus tags himself in, setting up an assisted White Noise for two on Epico. Cesaro comes in and swings Primo into the Sharpshooter for the submission at 10:46.

    We recap the opening segment.

    Enzo and Cass are talking about what they're doing tonight when Enzo gets a letter. Due to exposing himself in the workplace on November 21, Enzo has to undergo sensitivity training.

    Here's Neville to brag about beating down TJ Perkins and Rich Swann last night. What he can't understand is why people cheered him. Normally they only cheer for him because they feel sorry for him but he doesn't need their pity. Neville will obliterate the division and can show up on 205 Live anytime.

    Cue Swann to ask what was up with last night. Neville cuts him off and talks about mentoring Swann in Japan and getting no gratitude. This brings out Brian Kendrick to say he respects Neville. The double beatdown is on with TJ Perkins making a failed save attempt. Neville was GREAT here and maybe the best thing about the show so far.

    It's time for sensitivity training with Darren Young, Bob Backlund, Bo Dallas and Jinder Mahal joining Amore. Enzo gets to go first and starts in with his usual promo. He blames his partner for being here, which the therapist interprets as Enzo and Cass being married. Mahal goes next and the therapist asks how to spell his name. Enzo stands up and says exactly what you would expect him to say.

    Titus O'Neil vs. Sin Cara

    Strowman comes in for the no contest at 40 seconds.

    Braun drags Cara to the stage and throws him through a Christmas tree and a bunch of presents as Foley looks on helpless.

    Jericho is annoyed at being stuck in the cage because he's arachnophobic. Owens: “That means scared of spiders.” Jericho: “I'm scared of them too!” After asking if Owens knows what it's like to hang above the ring like a sexy pinata, they agree to work together tonight because Reigns and Rollins need to get......IT!

    Here's Charlotte to address winning the title back last night. She goes into a big speech about how no one is on her level because she's a guaranteed win on pay per view. This brings out Bayley and Charlotte isn't pleased. Bayley knows Sasha vs. Charlotte was the greatest rivalry of all time but now it's time for the Bayley vs. Charlotte rivalry to begin.

    Last night was all about the scoreboard and Bayley is 2-0 against Charlotte, including at Survivor Series earlier this year. Charlotte put up four fingers last night for the Four Horsewomen but Bayley didn't come up with the rest of them because she just wasn't good enough. The challenge is issued and Charlotte actually agrees to fight right now.

    Bayley vs. Charlotte

    Non-title. Charlotte works the arm to start and puts Bayley in trouble with the figure four headscissors. A headlock gets Bayley out of trouble and she rides Charlotte on the mat. We even get a little strut before Charlotte is sent outside. Back from a break with Charlotte ramming Bayley face first into the mat over and over.

    A chinlock keeps Bayley in trouble but she fights out of the corner and gets in her sliding clothesline. Charlotte sends her into the corner again but the moonsault only gets two. Bayley reverses a chop into a backslide (with Charlotte's shoulder clearly up) to put Charlotte away at 14:45. Graves points out the shoulder being up and replays confirm it.

    More from sensitivity training with Enzo making fun of Mahal but not hitting him, which shows progress.

    Emmalina is sick of hearing about the Four Horsewomen and will be here when she feels like it.

    The sensitivity class graduates. Enzo unsuccessfully hits on the teacher until Rusev comes in. Mahal blocks the other way out and the double beatdown is on. Lana comes in for a slap to Enzo's face.

    Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho

    Rollins gets caught in the wrong corner to start and the Canadians take turns stomping him down. A quick Sling Blade puts Jericho down for two and the bad guys try to leave, only to get caught from behind. Back from a break with Reigns hitting his running clothesline on Owens, only to get decked so Jericho can take over.

    The slow beating continues and we even get one of the suddenly favorite crowd reactions shots, showing a very bored looking girl. Owens puts on a chinlock of his own until Reigns gets free off a Samoan drop. Rollins comes in with a DDT/neckbreaker combo, earning himself two more crowd reaction shots. Jericho blocks a Pedigree and the frog splash to set up the Walls, sending Seth over to the ropes. Reigns gets in a Superman Punch and reaches for the hot tag, only to have Strowman run out to go after Roman for the DQ at 15:04.

    A powerslam plants Reigns as Jericho and Owens watch from the ramp.

    Rusev b. Big Cass via DQ when Cass wouldn't stop attacking in the corner
    Cedric Alexander b. Noam Dar – Lumbar Check
    Cesaro/Sheamus/New Day b. Shining Stars/Anderson and Gallows – Sharpshooter to Primo
    Titus O'Neil vs. Sin Cara went to a no contest when Braun Strowman interfered
    Bayley b. Charlotte – Backslide
    Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins b. Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho via DQ when Braun Strowman interfered


    Date: December 20, 2016
    Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan
    Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield, David Otunga

    We're in the home stretch of 2016 and Smackdown is going out with a bang. Tonight we have two title matches and a major match between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose. It's unlikely that they're going to change either the Intercontinental or Smackdown World Title here but stranger things have happened. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Smackdown World Title: AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth

    Styles is defending and it looks like this match is actually happening for a change. An early attempt at No Chin Music earns Ellsworth a strike rush for the pin at 43 seconds.

    Post match AJ destroys Ellsworth and catapults him into the bottom of the ring to (in theory) write Ellsworth off TV. Styles talks about how he's glad to be past Ellsworth so he can move on to the new year with fresh challenges. This brings out Dolph Ziggler to say he only needs to win one match to become WWE Champion. Styles laughs him off and says anyone else should go after the title. Cue Baron Corbin who says it should be his title shot. Corbin thinks Ziggler got his shot because he wasn't in the match. All Ziggler steals are opportunities so Corbin punches him in the face. End of Days leaves Ziggler laying.

    Back from a break, Ziggler is given a match against Corbin tonight. If Corbin wins, he gets the title shot next week.

    Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

    Miz is defending after losing to Crews at Tribute to the Troops and Crews doesn't even get an entrance. A few rolling cradles give Crews some near falls early and a dropkick gets a third. Crews moonsaults off the apron to take Miz down as this is one sided so far. Back from a break with Crews nipping up and screaming a lot. The Toss Powerbomb is broken up but Crews gets two off an Angle Slam. The fans are WAY into these near falls too.

    Maryse gets on the apron for a distraction and is quickly ejected for her efforts. That sets up a red hot near fall off a rollup before Miz has to flip out of a belly to back suplex. The ref gets bumped in the process (and I mean BARELY gets bumped), setting up a thumb to the eye and the Skull Crushing Finale to retain Miz's title at 8:42.

    Post match Renee Young asks Miz about his obsession with Dean Ambrose. Miz: “Maybe we should ask about your obsession with Dean Ambrose. After all, you're the one sleeping with him.” Renee slaps him in the face and walks off to a BIG reaction.

    We look at Zack Ryder's knee injury from last week and subsequent surgery.

    John Cena is back next week.

    Here's Natalya to get to the bottom of this “Who Attacked Nikki” story. She asks Nikki Bella to come out here but Carmella is right there as well. Carmella brings up Natalya saying that no one cared about the Bellas when they left, which sends Natalya chasing Carmella up the ramp and throwing her into some presents.

    Natalya admits that she was the attacker (WELL DUH!) and goes on another anti-Total Divas rant because NATALYA should have gotten the Total Divas spinoff. Nikki may be beautiful on the outside but she's horrible on the inside, which is why Cena will never marry her. OH SWEET GOODNESS TELL ME THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE DOING NOW. That's been the story of EVERY SEASON OF TOTAL DIVAS and now it's happening on Smackdown too??? Good grief that show needs to die already.

    Alexa Bliss comes in to see Bryan and is told she'll be defending the title against Becky Lynch next week. Bliss isn't happy but Bryan says he can go talk to the trainers. The champ storms off.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

    The rest of the Family is at ringside. An early Dirty Deeds attempt doesn't work and Harper catapults him throat first into the bottom rope. Back from an early break with Dean being thrown off the top and getting caught in a torture rack. That really should be someone's full time finisher. A superkick cuts off Dean's comeback bid and the sitout powerbomb gets two. Harper loads up what looks like another powerbomb and gets caught in la majistral for the pin at 7:48.

    The Wyatts lay Ambrose out post match. Bray and company leave via darkness so here's Miz to give Ambrose the Skull Crushing Finale.

    Alexa Bliss vs. La Luchadora

    Non-title and Luchadora is in a mask and full body suit. You know who it is, I know who it is, and we have to listen to the announcers not know who it is. Luchadora gets in some rollups for two each until Bliss pounds her in the back to take over. The fans chant SI as Luchadora slaps on the Disarm-Her for the tap at 3:06.

    Of course it's Becky Lynch.

    Ryan Phillippe (of Shooter, a show which guest starred Randy Orton) arrives and tries to find Orton. Instead he gets Curt Hawkins and Mojo Rawley so some trash can be talked between the two wrestlers. A match is announced for later.

    Mojo Rawley vs. Curt Hawkins

    Phillippe is on commentary so hopefully this is short. Mojo runs him over to start as the announcers praise Phillippe and we hear a bit about Shooter. That shifts to a discussion of Otunga being married to Jennifer Hudson (rarely discussed in WWE) as Rawley hits some Stinger Splashes and the Pounce. A running right hand in the corner ends Hawkins at 2:28. Phillippe was fine here and seemed to be having a good time, which is all you can ask for from a celebrity.

    Ellsworth, with almost every part of his body either in some kind of a bandage or wrapped in ice, can't speak. The annoying interviewer keeps asking questions anyway until Carmella of all people comes up to say she'll take care of him. Well ok then.

    Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

    The winner gets Styles, on commentary here, for the title next week. Corbin takes over to start and takes Ziggler outside for some trash talk to the champ. A chest first whip into the buckle has Ziggler in even more trouble and Corbin does his slide under the ropes for a forearm to the back. Ziggler is sent shoulder first into the post and we take a break.

    Back with Ziggler getting two off a rollup but having his head taken off with a clothesline. Ziggler gets in a neckbreaker and the Zig Zag for two more. A superplex is countered into Deep Six for another near fall and they head outside again with Ziggler being thrown into AJ. It's a double countout at 15:44.

    Post match Styles lays them both out with a chair. Cue Bryan to make the triple threat for the title next week.

    AJ Styles b. James Ellsworth – Backfist to the face
    Miz b. Apollo Crews – Skull Crushing Finale
    Dean Ambrose b. Luke Harper – La majistral
    La Luchadora b. Alexa Bliss – Disarm-Her
    Mojo Rawley b. Curt Hawkins – Running right hand in the corner
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin went to a double countout


    Date: December 21, 2016
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Percy Watson, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips

    It's time to start the build towards “Takeover: San Antonio” as we have a four way elimination match to crown a new #1 contender. Tonight it's Bobby Roode vs. Andrade Cien Almas vs. Tye Dillinger vs. Roderick Strong for the shot at Shinsuke Nakamura in January. We've also got Daria Berenato vs. Billie Kay in a revenge match. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Billie Kay vs. Daria Berenato

    Berenato, an MMA style fighter, was betrayed by Kay and Peyton Royce a few weeks back and wants revenge. Peyton offers an early distraction from the floor so Billy can suplex Daria for two. Something like a spear puts Billie down and there go the gloves so Daria can punch a bit harder. Another Peyton offers another distraction and the big boot ends Daria at 2:25.

    Post match Peyton and Billie challenge Asuka for a fight.

    Authors of Pain vs. Anthony Bowens/Johnny Vandal

    Total and complete squash with the Authors throwing the jobbers all over the place. Bowens is powerbombed onto Vandal and their heads collide, giving Bowens a bad concussion. The match is stopped due to the injury at 1:05.

    Ellering says they want the titles and don't care who they have to beat.

    We look back at the opening match.

    Asuka says Royce and Kay aren't competition. Nikki Cross is shown looking on with a smile.

    Long package of videos on all four participants in the elimination match. None of them like each other all that much.

    Roderick Strong vs. Andrade Cien Almas vs. Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode

    Elimination rules and the winner gets the title shot in San Antonio. Roode bails to the floor to start but Strong follows him out for some chops with Dillinger following to help with the beatdown. Almas takes Strong back in for a VERY loud chop and a dropkick as we take an early break.

    Back with Almas still in control and slapping Dillinger in the face. Almas tries to moonsault onto Strong and Dillinger but only hits Tye's knees, sending him out to the floor. That leaves Roode to clothesline Tye and Roderick at the same time but Strong grabs a quick backbreaker for two. Roode's neckbreaker gets the same on Strong and Bobby knocks Almas to the floor again. Roderick comes back with a dive to take all three out and we go to a second break.

    Back with Roode's rollup being called off due to feet on the ropes. A release gordbuster sends Roode flying and Strong follows up with a running knee in the corner. Everyone heads to the corner for the four man Tower of Doom with Dillinger getting the best of it and small packaging Almas for two. Andrade comes back with the running knees in the corner but the Sick Kick gets rid of Almas at 17:17. Strong staggers into the Tyebreaker and is out at 18:43.

    We're down to Roode vs. Dillinger for the title shot and the fans are WAY into Tye. Dillinger wins the slugout and stomps him down in the corner. Roode's attempt to bring in a chair goes badly as well as Tye superkicks him down for two. The Tyebreaker is broken up and Roode snaps off his spinebuster. The Glorious Bomb is reversed into the Tyebreaker for a VERY close two and the fans lose it on the kickout. Roode escapes a superplex attempt and the Glorious DDT sends him to San Antonio at 24:21.

    Replays and posing end the show.

    Billie Kay b. Daria Berenato – Big Boot
    Authors of Pain b. Anthony Bowens/Johnny Vandal via referee stoppage
    Bobby Roode b. Tye Dillinger, Andrade Cien Almas and Roderick Strong last eliminating Dillinger


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: December 22, 2016
    Host: Josh Matthews

    This is a special show as it's the Best of 2016. That means a lot of copying and pasting from me as I'm not about to rewatch a lot of these matches, especially when they're likely going to be clipped to death. I'll be posting the full versions of the matches instead of whatever hacked up versions that air on the broadcast, assuming we get more than just a few clips. Let's get to it.

    We open with about two minutes of the main event of Slammiversary 2016 with Lashley winning the World Title from Drew Galloway, five minutes of Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards from Impact, July 21 and four minutes of Lashley vs. James Storm from August 11. Lashley won all three matches.

    Now we'll go to January 5 for a few seconds of Kurt Angle's retirement speech. Angle wants to go out on a high note, including a match against Drew Galloway.

    Here's a clip from that match, which aired on January 12. Angle won by submission and again we only get about a minute and a half.

    On March 1, Angle beat Bobby Roode. I know it sounds like I'm flying through this but it's really just the beginning and ending of each match. We're twenty minutes into the show and we've covered five matches with a commercial in the middle.

    On March 8, Angle gave his farewell speech where he talked about how much better of a person he is because of TNA.

    On March 15, Drew Galloway cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase to win the World Title from Matt Hardy in 18 seconds.

    On March 28, Drew defended the title against Jeff Hardy. This actually gets more than two minutes so I'll throw in the full match.

    TNA World Title: Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy

    Hardy is challenging and gets a headlock takeover out of the corner to take over early. Drew comes back with an overhead belly to belly and Hardy is already in trouble. The champ is sent outside for a dive from Hardy and we take a break. Back with Jeff getting two off a Twist of Fate but taking too much time going up and getting superplexed down.

    The Claymore gets two and they head up top for what looked to be a super powerslam from Drew but Jeff reverses into something like a hiptoss. That looked to be a bit botched but it was good enough. Another Twist and the Swanton get two on Drew so Jeff sends it outside and puts Drew on the steps. The Swanton hits knees though and it's a quick Futureshock to give Drew the pin at 14:18.

    On April 5, Drew successfully defended the title against Matt Hardy.

    We get the full Gail Kim Hall of Fame video. Somehow they STILL have the error in there about her holding the title for five reigns (when it was produced) for 232 days. In reality the fifth reign alone was 232 days and she's held the title over 700 days combined.

    We see some of her acceptance speech and about 45 seconds of her winning the Knockouts Title for s sixth time at Bound For Glory.

    Since giving them their own show next week (and last week), it's time to look at the Hardys. We'll start with Matt vs. Ethan Carter III at Lockdown with Matt defending the World Title.

    TNA World Title: Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy

    Hardy is defending. Ethan draws a line on the mat and it's time to slug it out. Matt's chops don't have much effect but Ethan's splash hits the cage. It's time for a chair with Matt getting in some good shots, only to have the Twist of Fate broken up as Matt is sent head first into the chair in the corner. Another Twist is broken up so Matt settles for the Side Effect and a two count.

    The champ grabs a chain but walks into a TK3 (TKO) to give Ethan a chance. Tyrus blocks the way so Ethan flips him off, drawing the big man in. Ethan runs the ropes and has a free chance to get out but opts to clothesline Tyrus instead. A Big Ending drops Carter but he's still able to reverse an attempt at being chained to the cage. Instead it's Tyrus being chained up but Matt grabs a Twist of Fate for two.

    Carter is back up in time to pull Matt off the cage to put both guys down. Matt is up first and hits a low blow, setting up a Twist of Fate with Ethan's neck in a chair. Of course that's not enough to finish it so Ethan kicks Matt low to even things up. A slow double crawl towards the door draws out Reby with a hammer but Spud comes out for the save. Then, in the swerve that isn't a swerve, Spud slams the door on Carter's head to turn heel and help Matt get out to retain at 11:39.

    With no transition from normal Matt to Broken Matt, here's the Final Deletion.

    Next up, it's the Great War from Bound For Glory.

    Now we look at some debuts, including Mike Bennett/Maria, Aron Rex, Moose, Cody and Brandi Rhodes. We see clips of Bennett defeating Ethan Carter III and the fairly bad mixed tag with Cody/Rhodes vs. Mike/Maria.

    Off to the tag teams now as we see Decay beat Beer Money to win the Tag Team Titles on April 26.

    We'll keep up the Decay theme as Rosemary beats Jade to win the vacant Knockouts Title on December 1.

    Due to Lashley vacating the X-Division Title, there was an Ultimate X gauntlet held on September 1 and we actually see a good chunk of it.

    X-Division Title: Trevor Lee vs. DJZ vs. Andrew Everett vs. Mandrews vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud

    The title is vacant coming in and this is a gauntlet match, meaning people are added at fixed intervals but you can pull the title down at any time. Trevor Lee and DJZ start things off and they slug it out for a bit before pulling each other down. Andrew Everett is in third and the time intervals seem to be two and a half minutes. DJZ gets double teamed so the Helms Dynasty (minus Helms showing up lately) goes up at the same time.

    A knee to DJZ's head knocks him silly but here's Mandrews to break up the title grab attempt. Mandrews gets thrown off the top though and we take a break. Back with a replay package of what we saw before the commercial instead of what we missed. Braxton Sutter entered during the break and here's Rockstar Spud to complete the field but it's still too early to get the title with Sutter making the save.

    We hit the big streak of dives before people get back in, only to be thrown out or knocked down seconds later. There's nothing to talk about here as it's just one move or spot after another with nothing in between. Spud uses a chair to knock Sutter off the cables but it's the Helms Dynasty going up and grabbing the title at at the same time. No one comes down with it though so DJZ springboards in and pulls the title down to win at 16:23.

    On October 6, Lashley chose Eddie Edwards for a World Title shot and we're graced with the last eight seconds.

    We wrap it up with clips from Lashley vs. Edwards II on November 3. I'll throw this one in even though we get less than a third of the match.

    TNA World Title: Eddie Edwards vs. Lashley

    Lashley is challenging. We get the Big Match Intros with JB calling this the super fight. I'll give TNA this: they do a solid job of making the big matches feel important. Or maybe it's that JB is really good at his job(s). The bell rings after the break (thank goodness) and Lashley throws the champ around before elbowing him in the face.

    They head outside with Eddie chopping him up against the barricade but getting dropped throat first across the steel. Some choking with a wristband takes us to the last break. Back with Lashley in full control with a chinlock and a knee to the face. The champ fights back and sends Lashley outside for a suicide dive.

    A Shining Wizard gets two on Lashley, who comes right back with a Dominator for the same. They head outside for a few moments before Eddie misses a top rope double stomp. Lashley pulls the referee in the way and then hits the spear for two, earning the second referee a right hand to the face. The first referee goes to call for the DQ but the Boston Knee Party gives Eddie the fast counted pin at 18:53.






    Merry Christmas.

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Rusev b. Big Cass via DQ when Cass wouldn't stop attacking in the corner
    Cedric Alexander b. Noam Dar – Lumbar Check
    Cesaro/Sheamus/New Day b. Shining Stars/Anderson and Gallows – Sharpshooter to Primo
    Titus O'Neil vs. Sin Cara went to a no contest when Braun Strowman interfered
    Bayley b. Charlotte – Backslide
    Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins b. Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho via DQ when Braun Strowman interfered

    AJ Styles b. James Ellsworth – Backfist to the face
    Miz b. Apollo Crews – Skull Crushing Finale
    Dean Ambrose b. Luke Harper – La majistral
    La Luchadora b. Alexa Bliss – Disarm-Her
    Mojo Rawley b. Curt Hawkins – Running right hand in the corner
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin went to a double countout

    Billie Kay b. Daria Berenato – Big Boot
    Authors of Pain b. Anthony Bowens/Johnny Vandal via referee stoppage
    Bobby Roode b. Tye Dillinger, Andrade Cien Almas and Roderick Strong last eliminating Dillinger

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